How do you Persuade and Barter with people?

  1. I'm entirely new to playing Oblivion and i was just wondering exactly how does persuading people work as well bartering with people? Like with the persuading there is this circle and im not sure how it works, do i aim for a low number or high number? and with the bartering how do i get the shop owner to lower their prices? Any and all answers would be greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Persuading is rather simple once you understand how it works. There are four different values, that move clockwise every time you choose a side. Now, choosing a side. There are two positive and two negative options. Good, very good, bad, and very bad. To see which ones are the good ones, look through all the sides. You'll know you've found the good and very good options when you see the character you're talking to smiling. The two others are the negative options. Now you'd need to choose options so that you will choose possibly small negative values, and possibly big positive values, to get as much points as possible. That's as good as I can explain, hope it helped!
    You can barter only with merchants, while in the trading menu, press triangle. The more that person likes you, the higher you can set the barter bar. Don't set it too high though, as they will most likely reject your offer if it's too high, and with that, like you a bit less.

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