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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

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    I want to thank all of my readers for making this guide my #1 guide, still after all these years. In an effort to allow my guide to hit an even larger audience, I'm going back through it and updating it with the modern GameFAQs formatting. This should make accessing pertinent information easier. If you prefer using my text guide, you can still find it on any of the sites listed at the bottom of the guide.

    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii Version)
    A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
    Version 1.3
    E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com


    Welcome, readers, to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, for the Nintendo Wii! A compilation of the two LEGO Star Wars games, updated for the newest generation of consoles, you can now have the entire LEGO Star Wars experience in one game. In this guide, you'll find walkthroughs for each mission in the Story, quick runthroughs of each mission on Free Play, including how to find all the Minikits and Power Bricks, as well as the means to unlock and pass the myriad bonus missions in the game.


    Q: What is LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga?

    A: This is a full compilation of the first two LEGO Star Wars games, released in 2007.

    Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

    A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

    Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

    A: Absolutely so. There's almost no objectionable material during gameplay. All violence is done to LEGO bricks, not real people. The game is very forgiving in the sense of difficulty, encourages exploration and critical thinking, as well as working together with a friend. However, there are certain situations that mirror the movies, such as the LEGO characters dying or being dismembered (ie. Qui-Gon's death or Luke losing his hand) which are kinda played down given the goofy nature of the LEGOs.

    Q: How many people can play? Does this game require a Nunchuk?

    A: Two, and yes.

    Q: So, what's changed from the individual games? Has a lot of new stuff been added?

    A: This game is more than just a "mash-up" of the two individual games. Steps have been taken to make all six episodes one cohesive experience. The Original Trilogy has had the fewest modifications, as the game was just about perfect as it was. The Prequel Trilogy has had updates to bring it up to speed with LSW2's gameplay-style. Here are all the changes as a list:

    • The Mos Eisley Cantina is now the hub for the entire game, and has been significantly redesigned to reflect this.
    • A new mission has been added to the beginning of Episode II: Bounty Hunter Pursuit (which was cut from the original LSW).
    • Episode I: Mission 4 (Mos Espa Pod Race), while still a race, is now one big cohesive area, and instead of reaching a checkpoint before the time runs out, you simply have to beat Sebulba to the end.
    • Episode II: Mission 4 (Gunship Cavalry) has now become free-roaming, much like the vehicle missions in the OT.
    • All LSW missions have a hidden Power Brick, and many incorporate the newer "building", "levers", and "vehicles" concepts from LSW2 in various spots. Also, all LSW Episodes now each have a Bonus section incorporating Super Story, Character Bonus, and Minikit Bonus.
    • In addition to Story and Free Play, there is now a "Challenge" mode for each mission, which has you finding minikit canisters in a certain amount of time.
    • True Jedi now only needs to be reached either on Story or Free Play, no longer both.
    • There is a "Powerup" pickup in missions which can be grabbed to give your character enhanced abilities for a limited time (more info in Hints/Tips).
    • There are now a total of 20 Bounty Hunter Challenges.
    • There are additional characters and extras to purchase.
    • There is a Two Player Arcade, used to pit players against each other.
    • There is a "Bonus" lounge in the Cantina, where you can access six special bonus missions.
    • The game has a total of 160 Gold Bricks to find.
    • For the Wii version, you can use the Remote and Nunchuk to manipulate the game as well as the standard controls.
    • The 360 and PS3 versions have (or at least had at the time of this guide) online play. Note that this is a FAQ for the Wii version of the game, so I won't be expanding on that much.

    So, bottom line is that there aren't any huge changes, but enough that if a fan is a big Star Wars fan (like me), they could find a lot to love here.

    Q: I can't get to a certain spot! I need Artoo/Threepio/a Jedi/a grappler! What do I do?

    A: You'll have to come back to that spot on Free Play, where you can take whatever characters you want.

    Q: How can I make studs quickly?

    A: First, focus on the multiplier Extras. Once you snag them, you can apply them to Free Play, and you'll rake in the studs. Of course, you have to get to them first.

    Two missions that give a lot of studs are the Mos Espa Pod Race and the Battle Over Coruscant. As you crash into poles or shoot down ships, you'll get a great amount.

    Another method that requires a little more patience and an extra controler is to buy the Fertilizer and Poo Money Extras. Get to an area with two animals and face them back to back with each other, and turn on the Extras. Continually press Z on both Nunchuks and you'll drag in studs indefinitely without having to really watch the game, so you can just watch a movie or something while hitting Z over and over again.

    Q: I have all the Gold Bricks and everything, but I still don't have 100%! What am I missing?

    A: Most likely, you're missing the Super Stories. They don't give you Gold Bricks, or any kind of reward, except credit towards your final percentage, so that's probably it.

    Q: I like your text guide better! Is it gone forever?

    A: Not at all. While GameFAQs doesn't allow both a text and formatted version of the same guide to exist on their site, the text version still exists in other locations on the Internet. Head down to the Legal section of the guide for info on sites that carry the text version.


    Most of this information can be found in the instruction manual, like anyone reads those.


