Who is Sasha? (end of the game spoilers)

  1. Is she Cole's past girlfriend? is that why she hates Trish? if this is so then why does she hate Kessler?

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Accepted Answer

  1. As said already, Kessler is Cole at an older age. Kessler used his powers "on a one-way trip back in time." The name Kessler is just a name he made up when he arrived in the past so he wouldn't be mistaken for his younger self.

    The battle with Sasha and the evil side-quests she sends Cole on indicate that she clearly recognizes Cole as the Younger Kessler. We don't recognize this because when we do see Kessler he is shrouded in a hood.

    Now, who is Sasha, exactly? She is a powerful member of the secret society First Sons. Upon arriving in the past, Kessler has one goal on his mind. He wants to take control of First Sons, accelerate development of the Ray Sphere, and make sure Cole (his younger self) is imbued with these powers as soon as possible.

    From John's dead drops we learn that Kessler and Sasha develop a sexual relationship. It's likely that Kessler did this to both use her abilities in his efforts to 'challenge' Cole and to further speed the development of the Ray Sphere.

    Sasha appears to have her own motives for the relationship. It seems that she felt secure in knowing that she was with the most powerful man in First Sons. Kessler's power, in a sense, bleeds over and gives her power. In time, perhaps, she came to mistake Kessler's power and influence as her own, much like Cleopatra did with Antony. This notion is strengthened by the evil side-quests in which Sasha is ordering Cole to perform tasks, and Cole carries them out.

    When Kessler had no more use for her inside First Sons he cast her aside. Without the power provided by her relationship to Kessler, it's possible she snapped. This may have been a part of Kessler's plan all along.

    Angry and disgraced by the humiliation of Kessler rejecting her, she became and enraged and bitter woman bent on revenge. After the blast, when Cole emerges on the scene via pictures or video, she recognizes him as Kessler. However, she can no longer separate the sins of the older Kessler from the innocence of the younger Cole. To her, they are the same person. Learning of Cole's love for Trish only pushes Sasha closer to complete insanity.

    So, she turns her vengeance upon Cole.

    It's important to note that we never actually learn if Sasha dies or not. It is likely that she is still alive and that we will see her and Moya in a sequel. John says that Kessler must have milked Sasha dry (or something to that effect) in order to make the enough poison for the balloon missions. That doesn't mean she's dead.

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Other Answers

  1. If you beat the game you know that Cole and Kessler are the same person. And Sasha recongizes Cole during their battle. Sasha is also crazy and thats y she keeps doing that to Cole.

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  2. Seeing as how Cole and Kessler are the same person (seen in the end of the game), we can only assume that Sasha was either a mistress of Kessler's (though not likely, judging by his love for Trish. And the only reason I would think that is because of all the things she says during the battle with her like "Oh, that weekend we spent in Maine! We stayed in bed the whole time, and, oh, the promises you whispered to me. Oh, the promises!" or something like that....) or she was just totally insane (A VERY HIGH possiblility!)... Either way we don't ever get a terrible amount of insight into who exactly Sasha is, though she is mentioned several times in dead drops...

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