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    Spank the Monkey FAQ by paulp1988

    Version: v0.91 | Updated: 03/28/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    'Spank The Monkey' Mini-Game FAQ
    Version Log
    24th March 2008 - V0.89
    : Created FAQ
    : Added Email Policy
    : Added Time Limits for each difficulty
    : Added 'Tips and Tricks'
    : Added Copyright and Disclaimer
    : Added 'Quick Find' to the FAQ
    : Proof Read sections
    : Added Normal Difficulty Locations
    : Added Hard Difficulty Locations
    26th March 2008 - V0.90
    : Proof Read sections again
    : Recreated file on Windows Wordpad instead of using Linux
    : Re-edited format to get the same style as before
    28th March 2008 - V0.91
    : Amended the disclaimer as I now have a NeoSeeker account
    : Amended a small amount of spacing (it didnt look right in certain places)
    Contents/Quick Find
    1 - [STM001] Introduction
    2 - [STM002] Email Policy
    3 - [STM003] Brief Intoduction to 'Spank The Monkey'
    4 - [STM004] Tips and Tricks
    5 - [STM005] Time Limits & Targets
    6 - [STM006] Monkey Locations
    7 - [STM007] Disclaimer 
    [STM001] Introduction
    Hello, and thanks for taking the time out to have a look at my FAQ. My name 
    is paulp1988, and this is my first contribution to GameFAQs after many years 
    of reading through them myself.
    Why did i chose PAIN as my first game to FAQ? Simple really, i had nothing 
    better to do, and i had been playing it near non-stop for 3 days now, so 
    decided it was about time i gave something back to the community that i had 
    been receiving help from for years (and because i'm quite good at PAIN :D)
    [STM002] Email Policy
    I am willing to listen to any of your email queries you may have with this 
    FAQ (heck, it's my first one, i'm sure there will be a problem somewhere) but 
    if you do wish to contact me here are some guidelines i would like you to
    The subject of the email must read 'PAIN STM FAQ'
    -No foul language
    -No flaming of any sort (like i said, this is my first FAQ)
    -By all means include your own strategy, i am just using my personal
     experience writing this FAQ
    -No spam
    -Friendly advice is welcome (once again, i'm new to all of this)
    -PLEASE don't ask me for my PSN Username, unless you are contributing 
     something to this FAQ i will just disregard it.
    My email address for these queries is paulp1988@googlemail.com
    [STM003] Brief Introduction to 'Spank The Monkey'
    What is 'Spank The Monkey'?
    Well, to put it quite simply, it is a game mode on Pain where, instead of
    trying to cause yourself and the city some serious amount of harm, you are
    trying to rid the city of a monkey infestation. You do this like you do with
    all the other game modes, by launching yourself out of a catapult, but this
    time you are aiming to take down the monkeys.
    Each Difficulty has a set amount of monkeys to take down, with varying time
    limits to complete the task in. Obviously, the easier difficulties have less
    monkeys and a more forgiving time limit, whereas the harder diffculities
    have more monkeys and less time.
    Also, at the time of writing this FAQ, you can get 5 various accomplishments
    for completing it, so those of you who wish to obtain all the
    accomplishments in the games they own will most likely want to get good at
    [STM004] Tips and Tricks
    As a certain amount of skill goes into this mode, i thought it would be best
    to pass on little parts of my technique so you can aim for platinum that bit
    more easily.
    - ALWAYS have the sling at full power, unless you know you will hit something
     else before the monkey because of it. This is because it is the fastest way
     to travel around the map, and you know for certain you will hit the furthest
     monkeys without forgetting to re-adjust the power of the sling first
     (believe me, it may sound silly, but you will forget to adjust it at least
     once per round)
    - Use poses to your advantage! Althought most of the poses are just for fun
     (like with all of the downloadable characters) certain ones have there uses,
     particularly the superman (L1 + Triangle), the dropkick (L1 + X), and the
     starfish (L1 + O). Cannonball (L1 and Square) can be useful, but i find the
     other main poses work well for most jumps.
    - R1 is your friend! If you launch yourself wrong, hit something while flying
     towards your target that puts you off course, or if you know you are just
     not going to make it, hit R1 and you will be reset into the sling, ready
     to launch yourself with a bit more accuracy hopefully.
