How do I solve (The Replicated man)Quest?

  1. This quest really sucks because it gives no clues to the bot and ive talked to doc zimmer but hes old and cant remenber a thing about the android!

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    shadowshrend4 - 8 years ago

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  1. You could do all of that but i didnt even though i am supposed to follow the guide if u dont want to do all of that then go to the entrance of Rivet City the makeshift bridge and hop off to the right side make sure u dont hit anything besides water on the way down. broken bow part of the ship the part ripped off from the boat go under water and go in to the door but hurry and go through all of the doors so u dont run out of air. now look around for pinkerton lol funny name pinkerton. hes on the top floor and to the right if u find the stairwell

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  1. Try talking to people.

    The doctor in Megaton had an option where you could ask for an android component. He can sell it to you for 100 caps.

    Or you can walk around Rivet City or the wasteland and wait for someone to approach you, she will give you a piece/part of the android which you can give to Zimmerman to make him believe the android is dead.

    Last but not least you can head to the broken part of Rivet City (It's outside, the sunken boat on the east side). Jump in the water (where all the ship got torn off) and you'll find an entrance near the bottom, you enter there and swim aborad, along the way there will be Minelurks and mines as well as traps. Make you way to the upper level and you'll find a doctor who knows more. Just ask him about the android.

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  2. If my memory is still good than I think you need to get five holotapes in order to solve this the best way. You can get them in speech challenges from doctors or Jack of all trades vendors (like Mora in Megaton), or just finding the holotapes in their shops. This sounds like a lot but is not really. The will last give you the name of the person doing the face change for the Android (Pinkerton) in Rivet City broken bow. Talk to Him to get the info on the Android's new identity.
    Two options at this point:
    1) Talk to android and keep his ID secret (agree to Kill Zimmer for him to get his special weapon)
    2) Talk to Zimmer and give him the new ID (you get a perk as reward)
    Of course you can do both to get both rewards...
    If all this sounds like too much than just give Zimmer an Android component and tell him his android is dead.

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  3. Its easiest to just have high speech and ask Red of Big Town about the Holotape you found in her clinic and she should point you in the right direction.

    Or just get the android part and say u found the android dead. Watts has the android part in Rivet city.

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  4. You just need to collect 3 of the holtapes and then you should have an updated quest telling you to find plinkerton

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  5. The easiest holotapes to find are one at the megaton clinc on the doc's desk. Another at the craterside supply in megaton on a desk by a computer, and then there are two in Rivet City. The one in the clinc by the doctor and another in the pulpit at the Saint Monica's church. After that you find out about Pinkerton and are given a compass marker making it incredibly easy to find him. Depending on how you're playing, I recommend talking to Pinkerton and getting him to tell you the reactivation code to tell the android so that you can convince him he's really and android. Then ask him to let you kill zimmer. When you do this you get good karma and his special plasma rifle. Then return to zimmer and tell him you know who the android is and he gives you the special chip which makes your VATS more accurate. (this gives you negative karma) Then you can decide whether to kill him or just let him take the android back to the commonwealth. This is the best route if you're not playing on a pure only good or only bad playthrough as you get both rewards.

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  6. To clarify on _CFloBucket_'s answer, you don't need to be in rivet city for the person to approach you. The person came to me in my house in megaton, before I even did any serious investigating on the quest.

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  7. Pay me 300 bottle caps and i will tell you.

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  8. Best way to do this is start by going to a market keeper (Seagrave is the best pick) and get the holo-tape from him. Then talk to Dr. Preston and get the information from him, around this time you should be visited by Victoria Matts. She will ask you to spare the android and give you a component of him to fool Zimmer into thinking he is dead. This CAN be the end, and provides good karma. If you want to get the perk and service out of this, by now you should be able to ask about a guy named Pinkerton, you will find he is rumored to be in the broken ship bow of Rivet City. If you have 100 lockpick skill then simply pick the lock to the above-water entrance, and you will find Pinkerton and get your info. If not, go under-water at the space between the 2 pieces of ship and swim into the small space in the broken bow. Get to air quick or you'll drown when inside, their will be a few Mirelurks, and some traps but you will find Pinkerton all the same. Talk to him, get the info, and if done right you can use him as a plastic surgeon for free, then tell Zimmer that its Harkness (Yes, spoiler alert, all that ****) and then he will give you a perk, It enhances V.A.T.S.'s aim. But this ending gives bad karma. I didn't try it, but you can find ANOTHER ending by giving back Harkness' memories. I don't know what this ending does, but I heard you get a special Plasma Rifle called A3-21's Plasma Rifle. I may have added too much detail, bu this should be help. Definitely a spoiler though.

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  9. go around asking people.
    This woman will come up to you and tells you to stop looking for him. You have a conversation and just be nice to her. :)
    But then she tells you to give something to Zimmer.
    Do that and you get 50 caps and good karma.
    And that's it in a short summary.

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