Where can I find Lincoln Memorial picture?

  1. I'm doing a quest where this Masonry guy needs the picture of Lincoln Memorial found in the Museum of History but so far, I could not obtain the item since its nowhere to be found.

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  1. It will only be available after you start the "Head of state" quest, It will be on the desk on the right hand side when you come up the stairs to find the "Linclon's voice" artifact. It will be on the wall behind the desk. I can't remember the name of the area but its in the Museum of History and when you go in to the atrium of some sort (A big open space) you will see dinosaur's bones and ruined monuments. Make a left its the first door to your left. Then when you head in go up the stairs and head towards the far back left corner. Go in that door and just make your way towards gun sounds. You will see a turret on the sealing. If there are stairs on your left or right head up the stairs, Then right in front of you should be a desk. On the wall behind the desk there SHOULD be the Linclon Memorial poster. Hope this helps!
    - Six Pax

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  1. It's in the museum of history offices hanging behind a desk somewhere. Up some stairs just after finding a john wilkes booth poster and a civil war draft poster.

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  2. You better shoot feral ghouls and radiated ghoul first before obtain the poster and there are more arfetacts around the building.

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  3. I had ALOT of trouble on this one too.

    It's on the second floor on the WALL above the desk.

    Just follow the pipboy to the dot on the map then look on the wall.

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  4. Museum of History, not in the underworld part.
    it's on the wall above the desk at the top of the stairs by where the turret is..
    as said, it's not there all the time, if you visit before starting the Head of State quest then it's not there yet..
    this is a most usefull place to wear your ghoul mask from the tenpenny towers quest.. they just ignore you..

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  5. When you go into the museum of history, you go to the offices part on the second floor, you go through the cage gate, up the stairs, theres a desk right when you go up, its on the wall directly infront of you when facing the desk....

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  6. you go to the museum of history and once you enter the museum of history turn left. Ther will be feral goals kill them and look around. there is also lincolns repeater

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  7. It in the museum of history lower levels u go through the gate there a lot of ghouls kill them then u go up the stairs and its sitting on the front wall also lincons repeater is through the hole in the wall and down to the end of the room and its in a glass case on the right worth getting

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  8. in the musuem of history, enter go to where the mamoth and T-rex are and turn left. there should be a door. enter, kill feral gouls, there are to glowing ones. you will also find a diary and other stuff you could sell to hannibal. Dont sell the Lincolns repeater, its one of the best guns. there will be a poster of lincoln. its a big place so its not gonna be in the first room, the diary will be. sell everything to hannibal except lincolns repeater and give the poster/pic to caleb.

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  9. Also if you was unaware of this mission and sold the picture already, you can kill Caleb and get the picture back.

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  10. Sorry my mistake I meant Leroy Walker

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  11. Where can I find Lincoln's Hat in Museum of History First Floor..? or if theres such thing..

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  12. Ops.. wrong place to post a question.. lol

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  13. In the Museum of History.

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  14. You can find the poster at the Museum of History's Museum Offices on the topmost floor, it is over a desk and on the wall just to the top left of the top of staircase to that level. The poster will not spawn until you start the quest.
    My tip for you to easily locate this is go to the cell at the rear Museum Offices and go to up to the staircase leading to the highest floor and directly at the top of the staircase you will see the poster on the wall next to a desk and a filing cabinet that has fallen over, take note that it has a yellowish border on it.

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  15. it should be on a wall in the museum of history in front of a desk.The desk is located in a room with a turret and bookshelves up some stairs.
    (Watch out for ghouls)

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