Where can I find Holotape: The First Mayor of Little Lamplight?

  1. According to the Prima guide, it's supposed to be in the Great Chamber, near the pool table that has the Pristine Garden Gnome on it. There is also a holotape entitled "January 2077 - Little Lamplight" which is in the same area. I've found the January one, however the other is nowhere to be found. The Prima guide has the exact location of the one, but there is no mention of the other. I'd never have known, if it weren't for the item list for the area. For those with the hard-bound Prima guide, the location is mentioned on page 105, under "Kid's Stuff Part E: The Great Chamber"

    User Info: wastelandwoman

    wastelandwoman - 7 years ago

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  1. The Terrible Shotgun is in the possesion of Smiling Jack at the bazaar in Evergreen Mills.

    User Info: Triforced86

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  1. Sorry i cant really help you there i tried to look it up.=( But if you want a strong shotgun kill that smile joe or whatever his name is. =)

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  2. If you look in the souvenier shop you can find a pair of holotapes entitled 'Jason Grants Diary Entry 1' and 'Jason Grants Diary Entry 2'.According to the January 2077 Jason Grant was the first Mayor of Little Lanplight

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