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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jduecker0609

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    +                                                                             +
    +                        The Old Guy's Gaming Guide To:                       +
    +                                 GRAN TURISMO 5                              +
    +                              COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH                           +
    +                                                                             +
    Hello all, and welcome to Gran Turismo 5!  My name is John Duecker, and I'm an
    Old Guy.  I have a family, and a house, and a job, and so I have very little
    spare time to play video games, but I love them anyway.  When I saw that there
    wasn't a comprehensive guide for this one, I decided to give it a shot, so I
    hope you like it!
    Use Ctrl+F to find the appropriate section using the numbers on the left...
    A1)..........................Purpose and Disclaimer
    A2)......................................The Glitch
    A3)........................Before You Load the Game
    A4)............Things You Don't Have to Worry About
    A5)......................................Basic Tips
    A6).................................Suggested Order
    *Because the actual races are the same for A-Spec and B-Spec, I will only list
    them once in the guide.  For any race that requires anything more than a
    general tip, I've spaced it off and written "HARD ONE" before the description.
    B1).................................Beginner Series
    B2)..................................Amateur Series
    B3).............................Professional Series
    B4)...................................Expert Series
    B5)..................................Extreme Series
    B6)................................Endurance Series
    C1)..............................National B License
    C2)..............................National A License
    C3).........................International C License
    C4).........................International B License
    C5).........................International A License
    C6)...................................Super License
    D1)...............................Karting Challenge
    D2)...................................NASCAR School
    D3).............................Top Gear Test Track
    D4).............................AMG Driving Academy
    D5)..............................Gran Turismo Rally
    D6).........................Gran Turismo World Tour
    D7)..................Sebastian Loeb Rally Challenge
    D8).............Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Challenge
    E1)...................................Trophies 1-28
    E2)..................................Trophies 29-32
    E3).............................Trophy 33, Drifting
    E4)..................................Trophies 34-37
    E5)..................................Trophies 38-45
    E6)..................................Trophies 46-50
    E7)..................................Trophies 51-54
    E8)..................................Trophies 55-59
    +                                                                             +
    +                        -A1) Purpose and Disclaimer-                         +
    +                                                                             +
    The purpose of this guide is straightforward- to get you a platinum trophy in
    Gran Turismo 5 in as little time as possible, with as little frustration
    as possible.  Anyone who is familiar with the Gran Turismo series of games
    knows that "I want to throw the controller at the TV" feeling, and you'll
    probably still get that a few times while playing this game.  Hopefully, this
    guide will help you break only one or two controllers on your way to platinum.
    HOWEVER, if you follow this guide, you will miss out on much of the fun that
    comes with this game.  Gran Turismo 5 is hugely expansive.  There are more
    than 1,000 cars that you can buy, own, customize and drive.  You will be
    buying 7 cars total if you follow this guide.  There are myriad options for
    tuning your cars, most of which are irrelevant if you just want the trophy.
    With the right cars, you can have very competitive races in almost every
    challenge.  With the cars you'll be using in this guide, you'll be lapping the
    field multiple times on most of the races.  SO, if you want to enjoy all the
    facets of the game, I suggest you do so.  You bought it, enjoy it!  If you get
    stuck somewhere and want help, search below and I hope you'll find the answer.
    Some of the suggestions I have below will help you get gold faster in some
    events, some will just save you lots of boring hours.  Either way, I hope you
    enjoy your Gran Turismo experience.  I did!
    +                                                                             +
    +                             -A2) The Glitch-                                +
    +                                                                             +
    When you get to level 30, the "Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Challenge" will be
    available under the Special Events menu.  There are 3 timed races in this
    event, and only 3 ways to get the gold.  You can buy a steering wheel.  You
    can spend MANY, MANY hours learning every turn, and hopefully get gold
    eventually.  Or, you can take advantage of a glitch in one of the earlier
    updates to the game.  If you buy the wheel, you probably won't need this guide
    at all, so I'll leave that option out.  If you want to spend the hours and
    get these golds, I wish you all the luck in the world.  I never did, though,
    so I can't really tell you how to do it (I gave up after spending more than 13
    hours on the first one).  If you want to take advantage of the glitch, there
    are a few things that you MUST plan for ahead of time:
    First, make sure you have access to an old copy of GT5.  This is VERY
    important, as you'll have to downgrade to version 1.10 later, and some of the
    newer copies of the game have software updates already installed.    If your
    copy is one of the newer versions, all is not lost.  You can use this for most
    of the game, but if you can buy or borrow an old one, do it.
    Second, plan ahead for when you want to do the glitch.  Probably the best
    time to do it is after you've done everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING.
    Get gold on all of the A-Spec, B-Spec, Special Events, and Licenses, then get
    every other PS3 trophy there is for this game.  Then, you might want to mess
    around with the Red Bull challenge and see if you can beat it.  This is what I
    did the first time I played through the game.  The other good time to do it is
    as soon as you reach A-Spec level 30.   This is what I did the second time
    through the game, because I had to give my old copy back to the guy I borrowed
    it from.  The down side is that you won't really want to do any B-Spec races
    until you get this over with, leaving you with a whole bunch of B-Spec
    boringness after you gold the Red Bull Challenges.  I've found that it's not
    so bad if you space it out, and, say, write a guide while you're watching these
    races. It's your call, whichever way you want to do it will work with this
    +                                                                             +
    +                       -A3) Before You Load the Game-                        +
    +                                                                             +
    When you put the disc in, the very first thing you'll have to do is upgrade
    your software.  Go ahead and do this, and unless you have an amazingly fast
    internet connection, you can plan on this taking an hour or two.  These are all
    the software updates that have come out since the game was released, and the
    number of updates will vary depending on how many of them were on the disc you
    bought.  Do NOT attempt to play this game without updating your software,
    unless you want to add another 200 hours to your game time.
    Next, you'll be prompted to preload course data to your HDD.  DO THIS!  Again,
    this will take 45 minutes or so (8GB of data), but will save more than that in
    decreased load times.
    FINALLY, you can actually play the game.  You'll be prompted to pick a
    background color and theme.  Make sure your color is one of the first 10 on
    the list.  This is VERY IMPORTANT for later. Also, use the very first
    wallpaper (the one with the sunset).
    Now, turn off the game!  I know, you still can't race! I promise, this is the
    last step in setting up your breeze through GT5.   Get on the Playstation
    Store and download the racing car pack.  It costs about $5.00, and will save
    you MANY hours (like 100).  Trust me, it's worth the five bucks.  Install
    this immediately, and you'll get 12 cars to use before you even run a race.
    One of the cars is the Red Bull x2011 Prototype.  This car is disgustingly
    fast and can be used in about half the races.  Some of the other cars will
    come in handy too, but the x2011 is the pick of the litter.
    Once you've downloaded the DLC, start the game again, and go to the first
    screen where you can select "GT Mode, Arcade Mode, etc."  On the right is the
    DLC icon.  Pick that and install the content you just downloaded.  Now, you can
    go to GT Mode and pick up your awesome cars.  They're under "Vehicle Delivery,"
    and they'll ask if you want to use this car now.  Go through and get each one
    of the cars, and when the x2011 comes up, select "Yes."  Now, you're ready for
    your first race.
    Go to A-spec and select "Sunday Cup," then pick the first race at the Autumn
    Ring.  A preview screen will come up, and you'll want to immediately go to
    Driving Options.   Change your "Controller Sensitivity" to 7.  This will make
    it harder to drive at first, but trust me, you'll need to get used to it 
    because it will be necessary further down the road.  Now go ahead and lap the
    field 2 or 3 times, and enjoy your first gold trophy!
    +                                                                             +
    +                 -A4) Things You Don't Have To Worry About-                  +
    +                                                                             +
    1. Manual Transmission- There are VERY few times in this game that manual
    transmission is needed, as the automatic is really efficient in GT5.  So, why
    worry about shifting when you don't have to?  If you want a more realistic
    feel, go for it, but you won't need it more than a few times to get gold in
    all of these events.
    2. Buying Cars- Sadly, what seems to be the best part of the game, plays very
    little part in actually getting a platinum trophy.  You actually only need to
    buy 7 cars to get a platinum trophy, and I've listed them in a separate section
    (cars to buy).  You may want to buy some cars before you win them, which is
    fine, or if you want to buy cars because they're cool, that's fine too, but
    you won't need them for the trophies.
    3. Most of the driving options- Things like Traction Control, Active Stability
    Management, etc.  usually don't need to be changed to get a gold.  If it's
    necessary, I'll include it in the appropriate section, but I've found that the
    default setting is almost always the best.
    4. Money- Again, you're not going to be buying a whole lot of cars.  If you log
    in every day, you'll get double money for every race, and you can only have $20
    million.  Incidentally, when you get to $20 million the first time (you will),
    buy a $20 million car immediately!  You'll need it for the "Penniless" PS3
    trophy, plus you'll own a 20 million dollar car!  The Ferrari 330 P4 '67 is my
    favorite, but there are a few you can pick from.
    +                                                                             +
    +                              -A5) Basic Tips-                               +
    +                                                                             +
    The game is divided into 5 sections:  A-Spec (127 races, 54 events), B-Spec
    (127 races, 54 events), Special Events (58 races, 8 sections), License Tests
    (60 races, 6 sections), and PS3 Trophies (59 trophies).  This is the order I
    will list them below.
    The order you play them is really up to you.  However, I'll give you a few
    pointers to get you through a little easier:
    First, and most important, Do not play the higher B-Spec races (Expert Series
    and above) until you have logged in for 5 straight days.  You get a money and
    an experience bonus for each consecutive day that you load the game and sign in
    to the PS3 Network.  You will need every single experience point you can to get
    your level high enough to play the last two races, and if you don't take
    advantage of this bonus you will spend DAYS grinding for experience in races
    that you can only watch, waiting to be allowed to run the last few.  In fact,
    I did every single B-Spec race with double points, and STILL had to grind about
    75 hours to get to the last two races.
    Second, some of the best cars for the A-Spec and B-Spec races can be won from
    Special Events and License Tests.  Do these specific ones first, and the world
    of easy Platinums will be yours:
    Get all Silver on your International B License and get the Daihatsu OFC
    Concept '08.
    Get all Bronze on your International A License and get the Dodge Hemi.
    Get all Gold on Jeff Gordon's NASCAR School and get a NASCAR.
    Get all Gold on the Sebastian Loeb Rally Challenge and get his Citroen.
    Third, you will need to buy 7 cars eventually to complete all of the A and
    B-Spec races.  These are the cars, so when you have the extra money (listed),
    buy them early and you will have them when you need them:
    1) Make- Gran Turismo
    Model-  Formula Gran Turismo
    Cost-  $5,000,000
    Available From-  The Online Dealership ONLY (Should be at the bottom of the
    Get it before-  You start the Extreme Series in either A-Spec or B-Spec
    2) Make-  Lamborghini
    Model-  Gallardo '08
    Cost-  $364,000
    Available From-  The New Car Dealership
    Get it before-  The Amateur Series "Lamborghini Championship."
    3) Make-  Ferrari
    Model- Enzo Ferrari '02
    Cost-  1,000,000
    Get it before-  The Professional Series "La Festa Cavallino."
    4) Make-  Mini
    Model-  Mini Cooper S '07
    Cost-  29,500
    Get it before- You start the Professional Series "Mini Challenge."
    5) Make-  Lexus
    Model-  IS F Racing Concept '08
    Cost-  750,000
    Get it before- The "German Touring Car Championship" in the Extreme Series.
    6) Any 20,000,000 car.  You won't need it for a while, but you will eventually.
    I suggest the Ferrari 330 P4 Race Car '67, but you can get one from Jaguar,
    Ford, or one of the Red Bull cars as well.
    7) Any Used Car with 300,000km or more on it.  You need it later for a trophy,
    so start checking the Used Car Dealership periodically and one will pop up
    +                                                                             +
    +                           -A6) Suggested Order-                             +
    +                                                                             +
    Here's what I would do to get through all of these the most efficiently:
    1) Get at least Silver on all your license tests.  If it looks like you can
    get a gold on one quickly, play it until you do.  You'll probably need to level
    up at some point for these, so when you run out of levels go in and run some
    A-Spec and B-Spec races.  
    2) Run every race you can with the Red Bull.  Run the A-Spec version, then
    immediately go and run the B-Spec version.  You'll run out of levels
    eventually, so go back and get more licenses, or start some special events.
    You want to get your A-Spec level to 28 as quickly as possible.  As you run
    the Red Bull races, you'll get more cars to go back and win other races.
    You will also get money to buy the cars you need to win some others.
    3)  When you are at A-Spec level 28, go win the Indy 500.  You'll win your
    Jaguar, and you can then go back and finish a whole bunch of races you skipped.
    4)  Do whatever you want and finish it all.
    ++                                                                           ++
    ++             -SECTION B:  A-SPEC AND B-SPEC WALKTHROUGH-                   ++
    ++                                                                           ++
    If you follow this guide, most of these races will be cakewalks.  I will say
    this again, if you want to have more fun racing, choose a car that's
    competitive with the other cars.  Play with the tuning, mod the car a bit,
    whatever you want.  If you play with the cars I have listed, YOU WILL WIN BY A
    LOT on most of these races.  So much so, that I won't even list strategies
    unless I think they're necessary.  So, before we go race by race, here are a
    few preliminaries-
    First, if you missed it earlier, do the following:  on the first pre-race
    screen that you come to, go to driving options and set your controller
    sensitivity to "7."  It should stay that way the rest of the game, and that's
    where it should be.  You may oversteer a little at first, and crash the car,
    but you'll be glad you did it when the races get harder and your car doesn't
    handle like a barge.
    Second, buy the Racing Car Pack from the Playstation Store. Just search for
    Gran Turismo 5 and it will be there.  Most of the races below will say "Use
    the Red Bull." I'm referring to the "Red Bull X2011 Prototype" from this DLC,
    so it will be hard to use it if you don't have it.  Trust me, it's worth the 5
    bucks.  Again, let me remind you that using this car will also remove any
    challenge from the races you run with it, so if you want to try some different
    cars and actual strategy, go for it.
    Third, if you're going to use a car that isn't the Red Bull, tune it.  For
    every car you're about to race with, do the following:  Go to GT Auto, and
    change the oil.  Then, go to the tuning shop, and get everything it lets you
    get, including the weight reductions, chassis reinforcement, carbon hood, Level
    1,2 and 3 engine tuning, ECU tuning, Supercharger (or the highest RPM turbo you
    can buy), 6 speed transmission, Titanium Exhaust, etc.  If you're short on
    cash, you can generally get everything up to the turbo and still win, the race
    will just be closer.
    Fourth, here's a little B-Spec information:  you are training a driver and
    coaching him through the race, instead of racing yourself.  This is EXTREMELY
    boring, except for a few races.  The guy (we'll call him Pete, but you can pick
    your own name), likes to make mistakes, sucks at passing anyone, and generally
    will make you shout at your TV, but if you put him in a car that's 500hp more
    than the ones he's racing against, you will probably win no matter what you do.
    Here are a few tips:
    1) Before I forget, most of the races in B-Spec have tire specifications that
    are lower than their A-Spec counterparts.  So, if you had a car that you
    crushed A-Spec on, and it tries to not let you use it for B-Spec, just look at
    the tire spec under the race event, buy those tires for the car you want, and
    try again.  It will probably let you use that car.
    2) Like most of this game, there are many variables in selecting and coaching
    a driver.  Also like this game, most of them are irrelevant.  The only things
    that matter are the "mood bar,"  which is the little thing that goes from blue
    to red on the driver selection menu and in the race, and the little headphones
    icon when you're racing, which is where you give your commands.
    3) When picking your first driver, make sure you do two things:  first, don't
    change his outfit if you are planning on using the glitch for the Red Bull
    challenge.  Some of the outfits came with later versions of the game, and when
    you downgrade, if your guy is wearing one of them, your game will get confused
    and not load.  Second, pick a guy with a natural disposition that's slightly
    above the midpoint on his mood bar.  They run better when they're close to
    their natural mood, and this range is where you'll keep your driver for most
    of the races anyway.
    4) When picking additional drivers, still select the default costume (if you
    haven't downgraded yet), but pick whatever kind of driver you want.  By the
    time you need a second driver, you'll be destroying the field anyway, and
    probably not even watching most of the races, so you'll win by 100 laps even
    if you try to lose.
    5) General Driving Strategy- I'll be referring to this a lot in the following
    section, so here's what I mean:  When you first start the race, you'll be
    right around all of the other cars, so your guy will have a tendency to
    overheat.  Pace him down when he's about to max out on his mood bar, and keep
    doing this until he finally passes the first place car.  After he does this,
    his bar will start dropping rapidly into the "cool" range.  As soon as he gets
    below halfway, hit "pace up".  This will keep him firmly in the lead, and keep
    him warm enough to drive fast without spinning him out.  Keep pacing up when
    he drops below half, and continue to do this throughout the race.  Or, if it's
    obvious he's not going to lose, just set the controller down and go get some
    donuts or something.
    +                                                                             +
    +                           -B1) Beginner Series-                             +
    +                                                                             +
    1) Sunday Cup- Use the Red Bull.
    2) FF Challenge- I used the Toyota Prius TC (Came with the Racing Car DLC),
    and for B-Spec the General Driving Strategy.
    3) World Compact Car Race-  Use the Red Bull
    4) Lightweight K Cup-  Use the Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '08 (Prize car for
    getting all Silvers in International B License), and the General Driving
    Strategy for B-Spec
    5) Japanese Classics-  Dome Zero Concept '78 (Win the A-Spec Supercar
    Nostalgia event in the Amateur Series), and GDS for B-Spec
    6) Yaris Race-  Yaris V Euro Sport Edition (J) '00 (Win from B-Spec Sunday
    Cup), and GDS for B-Spec
    7) European Classic Car Championship-  Jaguar XJ 13 Race Car '66 (Win from the
    Indy 500 A-Spec in Endurance Series), and GDS
    8) World Classic Car Championship- Jaguar XJ13 Race Car '66 (Win from the Indy
    500 A-Spec in Endurance Series), and GDS.
    9) FR Challenge- Mazda RX7 TC (Came with the Racing Car DLC), and no coaching
    necessary for B-Spec.
    +                                                                             +
    +                            -B2) Amateur Series-                             +
    +                                                                             +
    1)  Clubman Cup- Use the Red Bull
    2)  Euro Hot Hatch- Jaguar XJ 13 Race Car '66 (Win from the Indy 500 A-Spec in
    Endurance Series), and no coaching for B-Spec.
    3)  NR-A Roadster Cup- Mazda Roadster TC (Came with the Racing Car DLC), and
    GDS for B-Spec.
    -HARD ONE-
    4)  Pickup Truck Challenge- This one is a little tough, because there are very
    few pickup trucks in the game.  I used a Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Hemi Quad Cab
    '04, which I won by getting Bronze in all of the International A License
    tests.  Then, I spent WAY more money than I could possibly win with this car
    on every modification they would sell me.  This got me up around 725hp.  If
    you do this, you should now have the truck to win this.  Go into your A-Spec
    race at Laguna Seca and you don't even have to drive well to beat everyone.
    Then, when you get to Daytona, you'll probably have a bit of an issue, as your
    top speed isn't high enough to keep up.  You need to make two adjustments in
    your tuning section.  First, under the drivetrain tab, go to your "Torque
    Sensing Center Differential" tab (one of only two times you'll ever use this),
    and change your torque split to Front "10" and Rear "90."  Then, go to your
    Transmission tabnand change back to your STANDARD TRANSMISSION.  If you must
    use the customized one, you can set the max speed up to around 190mph as well,
    but the standard transmission lets you get up to around 160mph at Daytona.  I
    got out to about a 4 second lead with this and then kept that the rest of the
    race. Now to B-Spec.  I left the standard transmission on and the 4wd to
    10/90 for Laguna.  I used the General Driving Strategy.  My guy slid all over
    the track, but he was so much faster than everyone that he was still in first
    by the corkscrew and had a 5 second lead by the first lap.  At Daytona, I
    left the settings the same, and he ran about the same as my A-Spec race.  He
    won by quite a bit more though, so I guess I have some room to improve!  Just
    remember to keep pacing him up when you get below half, and you'll have no
    5)  Japanese 90's Challenge- Nissan Calsonic Skyline GT-R Race Car '93(Win
    from Super GT in A-Spec), and GDS for B-Spec
    6)  Tous France Championship- Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '09 (Win the A-Spec Gran
    Turismo World Championship in the Professional Series), and no coaching
    necessary.  Incidentally, this is one of my favorite cars to drive in this
    game, with its retractable spoiler and gazillion HP.  Also, if you like
    launching yourself into the air, this is the car to do it in!
    7)  Festa Italliano- Cizeta V16T '94 (Win from the MR Sports Cup A-Spec in the
    Extreme Series), and GDS for B-Spec
    -HARD ONE-
    8)  Clasic Muscle Car Championship-  Chevelle SS454 '70.  I honestly have no
    idea how I got this car.  All of the forums say it shows up in the Used Car
    Dealership, but I KNOW I didn't buy it there.  The only thing I can think is
    that I got it from getting Bronze in all the NASCAR Special Events.  The boards
    say "Classic Muscle Car," which this is.  Anyway, back to the race.  This is
    the second event that you will need some special help with.  I think I won this
    in A-Spec without tuning anything, but it was after I was a really good driver
    and I only won by a car length.  The problem is that the Corvettes that you
    race against have a higher top speed than any car you can get for this, so you
    have to be able to catch them on the straight stretches at Monza.  Go into your
    tuning and adjust the transmission to 168mph top speed.  This should be good
    for the A-Spec Race.  For B-Spec, this may take a few tries, but the GDS works
    fine.  Just make sure that once your guy gets into first, he stays above
    halfway on his mood and puts some distance between him and the Vette.  Once
    you get ahead, you'll win easily.
    9)  Supercar Nostalgia-  Jaguar XJ13 Race Car (Win from Indy 500 A-Spec), and
    GDS for B-Spec.
    +                                                                             +
    +                         -B3) Professional Series-                           +
    +                                                                             +
    1)  Mini Challenge- Mini Cooper S '07 (Buy new from the dealership), and GDS
    2)  Muscle Car Championship- Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II (Win the Dream Car
    Championship in A-Spec), and GDS for B-Spec.
    3)  Supercar Festival- Use the Red Bull
    4) Lupo Cup- Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car (J) '03 (Won from the Euro Hot Hatch
    Championship A-Spec in the Amateur Series), and GDS for B-Spec.
    5)  Japanese 80's Festival- Toyota Minolta 88-cv Race Car '89 (Win the Like
    the Wind event in A-Spec Extreme series), and GDS for B-Spec.
    6)  Lamborghini Challenge- Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 '08 (Buy new from the
    dealership), and GDS for B-Spec.
    7)  British Lightweights- Jaguar XJ13 Race Car '66 (Win the Indy 500 A-Spec in
    the endurance series), and GDS for B-Spec.
    8)  Festa Cavallino- Ferrari Enzo Ferrari '02 (Buy new from the dealership).
    You will have to drive fairly well to win this in A-Spec, even with your
    awesome mods to the car, and you'll have to pay attention quite a bit on B-Spec
    as well.  Your car IS faster on the straights than the other cars, so once you
    get in front (it took me 2 laps), you should put some distance on the field.
    Just don't let your guy get too worked up, or he'll slide around and crash into
    the barriers on the chicanes.
    9)  Gran Turismo World Championships- Use the Red Bull.
    +                                                                             +
    +                            -B4) Expert Series-                              +
    +                                                                             +
    1) Tuned Car Championship- Use the Red Bull
    2) Schwarzwald A- Audi Lemans Quattro '03 (Win the European Championship in
    A-Spec), and GDS for B-Spec.  One note here-  this is a 4WD car, and you're
    running on a road course, so you will find the car handles much better if you
    go into the "drivetrain" portion of the tuning menu and change the 4WD tuning
    to 10/90 instead of 50/50.  The car will handle more like a race car, and you
    WILL need to do this for the Schwarzwald B event anyway, so you might as well
    do it now and save the time later.
    3)  MR Sports Cup- Ford GT LM Spec II Race Car (Win from the Dream Car
    Championship in A-Spec Extreme Series), and GDS for B-Spec
    4)  Historic Racing Car Cup- Okay, this one I found it to be very difficult,
    mostly because you're racing against some of the fastest cars in the game
    (finally).  You must have a car that is from 1979 or earlier, and I think I won
    this with the Jaguar, but I had to be really patient and really good, and I
    barely won when I did.  There's a car in this series called the Chapparal 2J
    Race Car.  From the back, it looks like a refrigerator with a fan on it.
    You'll see it from the back quite a bit, because it runs fast, turns fast, and
    accelerates fast.  However, if you're willing to skip this race for a while and
    wait a bit, you'll be rewarded.  If you get to a high enough level (I think
    it's 21) in B-Spec, do the Like The Wind challenge in the Extreme Series.  You
    will win the Toyota 7 Race Car '70.  Go in and change the oil immediately, then
    buy a High RPM Range Turbo Kit, as well as the best tires you can.  I think
    this is all they'll let you buy, but if not, buy more!  You should get your HP
    up to about 943, and your PP up to about 715.  Now, it's time to race.  Start
    in A-Spec at Deep Forest Raceway.  First, go in and set your Top Speed in your
    Transmission to 224mph.  You'll probably pass everyone on the first turn except
    the refrigerator car.  Then, watch how he runs the race and stay close if you
    can.  You CAN pass him in the Toyota, and this is fine if you want, but I ran a
    few laps so I knew what the track was like before getting into 1st.  Your car
    will want to slide all over, so be cautious and stick to the driving line.  If
    You're getting lap times in the 1:10 to 1:15 range, you'll have no problem.
    Okay, on to the next race: Cote D'Azur.  Racing fans (and IronMan fans) will
    recognize this as Monaco, and it's a bitch to race on, especially when your car
    is barely fast enough to keep up.  First, set your Transmission Top Speed all
    the way down to 174mph or so.  The whole key to winning this race is to get in
    1st quickly and STAY THERE.  To illustrate my point, I ran 7:53.697 my first
    race, and lost by more than 20 seconds.  My winning time, actually, was
    8:00.167.  The difference was that that damned refrigerator car started in 8th
    instead of first, so he had to come through the field just like me.  I was in
    first until I hit a wall on lap 3, and whaddya know, there's the 2J going right
    past me!  I was so tired of seeing that stupid fan that I got mad and just
    rear-ended him as hard as I could, and I ran him straight into the next wall
    and went by.  I stayed about 5 seconds ahead after that.  The computer loves to
    have that 2J start the race in first, by the way, but every once in a while it
    will stick him back in the pack.  If you are having trouble with the race, go
    back out to the race selection screen (all the way to where you see all 9
    Expert Challenges), and try to start again.  Eventually, it will start him
    further back, which will make this easier.  Okay, let's try B-Spec.  I'm going
    to do these backwards, because you should have your car still set up for
    Cote d' Azur.  You'll have to use Racing Medium tires, but keep the setup the
    same.  This race is 8 laps, and you may need all of them.  I don't think the 2J
    is your biggest problem on this race, but you may want to make sure he's
    starting behind you, just to be on the safe side.  Your biggest problem is that
    your driver is a raving IDIOT, and won't pass another car on this race to save
    his life.  When he does, he's usually so worked up that he crashes immediately
    and loses 4 or 5 spots.  SO, this is going to require a special driving
    SPECIAL DRIVING STRATEGY FOR COTE D' AZUR- The first 30 seconds of this race,
    I've found, is a crap shoot.  You could end up in 10th; you could end up in
    3rd.  It's all about chance.  Just keep pacing him down so he doesn't get
    too crazy until everyone lines up for the big left hairpin at around 45
    seconds.  Now, PACE DOWN immediately and try to get him out of the red.
    Your driver loves crashing into the walls at two places on this track, and
    the first one is the chicane that comes around the 1 minute mark.  Don't even
    worry about what place you're in, as all the cars drive closely.  The trick
    is to get your pacing right, then look up and see if your car is competing.
