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"Oblivion (er...I mean Fallout 3) review"

Fallout 3, while not a bad game, is nothing special. Think Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion meets Bio Shock.

Story: 7/10 - Pretty standard fare for a Fallout game, We done gone and blowed ourselves up... and now we have to live with it. Some lived underground some got stuck on the outside. You, are born in a underground bunker city called the Vault, mom dies, dad raises you, you grow up, dad does the unthinkable and escapes to the outside, you follow, violence ensues. Hooray!

Graphics: 6/10 - Once again, nothing truly impressive here, it basically looks like a re-skinned version of Oblivion, everything has that same Oblivion washed out feel, which actually works here because of the radio-active backdrop and the fact that you have lived as a mole for the first 20 years of your life. Unfortunately, even down to the way you walk/run while carrying a melee weapon in 3rd person looks identical to ESIV. Sadly it is evident that what once was a true 3rd person game has been retooled to be an FPS with 3rd person capabilities.

Gameplay: 4/10 - You may be asking why the score is so low, well it goes back to what I said in the beginning, you are simply replaying Oblivion. Not that O was a bad game, but it isn't Fallout. The game has a heavy emphasis, which is understandable given the timeframe, on ranged weaponry. Which would not be a problem except for the fact that Fallout has never been an FPS and by using the same engine as ESIV, you basically get an FPS. Like Oblivion, Fable, Fable 2 and any other choose your own destiny type games, you get choices, most of which are pretty meaningless to the story, save for a few key points. This used to be innovative, now it is stayed. The targeting system is pretty neat however, it basically allows you to stop time while you choose which body part you want to aim for, assuming you are using a ranged weapon of course, since obviously no one could possibly aim for an arm or a leg with a sword, hammer, knife, fist ,etc, that would just be silly... The gameplay has it's upsides but overall seems decidedly flat considering it's history.

Overall: 5/10 - Were there any big flaws, no. Was there anything incredibly innovative, no. Was it fun for a few hours, yes. Did I struggle to put it down when my buddies called up to go grab a bit to eat, no. All in all, an average game, I think true fans of the series will be disappointed and new players will probably enjoy it because of the overtones from other popular games. My review comes from a old time fan perspective and should be treated as such.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/10/08

Game Release: Fallout 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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