1. What are all of the factions?where do u join? And what are the payoffs?

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  1. Possible spoilers.

    Oblivion Factions:
    Fighters Guild: Joinable in any major city in the game.
    Mages Guild: Joinable in any major city in the game.
    Thieves Guild: Joinable when you discover the location of the Imperial City's doyen (just inspect a Grey Fox wanted poster and ask beggars about the Grey Fox.
    The Dark Brotherhood: Kill an innocent person. Sleep. Lucien will come for you and give you a quest to join their "unique family".
    The Arena: Visit the Imperial City's Arena and join as a combatant in the Bloodworks.

    Add-On Factions:
    Court of Madness: Joinable by doing the quest A Door In Niben Bay.
    Knights of the Nine: Joinable by doing the quest Pilgrimage.

    Fighters Guild: Leader of the guild position. Monthly rewards (items/gold/both).
    Mages Guild: Leader of the guild position. Ability to recruit mages. Access to the Arcane University after the recommendation quests (also access granted to spellcrafting and enchanting).
    Thieves Guild: Leader of the guild position (only when wearing the Grey Hood of the Nocturnal, or else you will not be recognized as the leader of the guild). Access to all the fencers. Access to the Guild Master's hideout in Waterfront.
    The Dark Brotherhood: Leader of the faction position. Ability to recruit murderers. An essential (unkillable) and the fastest horse in the game, Shadowmere. Several leveled "bonus" rewards.
    The Arena: Grand Master title. A nice amount of gold. Ability to start fights against monsters, getting more gold. A good armour, you also have the choice of having a light or heavy version. An Adoring Fan following you around (don't worry, you can kill him if you want, he'll respawn in three days, just don't drag him into Summerset Manor (it's a house in Skingrad, I hope I spelled it right), as it will be set as his spawnpoint, and he will be trapped there forever).

    Court of Madness: Leader of the faction position. Several major spells. Court Healer, entertainment, other privileges. Several leveled rewards and non-leveled rewards.
    Knights of the Nine: Access to all the chapel areas without being considered as trespassing. A legendary paladins raiment, granting several abilities such as animals not attacking you, and very high restoration boost.

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