Deathclaw are bad, what lvl do you start seeing them at?

  1. Oh and do they have a weakness so they cant jump at you or run at you?

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  1. You'll rarely encounter a Deathclaw. There two fixed places with a bunch of them, some other fixed spots where you can also encounter them but by then you'll be incredibly powerful. There's also some Random Encounters, but there's usually some other guys to help out.

    However, if you do encounter one alone you should have a Dart Gun. It cripples them, which in other words means that they're doomed.

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  1. You can encounter any level.

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  2. yea most of the time you won't encounter one until higher levels when you go out searching for them. There are a few instances such as a random encounter where one might show up, but usually that one is almost dead anyway and you should be fine just shooting it.

    The easiest way to never worry about them is to always carry around 1 bottlecap mine. If you find one in the wilderness, one bottlecap mine will take care of its legs, letting you kill it at your leasure no matter how strong it is, you'll be able to outrun it.

    So, 1 bottlecap mine (or the dart gun) in your inventory is basically perfect safety from any deathclaw/behemoth that you might accidently encounter, unless one sneaks up on you.

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  3. The actual level is about lvl15 I think, but they can be seen at any time in either Old Olney or Deathclaw Sanctuary. Killing them as a noob comes down to hoping hes not too close (since if your lvl is low enough 1-hit-kill) and then drop a bottlecap mine on the floor. But if he is within 20ft and his legs have not been crippled then unless your at least lvl10 (hopefully much higher) you WILL die, end of story. So don't worry about it, and if you must, bottlecap mines/Dart Gun. If neither are available and you are at a distance take most powerful weapon and AIM FOR THE LEGS! Its your only hope if your just starting

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  4. I started seeing them around level 15 but they are not that common to see. A bit of advice...if you haven't gotten the dart gun..get it!! it makes fighting them so much easier

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  5. If youve found the crashed aliaen spacecraft the gun you get up there kills them in two goes.

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  6. You can get the dart gun by helping the runaway slaves at the temple of the union. find out where that is by going to rivet and giving some lady and give some money to her to buy a gun and she'll tell you where the union is. then talk to the union leader. he'll ask you to scout out a poster of lincohn momorial, then go to the memorial itself. then go back to him and give him the poster and telling him about the slavers in the momorial. kill the slavers go back to him and tell him it's safe. then he gives you the schematics for the dart gun.

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  7. You will see them at anytime, anywhere. They are most commonly seen in and near Old Olney (don't go there without a Dart Gun) and at and close to the Deathclaw Sanctuary. (You also need to make sure you have a Dart Gun before going anywhere near that place too)

    The Deathclaw's weakness is getting shot in the legs with the Dart Gun. If you have that weapon and see a Deathclaw, shoot it in the leg, and that will cripple it, makign it move much more slowly, giving you plenty of time to take it out with other weapons.

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