    General Controls
    Control StickMove your character.
    A ButtonJump or hover (not available for all characters)
    B ButtonAttack or use primary ability.
    Z ButtonUse special ability. Also used to bulid piles of LEGOs and pull levers (non-droids only).
    C ButtonShift focus. Use when facing another character to transfer control to them.
    1 and 2 ButtonsOnly used during Free Play. Switch between characters you selected for this mission.
    + ButtonBrings up Pause Menu.
    Blaster Character Controls
    A ButtonJump. Some characters have a second diving jump if you press A again.
    B ButtonFire blaster. Press B just as a blaster bolt is about to hit you to dodge it.
    Z ButtonUse grappling hook on red targets.
    Jedi/Sith Controls
    A ButtonJump. Press again for a double jump.
    B ButtonSwing lightsaber. Hold down button to assume blocking position. Press B just as a blaster bolt is about to hit you to reflect it back at its shooter.
    Z ButtonUse the Force. Using the Force will have different results depending on the character and target. Certain characters have a special Force use on enemies, such as Force Choke or Force Lightning.

    There are also some cool moves/combos you can do with a lightsaber. If you jump and attack, you'll perform a jump-slash. This has a good chance of hitting your target, but you're vulnerable while performing it. If you double-jump and attack, you'll perform a diving down-stab. This will create a small outward field that will damage enemies all around you. Finally, there's the standing combo. If you press the attack button again right after you finish your first strike, your second will have sparkly trails. Do it again for a third strike, and you'll perform a "super slash", which has double power AND can break through an enemy's guard.

    Lastly, a reader named Fiera has pointed me out to a move he calls the "Force Flip". It invokes when fighting against another saber wielder. If you block a strike, then shortly press A afterwards, you will leap above and behind your enemy, perfect for a free hit.

    Flying Vehicle Controls
    Control StickPush in the direction you wish to fly. Push in the opposite direction to perform a U-turn.
    A ButtonAcrobatics. Simply press A to perform a loop. Press A and tap left or right to do a barrel roll and avoid enemy fire.
    B ButtonFire blasters.
    Z ButtonFire proton torpedoes that you've picked up.

    Motion Sensor Movements -

    None of these are required to do. You can play the entire game without so much as twitching your Nunchuk, but they're available if you wish.

    Saber Swing - If your character is armed with a saber, swinging the Remote is the same as pressing B. It will perform all the attendant saber moves.
    Blocking and Dodging - Holding your Wii Remote horizontally will allow you to block with a saber, or dodge incoming shots if you're a gunner.
    Force - Moving the Nunchuk left and right as you hold Z will allow you to move things faster through the Force.
    Building - Once you start building something (holding down Z), move both the Remote and Nunchuk up and down (as if you were climbing a ladder) and you'll build faster.
    Grapple - If your character can use a grapple, stand on a red target and quickly move your Remote upwards to use it.

    Main Menu -

    New Game - Start a new game.
    Load Game - Load a previously saved game.
    Options - Opens Options Menu.

    Options Menu -

    Music - Toggle music on/off.
    Widescreen - Toggle widescreen functionality.

    Pause Menu -

    Resume - Get back to the game.
    Options - Opens Options Menu.
    Extras - Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased, as well as toggle the Adaptive Difficulty.
    Quit - Return to the Main Menu (will not save).

    Powers and Abilities

    I've kept this list short, much like I did in the text version of this guide. This focuses around extra abilities you'll need as you go through Free Play missions. I didn't include Jedi or protocol droids, since you get them either immediately at the very beginning, or by going through the required first mission.

    • Grappler: By pressing Z on a red circle, you can attach to a pre-determined point above or across from you. This is a very common ability, and just about any non-droid with a blaster has this. Depending on the route you take through the missions, you could have one as early as I-3, II-3, III-3, IV-1, V-2, or VI-1.
    • High Jumper: This is a character that can jump rather high by pressing A twice. Higher than a double jump that Jedi can do, though. Four characters fit this bill: Jar Jar Binks, Captain Tarpals, General Grievous, and to a lesser extent, the Grievous' Bodyguard, which actually has a high single jump. The extra height of this jump is only applicable in Episodes I-III, as LEGO Star Wars 2 did not use high jumpers, so in those missions a high jumping character will only have a typical double jump.
    • Astromech: Astromech droids have two particular abilities. They can access panels that carry their picture by pressing Z, which will open doors or activate certain things in the environment. They can also hover for a fair bit by holding down the A button, which tends to be farther than a typical double jump. R2-D2 is added to your characters after I-5, III-2, IV-1, V-4, or VI-1. There's also R4, whom you can get after II-2.
    • Shortie: This denotes needing someone short that can crawl through vents, basically looking like small doors on walls in the environment. Press Z near them to crawl in and out the exit at another location. Shorties include Anakin Skywalker (Boy) whom you get for free after I-5, Wicket whom you get for free after VI-4, but also Boba Fett (Boy), a Jawa, an Ugnaught, or any other Ewok.
    • Bounty Hunter: Bounty Hunters have two useful abilities. The first is the ability to access locked doors with a green circle in front of them (stand in front and press Z). The second is to throw thermal detonators (commonly referred to in this guide as "TDs"). Press Z and you'll toss the bomb out, and after a few seconds it will explode. These are your means for destroying shiny silver objects, and the game helps you by letting the bombs stick to anything silver after thrown. The Bounty Hunters you can enlist include Zam Wesell, Jango Fett, Greedo, Boba Fett, Dengar, Bossk, 4-LOM, and IG-88. All of these you have to buy. Leia as Boussh gets temporary Bounty Hunter status during the mission you use her, but it doesn't persist out of that mission.
    • Imperial: Simply, any door or device that has a white circle in front of it can be accessed by an Imperial character by pressing Z while on it. Stormtroopers, officers, Darth Vader, the Emperor, and even Clone Troopers of various types will work in these spots. It's important to note that the only ones of these you get for free are Commander Cody after III-3 and Darth Vader after VI-5.
    • Sith: The Order of the Sith is devoted to control and power via the Dark Side of the Force. As such, they can hold down Z near objects marked with red sparkles and employ their destructive powers on them. Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Darth Vader, and the Emperor are the Sith in this game, and the only one you get for free is Vader after VI-5. The remainder are expensive.
    • TIE: This is a vehicle ability, or attribute, I suppose. In vehicle missions, you'll find flat gates marked with a symbol of a TIE Fighter (gray ship with vertical wings). To open these gates, simply steer a TIE craft near them. The TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, and TIE Fighter (Darth Vader) all work for this. You can purchase TIEs after completing IV-6, V-3, or VI-6.
    • Cable Craft: This is another vehicle ability. Certain ones allow you to press Z near a proper target to attach a cable from your rear to them. The crafts that have this ability are the Snowspeeder and the Republic Gunship, which you get in V-1 and II-5, respectively.