    As soon as he gets through the chicane, Pace Up once.  As soon as that wears
    off, Pace down again, and maybe even once more.  The second place he loves to
    crash is the last right turn of the track, the one with the bright black and
    yellow arrows on the wall.  As soon as he gets through that turn, Pace Up
    three times, right in a row.  You'll run him super hot, but he'll also do most
    of his passing here.  That third Pace Up should expire as you're making the
    turn to the back straightaway, so Pace Down immediately to get him cool for
    that dangerous chicane.  Pace Up again, then Pace Down, then Up three times.
    Try to get a rhythm and you should see your position improving.  Got it?  One
    more time- Pace Upx3, Pace Down on back straight, get through the chicane,
    Pace Up once, Pace Down once, get through the last turn, rinse and repeat.
    And, you will still lose half the time.  But, you only need to win once, so go
    get it. 
    I know we did this backwards, and the Deep Forest B-Spec will probably seem
    anticlimactic after the craziness of the last one, but I'm OK with this kind
    of anticlimactic.  Remember to go in and set your top speed back up to 224mph,
    and enjoy being in first after a minute or so.  The 2J is still lurking out
    there, so you can't just walk away from this race, but if you Pace Up whenever
    the bar gets below half, you should win this race by (literally) a mile.
    5)  Turbo Challenge- Use the Red Bull
    6)  Gallardo Trophy- Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 '08 (Buy new from the
    dealership), and GDS for B-Spec.  This is surprisingly easy, since you tuned
    your car and they didn't.  I thought it would be harder, but I crushed everyone
    just like the other races.
    7)  Japanese Championship- Use the Red Bull
    8)  Gran Turismo All Stars- Use the Red Bull
    9)  Polyphony Digital Cup- Use the Red Bull
    +                                                                             +
    +                            -B5) Extreme Series-                             +
    +                                                                             +
    This series was really odd to me, as the competing cars are much better than
    they have been so far.  It's split evenly 3 ways:  3 of the events are super
    easy, 3 are competitive but not hard if you have the right car, and 3 are the
    most difficult events to win in all of A-Spec or B-Spec.  Hmmm.
    THE EASY-  Let's just get this right out of the way.  The "Like The Wind,"
    "Super GT," and "Dream Car Championship" can all be done with the Red Bull.
    THE MIDDLE-  There are three races that are easy if you have the right car
    with the right setup.  These are the ones:
    1)  Schwarzwald League B - I used the Audi Lemans Quattro '03 that I got by
    winning the European Championship in A-Spec.  It's not the best car for this
    race at all, but it's good enough if you buy all the mods and get your HP up
    to 750 or so.  Then, go to your tuning menu, under the Drivetrain tab, and buy
    a Torque Sensing Center Differential.  Adjust it to 10/90 instead of 50/50, if
    you haven't done this yet.  Now, get ready to race.  The first race is at the
    Cape Ring.  You can be in first by the first turn, and even an OK lap will get
    you a 10 second lead.  The next race is at the Nurburgring.  Again, you should
    have no trouble if you know how to drive this monster by now (the track, not
    the car).  For B-Spec, buy the Sports Soft tires and leave the rest of the
    setup the same.  You can probably set the controller down for the Cape Ring
    race, but you may want to pace him up once a lap or so, just to keep him
    interested.  Same with the Nurburgring: even with his reluctance to pass, you
    should be in first by the first minute.  The rest is the GDS, but I don't think
    you even need to watch.
    2)  European Championship - There's really no car for me for this series but
    the Bugatti Veyron, which you win in the Professional Series of A-Spec in the
    Gran Turismo World Championship.  If you mod this car all the way up to 1100HP
    or so, you will crush everyone in this series.  You might just lap a few people
    in A-Spec.  In B-Spec, you can just set the thing down and walk away? You're
    way faster than these guys.  You may have to make another driver, as you need 2
    for the first time, and you may also notice your pit options are on for the
    first time.  Ignore these, you don't need to pit in these races, but you will
    3)  German Touring Car Championship - This is a more difficult race, because
    there are only 13 cars that qualify.  Fortunately, one can be bought at the
    Lexus dealership:  the IS Racing Concept '08.  When you get it through your
    tuning, you'll be over 750HP, and good to go.  In A-Spec, you shouldn't have
    any problems, as the better tires make a world of difference.  The car does
    like to spin out, though, when you're coming out of corners.  If you want a
    more comfortable race, you might want to turn on the Skid Recovery Force in
    your Driving Options.  For B-Spec, you'll probably have to watch these races
    the entire time.  You're faster than everyone, but not by much, so go back to
    your General Driving Strategy and you'll be fine. 
    THE HARD - Okay, these three are the hardest of the whole bunch in both A-Spec
    and B-Spec.  They're harder than any of the Endurance races, and I'll list them
    from easiest to hardest.
    -HARD ONE-
    American Championship - In retrospect, I may have made a mistake when I put
    this in the "hard" category.  The first time I did this, I did it with the
    Shelby Cobra, which was definitely not enough car.  The second time, I insisted
    on leaving Skid Recovery Force off, like a dumbass, and I slid everywhere and
    yelled at the TV for an hour before I won.  Now that I have the right car and
    the right options, I think it will be much easier.  Go win the Dream Car
    Championship in the Extreme Series A-Spec, and you'll get the Ford GT LM Race
    Car Spec II.  Your tuning should get you up around 770HP, and make sure you
    buy the Racing Soft tires.  In A-Spec, start with Indy.  This one actually
    isn't too bad:  stick to about 180mph around each corner, you'll run laps that
    hover around 48 seconds, and you'll win by 4.5 seconds or so.  Now, there's
    Laguna.  Oh, Laguna!  Let me save you some trouble, and say this again.  If
    Skid Recovery Force isn't on, TURN IT ON!  Without it, you'll be all over the
    place, and the competition isn't very forgiving.  With it, you'll win by more
    than 10 seconds, even if you're not a great driver.  B-Spec time!  Watch this
    whole race, because your driver loves to do really fun stuff like slow down to
    130 on the corners if you're not watching.  There's not a whole lot of places
    to wreck the car, so we'll modify the driving strategy a bit to get him out
    ahead.  What you want to do is pace him UP about 4 or 5 straight times at the
    beginning of the race.  Get him all nice and pissed off.  Keep hammering him
    until he's ahead by about 10 seconds (sometime around lap 3), then drop the
    controller and walk away.  Even his dumb ass can't give up a 10 second lead in
    15 minutes, can he?  I'll let you know in 15 minutes - I'm watching it right
    now... Well, he did win, but only by 1 second, so you may want to come back
    around lap 15 and get him interested enough to stay in front.  Now for Laguna.
    Forget the other 11 cars: your only competition is the damn refrigerator car.
    If one of those start up front, you'll have to catch him.  It is hard to pass,
    but not nearly as hard as Monaco (Cote D'Azur).  If you find yourself right up
    on his bumper, just keep him calm and you'll get him within the first 3 laps.
    Then, you'll probably get way ahead, but keep him over halfway on his mood
    meter or that refrigerator car will catch you very quickly.
    -HARD ONE-
    NASCAR Championship - This event is in the "hard" category as well.  It is not
    misplaced.  It is not easy.  As you undoubtedly know, a NASCAR is a stock car.
    This means no added parts.   There are two ways to get a stock car:  win one by
    getting all Golds in the Jeff Gordon NASCAR Special Event, or buy one from the
    Toyota, Ford, or Chevy dealership for 500,000 credits.  When you get it, you
    will start with 824HP.  The maximum is 892, and the only way to get it is to
    change your oil.  A bunch.  To run the first A-Spec series, changing it once is
    enough, so go do that.  You'll be at 864HP.  Go to the tuning shop.  Buy the
    Chassis Reinforcement, and some Racing Soft tires.  Now, you have to tune the
    car.  This will give you a major advantage, and is one of two races that you
    actually need to get into all of that stuff.  So, if you want to mess around
    and tune it yourself, feel free.  I'm not interested in ride height and toe
    angles, so I just used a setup from the Internet.  I would give credit here,
    but I've seen it posted by at least 5 different people, and every one is more
    than 3 years old (hey, sometimes it's good to be an old guy):
    Under suspension, set your ride height to "Forward +15, Rear -15."
    Set your spring rate to "Forward 18.4, Rear 18.5."
    Set all 4 damper settings to "8."
    Set both anti-roll bars to "6."
    Set both camber angles to ".5,"
    Set your toe angles to "Front 0.00, Rear 0.20."
    Under transmission, set your max speed to 224mph.
    That should be enough for now.  Next, you're ready to race, so start with
    A-Spec and pick the series.  There are 5 races, and you get 100 points for
    winning each race, 75 for second, 60 for third, and so on.  You can still win
    the series even if you don't win all five races, so don't give up if you lose
    one or two.  Also, since everyone is driving the same car, the second place
    car will not always be the same person.  This will help at the end, because
    you will probably lose the last race at Daytona.  We'll get there in a minute.
    Start with Indy.  If you can hold 160mph through each turn, you can run laps
    around 51.5 seconds and win by 4 seconds or so.  There's your first 100 points.
    If you can't win at Indy, don't go on to the next one.  Just practice here
    until you're handling the car well, then start your series again.
    Next up:  Grand Valley.  You can use the Settings tab in the pre-race screen
    to adjust your tuning before this race.  Change your top speed to 193mph, and
    make sure your SRF in the Driving Options is on. Now it's time for a bit of
    coaching.  As Jeff Gordon has no doubt told you many times, "remember, the car
    is heavy."  As your faithful scribe would put it, "this car steers like an
    office building and spins like a DJ."  As such, there are a few things to
    remember.  Don't pass anyone on the outside of a curve, lest they bump you and
    put you into 360's.  If you're going around a curve, and you're in 1st or 2nd
    gear, you MUST feather the gas carefully, get straight again at the end of
    the curve, and only then can you accelerate for real.  Be patient on this
    race - it may take you a lap or two to get used to this stupid car and take
    the lead.  Once you do, you should have no problem staying in front, as long
    as you watch the driving line and be judicious with your gas pedal.  The win
    here will give you 200 points, and at least a 50 point lead.
    You actually don't have to make any changes for the High Speed Ring: there are
    only 6 turns on this whole track, and you only need your brakes for 4 of them.
    Take the first one full speed, the second around 3rd gear somewhere, then drop
    to 70mph for the third and 83mph for the 4th.  Full speed for the little right
    turn there, then down to 3rd gear again for the last one.  You'll be 5 seconds
    ahead by lap 3, and finish with another 100 points.
    Next up: Laguna Seca.  Drop your top speed all the way down to 162mph, as you
    need more acceleration than top speed here.  Your superior knowledge of
    vehicle tuning will give you more hole shot than any car on the course, and
    even average laps should find you ahead of the field by 5 seconds or more
    each lap.  Remember, though, to be easy on the gas through corners, or you'll
    plant a 3400 pound kiss on one of the walls and fall way behind.  Boom,
    another 100 points.  
    If you are coming into race 5 with 400 points, you should be home free, as I
    doubt the same guy got all 4 seconds.  You want a lead that's more than 100
    points, because then you'll gold the series even if you finish dead last at
    Daytona.  And you may finish dead last at Daytona.  It's OK, it's easy to do.
    All the other cars will be in one big pack, so they can draft and drive
    faster than you.  You'll drift as you're going through the turns, and all it
    takes is one dude to clip your quarter panel and you're barrel rolling to
    loserdom.  If you miss a turn, the whole pack will get too far ahead to
    draft, and you'll lose like 2 seconds a lap all of a sudden.  It's cool, just
    finish your race, take your gold, then come back when you have more hutzpah
    and some free time and get this gold separately.  If you want to try for it
    now, though, I won't stop you.  Set your top speed back up to 224mph.  Keep
    your left tires on the yellow line at the bottom of the track as much as
    possible.  Don't ever take your thumb off the accelerator.  If the pack
    catches you, and they will, let them go by.  Get up and draft the left-most
    column, and pass them on the left.  Just keep the shuffle going, don't try
    to block anyone, and don't get up near the wall.  If you can survive until
    lap 9, it's time to plan accordingly.  If I'm back in the pack, I try to
    pick off the 3rd place car by the middle of lap 9 by gently nudging him as
    I go by.  This leaves 2 cars to draft in front of me.  On the first turn of
    lap 10, I go by the car on the left, or both of them if they're in line,
    and then I try to block the crap out of anyone coming up.  Half the time I
    waste the whole race by getting spun out, the other half I knock them back
    and win by a few tenths.
    Once that's done, take your gold trophy and go back to GT Auto.  Change
    your oil.  You'll get up around 874HP.  Try Daytona again by itself.  Win
    or lose, change your oil.  Keep doing this until you're at the maximum
    892HP.  Now, you have your best chance to win, so go in there and get 'er
    done!  I've also found success by changing my top speed up around 242mph,
    but it seemed like it was all pure chance anyway.  Okay, the good news is,
    you're done with A-Spec.  The bad news is, you're only halfway done with
    this friggin series!  Time for B-Spec...
    B-Spec Walkthrough - I have to throw a little disclaimer in here, which
    applies to the next race as well.  I have now played through this game 2
    full times, and all of my drivers are at level 40.  I can't remember all
    the details when I did this before, and I doubt your drivers are that high
    as you're reading this, so please bear with me if it's a little harder for
    you than it is for me.  I'm going to re-do this to make sure all the setups
    and strategies work, but I may find it easier with the higher level driver.
    Okay, let's get started.
    Start with a full 892HP on your car by changing the oil.  Go into your
    tuning page and reset everything to the default.  Now, we're going to use a
    setup that's been on gamespot for two years or so (Credit to sirtokealot,
    deadlist, n4bcake, and kebs03m3):
    Under Body/Chassis, set Downforce to 45/45.
    Under Transmission, set Top Speed to 242mph.
    Under Drivetrain, set your LSD to 50/50/15.
    Under Suspension, set Ride Height to -30/-30, Spring Rate to 18.5/18.5,
    Dampers to 8/8, 8/8, and Anti-Roll Bars to 6/7.
    Set your Camber to 2.0/1.0, and your Toe Angle to -.15/0.
    Under Brakes, set your Brake Balance to 1/0, then equip your Racing Hard
    Now, go in and start the Series.  Your first race is at Indy, and the GDS
    should work fine.  If he doesn't seem to be passing anyone by the 3rd lap,
    go ahead and pace him up constantly for about 3 laps and see if this gets
    him ahead.  He can hold more speed in the corners than anyone else, so once
    he gets in front you can let him cool down a bit.  Just watch the speed
    through the corners:  if he's getting below 150, pace him up again.
    On to race 2, which is at Grand Valley.  You're basically going to re-tune
    your car, and I'll use shorthand to keep the space down.  Downforce 50/70.
    LSD 20/40/20.  Top Speed 193.  Ride Height -15/-15, Springs 15/14, Dampers
    8/7 and 7/6, Anti-roll, Camber, and Toe all the same, Brakes 2/1.  Your
    number one concern in the first half of this race is tire wear.  You
    absolutely must keep this dude from burning out the tires.  You'll be
    spending at least the first 4 laps in the middle of the pack, which means
    your guy will be red-lining all the time.  There are two sets of S-Curves
    to watch for:  one at about 40 seconds, and another around 1:40.  Pace down
    right before these, and get him as low as you can so he doesn't spin out.
    After the second set, go ahead and pace him up a few times in a row, then
    right back down again for the first S-Curves.  Keep an eye on his pace:
    if he's pushing the cars in front more than being pushed from behind, your
    strategy is working fine.  The thing about this race is that the other
    drivers will burn their tires up by about lap 5 and start careening all over
    the place in the last half of the race.  If you still have good tread, you'll
    go right by them quickly.  Once you're in front, keep him around the midpoint
    on his mood meter.  You have a faster car, but the dude sucks at passing, so
    this strategy seems to work the best.  Hopefully, you'll be at 200 points,
    but even if you end up 5th or so, you still have a great chance to take the
    Next Race: High Speed Ring.  Downforce 40/60.  Top Speed 211.  Spring Rate
    18.5/18.5.  Dampers 9/10, 4/4.  Everything else the same.  You'll probably
    get shuffled to the back when this race first starts.  That's fine.  There's
    a checkpoint at about the 30 second mark, and you want to pace down through
    this so you don't burn your tires.  Then, run him as hot as you want all
    through the rest of the race.  You probably won't make much headway until lap
    5 or 6, but when you do, you should start moving up pretty consistently.  If
    your tires are still good, you'll be in first by lap 8 and once you get in
    front you'll never look back.  I personally didn't touch the controller at
    all except the one time every lap, but if you see him hitting walls and
    dropping back, you may want to slow him down a little.  Be patient, and
    remember that you are the fastest car out there.  This is another one that I
    win consistently every time with this setup.  Usually I have about 250 points
    in the series after these two, and I try to get another 50 or so at Laguna,
    which gives me more than a 100 point lead heading into the final race.
    Next Race:  Laguna Seca.  Downforce 45/45.  Top Speed 174mph.  Height
    -30/-30.  Spring Rate 15/15.  Dampers 8/8 and 8/8.  Brakes 1/0.  Everything
    else the same.  This is a surprisingly easy race, actually.  Use your GDS and
    you'll see a steady climb up through the ranks.  Your driver will get up on
    someone's bumper, ride them for a bit, then pass them and move right up to the
    next guy.  He stays surprisingly cool, so you may even have to pace him up
    while he's in traffic.  If you are having trouble moving through the pack, the
    best place to run him hot is right from the 30 second mark to the corkscrew.
    That usually gets you a pass if you've been waiting too long.  Be patient,
    though, you may not get into first until lap 8 or 9.  Once you do, keep him at
    least a little warm to finish the race.
    Next Race: Daytona.  Downforce 40/60.  Top Speed 236.  LSD 60/60/15.  Height
    0/-15.  Springs 18.5/19.  Dampers 9/10 and 4/4.  Camber 3.5/2.5.  Brakes 2/1.
    Everything else the same.  This race is just plain sucky, there's no two ways
    about it.  Hopefully, you're going in with more than a 100 point lead, so it
    doesn't matter if you win.  Getting in 1st doesn't mean squat here:  all the
    cars run in a pack, just like A-Spec, and they'll catch you unless you get far
    enough ahead so they can't draft you.  If you can keep your driver from doing
    anything stupid, you can hold 195mph or so through the big corners, and you'll
    never need your brakes.  I'm not even sure if your commands have any bearing
    either, as you're going to run at the red line no matter what you do.  I just
    let the race run for about the first 15 laps, then go in and spam "pace up"
    until the end.  Eventually, you'll win, but I think it took about 10 tries for
    me.  If you don't on the first try, take your gold for the series, change your
    oil, then come back when you're at 892HP.  Also, if you didn't get gold in
    any of the races, go on back and catch those as well.  Thankfully, if you got
    all of the Jeff Gordon races by now, you don't have to climb in a NASCAR ever
    again!  Your reward will be... The hardest A-Spec and B-Spec Series in the
    This series is also known as the Formula Gran Turismo World Championship.  It
    is six races long, and they are long races.  You have to use the Formula Gran
    Turismo car, which SUCKS to drive, and you will be running against other
    Formula Gran Turismos with pretty good drivers.  Even a 20 second lead is not
    safe, because sometimes you have to pit and they don't.  The weather conditions
    change, but you don't know what they are until you've already chosen your
    tires.  Just to give you an idea of how much I think this sucks, it is the VERY
    LAST thing I'm writing for this guide.  I have dreaded this since the moment I
    started the guide, and 65 pages later, I'm here.  No, wait, it's 6AM.  I'm
    going to bed.  I'll do it another day.
    One month later:  Ok, I'm back and it's finally time to get this over with.
    You are going to want to clear your schedule for the next 3 or 4 hours, then
    clear it again tomorrow for another 6 hours.  That's how long this takes, and
    it isn't pleasant. Did I scare you enough?  Okay, let's get started!  First,
    go get a Formula Gran Turismo.  They aren't available at the dealership, but
    the Online Dealership has them for a cool 5 million credits.
    It should be in the bottom right corner of the list.  Got one?  Good.  It's
    time to tune it.  Change your oil, buy a Chassis Reinforcement, and buy some
    Racing Soft tires. Set your Downforce to 70/90, Top Speed to 261mph, LSD to
    15/45/55, Ride Height to 5/5, Spring Rate to 18.5/18.5, Dampers to 8/8 and
    6/6, Anti-Roll Bars to 7/7, Camber Angle to 2.0/1.0, Toe Angle to
    0/-.20, and Brake Balance to 4/1.  Now, start your race series in A-Spec.
    1) Fuji Motor Speedway. This is a must-win race.  Your setup should keep you
    relatively stable, and faster on the straights. You should be able to overtake
    all cars by the first turn, and if you can get around your first lap in about
    1:22 or so, you'll have about a 1.5 second lead.  If you can run laps around
    1:18, you'll build about a 5 second lead and keep it for the rest of the race.
    A few notes:  first, the pit options are mercifully turned off, so burn your
    tires and gas all you want.  Second, the dreaded move with this car is the
    spinout:  don't do it if you can help it.  The best way to avoid this is to
    brake when you're going straight, not in the middle of the turn, and don't
    try to steer when you're in the grass.  Third, there's a stretch of gentle
    curves right after the sharp left at around the 30 second mark.  You'll be
    tempted to release the gas through these, but you can do this at full
    throttle.  Fourth, the final section before the straightaway is the easiest
    place to misjudge a turn and spin out.  Fortunately, these curves have a strip
    of grass on the outside, with some pavement on the outside of that.  If you're
    about to hit the grass, take your thumb of the steering stick and let the car
    go through the grass before attempting to steer.  You'll avoid a spinout and
    be able to get back on the track quickly.  Now, just keep your interest for
    the next 25 minutes, and you'll have 100 points going into the next race.
    2)  Indianapolis Road Course- Leave your setup the same, and you should be in
    first place within 20 seconds.  Be very careful of the grass and the sand, as
    one tire off track will usually spin you out and cost you 5-6 seconds.  The
    two that always get me are the sharp right at about 15 seconds, and the sharp
    left at about 40 seconds.  If you run aggressively, you can run laps in the
    1:07 range, but 1:12's will keep you well in the lead, so it's better to go a
    little slower and not get off track.  You need to win this one as well, so if
    you don't have 200 points by the end of this race, you may want to quit the
    championship and start over.
    3)  Cote d'Azur-  Before you start this race, get in to the settings, drop
    your Top Speed down to 236mph, and change your brake balance to 7/2.  This is
    the first race in the series that you may lose, so be prepared.  If you use
    this setup, you should be fast enough to be in first place halfway through the
    first lap, which is where you want to run the entire race.  It's just as hard
    for them to pass you as it is for you to pass them, so if you hit the wall in
    first, you may just keep your place.  If you hit the wall in fourth, you'll
    probably never see the first place car again.  In fact, I ran laps from 1:15
    all the way up to 1:21 for the writing of this guide.  The second place car
    never challenged me, but I never got more than 2 seconds ahead either.  You
    can save some time by getting up on the curbstones at the chicane at the
    bottom of the hill, but don't get too cute or you'll lose time instead.  The
    real key is to brake early, coast through most of the corners, then wait till
    you're lined up to hit the gas.  This will keep you from spinning out.
    If you have trouble with this setup, just move on and run this race by itself
    until you win.  There is a school of thought out there that says the best way
    to set up for this race is to set your Top Speed to about 199mph, but this
    usually involves being behind until lap 7 or 8.  I think it lets you
    accelerate better, though, so if this works for you, do it.
    4) Nurburgring GP/F- First, if you elected to use the 199mph Top Speed for
    Cote d'Azur, change it back to 236mph.  Then, get started.  This race isn't all
    that bad, but you probably won't run away from anyone either.  It's actually OK
    to run around 3rd place for most of the race, so don't be nervous if you aren't
    in front by the first turn.  Track Notes:  make sure you use the camber on the
    first hairpin to spin you around for the end of the turn.  Also, there are
    bumps on almost every curve that will push you into the sand, so make sure
    you're staying as close to the inside of the turns as possible.  Your race
    strategy will vary depending on what position you're in.  If you're ahead, run
    nice, steady laps around 1:35 and you'll stay there.  If you're behind, don't
    panic.  You can catch these guys pretty easily, as long as you don't push too
    hard and make things worse for yourself.  The other cars love to spin out
    towards the end of the race if you're watching them, so be patient.  If you're
    way behind (like 10 seconds or more), it's time for a Hail Mary... the final
    chicane can be completely bypassed by waiting for the sand on the left to end,
    lining the car up, then coasting left into the grass.  If you line the car up
    where you know the road will be, you can get through here at about 140mph and
    make up at least 3 seconds on the other cars.  Be extremely careful doing this,
    though, because all sorts of horrible things will happen to you if you get it
    wrong.  I wouldn't try this unless you're either really good at it, or you are
    in 9th place or worse with 5 laps to go.  Hopefully, you'll have at least 300
    points by the end of this race, with a lead somewhere around 75-80 on second.
    Before you go to the next race, make a note of your score, and the score of the
    second place driver.  It is totally possible to get 12th place on both of the
    last two races if you're unlucky, so, having a big lead right now is paramount.
    Let's see what we get, shall we?
    5)  Monza- Oh man, I really had fun writing this section!  As it turns out, all
    my tips were unnecessary!  Just go in and adjust your Top Speed to 249mph.  The
    weather is variable, but doesn't make a hill of beans difference:  just use
    your Racing Soft tires.  If it's dry, you'll run laps around 1:25 and be
    competitive.  If it's raining, you'll run laps around 1:35 and lap the field
    twice.  I don't know what to do with this whole page of text that I wrote about
    tires and race strategy, but I think I'll just leave it in.  I'll block it off,
    though, so if you don't care about my writing, just skip to the next race, and
    thanks for bearing with me.
                        ***** TOTALLY UNNECESSARY SECTION!!!*****
    Okay, this is where I started hating this series, because the weather is
    variable and your race depends on luck.  First, change your Top Speed up to
    249mph.  Now, by the map on the pre-race screen, you'll see a little icon that
    looks like a tire with some raindrops and a percent value.  This is how much
    rain is going to be on the track.  If it says 0%, start the race.  If it says
    100%, go into your settings and change the tires to the Rain tires.  If it's
    anything in between, leave the Softs on and hope for the best.  Start the race.
    If you're lucky, the race conditions will be the same as what the pre-race
    screen told you.  The sad part, though, is that it's often wrong, leaving you
    with the wrong tires and no choice but to run a lap with the bad ones and pit
    on the first lap.  There are 4 different scenarios, weather wise, based on what
    you THOUGHT the weather would be and what the weather ACTUALLY is.  Let's go
    through all 4.  Dry/Dry-  This is the easiest of the 4.  Just run about 1:25 on
    every lap and you'll win comfortably.  I actually did this while talking to my
    mom on the phone (it's Mother's Day, you know) and ran laps around 1:20, but
    every 4th lap or so I'd crash.  The outcome was still never in doubt.  Wet/Wet-
    You equipped your rain tires, and it's actually raining, so that's good.
    The other cars kind of suck at this as well, so that's also good.  If you try
    to accelerate and you are in 4th gear or below, you will spin out.  Make sure,
    then, that you are either going dead straight when you mash the gas, or you
    are very gentle with your accelerator, because the walls aren't very far away.
    You need times right around 1:48 to stay in the lead, but you can go all the
    way down to 1:40 if you're good, so don't get too discouraged if you get a
    little behind.  Wet/Dry-  Oh no!  You went and put your rain tires on, and now
    it's dry!  You are so screwed!  When you first start, all the cars are going to
    go right by you, you will have to slow WAY down on curves, and you'll be lucky
    to get around the track in less than 2 minutes your first lap.  Have no fear,
    all is not lost.  Just get around the best you can and get into the pits at the
    end of your first lap.  By the time you get out, you'll probably be around 45
    seconds behind.  Sounds depressing, huh?  Well, the AI has a nice little
    surprise for you - he'll slow down until you catch up!  Seriously; he'll run
    around 1:27 or 1:28 for you until you aren't in last place any more, so if you
    can get times around 1:24, you'll catch him in 10 laps or so.  The 11th place
    car will be about 12 seconds behind 1st, and once you catch him the leader
    will speed up again, but by now you have plenty of time.  I ran right around
    1:22 or 1:23 and took first on lap 11.  As soon as I did, they stayed right
    behind me the rest of the race, even though I was running the same lap times.
