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    Wandering Dungeon Guide by Kashell Triumph

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    Wandering Dungeon Guide by Kashell Triumph
    Copyright 2012 Philip Traylor
    Email: KOS_MOS_loverboy@hotmail.com
    1. Legal Information and Introduction
    2. At a Glance 
    3. Preparing for the Wandering Dungeon 
    4. Pick your Vacation Package
    5. Understanding the Oddities of Odd-Numbered Floors
    6. Getting Dolled Up for the Even-Numbered Floors
    7. Enter! If You Dare
    8. Conclusion
    9. Acknowledgements
    First off, if you want this guide to be put on your web page or anything else, 
    just email me and ask for my permission. Should I find out who took this guide 
    without my permission, the law will deal with you. The use of this guide on 
    any web site other than GameFAQs.com is a violation of copyright. All 
    trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective trademark and 
    copyright holders. If you find something from here and it's on another site 
    without the proper credit given, let me know.
    Also let me know if I have made a mistake. I am human, so I make mistakes at 
    times. Yes I know it's hard to believe that the fabulous, glamorous me 
    is human, but what can you do?
    Greetings, readers! Welcome to my Star Ocean: The Last Hope Wandering Dungeon 
    guide! In this guide you'll find all you need to know about the most despised 
    bonus dungeon in all of tri-Ace history: the Wandering Dungeon. Everything 
    that you have heard about it is true: it sucks and shows no mercy. Thus, this 
    guide will hopefully make your voyage through its 20 floors a bit more 
    bearable. Use ctrl+F if there is a particular topic you're looking for. 
    Chances are you'll find it because I am pretty sure I covered as much as I 
    could. Now then, onto the guide!
    *2. AT A GLANCE*
    So, you want to try the Wandering Dungeon, eh? The Wandering Dungeon is the 
    second of two postgame dungeons. To gain access to it, you’ll have to defeat 
    Gabriel Celeste in the Cave of the Seven Stars, which is the first postgame 
    dungeon. Warp to the Elevator Room on EN II. Select to go to the Old Road 
    Sanctuary. Talk to the man you see and pick the answer that says you're ready.
    The Wandering Dungeon is awful. Seriously. In order for you to have a 
    successful journey, you need to realize what you're getting into. Unlike the 
    enjoyable Cave of the Seven Stars, the Wandering Dungeon involves painful 
    tasks and difficult bosses to match. There are several factors that make the 
    Wandering Dungeon difficult, even with this guide: 
     -  The floors' layouts are randomly generated, so I can't guide you with
        specific directions.
     -  Every floor has an objective that needs to be completed in order to
        proceed. Each odd-numbered floor requires that one of three possible
        objectives be completed, and each even-numbered floor requires that a
        boss be defeated. I will describe the objectives and the bosses in
        detail later.
     -  There are no save points or recovery spheres, so you have to come in
        fully stocked with healing supplies and put aside enough of your time
        to deal with the 20 floors. You’ll need at least two hours if you’re
        lucky; however, if you’re unlucky, you’ll need five or more hours to
        complete it.
     -  All enemies appear as black corpses surrounded by smog, so you won't
        know which type of foe you're about to face until you get into battle. 
     -  Nearly every item in the game can be obtained from random treasure
        pods that appear all over the place. These treasures can include
        worthless ingredients like Empty Bottles and Raw Fish or amazingly
        rare items like Dragonblood Crystals and Lezard’s Flasks. In addition,
        some items can be obtained only in the Wandering Dungeon, and such
        items appear exclusively on specific floors. There is no
        guarantee that they’ll appear during any given trip through the
        dungeon, though. Some of those exclusive items are weapons, which
        you’ll need to find if you want to complete your Weapon Data.
     -  Unlike the Cave of the Seven Stars, where you can skip levels once
        you’ve cleared them, the Wandering Dungeon completely resets every
        time you exit. When you re-enter it, all of the floor layouts,
        locations and contents of the treasure pods, and objectives on odd-
        numbered floors will be re-randomized. All of the bosses on even-
        numbered floors will be revived, and you’ll have to start all over on
        the first floor.
    One more word of caution: be careful using Arumat's Dragon Roar. As awesome as 
    this skill is, especially for dealing with hordes of foes, it has a tendency 
    to cause the game to freeze between ambushes. At least that's how it was in my 
    experience and in those of many other players. The last thing you want to 
    happen is to be on floor 19 and to have your game freeze all of a sudden.
    If all of this scares you, stop reading now. If not, then proceed on to go 
    over some preparations.
    Before heading to the Wandering Dungeon, I suggest getting to level 200 or so. 
    Maxing your level at 255 is even better if you feel inclined to do so. In my 
    personal experience, I was at level 255 due to farming Metal Scumbag kills for 
    Come with 20 of each healing item, especially Perfect Berries, Ripe Berries, 
    and Resurrection Units. These three items can be made via Item Creation or 
    they can be found at harvesting points or purchased at the shops of En II. For 
    item creation, the required ingredients can be purchased from Li’l Vending 
    Machine No. 1. Don’t forget MP restoration items! 
    You must have all seven elemental rings, including the Water Ring from behind 
    Gabriel Celeste's platform in the Cave of the Seven Stars. You’ll want 20 
    Disintegration Stones before you enter. During your time in the Wandering 
    Dungeon, you may have to recharge the rings several times by using the 
    Disintegration Stones with Lymle’s level 10 Charge skill. Disintegration 
    Stones can be mined in the Pulsating Bog, the second part of Aeos, the Miga 
    Insect Warren, and the EN II Sanctuary. If you aren't having much luck with 
    mining, consider using Magical Clay to make copies of what you do have. Next, 
    head to a sorceress and have her recharge all of your magic rings.
    While some of the monsters in the Wandering Dungeon drop Disintegration Stones, 
    farming for them means fighting more battles and spending more time in the 
    Wandering Dungeon than is necessary. 
    Character choice is up to you for building your battle party, but I suggest 
    having Myuria with Fast Cast and Faerie Star. If you gave Faerie Star to 
    someone else, include that person in the party.
    For equipment, you'll obviously want the strongest available weapons. I 
    preferred to synthesize them with HP Damage% factors, which you can get from 
    bombs. This bonus doesn’t affect damage output when skills are used, but by 
    this point in the game, I had all of my characters at 9999 ATK. If you aren’t 
    reaching 9999 ATK, you might be better synthesizing your weapons with Saber-
    Tooth Tiger Fangs. 
    Armor should be synthesized to the max with DEF up factors. Finally, I suggest 
    making Super tri-Emblums for when you want to face the Ethereal Queen. During 
    initial runs, you should be fine without Super tri-Emblums (not to mention, 
    you can’t make them until you meet Santa for the first time). You will find 
    the instructions for Super tri-Emblums further down in the guide, but for now, 
    just remember that I suggest that you give one to each character. You may need 
    to switch out characters here and there so you might as well have them 
    properly geared up. 
    However, your characters have two accessory slots. Synthesis lets you pile on 
    bonuses to your accessories. The most important thing you’ll want for facing 
    the Ethereal Queen is something that nullifies stun. Regarding what to do with 
    the rest of your bonuses, here is a recommendation from DarkElf99: 
    “I think it’s critical for every member of your party to have an accessory 
    that has an anti-void factor and a “survive incapacitation via Fury” factor. 
