Golden guns?????

  1. Can you get the golden skins for all of the guns or the certain ones?And is there a difference between th e regular and golden desert eagle...(It says they're different guns.)

    User Info: Video-Game-Dude

    Video-Game-Dude - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For your first question you can only get 1 golden gun for each class of weapons eg: assualt rifle, smg etc.
    The golden guns you can get are:

    Ak-47=1050 headshots=(150 headshots each gun for assualt rifles)
    m60e4=450 headshots=(150 headshots for each light machine gun)
    mini-uzi=750 headshots=(150 headshots for each sub machine gun)
    Dragunov=750 headshots=(150 headshots for each sniper rifle)
    m1014=200 headshots=(100 headshots for each shotgun)

    For your second question the reason why the golden desert eagle and regular skin desert eagle are separate because with pistols/side arms you cant change the camo. So basically the GDE and regular DE are the same they have the same fire power fire rate accuracy etc. The only difference between the two weapons is one is gold and one is silver.

    User Info: death_soldiierr

    death_soldiierr - 7 years ago 1 0

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