    Finally, the weird AI rules benefit me!  Dry/Wet- This is actually the easiest
    scenario, and the reason the whole page above is totally unnecessary:  if you
    come into rainy conditions, but have your Racing Soft tires equipped, you will
    DESTROY the competition!  I ran my first two laps around 1:37 average, and was
    leading by 20 seconds!  So, given all the scenarios above, wouldn't it make
    more sense just to forget about the weather and leave the Racing Soft tires
    equipped?  I thought so.
                   *** END OF TOTALLY UNNECESSARY SECTION***
    Race 6:  Suzuka-  I sincerely hope you have more than a 100 point lead right
    now, because in this race, "if you ain't first, you're last." Your car is
    competitive, but your ability probably isn't. If you brake on a curve, you'll
    spin out.  If you accelerate on a curve, you'll spin out.  If you catch a tire
    on the grass, you'll spin out.  When you spin out, you'll lose 10 seconds, at
    least.  The other cars are screamingly fast, so it's going to be a tight race
    even if you run well, and you probably won't because you've been racing for 2
    hours straight.  There are two ways to approach this race.  First, keep your
    setup the same as Monza, and keep your Racing Soft tires on regardless of the
    weather.  The more it rains, the better your advantage, but remember that you
    must accelerate gently if you're in 4th gear or lower.  You'll need 1:35's to
    stay in front on a dry track, which will be hard.  You'll only need 2:05 or
    so on a wet track, which you can beat by 15 seconds easily on soft tires.  The
    other way is to take advantage of a little programming error.  When you are in
    the pre-race screen the track wetness indicator will tell you how much rain
    there is.  If you don't like the setting, go into the settings screen and back
    out.  It will change randomly until you get the conditions you want.  Usually,
    it will either be 0% or 100%, but sometimes you'll get a variable amount.  If
    you sit and watch the number, it will move, giving you a preview of how much
    it will change.  Now, you want one that's going to cross a threshold amount
    during the race.  I know the lower one is 10%, and I'm not sure about the
    upper one (probably 90%).  If you get this and start the race, eventually the
    other cars will have to pit to change their tires, and you'll obviously keep
    your racing slicks.  This will give you almost a full minute advantage.  It
    may take many resets to finally get the right conditions, but if you can't
    seem to win any other way, it might be worth it.
    Once you finish these 6 races, congratulate yourself on completing the biggest
    challenge in A-Spec.  If you didn't get first on a few races, go back in there
    and get them one at a time.  Then, turn your PS3 off, because I don't think
    you want to start B-Spec until you've gotten some rest...
    B-SPEC WALKTHROUGH- This series of 6 races is going to take 5 or 6 hours,
    depending on how well you do when you run the championship.  You will have to
    be there to babysit the whole time, so get some food or coffee or whatever
    you do on the couch for 5 or 6 hours.  I actually started calling all the
    friends that I haven't talked to in a while, because you don't really need to
    concentrate.  You just have to be there.  It's annoying, to say the least.
    Each race is lo-ong (about 45 minutes to an hour), and boring.  It's also
    slightly unfair, because most of the races will require your guy to pit, but
    the other guys won't have to.  So, you have to build a pretty big lead to
    absorb this handicap.  You'll hear talk about putting medium or hard tires on
    your car, but disregard this:  the soft ones are the only way to go.  You'll
    just have to know how to drive without burning them up, but you're already 19
    pages into this guide, so you know I'm going to tell you how :).
    Race 1: Fuji-  I'm assuming your Formula GT is still set up for Suzuka from
    the A-Spec, so let's make changes from there.  Start with an oil change.
    Then get into your tuning.  Make sure you have your Racing Soft tires.  The
    only things you should have to change are the Top Speed (Back to 261mph), the
    Spring Rate (17.5/17.5), and the Brake Balance (4/1).  I'm doing this with no
    oil change (891HP) and a level 12 driver, just to make sure these settings will
    work for you.  Keep him from red lining by pacing him down when he gets to the
    top of his mood bar, and he'll probably be in 5th or 6th when the pack thins
    out.  Just keep him about 75% for the first 5 laps or so, and he'll start
    challenging the cars in front of him.  If you start to get into lap 7 or 8
    without moving, redline him on all the sections except the squiggly one before
    the straight.  When you make a pass, pace down immediately to give him a break.
    Ideally, you want to be in first by lap 10.  Now, whenever he gets below half,
    pace him up.  You need to build a lead, because you will have to pit before the
    end of this race.  You should see your lead increase by about 2 seconds every
    lap.  Keep doing this until about lap 23.  Then, tell your guy to pit.  This is
    the most nerve wracking part of the race, because you get to sit still and
    watch all those guys go by.  I made it worse by accidentally getting 47 liters
    of fuel instead of the recommended 21, thanks to an ill-timed phone call from
    my wife (you can't pause during B-Spec, by the way).  I came out about 20
    seconds behind, and in 7th place.  Even with all of those issues, you now have
    brand new tires and the other guys don't.  You should make up that 20 seconds
    within about 6 laps, and end up winning this race by at least 45 seconds, so
    don't freak out if you come out of the pits way back in the pack.
    Race 2:  Indianapolis:  Probably the easiest of the 6 to win.  Change your Top
    Speed to 249mph.  You will barely have to touch the controller for the first 8
    laps.  If he starts getting behind, pace him up, but he should pass a car
    every one or two laps at the end of the straightaway.  If you're not in first
    by lap 8, start getting aggressive.  You want to be number one by lap 10 or
    so, then build your lead by keeping him above half for the next 13 laps.
    Again, your pit lap is 23.  Again, you might lose first place, but again,
    you'll have fresh tires and they won't.  You should win this race by almost a
    Race 3: Cote d'Azur-  Get your Top Speed down to 236mph.  Get your Spring Rate
    back up to 18.5/18.5, and get your Brake Balance up to 7/2.  I will tell you
    right now that you probably won't win this race during your championship
    series.  If you can place 5th or better, your points will be good enough to
    win this championship, but you'll probably have to come back and do this a few
    times before you get 1st.  One nice thing is that you won't have to pit.  One
    small problem is that you can burn your tires out before the race is over, but
    I've found this only happens when I'm losing anyway.  A bigger problem is that
    it's damn near impossible to get your driver to pass anyone.  The biggest
    problem is that the cars in front of you run way faster than the cars behind
    you.  The first time I did this, I was in second by lap 7.  I spent the rest
    of the race trying to pass that last car, and we were keeping a pace that
    began lapping other traffic!  However, the car immediately behind us was about
    30 seconds behind by the end of the race.  So, if you want to win, you need to
    get into 1st place, then conserve your tires and you'll be fine.  The following
    strategy works for me about 1/4 of the time, but it's the best I can do and I
    win eventually.  When the race starts, immediately press "Overtake."  This
    keeps you out of everyone's line and when the shuffle is over you should be
    around 7th place, where you started.  Now, your driver likes to screw up in
    three places:  the right turn around the 20 second mark, the chicane at the
    bottom of the hill, and the last right turn before the lap is over.  Count back
    about 10 seconds from each of these places, and Pace Down if he's at the red
    line.  Now, right after those three spots, of course, are the three best places
    to pass in the game.  As soon as you clear each one, press Overtake if you're
    right up on the car in front of you, and Pace Up if you're not.  As soon as you
    pass someone, Pace Down immediately.  You should move steadily through the pack
    using this strategy, and the rest is up to you.  If it gets up around lap 20
    and you're still not in first, I usually get angry and spam the Overtake button
    for about 3 straight laps.  I usually crash, but I have gotten lucky and made
    some passes while doing this.  As soon as you get into first, keep him
    somewhere between 25% and 50% on the mood meter, and you should add to your
    lead consistently, without killing your tires.  One note on the Top Speed: 
    every guide I've seen for this race tells me to set Top Speed at either 199mph
    or 206mph.  I haven't won with that strategy ever, and I can't figure out why.
    You'd think the increased acceleration would make it easier, since you don't
    need the top end at all.  What I think is that the lower acceleration keeps
    your driver from spinning out the tires, which makes them wear slower.
    Whatever the reason, 236mph has always been the magic number for me.
    Good luck!
    Race 4:  Nurburgring: Same setup as race 3, but much easier to win.  You're
    faster than them, so keep him between 50% and 90% and you'll be winning by lap
    8.  Your driver likes to wreck in the high speed S for some reason, but so do
    the other drivers, so don't get him too worked up going through there.  You
    also will have to pit once, and out of superstition I usually choose lap 23.  
    Race 5:  Monza- Get your Top Speed up to 249mph, and change your Brake Balance
    back to 4/1.  Then, use the settings trick to pick your race conditions:  I
    like the dry track myself, so let's do that.  As far as I know, you can keep
    him at the Red Line for the entire race without any ill effects.  I was a
    little nervous at first, because I blew the chicane on the first lap and was
    12th the whole way, but keeping him at the red line got him in first by lap 7.
    When you do finally pass the last car, you'll probably trade places and battle
    for a few laps.  This is normal, because he'll keep catching your draft.
    Eventually, though, you'll get far enough ahead and he'll disappear like a
    fart in the wind.  You will have to pit once, so how about lap 23?  At this
    point, you should have won 4 of the 5 races, and have a score around 450.  If
    the same guy didn't hog all the rest of the points, you should have a cushion
    of more than 100 points going into the final race.  If you want, you can skip
    the next race then and still win the championship, but you might as well give
    it a go, right?
    Race 6: Suzuka-  Ahh, the last race.  Leave your setup the same and get ready
    for a relatively easy one.  Use your settings tab trick to make sure you get
    a dry track, and get going.  Out of curiosity, I ran my driver at the red
    line, spamming Pace Up and Overtake, for the first six laps.  He made no
    errors and was in first by the end.  So, I don't think you'll have much 
    trouble.  Build your lead once you're in first, and don't worry about tires:
    you'll need to stop for gas once anyway.  Might as well make it lap 23!
    That's it, you're done.  Go back and finish any race you didn't get first
    on, and get ready for the endurance series!
    A SIDE NOTE OF THANKS:  I know this is only page 20 to you, but it's the last
    thing for me.  Before I move on, I want to say thanks to you, who are reading
    my stuff and hopefully getting some help from it.  It has been quite fun, as
    it's totally different playing the game when you have to teach someone how to
    do it.  Thanks again, and good luck with the rest of your Gran Turismo
    +                                                                             +
    +                           -B6) Endurance Series-                            +
    +                                                                             +
    I'm not even going to list these individually.  The only thing you have to
    battle is boredom, as the series features a whopping 148 HOURS of racing
    between A-Spec and B-Spec.  You can use the Red Bull car for 8 of the 9 races,
    so winning isn't a problem.  As soon as you are at level 28, do the Indy 500
    in A-Spec, as you will win your Jaguar Race Car and you can go back and clean
    up all those races you skipped.  The Roadster 4 Hour Endurance is easy by this
    time, as the Roadster TC that you've had since the beginning is much faster
    than the other cars out there.  In B-Spec, though, I found it easier to pace
    up until I lapped the second place car, then I set the controller down and
    watched Netflix for 4 hours until the race was over. I would keep an eye on
    this race from time to time though, because if your guy gets totally bored he
    CAN LOSE.   Also, if you use the Red Bull Car, expect the Suzuka 300km to take
    about 50 minutes, the Laguna Seca 200 miles to take about 90 minutes, the indy
    500 to take about 2 hours, and the Suzuka 1000 Km to take about 4 1/2 hours.  
    A quick note on leveling up-  This is the first time that experience points
    should become a problem, as the gaps get HUGE to get to the next level (39 to
    40 is over 7,000,000).  Originally, this made the game immensely boring, but
    it one of the later updates, Polyphony saved the day.  They give you a money
    and experience bonus for each consecutive day you log in to the PlayStation
    network, up to 200%.  For A-Spec, this shouldn't even matter, because the
    Special Events and License tests also add to your experience.  For B-Spec,
    it's a completely different matter.  I did every B-Spec race with 200% bonus,
    and STILL had to grind about 9 hours to get to the 24 hour LeMans race (Level
    35).  Then, after that race, I spent at least 60 hours grinding to get to level
    40 for the Nurburgring.  Some suggestions-  The fastest per hour rate for
    experience comes from the Indianapolis race in the Dream Car Championship in
    the Extreme Series.  In 13 minutes you get just over 70,000 experience points.
    If you are going to be next to your Playstation anyway, do this race and just
    keep hitting the start button as soon as you finish.  If you're going to be in
    the house, but want to do something else, do the Indy 500 in the Endurance
    Series.  The race takes just over 2 hours, and gets you about 500,000 points.
    Just start the race and come back every 2 hours to restart.  If you have a day
    job (and no wife that likes to play Dragon Age), I suggest doing the 9 hour
    race at Tsukuba.  You get about 1.7 million for this, and it's good to start
    either right before you go to work or right before you go to bed (if you sleep
    9 hours).  If you're really going to be gone for a while, try the 24 hour
    LeMans race.  You get over 5 million for this, but it takes (you guessed it)
    24 hours.  Also, the game has a tendency to forget that you were getting a
    bonus, since the race starts one day and finishes the next, so what I do to
    make sure I get my extra 2.5 million experience is suspend the race about 30
    minutes before the end.  I turn off the system, then start the game again and
    continue the race.  That way, if I lose my bonus, I can go right back to the
    suspended race and get it again.
    When all of these ridiculous races are done, congratulate yourself on
    finishing A-Spec and B-Spec!
    ++                                                                           ++
    ++                        -SECTION C: LICENSE TESTS-                         ++
    ++                                                                           ++
    There are 60 license tests, arranged in 6 groups of 10.  You're welcome to do
    all of these in a row, but they get pretty boring after a while.  You need at
    least a bronze in each test to be able to move to the next group.  The tests
    fall into two categories:  timed events and "glass car" races.  The timed
    events are pretty self-explanatory:  get from start to finish in a certain
    time.  The "glass car" events are ones where you have to place first in a race
    (or part of a race), but you will be disqualified if all four of your tires go
    off the track, or if you make hard contact with the other cars.  Letting two
    tires go in the grass is acceptable (and sometimes necessary), as is mild
    contact with the other cars.   Generally, bronze times are very easy to get,
    silver times become easy after some practice, and gold times are very strict
    and difficult.  So, don't feel bad if you don't gold everything right away.
    Some of these took me as much as 5 or 6 hours, and even then I barely got them.
    Also, unless otherwise noted, you will be using the default settings for the
    driving options.  It is rarely necessary to change them, although I would
    suggest playing with them if you're stuck on a time.  It might not improve
    your time, but you'll be amazed how much faster you run when you set them back
    (like a baseball player swinging with 3 bats on deck).
    One other note:  when you pass a series of tests with all Bronze, Silver, or
    Gold medals, you will get a prize car.  Some of them are basically useless, but
    some of them are among the best cars in the game.  I've listed the ones below
    that you'll be using for other races, so if you have limited time and energy,
    focus it on the tests that earn you these cars:
    1)  Get all Silver on your International B License and get the Daihatsu OFC
    Concept '08.
    2)  Get all Bronze on your International A License and get the Dodge Hemi.
    +                                                                             +
    +                         -C1) National "B" License-                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Test 1:  200m Stopping Challenge- Pretty simple for the first challenge.  Just
    mash the gas as soon as you can, then mash the brakes at around 10.2 seconds.
    I watch the clock instead of the car on this one.  Then adjust your braking
    point until you get the gold.
    Test 2: Steering- Again, Simple.  No braking, steer smoothly, watch the ghost
    car to see if you're ahead.  This is a good time to note:  if you hit the gas
    pedal right as the "1" disappears in the countdown, you will start faster.  I
    suggest playing with your own timing on this one, as you can see how much
    faster you start against your own ghost.
    Test 3:  Out-in-out:  This will be easy after a few tries.  There's actually
    enough play in this one to gold this by a few tenths, which you will learn
    quickly is HUGE in GT5.
    Test 4:  Braking into a Corner- This is a little harder, but not too bad.
    Come in with your left tires just inside the driving line, hit the brakes
    right about when it tells you to, and brake down to about 40mph.  You should
    be able to hit the gas immediately, as you're right at the apex.
    -HARD ONE-
    Test 5:  Basic Cornering Theory- Oh, ho, this is when I started to hate these
    license tests.  I thought it would be easy, since it was so early in the game,
    but BOY WAS I WRONG!  In my 2 playthroughs, I have spent more than 7 HOURS on
    this same 18.9 second race, and both times when I got it, I got it by .004.
    So, plan on being here a while, and count yourself lucky if you hit it early,
    because this test SUCKS.  With that said, here's the general strategy:  the
    first part of the race, just stick to the driving line and be as smooth as
    possible.  Then, start changing your line a little and see if you're ahead of
    the ghost car when it's time to brake.  Trust me, you'll have many, many
    tries, as the second part is the hard part. However, don't discount that
    little gap you get at the beginning:  that's your 4 one-thousandths that will
    get you this gold.  Okay, now the tricky part.  You see that strip of stuff
    on the left that looks like astro-turf?  Get your left tires right on it, and
    when you get about a half-car length before the end, mash the brakes and cut
    right.  The magic number on the hairpin is 36mph.  If you can hit the apex of
    the curve, with your right tires on the curbstones, you are in great shape.
    Then, just hit the gas and go to the finish!  A note about driving options
    here:  if you're stuck at, say, 18.942 (a number that will forever be in my
    nightmares), try dropping the Traction Control down to 3, then 1, and see if
    this helps you.  It didn't help me, but I've seen other posts where this
    seemed to put them over the top.  Good luck, and let's move on to Test 6!
    Test 6:  Exiting from a Looping Corner- This one's a little hard too, but only
    because there's not much room to spare.  First off, get your left tires into
    the grass.  You'll want about half of the car off the track going into the
    braking point.  You should see a little protective piece of asphalt that comes
    up before the right turn, and you should see it get about twice as big.  The
    goal here is to have both left tires on that piece of asphalt.  As soon as the
    rear hits them, you should be able to brake and turn enough to keep at least
    50mph through the curve, and when you get down to 50, you should be able to
    accelerate the rest of the way.  If you brake too early, and your tires are
    still on the grass, you'll skid, so don't do that.  If you brake late, you'll
    end up off the track.  That's all, but this one took me an hour or so before
    I got the line.
    Test 7:  High Speed Driving Lines and Throttle Control-  This challenge will
    be very frustrating at first, but once you get your lines and your times,
    you'll drop like .500 instantly.  So, if you're stuck at 19.4 or so, you are
    really not far from a gold.  The course is basically 6 turns: Left(1),
    Right(2), Left(3), Left(4) Right(5) and the big right at the end(6)..  There
    are many lines that work to get gold on this challenge, as the big trick is
    not disqualifying yourself, but here's the one that worked for me.  First,
    on all six corners, my OUTSIDE tires were on the blue and white barriers.  My
    inside tires were in the grass on every corner.  This brought me very near a
    big fat DQ, and in fact, I did DQ 90% of the times I tried this challenge.
    But you only need one gold, and that's how I got it.  Second, I went a little
    wide at the beginning, so I could hit turn 1 at full speed (about 68MPH).  I
    tapped the brakes a little for turn 2 and came through at around 71mph, then
    immediately cut into turn three with a little late braking (about 64 MPH).
    This is where you win or lose this challenge, in my opinion, because if you're
    going fast you'll probably slide a bit through the gap going into turn 4.  I
    actually didn't brake at all, I just let off the gas for a second and let the
    car drift right into that turn.  I was back on the gas through 5, which took
    me wide enough to get in deep at turn 6 with only slight braking (about 64mph).
    The key here is the line, because you can carry so much extra speed if you're
    right on the edge of the curves.
    Test 8: Finding a Line Through an S-Bend- The magic numbers for the 2 curves
    are 67 and 71.  Your car WILL slide.  That's great, if you're a Burnout
    transfer like me.  Just start inside the driving line, let it slide, get your
    car pointed right, then hit the gas.  You'll get a great line into the second
    corner, and get gold by a tenth or so.
    Test 9:  Passing Using Slipstreams- Easiest License test of the 60.  Enjoy
    the 12 seconds of fun!
    Test 10:  This one's actually pretty easy, as well.  Just find someone's
    tailpipe to suck on, don't hit them when you pass them, stay on the bottom
    through the corners, and you should be in 11th by the back straight, 5th going
    into the last corner, and sling right on by at the end!
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You made it through the first 10.  Only 50 to go...
    +                                                                             +
    +                         -C2) National "A" License-                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Test 1:  400m Stopping Challenge- This one's pretty easy.  Just push the gas
    down and don't steer.  Watch the clock, and when it hits 11.9-12.0, hit your
    brakes as hard as you can.  It might take a few tries, but not very many.
    Test 2:  Approaching a Blind Corner- This looks scary, but it's really only one
    corner.  You'll want to brake late, around the overhanging orange sign that
    says "50."  The magic number on the corner is 67mph.  If you hit the edge of
    the curve at 67, you can accelerate all the way through and never let off until
    the gold.  I beat this by .147 on about my 5th try.
    Test 3:  Cone Slalom- This one's a bit tricky, and may take some practice.
    Plus, you have to focus the entire time, so checkpoints are useless.  This one
    is more feel than anything, so it's hard to guide, but here are a few tips.
    First (and I think this goes for every race), if you wait until right about
    when the "1" disappears on the countdown, you'll start a little faster.  Keep
    watching the ghost car to see what timing works for you.  Second, you don't
    need your brakes to complete this challenge.  Third, you don't need to take
    your finger off of the gas until the 5th set of cones.  Then, the last 5 turns
    are like a karting race:  hit the cone, get off the gas and turn, when you
    start to skid, accelerate.  Rinse and repeat until the 9th set of cones.  Then,
    mash the gas all the way to the end.  Again, this is a rhythm thing, so keep
    practicing until you get the right rhythm.   When I finally got this after
    about an hour, I got it by .072.
    Test 4:  Tackling the Monza Circuit Chicane-  If you are really good at
    driving, there is a TON of extra room in this challenge.  I beat this by
    almost .300!  The trick is knowing when to brake.  The answer is about a car
    length before the third marker on the left (I think it says 100).  Then, when
    you turn and start to slide (you will if you used my braking point), just mash
    the gas and you'll shoot right through the barriers.  Back off for a second to
    make the final left, and hit the gas again to the goal.
    Test 5:  Tackling Continuous Urban Right-Angled Corners- I really had fun with
    this one, as it's nice when you finally get a car that doesn't handle like
    it's got a dead body in the trunk.  You don't even need the brakes for the
    first turn, you can follow the line pretty much through the whole thing, and
    the magic numbers are 61, 40 and 45.  Hit these on the three curves, and
    you'll get gold by a few tenths.  One note, though- the second corner will
    push you off line if you get too far into the curb.  Keep it a little wider
    and you'll stay on the track.
    Test 6:  Mastering a Set of Undulating Corners-  This can be a bit of a pain,
    as it's easy to get within .03 of the gold, but really hard to get under it.
    First, we're going to break protocol and change our driving options.  Set TC
    to 0, ABS to 0, and all other assists off, except your controller sensitivity,
    which is always at 7.  You won't be skidding or braking, and you need the few
    hundredths it will give you. Next, get on the driving line, and cut the first
    corner a little early (I use one of the white lines from the starting grid.
    It's on the pavement and you'll run right over it).  Aim your right tires for
    the curb, so most of your car is off the track on the first turn.  Get as
    close as you can without disqualifying yourself.  Then, do the same thing
    with the next curve.  Don't ever let off the gas on this.  Ever.  When you
    come out of the second curve, you'll want to get a little wide here, and come
    down into the third curve the same way, so that your right tires are the only
    things on the track.  If you get the line right, you won't have to slow down
    at all, and you'll come out on the bottom half of the track aimed right at
    the finish.  The ghost car really helps here, as you can see exactly where
    you're losing time.
    Test 7:  Driving a Mountainous Dirt Track- The trick to this challenge is to
    get your car moving without spinning out.  In true GT fashion, they stick you
    with NO Traction Control on your first dirt track thus far, so if you just
    hit the gas from the start you'll spin for like 10 seconds.  And, it's
    uphill.  Yippee.  So, don't hit the gas until the 1 disappears on the
    countdown.  Then, feather the gas so that the rpm drops to about 4,000, then
    back up to red line, then back down to 4,000.  You'll get traction
    eventually, then stay on the gas until the sharp right.  It's sharp and long,
    so do your best to drift around it quickly without hitting the Wall of Death.
    Once you get it straight, just hammer it all the way down to the finish.
    The nice part about this is there is almost a full second of extra time, so
    once you get the start down, you can go pretty slow around that corner and
    still get gold.
    Test 8:  Tackling the High Speed "Schumacher S"- This test is NOT EASY.
    However, it's all in the entry to the first corner, so here's how to do it.
    Get your left tires on the driving line.  Just before the first corner, you'll
    see the line turn red.  Your right tires should be up on the curb at this
    point.  At the FAR END of the red part of the driving line, let off the gas
    for just a split second and turn left.  Get right back on the gas.  If you did
    it right, you should go through turn 1 with most of your car in the grass.
    This will give you enough room to go full right without slowing down into the
    second turn.  You can go up on the curb here, too, but DO NOT put your tires
    in the sand.  If you got this right, the rest is easy, as you won't have to
    slow down coming out of the curve.  If you are DQ-ing on the first turn,
    you're going too slow.  If you come out of the first turn and end up in the
    sand, you're going too fast.  That's about all I can tell you, as you won't
    have time to look at your speed or your time until the race is almost over.
    Good luck!
    Test 9:  Using Braking to Overtake on the Inside of a Corner- You'll learn to
    love tests 9 and 10.  They're so easy compared to the timed ones that it's
    quite a relief.  Same with this one.  Just draft the 3rd place car for the
    first 24 seconds, then get right and brake late.  Or brake early and pump the
    brakes.  You'll go right past all three cars and still be slow enough to take
    the turn.  Then just turn and hit the gas, and you're done!
    Test 10:  High Speed Ring 1-Lap Battle- Again, this is a glass car race.  You
    can't hit the wall.  You can't get off track.  You can hit the other cars (in
    fact, you need to), but not very hard.  I've found that hitting them with the
    side of your car is much more forgiving than hitting them with the front of
    your car.  The last two cars are the toughest to get, so here's a guide.  If
    you can get past the first car on the gentle first turn, draft the next guy
    all through that turn.  You'll come down on a sharp left that if you slide
    into the other guys, you should come out in about 11th place.  Going through
    the S-curve, you should smoke everyone if you can keep from hitting them, and
    come out in 4th or 3rd.  If you are in 3rd place going through the tunnel,
    you will win this race, as you can take the final turn faster than the top
    two cars.  Get past them on this turn, and if they start to pass you, just
    bump them out of the way.  They'll slow down and you won't, and you'll win! 
    Congratulations, you're now ready for 40 more even harder License tests!
    +                                                                             +
    +                    -C3) International "C" License-                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Test 1:  1000 Meter Stopping Challenge:  More power, more length, same
    challenge.  Hit the gas right as the 1 disappears, and steer for the middle if
    you want.  It doesn't change your time.  Your braking point is about 20.2
    seconds.  You want to stop with your back tires right on the finish line - the
    closer you get, the better your time will be.  Too short, and you might as well
    reset.  Too long, your time will be too high.
    Test 2:  Hard Braking and Exiting a Corner after a Downhill Straight-  64mph
    is the magic number here.  The driving line is pretty accurate, as you want to
    start braking right about when it tells you to.  Start turning left about
    where the shadows end, and you should powerslide right through this curve at
    64mph.  Get the line right and you can just hit the gas right from there to
    the finish.
    -HARD ONE-
    Test 3:  Taking a Tight Double Hairpin-  Oh, man, is this the one at Indy?
    Ugh, I was hoping I'd never have to see this challenge again.  By the way, I'm
    typing this guide as I run through my third playthrough, and there are a few
    that I consider to be designed by minions from hell.  This is one of them.