    Void status wipes out ALL bonuses, including all factors that are present on 
    your equipped gear. The Fury factor can really save you some trouble during 
    the Ethereal Queen’s Supernova attack because it increases the likelihood that 
    you’ll survive it. In addition, I would recommend an anti-stun factor for 
    fighters and anti-silence for the others. Remaining slots can be filled with 
    DEF+ or HP+ factors.
    I would use Green Talismans as base items. Use something with no factors as 
    your synthesis item, load it up with the factors you want, and then synthesize 
    that to the Green Talismans. Then synthesize any high-stat items (like tri-
    Emblems) to the accessories to use up the remaining synthesize slots once they 
    have the factors you want.”
    Finally, if you’re planning to face the Ethereal Queen, make sure you have at 
    least two Otherworldly Cuisines in your inventory. If attempting to obtain 
    Lymle’s two Ethereal Queen related battle trophies, bring three. You'll want 
    to make sure that she isn't setting her sights on your healer (or on Lymle).
    One of the problems with the Wandering Dungeons is that you’ll have to re-
    enter it repeatedly if you want to get everything. Various types of trips are 
    recommended to make it so you remain in the dungeon (as well as re-enter the 
    dungeon) as little as possible. 
    With better equipment, you can make it through the Wandering Dungeon more 
    easily. This is why your first trip should be the Santa trip. Find Santa, buy 
    his stuff, fulfill his shop orders if you're interested, and get the heck out 
    of there. Starting as early as the eighth floor, you're going to want to 
    search boss-type rooms (further explained later) in the hopes of finding this 
    joker. Here are tables of what he offers for sale and what his shop orders are. 
    Note that the prices of the items that he sells will be discounted 10% if you 
    complete all of his shop orders.
    |        THE SANTA MARIA – Items for Sale        |
    |              ITEM              |     PRICE     |
    | Binding Sword "Shiho Murasame" | 1,200,000 Fol |
    | Fierce Bow "Reppu Shingetsu"   |   980,000 Fol |
    | Sky Sword "Ama-no-Murakumo"    | 1,500,000 Fol |
    | Nightmare Wand                 |    30,000 Fol |
    | Divine Wand "Empyreal Reverie" | 2,000,000 Fol |
    | Ogre Cannon "Legion's Howl"    | 1,000,000 Fol |
    | Conqueror Scythe "Asura Vajra" | 1,200,000 Fol |
    | Battle Armor "God of Hellfire" |   800,000 Fol |
    | Electroshock Gear "War Deity"  | 1,300,000 Fol |
    | tri-Emblem                     | 2,000,000 Fol |
    | Skill Manual "ATK Boost"       |     6,000 Fol |
    | Skill Manual "INT Boost"       |     6,000 Fol |
    | Skill Manual "Divine Wave"     | 1,000,000 Fol |
    | Natto                          |       300 Fol |
    | Disintegration Stone           |    30,000 Fol |
    | Aramid Fiber                   |       800 Fol |
    | Carbon Fiber                   |     1,000 Fol |
    | Rivet                          |        20 Fol |
    | Laser Oscillator               |     3,000 Fol |
    | Sighting Unit                  |       500 Fol |
    | Mystery Electronic Circuit     |     1,300 Fol |
    |   THE SANTA MARIA – Shop Orders  |
    |        ITEM        | # REQUESTED |
    | Attack Seeds       |      1      |
    | Intelligence Seeds |      1      |
    | Defense Seeds      |      1      |
    | Accuracy Seeds     |      1      |
    | Protection Seeds   |      1      |
    | Health Seeds       |      1      |
    | Magic Seeds        |      1      |
    | Fermented Sushi    |     10      |
    Since these prices are insane, you're going to either want to do the 
    99,999,999 Fol trick (found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d4zJhtHjms_) 
    or buy the weapons needed for your collection data and sell them back. 
    Depending on who you use, you may want to keep some of them. Definitely invest 
    in ATK Boost and INT Boost for the characters that need them. Divine Wave is a 
    wonderful spell for Myuria (and Faize if you have him). Also, pick up 
    any Disintegration Stones for your rings in case you're running low.
    Most importantly, though, you'll want to buy a minimum of eight tri-Emblems in 
    order to synthesize what is known as a “Super tri-Emblum,” which is the best 
    accessory in the game. I highly recommend making a Super tri-Emblum and 
    duplicating it seven times so that all of the characters can equip one.
    The following section, taken directly with the permission of the darling 
    sakurayule from her Post Game Content FAQ on GameFAQs.com, provides details 
    for creating a super tri-Emblum. Since they only cost one Magical Clay to 
    duplicate, you only need to create one. A special thanks goes to sakurayule 
    for this recipe.
    Duplication Skill  - Found on Floor 7 of the Cave of the Seven Stars
                         (max out at Lv10)
    Magical Clay       - To use the Duplication Spell (Farm in the Sanctuary)
    Alchemist's Cloak  - Cursed Horrors in the Sanctuary drop them very commonly.
    Duel Armor         - Sold on EN II in Centropolis' Armor Shop.
    Darkness Charm     - Item Creation; Crafting Section
    8 tri-Emblems      - Buy from Santa
    1 tri-Emblum       - Drop from Thieving Scumbags (Edge's -ology drop)
    Note- The following strategy can be applied to any Armor or Accessory to bump
          up its resistances, and you can use any accessory besides the tri-Emblem
          that has no negative resistances. This strategy is explained using 
          specific examples for simplification purposes.
    Step 01) Creating an Armor with +20 to all Resistances that can be duplicated
             with only 1 magical clay.
    The Duel Armor has +2 to all Resistances except Darkness. The Darkness
    element has -8 (Negative Eight). We need to bump this up to +2 to match the
    other Resistances. This is where the Darkness Charm comes into play;  has a +4 
    to Darkness, and because the Duel Armor and the Darkness Charm both only 
    have 4 Synth Limit Slots, we'll need to abuse the Duplication Skill. 
    -Take a Darkness Charm, Duplicate it, and Synth it onto the original Darkness 
     Charm. You now have a Darkness Charm with +6 to Darkness. 
    -Duplicate this new charm 4 times. You now have 4 Darkness Charms with +6 to 
    -Synth all four of these charms onto your Duel Armor. You now have a Duel 
     Armor with +2 to all Resistances.
    -Duplicate your Duel Armor (the one with +2 to all Resistances) so you have
     two of them.
    -Synth both of those Duel Armors onto your Alchemist's Cloak. The reasons we
     do this instead of using the Duel Armor is because the Duel Armor takes 3 
     Magical Clay to Duplicate, while the Alchemist's Cloak only takes 1. Once
     you do this, you'll have an Alchemist's Cloak with +2 to all Resistances.
    -Duplicate your Alchemist's Cloak (the one with +2 to all Resistances) TWICE.
     You now have 3 Alchemist's Cloaks with +2 to all Resistances. 
    -Synth two of those Alchemist's Cloaks onto the third Alchemist's Cloak. You
     now have an Alchemist's Cloak with +4 to all Resistances.
