I need help acquiring a specific item?

  1. I believe the item is a ring. I found a note and a rusty key in a frozen barrel, in Pale Pass, during the "Lifting the Vale" mission. The note said that this guy, stole a ring from a wizard and then the wizard pursue him and so, he decided to hide the item in a chest somewhere in the ruins, and the key to this chest was in another chest and the key to this second chest was the one I found in the frozen barrel along with the note (I hope someone's still following). So, i found the frozen barrel, and got the rusty key, then i found the old chest and used the rusty key to open it. Inside was an old key. Now here's my problem: I believed the last chest containing the item was in the ruins. So, I got in, and went straight ahead and turned right . Here i found a path that was blocked by an old gate with bars, but i cant move it and there's no lever to open it. I thought that this path was of no importance, but when i looked carefully, i was able to see a chest. I think this is the right chest, (but I'm not positively sure, but since i didn't find any other chest this gotta be the one) but there is no lever, and there are no other entrances to that place. So I need help, in order to get that gate opened at go to the chest and open it and get the stupid ring. Can someone help me?

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    pipicocobebehah - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    By the way is there a quest forthis item, and if it is where can i start it?

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    pipicocobebehah - 7 years ago


  1. The_Forgotten_Chests_of_Pale_Pass

    Is what the Quest is called

    Search Elder Wiki for this mission for the walkthough


    here are three chests to be found, two of them contain a key to the next chest, and the last one contains the Circlet of Omnipotence.

    * The first chest to find is the Rusty Chest, which is inside of the tower furthest north, to the west. You may need to search very carefully to find the chest, because it's hidden by the grass and partly buried in the ground. Facing the slope leading out of the tower, it is slightly to the left. This chest contains the Old Key.
    * The Old Chest is located southeast of the entrance to Mouth of the Serpent. Follow the path south, back towards the Serpent's Trail, past the statues on either side and you will reach a fallen column. Travel in the direction pointed by the column and jump onto the rock at the base of the curved wall you find. The chest is just to the south and contains the Forgotten Key.
    * The final treasure chest, the Forgotten Chest, is southwest of the door from the Serpent's Trail through which you first entered Pale Pass. From the door go west up the hill (to the right if you are facing the door), sticking to the natural rock wall that forms the outer edge of the valley. The chest will be in front of an odd rock outcrop shaped like a small "U" which sticks out of the rock wall. In the chest you will find the Circlet of Omnipotence.

    Hope this helps

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