    The basic form of progress in this game is the "Gold Brick". You get a Gold Brick for completing a mission in Story Mode, for getting True Jedi status, and for collecting all Minikit Canisters in a mission. Also, bonus missions have a Gold Brick as the reward for beating the threshold. There are also Bricks you can purchase from the Cantina. This gives you a grand total of 160 Gold Bricks to get. Lastly, after your 60th Gold Brick, every one you get thereafter will get you an additional 100,000 studs.

    Keep collecting studs. Collecting a specified number will give you "True Jedi" status and a Gold Brick. Once you hit the True Jedi threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs get afterwards. You only need to get True Jedi once for each mission, either on Story or Free Play.

    Collect Minikit Canisters (I just refer to them as "canisters") to assemble a vehicle. Collecting all ten and completing the vehicle will give you 50,000 studs, a Gold Brick, and will allow you to use that vehicle in Minikit bonus missions.

    Each mission has a red Power Brick in them. Collect that Power Brick and complete the mission to unlock an Extra for purchase at the bar. Some of these can be pretty expensive, mind you, but they're the most useful ones.

    Watch for "Powerups", which are blue balls of energy new to this game. If you pick one up, you'll get about fifteen seconds worth of "special powers". These include:

    • Attacks do double damage (sabers, blasters, melee).
    • Your character is invulnerable (attacks won't even faze him, and blaster bolts will bounce off).
    • Blindingly fast Force and build times.
    • You have a large "stud collection" radius, meaning studs will be pulled to you from further away. This doesn't work so well against studs you knock out of things until they settle.
    • Vehicles will have the "Tractor Beam" power active.
    • All studs collected will be multiplied by two.

    Shoot. Freakin'. Everything. If it's made out of LEGO bricks and not obviously part of the background, gun it down, or saber it down, or whatever you have to do, because a lot of stuff to move ahead in the game requires you to go on a destruction frenzy.

    Explore everywhere. Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas you might be missing.

    If you die, you'll drop a portion of your studs: usually 2,000, but that can vary if you have Adaptive Difficulty turned on. You can die as many times as you want and you can still finish the mission. However, losing too many studs means you'll have a harder time getting True Jedi status, so be sure to recollect those lost studs when you croak.

    Sparklies on an object means that you can use the Force on them, so take that opportunity whenever it presents itself. Red sparklies means that ONLY a Sith can use the Force on those objects. Sith aren't purchaseable immediately, and are usually quite expensive.

    Mos Eisley Cantina

    This is the main hub in the game. Lots of characters wander around, and if you start a bar fight, look out. A batch of the characters you've unlocked will also be strolling around the place, inside and outside. Anyway, there are several points of interest in the Cantina:

    • Bar - This is pretty much where you buy everything in the game. Just to the left is a holoprojector that shows your time playing and your total percentage. Walk up to Wuher the bartender to see his menu.
      • Hints: These are all purchased for 100 studs, except for the last one, which is 1000. They give you basic tips on how to play the game.
      • Characters: As you progress through missions, you'll be given characters automatically if you used them in the Story. For characters you don't play as in the Story, you'll have to purchase them from here as they're unlocked.
      • Extras: These are gameplay modifiers. Some help you get through the game. Others are just for show. Some are available for purchase immediately. Others require you to find Power Bricks to make them available.
      • Enter Code: If, somehow, you come across secret codes, you can enter them here to quickly unlock stuff that would require you plenty of studs otherwise.
      • Gold Bricks: There are fourteen Gold Bricks available to buy, starting at 10,000, and increasing in price by 5,000. A new one will become available for every few missions you complete.
      • Story Clips: Pick this to view any movie clip you've seen during Story Mode.
    • Bacta Tanks - In these two bacta tanks are your "Create-A-Characters". Get close and you can completely customize two characters to your liking. Note that, initially, you will NOT be able to give your characters powers that you do not already have access to in your existing characters. That is, you won't have bounty hunter helmets or red lightsabers to make premature Hunters or Sith until you buy them from the bar.
    • Episode Lounges - These are where you access the respective episodes. At first, only I is open. After the first mission, the other episodes will be available. You must beat each episode's missions in sequential order. Hanging outside the lounge's gate, or each mission's door will give you your stats on that mission/episode so far. Your first visit to a mission is always Story. After that, you can replay the Story, or play on Free Play, or play the Challenge.
    • Bonus Lounge - The bonus area to the right of the episode lounges is where your special bonuses lie. You need Gold Bricks to access these.
    • The Junkyard - To the far left is the door outside. There are a few things to play with out here, such as a mini-racetrack and a couple of cars to build. Also, you'll find the door to the Bounty Hunter Challenges out here, a minikit viewing area, and the 160 Gold Brick bonus, once you get them all.
    • Bounty Hunter Challenges - Once you purchase the follwing six bounty hunters: Greedo, Boba Fett, IG-88, 4-LOM, Bossk, and Dengar, you can access this, which is out in the Junkyard.