    That said, you might not have such a problem, it just doesn't suit my driving
    style at all.  First of all, the car moves like an elephant with poor eyesight
    and a bad case of hemorrhoids.  Second, the time you have to hit is so tight
    that I learned EXACTLY what one thousandth of a second looks like (it's about a
    foot between your rearview mirrors and the ghost car's).  Third, the track
    likes to do horrible things to you just when you had a good run going.  So, do
    you feel good about your chances yet?  Here's a suggestion:  Get Silver on
    this, then come back to it once you have committed enough time to decide that
    it's "Platinum or Bust."  Trust me, having only 7 or 8 things left to do before
    Platinum will keep you doing this over and over.  Also, you'll be a better
    driver when you come back.  If you absolutely must get Gold on this right now,
    here's how:  1)  Get into the driving options, and set your Traction Control to
    "1."   2)  When the challenge starts, don't steer.  Just keep it on line, even
    though you go in the grass.  As soon as you hit the little outcropping of
    pavement on your right, turn left hard and let off the accelerator. I even
    tapped the brakes twice, once at the beginning, and once about halfway through.
    If you do this right, you should get through that first turn at about 55-57mph,
    and only your back right tire will stay on the track.  You want to be as far
    left on the track as you can coming out of turn 1.  Accelerate for a very
    little time, and get the car as close to the driving line on the left as you
    can, then mash the brakes and start turning right for turn two.  You should
    start a little wide, then come closer to the turn towards the end, just in
    time to line up for the third turn.  I never did notice how fast I was going in
    turn 2, as I was so focused on getting both the entry and the exit right.
    Now for turn 3.  You can get into the grass here as well, and let your speed
    drop anywhere from 33-36mph before you mash the gas for the finish line.  With
    any luck, putting all three of these together will get you a Gold time.
    Here's the thing:  My best times went like this: 18.417, 18.318, 18.220, so
    when you get it right, you gain about .1 seconds every time.  Just keep trying
    and eventually this Gold will be yours!  Okay, that sucked and took me 2 hours
    on my 3rd playthrough, I'm going to get a stiff drink and go to bed.
    Test 4:  Early Braking When Driving Downhill on Dirt-  This is your reward for
    suffering through that god-awful Indy test. I've never gotten anything but
    Gold on this, because you can hit the wall a bit; and, it's fun drifting your
    way downhill.  Have fun!
    Test 5:  High Speed Cornering on the Rome City Course-  Not terrible, but not
    easy either.  You don't have to steer for the first 10 seconds or so, you'll
    get close to the wall but you won't hit it.  Your braking point is when your
    car hits the shadows right before the curbstones.  You need to brake more than
    you think, but your magic number is 82mph.  If you hit the right turn deep (run
    your right tires up on it without hitting the wall), you'll come off  with
    barely enough room to accelerate fully without hitting the left wall.  That's a
    gold.  On a side note, there is another way to do this that I found
    accidentally.  If you start your braking at the same spot, but turn LEFT,
    you'll bump the wall as it sticks out.  Sometimes, this will slow your car
    enough and line you up perfectly for the final turn. That's how I got Gold my
    first time, so use it if you think it will help.
    Test 6:  Blind Corners in the Woodlands- Okay, this one will take you probably
    a bunch of tries as well.  Here's how I did it:  First, I went to the driving
    options, and I turned TC and ABS Off.  I don't know if it helped, but I was
    off by about .075 before I changed it, so I think it got me that much.
    Anyway, I actually stayed pretty close to the driving line going into the
    turn, keeping the whole car a little left of the line.  I hit the brakes very
    gently as soon as the line turned red, then I let the car slow by itself
    around the turn.  Once I got to about 57mph, I hit the gas intermittently until
    I saw the second red line.  Ironically, this is the best time to accelerate,
    and if your line is right you'll just miss the Wall of Death at the end of the
    tunnel.  As soon as you know you missed that, kick the steering left and aim
    for the left flag at the end. I've seen other videos of this challenge, and
    sometimes they'll go out into the grass on the left for the first turn, coming
    in wide.  That turn is so long, though, that I don't see that it matters, as
    long as you're lined up when it's time to go again.
    Test 7:  Consecutive Corners with Different Bank Angles on Dirt- Again, I think
    this is your reward for suffering the last one.  I love racing on dirt and
    snow, and I wish there were more rally events.  There are only a few tips I
    have for you, as there is more than 1/2 second of extra time in here.  First,
    the first corner should not be treated like the others.  Don't try to slide
    around it.  Instead, brake when the line tells you to, and get down to about
    40mph before trying to turn.  When you do turn, get off the track as close as
    you can to the hay bales.  The next two turns are drift turns, and you will
    want to learn how to drift before you get into the rally events anyway.  The
    trick is to get about a 30 degree angle to the curve, then hit the gas and
    accelerate through the curve.  A few tries here and you'll get the hang of it.
    By the way, this car is a Subara Impreza Sedan WRX STI '10, and would be a
    great car to buy if you need one for the rally events.
    Test 8:  Traversing Monza Circuit's Notorious Lesmo Corner- The magic number
    for both curves is 69mph.  Stick to the driving line on the first one, then
    brake to about 72 when it tells you to.  As you're turning, you'll slow down
    a bit without hitting the brakes, and as soon as you see it hit 69, mash the
    gas and get ready for the second turn.  No need to go in the grass here, you'll
    slide just fine in this piece of crap.  I mean, really- one of the fastest race
    tracks in the world, and I have to mosey along at 70 miles an hour in a car
    with crappy tires?  Okay, back to the race.  If you brake when it tells you to,
    and cut hard right, you should slide right through the apex and be lined up
    perfectly with the finish line.  Go there.  Fast.
    Test 9:  Using Late Braking to Overtake- You don't even have to touch anyone
    for this one, or draft them if you don't want to.  There's a nice convenient
    billboard that casts a shadow that makes a great braking point.  Use it, and
    you will forget you even did this challenge.
    -HARD ONE-
    Test 10:  Rome City Course 2-Lap Challenge- Okay, now it's time to see how bad
    the "glass car" races can really suck.  You get to drive 2 laps in Rome without
    hitting the walls or any other cars (at least not too hard, some contact is
    OK).  You'll be doing it in the Ferrari "Skid Mark" '76.  To make it worse, you
    have to go against a couple of Lambos that are faster than you.  Sound like
    fun?  Well, let's get started!  The most critical section of this track is the
    first 40 seconds.  You can use the other cars as brakes, as long as you
    sideswipe them.  If you do this well, you'll be in 8th place after the first
    sharp right, and in 3rd place after the second sharp right.  As you accelerate
    out of that turn, you need to look up and check the clock.  If it's anything 37
    seconds or under, you have a chance.  If not, keep practicing until you do.
    You won't catch the top 2 cars for a while, so don't worry about them just yet.
    Concentrate on getting through the last half of the track without DQ-ing
    yourself, and look at your first lap time.  If it's 1:24.500 or less, you have
    a chance.  The next big goal is to go get that second place car.  If you hit
    your first turn well, you should pass him on the gentle left before the second
    hard right.  Get the second hard right correct, and you'll be about 30 feet
    from 1st place.  I went through the chicane, then caught him on the next curve
    every time.  The thing to remember is to stay within yourself.  Don't get too
    excited because you're close and then lose the race.  If you hit the times
    listed above, you are good enough to win this damn thing.  Also, as soon as
    you pass that first place guy, SLOW DOWN!  It's almost impossible for him to
    pass you again once you're ahead, so use that to your advantage and make sure
    you don't hit a wall on the way in.  That's it, congratulations, you're
    officially halfway through these license tests!
    +                                                                             +
    +                      -C4) International "B" License-                        +
    +                                                                             +
    -HARD ONE-
    Test 1:  Wet Road Stopping Challenge- Okay, as you might expect, this is a
    little harder than the other three stopping challenges.  In fact, it's
    impossible.  I mean it.  If you go straight down the center and try to stop,
    you can't get gold.  It's a glitch, but there is still a way to get this gold.
    When you take off, get over to the left side of the runway, so you're about a
    half a car width from going in the grass.  As you drive down, you'll see two
    types of markers:  Little things sticking out of the grass, and black spots in
    the white line.  You want to go as fast as you can, then when you pass the
    third thing sticking out of the grass, slam on your brakes, cut hard LEFT, and
    try to hit the second black spot as hard as you can.  Keep the brakes mashed
    and the wheel turned left, and you'll use the invisible wall of the course to
    slow you down all the way to the finish line.  This is a little tricky to find
    a visual cue, but practice a bit until you are pretty consistent on picking
    out the markers.  If you hit the "wall" too hard, you'll be DQ'ed, and if you
    hit it too soft it won't slow you down enough.  Once you get the hang of the
    line, use the ghost car to judge if you're going too far or not far enough,
    and adjust accordingly.
    Test 2:  Tackling the First Corner of the Circuito de Madrid- I never did
    figure out how to get the gold on this, and yet, I've managed to buffoon my way
    into this one three times now.  All three times I didn't at all do what I
    intended, and I still can't figure out what I did differently to line my car up
    right.  So, I'll tell you what I know, and hopefully it will work for you.  So,
    first of all, this is a very technical track, and a car that likes to slide all
    over the place.  If you stick to the line and brake when they tell you to,
    you'll miss Gold by about .500.  That's not good enough, obviously, so we'll
    have to get a little tricky.  The general aim is to slide through the first
    corner, then get your ass around to the left as quickly as possible for the
    roundabout.  Usually, you'll either crash right away, or you'll go into the
    second turn too fast and crash back there.  Either way, it's not a whole lot of
    fun.  You want to get the car all the way to the left at the start.  When you
    hit the yellow and orange curbstones, hit your brakes just a touch and turn
    right.  You should slide right through the turn, but you'll also overslide
    right into the far side.  At best, you'll make the turn but have no angle for
    the next one, and you'll lose.  So, and this is important, when you start to
    slide in turn 1, HIT THE GAS.  The car has enough power to give you traction
    and keep you from oversliding, but now you have a problem.  You're going about
    88mph, and you need to take turn 2 at about 20mph.  Hmmm.  What I tried to do
    was get the car facing left during its slide, so that the nose of my car was
    pointing directly at the bushes on the left, then let the slide take me around
    until I was facing the finish line.  What ended up happening was that I
    somehow came in a little slower, and couldn't get turned all the way left, but
    I found myself going slowly and not sliding, so I just mashed the gas,
    finished the turn the right way, and beat my own ghost by about .200.  I know
    it's not the best information, but if you do this over and over and over,
    you'll eventually see what I mean.  Good luck, and let's try test 3!
    Test 3:  FR Cone Slalom Challenge- Okay, this will be a short tutorial, but
    don't mistake it for an easy challenge.  It is not- but it's all execution.  I
    can only give you a few pointers, but unless you're like Dale Jr. or something,
    you'll have to practice quite a bit before you can turn them into a Gold.
    First, hit the gas as soon as the "1" disappears.  Second, don't let off the
    gas until sometime between the third and fourth set of cones, sometimes later
    if you get your line really good.  Third, don't use your brakes.  Ever.  In
    fact, if you want to go in and turn ABS off, I have no problem with that.
    Fourth, pretend like you're in a Kart race (have you done those yet?), so
    you'll be accelerating in the middle of your turns from here on out.  If you
    can keep count, you want to come out of the 9th set of cones facing the next
    one, and then hold the gas all the way through turn 10. A few things will make
    this worse:  you'll hit the cones over half the time because you were trying
    to get as close as possible, and then the ghost car will distract you and get
    you off line.  Imagine that:  your own replay messing with your current race.
    I guess sometimes the past can come back and haunt us... Anyway, good luck,
    and let's move on to test 4.
    Test 4:  Snow-Driving Challenge- This one is actually pretty simple for a 4th
    round challenge.  There's more than .100 of extra time in here, and you can do
    the whole thing with no brakes.  The magic number on the right curve is 85mph,
    but you can be as low as 82 and still get gold.
    Test 5:  High Speed Blind Corners on Tokyo Route 246- Get your left tires on
    the driving line, hit the brakes right at the red and white curbstones, and
    slide left.  You'll have to get on the gas early to avoid over-sliding, then
    cut right immediately.  If you do this right, you'll be about halfway up on
    the curb on the big right turn, and you'll never have to slow down again.  One
    note: there is very little extra time here, so it may take you 10 or 100 tries.
    Just keep trying to beat the ghost car, and you will eventually.
    Test 6:  Tackling the Final Corner at Tsukuba- So despite the lack of any
    handling with this car, I managed to beat this challenge by .214 by getting in
    the grass on the left and sliding my way through the corner.  I actually
    didn't even brake, that I know of.  I had to feather the gas a little, and let
    off around the middle of the curve to drop from 70 to 64.  Your turning point
    (since you're never really braking), is right when the shadows of the trees
    end.  You'll spin right into line and crush this race.
    Test 7:  Undulating Consecutive High-Speed Corners on Dirt-  There is almost
    an extra half second in this race (my best time was 19.156), but mistakes cost
    you dearly as well, so this may take some practice.  Come in wide at the top
    of the hill so you're lined up with the (kinda) straight part at the bottom of
    the hill.  Right at the end of the red part of the driving line, let off the
    gas, tap the brakes a bit, and get turning going up the hill.  If you line it
    up right, you want to go into the grass all the way at the top of the hill,
    and you won't drop below 59mph.  Continue to drift a bit, as this is a longer
    curve than it looks, but if you kept your traction, you'll be lined up
    perfectly for the Gold.
    Test 8:  The Carousel at the Nurburgring-  The conventional way to do this is
    to use the red part of your driving line as your braking point, cut into the
    camber sideways just a little after it begins, then hold your speed as close
    to 48 as you can through the turn.  As soon as the end rotates onto your
    screen, hit the gas, bump into the grass a little on that short right turn,
    and get to the finish. I have also gotten Gold on this by messing up my
    braking point, crashing into the wall, then finding myself lined up perfectly
    with the apex as I peeled myself off the side of the track.  There is a
    Youtube video somewhere that shows how to do this somewhere, but the
    conventional way is probably your best bet.
    Test 9:  Strategic Driving on the Final Section of Tokyo Route 246- Really,
    an Insight?  Well, have fun driving this screamer of a car!  Actually, it
    makes this challenge harder, because the damn thing won't go when you need it
    to, so you have to be strategic.  Here's the strategy:  stay right behind the
    third place car until the end of the second turn (the gentle right).  Get out
    left of him as he brakes, tap the brakes yourself and don't hit him at all.
    When you're turning left, you should be able to go full speed without hitting
    the wall, then aim to the right of the second place car and you'll go right
    by him.  Late braking on the final turn is crucial, and you can then go a
    little wide left of the first place car and pass him right at the end of that
    sharp right turn.  If you are not in first place by this last turn, you will
    not be in first place at the end of the race, because your car is being
    powered by a drunk hamster who is also watching Mitch Hedburg screen caps on
    Tumblr.  Oh wait, I think it's just a Hybrid.  My bad.
    Test 10:  Deep Forest Raceway 2 Lap Battle-  Another glass car race, but not
    the worst of them, by any means.  Your car is not bad in this race, and there's
    enough room to cut corners, so perfect driving isn't totally necessary.  Here's
    some idea of where you should be during the race-  Pass the first guy
    immediately, the second on Turn 1.  Get the next 3 while your snaking around
    trying not to crash, and you should be moving into 6th right as you're going
    into the tunnel.  You'll catch the next two around the final left corner (watch
    it, it's easy to go too fast and DQ, or hit one of the cars), and the next guy
    around the finish line.  You'll be in 3rd after the first lap (1:33.515).  I
    got into 2nd well before the tunnel (about 41 seconds), but it took a while to
    catch first.   I finally got him coming out of the last corner, and ended with
    a second lap of 1:28.something.  Sweet!  You're now two thirds done with these
    silly licenses.
    +                                                                             +
    +                      -C5) International "A" License-                        +
    +                                                                             +
    -HARD ONE-
    Test 1:  Mastering the Circuit de la Sarthe's "Indianapolis" Section-  I assume
    that if you have read my stuff this far, you are well familiar with the "get
    in the grass and slide into the corner"  technique.  This is where I figured
    out how to do this, after a LOT of practice, because I think it's the only way
    to get through here fast enough.  By the way, let me get off topic for a
    second.  These next 10 tests are the true "final" of your license extravaganza.
    I know there's one more license to get, but those are all cake compared to
    these, so once you get through the next ten, you're home free.  That said,
    these next 8 challenges are the longest (this one's 38 seconds), most
    demanding, and easiest to spend all night trying to get another tenth.  I'm
    actually doing it right now, as it's 5AM and I have to work in 3 hours.  Good
    Test 1 Revisited:  OK, I'm back to try this again, and I'll get right to the
    point.  For the first 17 seconds, enjoy the view and try to get ahead of your
    ghost car.  Stay on the road.  Now, it's going to get wild.  About 3/4 of the
    way down the red part of the driving line, you'll see a sunny gap in the road
    right after a round looking shadow.  There's a 100m sign on the fence on the
    left as well, but you probably won't have time to see any of this at full
    speed.  If you want, go down the road and pause around 17.5sec, so you can see
    what I'm talking about.  Then reset and try this for real.  At that gap, get
    your left tires into the grass, let off the gas, and cut hard right.   You'll
    slide right into line with the curve, but you'll need to floor it to keep
    traction through the apex.  Then, almost immediately, you'll need to SLAM your
    brakes and stay as straight as you can.  You need to get down to about 50mph,
    so you can get left and not touch the sand.  The braking point for the second
    element is just as critical.  It's about 2 car lengths past where the grass
    on the left turns into sand.  I think I've saved time before by hitting this
    sand and sliding into the corner, but that may be just my imagination.  In
    about 2 lines, you'll see why.
    Test 2:  Braking from Hunaudieres into Mulsanne-  Get ready to go to the beach!
    The bad part about this challenge is that you have to come down from about 150
    to 20 while trying to turn.  The good news is, if you brake too late you get to
    spend like 10 seconds trying not to crash, knowing full well that you're going
    into the sand pit.  But, once you get it right, it's really not that bad.
    Plus, they put a little sand pit off to your left that will come in very, very
    handy.  Here's what you do:  go straight for a while and find the fastest line.
    Then, get on the driving line at about 15 seconds and stay there.  Your
    braking point is when the driving line crosses the center line on the road (you
    can see it makes a little X).  Actually, you can go a little later if you want,
    because as you slow down, you're going to aim for the sand pit.  Just enough to
    get your left tires in, and not too much.  It will slow you down way faster
    than your brakes will, plus it will spin you right, which is where the turn is.
    Once you're lined up and looking at the finish, hit the gas and GO!
    Test 3:  The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca Raceway- This one is really hard to
    describe, it's such a "feel" challenge.  I'll do my best, though.  At least you
    get to drive a '69 Vette while you're learning.  Your braking point is right
    when the blue and white curbstones come up on your right.  You'll want to wait
    about a second and a half before cutting it hard left (still braking), and if
    you do this right, you'll slide right into the turn and can hit the gas
    immediately.  Right as you get on the gas, cut it right again so that most of
    your car is off the track on the dip on the corkscrew.  Aim for the left flag
    at the end, and you're Gold. 
    Test 4:  Braking into Consecutive Corners on Snow- I had some trouble with
    this, actually, so I had to cheat a little to get Gold.  Start by using the
    yellow signs on your left as your braking point.  Keep on the brakes all the
    way to the end of the red part of the driving line, then drift around that
    first corner at about 50mph.  The second corner is long and left, and I saw my
    speed vary anywhere from 35-65 going through here.  The key is to drift as well
    as you can and not hit anything.  Then, when you come out, you'll see a red
    fence on the right, and a HUGE raised surface between that fence and the actual
    track.  That area is fair game, so if you cut right and slow down when you hit
    the fence, you can hop on up there and shorten the track by a lot (like 2
    seconds).  If you do this, you don't even have to be that good at it, and
    you'll still get the gold.
    Test 5:  Driving Around Madrid's Puerta de Alcala- The track looks just like
    the other one from Madrid from the last License, with one big difference.  Your
    car this time has a gazillion horsepower, so you can't hit the gas to keep from
    sliding.  You'll actually accelerate so fast that you'll mash right into the
    wall!  So, don't get so wide on this one, and brake a little earlier than the
    driving line tells you to.  As you cut back left, keep it around 50mph, until
    you start to come wide, then back off the gas for a bit and let it drop to
    around 41.  Feather it from here on out until you see daylight, then gun it and
    go.  I know there's at least .156 of extra time in this, as my best is 15.344.
    Test 6:  Visualizing a Driving Line Through Blind Corners:  For those of you
    who are purists, and insist on doing the Red Bull Challenge without the glitch,
    you're going to get very used to this piece of track before you're done.  You
    can skip the guide for this one, as you'll need to learn every millimeter of
    this track anyway.  For us less scrupulous gamers, though, here's some help.
    First, the driving line is actually pretty good on this.  At the beginning, at
    least.  You want to get your left tires on the line and hit the brakes just
    after it tells you to (like a half a car length).  Then, try to keep your left
    tires on the line as you're braking, maybe drifting a little as you hit the
    sharp hairpin.  The goal here is to use the camber on the turn to push your car
    around for the next section.  You'll see what I mean when you get it right once
    or twice.  If you're in control and accelerating for the next turn, and you
    look up, your clock should be somewhere in the 9 second range, turning to 10.
    Next, get the car as right as you can without touching the grass, and hit the
    brakes right where the grass pokes out into the track for a second.  You don't
    want to slide, you just want to get it slow enough to move left through the
    curve (about 61mph).  If you get it right, you can hit the gas earlier and
    still not hit the cones coming out of this turn.  The driving line is a pretty
    good marker for the next left turn, but it gets sharper at the end, so get it
    down to 41mph or so.  You can accelerate again before you go right, but make
    sure you're to the left of the driving line, because you'll have to come in
    wide to miss the cones coming out.  The magic number for this turn is about 41
    as well.  Once you get the line right, you should get Gold with no problem.
    Test 7:  Toscana's Tricky High-Speed Consecutive Corners- Not all that hard if
    you already know how to drift, which you should by now.  Aim for the middle
    pine tree going over the first jump, then aim, well, really anywhere straight
    for the second.  When the course turns left, let off the gas for about 1/4
    second and get the car into a good drift angle.  You can even go into the left
    grass if you need to.  Accelerate through the curve to keep your traction.
    You'll want to let off the gas when you get airborne as well, but you can get
    through this left turn without dropping below 90mph if you get your angle
    right.  The sharp right turn is the trickiest, as you'll have a tendency to
    slide.  Don't worry too much about speed at the end- it's the line that's
    important.  If you can get down to 35-40 mph, and be looking at the white Gran
    Turismo sign on the right, then just mash the gas, cut the corner (again, you
    can go all the way into the grass here, but there's an invisible wall to watch
    out for), and floor it all the way home.  There's at least .200 extra to play
    with in this challenge.
    Test 8:  Cape Ring:  Spiral Bridge- The ghost car really helps on this
    challenge, and it's not that hard, so I'll be brief.  Get down to about 105
    when the driving line turns red, then coast and turn until you're down to about
    96mph.  You can feather the gas as you need to, enough to keep you on the
    inside, I think I was at around 105 again by the middle of the turn.  Then,
    you'll need to let off the gas and maybe brake a bit to around 98 at the end,
    or you'll slip right coming out of the ring.  Again, though, if you watch the
    ghost car and just beat it every time, eventually you'll be fast enough for
    Gold.  My time was 26.853.
    *Side Note:  Congratulations, that was your last timed license test.  The rest
    of the challenges are glass car races, and they're all much easier than this
    timed crap, anyway!
    Test 9:  Strategic Driving on the First Corner of Grand Valley Speedway- Nice
    and easy, again- Just stay on it through the first curve, and stick to the
    driving line.  When you get to the straight, draft the 3rd place car and pass
    him on the left.  As soon as you're clear, get to the right half of the track
    so you're mostly straight when you brake going into the curve.  I use the 100m
    sign hanging on the left as my braking point, but you can go a little earlier
    if you want.  You'll rocket right past everyone and win this easily.  If you
    take a bad line in the curve, you might get passed again, but if you recover
    quickly, you can still get by for the Gold.
    -HARD ONE-
    Test 10:  Grand Valley Speedway 2-Lap Battle-  It is really hard to keep this
    monster on the track, so focus on doing that your first few times through the
    course.  You'll probably still get Bronze or something, but here are your
    guidelines for a Gold run.  Pass the first two cars before the first hairpin
    turn.  Don't worry too much about nailing this turn, as the next guy will
    probably be right in your way if you catch him.  Just get behind him and go
    easy through the curve, and you can pass him coming out of it.  This puts you
    in 13th.  If you get your lines right, you should pass the next 4 cars by the
    end of the second hairpin, getting you up to 9th place.  You'll get the next
    guy soon, and should be moving right into 7th by the time you go in the tunnel.
    You'll be in 6th by the entrance to the next tunnel, and in 5th by the time
    you come out of the third tunnel.  When you get to the straight, you should be
    in 5th place and be drafting the next guy.  First lap time:  2:07.810.  Again,
    stay smooth, and you'll be in 2nd place within 5 seconds of coming out of the
    first turn.  Now you have to go get that last guy.  Sadly, he's up there
    pretty far.  Happily, he doesn't drive very fast, not if you are good enough
    to get 2:07 in your first lap.  I finally caught him right before the first
    tunnel entrance.  Now, just swoop and squat, because AI cars go slower when
    you're in front of them, and cruise to the finish.  The second lap time is
    irrelevant.  Just get 1st place, and enjoy your 5th license!
    +                                                                             +
    +                             -C6) Super License-                             +
    +                                                                             +
    General Guidelines- All 10 of these are similar, just the tracks are different.
    I'm going to give you checkpoints for a "minimum" run- that is, a run where you
    barely get Gold.  You can certainly do better than this, but this is so if
    you're stuck in, say, 3rd place, you know which part of the track you're losing
    on.  The hard part is catching the 1st place car- once you do that, you can
    slow down a bit without worrying about getting passed.  That's why I won't
    include lap times, because they could really be anything.  Ok, let's get this
    Test 1:  Monza- 8th by the first chicane (use the 2nd sign as the braking
    point), 4th after the 2nd chicane (use the shadow that crosses the track as the
    braking point), You want to be passing the next guy going into the S-curves,
    and the next guy at about the 1st of the s-curves.  At a minimum, be drafting
    the 1st place car when you're going into the final turn.  Then, use late
    braking to get up to him, get inside of him, push him out of the way, and
    you'll never look back.  Gold!
    Test 2:  Trial Mountain Circuit- This one's tight, but do-able.  10th by the
    first tunnel, weave up to 7th by the second tunnel.  You should be about to
    pass the yellow Vette as you're going into the straightaway, putting you in
    6th.  The next left is critical!  You must pass at least two of the three cars
    in front of you on this left turn (the one from the other license test), then
    get by the third right after that curve.  You have to catch the 2nd place car
    on the first sharp right, and be looking at first as you accelerate.  It will
    take you the rest of the race to catch him, but you should get him on the last
    left turn before the S-curve and the straight.  Gold!
    Test 3:  Nurburgring GP- 5th coming out of the first hairpin, 3rd by the end
    of the looping left-right combo, and then just follow the first two cars until
    you can pass them. For me it was at the very bottom of the track, about
    halfway into the race.  I spent 13 straight hours on this track trying to Gold
    the Red Bull challenge, though, so I don't think I could miss a corner if I
    wanted to.  One note-  The 1st place car might slam into you if you're not far
    ahead going into that last chicane.  It's OK, it won't DQ you or anything, but
    allow some extra braking room to stop him as well... Gold!
    Test 4:  Tokyo Route 246- Oh, how I miss driving this car!  5th coming out of
    the first right turn, then be patient.  You won't catch 4th for a while yet.
    There's a long, looping right curve and you can catch him right at the end of
    that, or when the track goes back left right after that you can get him there.
