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  1. I'm trying to get the Veyron by beating the GTWC. However, my Enzo is either too tough to control or gets burned by the other cars despite having more power than the rest of the field. What's the best car for beating the GTWC?

    User Info: UltimateThanos

    UltimateThanos - 6 years ago

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  1. Shoot you guys spent way to much cash. I easily did it with the Audi r6 AWD V10 wagon. It only cost 30,000+ then build it all the way to 900+hp.

    User Info: Hershey024

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  1. I love the enzo it's a great car but Power is not the only thing to worry about "weight is a very important issue"....if ur "fat" ur not going anywhere too much power can...kill u if u dont fix the drivetrain, transmission n the tyres.

    you could try reducing the weight of ur enzo...although its pretty slim.....if the option is available and add "body rigidity" which helps allot with cornering....Tires are very important in this game dont underestimate me they incur the largest improvement in my driving.


    I was snooping around in the Dealership when i spotted the "Mine's BNR34 Skyline GT-R N1 base '06".

    its located in the 1st row last column(upper right corner) under "Mine's" it costs 200,000 credits....basically tuning is limited becuz its a racing car(pretty tuned)...even has good tires (sports soft).
    you can add a turbo kit and improve the tires.

    I used this car and won pretty easily plus if i remember correctly i recouped or almost recouped all the money i spent on it.

    User Info: Forth52

    Forth52 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. Has the same problem with the small Lambo. The supercars (Ferrari, Lambo, Aston, ...) just don't perform well against race cars because they lack the lightweight cornering abilities.
    Like Forth52 said your chances are significantly better when using a properly tuned (weight, suspension + tires) racecar.

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  3. I was lucky enough to find a great deal in the used lot. I picked up a NSX-R LM prototype (sexy car). It wasn't too expensive and easily smoked all the competition. Always browse through the used car lot. You never know when you can find an incredible deal. I've seen LM races being sold for low prices.

    As for base model cars, a race car will almost always outperform them. Tuning a stock car to it's maximum potential may not always guarantee the most satisfying results. The Bugatti can reach speeds of 265 mph+ when fully upgraded but will still get smoked by a race car. Sometimes it's just best to cut losses and upgrade to a race car if you can get your hands on one.

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  4. I was able to beat it pretty easily with a fully upgraded Lambo Murcielago LP 670-4 Superveloce '09, throughout the races i was able to gain a pretty decent lead on all the other cars except one, it was a GT40 i was fighting with on the maps that had more cornering, but either play when its not there or just do you best to out maneuver it. Sometimes its just a matter of how well your able to drive the car your in.

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  5. Try the second most expensive mercedes (slr AMG I think) it costs 195000 creds.
    I bought the stage 2 NA tune, stage 2 weight reduction, all the drivetrain parts the super close gear box and racing soft tyres.
    With that I pretty much eased through it with a 15 second gap in all the races, I even won the first expert league race with ease with this setup

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  6. Haha add me everyone who wants IDCI

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  7. I did it with the stealth mclaren with no problem

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  8. Mazda Furai is a good bet. You get it in the B-Spec Roadster race.

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  9. I used the Mclaren Mp4 fulley upgraded with R/S tires and tweaked ONLY the top speed of the transmission to make the cars top speed 297. Also fully lightened the car. Actully came in first place every race with that car. If you want. You can add me to your PSN account and ill just give you my Veyron. I dont use it and it has no resale value. Add me if you want it my name is TripleXmediC

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  10. I used the gallardo, tuned up to the t!ts. Was challenging, but i managed :) If your going to use a non race car for that event, bring your skills with you :P

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  11. You can win the GTWC easily with an Enzo, if you have the both:
    - all weight reductions and racing soft tyres
    - TCS and ABS on 3 and ASM and anti-slip thingy on if the car is hard to drive

    This will cause small understeer at some corners, but mainly you'll be fine.

    I used an Enzo and beat them by a large margin (over 15 seconds).

    User Info: xoravax

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  12. Nissan GT-R SpecV '09

    Tune it with Sport Soft tires, two weight removals, full-tune transmission, and as much drivetrain/power/suspension additions as you like (drivetrain for faster/smoother shifting for both manual and auto, suspension if you want to lower it a bit and stiffen up the shocks, power for, well, power).

    The 4-wheel drive and tires will keep you planted no matter what you're doing and the lightweight-high speed upgrade combo will help you pass everything it throws at you.

    Personal experience is - 4WD is generally more stable than any of the other drivetrain layouts (for GT5 anyway). If you can find a MR you like, they can be very fast, and the same for FR and even FF, but if you're having high-speed stability problems or low-speed acceleration problems, try a 4WD.

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  13. i used the Citroen GT by Citroen Concept '08
    u get it at lvl 17

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