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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ovrlord11

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    A general guide to:
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Knights of the Nine
    Version 1.00
    I.How to get Knights of the Nine
    II. Disclaimer
    III. Intro
    IV. Walkthrough
    A. Pilgrimage
    B. The Shrine of the Crusader
    C. Priory of the Nine
    D. Stendarr's Mercy
    E. Nature's Fury
    F. Wisdom of the Ages
    G. The Path of the Righteous
    H. The Sword of the Crusader
    I. Umaril the Unfeathered
    V. Legal Stuff
    I. How to Get Knights of the Nine
    Knights of the Nine is a downloadable plugin from www.obliviondownloads.com for
    $9.99. I think that it is also available in hardware form at some stores, but
    I am not sure, so don't take my word for it.
    II. Disclaimer
    Please keep in mind that when I played Knights of the Nine, I was a level 33
    fighter and a master of blade, armorer, and heavy armor. Therefore, some of the
    fight difficulties, enchantments, and characteristics found in this guide may
    be slightly different. I am fairly certain that the enchantments on the
    Crusader's armor and weapons are leveled, and that the ratings of the armor and
    weapons depend upon the current armor of the player,  and the players armor,
    blade, and blunt skills. To sum up, I will give you my versions of the
    enchantments, etc., but they will probably be different depending on your
    skills and level. Also, I am skipping over the quests The Faithful Squire and
    The Blessing of Talos because they are merely connectors to give you an item
    or spell and send you on to the next quest.
    III. Intro
    First off, thanks for reading my guide. Now, before we plunge into the
    walkthrough, know this: This is a general walkthrough that shows players how to
    get through the game, not an in-depth strategy guide for every single inch of
    the story. Therefore, I will move quickly past the straightforward,
    baddie-ridden parts of the game, and spend my time on the parts where people
    may have issues.
    IV. Walkthrough
    A. Pilgrimage
    Unlike other plugin quests, KotN doesn't begin immediately. Instead, you must
    search for rumors of an attack on the Anvil chapel. Once you hear of these,
    go to Anvil and ask around about the attack or the prophet who preaches doom
    and destruction in front of the church. Your quest prompter should pop up and
    tell you to talk to the prophet about what has happened. Essentially, the
    Prophet explains the background of the KotN and that Umaril, an evil Ayleid
    sorcerer-king has returned from the spirit realm and is wreaking vengeance on
    the mortal gods. He says that the only way to defeat Umaril is by collecting
    the Relics of the Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake. He asks you if you are a
    worthy knight to go questing for this cause. Pick any of the "no" answers and
    he will tell you that you first must cleanse your soul by visiting the
    wayshrine of each of the Nine. He gives you a map to get started. Just follow
    the map, and when you pray at the last shrine, you will have a vision in which
    the ghost of Whitestrake fills in more of the story, and directs you to his
    tomb/shrine for further clues. Also, for visiting all nine wayshrines, you get
    the greater power Pilgrim's Grace, which is a combo of each god's blessings and
    your infamy rating is reduced to zero.
    B. The Shrine of the Crusader
    As it turns out, Pelinal's shrine is buried underneath the waters of the Niben.
    This dungeon is fairly straightforward; just fight your way through the undead
    that block your path, and grab the Helm of the Crusader. This helm is handy to
    have, boosting your Restoration and your Personality. Wearing it also gives you
    the lesser power Serene Beauty, which is a Calm touch spell. Now that you have
    the Helm, leap over the railing to the skeleton below and grab Sir Amiel's
    diary and ring. The diary tells of an order called the Knights of the Nine that
    are devoted to finding and protecting the Relics of the Crusader. Your quest
    log prompts you to visit this priory, as the diary claims that the Cuirass of
    the Crusader is stored there.
