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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASKO813DUECE

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              Star Ocean: The Last Hope -INTERNATIONAL-
                        Author: ASKO813DUECE
                     Playstation ID: ASKO813DUECE
                          Started: 12/10/11
                            Completed: N/A
                     Copyright 2011 ASKO813DUECE.
         Websites authorised to host or quote this walkthrough,
                     whether in part or in full:
          This walkthrough is for the Playstation 3 Version.
                        - UPDATE HISTORY -
    - Written the guide upto the first farming location on Aeos. Will try 
    to get as much done tonight as possible. 
    Also filling in BT's and MD. Still very rough, no spell-check and drafted 
    the lists.
    - Done alot of the reformatting so that gamefaqs can host it.
    Filling in lists and such while writing the story to Lemuris and Triom 
    Village. As of now, I can confirm that using this will give you your 
    'perfect start' to the game. Nothing has been left out.
    - Oh wow, sorry to all of you guys who have been waiting on my guide. 
    I havn't been playing much of Star Ocean with the recent release of 
    FFXIII-2 but now I have platinum, I'm full steam again with this 
    walkthrough. Thank you for all of your patience :).
    Table of Contents
    1A. Introduction
    1B. Before Starting
    1C. Tips for Gameplay & Combat
    1D. Preperation
    2A. Walkthrough
    2B. Finale
    2C. New Game + (Discussion)
    3A. Treasure Chests
    3B. Quests
    3C. Private Actions
    3D. Skills
    3E. Item Creation/Recipes/List
    3F. Dictionary (As taken from game)
    3G. Synopsis (As taken from game)
    3H. Monster Data/Locations
    3I. Battle Trophies
    3J. Trophy List
    4A. Legal Information
    4B. Contact Information
    1A. Introduction
    Welcome to my walkthrough, the only one for the Playstation 3 Version 
    of Star Ocean: The Last Hope INTERNATIONAL. In this guide, I will help 
    you achieve your 100% and Platinum Trophy for this formiddable, yet 
    magnificent game, brought to us by Square-Enix and Tri-Ace. I have 
    created this walkthrough to be totally time, trophy (PS3) and RPG Rookie 
    friendly. So, as long as you follow every line in this walkthrough you 
    will achieve platinum. 
    It will be very in-depth at times, and very bare bones in others. I will 
    give descriptions of where and what to do in each place and what my own 
    game was like at this point. 
    With this in mind, your second and third playthroughs should be solely 
    speed-run based to achieve the trophy for beating each Difficulty. As 
    such, this guide has been written while playing the Galaxy Difficulty. 
    Some monster and boss hit-points and strategies will be affected 
    depending on your difficulty setting.
    ALL Playstation 3 Exclusive Content has been added.
    There are multiple things that do not appear in the Xbox 360 Version 
    of the game. All of these are accounted for so long as you follow the 
    walkthrough thoroughly. Now, without further or do let us begin the long 
    adventure through the 'Star Ocean'. Good Luck.
    1B. Before Starting
    It is extremely important that you read all of the walkthrough. Do not 
    skip anything unless you are sure you know what you're doing. Also, make 
    sure to read all of the below steps, all the way down to the beginning 
    of the actual Walkthrough. Learning these strategies beforehand will 
    help you immensely and should become law as you play.
    -- Throughout the game there are ALOT of missable things you need to 
    collect. They may be treasure chests, quests, private actions, data, 
    and so on. I highly recommend you use a guide to record these things 
    to make sure you have collected everything.
    * If you are going to use my walkthrough from beginning to end you will 
    NOT need a guide for the following:
    - Treasure Chests
    - Private Actions
    - Quests
    - Battle Trophies
    - Monster Data & Locations
    - Spaceship Data
    - Skills/Manuals
    * The things that you WILL need to keep a record of are:
    - Items created through Item Creation
    - Weapon Data 
    Any items you create through Item Creation will need to be written down. 
    There is no way to tell what items you have already made and can make 
    the process very confusing. If you're following this guide to the end 
    of your game, don't worry too much as we'll cover these near all at once. 
    Make sure to not use items! Even items created through IC will be used 
    again in other recipes so make a note to ONLY ever use health-related 
    items (Such as Blueberries HP +30%, Fresh Sage cures Poison etc) but 
    never anything else. 
    Accepted quests, Battle Trophies (BT's), Monster Data (MD), Spaceship 
    Data (SD), Skills, Weapon Data (WD) and Skills are all listed through 
    the in-game menu. However, only once you have it in your possession so 
    the lists will not help in anyway, except as a referance for what you 
    have already got.
    This walkthrough will state ANYTHING you need to be aware of, game and 
    trophy related, as you approach the events or item.
    -- Make it a very strong habit to buy any new weapon you come across 
    in shops and new towns. Whenever you find a weapon you do not have buy 
    it immediately to obtain its Weapon Data. 
    I would also recommend buying 1-5 of every Item you currently have 0.
    -- Complete all quests, open all treasure chests, and 100% Item Creation 
    must be done in a Single Playthrough to unlock the trophies regarding 
    them! Make sure you do these on your first playthrough.
    -- The max of any one item you can hold is 20. If you come across a treasure 
    chest you cannot open, it is because you have too many in your inventory. 
    Simply open your menu and find the item that was listed in the treasure 
    Press SELECT to 'drop' one of the items, until you dropped enough to 
    now open the chest. The treasure chest will NOT count if you did not 
    have enough space to collect the items.
    -- On the main menu, and very early in the game you are given the option 
    to use a Battle Simulator. This is essential to learning the elements 
    of fighting in Star Ocean, especially for those who are not familiar 
    with the series. 
    Read all tutorials and master the technique of Blindsiding.
    -- When you are in the field, press START to bring up a large map of 
    your surrounding area. Once you reach Alanaire Citadel early in the game, 
    you will find a Skill for Lymle called 'Treasure Sense'. Teach this to 
    her immediately as it will show on your map/minimap the locations of 
    ALL Treasure Chests, Harvesting and Mining Points, as well as 
    interectable objects in the world. (At this point, treasure locations 
    will not be written as descriptive in the walkthrough)
    -- Certain Treasure Chests in the world are covered in Elements. You 
    cannot open these until you return later with a ring of the opposing 
    element. I will explain these further as you find them, and recieve your 
    first ring in Triom, Lemuris.
    -- In the very early hours of the game is a very nice spot to power-level. 
    This step is totally up to you, however, this guide is based off being 
    certain Level quota's and having met certain requirements before you 
    progress. While it will be possible to continue, lets say, 10 Levels 
    below what I was realise this will lengthen your platinum time 
    significantly. My guide consists of following the farming and levelling 
    locations where I did for awhile, at least. I'll cover all of these later 
    on though, so you should be able to understand the format after the first 
    couple of areas.
    -- An alert in the guide _-= GRIND =-_ means that this specific spot/enemy 
    needs to be grinded for something that I will explain in-depth as it 
    appears. Keep a heads up for these.
    -- Some things like Item Collection, Weapons, Monster Data, and Battle 
    Trophies will carry over to your New Game+.
    Battle Trophy progress does NOT carry over to your new playthrough. Say 
    Edge's BT for Killing 30,000 enemies needed 2,000 more. You finish the 
    game and earn an additional 2,000... You would NOT get the Battle Trophy. 
    Because of this (and the difficulty rising) we will aim for all BT's 
    in Playthrough 1.
