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Reviewed: 11/30/10

Gran Turismo 5 The Real Driving Simulator - Masterpiece - Review

Racing fans have been sitting around for five years, waiting Gran Turismo 5 and finally the masterpiece has now released. For those unfamiliar with the Gran Turismo franchise is the best racing simulator or should I say "The real driving simulator" available on the market and a PlayStation exclusive. Gran Turismo 5 is for you, if you are looking for a game where you can race off road or in a different weather situation. Gran Turismo 5 is highly focused in which you compete in closed circuit racing competitions and licence test where you can improve your ability to drive.

Graphics: Excellent 10/10
Polyphony Digital has been developing this game over 5 years so there is no doubt that the final version of Gran Turismo 5 looks very stunningly beautiful. There are 200 premium cars which are very detailed in every way and you can even see every single detail in cockpit view and it looks the same as the real cars. The other 850+ is the standard version which is from the previous series and you can even import your cars from the PSP if you want to see how they look like in High Definition. The standard cars looks beautiful as the premium cars but they don’t have a cockpit view, but it’s really ok, not everybody want to play in cockpit view. Weather system is new in the series; you race on snow or even on rain and the time changes day to night as you drive your car. The physics model is absolutely superb, with cars given enough weight and inertia to somehow feel absolutely real. They'll spin if you push them too vigorously, drift wide if you break too late into a corner. The damage model are so realistic, for those people who is complaining about the damage model, it can be unlock at level 20 and the level 40 for the full damage model. The damage model at the beginning of the game is little because it’s for the beginner so that, you can spend fewer credits to repair your damaged car and Polyphony want everyone to play through the game and discover it by yourself.

Sound: Excellent 10/10
The in-game soundtrack is amazing and you can choose in variety of music which is suit you the best. The sounds of the cars are realistic and it's like the cars are beside you. The premium cars engine sounds is customizable, depends of you tuning. The standard car engine sounds has been upgraded from their previous game.

Gameplay: Excellent 10/10
Gran Turismo 5 has loads of mode like GT mode, Arcade Mode, and the Course Maker and specially, online multiplayer gameplay. The GT mode starts out with a few credits and level 0. This mode has A spec and B spec, A spec is a mode where you can drive the car and B spec is when you can command an AI like an RPG game to compete with other AI’s. You can enter on a competition or go to licence test to improve your ability and you gain experience throughout the game. Arcade mode is where you can customize your race and play with your friends and family. Course Maker is the new mode in Gran Turismo where you can make a random track and race. You can as well drive newly introduce cars such as Nascars and Kart racing. The game is enjoyable if you are using a driving wheel and you can get the full experience of the game. Online mode is where you can compete with your friend or strangers around the world and show off your ability. 16 vehicles can take the track at any one time.

Presentation: Excellent 10/10
The presentation is excellent. The cinematic scene when you insert and start the game looks stunning and it shows how the cars are being made. The menu layout is user friendly and it’s easy to navigate. Overall, it’s amazing.

Overall Score: 10/10 Amazing
Upon inserting the game on your PS3, you can expect some installation and the latest patch for online and you can still see the installing letter at the side of the screen but it doesn’t distract your gaming experience. Gran Turismo provides an incredible number of events and races to test your driving skills and takes up to 100+ hours of gameplay and collecting every single car from around the world. The cars are obviously the true star of the game and if there's one thing that Gran Turismo has always done particularly well it's manage to cram in more vehicles than you'd spot inside the multi-tiered garage. I recommend this game for casual player and hardcore player who interested in collecting cars and racing simulators. Gran Turismo is the absolute best racing game ever in a gaming console. Well done Polyphony Digital!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Gran Turismo 5 (EU, 11/24/10)

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