    C. Priory of the Nine
    The priory is mostly deserted, but if you activate the Knights' seal in the
    floor with Amiel's ring, you will be allowed into the basement and eventually
    the undercroft of the priory. In the undercroft, the ghosts of eight of the
    KotN appear and block the exit. To win your life and the Cuirass, you must
    defeat each of them in single combat. If you are decently leveled and well
    armed, this shouldn't be too hard. Once you beat all of them, you can take the
    Cuirass, which will boost your Health, Restoration, and resistance to normal
    weaponry. Next, you must question the Knights to find the whereabouts of the
    remaining relics. You recieve info on the Gauntlets, the Boots, the Mace, and
    the Shield. I will deal with these relics in the most logical order.
    A Brief Note: At some point after this section of the story, Bravil's chapel is
    ransacked in the same manner as Anvil's.
    D. Stendarr's Mercy (The Gauntlets)
    Sir Casimir tells you that the Gauntlets are located in Chorrol's chapel of
    Stendarr, but no one seems to be able to lift them from the floor. Once at the
    chapel, you learn that Sir Casimir's cursed descendant, Kellon, is living in
    the chapel hall. After some conversations with Kellon and Areldur, the chapel's
    priest, you find out that the only  way to retrieve the gauntlets is to show
    mercy and take Kellon's curse upon yourself. Do so; the curse slows down your
    fatigue regeneration, but it is not disabling. Now you can get the gauntlets,
    which will fortify your Restoration and give you disease resistance. Also, the
    gauntlets give you Merciful Touch, a lesser power that will heal another on
    E. Nature's Fury (The Boots)
    You learn that the boots' location may be gleaned from a group of Kynareth's
    worshipers located southwest of the western terminus of the bridge to the
    Imperial City. Kynareth's priest tells you that you may have the boots if you
    can pass Kynareth's test in the Grove of Trials. The Grove is due west of your
    position and is marked by a circle of white-barked trees. After a few seconds,
    a forest guardian will appear (a giant grizzly bear in my case) and begin to
    attack you. Under no circumstances should you attack it! If you do, you fail
    the test and the guardian will most likely kill you. If you do nothing, you
    get a message saying you passed and the guardian will stop its attack. A door
    will appear in the large rock nearby which leads to a cave containing the
    Boots. The boots are perhaps the most valuable piece of armor in all of
    Oblivion, because in addition to fortifying your Restoration, these boots give
    you the ability Woodland Grace, which will allow you to walk unharmed among
    some normal critters (I think just bears, wolves, and mountain lions).
    F. Wisdom of The Ages (The Shield)
    You learn that the shield was lost in Fort Bulwark. Once you get there, you
    will find that the place is full of Conjurers. Fight your way through them; the
    appropriate switches for all of the bridges and gates are in plain sight. You
    will meet an imprisoned fellow knight, who tells you that "When the eyes of the
    Guardians are upon you, Julianos will show you favor." Journey a bit farther in
    and the meaning of this will become evident. In an apparently dead-end room,
    there are four statues facing outward, which are the first set of guardians.
    Activate the cranks at the bases of the statues until they all face the center
    marker and stand there to open a stone door. The next area is a room lined
    with more guardians facing the wall with stone chests at their bases. In the
    center is a larger chest that randomly spawns items belonging to some guy (I
    think his name is Rothan or something similar). To get the guardians to turn
    around and face you, you must place up each item in its associated chest. I
    cannot remember the specific order, but every now and then, an image of the
    correct item will appear above its chest, and you can figure out the rest by
    trial and error. You've made the correct choice when the chest turns white and
    the statue turns. When all of the statues have been turned around, a door will
    open that leads to the Shield, which has a powerful Reflect Spell enchantment.
    I'm fairly certain that the only shield better than this one is Spell Breaker.
    G. The Path of the Righteous (The Mace)
    For the last challenge, you must go to the Leyawiin chapel undercroft, kill any
    undead that await and kneel in front of the statue of St. Kaladas.You will be
    transported to a ledge that faces a pillar with the mace on it. Ordinarily, you
    would fall into the void and be transported back to the undercroft, but when
    you wear the Boots of the Crusader, a path of mist will form and you can walk
    across to the mace. Both the mace and sword have powerful Fire Damage and
    Damage Magicka enchantments, and each gives you an ability that boosts your
    blunt or blade, respectively. Also, when I got the sword at level 33, the only
    sword that was better was Umbra. When you return from the undercroft, Umaril's
    servants, the Aurorans, are attacking the chapel. Once you have killed them,
    your quest log will direct you to return to the priory, where you find that
    many people from your KotN quests and from abroad have come to join the KotN;
    accept their help, as they will accompany you to Umaril's lair.Also, a knight's
    squire, Lathon ,has come to the priory to tell you that his master found the
    Greaves and the Sword, but was slain by Sir Berich's ghost in Underpall Cave.
