Help figuring out the weapon level-ups mechanics?

  1. I have no DLC, only the original game.

    On planet mode, both single and co-op mode, I've noticed that once you open up a new planet, you can start from that planet. When you start on one of the latter planets, you're weapons start partially upgraded.

    This leaves me several questions:
    -can you complete the first planet multiple times working on upgrading a different weapon to 100% each time, and then later start the second planet and have all 3 weapons upgraded to 100%?

    -does the % you upgraded a weapon on one planet even affect the level of the weapons when you start from the second planet?

    -if weapons are at one level of upgrade for starting the second planet, if you do the first planet again, will the starting upgrades for the second planet change, even if it lowers one weapons upgrade level?

    I am referring to when you START at the second or onwards planet, not continuing past the first planet into the second planet in one go.

    User Info: travishib

    travishib - 6 years ago


  1. - You only get to complete 1 planet in Planet mode.

    - Arcade mode is sort of the campaign where you finish one planet and move on to the next.

    - Unless you game over and start another game, you cannot replay any planet period.

    - In Arcade mode, your weapon upgrades stay the same when you complete a previous planet and move on to the next planet.

    User Info: 0Thegrayman0

    0Thegrayman0 - 6 years ago 1 1

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