• Trophies

    These are the new trophies for the new PAIN environments.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Everyone's a Winner (Bronze Trophy)Get a negative distance on the Anvil Toss in PAINalympics
    Handy-Capped (Silver Trophy)Complete Mad Science! PAINful without grabbing
    It's Full Of Cars (Bronze Trophy)Send the black sedan through the portal in PROBE
    Lo Touch (Bronze Trophy)Grab teleporting Hung Lo in PAIN Reunion
    Secret Santa (Silver Trophy)Open all the unlocked lockers in PAIN Reunion using Santa
    Sore Spotting (Gold Trophy)Find and hit the alien artifact in both PAIN Reunion and Sports Day and the sports trophy in both PROBE and Afterglow

    Contributed By: gguupp.

  • Trophies

    Complete each task in order to obtain a trophy.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1.5 Mil PainGet a Pain Score of at least 1,500,000
    2 Mil PointsScore over 2,000,000
    20X ComboGet a combo bar of 20
    3 Mil PointsScore over 3,000,000
    500k PainGet a Pain Score of at least 500,000
    500k PointsScore over 500,000
    Blockbuster (Bronze Trophy)Use a tank to blow up the Castle Tower
    Blue HairGrab the old lady
    Bowling Ball!Grab the Bowling Ball
    Buzzmonkey (Silver Trophy)Score 60 Monkeys in Spank the Monkey PAINful with Buzz
    Camera Boom (Bronze Trophy)Hit 50 Cameras with Explosions
    Cross TownTravel 2000 feet in one launch
    Frequent FlyerTravel over 200 miles
    Gettin' Hoff (Gold Trophy)Use Tuxedo Hoff to get 69 million in any PAINdemonium Mode.
    Glass Lass (Bronze Trophy)Break 500 panes of glass with any female launchable in Mime Toss
    Grab MasterMake 1000 Grabs
    Helmet Pi (Bronze Trophy)Give the Gladiator a ride in the Sports Car
    King of the JungleGrab a Swinging Girder
    Moon LandingReach an Altitude of 300,000 feet
    Sick and TwistedMake 500 Grabs
    Take A RideGrab the Train

    Contributed By: Darth_Mike and gguupp.

  • Unlock After Party

    To unlock After Party you have to break all of the sets in the Movie Studio. There are 8 sets. They are The Colosseum, The Alien Invasion, Beaverzilla, Warzone, Tetanus, Car Chase, The Castle, The Wild West.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    After PartyBeak all of the sets in the Movie Studio

    Contributed By: gguupp.

  • Unlock Aftermath

    In order to play in Aftermath, a remixed version of PAINdemonium, you must score 1,500,000 points in a single shot in PAINdemonium

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock AftermathScore at least 1.5 Mil Points in a single shot of PAINdemonium

    Contributed By: Darth_Mike.

  • Unlock Block Party

    To Unlock Block Party, an edited version of Downtown with the launcher at the other end of town, you need to hit Granny with the subway.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock Block PartyLaunch at Granny and drag her down into the subway with you onto the tracks

    Contributed By: ThePostalDudeJr.

  • Unlock Demolition

    Look to the left of the construction worker sitting on the rotating donut to see a grab-able explosive crate. Grab this crate and fly into the wall in front of you, and super-ooch over the train tracks towards the cop car. There is a police man and a girl wearing a bikini, bomb her with this crate 5 times (after each successful bombing, press R1 to reset and Select to reset the level) in order to unlock Demolition. This is just like how you unlock Ed the Cow.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock DemolitionBomb the bikini girl 5 times in Block Party

    Contributed By: ThePostalDudeJr.

  • Unlock Uranus Invasion

    To Unlock Uranus Invasion you have to blow up the alien 10 times with a grabable explosive box.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Uranus InvanisionBlow up the Alien 10 times

    Contributed By: gguupp.

  • Unlockable Difficulties

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlock 'Fun with Explosives' Freestyle ModeGet Gold in 'Fun with Explosives' Painful Mode
    Unlock 'Fun with Explosives' Hard ModeGet Gold in 'Fun with Explosives' Normal Mode
    Unlock 'Fun with Explosives' Painful ModeGet Gold in 'Fun with Explosives' Hard Mode
    Unlock 'Mime Toss' Hard ModeGet Gold in 'Mime Toss' Normal Mode
    Unlock 'Mime Toss' Painful ModeGet Gold in 'Mime Toss' Hard Mode
    Unlock 'Spank the Monkey' Hard ModeGet Gold in 'Spank the Monkey' Normal mode
    Unlock 'Spank the Monkey' Painful ModeGet Gold in 'Spank the Monkey' Hard mode

    Contributed By: paulp1988.

  • Unlocking extra Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BuzzScore 3,000,000 in After Party (you need the Movie Studio add-on to get Buzz)
    Dick in SuitUse Andy Dick to get 2 pedestrians in the sewers in Block Party
    Ed the CowBlow up the cow on the Downtown stage with the grab-bomb box 12 times
    Ice TeaSuffer 50 shots to the "junk" as described in game
    Space TakeiGo 3,000 feet while grabbing a vehicle with George Takei
    The DudePlay the bowling multiplayer game 12 times
    The Hoff Swim SuitGrab the Bikini Girl 69 times as The Hoff
    The Hoff TuxedoScore 6,900,069 with The Hoff

    Contributed By: Pink Spider and gguupp.

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