    - R2 can also be your friend! If my explanations are not good enough for you
     to completely understand where the monkeys are, i apologise, but in these
     cases just hold the R2 button and you will be treated with a picture of a
     monkey where ever they are, thus showing you the general direction you need
     to face. You are also shown a green line, which indicates where you are
    [STM005] Time Limits & Targets
    Now, before i begin showing you where all the monkeys are, you will need to
    know the important facts of what you will be up against at each difficulty.
    These are as follows:
    Time Limits:                 TARGETS: 38
    Bronze   = 6:00
    Silver   = 5:00
    Gold     = 4:00
    Platinum = 2:40
    Time Limits:                 TARGETS: 60
    Bronze   = 11:00
    Silver   = 9:00
    Gold     = 7:00
    Platinum = 5:00
    Platinum is slightly different in the fact that you have 1 minute, but you
    need to reach a certain amount of monkeys to get a different medal. These are
    as below:
    Time Limits:                 TARGETS:
    Bronze   = 1:00              Bronze   = 10
    Silver   = 1:00              Silver   = 30
    Gold     = 1:00              Gold     = 60
    Platinum = 1:00              Platinum = 90
    [STM006] Monkey Locations
    1:  Just infront of the 'Lucky Pierre' cafe, which is just slightly to the
        left of the slingshot.
    2:  Infront of the scaffolding, just to the right of the slingshot.
    3:  Infront of the 'Sweet Holez Do'NutZ' Shop, just right of monkey number 2.
    4:  On the mono-rail track, just above where monkey number 3 was. (it may be
        an idea to use the cannonball pose on this one, more often than not you
        will hit your leg on the track and fly straight over the monkey)
    5:  On the plain billboard, right next to the rotating doughnut.
    6:  On the house slightly to the right of the plain billboard you just 
        launched at to hit monkey number 5.
    7:  On the smoke pipes behind the rotating doughnut (if you look closely you
        can see the monkey jumping around). If you hold R2, the building is in
        the top right corner of the map (you need the sling at full power to get
        to it, and you will need to 'drift' fowards)
    8:  On the same building, but this time quite easily visible and next to the
        'MoonRiver Proctology' billboard, which is right infront of the sling.
    9:  On the mono-rail track again, this time it is in almost the same area as
        monkey number 8, so you don't need to re-adjust the sling too much.
    10: On top of the 'MoonRiver Proctology' Billboard.
    11: On top of the 'Coral Essex Hotel', above the 'T' in hotel (need full power
        all forward drift to hit it). No need to re-adjust your sling from the 
        last monkey.
    12: Slightly left of monkey 12, sat in front of the left tropical tree on top
        of the 'Coral Essex Hotel'
    13: Infront of the bowling ball, on top of the bowling alley, just left of
        the 'Coral Essex Hotel'. You will need full power and forward drift again.
    14: On top of 'The Manhole' club to the left of the slingshot. 
    15: On top of the building on the left of 'The Manhole'. (if you cannot hit
        him, hit the explosive gas canister on top of 'The Manhole'). Beware when
        launching, if you direct the slingshot too far back you have a good chance
        of hitting a flag-pole when going for him.
    16: On the lowest ledge of the building directly left of the sling.
    17: On top of the manhole on the wall of 'The Manhole'. You can hit either
        the monkey or the manhole, either will do.
    18: Look at the building number 15 was on, then look in the alley to the left
        of it, you will see him in front of the dumpster.
    This is where the 'Double Monkey' Round begins. Double Monkey is quite
    self-expanitory in the fact that 2 monkeys will appear instead of 1, and if
    you are aiming for platinum, you will need to take them both out in 1 go.
    19 & 20: Just infront of the sling, aim infront of the first and Ooch youself
             into the other.
    21 & 22: Just to the right of the last two, same trick applies to get them
    23 & 24: To the right of the sling, leading towards the doughnut shop. Aim
             before the first and Ooch at the second again.
    25 & 26: On top of the 'Rub n Tug' Thai Massage Parlour (which is situated
             next to the doughnut store). Hit the gas canister on the roof to
             get them both.
    27 & 28: On the same building that number 7 and 8 were on (in almost the same
             position as number 8. Aim to hit the feet of the one at the top, then
             Ooch downwards and hope that you hit the 2nd. If you cant get the 2nd
             this way, then take another shot and get him on his own.
    29 & 30: On top of the scaffolding that number 2 was infront of, both sitting
             on the edge of a dumpster. Aim for the dumpster and get them both.