    -Duplicate the +4 Cloak, and Synth it back onto the original +4 Cloak. You
     now have a Cloak with +6 to all Resistances.
    -Duplicate the +6 Cloak, and Synth it back onto the original +6 Cloak. You
     now have a Cloak with +9 to all Resistances.
    -Duplicate the +9 Cloak, and Synth it back onto the original +9 Cloak. You
     now have a Cloak with +13 to all Resistances. 
    -Duplicate the +13 Cloak, and Synth it back onto the original +13 Cloak. You 
     now have a Cloak with +19 to all Resistances.
    -Duplicate the +19 Cloak, and Synth it back onto the original +19 Cloak. You 
     now have a Cloak with +20 to all Resistances. Make absolutely sure to create
     a duplicate of this Cloak, as it will be used quite often in this strategy.
    Step 02) Synth a bunch of the "+20 Cloak"s to your tri-Emblems. 
    The 8 tri-Emblems will be used to power up your tri-Emblum, and since we can
    use this to add resistances, we need to change the resistances of them. Since
    Resistances are always cut in half through every Synth, we need to make the 8
    tri-Emblems hold a total of +40 to all Resistances. This is because when they
    are Synthed onto the tri-Emblum, the Resistances are cut in half, down to +20,
    which is the maximum Resistance you can have. For this, we will need four of 
    the "+20 Cloak"s. So...
    -Duplicate the "+20 Cloak" 4 times.
    -Synth one of them onto tri-Emblem #1. You now have a tri-Emblem with +10 to
     all Resistances.
    -Synth one of them onto tri-Emblem #2. You now have two tri-Emblems with +10
     to all Resistances.
    -Synth one of them onto tri-Emblem #3. You now have three tri-Emblems with
     +10 to all Resistances.
    -Synth one of them onto tri-Emblem #4. You now have four tri-Emblems with +10
     to all Resistances.
    You now have 8 tri-Emblems to be used as Synth items for your Super tri-Emblum, 
    and they all have a combined total of +40 to all Resistances. 
    Step 03) Finalize your Super tri-Emblum
    -Synth all 8 tri-Emblems to your tri-Emblum; this includes the four with +10
     to all Resistances.
    You now have a super tri-Emblum. Duplicate it seven times with Arumat’s 
    Duplication skill so that you have one per character.
    As you can see, both time and money will be needed in order to make these. 
    However, it is definitely worth it. This is why a Santa Trip is recommended 
    for your first Wandering Dungeon trip.
    Trying to get the Arms Addict Trophy? On your later trips through the 
    Wandering Dungeon, I suggest going with the intent of finding the weapons you 
    need for the weapon collection data. I'll list what you'll potentially find on 
    each floor of the dungeon during the main guide, but here’s a quick glance at 
    each floor’s secret weapons. I recommend doing this because if you want to 
    open every chest in every room, you'll be there longer than necessary. Trust 
    me when I say you do not want that. This is why a collector run is recommended. 
    Note that none of these items are guaranteed to appear at all during any given 
    run through the Wandering Dungeon, so you probably will have to exit and re-
    enter multiple times to complete your data.
    Floor 4: Artifact Bow
    Floor 6: Artifact Bow
    Floor 7: Infinity Saber and Blazing Wand
    Floor 8: Blazing Wand
    Floor 9: Trident Harpoon
    Floor 10: Hidden Claws “Crimson Falcons”
    Floor 11: Infinity Saber
    Floor 12: Hidden Claws “Crimson Falcons”
    Floor 13: Trident Harpoon
    Floor 14: Blood Scepter
    Floor 15: Blood Scepter
    Floor 16: Ultimate Cannon
    Floor 17: Demon Sword “Levantine”
    Floor 18: Ultimate Cannon
    Floor 19: Demon Sword “Levantine”
    One thing to point out during your quest for 100% weapon completion is that 
    during the later floors, usually starting at floor 15, the treasure pods start 
    to carry some better items. People have found Philosopher’s Stones, Red Dragon 
    Scales, Symbol Boosters, Laser Weapons and many more goodies.
    If you want to fight the Ethereal Queen, then this is the trip where you will 
    get through the floors as quickly as possible. Ignore treasures. Ignore 
    monsters unless you need Geostones. Efficiently go from floor to floor and 
    knock out the bosses as quickly as possible.
    The Ethereal Queen appears on the 20th floor and on every even floor beyond 
    that, should you venture deeper. The first time you meet, she will have two 
    wings, her weakest form and the least amount of HP. The second time, you will 
    see her with four wings signifying her increased capabilities. From the third 
    point on, she will have six wings and will be a flying nightmare to the 
    unprepared. Preparations and strategies can be found in the section below that 
    describes Floor 20.
    Regardless of what type of trip you wish to take, the tasks and voyage through 
    the Wandering Dungeon will be the same. Let’s go over the nuances of the 
    As mentioned above, the odd-numbered floors will have one of three randomly 
    assigned objectives explained to you by the obelisks. As soon as you examine 
    them, you'll hear what needs to be done in order to advance.
    1. DEFEAT OUR ASSASSINS: When you get this objective, you'll thank whichever 
    deity you worship. This simply entails fighting anywhere from four to eight 
    battles in a row. No strings attached and simple to do. If you’re going for 
    battle trophies, consider putting in characters whose rare “–ology” drops 
    align with the enemies you’re fighting, which will also make for easy Geostone 
    2. DESTROY THE ABHORRENT CRYSTALS: Remember those crystals outside the Palace 
    of Creation? You had to use your Earth Ring and then they would vanish. Well, 
    that is sort of how it is here, except that each room on the particular floor 
    (except for the entrance and exit) will have anywhere between one and four 
    crystals that must be destroyed, and each crystal will be color-coded to 
    indicate which ring must be used to destroy it. Thus, if you get this 
    objective on later floors, you'll be using your magic rings like there’s no 
    tomorrow. This is why it's crucial to have 20 Disintegration Stones. Remember, 
    the Light Ring has only one charge and the Darkness Ring only has three. On 
    the initial floors, this isn't bad. However, as you progress, you'll have to 
    pay careful attention to which rooms you have and have not entered. Otherwise, 
    you'll drive yourself crazy searching for crystals that you’ve missed. 
    Systematically go through each room and make a mental note of where you have 
    3. BRING TO US AT LEAST <X> GEOSTONES: This is, in my opinion, the worst task 
    you can get. Geostones are rare drops from many of the enemies in the 
    Wandering Dungeon. Botany, entomology, parapsychology, demonology and zoology 
    Geostone drops can all be found in the WD. Thus, if you do get this objective, 
    you'll want to make sure your active party includes characters that have 
    corresponding “-ology" skills, especially if you also want to make a dent in 
    the -ology drops battle trophies. You'll also want to get surprised and 
    ambushed as much as possible in order to have more enemies in battle. Having 
    Meracle with Ocarina isn’t a bad idea either so you don’t have to exit a room 
    and come back. Geostones can also be found randomly in some of the treasure 
    pods scattered throughout the Wandering Dungeon. They cannot be duplicated, so 
    get ready to buckle down and fight it out when given this task.