    1C. Tips for Gameplay and Combat
    -- Blindsiding. When you are being targetted by an enemy hold O to charge 
    a meter in the top left, as well as invisibly charging a Blindside. If 
    you tilt the Left-Stick in any direction the character will Blindside 
    the opponent, or perform a larger Dash compared to just prssing O. If 
    you charge for too long you will become stunned for a short period. If 
    you manage to get the players Rush Gauge to fill (100), press Square 
    to enter Rush Mode. Basically you will be unable to be knocked down, 
    and can perform Rapid Combo's to quickly kill your opponent. Once you 
    learn Chain Combo's you can press Square quickly followed by the special 
    attack (Either L2 or R2, depending on what you assigned) and enter Chain 
    Combo Sequence. Press the button promts to execute a chain of special 
    moves, resulting in massive damage.
    Mastering the Blindside is key to fighting in SO4. It will also grant 
    a guaranteed critical hit and invincibility frames for the duration of 
    the animations.
    -- At the start of the game and after Reimi joins you party, there is 
    a Harvesting Point directly outside the Calnus. Reimi can harvest 'free' 
    items from the ground here, and these places a reset by returning to 
    your Spaceship. 
    I recommend staying here farming these items until they are all max at 
    20. It certainly doesn't take long, just Harvest with the O button, run 
    back into your ship, run back out and repeat until either you're 
    satisfied or not getting any more items.
    All Harvest and Mining Points will be reset by returning to your ship, 
    regardless of the Planet.
    -- On the right-hand side of the screen in battle you will notice the 
    'Bonus Board' (BB). This BB will boost certain aspects of winning for 
    doing simple feats in battle; example:
    You obtain a Blue Bonus Tile for landing a critical hit. 
    Each Blue Tile will grant 3% extra EXP.
    Now comes, the 'power-levelling' techniques. Say we fill the entire BB 
    with Blue Tiles, by Blindsiding every enemy we come across. Now giving 
    us a massive EXP Bonus after every battle, we begin the grind.
    -- When you fight enemies you will obtain their Monster Data once killed. 
    These are listed in your Menu - Collections - Monster Data. There will 
    be a % with each monster which raises for killing more of that type of 
    enemy. Do note, you do NOT need 100% to obtain the trophies regarding 
    'Obtain X % of all Monster Data'. You only need to kill each enemy 
    one-time for these trophies. If you do want to get 100% knowledge for 
    every creature, Bosses will grant 33% each playthrough.
    -- You can pre-emptive any enemy by running into the back of them when 
    initiating battle. This will net you an advantage for the first attack, 
    and alot of your first BT's.
    -- There are alot of permanently missable things to do at the beginning 
    of the game. To hefty to name, but keep it in mind as you play. I will 
    give a very clear Warning for anything I deem missable or important. 
    Keep an eye out!
    1D. Preperation
    Star Ocean 4 is an extremely long game, and will no-doubt take you well 
    over 500 hours to platinum.
    Whenever you are in the mind-set of grinding or doing something boring, 
    I find playing music helps to lessen the burden. Especially after hearing 
    the same Battle Music over and over and over and over...
    Remember it's supposed to be fun, and enjoy the great storyline. 
    At times we'll be spending 20-30 hours before continuing to the next 
    storyline cutscene, so if you're playing this solely for story this 
    Walkthrough probably isn't your best bet. 
    There is a Synopsis, in your Menu - Data - Synopsis, to remind yourself 
    of whats been going on through the story. Also, the START button will 
    give the option to 'skip scene'.
    Make sure you have a comfortable place to play, and preferrably with 
    no interruptions. In some places throughout the game, you will need to 
    play well over 2 hours before reaching another Save Point. Be prepared 
    for these places I name, and don't play on if you're going to need to 
    quit after 30 minutes. 
    Check you have your guides all set and something to write down your Item 
    Creations and Recipes from IC. 
    Finally, one quick run-through of the walkthrough layout and let us 
    -- NOTE: As the walkthrough goes on, and you familiarize yourself with 
    the gameplay, guide layout and obtain the 'Treasure Sense' skill I will 
    write less and less, just listing the bare essentials.
    After 50+ hours there should be no need to give extreme detailed 
    descriptions. I will expect you to open your Map constantly and check 
    for Treasure Chests.
    At the top of each new section will be the following:
    [3 Blueberries][454 Fol] [RM 22]
    [Triom] - The location in question.
    [3 Blueberries] [454 Fol] - Items in order of appearance.
    [*RM 22] - Abbreviated for Recipe Memo 22. 
    * meaning Missable.
    (Insert Item) mean this is not found in a treasure chest.
    I will list all items at the top of the new area. I will NOT list Monsters 
    but I will explain why as you read the walkthrough. Chests and such, 
    that you cannot yet collect will NOT be listed but I WILL alert you to 
    this. I will also alert you when to go back and collect it.
    * means the item is permanently/missable.
    2A. Walkthrough
    All bearings are relative to your compass under the minimap.
    Check your settings on the Main Menu and make sure they're suitable for 
    you. Play through the Battle Simulator (Advised) and then select NEW 
    GAME. You can play on Earth Difficulty, however you will not earn a 
    Playstation 3 trophy for beating the game on a certain difficulty. Choose 
    Galaxy, and enjoy the opening Movie.
    [WD 122]
    Once you gain control of Edge you will be inside the Calnus. This is 
    you spaceship and will serve as your 'Base of Operations' so to speak. 
    Press R2 to change the walking speed of Edge and Square to perform a 
    quick Dash. Get used to this Dash, you will use it alot. Triangle will 
    open up your menu, do so and take a look at the different options.
    The object in the middle of the room will let you use the Battle 
    Simulator. Exit the room. 
    This hallway hosts your characters bedrooms, where Edge can save and 
    rest to restore HP/MP. Save if you wish, Edge's room is the first on 
    your left as you leave the Simulator Room. After looking around leave 
    by running down either set of stairs at the end of the hallway. Another 
    Save Point. Immediately turn and run in-between the sets of stairs you 
    just walked down, through a door. This room serves as the Item Creation 
    Room, and where you will create all of these items. However, that's 
    irrelevant now, so run into the left doorway and search the shelves for 
    [Weapon Data 122: SRF F98 Assualt Rifle].
    After recieveing your first Weapon Data, leave the way you came. The 
    room near the save point is the Flight Deck (Cockpit) so enter there 
    and speak to Reimi. 
    [There are no important things to note from here, except having WD 122.] 
    Then initiate the launch and you're off toward the Planet...
    [Aeos: Landing Point] [and Calnus]
    (*RM 05) (SD 01) (SD 04) [Snipers Bangle] [Broken Metal Cutting Blade] 
    [3 Blueberries]
    [2 Balckberries] [Iron] [2 Insect Eggs] [Bigberries] [Wind Gem] [Iron 
    x2] [103 Fol] [Warped Carapace & 1 Insect Leg]
    After the scenes you will be on the Planet Aeos. 
    Speak to Reimi and you will end up outside the Calnus. Immediately run 
    back inside the ship and talk to the man near the Item Creation Rooms 
    door, Van. This man holds the first missable item of the game, (*Recipe 
    Memo 05). 
    Simply talk with him to obtain it. Now, run across from here into the 
    Flight Deck. Check the front two monitors 
    (Where Edge was sitting in the cutscenes) for [Spaceship Data 01: SRF-003 
    Calnus] and [Spaceship Data 04: SRF-001 Aquila]. Save your game and leave 
    the ship.
    Talk to the man standing near the entrance of the ship a couple times 
    for a [Sniper's Bangle]. If you don't get it after talking 3 or 4 times 
    try the other man. 
    Treasure Chests can be either pods with a green light shining on them, 
    or actual chests. Run North a little to find your first chest, with a 
    [Broken Metal Cutting Blade] inside. From here check your compass, then 
    run Northeast for a chest with [3 Blueberries] inside. Now travel 
    Northwest to find another chest holding [2 Blackberries]. To the North 
    and inside a little alcove is yet another chest, this one holding a 
    [Iron]. Run even further North from this chest until you find [2 Insect 
    Eggs] near the cliffside.