    Lathon brought you the Greaves, which fortify your Restoration and Destruction
    and give you a Shield other on touch lesser power. However, Berich has turned
    the sword to evil, and you must go to Underpall to reclaim it.
    H. The Sword of the Crusader
    Once you get to Underpall Cave, go into the Underpall Keep. After fighting
    through some undead, you will eventually reach the Underpall reflecting pool
    area. Now you must kill the Ghost of Sir Berich, so make sure to have something
    magic, silver, or daedric. Once Berich is dead, take the sword, but DO NOT
    equip it. If you do, you get the curse of Sir Berich, which stops magicka
    regeneration and gives you 100% weaknesses to all forms of magicka and poison.
    Now, you must go to Cheydinhal's chapel of Arkay to reconsecrate the sword.
    When you get there you find that, surprise! the chapel is under attack by
    Aurorans. The easiest way to deal with them is to run in, reconsecrating the
    sword by activating the central altar, and hack the enemies to ribbons with
    your powerful new weapon. Reconsecrating the sword also removes your curses.
    Once all the Aurorans are dead, return to the priory. When you arrive, you find
    out that the Prophet is rallying the new generation of KotN in the Priory
    Chapel. Go inside and speak to the Prophet, who, after much long-winded
    chattering, will give you the Blessing of Talos lesser power which, in addition
    to fortifying your Strength and Endurance and lowering your Speed and Agility
    will allow you to follow Umaril into the spirit realm after you have destroyed
    his earthly body.
    I. Umaril The Unfeathered
    This is it, the final assault! Fortunately, you have eight companions to assist
    you in hacking through the Aurorans. Umaril's headquarters is in the Ayleid
    ruin Garlas Malatar, on the coast north of Anvil. Once inside, slash your way
    through the Aurorans with your knights and enter the next section of dungeon.
    In this section, there should be a room with an impenetrable barrier and a
    large glowing orb on a platform. It is vital that you immediately run up the
    stairs and smash said orb, or else the Aurorans will never stop spawning. As
    you smash the orb, the barrier disappears, along with the Aurorans and your
    surviving knights (It is my opinion that smashing the orb stops time, since the
    orb's fragments hang in the air). Follow the corridors of the ruin and you will
    finally come upon Umaril himself, who shouts at you in the Ayleid tongue and
    promptly attacks. Watch out! he has a huge claymore that has a powerful shock
    damage enchantment. However, if you can avoid or weather his attacks for long
    enough, you should be able to kill him rather quickly if you use the Sword or
    Mace of the Crusader. Once his physical form is dead, cast your Blessing of
    Talos spell to be transported to that same vista where you spoke with Pelinal
    Whitestrake. There, you must kill Umaril again, but if you did it once, you can
    do it again. Once he is dead, you are transported to the undercroft in the
    Priory of the Nine, where the ghosts of the KotN thank you for your service
    and ascend to heaven, leaving you with the reward that you can now use the tomb
    of each knight as a wayshrine to their respective god. Also, you can talk to
    the now-redeemed ghost of Sir Berich before he ascends. When you leave the
    undercroft, one of the knights runs down to greet you and fills you in on what
    happened. Apparently, the surviving knights found your body next to Umaril and
    thought that you had gone the way of Pelinal Whitestrake. They therefore buried
    you with the other knights in the undercroft until you woke up. He runs outside
    to tell the others the good news, and you now have an entourage of eight (the
    dead knights have been replaced by generic "Knights of the Nine") soldiers who
    can be ordered to follow you around and fight with you.
    Congratulations! You are a Crusader of the Nine!
    V. Legal Stuff
    This document is Copyrighted 2006 to Culver Redd
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

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