    Here’s another note about Geostones. You cannot efficiently hoard Geostones to 
    save yourself time later. For example, if the floor you’re on requires 8 
    Geostones, you might feel ambitious and obtain 20 so that you’ll have a 12-
    Geostone head-start for the next objective that requires Geostones, especially 
    if you’re on an early floor where the enemies are relatively easy. 
    Unfortunately, activating the obelisk while possessing the required number of 
    Geostones in your inventory will completely wipe out any remaining Geostones. 
    To add insult to injury, any Geostones you may have will vanish whenever you 
    leave the Wandering Dungeon.
    One more thing to mention about Geostones: while they are considered rare 
    drops and can help with acquiring battle trophies, I do not recommend using 
    them for obtaining Sarah’s zoology drops. There are much weaker enemies to 
    fight if you’re trying to obtain as many battle trophies as possible.
    On every even-numbered floor there is only one task: bring the obelisk a 
    Seraphic Doll. Where can you get one, you ask? Well, by defeating the boss on 
    that particular floor, of course. Find it, kick its butt, and pull the doll 
    from its cold, scaly hands. Okay, not really, it'll be available as a drop. 
    Luckily, bosses are only found in one of five types of rooms. Thanks to the 
    loverly (yes, I said “loverly”) sakurayule for these descriptions.
    The Cross Room: shaped like a...wait for it...cross!
    The Four Pillar Room: a large room with four pillars. Look for four dots on a 
    large square. 
    The Three Square Room: three squares come together to look like a shamrock. 
    The C-Shaped Room: this room looks like a jagged, crude letter C.
    The Popsicle Room: a room that looks like an ice-cream bar. No, seriously!
    For more information, check out this link:
    Floor 1
    The first floor of the Wandering Dungeon will give you your first objective, 
    as well as a general idea of what to expect. Notice those giant cubes that are 
    periwinkle in color and clear? Those can be removed simply by examining the 
    circle emblem on them; a habit you may want to get into when the objective 
    involves destroying the crystals.
    Adephaga Prox: An insect enemy that resembles those you found on Aeos. Nothing 
    to worry about, unless you fear the poison status. They are excellent targets 
    for farming Arumat’s Entomology drops because they drop Geostones frequently.
    Trinity Tusk: A chimera type enemy that can freeze you. Avoid Blindsides 
    because of its scorpion tail. Attack from a distance with Reimi or with a 
    Jade Golem: A stone-demon enemy. These are great for farming Myuria's 
    Demonology drops. They also drop Moonstones from time to time.
    Myconid: A mushroom enemy. Have Reimi pick them off with her bow for Botany 
    Acid Gerel: Like most Gerels, they can multiply and spray a small diameter 
    with acid. Having Reimi in the party makes them worth killing because the 
    Geostones that they drop count toward her Botany drops.
    Misfortuner: An undead grim-reaper. These appeared the least for me. They can 
    cause void status, so try to eliminate them quickly.
    Kobold Ranger: Typical kobold type of foe. Quick, but rather weak. They always 
    appear with Trinity Tusks and can be easily taken down with a few strong 
    attacks from a melee fighter.
    None, thankfully. Move on to the next floor.
    Floor 2
    As mentioned above, every even-numbered floor requires you to defeat a boss 
    and use the Seraphic Doll you obtain from the boss to advance.
    Same as floor 1.
    Again, nothing to look for. Find the boss room so you can get out of here.
    BOSS: Prehistoric Psynard
    For a first boss, this giant bird should give you little trouble. I suggest 
    controlling a melee fighter and constantly Blindsiding it. If you're not 
    having much luck with that, switch to a symbol user for healing duty or switch 
    to Reimi and blast away while your front line fighters absorb most of the 
    damage. Heal when necessary, which shouldn't be often seeing as though this 
    boss is similar to the Sand Bird you fought back on Roak and the Pysnards you 
    found in the EN II Sanctuary.
    Floor 3
    Your second odd-numbered floor. You're not getting tired yet, are you? We're 
    just beginning!
    Same as floor 1. I will point out that Jade Golems seem to appear more 
    frequently here than they do on floors 1 and 2.
    Plate of the Lost Monarch. This is a piece of armor for Bacchus. Since it 
    doesn't add anything to your collection data, it won't be that big of a deal 
    if you happen to never find one. Furthermore, the status upgrades it adds 
    aren't as beneficial as some of the armor pieces you can make via Item 
    Creation. Seek it out if you want to. Otherwise, finish your objective.
    Floor 4
    Looks like the floors are getting larger, doesn't it? Head towards those boss-
    type rooms I mentioned above if you want to fight the boss as quickly as 
    Same as floor 1.
    Artifact Bow. This is a wonderful weapon for Reimi. Her Mediumistic Bow 
    requires a Philosopher's Stone, something you won't find until further down 
    the dungeon. Thus, if you enjoy having Reimi in your active party, consider 
    looking through each chest in hopes of finding this weapon.
    BOSS: RING BEAST (+2 Lizard Tyrants)
    Another easy boss battle. Due to its size, it is very easy to have multiple 
    party members beat the crap out of it all at once. I usually take Arumat or 
    Meracle and Blindside it. Then, I just spam his/her attacks while everyone 
    else goes to work. The Ring Beast does not fight alone. It comes with two 
    Lizard Tyrants. If you want, consider putting Sarah in the active party in 
    hopes of getting Geostones when the battle ends. Other than that, just a 
    standard fight with a foe you're quite familiar with. The Ring Beast is weak 
    to darkness, but I don't recommend spamming Shadow Needles due to its slow 
    activation time.
    Floor 5
    We are about a quarter of the way done! Well, floor-wise, anyways.
    Antlered Tortoise: If you engage these beasts from the front, you'll be able 
    to juggle them. Don't bother attacking from the back due to their hard shells 
    being impenetrable.
    The rest of the enemies are those you encountered on the previous floors.
    Plate of the Lost Monarch. Again, no biggie if you miss it.
    Floor 6
    If you're attempting to obtain as many battle trophies as possible, floor 6 is 
    the perfect spot for Lymle's parapsychology drops. The Misfortuners from 
    before are still around. You'll also meet two new foes alongside 
    the Antlered Tortoises you met on the fifth floor.
    Ghostkeeper: A slow moving zombie type of enemy that is covered in black mist. 
    Terribly weak, these are perfect for Lymle's 999 undead kills as well as the 
    parapsychology drops that come with them. They drop Disintegration Stones 
    Arch Spellmaster: Typical undead wizards that love to cast Terra Hammer, 
    Thunder Flare, and other high level spells. They have a very useful Monster 
    Jewel for magic users, too. Take them out first.
    Artifact Bow. If the fourth floor didn't have one, maybe the sixth floor will. 
    Never hurts to look.
    BOSS: CHIMERA BEAST (+2 Arch Spellmasters)
    Another chimera type of enemy that does what you'd expect. It will charge at 
    you, try to freeze you, try to burn you, and it has a tail that makes for 
    difficult Blindsides. It also fights alongside two Arch Spellmasters. Take out 
    these two wizardly foes first, and then focus on the chimera. Long range 
    attacks work best. If you are using Faize, use his earth magic in a chain 
    combo in order to cause extra damage. In all honesty, if you have fought one 
    chimera before, you've fought them all. It shouldn't be difficult as long as 
    you keep it at a distance.
