How do I get into lamp light caverns?

  1. i am trying to get in to vault 87 but to get there i need to go through a mine and i am pretty shure it is called lamp light cavern any way there is this kid called captian mcmillan who will only let me in if i find two beople but he wont tell me where to look for them and normally i would just kill the kid except the game wont let me use weapons of any sort in the cave...PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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    zxasqwwqsaxz - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    i found lamplight and spoke to the mayor kid. i received the rescue from paradise quest. i rescued the kids (both through computer hack and the getting the key) and then i killed all the slavers. i met the kids outside paradise falls, they thanked me and then took off. i then returned to little lamp light on the picking up the trail quest.

    as soon as i could see the entrance to LLL, i saw the mayor kid for one sec and then he ran away. ?!? my karma is pretty bad so that may be why i can't speak to the mayor kid, but i also already had the child at heart perk.

    i am now unable to enter LLL. the entrance is closed, the mayor kids is gone and i already completed the rescue quest. please advise.


    User Info: jasonhoblin

    jasonhoblin - 8 years ago

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  1. The kids in question are at paradise falls.(You only have to complete this if you failed the speech challenge with the mayor kid) There are two ways to free them. If you are evil and want to keep your reputation with paradise falls positive than you should pickpocket the key to the pins off of a guard. Then speak to the kids and they will explain how to do it. If you don't care about paradise falls just go in guns blazing. This way is a lot more challenging unless you have high skills or a good follower to help you.

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  1. You can buy the kids off Eulogy Jones too, costs 1200 if you pass a speech check.

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  2. The best way into little lamplight is to save game before going in the cave, that way you can just re-load your game if you fail the speech attempt and just keep trying until you get speech success! then the paradise falls kids can figure things out for theirself, we all know how "smart" that little brat kid is.

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  3. You have 3 Options
    Evil- Go to Paradise Falls and find slaves for them to get the kids
    Good- Blow the Slavers to hell and open the pen the kids are in
    Neutral- Buy the kids

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  4. there are three ways to doing entering lamp light.

    Easiest is having the child at heart perk and which when you talk to the mayor it will pop up and he lets you in.

    second is if you have a good speech skill plus eating some mentats always helps you can beat the speech challenge.

    last if you can't do either of the above you have to go rescue the kids at paradise falls. You either pay off the guy at the door, win a speech challenge or go in kill everyone in sight to rescue the kids. Easiest thing i did was pay off the guy walk in help the kids out and when i had to rescue the old man that one of the kids needs to leave with i dropped a whole bunch of lunchbox mines, and frag mines and had to kill just a few people to leave was not that hard at all.

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  5. Make sure you have the child at heart perk and he'll let u in no sweat just go in the wastes and build up your xp

    But i know where 1 person is but you will have to have alot of ammo. The way i do that is give technology to the bos outcasts at fort independence. he will offer you three things just make sure you dont give away an assault rifle. Any way go to paradise falls and kill everyone and look for a kid with a collar on kill everyone then escort the kid back to little lamplight. If your lucky then youll be able to go up a level. If so then choose the child at heart perk. If you dont get the perk then he'll tell you where the other one is, aslong as you can convince him (speech need 30%).

    If this doesn't work then it must of been a glitch on mine. Normaly happens on mine but it works believe me i did it on someone elses ps3 that i went on.

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  6. The Easiest way is to get the child at heart perk and go to the mayor and pick the dialouge that has (Child at Heart) beside of it.I hade a proble getting into it even after I saved the kids so in the end I just got the perk and talked to the mayor

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