    Notes on Walkthroughs

    You've probably noticed by now, but I've condensed all "Story", "Free Play", "Challenge" aspects of each mission into one section now. I've received feedback that tells me it's easier to have everything about a mission in one location, rather than spreading it out.


    This mode in each mission is available by default. In this, you take two or more characters through a "chapter" of the film's story, sometimes reworked to allow for more action, or to accommodate two characters. You'll proceed through the environment, assembling, platforming, and battling your way to the end. Once you complete the Story, you'll receive any characters you've played as, a Gold Brick, and access to the latter two options described below.

    Almost always, you won't be able to collect all the collectibles in a mission. For that, you'll have to return in Free Play.

    True Jedi may be earned while going through Story, but typically you'll find it easier to do so while going through Free Play.

    Free Play

    Once, you beat the Story, this option will be available. Once you select Free Play, you'll be allowed to pick your characters from the entire list of characters you've thus far unlocked. Furthermore, once you've selected, the game will add more characters to cover all the abilities you'll be needing. In the case of vehicle missions, you'll be doing the same for any vehicles you've unlocked.

    Once inside the mission, you'll have more freedom to explore off the beaten path, and you're indeed encouraged to do so, as your goal going through on Free Play is to collect the ten canisters to assemble the mission's Minikit, as well as collect the red Power Brick for the Extra, and earning True Jedi through stud collection if you hadn't done so in Story.

    On the table for each mission, I've marked not only where the canisters are but also what you need to access them if applicable, so make sure you have such characters before you seriously tackle the mission in question. If the requirement simply says "Free Play", then you simply just cannot get that object during Story since it requires characters you'd already have in your stable but not in the story, or the ability to hot-switch characters on the fly.


    This mode is new to the LEGO franchise, and in fact hasn't been reused since. You'll be tasked with going into the mission and finding ten blue canisters before time runs out. Most missions give you ten minutes to do so. These blue canisters are not in the same locations as the white canisters are in Story/Free Play, so you'll have to search in new and creative ways. Once you find all ten, the mission will immediately end, and your best time will be recorded.

    As general tips, I suggest searching in alcoves or behind things that you normally wouldn't expect to look. Some of the hiding places can be quite devious. However, none of them are "invisible" hidden, which is to say that you don't need to perform any special tasks to get them to appear like white canisters, so try to save as much time as possible by not manipulating useless objects.

    Note that you will NOT have access to Extras. You will, however, be given the standard Free Play set of characters. I suggest taking a Ghost Jedi with you, as they won't be bothered by enemies. Also, to save time, keep track of how many "shifts" you are from your astromech, protocol, high jumping characters.

    Upon completing a Challenge, you'll get your remaining time in studs, as well as an extra 50,000 the first time you do it.

    Episode I Walkthroughs

    Starting Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Available for Purchase: Gonk Droid, PK Droid, Indiana Jones (Go to Trailers in the Bonus lounge)

    "You were right about one thing, Master. The negotiations were short." - Obi-Wan

    Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, TC-14
    True Jedi at 31,000: A piece of cake. If you turn right as you go in, you'll find a generator that you can use the Force on to get more than half your total. You can reach your threshold well before the second area.

    Play with whatever you want in here, then use the Force (Z) on the door to bust it down. Saber the droids good, then proceed down the hallway. Fight more droids, then bust your way through the canisters. You'll find TC-14 at the end, so use the C button to switch to her. Press Z while she stands in front of the panel with a protocol droid face on it to open the door. In the next room, have one of your Jedi use Z to put together the panel, then have TC-14 use that one. In the next room, use the Force on the wall grating to remove it. Chop up the two droids behind it, then press on.


    There are several droids populating this area. Note the Powerup in the middle of the room. This will grant you great power when attacking and in using your special abilities (Force and building go much faster), as well as invincibility and being able to pick up studs from far away. As you head to the right, you'll find even more Droids. Smashing them will summon two Droidekas near the force field. Beating them is a matter of either pounding them until their shields drop, then hitting them three times, or using one diving saber attack to lower their shields first. Also, there's a STAP in the front of the room that you can put together and use, if you wish. Also, in the orange bricks on the right side, you'll find a Powerup in one of them. Once the Droidekas are scrap, use the Force on either of the two wall ornaments on the sides of the force field to create platforms. Hop onto them and over. Have both Jedi stand on the two buttons (if you're playing alone, the CPU will help you with the other Jedi). This removes the force field and scares up some more droids. Waste them, then have TC-14 use the panel here. Enter the transport that just opened and you're done! Yes, already!

    New Characters: TC-14
    Available for Purchase: Battle Droid, Battle Droid (Security), Battle Droid (Commander), Droideka

    Completing this mission will open up the first mission of each of the other five episodes.