    Floor 7
    Chances are that the floors are getting more and more labyrinthine. Stay 
    Same as floor 6.
    Blazing Wand. This wand for Lymle is a good piece of equipment if you are 
    trying to enhance her fire magic. It adds fire to each attack, +15% for fire 
    symbols and shoots a blast of fire when attacking. However, for the Ethereal 
    Queen battle, you will want to equip something without an elemental property 
    since she is immune to all elements.
    Infinity Saber: If you have Faize in your party, this is a good choice for him. 
    More importantly, this is a wonderful weapon for synthesis. It can be 
    duplicated for only one piece of Magical Clay so even if you don't have Faize, 
    the Infinity Saber is a great find.
    Floor 8
    Alright, another boss floor. Let's get that Seraphic Doll!
    Same as floor 6.
    Blazing Wand. Hopefully you can get this if you didn't get it on the previous 
    If you are trying to get Faize's “Defeat 55 Grigori” battle trophy, I suggest 
    bringing him in for this fight. Imperfect Armaros starts with a hard shell 
    that will slowly deteriorate as you damage him. My strategy involves taking a 
    fighter like Arumat or Meracle, performing a Blindside, performing a combo on 
    his shell while he has the “?!” above him and repeating. He will attack with 
    his tendrils and with a laser beam, but neither of these attacks will be very 
    damaging. When you deal enough damage to him, half of his shell will be gone 
    and his special spot will be exposed. Use earth magic or continue your attacks 
    as normal. You'll see a huge increase in damage as long as you hit his weak 
    point. This battle isn't hard, but it can be a bit long because of the foe's 
    Floor 9
    The floors keep getting bigger and bigger, don't they? *sigh* Anyway, this 
    floor is an important one. Read below to find out why.
    Same as floor 6.
    Trident Harpoon. For some reason, I had the trickiest time getting this weapon 
    for Sarah. While not very good in comparison to her Victory Lance, it still 
    adds to the weapon collection data and, in my experience, is a rare find.
    Li’l Vending Machine No. 3. Yes, that's right. There is a third vending 
    machine for the Calnus. While it doesn't add anything out of the ordinary, it 
    is essential for making Symbology Cards. You know, the 80-some spell cards you 
    can make with Lymle's artistry skill? This vending machine has all the 
    necessities: paints, parchments, brushes, etc. One of the shops on EN II asks 
    for a variety of these cards and instead of having to go back and forth to get 
    the ingredients, Li’l Vending Machine No. 3 has all you will need. It only 
    appears on this floor so be thorough in your search if you want to get this 
    helpful item.
    Floor 10
    Halfway floor! Awesome! Hopefully your eyes aren't getting tired yet. One 
    thing that I will mention about this floor is that Santa first appeared for me 
    in one of the boss-type rooms. Some stated that they got him as early as floor 
    eight, but I never had that happen to me. Thus, now is a good time to start 
    looking for Santa if you need him. Remember, tri-Emblems are only found in his 
    Same as floor 6.
    Hidden Claws "Crimson Falcons." These are an excellent pair of claws for 
    Meracle. If you enjoy using her, these are absolutely worth hunting down. They 
    grant high attack power and increase critical hit chance; perfect for the 
    obstacles ahead.
    BOSS: ARMAROS MANIFEST II (+ Bloodtails)
    No matter what you say, you have to fight this boss. This fight can go either 
    way. Some people suggest fending off the Bloodtails that accompany the boss, 
    but I find that to be counterproductive because Armaros Manifest II will 
    create more. Therefore, I suggest the following. Take your favorite fighter 
    and give him/her something that prevents silence. In my case it was Arumat. 
    Put Sarah in your party and make it so her only available spells are Cure 
    Condition, Faerie Light, and Resurrection. Give her something that prevents 
    silence, too. The other two characters are up to you. When the battle begins, 
    lock your fighter onto the boss. Taunt it if necessary, and Blindside it. Now, 
    unleash as many hits as you can. With each Blindside, Armaros Manifest II's 
    tail is exposed, which happens to be the weak point. If you are successful, 
    you'll be able to repeat this process over and over until the foe falls. I was 
    able to finish her off in five minutes with this tactic. Remember, ignore the 
    Bloodtails and make sure you don't get silenced. If you get poisoned, Sarah 
    should be able to help with that. If you continue to have trouble, you may 
    have to synthesize some gear that prevents both silence and poison. No Guard 
    comes highly recommended because of the boss’ wide attack radius.
    Floor 11
    Alright! Let's keep this pace up! On this floor, you'll encounter a bunch of 
    new enemies and the potential to obtain Philosopher's Stones.
    Damascus Forts: These demons are similar to those cyclops, pinwheel things 
    that you first encountered in the Astral Caves. With Myuria or Meracle, you 
    can try to steal Philospher's Stones from them. Or, you can fight them in 
    groups and continue to get ambushed by them. As long as Myuria is in your 
    party with maxed out Demonology, you should be able to get a few Philosopher's 
    Stones. They are resistant to magic, so take them out with powerful physical 
    attacks. To create everything in the game, you will need a total of twelve 
    Philosopher’s Stones.
    Little Mutant: Another demon, only they resemble those little alien buggers 
    you saw on Alternate Earth. Weak and prone to being tossed around, these 
    aren't much to worry about. They may try to silence you, so try to get rid of 
    them quickly. Keep Myuria in the party while fighting them. These losers will 
    drop Micro Heavy Ion Colliders. These are used for Bacchus' final item 
    creations, and you’ll need two to create everything that uses it.
    Augmentoid: A crawling demon corpse that loves to poison foes. Oddly enough, 
    they aren't weak to light. Take them out as you normally would with a swift 
    Blindside, followed by a few critical attacks.
    Infinity Saber. If you missed it before, hopefully you can get it now. 
    Remember, this is a great weapon for synthesis.
    Absolute Protector. Definitely worth hunting down, despite the fact that it 
    doesn't add anything to collection data. This powerful piece of armor is great 
    for Reimi or Meracle.
    Floor 12
    Don't you love it when the only objective on the floor is to kill a boss and 
    to use a Seraphic Doll?
    Same as floor 11.
    Hidden Claws "Crimson Falcons." If you missed this on floor 10, hopefully you 
    can get them now. Meracle just isn't the killing machine she could be without 
    this weapon.
    After Armaros Manifest II, this boss comes as a relief. Like any dragon, it 
    can leap into the air and come crashing down, shoot some energy spheres, and 
    charge. That said, this big doofus can be easily killed with Blindsides and 
    water magic. You can take control of a melee fighter, take control of Myuria 
    and spam Ice Needles endlessly, and/or take control of Reimi while your 
    frontliners do the dirty work. The dragon has a ton of HP, but the damage it 
    causes is nothing to worry about and its huge size makes it easy to juggle.
    Floor 13
    Yay, lucky number 13! Hanging in there?
    Same as floor 11.
    Absolute Protector. Feeling lucky? Well, hopefully your feelings are correct! 
    Whether or not you found this set of armor on the other floor, having two is 
    awesome. I’m a fan of having both Reimi and Meracle in my party, therefore I 
    made sure to have them both equipped with one.
    Trident Harpoon. Only worth hunting down for the collection data if you missed 
    it before.
