Karols 1 million dollars?

  1. Hey everyone, i know someone asked a similar question before but i didnt quite understand it. I wanted to ask, when you give Karol the 1 million dollars, are ALL CARS, ALL PARTS for free and you can get them UNLIMITED times for free (up to the maximium garage space of 30 cars)?

    Also, at what percentage do you get Karols phone call for this? I know its straight after the city champ, just wanted to know what percentage KAROL rings you up at!?

    User Info: MixalisAcademy

    MixalisAcademy - 9 years ago
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    Thanks alot rx54!!

    That was a very detailed answer thank you, it was exactly what i was looking for!

    Anyone else have some input ontop of the post above? Like for example, does anyone have the exact percentage in which you vs Booke for city champ and when this situation appears?

    User Info: MixalisAcademy

    MixalisAcademy - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. All the cars and All the parts are free, to put it this way, it is IMPOSSIBLE to spend a penny in the garages once you do the deal with Karol, you can have 30 lamborghinis if you want. I believe you get to beat Booke at around %68-&75 (Not Very Accurate) The easiest way to get the 1 mil is to sell all your cars buy the Kawasaki Ninja and max it out in the performance and go to the hills (Very easy races, little traffic) do the Wager races on the hardest difficulty which will get you $21,000+ (Note that if you have a Murcielago or a Saleen S7, Ford GT etc. you will get quite amount of money PLUS the money you already have). For Example when i sold all my supercars i had $800,000+ and i just did Wager Races in the hills on the Kawasaki Ninja until i had the 1 mil

    User Info: rx54

    rx54 - 9 years ago 1 0

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