    31 & 32: This one can be tricky to get at the same time. One is at the top of
             the stairs next to the scaffolding, the other is near the entrance
             of the subway station. The are in a straight line, but it is the 
             distance that makes them difficult. You can either hit one on the
             head and bounce off, hoping to Ooch the second, or you can grab the
             1st one by the head and throw him at the 2nd, meaning if you miss
             with the monkey you might hit him yourself with a well placed Ooch.
    33 & 34: On the shader of the cafe 'Lucky Pierre', you cant miss them. Hit
             the one on the right first, roughly in the chest, and Ooch towards
             the 2nd.
    35 & 36: One is on the roof on 'The Manhole', the other is on the building
             next to it. Hit the exploding gas canister behind the first one and 
             you will get them both.
    37 & 38: My personal favourites on this level, they are in the same alley as
             number 18 was, but on the fire escape stairs on the side of the
             building. Hit the one on the highest level on his left-hand side,
             and Ooch down the first flight of stairs to get the second.
    Hard starts off in a 'Double Monkey' round, and continues like this throughout
    the level.
    1 & 2: Infront of the sling again, going towards the 'Lucky Pierre'. Hit the
           floor infront of the first one to get him, then Ooch into the 2nd.
    3 & 4: Slightly to the right of the first 2, but these are positioned next
           to the stairs. Aim at the first and either grab and throw him or Ooch
           into the 2nd (who is near the ground entrance to the hotel with
           the revolving door)
    5 & 6: Similar position to 1 & 2, but the 2nd is on the wooden outdoor
           garden of 'Lucky Pierre'. Same rules apply, grab and throw the first
           or Ooch.
    7 & 8: In effectively the same position as the last 2, aim at the feet of
           the first and you should hit the 2nd with 1 Ooch to the right.
    9& 10: This one can be tricky, one is on top of the 'Lucky Pierre', the
           other is outside it. Aim for the ledge just below the one on top of
           the cafe and grab it, then drop down and Ooch if necessary to hit
           the 2nd from above.
    11 & 12: Both on the mono-rail track, and very difficult to get in 1 shot.
             Aim for monkeys right-arm (which is on the left of him as he is
             facing you) and Ooch down the track to hit the 2nd. If you miss, just
             reset and go the 2nd one alone, which is a lot easier.
    13 & 14: Both are on the billboard above the big bowl of cereal. There is a
             slight trick to this one that makes it easier (as it looks hard the
             first time). Aim for either one, it doesnt matter (i tend to aim for
             the one on the right first) and grab the top of billboard underneath
             him, which should get him. Hopefully you will be swinging, and when
             you swing to left, let go and quickly Ooch to the left. You should
             launch straight at the other monkey, thus getting them both in one
    15 & 16: These are on the roof of the building to the right of the doughnut
             shop. Aim for the top ones foot, and Ooch towards the other (if you
             are lucky you might fall straight back into him without needing to
    17 & 18: These ones can be quite tricky, but it all depends where you hit
             the first one. One is next to the cereal bowl, the other is on the
             outdoor garden of 'Lucky Pierre'. Aim at the top one, and aim for his
             chest. You should hit him, then the metal bar behind him which should
             stop you. Now Ooch yourself right off of the roof, and hopefully land
             on the second monkey.
    19 & 20: 1 of the monkeys are located on top of the dumpster on the 
             scaffolding, the other is on the mono-rail track behind the dumpster.
             If you aim it right, and Ooch a little, you should hit them both 1
             after the other.
    21 & 22: The first monkey is located in the same place as number 17, but the 
             other is located in front of the hotel's entrance. Aim for the one
             on top of 'Lucky Pierre' first, and then Ooch towards the other 
             (a super Ooch might be needed to clear the street depending how you
             landed on the roof first)
    23 & 24: Another 'Grab and Drop' type one. The first is located infront of
             the 'MoonRiver Proctology' billboard, on top of a barrel, and the 2nd
             is on the mono-rail track below. Grab the barrel under the first one
             to get him, and Ooch your way to the second (if you get lucky, the
             first monkey will land on the second)
    25 & 26: These are both on the ledge on top of the hotel, one above the 'L'
             and the other above the 'T'. Aim for the one on the left first, then
             Ooch into the second as it is technically 'downhill'.
    27 & 28: On top of the hotel again. The first is on the fence above the 'L',
             the second is behind him, next to the explosive gas canister.
             Superman or Dropkick the first one so you will still be lined up to
             hit the second, or the canister.