    Floor 14
    I think by this point I was starting to get angry with the creators at tri-Ace. 
    Seriously, these floors are getting to be too damn big. One save point 
    wouldn't have hurt at all!
    Same as floor 11.
    Blood Scepter. This is a nice weapon for Myuria. Since the Wizard's Staff 
    requires Philosopher's Stones, you may want to hunt this down if you enjoy 
    controlling Myuria. Some enemies in the Wandering Dungeon are weak to ice, so 
    having this will help.
    Before you do anything to this foe, ask yourself if you want to get 100% of 
    the battle trophies. If the answer is yes, then read on. If no, then go to the 
    next paragraph. You will want to switch everyone to manual and take control of 
    Bacchus. For one of his battle trophies, he needs to kill 100 Kokabiel Spawn, 
    the enemy that this boss spews. If you missed your chance at the Sanctuary, 
    now is the time to try again. Kokabiel Risen usually lets five to ten spawn 
    loose at a time, so getting to 100 shouldn't take very long. I didn't have 
    much luck with Black Hole Sphere. Instead, spam skills like Termination and 
    Blessed Buster. With everyone on manual and Bacchus only focusing on the 
    spawns, this should let you get 100 of them quickly.
    If you don't care about battle trophies and the like, take control of a heavy 
    hitting melee character. Lock on the boss, and continue to Blindside it. Once 
    behind the foe, let loose your favorite combos. Sometimes, there won't be any 
    damage due to the fact that you have to get rid of the boss' minions first. 
    Keep doing the above tactic and you'll eventually kill her. Her attacks are so 
    weak, they hardly do any significant damage. She can cast Arctic Impact, so 
    put on some Anti-Freezing Amulets if you’re worried about freezing. Still, 
    because of her lack of power, you don’t have to worry about damage.
    Floor 15
    Three-quarters of the way there in terms of floors!
    Same as floor 11.
    Blood Scepter. See above. Try to get this if you enjoy using Myuria and 
    haven't had the chance to craft her best staff yet.
    Floor 16
    The home stretch! New enemies and new treasures and a new chance for some 
    battle trophies.
    Lizard Tyrant: The standard, armored lizard foe with a giant meat cleaver for 
    a weapon. You already fought a pair of these guys with the Ring Beast on floor 
    4. Nothing to worry about, but they have a high drop rate for their Geostones. 
    Have Sarah in the party if you need some Geostones.
    Grim Reaper: This is the second enemy that drops Philosopher's Stones. They’re 
    weak to light, and they have an arsenal of magic at their disposal. However, 
    they fall relatively quickly. If you want some of those stones, put Lymle in 
    the party.
    Bloodtail: Remember those annoying insects that would silence you when facing 
    Armaros Manifest II? Well, they're a regular enemy now. Arumat/Faize needs bug 
    kills, so you might as well take them on with him. There shouldn't be a need 
    to wear anti-silence gear as long as you're efficient in killing them.
    Hell Clown: Ick. I can't stand these types of enemies. If you have faced these 
    demonic morons before, you know what to expect. They will roll you over with 
    their balance balls, throw confetti that will turn you into a pumpkin, and 
    throw a ring that can paralyze you. If you ever face these, focus on them 
    first. They don't even drop Geostones, so don't bother facing them unless you 
    really, REALLY want their Monster Jewel.
    Dominator Dragon: No dungeon is complete without giant dragons! Make sure you 
    have Myuria in the party while facing these enormous foes. First, they are the 
    only enemies that drop Dragon God Scales, an ingredient required for the best 
    armor in the game. They can be duplicated for one Magical Clay, so once you 
    get one, you don't have to worry about getting more. For those who really want 
    complete monster data, their demonology drop is Valkyrie's Garb. Fans of 
    Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria will squeal in delight when they see how this armor 
    looks and, more importantly, how awesome its defense is. Any of the females 
    can equip it. So, if you are in the mood for some extra time in the Wandering 
    Dungeon, keep Myuria in the party and fight your heart out against the 
    Dominator Dragons.
    Absolute Protector. Third time's the charm, am I right? If you are getting 
    frustrated grinding for Valkyrie's Garb, another Absolute Protector will do 
    the trick.
    Ultimate Cannon. This mighty weapon for Bacchus grants high ATK but lowers DEF 
    by 300. I say it’s a fair trade. If you're a fan of Bacchus, this will do very 
    well until you can make his ultimate weapon.
    By now, you probably realize that every character will get a battle trophy for 
    killing their respective shadow. Of the three fights to do so, this was the 
    easiest. Controlling a heavy hitter like Edge, Arumat or Meracle, begin the 
    battle by going all-out on Shadow Myuria. When her HP gets low, set everyone 
    to Manual and put Myuria in the party. Use Enlighten and/or Mind Flare if you 
    feel it necessary, and let loose with a barrage of Ice Needles and Lightning 
    Blasts. She'll go down without much of a struggle since the only attack she 
    seems to use is Lightning Blast. Turn everyone back on to Auto and keep track 
    of the other two foes' HP. When they start dwindling, put in the respective 
    team mates. For Edge, a Blindside plus Raging Strike after Raging Strike will 
    do his shadow in. Bacchus should use Termination followed by Blessed Buster 
    for his shadow. As long as you kill Myuria first, this battle won't be very 
    difficult. If you don't care about the battle trophies, then turn your party 
    on to Auto and have a blast as you kill these foes.
    Floor 17
    Phew, only four more floors!
    Same as floor 16.
    Demon Sword "Levantine." Much to my dismay, this is not Edge's best weapon. 
    Furthermore, it has Darkness attached to it. Most foes at this point have some 
    sort of resistance to Darkness. Still, it can be worth hunting down if you are 
    sick of Edge's Moonstone Sword and/or have yet to make the Imperial Sword.
    Floor 18
    So close! Can't you just taste the sweetness of victory? No? Well, your loss.
    Same as floor 16.
    Ultimate Cannon. Again, if you missed it before, it will hopefully be here on 
    this floor. I never cared for Bacchus in my party, but I still prefer him to 
    have only the finest in equipment. If you enjoy using him, this is good to 
    This is the most difficult of the alter-ego battles. Take Arumat or Edge and 
    start beating the living tar out of Shadow Lymle. If you want Lymle's shadow 
    battle trophy, put her in and have her chain Fire Bolt over and over when her 
    shadow is running low on HP. Volcanic Burst won't juggle her shadow if she's 
    in Rush Mode, and her other spells take too long to finish. If you wish, you 
    can use Cerberus to finish her off. I just had more luck with Mind Flare 
    followed by non-stop Fire Bolts. With Lymle gone, things become more 
    manageable. Shadow Meracle is easy to defeat with Meracle, especially if you 
    got her exclusive weapon in the Wandering Dungeon. A Blindside, followed by 
    non-stop X Claws, will take care of her in no time. That leaves Shadow Faize. 
    Personally, I prefer to take Meracle or Edge and lower his HP. Faize isn't 
    effective at killing a foe with his rapier, but with a chain of Mind Flared 
    Stone Rains and Ice Needles, it should go down without much trouble. Remember, 
    do this only if you want to get some battle trophies. If not, then take your 
    favorite melee fighter and have everyone set to go all out. Pick off Shadow 
    Lymle first, and the rest will fall.