    Free Play -

    Canister #1As you go down the first hallway, you'll see six blue markers along the walls. Use the Force on all six and a canister will appear at the end.
    Canister #2In the opening hallway, hang a left and use the Threepio panel. Have two characters stand on each of the buttons to uncover this one.
    Canister #3ShortieMidway down the first hallway (where it turns right), there's a Threepio panel on your left. It leads to a room with blocks and force fields. Send a Shortie up through the left-hand vent to find this at the end of the walkway.
    Canister #4Shortie, High JumperIn the same area as #3, use a Shortie to get through the vent to the upper ledge, then hit the button in the upper-left corner, which will remove the force fields from the area. Force the four blocks on the ground into a tower, then use a high jumper to go up to the upper-right for this one.
    Canister #5Similar to the one above with blue lights, there are six purple lights after you turn the corner in the first hallway. Force all six to make a canister appear.
    Canister #6Astromech, High JumperIn the same area as #5 is an Artoo panel on your left. In this next room, there is a small square cart that moves forward when the Force is used on it. Step on it and your companion will move it forward. High jump up to the canister above you.
    Canister #7Astromech, High JumperIn the same room as #6, go up to the back vent and Force it away. Go through it with a high-jumper. In the next room, hover across as an Artoo unit, then get onto the fighter and high jump up to the canister. The nearby Artoo panel will deactivate the force field so you can go back.
    Canister #8High JumperAs you remove the vent leading to the second area of the mission, it makes a box. High jump off it to get this one.
    Canister #9As soon as you reach the second area, you'll see a canister above a ledge to your left. Use the Force on items on the floor to your left to make a tower you can use to climb up to the ledge that has it. You might also be able to make the jump from the entrance itself.
    Power Brick (Super Gonk)Astromech, High JumperIn the second area, force the large canister on your left so you can high jump up to the Artoo panel. Use it, then go to the next room. Step on the gray space (not the button) and your buddy will step on the button. Double jump into each of the canisters on the left and right to lower them. Once both are down, have each of you step on the two new buttons to reveal the brick.
    Canister #10In the large area of the hangar on the right side, Force the big block, then three little blocks on top of it. Climb onto the over-hanging platform above. You may be able to make the jump to the canister, but it's much easier to Force the lever (to the left of the magnet thingy) to move it there.

    Challenge -

    Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
    #1In the meeting room, in the back left corner.
    #2Turn right in the first hallway. Force together the platform on the left and ride it up.
    #3In the main hallway, use the second Threepio panel. This one is to the left, behind two glowing blue conduits.
    #4AstromechIn the main hallway, use the Artoo panel. This is in one of the showers.
    #5High Jumper, AstromechFrom #4, break open the vent in the upper right and jump up to it. In the next room, hover over to the right.
    #6In the room just before the second area, double jump from the container you made the vent out of.
    #7AstromechIn the second area, go through the Artoo panel in the upper-left corner. Stand on the grey platform and wait for your partner to step on the button. Double jump into the right-hand enclosure.
    #8In the lower-left corner of the second area.
    #9In the lower-right corner of the second area.
    #10Behind the droid transport at the end.
    "You almost got us killed. Are you brainless?" - Qui-Gon
    "I speak!" - Jar Jar
    "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent." - Qui-Gon
    Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks
    True Jedi at 44,000: Shouldn't be too hard. Studs are pretty easy to come by, and obvious to find.

    Your path is straight ahead. Droids, Gungans, and others will migrate across your path from the left to the right. Some of the droids will decide to mix it up with you, so oblige them. Eventually, you'll come upon a fallen tree. Force it up to be able to move on. Next, a droid transport will be blocking your path. Use the Force on the lit-up part of it several times to make it explode. Continue on and you'll find Jar Jar stopping to smell the flowers. With him in tow, head up the stone steps. The mob will cease at this point, so continue to the next area.


    Force the Gungan face into a bridge, then cross. Switch to Jar Jar on the other side, then use his high double jump to reach the top of the stone, dropping it down to your level. This will uncover a mechanism that you will need to use the Force on to lower another platform. Switch back to Jar Jar and hop on three more platforms. You'll have to leave that green circle for later, as you don't have any bounty hunters. Press on to the right and the exit.


    Remove the Force-sensitive blocks above you to release a ramp. Climb up and fight your way along to the swamp area and beyond to a second swamp. Switch to Jar Jar and have him jump up to the high ledge, following the stud trail. At the end, he can stand on a darker stone to make it sink, revealing the passage to the next area.


    There's not much to this area except to press straight ahead and follow the stud arrow into the water to finish the mission.

    New Characters: Jar Jar Binks
    Available for Purchase: Captain Tarpals, Boss Nass

    Free Play -

    Canister #1GrapplerTake the first right to the clearing with rocks. Stack the three rocks on top of each other and shoot the target. Double jump up to the canister.
    Canister #2As soon as you stand the tree up in the first area, smash it up to make a canister appear.
    Canister #3This is one of the few that you can mess up on and have to restart to get. Once you destroy the droid transport using the Force, DON'T smash it. High jump off the left end to get up to this one.
    Canister #4After smashing the droid transport on your way to the rocky area, saber the whole thing into scrap. You'll find a hole with the canister underneath.
    Canister #5Once you reach the rocky steps, Force away the plants on the left at the bottom of the steps to reveal a block. Force it into the wall, then have a high jumper jump off it to reach the canister.
    Power Brick (Poo Money)Bounty HunterAs you cross the sinking stones, you'll see a green Bounty Hunter circle. Use it to open a panel with this behind it.
    Canister #6After crossing the sinking stones that you need Jar Jar to jump on, you'll find some stones on a higher platform that you can use the Force on (you need to do this to proceed). On top of that ledge is a canister.
    Canister #7As you enter the third area, you Force some blocks to lower a ramp. Drop down to where you moved the blocks to to find this one.
    Canister #8ShortieJust before you reach the first swamp puddle. You'll see an obvious vent. Crawl into it as a Shortie.
    Canister #9Once you reach the second swamp puddle in the third area, you'll see some logs blocking a cave. Force them away to find this one.
    Canister #10In the last area, there is a three-piece statue on the ground. Force it together in the proper order: legs, body, head, and a canister will appear.

