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"Massive Potential, large dissapointment"

Gran Turismo 5 is without a doubt the best looking video game that I have ever seen, and at times indistinguishable from real life. Those times are anytime when it is not a midday sunny setting, which 98% of the game unfortunately is.

Very few tracks are set at night, and they only appear twice during the normal game. Only a few tracks are capable of having the time of day change as you race as well. It just seems strange to me how so much effort has been put into weather effects and time of day changes, only to have it never appear in the game proper. One shouldn't have to take a break in the practice section to experience the awesome tracks with weather and time of day changes. Furthermore, some really good tracks have not made an appearance in this game: Mid-field raceway, special stage route 11 and Seattle are gone.

Probably my biggest complaint though would be all the loading times. The only loading screen that makes sense to exist is the one before entering a race, what with the awesome graphics and all. Anytime you move from one menu screen to another incurs loading time and it makes no sense, why are pictures and text giving a PS3 trouble? Another thing is that if you want to do a race again, you must exit back to the menu, then reselect it, waiting through that loading screen again. Just seems inefficient to me. The game asks you to install 8 Gb onto your hard drive before you start the game, I can only imagine what the game is like without doing that install.

Gran Turismo 5 introduces a new mechanic, leveling up. You have an A-Spec and B-Spec level that improves as you participate in races. It is your level now, not your licence (which is now completely optional) which gives you access to more advanced racing events as well as the more powerful cars. I believe this to be a poor decision as later on you start needing to grind some levels just to get access to new races, and what was wrong with the licences anyway?

Otherwise its an ok game, the driving is pretty much as it was in the others, you can listen to your own music during races, they do have damage but it won't really be noticeable until later levels.

Graphics: 11/10

Interface: 4/10

actual gameplay: 8/10

At times breathtakingly amazing, at other times hair tearingly frustrating.

Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/14/10

Game Release: Gran Turismo 5 (AU, 11/25/10)

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