    Floor 19
    Your last floor with a crazy objective! By now, you're probably praying for a 
    "Defeat our assassins" request. I got lucky in all my travels through the WD 
    and got this each time I got to floor 19.
    Same as floor 16.
    Demon Sword "Levantine." The sad thing about this sword is that you have to 
    travel alllllll the way down to find it. If you missed it before on floor 17, 
    pray to whatever it is you pray to in hopes of getting this here.
    Floor 20
    We’re here! Finally! Now then, we need to go over some things before facing 
    the Ethereal Queen.
    First things first: preparation. Initially, I highly recommend having enemy 
    voices turned on and having the voices be set to English. I know, I know: the 
    voice actors aren't great, but you'll want to make sure that you understand 
    what the boss of this floor is saying when you face her. 
    If you’re planning to give your healers (Sarah and/or Myuria) an Otherworldly 
    Cuisine, it only lasts for three battles, so you're going to want to avoid all 
    enemy encounters here as you search for the boss. Set Myuria on Manual and 
    make sure her HP is as high as possible. Sarah should have all of her spells 
    turned off except for Faerie Light and Resurrection. Have her AI set to "Stay 
    Out of Trouble” and make sure her HP is as high as possible, too. Some folks 
    think that having two healers is unnecessary. I suggest trying your luck with 
    one healer if you feel this way. For me, having two folks keeping my party 
    alive wasn’t overkill; it was a necessity. 
    If you want to use Meracle, increase her defense and set her to Beat S. Some 
    prefer to use Beat B, but I’d rather have Meracle perform a Taunt, and then 
    have the ability to Double Blindside. I like having her only skill be X Claw. 
    Also, give her No Guard and Critical Hit. Hopefully her attack is at 9999.
    If you want to use Reimi, you may want to consider feeding her an Otherworldly 
    Cuisine. Set her to Beat B and crank her ATK power up as high as possible. The 
    skills I enjoy using with her are Crimson Squall and Savage Sparrows. Having 
    her battle trophies at 100% allows you to put more skills in her slots, but if 
    you don't have 100%, it's not a big deal. Critical Hit works wonders with 
    Reimi if you don’t feel like using Focus every 30 seconds. Reimi works well at 
    stunning the Ethereal Queen.
    If you want to use Edge, set him to Beat B. Like everyone else, you'll want to 
    make sure his HP and DEF are as high as possible. Avoid having skills that 
    involve multiple hits like Rising Blade and Scintillant Stream. Raging Strike 
    and Aura Spark are good choices.
    If you want to use Bacchus, put him on Beat B. Skills don't matter too much 
    because he'll be the one who, hopefully, gets most of the attention. Just 
    avoid Black Hole Sphere.
    If you want to use Arumat, put him on Beat S and make sure his ATK and DEF are 
    super high. Some people like to have Dragon Roar in three slots so it can gain 
    the 180% damage bonus. Personally, I prefer to have Unholy Maelstrom followed 
    by two Dragon Roars. This way, I was able to fit No Guard in a skill slot.
    I suggest not using Faize or Lymle. Of course, if you want to obtain Lymle's 
    two Ethereal Queen battle trophies, you'll need to make sure she's ready to 
    put on the hurt. Feed her an Otherworldly Cuisine, put her on Beat B, and make 
    it so her only skill equipped is Hound Grenade. Also, set her to Manual. You 
    don't want her running around when you switch characters. Make sure her INT is 
    as close to 9999 as possible. Kokabiel Spawn Jewels, INT Boost, etc. are the 
    way to go. 
    As for Faize, well, I'll leave that to you if you really want to use him. His 
    AI has a tendency to rush into the fray despite the fact that he has an 
    arsenal of non-elemental spells, his attacks are weak, and his defense tends 
    to be on the lower side. I know that one of his battle trophies involves 
    defeating 130 types of enemies, but if you were diligent from the start of the 
    game, you should have this by now and shouldn't need to make the Ethereal 
    Queen your 130th kill. 
    Same as floor 16.
    Some say that this floor, and later floors, has the possibility of carrying a 
    Demon Sword “Levantine” for Edge. I never bothered to look because I wanted to 
    get the hell out of there.
    It wouldn't be tri-Ace without two things: bonus dungeons and the angelic 
    bosses that reside within. The most powerful foe in the game, The Ethereal 
    Queen, is more than happy to kick your butt. So, let's get started on what to 
    expect and what to do to finish her. The Ethereal Queen has a variety of 
    ` ATTACKS `
    Divine Wave: A non-elemental spell that will be cast in the blink of an eye. 
    Obviously, this will knock you down. However, if you are in Rush Mode, you 
    will remain on your feet and can continue your assault. You'll be happy to see 
    this when you're nearing the end of the fight.
    Empress Massacre: A ruthless combo on a character. You will hear her say "Face 
    the dance of death!" before she begins her assault. This is easy to dodge, but 
    your AI won't be as smart. If it looks like your character is hurting, get 
    ready to heal and/or revive. 
    Seraphic Wings: This attack does both HP and MP damage. She will send out 
    energy beams around her that move in an erratic pattern. This is a pain 
    because you will need as much MP as possible. It covers a semi-wide radius, so 
    if you see the skill pop up on the screen, dash away, wait for it to finish, 
    and resume your assault.
    Supernova: *sigh* The attack that will make you wish for a Save Point. The 
    worst part about this is that she will start to use it frequently when she 
    gets to about three-fourths to one-half of her HP. When you hear her say, 
    "Cease to be!" you will want to take your character and run as far away from 
    her as possible. Supernova summons dark clouds above the Ethereal Queen that 
    cause instant death to a huge area. It is for this reason that you want your 
    healers as far away from the action as possible and your fighters to be the 
    ones with all of the attention. Supernova's range is variable. Even if you are 
    far away from the attack, you may still get sucked into it and one hit KO'd. 
    When she starts using Supernova, wait until you see her next attack before you 
    decide to use a Resurrection Unit. If by chance your character survives 
    Supernova, have Myuria ready with Faerie Star. Or, simply use a set of Ripe or 
    Perfect Berries.
    ` STRATEGY `
    As soon as the battle begins, take control of Myuria and put her as far into a 
    corner as possible. Again, make sure she's on Manual. You'll be switching to 
    her frequently to Fast Cast Faerie Star. Next, take Sarah to another far 
    corner. She'll be hanging out until a friend needs healing or reviving. Unlike 
    Myuria, the computer will do a good job of keeping her safe. Myuria has a 
    tendency to rush into the action and attack with her staff if she’s not set to 
    Manual. I know, I know; the fact that she’s made of cardboard doesn’t stop her 
    from running into the fray.