    Challenge -

    Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
    #1Turn right at the first junction to find this near the rocks.
    #2Amongst the flowers just before the droid transport.
    #3On the right side of the first area, just before the stone stairs.
    #4In the second area, behind the LEGO Gungan face.
    #5In the second area, behind the fourth sinking block.
    #6In the second area, on the upper platform after the sinking blocks.
    #7Bounty HunterIn the third area, blow up the droid transport with a thermal detonator and enter the hidden area. It's behind the big stone head.
    #8In the third area, near the droid transpor, Force the engine onto the tree. High jump up to this one.
    #9In the third area, behind the long bricks in the second swamp area.
    #10In the last area, on the left behind the Gungan statue.
    "It seems your negotiations have failed." - Panaka
    "The negotiations never took place." - Qui-Gon
    Characters: Queen Amidala, Captain Panaka, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi
    True Jedi at 48,000: This will probably take until the last area. Make sure you focus on everything that can be blown. Don't ignore windows, either. Once you get the Jedi back, use the Force on things before smashing them.

    While the Jedi saved the Queen's butt, they apparently are needed somewhere else, so you'll be controlling your first gunfighters, here. Shoot all droids in the area. Your destination is the back left corner, where you'll find a red target you can use as a starting point to grapple up to the next level (hit Z). Move right along the balcony to find another grapple point to ride up. Move right from there, past the windows, and blow up a flower bed to find yet another grapple point. Blast the droids here, and a nearby flower bed for the next point. At the top, you'll see a big puzzle, but you can't complete it at the moment, so just blast all the bad guys and move on to the back right.


    Go straight ahead and blast all the droids in your path and head out the doorway.


    Go down the steps and blast your way out through the windows. Head to the right and shoot the red and yellow target near the gate to open it. Go through.


    Drop down to the lower level and rejoin your Jedi-folk. Once all the droids are scrap, head to the right. You'll run across another squad of droids, which are near some canisters. Two of these canisters are on top of elevators, so blast them to start them moving. Take a gunner onto the elevators and blast the targets as they come in range. Once all four targets are hit, you can go through the gate.


    Cross over the bridge to the rooftops. Now, in addition to a bunch of marching droid patrols, you'll notice the main area has three big skylights, each with a button on the top. These buttons remove the smaller skylights on the edges of the roof. Each button removes one skylight from each side. The button you want to hit is the middle one, then head to the back of the roof and remove the grating over the hole. Fall down to finish.

    New Characters: Queen Amidala, Captain Panaka
    Available for Purchase: Royal Guard, Padme

    Free Play -

    Canister #1Free PlayIn the first plaza, blast away all the doors on the ground floor. Use the Force on each of the pillars in-between to make boxes, then stack the boxes. High jump from the top of them.
    Canister #2AstromechIn the upper plaza in the first area (with the puzzle), use the Force on the back wall sections. High jump up to the higher one, then float across as an astromech to get to it in the far corner.
    Power Brick (Walkie Talkie Disable)Bounty Hunter, SithYou need to solve the "puzzle" in the upper plaza in the first area. One block is already made for you. Another needs to be assembled in the canisters in the upper left. The third needs a thermal detonator on the shiny canisters in the back right. The last needs a Sith to remove the flowers with red sparklies, then blow up the planter they were in. Once all four blocks are assembled, they need to be pushed to their lit-up "ready" spots, and they're all in the opposite corner they need to be in. Once all four are in place, Force them to their spots on the puzzle, and you're done.
    Canister #3As soon as you reach the second area, go towards the screen, and it's right in front of you.
    Canister #4In the third area, after you bust out of the windows, go down to the left. When you reach the bottom ledge, go to the right and to the end to find this one.
    Canister #5Astromech, SithIn the same basic area as #4 (down and to the left in the third area), use an astromech's hover to get to the far left ledge. Grapple up to the top and use Sith Force on the flower beds, then destroy them to unearth this one.
    Canister #6Free PlayIn the fourth area (where the Jedi come back), go to the right as normal, then onto the ledges in the back of the area. You'll eventually come across a grapple point. Grapple up and go to the left to find another point, which leads to an area with little swinging gates on the ledge. Force open all of these gates to make this one appear.
    Canister #7ShortieIn the fourth area (where the Jedi come back), go the same way as #6 to the first grapple point. There's a vent up here that a shortie can go through, which leads to a canister.
    Canister #8Shortie, Bounty HunterGo up the vent described in #7, then go to a ledge on the right. Drop down below you to find a balcony with shiny windows. Use a thermal detonator on those, then use the Force on the painting inside to find this one.
    Canister #9Free PlayIn the last area there are four round trees surrounding the middle skylight. Destroy them so you can move their bases to the center. Once you have all four stacked, use a high jumper to reach the canister.
    Canister #10Bounty HunterIn the last area, press the red button on the right-hand big skylight to uncover a shiny grate covering on the right side. Use a thermal detonator on it.