    After collecting the 5 treasure chests here return to the base of the 
    Calnus. Talk to Reimi when you are happy to continue on, she's standing 
    near the save point. This also begins your first battle...
    Your first real fight. Nothing of importance here. 
    Just use the skills you learnt in the Battle Simulator, to kill the 
    Adephaga. They are very weak and should go down with ease. If you are 
    having trouble just constantly push X to do 3 consecutive attacks. 
    No need to worry about BT's or anything yet as we'll be fighting a fair 
    amount of these guys soon.
    After the fight, you will recieve [Weapon Data 01] automatically, as 
    it's now equipped to Edge.
    Run back inside the Calnus and proceed to the Flight Deck. Short scenes, 
    and then before leaving to find your comrades ship, the Eremia, Reimi 
    will join your party. Once you're outside, run across from the Calnus, 
    to where a green light is shining out of the ground. This is called a 
    Harvest Point. With Reimi now in your party you can harvest free items 
    here, and this is the location of the first...
    _-= GRIND =-_
    Required: Highly Advised though not necessary
    Location: Harvest Point/Outside the Calnus
    Description: At certain times in the game I will give grinding alerts 
    like this one. Here, I would advise you to farm this Harvest Point since 
    your ship is so close. 
    All Harvest and Mining Points are reset by entering your ship, so collect 
    the items with O, then run back into your ship. Now return outside, and 
    Harvest again until your satisfied. I did mine until all possible items 
    were max at 20, but this is totally up to you.
    When you are ready to continue Save your game. Run forward from the 
    Harvest Point to where debris from your ship once blocked. As you 
    approach the opening a short scene will begin with Reimi showing off 
    her skills. After the scenes you will be near a three-way split in the 
    path. Take the left path West to a dead-end with a [Bigberries] treasure 
    chest at the end. Ignore the Mining Point and turn around, now running 
    straight from where you were. As you run down the Eastern path you will 
    see a new enemy, resembling a Bee. Near this guy, is a spider-web with 
    a treasure chest underneath holding a [Wind Gem]. From here run as far 
    North as possible to a small dead-end path running along the cliff-face. 
    Remember to check your map with SELECT if you're getting lost, you should 
    find a chest with [2 Irons] inside. Now run back to the 
    T-intersection you just ran through, and turn left. 
    You should be looking down a straight path, with another small pass on 
    your left. First run straight forward and get the chest with [103 Fol] 
    on the edge of the rocks. Now follow the edge of the rocks around back 
    the other way and you'll find another Harvest Point. From here run back 
    and straight, into the open space. Continue up the rise, and along the 
    left side of the split. Now you should be running along a cliff-face, 
    follow this to another spot for Reimi to harvest. Around the corner you 
    should see a Cave Entrance coming into view. Beside the rock on the left 
    here is a chest with a [Warped Carapace] and [Insect Leg] inside. Now 
    you may enter the cave, or I suggest some other stuff...
    If you are going to skip these steps you will have to do them at a later 
    date, this is simply to get the trophies as early as possible. Continue 
    to Urd Falls Cave.
    Battle Trophies:
    Disable Reimi's Battle Actions in your menu or in battle as 'Do Nothing'. 
    Run back to the Calnus, and your save game outside the ship. We're going 
    to get some of the very easy BT's with Edge and Reimi. We're heading 
    back so we can rest whenever you need to heal. Another way to avoid this 
    in Star Ocean 4 is fill the Bonus Board with Purple Tiles. These will 
    give you a heal bonus after battle to restore HP & MP. 
    After returning to your ship and saving, run back to the three-way split, 
    ahead of you should be 1 solo Adephaga. Enter battle with him. By now 
    you should have Blindsiding down. If not, just hold O until you see a 
    yellow/red circle around you character, then mash the Left-Analog stick 
    in any direction. This will perform a Blindside. 
    Do this 5, 20, and if you're upto it 50 on the last Adephaga of the battle. 
    Then win the battle, and you will recieve the following Battle Trophies:
    007: Perform 5 Blinsides.
    017: Perform 20 Blindsides.
    039: Perform 50 Blindsides.
    010: Deal exactly 55 damage. (If you're lucky)
    Depending on how strong Edge's level is he will learn different Skills. 
    Find another enemy and use a 3-hit combo + Rising Blade, to deal over 
    100 damage. This will net you: 
    006: Deal 100 damage
    004: Defeat a enemy using a special art.
    Now go into your menu and unequip Edge's equipment. As soon as the battle 
    starts use a special move with R2. Then win the battle with Edge as the 
    MC and you'll get the following BT's: 
    013: Win a battle with nothing equipped.
    003: Attack first with a special art.
    Enter another battle and kill off all but 1 monster. 
    Switch to Reimi with R1 or L1 and attack him with arrows until he is 
    close to death. Switch back to Edge. 
    Now, you need to tilt the Left-Analog stick at the same time you press 
    X to attack. Edge should do a kick strike and get:
    036: Defeat an enemy using only leg-based attacks.
    (If you're struggling and keep hitting his launch attack, you can try 
    to time the 2nd hit of his 3-hit combo to kill him. Edge should spin 
    on the spot with his leg out and kick him causing the death.)
    Enter a battle with a Adephaga, and wait until he does his stomping attack 
    to knock you over. Kill him with the wake-up strike by tapping X as you 
    get off the ground. It does need to be the killing blow, recieve your:
    008: Defeat an enemy using a wake-up attack.
    Enter battle with an Adephaga, and knock him over with Edge's launch 
    move. Once he's on the ground run close and tap X to stab him while he's 
    on the ground. If it was the killing blow you'll get:
    020: Defeat an enemy with a knock-down attack.
    After fighting 10 and 30 enemies by pre-emptive strike you will get: 
    005: Register 10 pre-emptive attacks. 
    015: Register 30 pre-emptive attacks. 
    Also try to attack first in 5 and 10 battles to get: 
    002: Attack first 5 times in a row.
    022: Attack first 10 times in a row. 
    You need to land a hit before Reimi if she's fighting and the enemy for 
    it to count.
    Save you game. Switch Edge's Battle Actions to 'Do Nothing' and select 
    Reimi as the MC.
    Same tactic as Edge for this one, either off normal attacks or use a 
    special-art to deal over 100 damage:
    006: Deal over 100 damage.
    009: Deal exactly 111 damage. (If you're lucky)
    Now land as many consecutive hits as you can from long distance to get: 
    008: Land 4 consective long-range attacks.
    020: Land 9 consecutive long-range attacks. 
    These BT's go from 4, 9, 15, 22, 30, 39, 49, 60, 72, 85 but don't expect 
    to get them all. You're bound to miss or hit a short-range attack.
    014: Win 20 battles without using MP.
    007: Defeat an enemy using only jump attacks. 
    Reimi's dash is actually a jump when you press O. Once in the air kill 
    an enemy by attacking to get BT #7.
    Perform 7 consecutive Blindsides followed by 1 attack to get: 002: Land 
    three critical hits in a row.
    013: Land four critical hits in a row.
    025: Land five critical hits in a row.
    036: Land six critical hits in a row.
    048: Land seven critical hits in a row.
    Enable Edge to 'Fight Freestyle' through the Tactics Menu. Enter a battle 
    and as soon as it begins run away from the enemies (As Reimi) so that 
    they target Edge. Win the battle to get: 
    001: Win without being targeted.
    Enter another battle and attack but do not move from the spot you start. 
    Hopefully you won't be attacked and get:
    076: Win without ever moving. 
    Thats the majority for now, just focus on pre-emptives, blindsides and 
    Monster Data from now until you have Faize.