    Now, take your two other characters and go to work. As a user of Arumat, I 
    made sure to taunt the Ethereal Queen often so Arumat was the primary 
    target. Taunt her 10 times and you’ll get a battle trophy, which is always 
    nice to have. My other character was Reimi, set to “Gang up on foes with full 
    You’ll be happy to know that, unlike Gabriel Celeste, the Ethereal Queen 
    flinches from getting hit. Thus, attacking from the front can be done. However, 
    I don’t recommend it. Begin the battle with a ruthless assault. Your 
    controlled character needs to be the one she focuses upon. Taunt, attack, and 
    do whatever it is you need to do in order to get her attention. You’ll then 
    want to Blindside her and unleash a furious combo. Arumat should use Dragon 
    Roar. Meracle should use X Claw. Edge should use Aura Spark followed by Raging 
    Strike. If Reimi is in the party, she should be lending support with an 
    endless assault of arrows. Bacchus should be using skills like Irradiation and 
    Termination if he’s fighting at a distance OR using Godslayer if he’s the one 
    performing the Blindsides. Continue this Blindside/super combo assault until 
    she breaks away. She’ll enter Rush Mode in a matter of seconds, but keep 
    performing a Blindside. She’ll flinch as long as the “?!” is above her halo-
    wearing noggin. Keep this up. With Super tri-Emblums equipped, you can expect 
    your rush gauge to increase drastically. Don’t enter a Rush Mode Combo unless 
    you need a break. Staying in Rush Mode will allow you to do more damage and 
    not get pushed back by her Divine Wave. When you see your HP start to fall a 
    bit, switch to Myuria for a quick Faerie Star. Sarah’s Faerie Light will help, 
    When her HP starts to fall, you’ll notice that her rush gauge will increase 
    quicker and quicker. In fact, once half of her energy is gone, the rush gauge 
    will increase without you even touching her. This will also be the time when 
    you see her start to use Supernova. Remember to keep your healers as far away 
    as possible. In terms of what to do if caught by Supernova, watch to see which 
    character Sarah revives first. Immediately switch to Myuria and have her use a 
    Resurrection Elixir/Restoration spell on the other character. In the event 
    three of your four characters get hit by the Supernova, let the remaining 
    character use a Resurrection Unit after you ensure her next attack is a Divine 
    Wave, Empress Massacre or Seraphic Wings. Usually, she would fly around 
    because of the Otherworldly Cuisine I used on my healers combined with the 
    distance they were from her. If all four of your characters get hit, switch 
    the one furthest away from her to someone with high HP. Have that character 
    dodge and back up as far away as needed in case she uses Supernova again. 
    Immediately have that person use a Resurrection Unit.
    You’ll know when you’re near the end of the fight when her rush gauge is stuck 
    and she remains in Rush Mode the rest of the fight. Continue to keep her 
    sights on one character as you fight away from your healers. Blindsides are 
    still potent, but if she uses Supernova, you’ll get caught in the blast. 
    Remember, knowing that her gauge is permanently stuck means that you’re 
    nearing the home stretch. With two healers and two attackers, you should be 
    able to kill her. It’ll be a tough fight, but if you have the essential items 
    and gear, you can survive.
    If you’re going for Lymle’s two Ethereal Queen-related battle trophies, you’ll 
    want to put Lymle in for someone else when the queen’s gauge stops moving and 
    she’s in Rush Mode constantly. For me, it was Reimi since you don’t want 
    anyone attacking. Have her run away from the Ethereal Queen and use Hide, 
    followed by Mind Flare. Take your only melee character and have him/her lure 
    the Ethereal Queen towards a corner. Perform a Blindside, and let loose with a 
    few more powerful attacks. Switch this character to Manual, and have him/her 
    equip something that prevents void status. Hopefully, the Ethereal Queen will 
    use something like Divine Wave or Empress Massacre. Have Sarah or Myuria use a 
    Fainting Potion on this character. 
    At this point, she will be trying to get rid of this character, but the 
    Fainting Potion will nullify all damage. Supernova won’t damage him/her either 
    because void is nullified. If Supernova is used, Lymle might get caught in the 
    blast. Let Sarah revive her if this happens. Using Lymle, chain nothing but 
    Hound Grenade. Trust me, I tried attacks like Hatchet Reel and Trinity Blaze, 
    but Hound Grenade is the only one capable of actually hurting the Ethereal 
    Some people have tried to give Lymle a Laser Weapon with %HP Factors and use 
    her regular, long-range attack. That didn’t work for me. Others will tell you 
    to use Extinction+ Cards on her in-between Hound Grenades. If you have them, 
    you’re welcome to try it. For me, using non-stop Hound Grenades did the trick 
    and finished her off. I got both of these trophies on my first try with a 
    level 255 Lymle.
    If you have trouble killing her in ten minutes, I recommend leaving the 
    Wandering Dungeon, saving the game over a different slot, and trying again 
    with her weakest form. If you’re having trouble in general with the Ethereal 
    Queen, I suggest increasing everyone’s attack and defense as close to 9999 as 
    possible with synthesis. For attack increases, use Saber-Tooth Tiger Fangs.  
    Faeries of Aggression work, but they require rare ingredients. For an increase 
    in protection, use Red Dragon Scales. You can use Faeries of Fortification but, 
    again, they require rare ingredients. Levels help a bit, but gear is the key 
    to success. This is why I recommend a Santa Run before heading to battle this 
    angelic anarchist.
    With the Ethereal Queen defeated, you’ll get an Ethereal Queen’s Feather. Now, 
    you have two options.
    -  Exit the Wandering Dungeon so you can save your progress. Once you exit, 
    talk to the man who took you there. He’ll give you a recipe memo that teaches 
    you how to make Valkyrie’s Garb.
    -  For those of you who are brave, or perhaps foolish, enough to continue down, 
    every even-numbered floor beyond 20 will house another Ethereal Queen. Each 
    subsequent even-numbered floor will have the same layout as floor 20 whereas 
    the odd-numbered floors will have the same layout and objectives as floor 19.
    If you’re looking to get 100% item creation, you’ll need to beat her four more 
    times in order to get the five Ethereal Queen’s Feathers required to make 
    everything. Another thing to point out is that you need to find Santa again. 
    With the Ethereal Queen defeated, you’ll get a recipe memo from Santa that 
    shows how to make tri-Emblems.
    Regardless of what you do, one thing remains certain: you finished the most 
    obnoxious dungeon in all of tri-Ace creation! Those who are trying to get all 
    of the trophies will have to go in again and again to find the exclusive 
    weapons and to obtain enough Ethereal Queen’s Feathers. The same strategies 
    will apply, but by this time, you should have plenty of new equipment.
    - Myself, for being sadistic enough to write this thing and go through the 
    dungeon a few hundred times. Well, not “a few hundred” but it was still more 
    times than I cared for.
    - sakurayule, for allowing me to use some amazing information from her guide. 
    Be sure to check out some of her other guides on GameFAQs.com!
    - o0Zero0o, for editing my spelling errors, making the guide seem more “flowy,” 
    and for contributing some excellent information that I forgot to mention.
    - DarkElf99 for providing the guide with GORGEOUS tables for Santa’s shop, 
    adding some awesome information, and contributing to the feng shui of the 
    guide. He’s got some great work on GameFAQs.com, so check it out!
    - The folks on the Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International- board for being 
    some of the most helpful and responsive group of posters I have seen on 
    GameFAQs.com in a while. They were my motivation for getting the platinum 
    - The Brady Games guide. Despite all of its errors, there is some good 
    information in there.
    - tri-Ace, for making a hit! Next time, though, make it so your bonus dungeons 
    aren’t so despicable? Thanks!
    - GameFAQs.com, for still being the number one website on the Internet.

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