What does B Spec driver experience (gray bar) means?

  1. Is it a good thing to have much more experience bar (gray colored) ? I read in some sources states that when the gray bar is full, it makes the driver worse and retire him immediately

    User Info: xaintheaven

    xaintheaven - 5 years ago


  1. The grey bar is like the age of your driver. It goes up very slowly with every B-Spec race that he is on your team (even if he is not the one driving the car). When it gets near the top he starts driving like an old man, so you will want to fill his slot with a new driver.

    Yes, you want a more experienced driver, but for that you should be looking at his stat bars; they kind of mis-labelled this part of the profile. Perhaps Experience, up to a point, is beneficial, but you can just as easily watch the growth in things like Cornering, Strength, or just plain Level.

    What you can do to freeze the aging on drivers is to set them to Share With Friends. This way, only the un-shared driver(s) you're actually racing get old, and the rest are perpetually young (in addition to the benefits if your friends enter them in races). When you want to switch drivers, you must share the un-shared ones, and un-share the shared ones.

    User Info: red_bailey

    red_bailey - 5 years ago 0 0

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