    Save your game and return to the Cave Entrance from before we did the 
    Battle Trophies. Enter the caves.
    [Urd Falls Cave]
    [2 Irons] [203 Fol] (2 Blueberries) [2 Fresh Sages] (2 Blackberries) 
    (Fresh Sage) [2 Blackberries] (Defense Seeds) [3 Blueberries]
    You will probably be ambushed as soon as you enter the caves. Fight if 
    you have to, then run right from where you started to behind a small 
    gap in the South. Here you'll find two chests with [2 Irons] and [203 
    Fol]. An option to inspect the crater is available. Run back toward where 
    you entered and down the passage. You'll start encountering new enemies, 
    the blue things called Gerels can reproduce once they are low on health. 
    This isn't always a bad thing...
    Keep following the path, and inspect the hole in the wall for 2 
    Blueberries (Not treasure chest related). If you do it a second time 
    you'll lose health and attract a Bee/Bat. Continue on, you'll pass a 
    bunch of rocks which block another side passage which we come back for 
    later. Continue to where the cliff-face opens up to show a waterfall 
    and a chest with [2 Fresh Sages]. Another hole in the wall ahead with 
    2 Blackberries ahead. Then the path splits into two, go right. Follow 
    to the end where there is a hole in the wall with a Fresh Sage and a 
    Harvest Point. 
    Backtrack to the three-way split and go straight, not left. Eventually 
    the Cave will open up, here is a chest with 
    [2 Blackberries] and a hole in the wall with Defense Seeds. Do not use 
    these seeds even though they're very useful.
    Just follow the path and you'll come to the exit. 
    The final chest listed above, with the 3 Blueberries, we'll get soon.
    [Aeos: Northern Coast]
    [2 Natural Waters] [Attack Seeds] [Wind Gem] [81 Fol] [Warped Carapace 
    & 1 Seaweed] [3 Iron] [Seaweed] [2 Fresh Sages] [Bigberries] [Protection 
    Run forward after exiting the caves and fight the new enemy. Here there 
    is a chest with [2 Natural Waters]. Then save your game just outside 
    the exit of the caves.
    _-= GRIND =-_
    Required: Highly Advised
    Location: Ambush outside Urd Falls Cave exit
    Description: See below
    Here we will get a massive power boost. This really is square-enix at 
    their best giving us perfect grinding spots.
    (If you're not interested skip this entire paragraph)
    First off, if you look on your map you'll see a white dot representing 
    a 'healing point'. Exactly that, run there when you need to heal, its 
    fairly close and you can avoid every enemy easily with dash. 
    Now back at the save point run out and to the left. 
    See those 2 Adephaga? We're going to draw them close together then 
    initiate battle with them. After you kill the first set of enemies you 
    will be ambushed and forced to fight another battle. This will grant 
    you a Green Tile on your BB. Finish the battle and run back into Urd 
    Falls, then repeat the Ambush. Fill the entire board with Green Tiles 
    and then start fighting the 2 Adephaga seprerately as well as the big 
    guy,  before you enter the caves to make them respawn. 
    Now you'll be earning huge SP bonuses after battle from the Bonus Board. 
    SP stands for Skill Points and are used to strentghen all of your 
    charcters Skills, plus some other stuff like Item Creation. If you go 
    into your Menu - Skills - Skill Boost, you will see 2 amounts of SP: 
    Party SP and Character SP.
    You can use either of them to power up abilities as nothing much matters 
    right now except training, so use X for their personal SP or Square to 
    use Party SP. I personally powered up everything possible to maximum 
    but its upto you how much you can bare. Do your special attacks first 
    like Rising Blade and Raging Strike. Reimi should be close to or have, 
    Seraphic Thunder. If your characters BEAT Level gets to 20, change it 
    to the opposite to start levelling up that because you'll need it for 
    BT's but it shouldn't affect their performance in battle too much this 
    early in the game. 
    Keep levelling Skills until they're Max or you're happy to continue and 
    remember the healing point is there when needed.
    From the save point outside the Urd Falls Cave exit. 
    You should have collected the chest across from the save holding 2 
    Natural Waters, so run out and right. 
    There should be two paths, go down the left side along the edge to find 
    a [Attack Seeds] chest guarded by a Bee.
    Keep following the edge to a [Wind Gem] treasure chest, further on 
    another with [81 Fol] that is close to a Harvest Point. In the valley 
    leading to the Healing Point is 2 more Harvest Points, however just 
    return to the Healing Point to continue. Once you jump down onto the 
    beach you cannot return for awhile... so heal when ready and jump down 
    using the X button when prompted to land on the beach front. 
    To your left against the rocks is a treasure chest with [Warped Carapace] 
    and [Seaweed] inside. Beside you a little will be a Harvest Point. Then 
    return to the water and follow along the edge until you find a chest 
    with [3 Iron]. 
    It wont appear until your quite close. 
    Keep following the beach until you see a man lying on the ground... Watch 
    the cutscenes, then your first boss battle.
    Recommended Level: 15+
    Battle Details: No important things to note, except killing him with 
    Faize to ease 2 BT's.
    Your first boss battle. Just let me say that this battle should not be 
    hard unless you are very weak. You should be able to play around with 
    him so to speak, and even attempt Battle Trophies. You'll have Faize 
    in this fight, I actually got 4 or 5 BT's while using him, but if you're 
    struggling stick to Edge and just use special attacks. 
    Theres nothing important about this boss battle except one thing to note: 
    Faize needs to kill at least 3 Missable or One-time enemies. 
    He has BT's for killing 'X amount of different enemies'. 
    If you kill at least 3 Bosses with Faize you will guaranteed be able 
    to achieve this battle trophy.
    * Trophy Unlocked *
    Abolished Armaros - Bronze
    Defeated Armaros on the Northern Beach of the Planet Aeos.
    Some cutscenes will play before recieveing a Meteor Fragment. 
    Then an alert will show because 'Faize joined the party'. 
    Now run forward from where you fought the boss, following the beach 
    still. There will be a chest containing a [Seaweed] outside the Cave 
    Entrance, and a chest containing [2 Fresh Sage] not far across from here. 
    Then enter the Cave through the newly found entrance.
    [Urd Falls Cave]
    [3 Blueberries]
    You will be back inside Urd Falls Cave. Follow the path to the top, and 
    on your left is a chest with [3 Blueberries].
    Then jump down near the edge of the rocks. 
    Now, make your way all the way back toward the Calnus. Hopefully you 
    remember the way to go. Just head left at the three-way split and you 
    should find the Cave exit. When you finally get back you'll notice the 
    Calnus is gone, and the Eldarians have set-up a base...?
    [Aeos: Exploration Base] 
    [*2 Blueberries] [*193 Fol] [*3 Lemons] [*Skill Manual Scan Enemy] 
    [*Uncooked pasta, Olive oil] [*Blackberries, Blueberries]
    First things first, save outside the Exploration Base. I’ve put the 
    chests inside the Exploration Base as missable, because after certain 
    events shortly in the story they will be gone for the rest of this 
    Run around the outside, North and over the new bridge that has been 
    set-up. When you're in the next screen hug the left wall to find a 
    [Bigberries] inside a chest. Keep going North a bit and find the 
    [Protection Seeds] on the Eastern wall. There is another chest further 
    North but you cannot collect it until you return with a Light-Element 
    Ring. I'll remind you when to come back for it. There's also a way to 
    jump down to Aeos: Northern Coast here, where we farmed SP and the Healing 
    Point before Armaros. 
    Head inside from the entrance by the Save Point, and run directly 
    straight, into some shadows and find a chest with 
    [*2 Blueberries]. Then run left around the corner and check the upper 
    right hand corner for [*193 Fol] and a little up from here against the 
    wall, is a [*3 Lemon]. 