    Challenge -

    Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
    #1In the first plaza, behind the third of four blastable doors.
    #2After going up to the first ledge with windows, smash the first window to find this one.
    #3At the end of the first area, behind two shiny containers.
    #4AstromechIn the third area, drop down to the left and float across the gap. Grapple up to the ledge with the two Droidekas to find this one behind them.
    #5In the third area, drop down to the left and at the very bottom walk around to the right. This one is just hidden behind a corner.
    #6In the fourth area, a bit behind the elevator.
    #7Bounty HunterIn the fourth area, go to the balconies above, and to the right-hand one with shiny windows. Blow them apart with a TD to find it.
    #8In the fourth area, just before the exit, high jump from the target lifts to the top area to find this one.
    #9In the last area, in the back left behind some containers.
    #10In the last area, at the very near-right corner.

    "Better stop you friend's betting, or I'll end up owning him, too." - Watto, translated from Huttese

    Vehicles: Anakin's Pod
    True Jedi at 46,000: This is a little tricky, because you'll have to run into just about everything out here. Just about all the poles and crystals have studs in them, and you need to run into them to scare the studs out.

    Story -

    Here's how it goes. In the old LSW there were a bunch of smaller areas and you had to reach a "checkpoint" before time ran out. Not so much, anymore. The whole race is now one big area, and all you have to do is beat Sebulba to the end. That said, it's still a wild and fast race, with lots of hazards, so you still have to stay awake. Hit the boost pads whenever you can to get an edge. Also, if you blow up, you'll simply start where you were at, not the beginning of the "checkpoint".

    The first lap is relatively tame, except for the big canyon, where you'll have Tusken Raiders gunning down at you. Try to avoid their shots to take as little damage as possible.

    In the second lap, the path switches after a crash, so you'll need to navigate a new area, although there isn't much else new to it.

    In the final lap, the big canyon has rocks in addition to shots firing. These rocks won't destroy you (like they used to), but they will slow you down.

    New Vehicles: Anakin's Pod
    Available for Purchase: Watto, Pit Droid, Sebulba's Pod

    Free Play -

    Canister #1On the main path in the first rocky area, just after a boost pad.
    Canister #2Just before the drop off (which is before the service ramp), you'll see it to the right of the boost pads.
    Power Brick (Power Brick Detector)Just after all the rocks, there's the drop off (not long before the service ramp). After that drop off, hold left to go around the holes. It will be in your path.
    Canister #3TIETake an Imperial Fighter through the gate up the service ramp to find it.
    Canister #4In the middle of the cavern with all the crystals. You really can't miss it.
    Canister #5In the left side of the Tusken Raider canyon, between two boost pads.
    Canister #6Just after the Tusken Raider canyon, after some poles.
    Canister #7After the canyon, you'll see two holes in a rock formation. The right-hand hole has this one.
    Canister #8Soon before the open plain area, you'll have a little jump up. The canister is on the right just before this.
    Canister #9In the open plains before the end, you'll find one on the right side's boost pads.
    Canister #10Pretty much right before the finish line, after some poles.

    Challenge -

    Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
    #1Right next to the starting line. Can't miss it.
    #2Just before the first set of boosts.
    #3Veer left after the drop-off to find this one.
    #4TIEGo through the TIE Gate to find this one.
    #5In the middle of the cavern.
    #6On the right side of the Tusken Raider canyon.
    #7After the canyon, through the right-hand hole in the rock.
    #8Right in front of you just before the last stretch.
    #9Just to the left of the second set of boosts in the last stretch.
    #10Only on the third lap, as the first part of the path veers to the right, can you get this one.

    "Wipe them out... all of them." - Darth Sidious

    Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme (Battle), Captain Panaka, R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker (Boy)
    True Jedi at 60,000: This one's a tall order, as there aren't a lot of big stud dumps in this mission. Just shoot everything that looks shootable, and make sure you try to Force it first.

    With your largest cast, yet, head into the main plaza and start causing havoc. Take down all the droids and blow up the tank. This will allow you to Force together a ramp, which you need for Artoo so he can get up on the upper level. Go to the back of the room and use Artoo on the door to open it.


    Use the Force on the hook, and on the blocks. This will basically create means for all six characters to cross this gap by their own methods. Go to the next area. Destroy the droids and Droidekas, then step on one of the buttons. All your other characters will step on them, as well, which will open the doors to your right. Take out the droids and press on. In the next circular room, blow up the statue and assemble the Artoo panel it reveals. Use it, then head through the door.

    Fountain Park

    Head left, then up and waste the droids. In this fountain area, you'll find some blocks near the fountain to the right. Force them into steps so you can climb up to the upper ledges, where you can Force together a bridge going left. Artoo will find his own way to you, so continue to the left until you reach a gate. Remove the nearby flower bed and step on the switch to reveal a vent. Send Anakin through it so he can get to the back area. If you hadn't done so, use Jedi to remove the big boxes so Anakin can reach another vent and then the switch to open the gate.


    Destroy all the droids in this area. The point of this place is to create the means for all the characters to get to the gate in the upper right. The blocks on the right end can be Forced together into an elevator for Artoo. To the left of that is a flower bed, under which is a grapple point for the gunners. A vent on the back wall is all ready for Anakin. Now, the Jedi. Go to the left side of the area to find two boxes. Have each Jedi stand on the box and you can both use the Force to raise each other to the top. From there, Force the nearby ledge up and you can all go to the right to the six buttons in front of the gate to open it.

