Where can I find the refigorater key under The Anchorage Memorial?

  1. I've been looking around, i've managed to somehow kill all of the Mirelarks, even the hunter and the king, i've searched around the entire place, but i still can't find the key that opens the secret compartment behind on of the refrigoraters. Is there anyone that knows where the key is located? or does anyone know whats in the compartment?

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    Shade_Inferno - 9 years ago
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    alright, thanks for your help. I guess i'll have to go back and check that out, 200 caps sounds too good to pass up, considering i went through all the effort to kill everything already. Much appreciated.

    User Info: Shade_Inferno

    Shade_Inferno - 9 years ago

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  1. I just took this from 1 of the faqs:

    When you first enter the Anchorage Facility, there will be just a few
    Mirelurks in this zone, 2-3. You'll soon realize they're tough hombres.
    They're not particularly weak against melee weapons, unless you happen to get
    a shot in their face. The Frag Mines or getting a lucky shot at the face is
    the best solution. If you hack the terminal downstairs, you'll see you're
    able to unlock the floor safe in the medical clinic, and theres a note to Ted.
    The note says theres door parts in the safe to fix a door in the storage room,
    which happens to have instructions on "the stash" he hid. Ted's body is next
    to the terminal, feel free to loot it. Check out the clinic, clean out the
    safe. Take whatever else you need/want, then take either of the two doors to
    the Facility Bay.

    Theres not much in the Facility Bay, a few more Mirelurks, and doors to other
    locations of the Facility. There is an exit here to the Capital Wasteland,
    but the terminal you need to hack is Average level, so your Science may not be
    that high yet. Theres also a Merc here with a contract, he's already dead
    though, the note shines some light on the situation. You can head to the
    Memorial Service Entrance, or the Offices. I suggest the Service Entrance
    first, this is where the "stash" is located.

    In the Service Entrance you'll find quite a few more Mirelurks. You may find
    yourself scrambling for Stimpacks, or running to take cover. Occasionally you
    can run and gun these guys, or let Dogmeat tank one for a bit while you line
    up a face shot. These guys can do some damage though, so you don't want any
    party member getting hit for too long. You'll find a kitchen area, grab the
    stimpacks here and anything off the shelves that you like. Theres a large
    door a floor above the kitchen, on the west wall, one that you'll have to
    activate a button to open. Open this one up and make your wall down the
    corridor. In this area you'll find 3 Mirelurks and several doors. One door
    is a Utility door, this is where you'll need to use the spare door parts you
    picked up earlier from the floor safe in the Clinic. If your Repair skill is
    at least 35 you can open the door up and loot some goodies, namely, the
    Tenderizer Sledgehammer, a key, and instructions on where the stash is. Head
    back to the previous room and down to the kitchen area you were at before.
    Theres a door down here on the west wall, or a set of stairs near the kitchen,
    both lead to the same location. Follow it to an area with 3 refrigerators,
    when you open the far right refrigerator you'll use the key to locate a
    Mirelurk recipe as well as 200 caps.

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