    Continue running forward along the path to where a man is standing, 
    looking at the sky. Turn around here, in a dark alcove is a chest with 
    [*Skill Manual 'Scan Enemy']. 
    Notice the entrance to the Calnus is now here. 
    Run inside the Base using one of the many doors.
    Go into the Southern Room of the Base and collect a chest holding 
    [*Uncooked Pasta] and [*Olive Oil]. Then check the chest next to the 
    door for [*Blackberries] and [*Blueberries]. In this room, the centre 
    console has 3 Spaceship Data's you need to collect. Make sure you collect 
    these Missable Items:
    * 006. SRF-006 Balena
    * 007. SRF-003 Dentdelion
    * 008. SRF-005 Eremia
    Now run back to the main hallway and save your game. 
    Go into the ? room which should have a load of Sleeping Pods, where your 
    party can sleep and heal. This is the living quarters, go through the 
    monitors in here to find 3 more Spaceship Data which are also Missable 
    * 012: Zagzael (Eldarian Cruiser)
    * 015: Rednuht (Eldarian Battleship)
    * 016: Sol (Eldarian Shuttlecraft)
    Save your game again and go into the section of the Base with shops. 
    By now you should have 30,000 to 60,000 Fol saved up, so buy at least 
    2 of every every item and weapon. 
    Make a sure note to purchase 2 Eldarian Bows from the Weapon Shop. Above 
    anything else assure you have 2, Eldarian Bows. Otherwise you will 
    already void '100% of all Quests' trophy. You need them for on the next 
    planet. While you're buying one of everything here, scroll down to Accept 
    Orders and press X on each one. Now, you can view them via your Triangle 
    Menu, so you can check what items you need while your out fighting 
    enemies. After your finished in the shops, Save your game.
    Now for your first quests. Run into the Southwestern Room of the Base 
    and speak to the second person on your right.
    She will ask you to collect and return 10 Insect Legs. 
    If you already have 10 you can finish the quests immediately, otherwise 
    you need to fight Adephaga until you have 10. Return these to her for 
    some SP, EXP, and your first quest complete.
    Talk to her again, and she will now ask for 8 Insect Eggs. Again, fight 
    Adephaga or turn in the quest if you have enough.
    Now go into the sickbay, the opposing room, and speak to Airi. She'll 
    tell you one of here patients has gone wandering. Run outside of the 
    Base to near the entrance of the Calnus, and speak with the man 
    daydreaming, looking into the sky. Return to Airi after speaking with 
    him to complete the thrid quest.
    * 001: The Leg Collector/ Reward: Blueberries
    * 002: The Egg Collector/ Reward: Aquaberries, Recipe Memo 20
    * 003: The Missing Patient/ Reward: Nothing
    You will also recieve SP for completing quests. Now these 3 Missable 
    Quests should be completed. Save your progress and enter the Main Room, 
    to the North. Speak to the man on your left, Gaghan, and give him the 
    control unit for the Sol.
    Then speak to The Captain when you're ready, who's standing in the centre 
    of the room. Watch the cutscenes.
    Congratulations, you are now an official Captain of your own ship. Save 
    your progress and return to where the Captain was. Search the monitors 
    here to collect 
    * Spaceship Data 002: Calnus-II (w/ Eldarian Upgrades) 
    another Missable Item, then exit the Exploration Base. 
    Now you will want to return to Urd Falls Cave. Remember the dead-end 
    with all the Green Flowers glowing brightly, and a Harvest Point and 
    Hole in the Wall? Head there, its the right path at the three-way split 
    inside the Caves. Near the Green Flowers that glow brightly, press X 
    to Inspect and view your first...
    Private Action 001: Beautiful Flowers.
    Location: Urd Falls Cave, between Edge and Reimi
    Description: Select 'You're really beautiful, Reimi'
    Private Actions will affect the bond between your characters. In order 
    to obtain all 9 Endings in one playthrough you must pick these exact 
    PA's in the same order, with the same response. After that leave the 
    Caves and return to the Save Point outside the Exploration Base.
    If you are going to skip these steps you will have to do them at a later 
    date, this is simply to get the trophies as early as possible. Continue 
    to the Planet Lemuris.
    Battle Trophies:
    Disable Edge and Reimi's Battle Tactics in the menu.
    Now with Faize as the MC, find an Adephaga to fight.
    [Planet Lemuris]
    Once you are ready to leave the Planet Aeos, head into the Calnus via 
    the Exploration Base. I advise you check the following things before 
    you choose to launch to Lemuris:
    - Make sure that you have 9 Spaceship Data - 001, 002, 004, 006, 007, 
    008, 012, 015, and 016.
    - I would strongly adivse you collected the 6 treasure chests inside 
    the Exploration Base if your aiming for Platinum. Both the Chests and 
    Spaceship Data are Missable Items. Its best to get them now.
    - Go into your items and make sure that you have 2 Eldarian Bows, these 
    are a weapon for Reimi and are bought from the Exploration Base weapon 
    - By now you should have the following Monster Data - 001 Adephaga, 002 
    Adephaga Drus, 003 Killer Wasp, 004 Giant Bat, 005 Gerel, 006 Polyphaga, 
    007 Killer Chelae, and 008 Armaros.
    - You could have anywhere between 10 and 55 BT's by this point. This 
    will depend whether you have been following my steps in grinding, and 
    farming or if you have just been doing story, with little time spent 
    powering your characters.
    - I would advise to be at least Level 17 by this point. Your characters 
    BEAT Level should be very close to 20. 
    Remember once they reach BEAT Level 20 go into your menu and change it 
    to the opposite from what it was. This will let them learn the new 
    advantages for in combat.
    When you are happy that you have all of these things done, go to the 
    centre console in the Flight Deck and choose Launch. While it loads talk 
    to Faize for a Monster Jewel. Try to Launch again, and then a short scene 
    will play. Now it is time for some Private Actions. Everytime you launch 
    to a new planet your journey will be taken in 'parts' where you must 
    talk to a certain character to advance the flight. Doing all of these 
    correctly throughout the entire game will grant you 9 Character Endings 
    and alot of trophies. Once you are in control of Edge, run forward to 
    Private Action 002: Flight to Lemuris, Part I
    Location: Calnus, on the voyage to Planet Lemuris, between Edge and Reimi
    Description: Speak to Reimi in her flight chair, this is the end of 
    Private Action 2.
    Private Action 003: Flight to Lemuris, Part II
    Location: Calnus, on the voyage to Planet Lemuris, between the party
    Description: Exit the Flight Deck and into the Recreation Room (With 
    the save point). Talk to Reimi and Faize in here, ending PA 003.
    Private Action 004: Flight to Lemuris, Part III
    Location: Calnus on the voyage to Planet Lemuris, between Edge and Reimi
    Description: Head into the hallway with everyones bedrooms. Reimi's is 
    the first on your right as you come up the stairs, go inside and speak 
    with her.
    Private Action 005: Flight to Lemuris, Part IV
    Location: Calnus, on voyage to Planet Lemuris, between the party.
    Description: Head into the Recreation Room, the large one with the Save 
    Point and talk to your Crew. When your given the prompt choose, 'I'm 
    sorry that happened Faize...'.
    Private Action 006: Flight to Lemuris, Part V
    Location: Calnus, on voyage to Planet Lemuris, between the party.
    Description: Head into the Recreation Room and back out. 
    When you re-enter talk to the team to discuss swords, mostly Edge and 
    Faize's. Its not known to affect affinity or character endings but I 
    suggest telling Edges story to the party when given the option.
    After landing on Planet Lemuris exit the Calnus and then re-enter. Head 
    to Faize’s bedroom and speak with him.