    You'll go through a short S-Curve that ends in a left that you need to brake
    through, and then here's your chance.  If you can, get by the whole mess during
    the two right turns where the track gets wider.  If you don't, it's really hard
    to pass anywhere else.  If you can't, at least get the 3rd place guy here, as
    you can still pass the last two on the final sharp right turn.  By the way, the
    cars you're competing against in this race are some of the most famous race
    cars ever built.  Obviously the Ferrari you have, which set an auction record
    a while back, but also the Ford Spec II is in here, a couple of Jags, and some
    other very fine cars.  Check them out if you have time for sightseeing, or run
    them into the wall to see what it feels like to wreck a $5,000,000 piece of
    Test 5:  Laguna Seca- 10th or 9th after the first left, then 4th by the end of
    the consecutive rights.  You'll get the next guy coming out of the next sharp
    left, then be in 2nd as you're braking for the corkscrew.  Try to pass the
    first place guy before the last sharp left turn, as it's hard to get by him
    there without crashing.  Gold!
    Test 6:  Madrid- 4th place after the first hairpin, then 1st by the second
    hairpin.  Take it easy, though, as it's much easier to crash than to not pass
    one of the cars.  You are driving the fastest car in this race, so drive
    smoothly and you should win in the end.
    Test 7:  Top Gear- As Jeff Gordon would say, "Don't hit the cones!"  So,
    here's the thing:  every car you're against in this race is a dog except one-
    the one that's in first!  Add that to the cone issue, and you basically are
    fighting a giant "block fest."  You want to be in 10th as you slow down for
    the first left turn, then try to dodge the next 4 slugs without hitting the
    cones.  This will put you in 6th going down the next straight, although 5th is
    better.  Get to the left of the traffic, brake late, and slam the 3rd place car
    into the cones instead of yourself.  Pass the 2nd place to the right on the
    inside of the curve, and that will put you about 2 seconds behind the leader
    going down the next straight.   Stay patient:  the only place he goes slower
    than you is on the last two turns, but he goes much slower.  Just get all the
    way out to the right and brake about 3 car lengths after the line tells you
    to, and you'll cut right into the final corner and get past him for the gold.
    I have also passed him on the back straight, which makes this race much less
    stressful.  A quick note:  I think the "no contact" rule is suspended for this
    race, which means you can slam into every car as hard as you want.  This is
    good, because if you're gentle, they'll push you right back into the cones,
    and then it's race over.  Gold!
    Test 8:  Suzuka- 8th coming out of the first right turn, and 5th after the
    "squiggles."  You can catch the next two at the sharp left hairpin, but you'll
    have to wait until the chicane at the end to get the final two.  Gold!  Also,
    you'll have a LOT of practice on this course as you get up to the A-Spec and
    B-Spec levels, so if you're having trouble getting a line, you might want to
    come back when you've run, say, 200 laps (you will).
    Test 9:  Circuit de la Sarthe- If you can get into 8th by the first straight,
    you're doing great.  You'll be annoyed for about 20 seconds waiting to pass
    the next two, because they're as fast as you are, but as you brake for the
    first chicane (the one going right), you'll go right past them, and have a
    nice surprise, as cars 2-5 have been waiting on the chicane.  Pass them all,
    and you'll be in 2nd as you go down the second straight.  At the next chicane
    (the one going left), you should catch the first place guy, which leaves you
    with a solid 2 or 3 minutes to not screw this up and DQ yourself.  Plus, the
    guy right behind you is faster than you, so he'll be right up your tailpipe
    for the next minute or so.  Relax, though, you do everything else better
    than him (and you're probably cuter, too), so if you keep him behind you and
    stay cool, you'll end up winning by 10 seconds or so, and wondering what all
    the fuss was about.  Gold!  Okay, ready for the final test?
    Test 10:  Special Stage Route 5- So, this is so easy for a final test, that
    I almost feel bad even giving a walkthrough for it.  Get to 7th or 8th by
    the end of the first gentle left turn.  Bang your way through the field,
    using the rear bumper of the car in front of you as extra brakes (I think
    the contact thing is void here too), and you'll be in 3rd very quickly.
    There is a really nasty combination coming up, so go extra slow until you're
    past it, then go get the 2nd place car.  You might have a little trouble
    passing the leader, but you should get him about when you see the pretty lit
    up trees all around.  If not, you can take the final turn much faster than
    him anyway.  That's it, you have now completed all 60 of the License Tests!
    ++                                                                           ++
    ++                       -SECTION D: SPECIAL EVENTS-                         ++
    ++                                                                           ++
    GENERAL GUIDELINES- This is probably the most fun section of the game, and
    certainly the most versatile.  You get to drive everything from a Go Kart to
    the fastest car I've ever seen on a racetrack.  You'll be laughing at how easy
    some of these are, and devising new methods of torture for the one who designed
    some of them.  There are 58 challenges, arranged into 8 different events, and
    here are a few notes on the best order to do them in:
    1) Feel free to take these on as they come available, for the most part.  You
    need to be a certain level to get into the advanced ones, but you can get good
    experience points as you master them.  You get no money, though.
    2) The only prize car you really need is the NASCAR you win for completing the
    Jeff Gordon Advanced Challenges.  You have to be level 21 to play them, so I
    suggest doing that as soon as you hit level 21.  Or, you can just spend the
    500,000 and buy your own from the dealership.
    3) When you get to the AMG Driving Academy, try to treat each series as one
    block of races.  Each one consists of 4 separate stages of the Nurburgring,
    followed by a full lap with that car in those conditions.  So, it helps to
    master each stage, then do the full lap before you forget how you did it.
    4) If you can wait until you're level 16, get all Golds in the Sebastian Loeb
    Rally Challenge before you begin the Gran Turismo Rally Event.  You get a
    rally car for winning this, and it's perfect for the GT Rally Event.
    5) The Sebastian Vettel X Challenge will show up on your menu as soon as you
    hit level 30.  READ BELOW AS SOON AS YOU HIT LEVEL 30!  You may want to glitch
    the game after reading how hard it is, and this is the perfect time to do it.
    Another good time to do it is after you have done every other thing there is
    to do, but feel free to try it out before deciding how you want to run this.
    I think that's it, so let's get started!
    +                                                                             +
    +                           -D1) Karting Challenge-                           +
    +                                                                             +
    There are 6 of these races, two each for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
    levels.  The first 5 races are easy enough that I'm just going to give you a
    general guide for all 5 races.  The last one is a little special, so I'll
    include that separately:
    Racing a Kart is a little different than racing a car.  You'll want to be VERY
    gentle with the steering, as the thing loves to spin out.  You'll want to be
    VERY gentle with the brakes, and you'll only even use them once or twice in
    each lap.  There are only two keys to winning all 5 of these races.  First,
    when you're in a curve, and you start to slide, HIT THE GAS.  This will give
    you traction and give you a ton of speed through the curve.  Practice this,
    and it will come in handy in all of the other races in the game as well,
    though not as much as these.  Second, your competing cars drive much slower
    once you pass them, so you can slow down a bit once you get into first.
    Really, the only way to lose the lead on these is to crash, so don't crash.
    That's it, a few laps in and you'll be winning easily.  On all of the races,
    that is, except:
    -HARD ONE-
    Autumn Ring Mini Masters- When you first start this race, it's going to feel
    like your kart isn't fast enough to get first.  You might even be tempted to
    try to mod your kart, and you might just notice that it comes with a
    customizable transmission.  Resist the urge, my friend, it won't help you.
    Turning the gears down will make you even slower on the top end, and turning
    them up will never allow you to accelerate fast enough to get ahead.  You'll
    just have to grind it out, learn each turn by memory, and DRAFT.  Yes, you can
    draft with a racing kart, and you'll need to to win this race.  Start by
    running straight, and waiting the interminable 10 seconds to accelerate to
    45mph.  Then get on the inside of the track (right), and line up with the apex
    of the first left turn.  You want to brake late, and straight, and aim for the
    back of the second car in front of you.  You should be able to bounce off of
    him, pass him and another car, and be in 8th as you hit your next sharp left.
    Go wide to come into this turn, brake a bit, and gun it through the turn, and
    you should be right behind Mr. 7th.  Stay right behind him and get the curves
    right, and you'll pass him as you're going around the sharp right by the water.
    This turn is the only other time you need to brake by the way, making 3 turns
    total (the first right, the next left, and this right by the water).  For the
    rest of the turns in this course, you will be faster if you let off the gas,
    turn, and then hit the gas through the turn.  So, now you're in 7th, drafting
    number 6, and your first lap was somewhere around 52.8.  You'll pass this guy
    on the first corner (make sure to brake when the line tells you to), and
    you'll get one more on the next left corner, and be in 5th.  Stay up on the
    4th place car, and you'll pass him by the water.  Keep from hitting him or
    going sideways, and you'll end lap 2 in 4th place, drafting the next car up.
    The same pattern holds- pass one on the sharp right, one on the next left,
    and then the first place car when you get to the water.  Now, you just have
    to hold the lead for 2 1/2 more laps and not crash.  Remember to brake really
    early at the first turn (almost at the start line), and keep your lines and
    you'll be done with Karting (except for buying them, that is)!
    +                                                                             +
    +                            -D2) NASCAR School-                              +
    +                                                                             +
    You know, I wasn't a big Jeff Gordon fan before this game, but after I've
    played this event, I like him even less. That bastard will taunt you every time
    you hit a cone, and you're going to hit a lot of cones in this.  ("Remember,
    the car is heavy?"  No Shit, Jeff, but it also handles like a rock-hard turd!).
    The challenges actually aren't that bad- it's getting through them with a
    six-axis controller that makes it next to impossible.  Note I said "next to"
    impossible:  all of these can be done with a little luck and a lot of patience.
    So, without further ado, here's how to get through this:
    Beginner Test 1:  Using Drafting to Get Ahead- Self-Explanatory.  Draft him.
    Win.  Done.  Enjoy, it will get hard soon.
    Beginner Test 2:  Drafting With Multiple Cars- So, a little harder this time.
    I won by getting right up on the guy on the left, then hitting him in the back
    and staying right behind him until he was in second.  This was right at the
    end of the big turn, and I shot by both of the last cars on the outside to win
    the race.  If you pass the first two, you are still not close enough to draft
    the other two, so you have to push one of them up there.  You'll see what I
    mean when you try this, and after a few tries you should be sipping champagne
    out of your gold trophy.  Enjoy, it will get hard soon.
    Intermediate Test 1:  Inside Driving-Daytona- Okay, now it gets hard.  Again,
    not because of the test, because of the controller.  For this one, just try
    to keep your left tires just outside the yellow line on the bottom.  You might
    have to wiggle a little through this, but you should keep your speed.  Let the
    car come out a little at the end, but don't hit the cones.  The smoother you
    are, the faster your time, and eventually, you'll get under 13.000.  No brakes
    necessary, and no adjustments to the car.
    Intermediate Test 2:  Inside Driving- Indianapolis- Okay, get used to hitting
    some cones!  You'll have to adjust your car to the left a bit at the starting
    bell, otherwise you'll run smack dab into the first cone... no good.  Now,
    get lined up just to the left of the cones, and as soon as you pass the end of
    the white wall to your left, let off the gas and turn sharply.  You may want
    to tap your brakes once or twice.  Your goal is to drift into the inside until
    your tires are touching the inside white line.  Don't watch the car, though,
    watch your speed.  As soon as you see 160mph, get on the gas, keep pushing
    hard left, and keep it that way until you're sure you're not going wide into
    the cones.  Then, ease up on the steering and line yourself up with the finish
    line, and don't ever let off the gas pedal while you're doing this.  Keep
    trying, and you'll get there eventually.  If you're consistently running
    within .050 of your time, you have the skills right- you're just waiting for
    the luck to kick in.
    Intermediate Test 3:  Outside Driving- Daytona- Worst one of the bunch, in my
    opinion.  I strongly suggest you work yourself up to this one.  It looks like
    your area is two lanes wide, but really the inside lane is where you need to
    stay.  Start by just trying to get to the finish line without being DQ'ed.
    Do that about 10 times, then start trying to get as close to the cones as you
    can.  You don't have to change the assists, but you do have to spend about
    80% of your run on the inside lane to get gold.  Don't let off the gas ever,
    and try to keep smooth all the way through. A little rocking is OK, but not
    much.  I start turning as soon as the pavement gets a little darker, and I
    try to stay in the inside lane for the first 6 or 7 seconds.  That's about
    all the advice I can give you.  If you get to where you're only .040 or so
    off every time, you're one lucky run away from being done.
    Intermediate Test 4:  Outside Driving- Indianapolis- This one has more
    variables than the last one, but there's much more extra time to play with.
    My last run beat the gold by .115, so you have some time.  As soon as you
    can, get your right tires over by the shadow cast by the wall on the right.
    You'll see a dark bar in the white wall right about where the cones start.
    This is your cue to cut left and back off the gas.  Don't hit your brakes at
    all.  Somewhere around 160mph, get back on the gas again, but be gentle.  You
    want to hold at about that speed until the exit of the turn.  If you can, get
    out wide a little and come back in (like a mini-corner) right before the
    exit.  This will keep you from the wall.  If you need to, you can even brake
    a little (down to about 153 or so), and still get gold.
    Advanced Test 1:  Raceday: Exiting Pit-lane- This isn't all bad once you
    know the strategy.  Try to get this early, as the first 50 seconds is spent
    waiting to be able to drive.  50 seconds!  Anyway, when you finally get
    control of the car, you can do one of two things.  If you want an easy
    silver, just cut into the course immediately and get behind the first place
    car.  The second place car will come flying around and slam right into your
    back bumper, knocking your speed up considerably and slowing him down.
    Then, just race the few other guys that got by you, and you'll end in 2nd
    place.  If you want the Gold, however, this strategy will NOT work.  You
    actually have to play it like a regular race, so go ahead and accelerate in
    pit lane until the end, then merge into traffic.  You'll be in 6th place.
    Draft the guy on the left all the way until you get up to him, then pass both
    him and the next car.  Draft the 3rd place guy until you get up to him and
    then pass him immediately as well.  If you're in 3rd place before the second
    long bank on the second lap, you've got this.  You'll be a little behind the
    other two cars, but if you get behind them you'll draft right up to them.
    Just make sure you get by the 2nd place car on the inside, and don't slam
    into his bumper, or you'll lose all your speed before you get the lead.  If
    you can get past this guy, you'll have no problem getting past the leader
    before the end.  Good luck!
    Advanced Test 2:  Raceday: Indy, Last 2 Laps- This thing can be really tough,
    but it's not actually your fault.  You can drive perfectly well, and someone
    will turn into you and DQ you.  It's totally obnoxious, and takes me an hour
    or so every time I try to win this.  However, I'll try to give you some
    guide points so you know you're doing OK.  There are 4 left turns at Indy,
    and 2 laps, so I'm going to call them turns 1-8.  The magic number for each
    turn is 150-160mph, depending on the traffic.  It's more important to miss
    the other cars than to keep all of your speed.  After 1, you should be in
    9th, as well as after turn 2.  Turn 3, 7th, turn 4, 6th, and you should be
    passing into 5th by the end of the first lap (1:02.140).  Turn 5, 4th, turn
    6, 4th, but you should be within drafting distance of the top 3.  On turn 7,
    if you draft the guy that moves to the far left, you can go right past him,
    get down to your magic number, and you'll be in first place before the end
    of turn 7.  stay smooth through turn 8 and head for the line.  You may have
    to "block the plate" a little at the end here, which I do by looking behind
    me (L1), figuring out which way the dude's trying to pass me, and then
    moving over there to block him.  Get it right once and he doesn't stand a
    chance.  Okay, last one for this event!
    Advanced Test 3:  Raceday:  Daytona, Last 2 Laps-  Okay, this is a hard race,
    but a unique one for one reason.  You MUST use manual transmission to win
    this race.  In fact, you will be last if you use automatic.  The reason is
    that you have to catch the pack coming out of the second turn or you will
    lose them by like 10 seconds by the end of the race, and the only way to do
    that is to use the manual transmission.  So, go into the driving options and
    change to MT.  You shift up with the R2 button, and you'll know when to shift
    because there's a little red light that flashes next to the white number that
    tells you what gear you're in.  Get from second up to 3rd when it tells you
    to, then get up to 4th right about when the Lowe's car in front of you passes
    the other car.  Now, take your hand off the R2 button, you won't be needing
    it again.  Stay right behind the Lowe's car through that first turn, go on by
    the other one, and get behind him going into turn 2.  You'll want to just get
    in the middle of the track for this curve, and try to stay there.  Again,
    don't let off your gas pedal, even when the mean bumps try to push you into
    the wall.  Come out of that turn, get behind one of the cars in front of you,
    and look down at your speed.  If it's climbing into the 220's and 30's,
    you have caught the pack, and completed the hardest part of this race.  The
    rest is just keeping from bumping into the other cars, which is hard because
    they all want your line.  Don't hit your brakes, but you can take your hand
    off the gas if you need to avoid a car or cut inside of one on one of the
    curves.  Just make sure you have someone to draft the whole race, and if you
    get ahead too early try your best to block the plate.  It's not easy on this
    course, because if they clip you they'll send you careening into the wall
    and you'll roll like 50 times and lose.  But, once you master the art of
    catching the pack after the second turn, it's only a matter of time before
    you win.  Sweet, now you get a shiny new NASCAR to bang up in A-Spec and
    B-Spec, and you get to move on to the Top Gear Test Track!  Yippee!
    +                                                                             +
    +                          -D3) Top Gear Test Track-                          +
    +                                                                             +
    Beginner Race-  Sambabus-  I'll try to keep the commentary to a minimum.  I
    think this whole series was added as comic relief, so enjoy tooling through the
    airport in your Scoobymobile.  Pass the first car on the left on the first
    corner, while sliding into him a bit, then pass the next one on the left on the
    short left turn.  You'll get the third one by passing on the right at the next
    right turn (the sharp one with the tire barrier), and get right up on the next
    bus through the straight.  You can't pass him, of course, but you can be ready
    to when he slows down and you don't.  Get to the left of him on the straight,
    brake late and get around that corner without hitting the cones.  If you do it
    right, you'll get two more and be in 7th coming down the back straightaway.
    You should pass the next 2 at the end of the crossover, and be in 5th when you
    hit the last straight. Pay no attention to the other vans or the driving line,
    and just go right down the middle of the runway.  Finding a turning point is
    difficult this way, but I just used the end of the white line right before the
    black "X".  You barely need to brake.  Turn in and brake and you'll pass into
    4th right between the first and second left turns.  If you're in 4th at all at
    the end of the first lap (2:12.891), you can win this easily.  Just pass one
    guy on the first left turn, one on the sharp right, and the last one at the far
    end of the track, and you're done.  They can only go 60 as well, so they can't
    pass you once you get ahead.
    Intermediate Race- First, before anything else, go into your driving options
    and turn "Skid Recovery Force" ON.  Or, run a race without it and see why you
    need it.  Before you even try to place anything in this race, try to get a lap
    complete without being disqualified.  I don't even know why they bothered
    putting tires on this car:  it feels like I'm driving on rims.  So, once you've
    decided that you can manage the slippery car well enough, now start trying to
    pass.  Here's the best I've done:  the strategy is very similar to the SambaBus
    race - pass the first two cars as you're turning right, and bump him a little
    to stay on line.  Pass the next two as you're going around the sharp right
    corner with the tires, and be right up on the 7th place guy's bumper as you're
    going down the back stretch.  This is important, though - get the car all the
    way to the RIGHT of the driving line, between it and the edge of the track, and
    brake when it tells you to.  You don't need to be hitting these cars, and you
    need to get slow quickly enough to miss these cones.  Once you have done this,
    you should be able to cruise around that far turn and come out in 5th.  You
    will need to brake going into the crossover, and again coming out on to the
    runway.  Then, you want to go RIGHT again on the runway, all the way to the
    grass.  Start braking when the line tells you to again, and gently cut across
    the runway to begin lap 2.  You'll pass one more car while doing this, and be
    right on the back of the 3rd place car when you start lap 2 (1:29.355).  If
    you have done this correctly, the second lap should be a breeze, just don't
    lose concentration and hit a cone.  You'll be in first by the back stretch,
    and he can't catch you if you run a good line.
    Advanced Race- Oh ho, you thought the Samba Bus was slow!  This time, you get
    to drive the Kubelwagen, which can hit 50mph if you're really lucky.  Even
    more fun, you've got to dodge a bunch of Jeep looking things every time you
    cross over.  But, there's only 8 cars and if you're patient, you'll cruise on
    this one.   First, wait for the 7th place car to hit one of the Jeeps on the
    first left, and go right by him on the right.  On the sharp right, you'll
    catch another one, then go down the back stretch and pass the next one on the
    left as you're winding through the cones on the far end of the track.  You'll
    come out in 4th, and it will look like you're not going to win, but hang in
    there.  On the crossover, the next two cars will crash into each other, and
    slow WAY down.  You should be right in line with the second place car coming
    into the final turn.  Again, you don't need to go wide like the driving line
    tells you- just go right up the middle of the runway and turn in.  You don't
    even need to take your foot off the gas, as you're going ridiculously slow
    already.  If your first lap is around 2:23, and you're 3 seconds or so behind
    the lead, you are in good shape.  It will take you the rest of lap 2 to pass
    him, but you'll make up ground each corner, with about a 1.3 second gain in the
    final turn.  Oh, and don't hit the Jeeps...
    +                                                                             +
    +                         -D4) AMG Driving Academy-                           +
    +                                                                             +
    There are 20 races in all in this event, divided into four levels.  Each level
    is a technically demanding tour of the Nurburgring.  The first four stages are
    sectors of the ring, and the 5th challenge is a full lap challenge, where you
    put all of your skills together for a whole lap of fun.  Beautifully, you can
    cut corners and crash into cars, so this is not a glass car race!  Yay!
    However, some of the times are so tight that a few of these are more
    challenging than the license tests, so it may take a while.  I'll go stage by
    stage, and try to give you good tips on each one.  Here we go!
    You'll be using the Mercedes 300 SL Coupe '54, and it's actually a pretty cool
    car once you get used to it.  I'd say, once you know the shortcuts, this is the
    easiest of the group, so we'll break it down by sector:
    Sector 1- Your gold time is 1:36.000.  First corner is a sharp left- brake when
    the line tells you to, and get down to about 50mph.  Next, there will be a few
    gradual rights followed by a sharper right.  You'll want to get left before
    the sharper one and just let off the gas a little, and you'll come through at
    about 93mph.  Then, you can accelerate to about the 20 second mark, where there
    will be an S curve.  Brake when the line tells you to and get to the left side
    of the road.  Keep braking hard and turn right, and you should get through this
    turn at 67-70mph.  Now, it's time for cutting corners.  The road will go left,
    but you don't want to.  You want to get off the track, up in the grass on the
    right, and line up so you don't hit the part of the wall that's sticking out.
    Then, take your foot off the gas and glide the car left.  You'll cut into the
    grass on the left side of the track, and you want your car to be aiming at the
    point where the wall sticks out the furthest, while the car is drifting right.
    If you do this correctly, you'll pop onto the track without skidding, and save
    like 3 or 4 full seconds.  For the next turns, you'll have to get to the left
    of the track and brake early.  If you get the line right, your right tires will
    pop up in the grass, and you'll be perfectly lined up to go around the second
    left at full steam.  Be careful on this one, the track dips and will throw you
    around until you learn where the safe line is.  Now, take a deep breath, you
    only have two more things to worry about.  While you're going down this
    stretch, you will have a checkpoint.  I think if you get there in anything
    under 54 seconds, you have a chance at gold.  I think my best on this was about
    51, though.  Okay, here's the first of the last two things to worry about.
    You're going to go up a hill, then there will be a right turn that you can't
    see.  Get to the left of the track, and when you see the turn tap the brakes
    slightly and try to slide a little through the turn.  If you catch the apex
    right, you'll still be at 98-100mph, and you can keep on the gas for the next
    15 seconds or so.  Now for the second hard part.  After the nice relaxing
    stretch, you'll go up a hill again, and there will be a left turn that you
    can't see.  If you take this too fast, you will crash into the wall and that
    will be the end of your gold time for this run.  If you take it too slow,
    you'll lose all the speed you had and end up with a Silver.  The magic number,
    then, is 119mph.  If you brake right after the sign and hold the brake for
    about 1/4 second, this number will be yours.  You'll slide right along the
    inside curbstones, accelerating the whole time, and come out right where you
    need to be.  Now, the final turn is tricky, as you need to SLAM ON THE BRAKES
    EARLY!  I'd go about a full dotted line ahead of where it turns red.  You
    should have extra time, so if you go slower, you can always speed up again.
    Anyway, stay on the brake even when you start to turn, and you'll start to get
    to the right speed about 2 seconds after your turn.  As soon as you do,
    accelerate and hit the flags for the gold!
    Sector 2- Same car, same track, different section.  I think this is the hardest
    of the 5 challenges, as there are no checkpoints and no ghost cars to pace
    yourself off of.  But, the gold time of 2:21 is fairly generous, and you can
    cut a corner or two to save some more.  Here's how.  First, keep on the gas all
    the way through the first few turns, which aren't really turns anyway.  You'll
    go up a hill and see the line turn red, because there's another blind left
    coming up.  Hit the brakes about a car length or two before the signpost on the
    right, and get as far inside on this turn as you can.  It is very important
    that you're inside on this turn, as the outside of the track will bump you
    right into the wall at this speed.  If you hit the wall, reset- your gold time
    is already gone.  Now, right as you're coming out of this left, you need to
    brake hard and come right.  65mph is the magic number for this one, and you
    want to be going a little too fast for the curve.  Why?  Because it's time to
    go in the grass!  If you drift into the grass, then gently point left, you'll
    miss the wall and be lined up to hit the grass on the right.  Try to get as
    fast as you can, ride the wall on the right, and line yourself up with the
    direction of the track on the left.  If you do this right, you won't skid much
    when you come back on the track, and you'll have a second to look at your time.
    This will be the first homemade checkpoint, and it should be around 31 or 32
    seconds.  Now, you'll go straight for a while, but when you see the first
    gentle left, you should be prepared to brake.  Just a little, down to about
    85mph.  On the gas for a second or two, then down to about 54mph for a sharp
    left here.  Now back right, and the next turn is a very sharp one that you
    need to be at about 45mph or less to get through.  You should be accelerating
    out of this curve at about 1:02-1:04 when you have a chance to look up.  Next,
    there will be an S-curve that starts left and comes back right.  You can go
    pretty fast through here but use the curbstones as your guide.  Now for a
    long, sweeping right that you can get through at around 85mph to start, while
    accelerating most of the way through it.  Okay, 4 more challenges and you're
    done.  First, the hairpin left:  brake as late as you can, but you're going
    downhill and you need to be around 40mph to get around it.  As you're coming
    out, you should be right around 1:33.  Next, another sharp left that isn't
    really that sharp in this car.  If you start braking just before the little
    patch of asphalt sticking out of the track on the left, you should slide
    through here with no problem.  The third element is a right turn that looks
    scarier than it is, as you're going uphill.  You can barely tap the brakes
    for this, and come through at around 70mph.  Now, accelerate for a while,
    and you'll see the final turn, a sharp, nasty right turn.  You actually don't
    have to brake for this until the driving line tells you to, but you'll need to
    keep on your brakes as you're turning because it gets sharper as it goes on.
    If you hit the final curbstone on the left at 2:10, you should get the gold, as
    it's straight to the flags.
    Sector 3- You know, this should be the easiest of the four sections, and yet I
    barely make it every time I try it.  Maybe I'm not the best guide for this
    section, huh?  Anyway, the first 31 seconds of this are a cakewalk.  Just
    drive.  Then, you'll get to a left curve, and when you come out, you'll see
    some pavement extending on the right of the track, and the driving line will be
    red.  This is your first test.  You don't even need to hit the brakes, just
    back off the gas at the start of the red line, turn, and accelerate again at
    the end of the red driving line.  You should stay above 100 mph the whole time.
    Keep on the gas through the next right, just make sure you get deep in the
    turn, even up on the curbstones, so you don't bounce wide.  Then, you do
    actually have to use the brakes.  You can brake a little late going into this
    first hairpin, but you want to get down to 54mph before making the turn.  Go
    fast again as soon as you're stable.  You have a second, so look up at the
    clock.  If it's ticking over to 1:00 just as you're coming up on the curbstone
    sticking out on the right, you're right on pace.  Now for the star of the stage,
    the hairpin left with the beat up pavement.  Brake early and come into the bank
    from the right, not the front, but come in just about under the driving line.
