24-Hour race save process?

  1. I've seen a question that says that you can save during a 24-hour race (Le Mans, level 35; Nurburgring, level 40) - so how does it work? Will it happen only if I am pitting?

    And, after that, how do I re-load the race? When does it happen?

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    ryandtw - 6 years ago

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  1. No, you can not save during a 24 hour race. All you can do is pause the game, leave it running, and unpause it to continue later.

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  1. Theres allot of misinformation about GT5 at the moment...allot of things PD said would be available in GT5 is simply not there.

    If it does exist which i strongly believe it doesnt. I did the first endurance race and there was no save available.

    My good guess would be you'd save by going into the pits
    and to load the race you'd have to enter the series and from there...you should find a "Load Race" option.

    If it was available it would be user friendly....meaning a monkey could figure out how it worx.....my point is; if you cant find it...its not there....which is terrible...who the hell would want to race 24 hrs in a row...granted you can pause....but that means u gotta keep ur playstation on for several days nonstop.

    I dont think it exists. i am still lvl 27 A-spec and havent reached that far.

    I checked this out myself and so far i found no "Actual" evidence that you can save in an endurance race...especially the 24hr ones'.

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    Forth52 (Expert) - 6 years ago 1 1
  2. I have "heard" that different options are unlocked after reaching certain levels.

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  3. Most of GT games that i came across have a 24hr endurance and none of it have a save game between the race. You have to pause the game and hopeful there's no blackout so that you can continue the game.

    I did lost that game once from a black out and i was half way in the game. So, i did the craziest thing. i play the 24hr endurance in 26hr. Didn't sleep, have lunch, dinner and supper on the couch, and have a quick bath and also potty time as fast as i can. Started at 6.30am on Saturday and ended at 8.45am the next day. after that game i slept till 5pm. Crazy? yup. That's why i call myself crazy_Old_Gamer.

    Now i'm in lvl 30 in GT5. And i hate driving in the rain.

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  4. I heard the same thing but it is not available. (nor do I think it will be) I really belive that those " Wouldn't be cool dude if" Nerds at Polyphony didn't put it in the game is just because they don't have a life, they figure that they can make us have no life by sitting in front of a TV trying to win a race for 24 plus hours.I started the 1st 4hr endurance race and was about half way finished,so I paused the game for a trip to the head and a quick bite to eat and a little break. After an hour I went back to racing, maybe 20 minutes in the power went out and I lost everything. I guess I won't be finishing all of the endurance events untill Polyphony addresses this issue!?! Like I said I guess I won't be finishing all of the endurance events.

    And who would want to leave their PS3 left on in a paused state for at the least 2 1/2 days? I know that just playing it for over 24 hours straight is no good for your system,not to mention your health. I can see it now,some young kid will get some sort of health issue from doing a 24hr endurance event and his or her mother or father(I'm willing to bet mother ) will get together with other parents to bring up a lawsuit against Sony, Polyphony other affiliates and put some more ridiculous laws on the table so that the gaming industry will be scrutinized even more than it already is. So if anything, that should be reason enough to put in some sort of save spot in the software..

    I am on my 2nd PS3 because (in my opinion ) that I would play it hours on end that started from Call of Duty 3 to Call of Duty,Modern Warfare 2, Need For Speed Pro Street to Shift. And lets not forget Battlefield and Battlefield 2. From playing those games for hours on end I fried my 1st PS3 and I am not about fry this one! Something just came to mind as I was writing this, mabey the reason that there is no save spot is that Sony wants you to fry your system so you have to buy another one,and they practicality have more money than God so they don't care or worry about lawsuits because they know that they have more suckers buying more PS3 systems to replenish funds lost due to legal fees and or lost settlement funds.
    That is what I believe!!!!!

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  5. No,sorry checked it myself,at lv 36 b-spec atm,no actual proof just in b-spec it's harder cause no pause,regarding the a-spec,i don't know,probably the same,my opinion just stick any other race,i find the dream car championship is a good one to go by but it's down to player opinion,that what i do,the easiest i think for b-spec/a-spec is grand valley,laguna seca,Indy 500,that what i did,from the new guy on the block BladzGT5,u can find me on twitter,search BladzGT5 and you will find me

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  6. Currently there is NOT a save for Endurance events. There is one in the works right now. The creator of Gran Turismo posted it on his Twitter and it was translated that they are currently developing a save in the middle of races. So as of now (End of March 2011 now) there is still no mid-race save but it IS in the works and should be available within a couple months from now.

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  7. I once had Leman's 24 Hour for PS2, and it did have a gamesave system set up so that when you pitted you had the option to save. It worked fine until about 16 hours into the race my gamesave corrupted, BIG BUMMER!!!!!!!!! That disk disappeared pretty quick. I would imagine that GT5 has a similar pitstop gamesaving system setup. I'm at levels A-28 and B-29, so i still have a little ways to go before I'll know for sure. I would suggest that either way one way or another, a person would be wise to backup gamesaves on an external hard drive.

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