    Private Action 007: Landed on Lemuris, Part I
    Location: Calnus, Faizes bedroom, between Edge and Faize.
    Description: Speak with Faize.
    Private Action 008: Landed on Lemuris, Part II
    Location: Calnus, Faizes bedroom, between Edge and Faize.
    Description: Speak with Faize a second time.
    Private Action 009: Landed on Lemuris, Part III
    Location: Calnus, Faizes bedroom, between Edge and Faize.
    Description: Speak with Faize a third time and choose ‘There’s nothing 
    to apologize for.’
    After the 3 private actions with Faize exit the Calnus.
    [Lemuris: Thalia Plains West]
    [3 Aquaberries] [1 Aquaberries, 2 Blackberries]
    Every monster will add to your Monster Data, and they all drop new items 
    needed for quests and IC on this planet.
    From the Calnus run in the West direction, to the Northwest corner of 
    the screen. A chest will be sitting next to a tree, holding [3 
    Aquaberries]. Head South, until you see a fence and dirt path. Run past 
    the entrance of the village and continue into the dead-end corner finding 
    a chest with [1 Aquaberries] and [2 Blackberries].
    When you are ready, enter the village.
    [Lemuris: Triom Village]
    [*Demon Amulet] [2 Blueberries] [RM02, 2 Earth Gems] (Basil) 
    (Blueberries) (2 Basil) (Blackberries)
    Please note that all quests in this village are missable! They will 
    expire after the events of the Celestial Ship so complete ALL of them 
    before fighting the next Boss.
    When you enter the town watch the cutscenes, and eventually you gain 
    another ally, ‘Lymle has joined the party’. This also gives you [Weapon 
    Data 50: Candy Wand]. Go back inside Ghimdo’s house and grab the chest 
    inside holding a [Demon Amulet]. Make a note that you got this chest 
    because it will soon become missable!
    Head out into a small field in the middle of town and when the pop-up 
    on the side indicates ‘examine’ press X. You will get (Blueberries) and 
    (Basil) for finding both spots. Run South, and you will find a chest 
    holding [2 Blueberries].
    There is a Weapon Shop and Item Shop all with orders you need to complete. 
    Accept them, and buy whatever new equipment and items you can afford. 
    If you have the Fol, buy Bowstrings, and the new Weapons. Items are not 
    as important right now.
    Head South and talk to the man near the exit of the village. He will 
    give you (2 Basil). Run to the house North-West of here, to save your 
    progress and restore health. If you run North of this house to yet another 
    field you can find (Blackberries) on the ground.
    If you didn’t do the PA’s with Faize, they are still available now.
    When your finished buying equipment, talked to the villagers and got 
    all the treasures, exit Triom via the Northeast exit.
    [Lemuris: Thalia Plains]
    [255 Fol] [Darkness Gem] [2 Blueberries] [2 Vile Goop] [2 Aquaberries] 
    [2 Blackberries] [Monster Jewel] [Bizarre Fruit] [Accuracy Seeds] [401 
    Fol] [Skill Manual Hide]
    There are a lot of harvest points on this Planet and I recommend grabbing 
    them whenever you are close. From Trioms exit, run East then around the 
    mound to grab the [255 Fol] in the chest. Continue East and harvest, 
    before heading South a little where you can reach a [Darkness Gem] in 
    a chest by the cliff. Now head North until you reach a bridge.
    After crossing the Bridge turn East immediately and grab the [2 
    Blueberries] from the chest. Turn around and go west, and then up the 
    hill to the south. Behind the big rock on the west side of the hill is 
    a chest, which contains [2 Vile Goop]. Keep heading West and then grab 
    the chest holding [2 Aquaberries] just past the bridge. If you cross 
    this bridge you will change screen to the Van Elm Region. You can’t get 
    very far as the path is blocked but there is a harvest point you can 
    Return to the first bridge you crosses, but take the Northern direction 
    this time. The ground will soon be covered in snow, run along the West 
    wall and you’ll find a chest with [2 Blackberries]. Run Northeast along 
    the frozen lake, checking the Northern wall. You should eventually find 
    a [Monster Jewel].
    Head East from this chest, and then through a passage between a rock 
    and the wall. Follow the path and by the rock, is a chest containing 
    [Bizzare Fruit]. If you check your map, take a quick detour to the close 
    Harvest Point before heading back to the Lake.
    Run West across the Lake, and you’ll reach some cliff-paths. There is 
    a chest with [Accuracy Seeds] near the bottom, then head to the top.
    Before saving, grab the chests here, one with [401 Fol] and another with 
    [Skill Manual Hide]. Save your progress and then head through the large 
    stone doors.
    [Lemuris: Alanaire Citadel]
    [Anti-Poison Amulet] [1 Shining Stone] [Skill Manual "Treasure Sense"] 
    [1 Shining Stone] [Guardian's Rapier] [1 Shining Stone] [Skill Manual 
    "Focus"] [1 Shining Stone] [Guardian's Armour] [1 Shining Stone] [1 
    Dragon Scale, 1 Fire Gem]
    As you walk forward into the Citadel take a left, past the stairs and 
    open the chest in front of the pillar to grab the [Aint-Poison Amulet].
    Keep going to the next pillar which has another treasure hidden around 
    the side, holding a Shining Stone. Return to the entrance after grabbing 
    the chests, also fight the Skeleton enemies in this area and you will 
    [WD137: Sword of Punishment. 
    Head up the West stairs and examine the object blocking the path. 
    Continue up the path, then enter the first door you come to. Take a right 
    into the small room to find the [Skill Manual: Treasure Sense].
    Immediately go into your inventory and teach the skill to Lymle. From 
    now you need to be in the habit of pressing {SELECT} to check the map 
    for treasures. This way, I don’t need to explain specific locations of 
    every treasure. Besides they’re pretty obvious on the large map, I’ll 
    still give locations of the tricky ones or chests you need to go back 
    and get, so don’t stress too much lol.
    Anyways, head back to the hallway and run all the way South to the last 
    room, theres a chest here holding [Shining Stone]. Exit and head up the 
    next set of stairs with the object blocking the path. Examine it to move 
    it, then take the first right path you can. In the Southern room is a 
    [Guardians Rapier]. Return the way you came and head through the South 
    entrance. Up the stairs you find another [Shining Stone] inside a 
    treasure chest.
    Return to the entrance of the Citadel and examine the stones around the 
    room. The ones that don’t have blue stones in them are what the ‘Shining 
    Stones’ have been for. So put them in, and after moving all of the stones, 
    head up the West stairs. Check you map, there should be two chests here. 
    There is a [Shining Stone] on the inner most ring, and [Skill Manual: 
    Focus] is inside a chest at the Northern tip of the map. After grabbing 
    the two treasures head back into the Citadel, down to the beginning.
    Head across to the East set of stairs, moving the stones in the way, 
    go into the passage halfway. Enter the last room on the left and grab 
    the [Guardians Armour]. Leave and continue up the stairs. Keep following 
    the path and cross screens. On the second floor head left, one room has 
    a refresh point and the other, a chest you cannot open yet.
    Run in toward the middle ring, toward the North to find the chest holding 
    a [Shining Stone]. Continue to the South of the map, until you reach 
    three stones needed to be moved. Move the blocks then examine the 
    platform to reach the final level. Save your game, then enter the door.
    Dragon Newt (Sub-boss)
    Recommended Level: 35+ 
    Battle Details: No important things to note, except killing him with 
    Faize to ease 2 BT's.
    This guy is just a sub-boss, and you’ll fight him regularly soon enough. 
    Still, he deserves a write up so basically, attack him head on. Use Edge 
    the majority of the battle, and avoid blindsides as he tends to counter 
    them if double-blindside hasn’t been unlocked.