    Get the car down to 48mph or so, and then gently keep it right around 50 as you
    go through the turn.  If you go too fast, you'll pop out of the bank and lose a
    bunch of time (like 3 or 4 seconds).  If you go too slow, you'll pop in and
    lose a bunch of time.  As you're coming out of this turn, look up at the clock.
    It should say 1:09 or less, as you hit the curbstone on the right.  The second
    half will probably be more confusing if I go turn by turn, so I won't.  Just
    brake before the turns, get in deep, and get the feel for the next 40 seconds
    or so.  Stay on the inside because the track is bumpy, and you'll come out fine.
    You'll come to a little flat spot with some bright yellow graffiti on the
    ground.  Your goal is to hit this graffiti at 1:50 or 1:51.  The next part
    sucks, so try to shave off as much time on the front of this track as possible.
    I got 1:07 and 1:48 when I got the gold.  The next right turn is blind (of
    course), and sharper than it looks, so brake early and ride the inside
    curbstones until you get the line coming out.  The next left is also
    obnoxiously sharp, and downhill, so brake early, ride the inside corner, and
    come out.  If you're straight when you get out of this, you barely have to
    touch the brakes around the final right.  You'll come barreling through that
    corner way too fast, and crash into the wall right as the race ends.  But,
    you'll end up under 2:07, and get to try the next sector!
    Sector 4- You get 2:30 to gold this, and you'll need all of it.  First curve,
    62mph, then go.  Second curve, 60mph, then go.  The clock should hit 20 seconds
    as you're turning into the gentle left.  Third curve is a righty, and you want
    to brake right AFTER the dip, cutting in as close as you can to the inside of
    the curve.  If you do it right, you'll stay around 80mph.  Let off the gas a
    little as you go left again, you can even go in the grass if you want to.  As
    you're passing the little strip of pavement on the right, you can look up and
    your time should be right around 36 seconds.  Now, you won't be letting off
    the gas for a while yet, so resist the urge.  Learn where the lines are and
    stay on the gas!  Somewhere around 53 seconds, you'll come up on the easiest
    curve to mess up in this run.  Get to the very inside of the track and feather
    the brakes until you're down to about 82mph.  Accelerate through the curve,
    then slow down to about 75 for the sharp left coming up.  If you get the line
    right, you should be at about 1:04 when you stabilize yourself and start
    accelerating.  Brake to go left, get down to about 60mph, use the bank in this
    hairpin, and go.  Now, you'll come to the second easiest thing to mess up on
    this section.  You want to get to the left, tap the brakes once, then aim for
    the dip in the track next to the curbstone.  Don't hit the curbstone, though,
    or you'll push out too far.  You should be in control, going 83mph or so, and
    you want to get up to 90mph and keep it there for the rest of the curve.  Once
    you know you're not going too fast, mash the gas and go.  There's a big red
    sign hanging over the whole track, this is your last checkpoint.  If you look
    up and it says 1:37 or less, you can win this gold.  You should be going about
    110 at this point, and we're going to skip about 30 seconds ahead, as I'm sure
    you can drive straight by now.  Now, there are two ways to do the final
    chicane:  the right way and the crazy way.  Let's talk about the right way
    first:  The track goes left, right, left, then a big sharp right.  You don't
    need to let off the gas until about halfway through that first right turn.
    Feather down the gas until you're at around 45mph, and you'll be lined up for
    the big right in time.  Then, just cut left when you need to, hit your sharp
    right and get the gold.  Use the above strategy if you are better than me at
    the first part of this race.  If your times are stuck right around mine, you
    have to use the crazy strategy at the end.  You can get through the end maybe
    3 seconds faster this way, but you'll be completely out of control the whole
    time, and will crash 8 out of 10 times.  Don't say I didn't warn you!  So,
    we're going to stay on the gas right until we turn on the first right, then
    not hit the brakes at all.  We're going to go back left, finally tapping the
    brakes a little, then we're going to look for that little round guardrail that
    is in our way on the left hand side.  We're going to sideswipe the crap out of
    it, so skid into it at about 100mph and life will get interesting.  If you hit
    it right, it will slow you way down and push the front of your car right,
    which is what you want.  You're going to get in the grass on the right,
    mashing the brakes the whole time, and if you're lucky you'll drift right past
    the wall on the right.  Now, with a little flick of the wrist, hit the gas and
    turn left for a second, then get back on the brakes.  Your car will spin
    around and you'll be looking right at the little gap that you have to get
    through to finish this race, and your time will be something like 2:17.  Get
    the car under control, go through the gap, get to the left of the track, hit
    the brakes a little to take the right turn, then go quickly to the finish.  My
    time was 1:37 under the bridge, and I golded this by 1 1/2 seconds this way.
    It took me an hour, though, to get lucky enough to bounce through the chicane
    right, but I had already spent 2 hours trying to get better at the first part
    with no success.  I looked at all kinds of videos where the dudes got to the
    red hanging sign in 1:34 or less, and I just never could get that kind of
    time, so I learned to adapt differently.  Also, I have done this without
    hitting the guardrail, and just cutting across the grass with the right angle.
    Anyway, have fun and hopefully you'll be sipping champagne out of this trophy
    quicker than me!
    Section 5- The full lap test.  Okay, I'm not going to pretend this is easy,
    but I'm not going to walk you through it, either.  1:36, 2:21, 2:07, and 2:30
    are the times you needed for Gold on each Sector, right?  Well, those add up
    to 8:34, right?  Well, you get a whopping 8:49 to get gold on this full lap!
    You do have to deal with cars this time, but you'll learn quickly where they
    show up in your run, and you will start a few of the stages a little slower
    (mainly the 4th one), but all the turns are the same and so is the car.  If
    you took the time to learn the track on each of the stages, this should be a
    breeze, so let's play with a real car on this track, shall we?
    Well, we get to use the tuned SLS AMG '10, which is for the most part a pretty
    awesome car.  It's really fast, and loves to slide out on you as you're
    accelerating out of the curves, plus your line becomes way more important
    because the track will put you up in the air and bounce you into the grass in a
    heartbeat.  I suggest you tackle these stages like you would learn a song on
    the piano.  Get the first notes right, start over, get the first and the next,
    then start over, and keep growing your skill until you know every turn
    automatically.  Let's get started.
    Sector 1- Start braking before the guardrail on the right ends, and get down to
    54mph.  Start wide on the next braking turn, tap the brakes, and accelerate
    through the curve, the magic number here is 107mph.  Next, start braking where
    it tells you to and make sure you're on the inside of these next two curves,
    brake all the way down to about 67mph.  Get in the grass on the right, then
    very gently turn the car left.  Cross over the track, into the grass, and come
    out on the other side.  Brake early and get up on the curbstone at the next S,
    get out quickly and head for the bridge.  Your first checkpoint should be at
    about 46 seconds flat.  My gold runs are a little closer to 45, but 46.2 or so
    will do if you get the second part of this right.  Now, you're going to get
    airborne, so watch out.  Come up the hill on the left side of the track, tap
    the brakes right before the jump, then again when you come down.  If you can
    get online and out of this in 4th gear, and not drop below 104mph, you're on
    point.  You should be shifting back into 5th again before you finish the first
    slow left coming out of this section.  Go real fast until the hill with the
    left turn.  Start braking at the first of the two signposts on the right, and
    you can get into this left turn without going below 129mph.  Brake when it
    tells you to for the sharp right, and you'll win by quite a bit.  By the way,
    there are probably 3 seconds at least of extra time, so if you're getting close
    to 48 by the first checkpoint, you can still get gold if you're better on the
    back half.
    Sector 2- Another hard section with plenty of extra time- the gold is set at
    1:57.  Your first braking point is right when the curbstone comes up on the
    right, and you'll be out of control a bit going through that first left.  Stay
    on the inside, though, and you won't bounce around too bad.  Brake hard into
    the right, down to about 85mph, then ride up the grass on the left, miss the
    wall, glide across the track and into the grass on the right, miss the wall,
    line up with the track, and come back on.  If you do all of this in 26 seconds
    or so, and come out in control of the car, you're on the right track.  The next
    two lefts are best done around 104 and 70mph, respectively, and the sharp right
    is good at around 60mph.  S-curve, 103, long sweeping right, 99, and you should
    look up for a second and be around 1:04 on the clock.  Brake late and hard on
    the hairpin, down to 50mph, then back up to the next sharp left.  Brake a
    little late on this one, down to 74, then about 75 going up the hill.  You
    should be right around 1:38 at this point, coming out of this turn.  No need to
    brake going left if you get the line right, but brake early and get down to
    about 63 on the final turn.  Then, mash the gas and get to the goal.  Again,
    these times were for a 1:56.600, but you can go into the 1:53's if you get
    better at any section.
    Sector 3- You get 1:44 on this one, and it's fairly easy again.  Stay full on
    until the 20 second mark, then on the brakes right when the pavement sticks
    out.  110mph and over is fine here, just get the line right.  Tap the brakes a
    little on the next right, stay above 119mph or so.  Brake when the line tells
    you to for the first hairpin, all the way down to 60mph.  Start braking about
    4 dashes before the red line on the next hairpin, enter the bank from the
    right, and keep it right around 50mph.  As you come out and see the curbstones
    on the right, you should be in the 54 to 55 second range.  The next 4 braking
    points are 110, 85, 80 (cut up in the grass here if you want), and 65.  Come
    out of this section at 1:18.  The next three are 96mph, 102mph, and 99mph.  If
    you hit the yellow graffiti on the track at 1:29, you are in good shape.
    Remember, the next corner is very sharp, so cut it as far right as you can and
    accelerate late.  Brake early going left, then power through the curve, brake
    a little at the last curve, and crash into the wall right at the finish.  Gold
    is yours.  If you have extra time, you might want to practice taking this last
    turn without mashing into the wall, as it will be important when you do the
    full lap.
    Sector 4- Let me warn you before you read my instructions for the next two
    races:  I SUCK AT THESE!  This section and the full lap took me way too long,
    I've never gotten the lines right, and when I got lucky on a section I always
    screwed up the very next one.  I got the gold in both of them, but only
    because I learned how to cut through the grass at the end.  You may actually
    practice a bit and find that you're 2 or 3 seconds better than me, as I've
    seen videos where that is the case.  Anyway, here's the best I could do.  2:04
    is the magic number.  The first right, 73mph, the next left, 67mph.  You may
    have to cut through the grass here.  16 seconds and you should be hitting the
    slow left.  Gas all the way through the next section, then brake BEFORE you
    jump off the road (start right when the red line tells you to).  91mph through
    that right turn, off the gas for a second around the next left.  On the small
    straight with the bit of pavement on the right, should be the 30 second mark.
    This is different than with the beginner race here, you'll need to get inside
    on that small left and let the gas off for a second, or you'll go flying into
    the wall on the right.  Get the next turn right and you'll be on the
    accelerator all the way through those zigzags, but you may go in the grass a
    few times.  Start braking way back by the red part of the guardrail, then
    feather the brakes until you're around 100mph.  If you're still in control,
    you can get a good line and go back left without dropping below 75mph, and you
    should be out of that turn when the clock says 52 seconds.  62mph on the next
    left, and use the bank, then the next right is a little tricky.  You need to
    drop into 3rd gear at about 85mph and hit that same dip that you did in the
    other race.  Gas up to maybe 100, tops, and get onto the straight stretch.
    You should hit the bridge at about 1:19 or 1:20.  Now these times are BARELY
    enough to do the final chicanes the right way, but by now I'm sure you know
    which way works best for you.  Either way, when you are lined up and
    accelerating in the sharp left that is very narrow (the second to last turn),
    you'll need 10 seconds to get to the finish, so you're looking for a time
    that's 1:54 or less.  Then, just go wide left to the pad that's there for you
    to turn wide, turn wide right, get your traction, and go for the gold!
    Sector 5- The full lap.  Okay, This is in the running for the hardest AMG
    challenge that there is.  Sector 4 in the expert level is a bitch too, but
    that's only 2 minutes.  This one is 7:05 if you want a gold.  Let's break that
    down first- 1:22 plus 1:57 plus 1:44 plus 2:04.  That equals 7:07, right?
    That means you can get the gold time for all four stages and still be 2 seconds
    too slow!  Plus, you have a bunch of cars on the road that will get in your
    line and wreck you...  Hmmm.  Let me tell you how my night went.  I finally got
    sector 4 complete at 11PM.  Around 7:30 in the morning, maybe 2 hours before I
    had to be at work, I got 7:04.788.  I screamed so loud that I woke my neighbor
    up, who almost called the police thinking I was fighting with my wife.  Well,
    I was, but not until that night when she wanted to know why I was shouting so
    loud, and thought I was fighting with my neighbor.  Neither was very happy with
    me when they found out I was just so excited at winning a video game challenge.
    It's that annoying.  To me, anyway.  You might have a little better time at
    this.  Anyway, here's how I did it:  in order to have a chance at this, your
    first sector lap time MUST be around 1:20.500.  a few tenths over is fine, but
    if you're in the 1:21's and aren't a master at the last two stages, forget it.
    Keep resetting until you can get this time on the first stage without trouble.
    By the end of the second sector, you should be at 3:16 something at a bare
    minimum.  3:15 is better, and 3:13 I've even had before I mangled the next
    stage and lost.  The third stage will be a little slower than your best time,
    because you have to be in control on the last turn, so if you hit the end of
    the third stage right at 5 minutes flat, you're in perfect shape.  By the way,
    there is no actual checkpoint here in the full lap, so you'll have to look
    at the clock to see if you're on pace.  Then, go get a gold medal run on sector
    4 and you're all golden.  Good luck, this sucks!
    This is the same series as the beginner, with the 300SL, but this time you're
    driving in the rain!  Wow, I hate driving in the rain... Anyway, the good news
    is that the times are VERY generous for this, so you can mess up a few times
    and still get gold.   The bad news is, you'll probably mess up more than a few
    times before you get used to driving this in the rain.  Also, the inside apex
    of most corners is usually fine, but the wide line on approach and exit are not
    usually the best places to get a grip.  So, you usually need to come in slower
    in the middle of the track, stay steady through the curve, and come out
    slower in the middle of the track.  I suggest you block out about 3 hours and
    just do these 5 and the next 5 all at once, as I've found I forget how to drive
    these if I leave them for more than a few hours. Let's get started.
    Sector 1- You get 1:49, which is nice.  You slide everywhere, which is not, and
    you have to be extremely careful when you accelerate so you don't spin out.
    Also, you get no driving line, but you should know the course by now, so that's
    nice.  Start braking right at the end of the guardrail and get down to about
    40mph, staying wide on the curve.  On the next one, 78mph is about all the
    faster you want to go, then get in control for the next little left-right
    S-curve.  There's a little white spray paint on the track right where the line
    used to be, use this as your braking point.  Cut left, brake hard through the
    right, and you'll be down around 50mph when you come out.  If you get in the
    grass to take your shortcut at around 36 seconds, you're on pace.  Come out of
    the shortcut, brake really early down to about 40, then handle the S-curve the
    best you can.  You want to come out and get to that first checkpoint at 1:03
    or so.  Now for the "jump."  Remember, you're in the 300SL, not the AMG, so
    you won't get airborne.  So, don't even get on the brakes until you see the
    strip of pavement on the left, and you'll come through there at around 81mph.
    Get up the hill to the next turn and start braking at the first signpost on
    the right, which should allow you to get into that left turn around 104mph.
    As soon as the curbstones stop on the left, get to the RIGHT of the track and
    slam on your brakes.  Do this straight, and you'll get it down to about 60
    before the last turn, keep braking as you turn until you're at about 50, then
    ease it through that curve for your gold.
    Sector 2- The gold time here is 2:41, and it's not bad if you can drive this
    car in the rain.  On the first sharp right, use the curbstones as your guide,
    and stay in the middle while you slow down to 78mph or so.  Get control again,
    then down to about 60mph for your right turn.  Drift into the grass, cut
    across the track, run in the grass, then come out in control at 33 or 34
    seconds.  83mph on the next right, 54mph on the next right, and 50mph on the
    sharp left.  You should come out of that turn at around 1:12.  S-curve at
    73mph, long, sweeping right at 70 (you can accelerate when you're halfway
    through, though), and all the way down to 38mph for the sharp hairpin left.
    Come out of that at around 1:43.  Use the red spot on the guardrail to brake
    for the next left, 73mph, then down to almost 50 for the right turn up the
    hill.  You should get to the end of those curbstones on that hill at about
    2:07 or 2:08.  Go left without slowing, then use the Yokohama sign on the
    right to judge when to slow down for the final right turn.  You probably want
    to brake a few car lengths before this sign, especially if your times are
    significantly better than the ones above.  Get around that curve at whatever
    speed you feel comfortable with, and if you are hitting the gas and in control
    at 2:30 or better, you will win the gold.
    Sector 3- 2:24, gold time.  All out for 34 seconds, you may slide around a
    little but you don't have to slow down.  Go about halfway down the pavement
    strip on your right as your braking point, take that left at no less than
    84mph.  No slowing for that right, either, but get up on the curbstones just
    like before.  Use the curbstone on your left as your cue to brake for that
    hairpin, all the way down to 40mph or so.  When you come out of that turn, you
    should just be ticking over to 1:00.  Use the second "bump" on the curbstones
    coming out of the right to brake for the next hairpin, all the way down to
    42mph or less.  Still come in from the right, but stay steady.  You should
    come out of that and get to that little bump on the right by 1:16.  Use the
    same lines you did on the dry course to get to the graffiti by 2:03.  You
    don't even have to go that fast, just don't skid and don't crash.  If you run
    the last section well, you can get in with 2 or 3 seconds to spare.  If you
    don't you'll probably still make it, but barely.
    Sector 4- First turn, 58mph, second turn, 54mph, get up through the grass,
    gentle left at about 23 seconds.  All out down to the "dip," then brake
    before the course drops and cut in at 65mph.  No slow around the next left,
    should be in the middle of the strip of pavement on the right by 42 seconds.
    All out until the tricky right, use the red spot on the guardrail to brake all
    the way down to 80.  60mph going back left, and you should be on the gas again
    by the sand pit with the clock at 1:10. 45mph through the banked left, 57 on
    the tricky right with the dip, and feel free to hit the curbstone here, then
    75 max on the long right.  Accelerate towards the end of this curve and you'll
    go under the sign bridge at 1:48, which is just barely enough time to finish.
    Same deal at the end, feel free to do it right if you want, or cut the corner
    and save some time.    
    Sector 5- The full lap.  Let's start with our addition problem:  1:49, 2:41,
    2:24 and 2:49.  Total:  9:43.  Your gold time on this, 9:43.  Any questions?
    Just use your lines and times from the 4 stages, and don't hit the cars that
    are in your way.  I beat this by more than 7 seconds on my first try, so go
    for it.
    Now, you get to drive the SLS AMG in the rain.  It's no easy task, but 4 of the
    5 times are generous enough that you can slide around all day and still have a
    chance.  I'm going to skip the turn-by-turns on 4 of these, because you
    probably already know the track well enough, and the car.  A few quick tips,
    though.  First, I have seen many, many people win these last challenges with a
    bunch of different configurations for the assists.  I've seen TC all the way up
    to 7 or 8, ASM and Active steering either on, off, or mild, and I've seen ABS
    all the way up to 10.  I just used the default (TC at 5, ABS at 1).  If you're
    having trouble, try some of these, as it may help.  Second, turn your sound up
    more than you would in the other races.  You'll really want to listen to when
    the car is spinning, because you can hear it if you concentrate.  Third,
    whenever you accelerate, make sure you do it intermittently until you're at
    about 130 or so, and do it in a straight line.  You will spin out if you don't,
    and lose mucho time.  Okay, let's get this over with.
    Sector 1- Just try to get to the first checkpoint in 57 seconds.  If you do,
    you should get the gold with no problem.  The last turn is a doozy with the
    rain, the car, and no driving line.  You'll have to start braking all the way
    back at the end of the left curve before it, then be very gentle accelerating
    out of it.  It will be very difficult, as I know you'll want to mash the gas to
    get to the goal, especially if you know your time is close.  Trust me, it's
    better to lose and get better at the first half of the race than to try to make
    up time in the last turn.  The gold time is 1:40, and you should be able to get
    in the 1:37's by the time you get good.
    Sector 2- The time for the Gold is 2:24, and I barely got this, but there's
    still plenty of free room, as I messed up 4 or 5 turns on this run and still
    got gold.  Try to come out of the grass at around 30 seconds, get through that
    sharp hairpin that goes right and be accelerating at 1:34, and pass the
    curbstones that mark the end of the uphill right turn at 1:56.  Do this or
    better and the gold will be yours.
    Sector 3- 2:09 is the target time here, and again, there's plenty of room.
    This is actually a bitch to drive, but it's because the car slides the whole
    time, all the time, for 2:09.   Even at the very start, you'll spin out if you
    try to turn while accelerating.  You don't need to brake until you usually do,
    but you can't go full speed through all the corners, either.  Run the same
    lines, though you'll have to brake sooner on almost every turn, and keep it
    slower through the turns.  If you come out of the banked hairpin at 1:07 or
    less, you can barely make gold if you run really well through the second half.
    I've come out at 1:03 before, though, making the second part much easier.
    Sector 4- Okay, this was the hardest challenge of all of the AMG challenges.
    In fact, this is where I learned how to cut the corner at the end, because I
    just couldn't get the first part of this race quickly enough to have a chance.
    So, I'll go with how I did it:  I've seen some videos where people get to the
    last checkpoint about 3 seconds faster than my times, but I just can't seem to
    figure it out...  Anyway, 2:29 is the magic number.  You'll be driving a very
    powerful car, in the rain, on the Nurburgring, with no driving line and no
    checkpoints.  So, we'll make our own, shall we?  First, the best line I've
    found for the first turn is to get all the way up on the curb on the left as
    soon as the challenge starts.  If you get your braking point right, you can
    get around that curve without dropping below 60mph.  Then, use the little dip
    in the road as your braking point for your next left turn, also around 60mph.
    You want to be through that element and taking that little bitty left turn when
    the clock strikes 21 seconds.  Then, take the next set of S curves as a
    straight line- go in the grass if you need to.  You want to be on the left side
    before the pavement drops, and start braking up on the high side of that drop.
    You can slide around that right curve at around 70mph, but be careful
    accelerating because it's easy to spin out.  Go up the hill and take that left
    turn, and you should be in a little straight plateau.  Look at the clock.  Are
    you at 38 seconds or so?  If so, you're on pace.  If you're faster, you might
    not have to be crazy at the end to get the gold.  Now, feather the gas so that
    you stay in 4th gear through the next left, down the hill, and then back to the
    right.  Go as fast as you can through these next S curves, and go in the grass
    if you need to.  You're coming up to the single most hated place for me in all
    of Gran Turismo 5 - this stupid right turn that I always crash into the wall
    on.  You want to brake early and get all the way down to about 80 mph to keep
    from sliding into the wall.   If you can do this, the next left will be
    sharper, but manageable.  When you get control of the car after that left, look
    up at the clock.  If you want to have any chance of golding this, you have to
    be at 1:04 or less.  Your magic number for the next left is about 55mph, and
    use the bank to keep from sliding off the track.  You'll want to start the next
    long right curve by braking until you shift into 3rd gear, hit the little dip
    on the inside of the corner, then try to control the car and get as much speed
    as you can without losing traction.  Come out of that curve, and look for the
    red sign "bridge" over the track.  This is your final "checkpoint," and you
    need to be at 1:37 or less to get a gold in this.   If you want to run the
    final chicanes correctly, I think your max time is 1:34, but as I've said, I
    didn't run the final chicanes correctly.  I mashed the gas all the way until
    about the middle of the third turn, then aimed for the gap across the lawn.  I
    somehow managed to bounce the car off of a few walls and landed on the track,
    in control, at about 2:19.  Then it was just a matter of getting around that
    last right without sliding into the grass, and I got my gold!  One note here,
    which bears repeating:  turn your volume up on this race, so you can hear the
    tires squealing when you're running.  It will help tremendously as you'll be
    tapping the gas more than holding it down.  Good luck!
    Sector 5- The full lap.  This looks almost impossible when you first start.
    1:40, 2:24, 2:09 and 2:29 equals 8:42.  You have 8:30, plus you have to dodge
    cars the whole time.  So, if you get a gold time on all four sectors, you'll
    miss your gold by 12 seconds.  Huh.  Yet, my first run on this, I crashed 3
    times and still got gold by more than 6 seconds.  I really don't know why this
    works out this way, as the settings and car are all the same.  The only thing
    I can figure is that by the time you race all of the sectors, you have a much
    better feel for the car than you did doing each stage individually.  But when
    I go back to each sector, I still barely get gold in each one.  Anyway, enjoy
    the little quirk of physics here, and use it to your advantage to get the
    gold.  I have noticed that all of my extra time comes in the first 3 sectors,
    so if you can get to sector 4 before the clock hits 6:00, you're good to go!
    Congratulations, you have now achieved Gold on all of the AMG challenges!
    +                                                                             +
    +                          -D5) Gran Turismo Rally-                           +
    +                                                                             +
    This event sounds really cool, but after a while you'll probably be fighting
    boredom more than the other cars or the clock.  Getting golds in these events
    is actually probably the easiest of all of the Special Events, but I have a few
    tips before you start.  First, wait until you are Level 16 or higher, and go
    get all Gold in the Sebastian Loeb Rally Challenge Special Event.  You will get
    his car as a prize, and you will want to use this car for the GT Rally event.
    Once you acquire the car, go buy some stuff for it.  Get your Chassis
    Reinforcement, Stage 3 Engine Tuning, and anything else they will let you buy.
    Make sure you buy Dirt, Snow, Sports Soft and Racing Soft tires if you don't
    already have them.  Whatever you do, don't let your HP get above 500 though, as
    there are restrictions for the rally races.  Now, go into the Tuning tab in
    your garage, and go to the Engine section.  You'll see an option called "Power
    Limiter."  Take this all the way down until your HP shows 245.  You're now
    ready to run these races.  
    BEGINNER SERIES - Here's a brief overview of how this rally event works.  The
    layout of the track is random, so turn by turn directions won't help.  You
    won't need any help anyway, as your car is much faster than everyone else.
    You'll get a driving line for this series, but pay attention to the guy
    calling the turns for you.  His numbers (7 left, 2 right, etc.) roughly
    correspond to the gear you need to be in to make the turn.  You will destroy
    everyone on all three tracks, but it's good practice because it gets (a
    little) harder as you go.
    INTERMEDIATE SERIES - First, go into your tuning and go back into your power
    limiter.  Up this value until your HP is 345.  Now you're ready to race the
    next series.  Each race will be 5 stages, the stages are a little longer, and
    you don't get a driving line.  You are still faster than the other cars,
    though, so this helps.  You will probably find yourself misjudging turns at
    first.  When you do, try to crash into the wall with the side or rear of your
    car, as this will avoid the 5 second penalty.  If you drop a stage, don't think
    it's over, as you can make time up usually in the next one.   I always pay
    attention to the course map at the beginning, so I have a general idea of where
    I'm going before the race starts.  In the dirt race, you'll be faster on the
    straight parts, and probably mess up some of the curves, so be extra cautious
    and you'll be fine.  On the snow, you'll actually pass some of the cars, so
    have fun killing everyone there.  On the tarmac, you'll be much faster than
    everyone on the straights, and if you hit the turns well, you'll be faster as
    well.  I even passed the 3rd place car a few times on the longer stages.
