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"Gran Turismo Does it Again."

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen....the long awaited Gran Turismo 5. Remember back when they released the prologue? I didn't buy it, I thought it was silly buying a "demo" version of a game. I am a patient person, I didn't want to buy a demo/prologue to a game to pass the time until the real game comes out. Was the prologue at all necessary? Well, to many it was, but it wasn't to me. Now, most importantly, was the wait worth it and did the game live up to all the hype? Well, lets break it all down.

Graphics: 9. I think the graphics are quite good, I can almost say flawless. Some of the scenaries are gorgeous, I can't complain at all, in fact I have to praise the graphic capabilities of this game. Is it all that much different from Gran Turismo 4? Well, not really. Gran Turismo 4 had some excellent graphics for a PS2 game, and this game's graphics aren't extremely far surpassed. Its definitely a graphical upgrade but nothing to scream and celebrate about. All in all, I have to say I definitely am pleased with the game's graphics.

Sound: 8. This all sounds very similar to Gran Turismo 4 to me. I can't really say its totally different, though some of you may disagree with that statement and that's fine. But its pretty accurate, the roaring of the engines, tires squealing, realistic sounds of approaching vehicles and such, yes I have to say I am fairly pleased as well. I play this game on an HDTV with a home theater surround system, which is the best way to play it and though I am not in complete awe, I would have to say the sounds are very appealing, but nothing to rant about.

Gameplay: 7. Oh no, a 7 you say? Yes, a 7. This game is a lazy driver's dream come true. Buy a car and set it to autopilot mode, or B spec racing. That is certainly the easy way to get ahead, just race and race, let the computer do all the work for you until you can afford a really fast car, then take that car, go back to A spec racing and destroy the competition with your superpowered car, racing against cars with a mere fraction of the horsepower your beast has, that the computer earned for you. I suppose its not a bad thing, you have control somewhat of what the computer does, like pace up, pace down and overtake, but I have noticed the computer rarely does what you tell it to do. While I am tapping the hell out of the controller to overtake my opponent, the computer is slamming the brakes. Go figure. But it is still a very fun game, and if you are a racing enthusiast like myself, you should definitely pick it up.

Fun Factor: 9. There are lots of great cars to get in this game. Though I was a little disappointed that they took out some of my favorite cars, or lacked to have them completely....the selection is nice. They came up with this Red Bull Prototype car that's the fastest thing you will ever see in your life. Though I have not yet earned it, I saw some videos and it completely blew my mind at how incredibly awesome it looked in action. There are many other nice cars, from Ferarris, Lamborghinis, a few indie cars, and some Nascar cars....yes some from Dale Earnhart JR. and several other famous Nascar drivers. A very nice added touch, if I may say so.

Buy it? Rent it? Buy it! This game is really quite good. The graphics are amazing, the sound is good and its just a really great racing game to play on your own, with friends, or join a room online and race against people all over the world. Online dealerships which the cars chance periodically and update, gift cars, send and receieve cars, lots of possibilities in this game. This is a racing title you shouldn't miss, check it out and you surely won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/21/11

Game Release: Gran Turismo 5 (US, 11/24/10)

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