    29 & 30: On the hotel yet again. First is on the fence, a bit further across
             than the last one, and the second is BEHIND the gas canister. As
             unlikely as it sounds, hit the fence beneath the monkey, and it will
             fall out taking the monkey aswell (even though he was standing on
             a support beam just above it) and this will make it even easier for
             you to Ooch at the second.
    31 & 32: Another 'Grab and Drop' one. This time they are next to the doughnut
             shop. The first is above the store, and the second is below it. Grab
             just below the monkey, drop to the pavement and Ooch backwards to get
             the second.
    33 & 34: I like this one :) They are both in almost the same place as the last
             pair, except the first 1 is on the flag pole just above the sling.
             Aim upwards almost all the way and aim so the pointy part of the 
             opposite house is only just completly visible and not obscured by the
             building next to you. Now launch upwards, grab the first monkey, and
             throw him into the second. If not, you should hit the breeze blocks 
             on the roof, and then Ooch into the second instead.
    35 & 36: Very hard to get in one go. The first is on top of the breeze blocks 
             that you may have just hit, the second is on the mono-rail behind the
             breeze-blocks. Hit the first, and hopefully you can fall at the right
             angle and land either on the other, or right next to him, setting you
             up for an Ooch.
    37 & 38: Now, this one always seem to bug for me, but the first is on top of
             the scaffolding on the house you have just been going over, and the
             second is one of the most awkward ones yet. The first one seems to
             just fall over, giving you a free 'kill', but the second is in the 
             furthest north-easy corner, almost under the mono-rail track. Aim
             between the aerial and the scaffolding of the roof you have been
             going over, just barely clearing the roof with a superman, and 
             then immediatly hold Down to slow down. You will hopefully land on
             the monkey, if not try to Ooch at it or give it another go.
    39 & 40: These are on the building with the smoke pipes in the north-east
             corner. One is at the top of the stairs, the other is on top of the
             left-most smoking pipe. Hit the feet of the top one, and slide down
             the stairs towards the other (the first may even hit the second
    41 & 42: Back infront of the 'Lucky Pierre'. One is on an explosive crate,
             the other just infront of him. Hit them either way, you are almost
             guaranteed to get them both in one go.
    43 & 44: These are a bit trickier. They are still just infront of you, with 
             one on an explosive box, but they are further apart. Aim for the
             road slightly infront of the box, hoping to tap the left side of
             the box, and then be thrown into the other. If not, get the 2nd by
    45 & 46: Same principle as before, this time the one on the box is infront of
             'The Manhole' and the other is right infront of the sling. Hit the
             explosive one in the bottom corner of the box and you should be
             thrown straight back at the other one.
    47 & 48: Same principle again, except the first is on the roof of 
             'Lucky Pierre' and the 2nd is just infront of the sling again. Aim
             at the box in the bottom corner again and hope for the best (you will
             probably need to Ooch to get the 2nd)
    49 & 50: The explosive one is infront of the scaffolding, the other is to the
             right of the sling. Aim at the bottom of the box and you should get 
             the second quite easily.
    51 & 52: A difficult one to say the least. The explosive one is on-top of the
             mono-rail track to your right, the other is infront of 'The Manhole'.
             Aim to hit the explosive one on the left-hand side and you might just
             get the angle right to hit the second.
    53 & 54: Another explosive one, this time on the roof of 'The Manhole', the
             second is infront of the sling. Same as before really, aim and hope.
    55 & 56: Oh Look, another explosive one. This one is on the mono-rail track
             in the north side of the level, with the other one on the stairs 
             infront of him. You know what to do by now.
    57 & 58: Another explosive one, with more distance to cover this time. The
             explosive monkey is on the 'MoonRiver Proctology' billboard, the
             other is on the pavement opposite the sling.
    59 & 60: Another long-distance explosive one. The explosive monkey is on-top
             of the hotel, the other is on the right-hand side of the sling. You
             can do it!
    Just as a note, i have no plans to do a walkthrough to this part of the game,
    but only because you have 1 minute to get them all, and it would be too hard
    to stop to write a guide at the same time.
    Also, i have yet to beat it fully (i only just earned a Platinum on Hard),
    receiving only a bronze on my previous attempts.
    If i find an easy way of completing it while noting where they are, i may make
    a revision of this guide to v1.0
    [STM007]: Disclaimer
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal 
    use. It may not be placed on any other web site or distributed publicly,
    apart from GameFAQs and NeoSeeker, without contacting me personally and
    stating your reason  to do so. Use of this guide on any other web site
    or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of the copyright.
    Copyright 2008 Paul Peters

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