    ADVANCED SERIES - Okay, this is slightly more challenging than the other two
    series, and you may actually lose some time in a few stages.  Make sure you
    adjust your power limiter back up to full power before you go in here, and if
    there are any more turbo things or other mods you want to make to the car, go
    for it.  Each one of these is 8 stages, some of which are 3 or 4 minutes long,
    so plan on spending 30-45 minutes playing each one.  Also, there are straight
    sections and curvy sections, which are generated randomly every time you load
    the race.  If you're better at one type, and lose the first time, try again
    and you may just get more of your favorite kind of stages the next time you
    load it.  The dirt race is a little challenging, but you are still the faster
    car.  The course is tight, though, and your navigator doesn't seem to get the
    turns right, so you usually want to brake to at least one gear below where he
    tells you to.  So, if he says "4 right," get down to 3rd gear to take the
    turn.  If you can keep from sliding too bad, you'll still pick up about 2
    seconds on the straight stages, and lose maybe 1 or 2 seconds on each curvy
    one.  The snow race is a joke: I'm not even going to cover it here.  Now to the
    tarmac:  I thought this was the hardest of the bunch, and I seem to remember
    playing it 6 or 7 times before I finally won it.  However, I think I also had
    the default tires, because I'm playing it right now and winning every stage by
    8 or 9 full seconds!  Moral of the story:  spend the 36,000 credits, buy some
    Racing Soft tires, save 3 hours of gaming.  Next!
    +                                                                             +
    +                        -D6) Gran Turismo World Tour-                        +
    +                                                                             +
    Event 1- Eigar Norwand:  It seems like everyone has one race, or one challenge,
    that they just can't get the gold no matter what.  This is mine.  I hate this
    race with a passion, and it was the last Gold I got in both playthroughs.
    Total time:  over 10 hours.  Total f-bombs dropped:  at least 456.  I have
    tried every driving option, every technique, and seen every video there is to
    see, and I still don't know how to get this consistently.  SO, I might be the
    wrong person to ask for advice on this horrible, horrible race.  Ugh.  With
    that said, here's how to get a gold on this:
    First, put the kids to bed and get some coffee or Mountain Dew or something.
    You're going to be here for a while.  The race is only 1:17 or less if you get
    the Gold, but plan on spending at least 3 hours running that same 1:17.   The
    car slides everywhere like the track is made from banana peels, the curves
    don't allow you to get any speed at all in between them, and feathering the gas
    usually results in slowing you down.  "Just turn up the Traction Control," you
    say?  Well, good luck with that.  The Gold time is set so tight that any
    adjustments to the assists will slow you down enough to keep you from getting
    the gold, even if you run a perfect lap.  Trust me, I've run over 50 of them
    with TC set at 7 instead of 5, and they're all about .300 over.  You can try
    it if you want, at least it will help you get your lines right, but when I got
    the Golds, I got them with the default (TC=5, ABS=1).  Here's what to look
    The race is divided into three segments, with two checkpoints.  I strongly
    advise using different checkpoints for yourself though, as looking up to see
    your split time usually results in a bad line on the next curve.  The first
    checkpoint is at the bottom of the hill, at the far end of the bridge, and if
    you hit it at 35.4 or less, you still have a chance at the Gold.  I've done
    this in as little as 35.1, but my Gold time was a 35.443.   However, I suggest
    you get used to looking up right at the BEGINNING of the bridge, and if you
    see 33 turning into 34, you're in good shape.  The reason is that you actually
    have time to look at the clock while you're crossing the bridge, but not so
    much once you get over.  The second checkpoint is coming out of the tunnel,
    and a good time for this one is 57.7 or less.  If you can consistently come
    out of the tunnel at or below that, you only have 20 seconds of hell before
    you get the Gold!  Again, I suggest looking at your time right as you go INTO
    the tunnel, and if you see something in the low 50's, or even a 49, you're
    doing well enough to get a gold.  
    Turn By Turn Walkthrough- Mash the gas as soon as the race starts and get the
    car straight, as you'll be airborne in about 6 seconds.  While you're in the
    air, you should see the clock tick over to 7.  Line it up on the left side of
    the road.  Just before the mailbox on the left (or whatever that thing is),
    smash the brakes all the way down to 40, then get into your first sharp right
    while coasting down to about 36.  As soon as you hit the apex, hit the gas for
    about 1/4 second, then right back on the brakes as you cut into the sharp
    left.  I've kept this right around 30mph, sometimes lower, sometimes a little
    higher if I get a better line.  Now, start feathering the gas until your car
    is straight, then mash the gas and get to the left.  You should have time to
    look up and see the clock tick over to 21 right as your car is getting
    straight.  Now you're going to go right again, and you can lose a lot of time
    here if you don't get it right.  I've done it two ways with success:  I've
    stuck to the driving line and dropped to about 34mph, and I've caught the
    grass on the left and spun through at about 36.  Either way, make sure you
    don't hit the gas too early, as the Wall of Doom waits for you if you do.  If
    you get lined up well, you'll have time to hit the gas just a bit before
    braking for the next left.  The camber on this corner holds you well, so if
    you can get in deep, you only need to brake to about 40mph for this.  Okay,
    that was obnoxious, huh?  Ready to go fast?  Okay, ready, MASH THE GAS!  The
    little right turn should be taken while accelerating fully, and you can even
    get the right tires on the grass if you need to.  You want to hit the front
    of the bridge at just under 34 seconds if you can, which will give you a
    split time of 35.1-35.4.  I've found that looking up at that split ruins me
    for the next curve though, so maybe just focus on the road and hope you did
    OK.   The next section is only 1 curve, but it's a big one, and it was really
    hard for me to hit this consistently.  When I got it right, I did it by
    keeping my left wheels on the line and hitting the brakes hard just a little
    past where the line turned red.  I did not steer while doing this, and I
    looked at my speed until it was down in the 70's, then let off the brake and
    turned.  This took me out wide, and dropped me to about 64mph before I could
    get back on the gas.  Even when I did, I had to be gentle with it, as any
    overuse of the gas pedal puts the back end out something awful.  I mostly
    contented myself with staying between 60 and 64.  About 3/4 of the way around
    the curve, there's a rock formation that was my target to really accelerate
    again, but even then I was very gentle until I was sure my tires were with
    me.  Then I'd look up as I was heading into the tunnel to check my time.  If
    you see a 51 as you go into the tunnel, YOU WILL NOT GET GOLD.  You've got
    to get this at least into the 50's, preferably 49 (though I only had a 49 a
    handful of times), or you're toast for the final section.  Don't quit yet,
    though, as practice on the final section is more important than the first
    two.  Nothing sucks more than finally getting a low time on the first two
    parts, then bombing the third because you've been resetting at the tunnel
    for an hour and forgot how to do the third part.  Trust me, I speak from
    But I digress.  The next right turn is the most critical turn in this race,
    and is the reason I owe my wife 50 bucks for another controller.  Get all
    the way over on the left coming out of the tunnel, but don't get in the
    grass.  If you do, you'll slide too far and DQ yourself.  Now, right before
    you see the line turn to red, let off the gas and turn hard right.  Do NOT
    brake.  You should start to slide, which is great.  Use your gas pedal to
    line your car up with the apex of that right turn, so that you come in as
    close as you can without hitting the fence.  As soon as you hit that turn,
    you want to immediately go hard left, and start feathering the gas again.
    If you can hit the first part of this turn without dropping below 88mph
    (hmmm, any Back to the Future fans out there?), you've done remarkably well.
    If you can keep the car under control at this speed as you lose traction
    from the dip in the road, you've done even better.  If you hit the second
    turn at 100mph or more, you might just get the gold.  The best thing to hear
    is the car shifting into 4th again just before that left turn.  If you don't
    do all of these things, you will lose almost a full second on your gold
    time.  So, if you are struggling to get below 1:18, your time is probably
    being lost right there.
    But I digress.  Again.  I really hate this race. So let's say you get
    through all that, and you're almost finished.  That is actually true, you
    only have one more thing to do:  it's really 4 curves, but the approach is
    the only thing that matters.  Get right on the driving line, and mash the
    brakes about 1/2 car length before the red line touches the little grass part
    sticking out.  Get your left tires in the grass, then cut as close as you can
    to the right and ACCELERATE.  Only do it for a second, but the hill there is
    going to try to push you wide, and you need to get your car lined up for the
    end.  As you finish sliding up there, hopefully you'll be pointed right at
    the finish line, so hit the gas as hard as you can and go for it!
    Event 2 - Monza Circuit 2 Lap Battle - There's really not much to write for
    this race.  Even an average driver will win this by 10 seconds, because the
    Scudera handles so well and the track lets you hit the walls, the grass, and
    the other cars without disqualifying you.  If you brake late and smoothly into
    the first chicane, you can actually be in first coming out of it.  The second
    chicane you don't even have to tackle:  just slow down to about 110mph, cut
    left into the grass, and line up with the far side of the turn, and you'll get
    through there 3 seconds faster than the other cars.  You probably won't even
    see them in your rearview after that, so take a deep breath, run
    conservatively, and enjoy your break, because you'll be sliding all over the
    track again in about 4 minutes...
    Event 3 - Tuscan Night Race:   Get ready to slide all over the track again.
    This race is a piece of cake if you just want the bronze and on to your next
    race.  If you want gold, however, you'll have to drive almost perfectly for
    about 3 straight minutes, with a car that's anything but easy to handle.  The
    track itself has lots of curves and elevation changes, so you almost have to
    memorize every single section before you can gold this, then you have to run
    an almost perfect lap to execute everything you know.  The guy in front runs
    2:49.222 or so if you don't challenge him, but if you get behind him in time,
    you can bump him over and get gold with a lap somewhere around 2:52 or 2:53.
    It's catching up to him that's the problem, so lets get started on how to do
    it.  On your first turn, stay to the right of the track until the break in the
    shadows, then tap your brakes and turn.  You should drift right through the
    apex and be able to accelerate out of the curve.  Look up at the clock, and
    you should be shifting back into 3rd before the clock hits 13 seconds.  Now
    brake late for the next right turn, and look up at your checkpoint.  You
    should be behind by 18.6-18.9 seconds if you want to win this.  Get lined up
    again, and get ready for a nasty little right turn that drops downhill and
    wants to push you into the outside wall.  Start braking early and try to cut
    as far inside as you can, and you'll be right behind the 5th place car.  If
    you're fast enough, you can get him on the inside before he starts the next
    left turn.  This should be right around the 38 second mark, but you probably
    won't have time to look at the clock.  Next, you're going to hit another
    nasty right turn on the top of the hill.  If you're on the right pace, you'll
    pass the 4th place car on the inside here, as you gently go over that hill,
    and come out with a relatively straight section to the next checkpoint.  Your
    time at this point should be around 55 seconds, and you should be just under
    14 seconds behind first place.  This next section is usually where I ruin my
    whole race, as you have to go way slower than the driving line tells you to.
    After that 55 second checkpoint, you want to be at the sharp downhill left at
    1:03.  Stay off the gas until the very end of this curve, then try to
    straighten out the curves in the next section as much as possible.  You'll
    come to a left turn going uphill, and try not to get too heavy with the gas
    or you'll crash right before the checkpoint.  You should be in 3rd place at
    this next checkpoint, but if you're right behind that car you can still get
    gold.  Just draft him on the straight to make up your lost time, and get
    ready for a hell of a fun turn.  You have to brake from almost full speed to
    almost a dead stop, and you'll be doing it all the way through some S-curves.
    Sound like fun?  Well, it isn't.  Just try to keep the car as straight as you
    can while braking, then get up into that 2nd place Ferrari right on the sharp
    right curve at the end of your braking.  The next section is critical if you
    want to catch the last car, but almost impossible to describe, so I'll let
    you work it out for yourself.  It's not hard, it's just that the driving line
    apparently thinks you can go way faster than you really can, so you have to
    be cautious but smooth.  You'll face another uphill left turn that you want
    to be very careful with, followed by the last checkpoint.  Here's what you
    need to see when you hit that marker:  first, you should be 6 seconds behind
    at the absolute maximum.  4.5 is better.  Second, you should see the
    silhouette of the first place car up on the horizon ahead of you.  If you're
    closer to 4 seconds behind, run the rest of the way like the line tells you
    to, and you'll catch him at the end.  If you're closer to 6 seconds behind,
    you'll have to be a little more aggressive.  Take the next 4 turns as 2 sets
    of 2, and try to powerslide straight through them.  You can do this much
    quicker than the car in front of you, but you'll probably crash 50 percent of
    the time.  But, you're already gonna lose, why not take the risk?  If you
    nail these 4 turns, you'll come right up on Mr. Number 1 on the very last
    turn before the end.  Get the nose of your car to the inside of him, then use
    him as an extra wall and push him the hell out of the way.  Do this
    correctly, and you'll finally get the gold.  Don't be surprised, though, if
    this all takes you a few hours- It's not an easy race by any means.
    Event 4 - Rally at Toscana:  This race is on dirt, but you actually have a
    pretty decent rally car, and by now I'm sure you know how to drift.  In
    addition, the gold time is fairly lenient, as my run was far from perfect
    and I was .500 under the 1:54 that you need.  I'll give you a sketch of this
    run, so that you know what you're shooting for.  The actual turns, though,
    can be taken at many different angles, so it's really up to you how you
    accomplish each section.  First, know that there is an invisible barrier
    around each side of the track.  You'll have to learn where it is, because
    you want to get in the grass as much as possible on the turns without
    hitting the barrier.  You can take the first slow right at over 70mph, the
    second sharp left at over 45mph, and be in the little dip before your long
    right turn with 19seconds gone by.  After that, cut the long corner by going
    in the grass and staying above 60mph at least, and you should hit your first
    checkpoint at around 38.1 seconds.  Slow WAY down for this next right:  if
    you don't, the car will slide to a stop for you.  Cut that corner, cut the
    corner going right, and try to get up the hill to the left while staying over
    50mph.  Slam on your brakes and go wide before you turn on the hairpin right,
    and you'll want to over-turn just a little so you're lined up with the grass
    when you stop.  If you do, you can cut into the grass and clear this turn by
    about 1:09.  Then, get left and powerslide through the S-Curve, finishing your
    second section at 1:24 or less.  Jump, then jump, then powerslide around the
    left turn at about 80mph, and make sure you're straight because you're going
    to jump right in the middle of that curve.  Get slow again and handle the last
    corner the best you can, and you can accelerate right out of that and to the
    Event 5: Rome Street Battle:  This is almost ridiculous.  Given the extreme
    difficulty of three of these races, it's almost insulting to have something as
    easy as this and Monza in this series.  But, I like easy races, so I'm mostly
    just a happy fella after this one.  You'll be in 3rd by the first sharp right,
    and 1st by the second sharp right.  That's it.  Go get your gold.
    +                                                                             +
    +                    -D7) Sebastian Loeb Rally Challenge-                     +
    +                                                                             +
    SEBASTIAN LOEB RALLY CHALLENGE:  There are 3 races in this event: one on dirt,
    one on pavement, and one in snow.  If you have played the game on your own, you
    are probably already comfortable with each of these, from the license test and
    the other rally event.  If you took my advice, however, then you have not
    played the other rally event and this is your first time on some of these
    tracks.  I'll pretend like this is the case.  The point is, if you get gold in
    these 3 races, you will win a car that will easily win you the other 9 rally
    races in the other Special Event, so let's get to it.
    Event 1- Tuscany:  There is a race in the GT World Tour that is on the same
    track, in the same conditions, but you use the Ford Focus rally car, and you
    have to get it in 1:54 instead of 1:58.2.  It's about 3 paragraphs above this
    one.  Do you see it up there?  Good, because I'm not going to copy and paste it
    down here.  This car is a little tighter in steering, but is fully capable of
    matching the Focus on every turn, so just use that description up there and
    pick which sections you want to lose your 4 seconds in.  Good Luck!
    Event 2- Eigar Norwand Full Course: Oh, Eigar, you glorious bastard of a
    course!  Your biggest danger is disqualifying yourself, but at least this time
    you have a car that's built for the terrain.  Caution is more important than
    speed on this course, and if you finish at all, you'll probably finish with a
    pretty good lap.  You need 4:08.900 to get your gold.  I'll dispense with the
    turn-by-turn, as there are too many and most are all about feeling.  Just try
    to get through the first 10 seconds without disqualifying yourself.  Be
    careful around the railroad tracks, as well, and get to the first checkpoint
    in under 40 seconds.  The second area is all about speed, with those few
    obnoxious turns thrown in to keep you off balance.  Get to the next checkpoint
    in under 1:29, and you'll be OK.  Now, you have to pick your way down the hill
    without hitting the walls.  Have fun with that.  I've found that 3rd gear is
    the best for the first part, then alternating between 2nd and 3rd for the
    second part.  Slide to a stop at the bottom, then get to the next checkpoint
    in under 2:25.  Now, you have to pick your way back up the hill.  Be prepared
    to lose a lot of speed as you're doing this, sometimes you'll be down to 10 or
    11mph.  It's obnoxious, but try to keep as much speed as you can.  If you do
    this last part well, you'll hit the next checkpoint at 3:43 or less, which is
    what you will need to finish with a gold.  If you are having trouble on the
    last technical section (2:25-3:43), you can make up a few seconds by getting
    better at the first two.  So, say you're stuck at 4:11.  Just work on section
    1 until you can get it down to 37 seconds or so, then run your normal run.
    There is extra time in each section, so you decide which one works best for
    you.  Mine was section 3:  I got lucky once and managed to careen down that
    hill without disqualifying myself, and ended with a time that was something
    stupid like 2:19.  Then, it was easy to finish with gold even though I sucked
    at the last part...
    Event 3:  Chamonix Main - 4:16.500.  I think whoever was deciding the times
    for the snow races was either not very good at snow, or they were going to
    put something in that made it harder, then forgot to do it.  Point is, this
    is so easy you can actually pass Sebastian and get under the gold time by 6
    or 7 seconds if you run well.  There are a few nasty turns that will
    disqualify you if you don't slow way down:  the first is right at the 1
    minute mark, the second is right before the 2 minute mark, right after the
    second checkpoint.  With that said, don't try anything heroic here:  a good,
    solid run is plenty good enough.  If you miss the gold time, just try again
    and be a little more aggressive.  I'll give you some split times so you know
    about how fast to go:  1:01, 1:53, 3:31 are all perfectly fine, and will
    still land you 4 seconds in front, so even slower times will still get you a
    gold here.
    +                                                                             +
    +                  -D8) Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Challenge-                  +
    +                                                                             +
    Well, here it is.  We finally made it to the ultimate in racing challenges.
    Ready, Set, CHEAT!  Seriously, I mean it.  If you are using a DualShock
    controller, there is a delay in the response between when you tell the car to
    do something and when it actually does it.  To my knowledge, that makes it
    impossible to do this challenge with gold medal times.  You might be able to
    get Monza, but the other two are ridiculous.  I'm sure it's possible, but after
    13 hours at the Nurburgring with not even a silver, my 600 hours of experience
    with this game are apparently inadequate to accomplish this task.  If you have
    a driving wheel, or want to go buy one, you can probably do this challenge, as
    every video I've seen on the web has been with a wheel.  If not, you can try to
    nail these, but I cannot tell you how to do it, as I never have.
    Have no fear, your Platinum Trophy is not totally lost!  There is a glitch in
    an earlier version of the game that will allow you to get these gold medals and
    your Platinum trophy.  If you want to use it, I'll tell you how below.  If you
    don't that's fine too, but I can't really help you get the golds in these
    races.  Okay, let's begin.
    GLITCHING THE GAME:  First, make sure your disc is a version of GT5 that does
    not have updates installed with it.  There are some editions, like the XL and
    the Academy version that have updates pre-installed, which will make this
    impossible.  If you do not have an earlier version, borrow it from a friend,
    rent it from the video store (they still have those, don't they?), get it from
    gamefly, or buy it used from GameStop or Ebay.  You can't glitch the game
    without an earlier version, so don't try.  Next, go into your dealership and
    buy a PDI Racing Kart from the Gran Turismo dealership.  Equip it.  I don't
    care if you already own one (or 814), you need it to be at the top of your
    Premium Car list, and the one you're "currently" using.  Next, make sure your
    background color and picture are one of the original ones from the game.  If
    you read page 1 of this guide, this shouldn't be a problem, but if you're
    just joining me now, you want one of the first 10 colors as your background
    color, and the picture with the sunset as your picture.  Also, if you have any
    helmets or racing suits equipped that are not the original gray ones, reset
    those as well.  All of these accessories and some of the premium cars came
    with later versions of the game, and if you have one equipped when you
    downgrade, your game will wig out and you'll have to start all over, so make
    sure these are right before you start hacking.  Okay, now it's time to have
    some fun.  Take your CD out of your PS3 and set it aside.  Go into the GAME
    DATA UTILITY of your PS3 Game Menu.  Do NOT go into the Saved Data Utility!
    I repeat.  Do NOT delete your Saved Data, only your GAME Data!  This will
    only erase tracks you've made, pictures you've taken, and friends you have,
    it will not mess with your gold medals, car inventory, or best times.
    Remember:  GAME DATA, not SAVED DATA.  Okay, sorry about the shouting, but
    I'm freaked out at the thought of being responsible for someone losing 200 or
    300 hours of work because I gave them the wrong instructions.  Ah, well, one
    has to move on some time.  In your Game Data list, you'll find a listing for
    Gran Turismo 5.  Delete it.  Now, stick your CD back in and start the game.
    It will act like you just started the game again, and tell you that you need
    to upgrade your software.  Select yes.  Now, if you have the original
    version of the game, you have to watch this carefully: you're looking for the
    7th update, which should be 62MB.  You'll get 605MB, 301MB, 47MB, 1763KB,
    48MB, 380MB, and then 62MB.  As soon as this 7th one starts, CANCEL the
    download.  I think it's the circle button.  If you go into your game data, it
    should say version 1.10, but you'll find out soon enough if you have the
    right one.  Now, any time the game asks you to update, hit the circle button
    and cancel.  Any time it asks you to sign in to the PS3 network, select "No."
    You should be able to get in and race with the same levels you had before.
    Can you do it?  Great! Let's "race."
    RUNNING THE RACES:  First, let me say that even when you're cheating, this
    challenge is not easy.  My first time through it took me about 5 or 6 hours
    just to gold these three events, and that was after I finally got it set up.
    You are going to have to get through the wall on each of these races, which
    will take some time.  You'll have to do it without hitting anything too hard,
    and without running off the track.  You'll have to do it relatively quickly,
    because you still have to finish the race in time.  If you go "off" track
    (away from the white lines) for more than 5 seconds, the game will stick you
    right back where you started, and you'll lose.  Also, you'll be driving blind,
    and it's really hard to get your bearings because the track map flips around
    uncontrollably.   With this in mind, I will do something that I rarely do in
    a guide:  refer you to YouTube.  GSD808 has a video for each of these tracks
    that shows you what a good run looks like, and I can't begin to describe what
    he's doing in those videos.  Just watch them a lot, try to repeat what he
    does, and eventually you'll be done.  I'll list a few track-specific tips
    that I think will help, but those videos are what got me through.
    Event 1- The Nurburgring:  Get around the hairpin and the big, sweeping left
    and get to the first checkpoint.  Right after that, you'll see some cones on
    the right.  Slow way down and get in between those cones.  Pull in parallel
    to the wall and back up slowly to the little corner barrier there.  You want
    to be slightly angled when you do this.  Then, mash reverse and you'll bounce
    around a bit and eventually get through the wall.  GSD does this in about 55
    seconds, but you can still get gold if you're under 1:15.  Now, back up and
    turn around, and you'll be under the track going backwards.  If you look up
    on your track map, you'll see a sharp left in the other side of the track.
    Go over there, then sweep around right to the top of the "keyhole."  You want
    to go right across that and back onto the original starting straight.  Turn
    left, and you'll be right by the starting line, going backwards.  You need to
    make a U-Turn right around the starting line, so you cross it going forwards.
    If you do this right, you'll hear a little "tink" right as you make your
    turn, followed by another "tink" as you cross the line, and your first lap
    will be recorded.  His was 1:23, but 1:43 or so is fine.  Now, go straight
    down the starting stretch, turn right and line up with that little left turn
    on the other side of the track again.  Spin back around the top of the
    keyhole and head straight for the beginning stretch again.  Make your turn
    after the starting line, get your first "tink," then finish the race.  He
    does it in 1:47, but as long as you're under 2:08, both laps will be
    recorded and you'll get the gold.
    Event 2- Monza:  This is the one that took me all night, because it's really
    hard to get through the wall, the time is really tight, and the track loves
    to get in your way.  You'll see what I mean when you try it, but GSD makes
    it look much easier than it is.  The hole in the wall is right at the start.
    Just go out of the pit, stop, and back up to your right.  It's really hard
    to get through the wall in enough time, so I suggest you practice that 10 or
    20 times before trying to actually drive on this one.  I think the most
    time you can take to be through the wall is only about 39 seconds or so, so
    get good at that first.  Then, you have to get around the track without
    crashing, coming back on course, or staying too far off the line for too
    long.  Go straight down the lane between the track and the grass, then turn
    a little right before you go under the chicane.  Stay right under the track
    until you cross the next checkpoint.  You should hear a "tink" when you hit
    it.  After a while, you can actually use the track as a guide, instead of
    the map.  Once you hit that checkpoint, you'll come to the second chicane.
    You want to make a long, sweeping right turn that puts you right NEXT TO the
    other side of the track.  Don't go right under the track, as you'll come out
    and crash.  Don't get too far away from the track, or you'll get reset.
    It's really hard to line this up right while you're going blind at 200mph,
    but eventually you will get the hang of it.  Now, go down that stretch about
    4 or 5 seconds, and turn right.  You're aiming for the first chicane again,
    and you'll need to get there in less than 5 seconds.  As soon as you get
    there, slam on your brakes and turn left.  You'll be on the starting stretch
    again, going backwards.  Again, you want to stay just to the right of the
    track, between it and the stands.  As soon as you get past the finish line,
    do a U-turn.  You'll have to go right first, then left, and you have to be
    back by the track in less than 5 seconds.  You'll hear the now familiar
    "double tink" of success, and your first lap will be in the books.  It has
    to be 1:25 or less.  Now, haul ass back up the starting stretch, skip the
    chicane, and follow the same line for your second lap.  That was the
    hardest one of the bunch, so if you're not totally strung out and ready for
    bed, why not try Suzuka?
    Event 3- Suzuka:  I thought I was in for another sleepless night of
    glitching, but this one only took about 5 minutes.  Just go out the pit,
    turn around, and look for the cement leading off the track on the right.
    You can go through this one forwards instead of backwards, and once you do,
    you have plenty of time to finish.  Just go up the stands a little, turn
    left, and get over by the big sweeping curve over there.  Make a loop right
    next to it, then circle back to the original starting line, but ahead of
    the start.  Cross the track, swoop around left, and you'll get your "double
    tink" You can do this in under 1 minute if your line is right, and each
    consecutive loop only takes about 12 seconds.  So, you can mess this up 5
    or 6 times and still have two recorded laps in less than 2:10.  Sure beats
    racing for the gold, huh?
    AFTER YOU'RE DONE:  So, you got your three gold medals, and all of your
    money.  Now what?  Well, get back to the main home page and save your game.
    It should auto save as well, but I saved again just to make sure.  Then,
    exit the game and start again.  When it asks if you want to upgrade, go
    ahead and download the rest of them, and install your 8GB of data again,
    and you should be good to go! 
    ++                                                                           ++
    ++                        -SECTION E:  PS3 TROPHIES-                         ++
    ++                                                                           ++
    There are 59 PS3 trophies, including the Platinum.  Getting them all is
    probably the hardest of any of the games I've played for the PS3.  Some are
    near impossible, some you'll get without knowing you did them, and some are
    just plain boring.   Here they are, in order, and what it takes to get them.  A
    note on order- I suggest playing most or all of the game before trying
    specifically for these trophies, as you'll get a good portion by accident while
    doing your other races.
    +                                                                             +
    +             -E1) Trophies 1-28, Stuff You'll Get Automatically-             +
    +                                                                             +
    1)  Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy- Just get all of the other 58 Trophies, and
    this will be yours.
    2)  Gold Standard- By far the hardest one to get, and this will take probably
    95% of the time you play the game.  To earn this, you must get gold in all
    A-Spec and B-Spec events, all License tests, and all Special Events.  Yes,
    this includes the Red Bull Challenge.  There are 372 total.
    3)  Excellent Driver- Reach A-Spec Level 40.  You will have to do this to get
    gold in the Nurburgring Endurance anyway, so this won't be hard.
