Can All Skills Get To 100?

  1. You max out at level 20 - but is that enough leveling up to get all of your skills up to 100?

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  1. No and Yes. No you can't max all 13 skills to 100 on just skill points earned via leveling up. You can however, max them if you take the following steps:

    1. Max int to 9 (+1 from bobblehead at Rivet City) for a total of 10 int. This will net you 20 skillpoints per level.
    2. At level 4, choose the educated perk.
    3. At level 5, choose the Comprehension perk.
    4. From here on, its just collecting bobbleheads and skillbooks.
    5. Use items (clothing) to fill in the last 5 or 10 points of each skill when you need it.

    Rough numbers:
    Total needed: 13 skills * 100 points = 1300 points needed for maxxing all skills
    from level 1 to 4 you will only get a maximum of 20 skill points per level (60)
    from level 5 onward you will get 23 skill points per level (16*23 = 368)
    *Note: if you are suffering from an effect (i.e. beer) during level up that gives you -1 int, you will get -2 skill points upon allocating your skillpoints. Instead of having 23 available points you will only have 21.
    1 bobblehead for every skill granting +10 skill points (13*10 = 130)
    you start with 15 in every skill (13*15 = 195)
    you tag 3 skills (3*15 = 45)
    skillbooks (approx. 25 per each skill = 25*13 = 325 * 2 (comprehension) = 650)

    grand total = 1473
    note there are other skill points that i haven't accounted for ie. big guns perk, gun nut perk, thief perk, tag perk, etc; but they are unnecessary if you plan on getting a good portion of the books.
    You'll notice that the one thing that is most required is the comprehension perk. However it is advisable to just save your books til you hit level 5, as getting educated at level 4 will net you an extra 3 skillpoints rather than getting comprehension before educated.

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  1. There is a way of doing this involving a certain intelligence, certain perks, and finding every single book and reading them only after having the perk which gives you x2 to improvements by books. If you want to know more, search the boards for one of the dozen or so topics about it.

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