What is the best enchanted armor and weapons in the game?

  1. The best enchanted weapon and armor Ive found so far was enchanted deadric armor and the war hammer.

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  1. Although a matter of opinion, the best armor/weapons are generally the "artifacts" which are leveled quest rewards: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Artifacts
    The best weapon is generally considered the Goldbrand and the best shield the Escutcheon of Chorrol. You'll see that you won't get the best version of these items until your level 25+. The enchanted armor you find in the game really isn't that great. Once you have access to the enchanting altars in the Arcane University you can make much more powerful enchanted weapons and armor than what the game gives you.

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  1. I say the best sword is Umbra (the sword) owned by Umbra (the person)

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  2. Weapons:

    Perfect Amber Hammer
    Volendrung (Only for its paralysis)

    Perfect Amber Set (Light Armor)
    Perfect Madness Set (Heavy Armor)
    Crusader Set (Either Type)
    Spell Breaker (Heavy Shield)
    Dark Seducer Armor (Light Armor)


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  3. If you've made it to the Shivvering Isles, then by far the best is Shadowrend. It's a two-handed sword with a physical attack higher than Umbra, plus it has a leveled damage health spell attached.

    During the main quest of the Shivvering Isles, there's a part where you have to fight a clone of yourself (I forget the name of the quest,but you can't miss it). Kill the clone and take his sword. It's Shadowrend.

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  4. Whats funny is ive gotten Shadowrend as a one handed sword before
    which dealt quite the butt kicking

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  5. personally i think that dawnfang / duskfang for the weapon
    ring of namira and Escutcheon of Chorrol for the armour (and whatever else you want).
    with the ring of namira and Escutcheon of Chorrol anyone who hits you will receive more damage than what you receive.

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  6. Well, I like the good old Daedric Long Sword. Hits ghosts eaven if its not magical, deals a HUGE damage (I think its 30 with 125 condition and 100 blade) and its not hard at all to find one. If you can enchant it, than it might be the best weapon IMO.
    But for raw nunbers, Goldbrand is the best sword. One handed, can be equiped with shield. It deals 33 (i think) of damage (with 125 of condition and 100 blade) and does a 25 fire damage on contact... I know Umbra is a bit stronger, so is Shadowrend, but none of them does a 25 damage spell, and Shadowrend is 2 handed (no shield), so Goldbrand still beats those 2 IMO...
    For armor, well, Perfect Amber and Matirx are the best in numbers, but I still like Daedric/Glass more than those. They are easier to get and they look a LOT better for me... Just enchant those and you are good to go...

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  7. Two of the best weapons in the game are Chillrend (Frost damage + Weakness to Frost on strike) and Rockshatter (Shock Damage + Weakness to Shock on strike). Both have their best versions at level 25, and Rockshatter is a blunt weapon.

    Don't bother with Nerveshatter - it's bugged and won't work the way it's supposed to, its Weakness enchantment has zero magnitude. It is cool to look at, but ultimately inferior to Rockshatter.

    Another good weapon is Dawnfang/Duskfang if you can consistently get it to Superior level (kill 10 enemies with it before it changes).

    Also, there's the Mage Staff you create in the Mages Guild quest. A Mages Staff of Destruction can have a good 30 charges and do 80 damage per hit, which can be pretty nasty. Again, it's leveled, so wait until level 15 or so to get a good one.

    The Frostwyrm Bow is also deserving of mention. Deals frost damage and can be gotten early on, nonleveled, but you must kill a powerful monster to get it.

    Armor-wise, the Crusader's Relics. Those are best gotten as early as possible, since the repository you can use to recharge and repair them also levels them to your level. The full set gives some fairly massive boosts and useful spells for tremendously cheap costs compared to analogue created spells.

    There's also some buyable pieces of armor that are pre-enchanted and fairly badass. Offhand: Tower of the Nine (Stonewall Shields in IC Maket District), Hands of the Atronach (Mystic Emporium in IC Market District, they are near-Daedric level Heavy gauntlets which give large resistances to Fire, Frost and Shock), Aegis of the Apocalypse (Varnado at The Best Defense, IC Market) and Dondoran's Juggernaut (Nord Winds, Bruma).

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  8. It is a matter of opinion, however, the Crusader's Relics are some of the best in the game, providing an array of spells and bonus while, best of all, leveling with you. In addition, all the best quest rewards are not available until late in the game, around level 25.

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  9. This answer is level dependent. As you level more items become availible. At level 1 the crusaders gear and the sword of Umbra are the best gear in the game. Unlike most monsters Umbra's gear doesn't level with your character level. At level 25 all the best gear is maxed. At level 30 all gear reaches its max attributes.

    Most of the quest gear isn't better then stuff you can make yourself. Sygil stones have the best enchantments when you reach level 17+. 30% Chameleon, 20% resist magic, 20% shield, drain health (weapon), and +stats are a few of the better options. As the stone is random for a given level, save and reload if you don't get the one you want.

    Reflect damage: The Escutcheon of Chorrol has its best stats at level 25+. It will then give you 10 endurance and 35% reflect damage. The ring of the iron fist will give you 25 h2h and 33% reflect damage. The necklace of swords gives you 33% reflect damage. Add that up and you have 101% reflect damage. Warriors are now at your mercy.

    Resist magic: The mundane ring gives you 50% magic resist and 35% spell reflect. Sygil stones give you 20% resist magic each. There are other items too. Once you have a total of 100% magic resistance all things considered magic deal no damage to you.

    Thus far you are uber buff, reflecting all damage back at enemies and immune to all magical attacks. But sometimes this isn't the best way to go. Everyone can still see you. So lets swap a few items to gain UBER stealth.

    Chameleon: The ring of Kjajiiti gives 35% chameleon and 10 agility. Sygil stones give 30% chameleon each. There are other ways but you can get 100+% this way rather easy with the least amount of gear. With 100% chameleon you are the shadows but they can still hear and feel you.

    Boots of springheel jak - weightless quest item that is destroyed if you use it to safely fall. Other then that it is indestructable. It gives you 50 acrobatics. Since I don't dedicate much time to leveling this stat, this is frickin HUGE should I need to jump higher for some reason.

    Base Armor: I never use light armor. When you max out your heavy armor and light armor skills there is actually little difference between the two. However, I always max out endurance first. That makes Heavy armor the PERFECT choice. Unenchanted Deadric is aquired easily enough at level 25. The helm and shield are the LEAST common to find on a body. Shivering isles offers madness armor. I already made my deadric set with uber effects. There isn't a huge difference in stats and the effect is more important then raw stats.

    Weapon: Silver and Deadric weapons do special damage to the target that even effect ghosts. One-handed weapons are better then their two-handed counterparts. Less weight, allow shield that is one more item to be enchanted, and give 6x Ignore armor damage when undetected sneak attack. The highest raw stat non-artifact weapons would be your amber or madness. Umbras sword is well to my likeing. It doesn't level with your character but will increase in damage based on your blade skill. Get it early. Keep it a weightless can't remove from you if you get sent to jail QUEST item.

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