    4)  Expert Manager- Reach B-Spec Level 40.  Again, you need to get to this
    Level for the final B-Spec race anyway, so don't worry about it.  Incidentally,
    this is the highest level you can get, and all those experience points you
    earn from the last race are wasted.  Why couldn't they have given me those
    BEFORE the race?
    5)  Finale- Reach the ending movie- I'm not sure why they call this the
    "Ending" movie, because it shows after you beat the Gran Turismo World
    Championship event in the Professional Series.  At this point, by time spent,
    at least, you are less than 10% finished with this game.
    6)  Grand Finale- Reach the long version of the ending movie- Same thing-
    Beat the Dream Car Championship (Lvl 24) in the Extreme Series and this will
    all happen while you watch happily.  If you've been really diligent about
    License Tests and Special Events, you MAY be 50% done with this game at this
    7-12) ________ Series Complete- These six correspond to each level in the
    A-Spec and B-Spec races (Beginner-Endurance).  You only need Bronze in each
    of the events to get the trophy, and you only need them in EITHER A-Spec OR
    B-Spec.  If you're going for Platinum, you need Gold in everything, though,
    so you'll pick these up on the way.
    13-18) ________ License- These six correspond to each level of the License
    Tests.  Again, you only need Bronze to get the trophy, and you'll need Gold
    to get the Platinum.
    19-26) ________ Special Event- These eight correspond to each special event.
    Same deal as above- you only need Bronze for these trophies, but you'll
    need Gold to get the Platinum.
    27) Win Number One- Win your first A-Spec race.  Umm, I hope you have this
    28)  The Right Direction- Win your first B-Spec race.  Again, I hope you have
    this already.
    +                                                                             +
    +              -E2) Trophies 28-32, Playing With the Options-                 +
    +                                                                             +
    29)  Proud Owner- Okay, this is the first trophy that you have to actually DO
    something for the sake of the trophy.  It's easy, though.  Under GT Mode,
    where you select A-Spec, B-Spec, etc., you'll see an icon in the bottom right
    corner, just under the tuning shop, that says "Photo Travel."  First, make
    sure your current car is a Premium car.  Any one will do.  Then, select Photo
    Travel.  Pick any location.  Then, pick any camera location, and any car
    location. Hit "X" twice to take the picture, or move it around if you care
    what your picture looks like.  "X" again will save it to your photo album.
    Now, go back to the GT home menu, and right below "Items" (the circular icon),
    you'll see "Photo Album."  Select your photo, hit "X," and some options will
    come up.  The second one is "Share."  Select this, and you're done!
    30)  Course Designer- If you just did the photo one above, this is very
    similar.  You have to go all the way back out to the original menu, where you
    select GT Mode, Arcade Mode, etc.  The third option is "Course Maker."  I'm
    sure you can figure out how to make a course, so when you get it done, save
    it.  To share it, go back into your GT Home page, where there are 8 circular
    icons.  The bottom right one is "Course List."  Select it, then select "Share
    With Friends."  Trophy, done.
    31)  Loony Tune- Spend an "insane" amount of money tuning a car.  Okay, the
    language is a little weird here.  Apparently "insane" is 500,000 credits.
    Apparently "a car" is all cars that you buy parts for, total.  In other
    words, if you spend 500,000 credits at the tuning shop TOTAL, you will get
    this trophy.  I can't see how you wouldn't get this, but if you're done with
    everything else and still don't have it, tune some cars until you've spent
    the required money.  Again, it doesn't have to be ONE car.
    32)  Race Ready- Perform racing modifications on one of your cars. When you
    go to GT Auto, the farthest option on the right is "Racing Modifications."
    You have probably already tried to select this like 50 times, and each time
    it says your car can't get them.  Well, that's OK.  There are only 17 cars
    that you can do this with, and I'm not going to list them all here.  You
    only need one, and you're in luck, because one of them is a Prize Car!  It
    is the Honda CIVIC Type R EK '97, and it can be won in the B-Spec FF
    Challenge in the Beginner Series.  Select that car, go into GT Auto, and
    spend 110,000 credits, and this trophy will be yours!
    +                                                                             +
    +                          -E3) Trophy 33, Drifting                           +
    +                                                                             +
    33)  Dream Drifter- Get 10,000 points or more in a Sector Mode Drift Trial-
    Okay, this is the first one that actually requires a walkthrough.  Go to
    "Arcade Mode" in the first screen you come to when you load the game.  The
    third option is "Drift Trial."  Now, pick a course.  I suggest going to Dirt
    and Snow, and selecting "Chamonix-Main" (the second track).  Now, select a
    vehicle.  Select the Ford Focus WRC 07 '08.  Then, make sure it says "Sector
    Mode" in the options screen, leave everything at the default, and start the
    race.  Before we go sector by sector, here's a little basic information about
    drifting.  Drifting is all about getting your car going in a different
    direction from where it's pointed.  It's great for getting faster times around
    corners, but don't confuse it with "sliding," where your car is losing
    momentum.  Basically, you want to point the car at a 45 degree angle to the
    direction of the course, and keep it there as long as you can.  Points will
    tally based on how many feet you drift, and how close the angle is to
    "perfect."  You are NOT timed for these challenges, so you want to go at a
    smooth, steady pace through each corner.  Now, for the actual race.  There
    are 5 sectors, and your points will tally as you drift.  If you hit the wall
    with your nose, or get the car backwards, you will lose all your points and
    start back at zero.  Once you complete a sector, those points will be
    "banked," and you'll have a few hundred yards to get lined up for the next
    sector.  This means that you can come in to the end of a sector, crash, and
    keep all your points.  Now, for the walkthrough.  The target scores for each
    sector are 6,000-1500-500-500-1500, totaling 10,000.  If you take all my
    best scores and add them up, they're more than 14,000, but it took me over an
    hour to put together a total run that was above 10k.  Here's how I did it:
    You start by going down a long straightaway.  Hit your brakes as soon as the
    driving line tells you to, crank the stick to the right as soon as sector one
    starts, and use accelerator control to slide around the first corner.  You
    can even get 3 of your 4 tires up on the bank, but stay on the inside and
    you'll be over 2,000 after that first turn.  Then, get down to about 45mph,
    crank the stick left, and start this long left hander.  There's a straight
    spot in the middle of that turn, it's just enough to mess up your drift, so
    get it straight and start another.  You'll immediately come out and be
    turning right, but you probably don't have enough speed to get around it well.
    So, keep left a little after that turn, then turn right late, and you should
    drift right into the end of Section 1, score just over 5,000, and promptly
    crash into the wall.  Good job.  Once you can do this every time, you're not
    far from getting this trophy.
    Sector two is another good opportunity to score, as it's a pretty smooth
    right turn.  You will have a tendency to lose speed, though, and crash on the
    inside at the end, so keep your speed up.  This will get you about 1100
    points if you're good.  When you come out of this, start fishtailing
    (swerving from side to side and hitting the gas) until you cross the ending
    flag.  You should be around 1500 for this stage, and 6500 for the total.
    Don't hit the side of the track, though, or you'll lose your original 1100
    as well.
    Sector three is different than the first two.  You need to come in with your
    foot on the gas, at at least 65mph.  Try to get the car into your slide, and
    then ease off a bit and you'll pick up anywhere from 300-700 in this stage.
    Same with Sector 4.  They're both short, both with gradual turns, and it's
    easy to get impatient and crash into the wall.  Either way, you'll need about
    1,000 points combined from these two sections to have any prayer at the end.
    Sector 5 is my favorite section, and I always seem to get 1800-2000 on this
    section.  You have a good long run up, then you have to brake right before
    the start of the sector.  Get down to about 65mph, then get right and
    feather the gas all the way through the long first curve.  Your goal is to
    get the right two tires up on the bank and keep the left two tires on the 
    course.  If you do this, you'll come out with about 1,000 points.  Then, I
    mash the gas and go left until I'm about to hit the left wall, giving me
    another 300 points.  I go back right for 300 more, and then get left and
    aim right for the end of the course.  I crash into the left wall right at
    the finish line with a score somewhere just over 2,000, totaling 10,000 for
    the day!
    Of course, your results may vary.  You can get up to 6500 or so if you
    practice that first section, making the rest pretty easy.  You can get
    better at fishtailing than I am, and come up with 1,000 points in each of
    Sectors 3 and 4.  Either way, there's room to play, and if you're patient
    and learn how to drift this car, you'll get there within an hour or so.
    +                                                                             +
    +                 -E4) Trophies 34-37, Annoying Things To Do-                 +
    +                                                                             +
    34)  Data Analyst- Analyze your performance using the Data Logger.  Okay, so
    the data logger sounds like a great idea, but I only ever used it once, to get
    this trophy.  Just go into Arcade Mode, Pick Time Trial, use any track and any
    car.  Run two laps or more.  When the race ends, there will be a list of
    options, going from "Start" to "Exit."  The fourth one is called "Data Logger."
    Select this. All kinds of graphs, stats and numbers will pop up, including a
    replay of your best lap.  That's all you have to do, just mess around in there
    for a second, exit out, and enjoy your trophy.
    On a side note, I just want to point out how I feel that Polyphony missed the
    mark with this feature.  It is UNAVAILABLE in actual racing, license tests, or
    special events, and I would use the HELL out of this to give you all precise
    walkthroughs of the harder levels. Ugh, how frustrating!  Anyway, let's get on
    to some music.
    35)  Driving Music- Use the Personal BGM function, and go for a drive
    listening to your favorite songs.  Another trophy that sounds great, but turns
    out to be a little disappointing.  There are two parts to this: getting music
    onto your PS3, and using that music in your game.  Part One:  If you can
    download music through your PS3, you probably already have a playlist.  If
    not, you can put any MP3 song on a USB drive and load it onto your PS3 by
    plugging it in.  I think you can get music on there by sticking a CD in as
    well, then just go under the music tab and download it.  I think if you try
    Itunes it will throw a copyright block up at you, so be aware of that.  Once
    you have music on the PS3, create a playlist, call it whatever you want, and
    load the game again.  You only need one song in your playlist to get the
    trophy.  Now, once you've started GT5 again, select the "Options" tab from
    either the main screen or the GT Home screen.  In the GT Home screen, it's on
    the left under "My Home Settings."  The second option down is Hardware, then
    the 4th option over is "Audio."  Go down to "Personal BGM (Race)."  Open the
    music folder, pick your songs, then exit.  Make sure you check the "Use
    Personal BGM" box, and you're good to go.  Go into any race and run it, and
    your own music will play in the background!  This will get you the trophy, I
    don't think you have to finish the race, but you might want to just to be
    sure.  On a side note, the reason this sounds cool is that you can listen to
    your favorite songs while playing the game.  The reason it isn't cool is that
    unless you put 100 songs on there, or so, you'll hear them over and over and
    over and over while you race, and they won't be your favorite songs any more.
    Okay, let's get some more trophies.
    36)  Beyond the Autobahn- Drive 12,718km total, or 7,903 miles total.  This
    is going to happen if you play every race, as both A-Spec and B-Spec count.
    In your profile menu, it will tell you how far you've driven, but you will
    get this with ease.
    37)  Car Collector- Fill your garage with 1,000 cars.  Well, you thought
    getting trophies was fun, huh?  Have a great time with this boring ass
    trophy!  If you have followed this guide so far, and got gold on
    everything, your car count should be just under 200 cars.  So, only 800 to
    go!  At least you can have repeat cars, so this isn't all that hard.  Get
    ready to spend about 400,000 credits, and the next 10 hours of your life
    half asleep while you get this trophy.  In the dealership, under Gran
    Turismo, the first car you can buy will be the PDI Racing Kart 100, valued
    at a whopping 5,000 credits.  Buy it.  Then buy another one.  Then repeat
    814 more times, or until your eyes are bleeding.  The thing is, it takes
    almost a full minute to scroll through everything, let it load, and save it,
    so that means 814 excruciating minutes of BORING.  A few tips.  If you mash
    the circle button as soon as the music starts playing, you can get to the
    "do you want to use this car?" option 5 seconds sooner.  Pick "No" quickly,
    and this will save you an hour over the course of your sleeping.  Or, have
    your kid do it instead of putting him in time out.  Or, pay the neighbor
    ten bucks an hour to do it.  Whatever.  Also,  if you're really into buying
    cars, wait to do this until the end, so you'll have to buy less.  Finally,
    I suggest waiting until you're almost at platinum to do this for two
    additional reasons:  one, you're already committed enough to this game to
    waste that much time, and two, you won't have to scroll down through 800
    racing Karts to select the cars you really want for your remaining races.
    Okay, enough talking, get to buying!
    +                                                                             +
    +                       -E5) Trophies 38-45, Easy Stuff                       +
    +                                                                             +
    38)  Multi-Millionaire- Possess an "insane" amount of money.  Apparently,
    "insane" is Japanese for 10,000,000 credits, half of what you can have at one
    time in this game.  Just race for a while and you'll get this, and probably max
    out at least once.
    39)  Old Timer- Own a car from 1959 or earlier.  Don't worry about this.
    There are a few prize cars that will count as soon as you accept them from the
    Vehicle Delivery.
    40)  Half a Century of Cars- Again, don't worry about this.  You'll have cars
    from each decade delivered to you if you win enough races and events.
    41)  Maximum Mileage- Buy a used car with 300,000km of travel distance.  This
    you will have to make a special effort to do.  I listed it way at the top of
    this guide in the "Cars to Buy" section, so hopefully you saw that.  If not,
    start scouting the Used Car Dealership.  Any car will do, but it must have
    300,000km or more on the odometer.  When you leave, then run a race, some
    different cars will be available, so keep checking back until you see one.
    As soon as you do, buy it, as they're not all that easy to find.  Again, any
    car will do.
    42)  High Roller- Buy a "seriously" expensive car.  By "seriously," they mean
    100,000 credits.  Seriously?
    43)  Sky High Roller- Buy an "insanely" expensive car.  By "insanely," they
    mean 1,000,000 credits.  I think you can figure out what to do, but if you
    wait until you have 20 million, you can just buy one of the 20 million credit
    cars, like the Ferrari 330 P4 '67.  You'll get a whole bunch of trophies for
    doing this, including this one.
    44)  Speed Demon- Achieve a speed of 300km/h.  Sounds fast, huh?  Well, don't
    worry about it.  You'll get this easily while playing the game.
    45)  111 Meters a Second- Achieve a speed of 400km/h.  Now, we're getting a
    little faster.  400km/h is about 250mph, which is nothing for any of the Red
    Bull cars.  Even the Bugatti Veyron can get there with the right mods, and
    I've heard rumors that some of the other race cars can get there with a draft.
    But, seriously, just drive the Red Bull car anywhere and you'll sleep through
    +                                                                             +
    +                     -E6) Trophy 46-50, More Stuff To Do                     +
    +                                                                             +
    46)  Within One Hundredth- You have to win a race by .01 or less.  Yes, that's
    right, .01.  You probably won't do this through the normal course of your game,
    so you'll have to force it by trial and error.  I used a tip that I got online
    somewhere, and went to the NASCAR special event, using the very first
    (beginner) race.  It's only a few seconds long, and it DOES count if you
    barely beat him.  You'll have to pass him, then let up a little to keep him
    close, but basically if you can go for the tie, you'll either win or lose by a
    very small margin.  Keep restarting until it's close enough for this trophy.
    I think at these speeds, .01 is about one foot, by the way, so you'll have to
    shave really close.
    47)  Arch Rivals- Achieve a one-two finish with  a Lancer and an Impreza.
    So, I don't have any friends that play Gran Turismo, so I don't know if this
    works with the online player thing.  Also, I only have one controller, so I
    had to mess around with this to get the trophy.  Just go to Arcade Mode and
    select 2P Battle.  Pick your track, then your first car (Mitsubishi Lancer
    Evolution X, it's about 35 cars over).  Now, hit the PS3 button on your
    controller, and hold it down.  Some options will come up, the second of which
    is "Controller Settings."  Reassign the controller to number 2, then exit,
    hit the PS3 button again, and select the Subaru (right next to the Lancer).
    Now, go back and reassign the controller back to number 1, start the race,
    finish it with one car and collect your trophy!
    48)  Dream Race- Win the ultimate showdown between a Ford Mark IV, Ferrari
    330 P4 and a Jaguar XJ13 Race Car -  Actually, this can really be a pain.
    First, you have to get one of these three cars, all of which cost 20,000,000
    credits.  You can win the Jaguar in A-Spec at the Indy 500, and probably
    already did.  If you've followed me this far, you probably already bought
    the Ferrari, too.  However, the Ford Mark IV is actually the easiest car of
    the three to race with.  Womp womp.  It's OK, if you're good, you can win
    with the Ferrari, and if you're really good you can win this with the Jag.
    Whichever car you decide to use, go change the oil, buy whatever parts you
    can buy, including the 36,000 credit tires.  Now, go to A-Spec, Expert
    Series, Historic Racing Car Cup, Deep Forest Raceway, and start the race.
    You should see all three of these cars in the race, so all you have to do is
    beat them all.  Remember, that Chapparal 2J refrigerator car is in this race
    as well, and I don't know if you have to beat him too, but I would try for
    first just to make sure.  You may just have to beat all the Ferraris, Fords,
    and Jaguars, but I would go for the gold anyway!
    49)  GT-R Official Record- Achieve a time of... OK, we'll get there in a
    minute.  There's some obnoxious things you need to know about this before
    we get to the time.  First, DO NOT go out and buy a car for this.   You have
    to use the one they give you.  You have to do this in Arcade Mode, in the
    Time Trial section, on the Nurburgring NORDSCHLIEFE (there are a few different
    ones, it should be the 11th one over, and the 1st Nurburgring you come to),
    and you have to use The Nissan GT-R '07 they give you (it should be the 18th
    car you come to).  Now, when you select the race, make sure you have the
    Sports Hard tires as well, and leave the other adjustments alone.  I'm not
    going to give you a walkthrough, because I don't think it will help. Also,
    the track is the same as the AMG Academy Special Event, and the car handles
    almost the same as the SLS AMG '10 they give you for that event.  So, if you
    want turn by turn, try that one.  The big difference:  You can't take
    shortcuts like in the AMG race!  Bummer.   You CAN, however, go off the
    track, but only on the outside of corners and straightaways.  If you try to
    cut a corner, and all your tires leave the road, your lap time will be
    disqualified, you'll drop an f-bomb or two, and have to start over.  If you
    hit the wall, your NEXT lap will be invalid as well.  On a 7:29 lap, that is
    overly annoying.  Here's what I suggest you do.  First, don't try this until
    you have had plenty of experience in the AMG Academy.  Second, get a good
    solid pace lap, then exit the race and select "Save Ghost Replay."  You can
    then go back and load that replay any time.  Now, try to beat your own best
    time, using the ghost as a guide.  Find a stretch where you seem to do
    better, and focus on that until you're really good.  Then, finish the lap
    with the better time, save the ghost replay again, and load it again.  This
    way, your best time is always there, whether you crash or not.  Also, I have
    seen things online where changing the TC to 1, the SRF on, Active Steering
    at mild, ASM off, and ABS at 1 have helped people achieve this time.  Try it,
    and see if it helps at all.  There are at least 10 seconds of extra time in
    this challenge, which sounds like a lot.  Unfortunately, on a 7:29 challenge,
    that's only about 1.5% of your total, so you need to run about 98% efficient
    to get this trophy. Good luck!
    50)  Human Stopwatch- This one seems to be either really easy or really hard.
    I thought it was easy, and you might even get it in one of your A-Spec races.
    Basically, you have to run 3 consecutive laps within .200 of the "Best Time".
    The easiest way I found to do this was to go to Arcade Mode, with the time
    trial, pick Daytona, then select a car like the Zonda (1st one), that you
    don't have to brake while you're running the track.  You get a ghost car, so
    run about 5 laps and try to cross the line every time right on top of the
    ghost car.  You may want to wait until lap 2, as lap 1 starts you slower, or
    you can slow down and let your ghost catch up.  Either way, .200 is more than
    a car length away, so if you can stay that close, you'll knock this out in
    less than 5 minutes.
    +                                                                             +
    +                     -E7) Trophies 50-54, Miscellaneous                      +
    +                                                                             +
    51)  A Star Is Born- Train a B-Spec Driver to Class 30 or above.  This is easy
    and will happen if you use the same driver for all of your races.
    52)  The Air of Experience- Raise a B-Spec driver to the peak of his career.
    This is another grind of a trophy, but most of it will happen while you're
    doing other things.  First, use the same driver for every B-Spec race you run,
    while you're running the B-Spec races.  Next, don't start grinding for this
    until you have finished every race, including the Nurburgring 24 hour endurance
    race.  Now, when you look at your driver profile, you want to look at two
    things.  The first is the bar that says "Experience."  Your goal is to get
    that bar full.  In the bottom right, it will tell you how many wins and how
    many races your guy has run.  You will need the second number to be
    approximately 500, as it goes by race DAYS and not necessarily races.
    Actually, my number when I got this was 494, so it's pretty close.  Now, you
    have to run some B-Spec races until he gets to 500.  The shortest one is the
    Sunday Cup in the Beginner series.  If you get out your favorite car, the Red
    Bull x2011, you'll finish each race in about 2:40, and you can start the race
    again immediately from the finishing screen, so you don't have to load
    everything again.  Now, there are 127 unique races in B-Spec, right?  You
    figure, by the time you count grinding to get your level high enough for the
    last two races, plus the few that you lost, you should be right around 200
    races for your top driver.  That leaves 300 races to get this trophy, and at
    2:40, that's about 13 MORE hours of B-Spec.  Man, I thought I was done...
    53)  Colorful- Collect 256 Paint Colors.  Just going through the game, you'll
    get pretty close to this, if not over.  You get paint colors when you log in
    every day, up to 10 per day, so if you just sign in for 26 straight days
    you're guaranteed to get this.  You can also win them sometimes in races, and
    any car you buy or win comes with a paint chip as well.  I've heard there may
    be some glitches somewhere, but they involve buying cars, which we don't
    really do in this guide.  If you get tired of buying racing karts to get that
    collector trophy, buy some cheap cars from the used car dealership or the
    new car dealership, and you'll get paint colors with them.  Make sure that
    you USE the car when you accept it, though, or you may not get credit (just
    select "yes" when it asks if you want to use it now).  You don't have to race
    with the cars to keep the chips, you just have to "equip" the car, then move
    on to the next one.
    54)  Penniless- Spend every last credit you have.  This is a cakewalk if
    you've been following the guide.  You have already had 20 million credits at
    one point, and you've used it to buy a 20 million credit car, right?  Well,
    there you go.  If not, there are other ways to get this, but most of them
    simply involve spending all your money.
    +                                                                             +
    +                  -E8) Trophies 55-59, Crashes and Pictures                  +
    +                                                                             +
    55)  Watch Out for Falling Objects- Teehee, you get to wreck the crap out of
    your car.  Awesome.  What's better, it's not even your car!  I followed a guide
    to do this, and it worked pretty well.  Just go to Arcade Mode, Single Race,
    Professional Level, Dirt and Snow, Eiger Norwand K Trail.  Pick any WRC rally
    car, and crash into anything you see.  After a few minutes, the door will start
    to stay open, and a few crashes later, you'll lose your door, but gain a
    56)  Rollover- Sweet, more crashing!  I'm not sure if you actually have to
    "roll" the car, and I know you don't have to total it, but the language says
    "total a car by flipping it over."  I think the best way to state this is get
    so far off track or out of whack that the game has to bail you out and
    miracle your ass back on the track.  I think the limit is 5 seconds.  Sadly,
    I had absolutely no problem accomplishing this.  I flipped my NASCAR at least
    20 times trying to run at Daytona with no tuning, because I'd drift to the
    top of the track, catch the front of the car behind me, go straight up the
    wall, and come down rolling like a katamari. I loved crashing into the sand
    pits on the sharp turns at Sarthe during my 24 hour ordeal with the Red Bull.
    I put the Formula Gran Turismo upside down about 10 times on the chicane at
    the Nurburgring, and managed to actually land ON a car at the Cape Ring.  If
    you really want some hijinks, go take your Bugatti into Practice Mode on the
    Cape Ring (I think you have to go reverse), and pop that car right off the
    track into the half donut in the sky.  I thought I would go up in Japan and
    come down back in France!  Anyway, I had too much fun flipping cars, so if
    you're having trouble, those are some of the good places to go.
    57)  Take your Honda Home- Okay, this is kind of a cool idea, even though
    it's not very hard or exciting to get.  The idea is that you're going to take
    a picture of your Honda driving past Honda's corporate headquarters.  No
    problem.  Just select a Honda from your arsenal (any will do), and go to
    Practice Mode.  Select the Tokyo R246 course and start the race.  Drive around
    until the clock starts running, then drive the car until the first turn.
    Crash if you want to (it's fun), and then exit.  Go to the replay, which
    should be the second option on the exit screen.  Now, watch the clock.  As
    soon as it starts running, get ready.  You want to pause at about 5 or 6
    seconds, when the car is right in front of this black and white office
    building that looks like a parking garage.  There are some bright green signs
    on the left, and the 200m warning for that first curve is right there as well.
    When the car gets there, hit start to pause the replay.  When you do, you'll
    see an option for photo mode, so select it.  Now, you have a camera, and time
    has stopped.  Walk over to the stands on the right, then pan around until you
    see your Honda, the green sign, and the building in the background.  If you
    have the right building, you'll see a little sign on the first floor of the
    building.  It should say Honda, but it doesn't, it just says "LIFE, New
    Debut."  That's the building.  So, get the car and the building in the shot,
    hit "X" to aim, "X" to shoot, and "X" to save.  Now exit out and enjoy
    that trophy.
    58)  Picture Exclusive- Yeah, the last two are going to be picture ones as
    well, but I'll keep the description short.  I assume you know how to do this
    by now.  Photo Travel, Kyoto's Gion District, Camera Location 1, Car Location
    C.  There's a grey haired dude leaning up against a railing.  Auto focus on
    him, wait for him to turn and look at you, then take the picture.  Wait a few
    seconds and you should hear the familiar "Bee-donk" of your self esteem
    59)  Portraitist- Another picture one.  First, get to level 13.  Then
    complete all 5 events in the Grand Tour special event.  You'll unlock Bern
    Marktgasse as a Photo Location in Photo Travel.  Go there, put yourself at
    1, the car at A, and you'll see a lady on her phone sitting under the statues.
    Zoom in, Auto Focus, snap the shot, and enjoy the trophy.
    ++                                                                           ++
    ++                       -SECTION F:  FINAL THOUGHTS-                        ++
    ++                                                                           ++
    First, let me congratulate you on your Platinum Trophy in Gran Turismo 5!  It's
    certainly not an easy one to get, so show it with pride.  Second, I'd like to
    thank a few people.  Gamefaqs.com, for hosting a site that has helped me
    through at least 50 video games.  My wife, for watching me race for hundreds of
    hours, even though she hates racing games.  Eric Waechter, who wrote some
    pretty funny guides over the years, and inspired me to give it a shot myself.
    I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  I used quite
    a few YouTube videos, guides, and walkthroughs myself to get through this game,
    the most useful of which were Pesico's on PS3trophies.org and Stune5 on
    YouTube, who did every race with commentary.  Thank you so much for showing me
    some good lines and good strategy!  Also, I'd like to thank YOU, whoever you
    are, for reading this guide.
    Copyright- There isn't any.  I think I'm allowed to do this, right?  I don't
    care if you reprint it, use it, pretend like you wrote it, whatever is fine
    with me.  I wrote all of this for my own enjoyment, and to possibly help
    anyone that wants some help with the game, so do whatever you want with it.
    Version History- This is version 1.0.  There won't be any updates.
    Contact- Again, no contact.  I'm an old guy, I don't even have facebook, and
    I check my email about once a week for my schedule at work.  If you liked the
    guide, that's great.  If you think it sucks, then find a different one.  If
    you think it could be better, write a better one.  In fact, take what I
    wrote, pretty it up a bit, and pretend it's yours.  I'm already on to the
    next game.  If you're an old guy like me, I hope you liked the game, and the
    guide, and I'll see you next time!
    Thanks again, and Good Night!

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