    Exit through the door and examine the long cloth hanging down the Citadel 
    [Lemuris: Van Elm Region]
    [Skill Manual: Chain Combos] [3 Blueberries] [Bigberries, 2 
    Blueberries] [2 Vile Goop] [3 Aquaberries] [51 Fol]
    Head towards the East to find a chest with [Skill Manual: Chain Combos] 
    and check your map for the harvest point near the trees by the village.
    Run toward the Southern edge of the map and you’ll find a small ledge 
    with a chest holding [3 Blueberries]. Go West past the village for now, 
    and in the North is a treasure chest with a [Bigberries] and [2 
    Blueberries]. Remember, check the large map to scan quickly the general 
    direction of chests, harvest points, and the brown locations are mining 
    points, which you’ll be using soon enough.
    Check the direstcions for rooms inside the Exploration Base.
    Verify SD is correct for Expl' Base.
    [2 Fresh Sage] on Beach.
    Add * to missables 
    Add BT’s for faize before leaving aeos
    3A. 100% Tresure Chests (In order of appearance)
    Aeos: Landing Point
    [] Broken Metal Cutting Blade
    [] Blueberries x 3
    [] Blackberries x2
    [] Iron
    [] Insect Eggs x2
    [] Bigberries
    [] Wind Gem
    [] Iron x2
    [] 103 Fol
    [] Insect Egg x1, Warped Carapace x1
    Urd Falls Cave
    [] Iron x2
    [] 203 Fol
    [] Fresh Sage x2
    [] Blackberries x2
    [] Blueberries x3
    Aeos: Northern Coast
    [] Natural Water x2 
    [] Attack Seeds x1 
    [] Wind Gem x1 
    [] 81 Fol 
    [] Seaweed x1, Warped Carapace x1 
    [] Iron x3 
    [] Fresh Sage x2 
    [] Seaweed x1 
    Aeos: Exploration Base
    [] Lemon x3 
    [] Blueberries x2 
    [] 193 Fol 
    [] Skill Manual "Scan Enemy" 
    [] Blueberries x1, Blackberries x1 
    [] Uncooked Pasta x1, Olive Oil x1
    Aeos: Northern Coast
    [] Bigberries x1
    [] Protection Seeds x1
    Lemuris: Thalia Plains
    [] Aquaberries x3 
    [] Aquaberries x1, Blackberries x2
    Lemuris: Triom Village
    [] Demon Amulet x1 
    [] Blueberries x2 
    [] Recipe Memo 02 x1 & Earth Gem x2
    Lemuris: Thalia Plains
    [] 255 Fol 
    [] Ice Gem x1
    [] Blueberries x2 
    [] Vile Goop x2 
    [] Aquaberries x2 
    [] Blackberries x2 
    [] 401 Fol 
    [] Accuracy Seeds 
    [] Monster Jewel x1 (Near here found Fire Gem x1)???
    [] Bizarre Fruit x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Hide" x1
    Lemuris: Alainaire Citadel
    [] Anti-Poison Amulet x1 
    [] Shining Stone x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Treasure Sense" x1  
    [] Shining Stone x1 
    [] Guardian's Rapier x1 
    [] Shining Stone x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Focus" x1 
    [] Shining Stone x1 
    [] Guardian's Armor x1 
    [] Shining Stone x1 
    NOTE!!! PS3 Exclusive Ice Chest Dragon Scale x1 Fire Gem x1
    Lemuris: Woodley Village
    [] Blackberries x2 
    [] Curing Sheet x1 
    [] Fresh Sage x2 
    [] Anti-Stun Amulet x1
    Lemuris: Van Elm Region
    [] Skill Manual "Chain Combos" x1 
    [] Blueberries x3 
    [] Bigberries x1, Blueberries x2 
    [] Vile Goop x2 
    [] Aquaberries x3 
    [] 51 Fol 
    [] Health Seeds x1
    Lemuris: Wind Swallow Valley
    [] Aqua Robes 
    [] Blackberries x2 
    Lemuris: Celestial Ship
    [] Blueberries x4, Bigberries x1 
    [] Skill Manual "HP Boost" x1 
    [] Fainting Potion x2 
    [] Cardianon Sword x1  
    [] Bigberries x2 
    [] Skill Manual "Critical Hit" x1 
    [] Blackberries x4 
    [] Power Bracelet x1 
    []Fresh Sage x2
    Cardianon Mothership
    [] Defense Seeds x1 
    [] Bigberries x2 
    [] Basil x5 
    [] Defense Breaker x2 
    [] Thunder Ring x1 
    [] Fortitude Potion x2 
    [] Blackberries x3 
    [] Skill Manual "Taunt" x1 
    [] Wisdom Bracelet x1 
    [] Monster Jewel x1 
    [] 1020 Fol 
    [] Skill Manual "Auto Healing" x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Chain Combos" x1 
    [] Crystal x1 
    [] Thunder Amulet x1 
    [] Compact Freezing Bomb x1 
    [] Silver x1 
    [] Universal Device x1, Gunpowder x1 
    [] Laser Osciliator x1 
    [] Lil' Vending Machine No. 1 x1
    Subterranean City
    [] Attack Bracelet x1 
    [] Comet Robe x1 
    [] Alchemist's Water x2 
    [] Fresh Sage x3 
    [] Cardianon Bow x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Rage" x1 
    [] Dragonscale Armor x1 
    [] EM Bomb x4 
    [] Icicle Rapier x1
    Control Tower
    [] Streaked Chainmail x1 
    [] Compact Stun Bomb x8 
    [] Skill Manual "Energy Shield" x1 
    [] Sturdy Bracelet x1 
    [] Poison Cider x3 
    [] Element Breaker x3 
    [] Skill Manual "Stun" x1 
    [] Booster Wand x1 
    [] Compact Poison Bomb x4 
    [] Skill Manual "Mindflare" x1 
    [] Silvance x1 
    [] Power Bracelet x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Fury Boost" x1 
    [] Bronto Armor x1 
    [] Riot Potion x1, Anti-Paralysis Amulet x1
    Alternate Earth: Abandoned Town
    [] Thornberries x3 
    [] Red Herb x2 
    [] Silver Amulet x1 
    [] Blueberries x4 
    [] Aquaberries x2 
    [] Bigberries x3 
    [] Fresh Sage x2 
    [] Protection Seeds x1
    Alternate Earth: Military Facility
    [] Aquaberries x2 
    [] Skill Manual "Scan Enemy" x1 
    [] Compact Freezing Bomb x3 
    [] Earth Ring x1 
    [] Thornberries x1, Blueberries x1, Aquaberries x1 
    [] Skill Manual "No Guard" x1 
    [] Alien Arc x1 
    [] Dragon Scale x1, Taffeta Ribbon x1
    [] Alien's Robe x1 
    [] Foal Snaps x1 
    [] Plasma Cannon x1 
    [] Compact Stun Bomb x2 
    [] Fresh Sage x2 
    [] Compact Freezing Bomb x3
    Roak: Northeast Astralian Continent
    [] Holy Water x2 
    [] Blueberries x3 
    [] Basil x2 
    [] 2986 Fol 
    [] Riot Potion x5
    Roak: Tatroi Area
    [] Barrier Spiritwater x1 
    [] Bunny Feed x3 
    Roak: Tatroi
    [] Blackberries x2 
