What is the best gun in CoD4 multiplayer?

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    User Info: highonfire665

    highonfire665 - 8 years ago
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    I like the dragonov and the g36c. Have red tiger for dragonov and digital for g36c.

    User Info: highonfire665

    highonfire665 - 8 years ago

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  1. There is is no best gun per-say, but if i were to list the top five guns for core multiplayer team based game. *Excluding S&D
    2-AK-74u (No attachments - Attachments like the red dot sight lower this weapons hip-fire accuracy, considering this is an smg you want the best hip-fire possible. *Camo does not affect)
    6-M40A3 ( This would be higher, but it really depends on your skill level with it. ACOG has a damage boost on this gun making it an OHK anywhere on the body excluding juggernaught and last stand users.)

    But like other people said, it all depends on your preference because many of the guns in cod4 are balanced. Making it a fair fight between them all. I just find those guns have a slight advantage.

    User Info: iMolotov

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  1. It's all opinion.

    There is good balance between most guns, however some do have advantages over others.

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  2. It just depends on you everione have difrent likes and dislikes. For example my favorite is the rpg and the m16.Sorry for not answering your question.

    User Info: Yansel2006

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  3. It's all your choice. Choose the gun that you do best with and feel comfortable. My favorite is the m4 carbine because it has good control.

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  4. Although in WaW the MP40 had the best advantage over any other gun in the game.

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  5. Since everyone else said it, I won't.
    My personal favorite is the MP5 with a silencer. Now most people would jump out and say "that screws up it's range" when really it doesn't. If you're experienced enough with it you can shoot someone accurately from across a big map and have a chance of killing them.

    Another fav of mine is the AK-47 which I properly named the Taliban Gun for my class title. As it is by itself, it has great damage that can give three to four shot kill without stopping power. Now my AK is golden* with ACOG on it which just sweetens the deal because th ACOG is only good on an Assault Rifle in my opinion. Now if you were to add stopping power and steady aim to it which is what I did, you have a really great gun that is helpful for almost any game mode.

    *just to clarify: some people may come to believe that the gold skin on this weapon increases it's damage or accuracy or whatever and it doesn't do anything. it's just skin and just becuase you have it on doesn't mean you became a beast and can kill whoever in an instant.

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  6. my guess would be either M21 or RPD because 1. the M21 is long range & 2. The RPD has 100 bullets per clip. This answer was typed from my PS3.

    User Info: gamer097

    gamer097 - 8 years ago 0 0

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