    Dining Hall

    Head straight across this large hall and up the stairs on the right into the alcove with a Droideka. There are three statues here covering buttons. The ones on the left and right release enemies, while the back one will open the way ahead.


    You're now in the hangar, and the object is to free six pilots. For starters, there are two right on the ground floor in the middle of the room. Blast the two red-marked droids to free them. There are two more higher up in the middle of the room. Do the two-box-lift trick you did earlier to get your Jedi up there to free the pilots. To get the one above the door you entered by, go to the left and put together a three-block tower, using the biggest one as the base, of course, then hop around the ledges along the walls to reach above the door. The last pilot in the far left corner is freed by another three-block tower just near it. Once all six are loose, go to the far right corner and use the Artoo panel to end the mission.

    New Characters: Padme (Battle), R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker (Boy)

    Free Play -

    Canister #1Either use a Grappler to get up to the top, or Force the objects on the right side to get on the high balcony. There's a canister behind the lattice on the right side. Just walk around the back.
    Canister #2On top of the high balcony in the center is a circular window. Blast it open and double jump into it.
    Canister #3Smash the statue in the background and step on the button to uncover this one.
    Canister #4SithThere's a part in the second area that branches off and has red lights. Follow this area and use Sith Force on the black object on the floor to move it so you can jump up to the upper ledge that has an odd insignia on the wall. Sith Force it down to find this canister.
    Fountain Park
    Canister #5Go to the far back of the area and use a Shortie to reach the upper ledges (near the elevator for Artoo). Go around to the right and back to find this one.
    Canister #6This is found high up on the near left side. To get up here, it's best to go up the Force-stairs and across the bridge. Hop off to the left and use the Force on the brick-wall to get up to the top.
    Canister #7Bounty HunterIn front of the six buttons, drop down the front side to find some stacked boxes. Blow them up and assemble the shiny canister. Blow it with a thermal detonator.
    Dining Hall
    Power Brick (Super Slap)Go to the left side of the hall and Force together the chairs, then the tables. Smash the statue in the back and step on the button, then Force out the plates and cups. Now, blow up the whole mess to make this appear.
    Canister #8Go to the left of the stairs up and Force the two tables over to the wall on the left. Jump into the alcove behind them and grapple up. Go left and climb up to the top ledge, then keep going left to find this.
    Canister #9Bounty Hunter, Sithgo to the far left (where the lone pilot is) and use a thermal detonator on the shiny canisters. Build the block, then Sith Force it into place to reach this one.
    Canister #10Free PlayThis is in the far right upper corner. To get there, climb up to the spot where one droid is guarding two pilots. Use a high jumper from there to get up to the right ledge, then walk all the way around to the corner.

    Challenge -

    Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
    #1In the very first alcove, grapple up, then hop one balcony to the left.
    #2In the first plaza, grapple up and head right behind the latticework (this is the same spot as a regular Canister).
    #3In the area with the six buttons (now two) go left to the end of the hallway.
    #4SithHead down the red-lit corridor and use Sith Force to get to the upper alcove to find this one.
    #5Early in the fountain area, blow up the latticework to your right as you climb stairs to find this one.
    #6In the fountain area, high up on the near left corner, where a Canister was in Free Play.
    #7Late in the fountain area, you'll see this one on a back ledge easily.
    #8In the large plaza area after the fountain, drop down to the lower balcony to find this one.
    #9In the dining hall area, go to the back alcove and hit the right-hand button. It's hidden in here.
    #10In the hangar, near the third starfighter, just back and to the left.

    "We'll handle this." - Qui-Gon

    Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi
    True Jedi at 31,000: Not too hard. Most of your studs will be found in the first and third areas. Just make sure to explore all the nooks and crannies.

    Time for some Maul-tastic action. First thing's first. You need to get that bridge down. Start by reflecting blaster bolts from the droids. Remember to press B just before the blaster bolt hits you to reflect it directly back at the droid. Once all four are scrap, Maul will try to throw something at you. Use the Force on it quickly to send it back at him, which will knock off a heart. Hit him three times like this and he'll drop the bridge and run. Force it back together and head after him.


    Follow Maul as he flips around the catwalks. Jump up and give chase. When he goes across a large gap, use the Force to pull out a platform, then quickly cross it before it recedes back into the wall. Continue like this. If you fall, you'll have to go back to the beginning to get back up. Once you reach the end, follow him into the next room.

    Generator Room

    As you jump across the platforms to give chase, Maul will drop the last platform leading to him. To get this back up, first you need to go to the left and right. There is a Commander Battle Droid on each end, calling down loads of Battle Droids, so smash both of them. Once the area is cleared of all the droids, two platforms with Droidekas on them will rise. Trash them and step on the switches to raise the platform to the far end.

    Force Fields

    The way through this is for each Jedi to hit each lever to pass through the force fields. It's pretty simple.

    Final Duel

    It's party time. Duel him so he's down two hearts, then he'll start jumping around. Use a jump strike or a down stab to hurt him. When he's down to four hearts, he'll hop onto the nearby platforms and start flinging stuff at you. Catch those objects and Force them back at him to knock him off the platforms, then saber him some more until you drain his hearts.

    Available for Purchase: Darth Maul

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