    [] Anti-Curse Amulet x1 
    [] Bigberries x2 
    [] Girl's Gift Box 
    [] Ripe Berries x1 
    [] Aquaberries x4 
    [] Recipe Memo 16 x1 
    [] 12000 Fol
    Roak: Astral
    [] Monster Jewel x1 
    [] Swept Hilt x1 
    [] Basil x4 
    [] 8 Fol 
    [] Riot Potion x2 
    [] Health Seeds x1 
    [] Famed Sword "Veinslay" x1
    Roak: Astral Desert
    [] Silver Chalice x1 
    [] Fainting Potion x2 
    [] Attack Seeds x1 
    [] Defense Seeds x1 
    [] Bandit's Gloves x1 
    [] 9856 Fol
    Roak: Tropp Area
    [] Magic Capacitator x1 
    [] Bigberries x3 
    [] Holy Water x1 
    [] 4445 Fol 
    [] Resurrection Elixir x1 
    [] Barrier Spiritwater x1
    Roak: Cave to the Purgatorium
    [] Health Seeds x1 
    [] Basil x2 
    [] Riot Potion x3
    Roak: Purgatorium Area
    [] Fresh Sage x2 
    [] Recipe Memo 09 x1 
    [] Resurrection Elixir x1
    Roak: Tropp
    [] Bizarre Fruit x1 
    [] Stamina Pie x2
    Roak: The Purgatorium
    [] Skill Manual "Trap Evasion" x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Steal" x1 
    [] Wide-Range EM Bomb x3 
    [] Flare Robe x1 
    [] Poison Relief Unit x2  
    [] Holy Water x3 
    [] Bow of Wisdom x1 
    [] Runic Metal x3, Bracteate x1, Quantum Processor x1, Fire Gem x4 
    [] 8000 Fol 
    [] Recipe Memo 14 x1 
    [] Majestic Armor x1 
    [] Intelligence Seeds x1 
    [] Ripe Berries x1, Fresh Sage x2
    [] Ash x1 (TROPHY: 50% of all Treasure Chests)
    [] Skill Manual "Focus" x1 
    [] Ancient Cannon x1 
    [] Micro Hadron Collider x1, Wind Gem x1
    Roak: Tatroi - The Colosseum
    [] Saber-Toothed Tiger Fang x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Berserk" x1 
    [] Bunny Feed x2
    Roak: Astral Caves
    [] Holy Water x3, Resurrection Elixir
    [] Health Seeds x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Mindflare" x1 
    [] Barrier Spiritwater x1 
    [] Crystal x1 
    [] 7200 Fol 
    [] Fresh Sage x2 
    [] Ripe Berries x1, Blueberries x2 
    [] Fainting Potion x1 
    [] Basil x3 
    [] Attack Seeds x1, Braceteate x1
    [] Riot Potion x1 
    [] Blackberries x3, Basil x3
    [] Bracteate
    [] 10008 Fol 
    [] Physical Stimulant x2, DANGER! DO NOT DRINK! x3
    Aeos: Underground Tunnel
    [] Defense Seeds x1 
    Aeos: Southern Reaches
    [] Aquaberries x7 
    [] Biocloth x2 (Behind a rock)
    [] Monster Jewel x1 
    [] Cursed Cider x3, Vile Goop x2 
    [] Recipe Memo 29 x1 
    [] 35003 Fol 
    [] Glowstick x4
    [] Bigberries x3, Blackberries x1 
    [] Regeneration Symbol x1 
    [] Steel x2 
    Aeos: Miga Insect Warren
    [] Blackberries x4, Basil x2 
    [] Potent Accuracy Seeds x1 
    [] Aluminum x2 
    [] Nature Wand x1 
    [] Skill Manual "Charge" x1 
    [] Steel x2 
    [] Recipe Memo 11 x1 
    [] Vile Goop x3 
    [] Hurricane Claws x1 
    [] Monster Jewel x2  
    [] Glowstick x3 
    [] Natural Water x2, Basil x1, Vile Goop x1 
    [] Borken Metal Cutting Blade x1 
    En II: Central Control Room
    [] Void Recovery Unit x2, Potent Intelligence Seeds x1 
    [] Health Seeds x1, Bunny Feed x1, Ripe Berries x2 
    [] Recipe Memo 18 x1 
    [] Physical Stimulant x2, Skill Manual "Emergency Repairs" x1 
    En II: Centropolis
    [] Health Seeds x1, Magic Seeds x1 
    [] Bizarre Fruit x1  
    [] 19000 Fol 
    [] Perfect Berries x2 
    [] Holy Water x4 
    [] Recipe Memo 23 x1 
    En II: Old Road to the Sanctuary
    [] Poison Relief Unit x3 
    [] Skill Manual "Focus" x1 
    [] Recipe Memo 15 x1  
    [] Disintegration Stone x1 
    [] 30003 Fol 
    [] Skill Manual "Haggling" x1 
    [] Raven Staff x1 
    [] Bracteate x1 
    En II: Sanctuary
    [] Recipe Memo 28 x1 
    [] Holy Chainmail x1 
    [] Biocloth x2 
    [] Memorial Plate x1 
    Nox Obscurus: Ravine of Extinction
    [] Void Recovery Unit x3, Fresh Sage x1 
    [] Hot Chocolate x2 
    [] Manacloth x1 
    [] 68000 Fol 
    [] Mana Ribbon x2 (Next to screen change)
    [] Recipe Memo 12 x1 
    [] Insect Egg x2 
    [] Ripe Berries x2 
    [] Vile Goop x1 
    Nox Obscurus: Pulsating Bog
    [] Disintegration Stone x2 
    [] Monster Jewel x2 
    [] Nightmare Wand x1 
    [] Ripe Berries x2 
    [] Blueberries x19 
    [] Magic Seeds x1, Fresh Sage x2 
    Nox Obscurus: Halls of Termination
    [] Bizarre Fruit x1 
    [] 53 Fol 
    [] Mental Stimulant x3 
    [] Manacloth x2 
    [] Health Seeds x1 
    [] Disintegration Stone x2
    [] Dragon Scale x1
    Nox Obscurus: Palace of Creation
    Area 1
    [] Physical Stimulant x4 
    [] Aquaberries x4, Tent x1 
    [] 81000 Fol 
    [] Dragon Scale x2 
    Area 2
    [] Sea Serpent Harpoon x1 
    [] Scrmabling Unit x3 
    [] Attack Seeds x1, Health Seeds x1 
    [] 15 Fol 
    [] Frozen Cider x2, Poison Cider x1, Silent Cider x2, Pumpkin Cider x1, 
    [] DANGER! DO NOT DRINK! x1 
    [] Bizarre Fruit x2 Thornberries x1 
    [] Vile Goop x3 
    [] Monster Jewel x1, Fresh Sage x4 
    [] Fresh Sage x3
    Area 3
    [] Magic Seeds x1 
    [] Mental Stimulant x3, Ripe Berries x1 
    [] Mercury x1 
    [] Mithril x1 
    [] 108000 Fol 
    [] Disintegration Stone x2 
    [] Parchment x9 
    [] Meteorite x1 
    [] Thunderbolt Gear x1 
    Area 4
    [] Vulcan Discharger x1 
    [] Darkness Gem x2 
    [] Monster Jewel x1, Tent x1
    [] Star Sapphire in Earth Chest 
    Area 5
    [] Bracteate x2 
    [] Shadestone x1 
    [] Skill Manual "ATK Boost" x1 
    Area 6
    [] Intelligence Seeds x1 
    [] Holy Sword "Farewell" x1 
    [] Pumpkin Extract x3, Resurrection Elixir x2 
    [] Rivet x1 
    [] Red Dragon Scale x2 
    [] Recipe Memo 10 x1 
    [] Mithril x1 
    [] Dullahan's Armor x1  
    Area 7
    [] Fresh Sage x4, Blackberries x16 
    [] Manacloth x1 
    [] Dragonblood Crystal x1
    3H. Monster Data & Locations

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