Droid factory challenge?

  1. I can find 9/10 of the blue canisters but I can't find the last one.
    This is driving me crazy!

    User Info: AoE-fan

    AoE-fan - 7 years ago


  1. #1: In the first room, in one of the left-hand alcoves.

    #2: In the main assembly line, on top of the structure just
    after the first piston.

    #3: In the cylinder after the conveyor belt.

    #4 (Imperial): In the "color matching" secret room. From the
    end of the assembly line area, go towards the screen on the extended path
    to find this door that will have a white circle when you shoot the target.

    #5: In the third room, about halfway down, use the R2
    panel on the back wall. Hop across the moving platforms.

    #6: Just to the left of the big blue fire, on the upper ledge.

    #7: In the platform rotating room (fourth area) along the
    back wall.

    #8: In the open area with all the Geonosians, smash down the
    bricks on the back wall. Enter the force field area and go right to find

    #9: Just after #8, leave the room and go straight towards the
    camera to find a little piece of land that juts out. Hover directly towards
    the camera from there to find this.

    #10: In the open area with all the Geonosians, there's a ramp
    that leads down into the lava near the end. This is on it.

    User Info: VIPER_RKO

    VIPER_RKO - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. This one was driving me crazy too. You need someone who can cover longer distances (R2-D2/Boba Fett). In the room with the lava, when you blow open the gate, and get the blue canister in that room, go straight out towards the lava, have your character cross the pit, and there is an island there where a well-hidden blue canister resides.

    User Info: joaquintall

    joaquintall - 7 years ago 0 0

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