How do I beat nessus?

  1. I beat him until he does the magic thingy wat do i need to do beat the hit the hepnaje or hit nessus when im in front of them

    User Info: lord29

    lord29 - 7 years ago


  1. I got close to Nessus and hit him it will take mord than one time too kill him

    User Info: smokeisgood

    smokeisgood - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Eyoh. Beatin Nusses is very simple just in case you havent.

    1st slice up the crazy fool till he does the magic thingy"Lol"
    2nd Avoid been hit by those runnin beasts, don't even try to block coz they are more dangerous that Nusses.
    3rd always stay on the right side of the path tha beasts can't hit that side

    and be aware of the three birds. Nusses throws 3 birds to hit whr ever u are but if u are blockin the can't do any harm to u.

    And lastly evey time u get close to him beat him up as fast as yo can. And every time u hit him I think u will only get time for 4 hits. Then u have to run back before he stomps down. Cause if you don't its the end of you. Get close to him 5 times and mess him up quickly.

    Remember do not block the running beasts just avoid them go for the big guy and his pet ain't piority don't have to kill that!

    User Info: Avillah

    Avillah - 4 years ago 0 0

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