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    Stunt Guide by Sora123150

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                                      Stunt Guide
    Name: Bryce Preteau
    Alias: Sora123150
    e-mail: dragontail_24@hotmail.com
    Date: January 14, 2010
    Version: 1.12
    I had been playing the game inFAMOUS for a couple of days straight, trying to
    get all of the trophies, when I came across the trophie "Stunt Master". I had
    quite a bit of trouble in getting it, so Ifigured I'd write a guide to help
    some people out.
    In this guide, you can expect;
    -Correct names
    -Xp earned
    -Exact definition + "how to"
    I hope this will help you out, because I had to go through the game a fourth
    time to get the stunt list correct.
            Table of Contents
    [ht0] Hints and Tips
    [ne1] Neon District (1st island)
      [d14] Day 14 (1-13)
      [d15] Day 15 (14-16)
      [d16] Day 16 (17-20)
    [hd2] Historic District (3rd island)
      [d20] Day 20 (20)
    [con] Conclusion
      [ems] End Message
      [cop] Copyright
           [ht0] Hints and Tips
    These are a few pointers on how understand/get the stunts with ease.
    -Start a new game
     I usually start a new game specifically for completing stunts. This way
     I could rush straight through the game without having to concentrate on
     anything else but the stunts.
    -Be nice!
     Having good karma gives you the "Reverse Polarity" ability for your
     Shockwave power, as well as your Megawatt Hammer power. This ability will be
     very useful in finishing the stunts.
    -Know the lingo
     The terms used for the stunts are repetitive, so be sure to know them or
     you're going to have a hard time. The most important term being "take down".
     The term "take down" doesn't mean kill, but decreasing his health to qritical
     levels. If the enemy falls to the ground, wounded, and it says "Take Down"
     on the left hand side of the screen, you already took him down and will need
     to find another enemy.
    -The counter
     The counter in the pause menu that shows your progress in the stunt list
     shows the number of stunts you have *completed*, not which stunt you are
     currently working on. Ex, 20/21 doesn't mean your on number 20, it means you
     have *completed* 20 out of the 21, and need one more.
    -Mission Number
     To see which mission you are currently at, save your game, then look at the
     number beside the mission name. If you missed it, go to "load", then check
    -False messages
     Sometimes the pause menu display will say that you need the a new power to
     complete the next stunt on the list. In most cases it is wrong. Just check
     to see if the next stunt on the list needs the power it says you need.
     No stunts can be completed during the prolouge, and it counts as the first
    -The Guide
     I wrote the stunts in the order they come on the *in-game list*, meaning you
     do not have to complete the stunts in the order, or even the day, that they
     appear here. Although, I recommend trying to get the first few stunts as early
     as possible, as to increase the number of opportunities you will have to get
     those stunts, as well as future stunts. Please read through all of the stunts
     before trying to get them, as some require upgrades, while others can't be
     completed with them.
       [ne1] Neon District (1st island)
           [d14] Day 14 (1-13)
    ***Note: I completed all of these stunts on hard, so they are all doable.
    Don't start till after mission two, First Glimpse. Once done, you
    will be able to use all the basic powers and abilities. Buy the first upgrade
    for Shockwave, then work on the first upgrade for melee damage.
    1)Melee Finisher --- 5xp --- Easy
      Use a melee finisher to take down an enemy.
     -To complete this stunt, take down an enemy on the fifth hit of a melee
      combo. Possible on any enemy after mission 2, but it is best that they are
      on the ground. That way they can't fall off any ledges. Complete before
      getting the first upgrade for melee damage.
    2)High Fall --- 10xp --- Easy
      Take down an enemy by pushing him off a building.
     -Just use Shockwave to knock an enemy off a roof. Simple enough.
    3)Enviro Take Down --- 10xp --- Easy
      Take down an enemy with an environment-based explosion.
     -This one could take a minute or two. Search through the alleys until you
      find a group of enemies (they usually consist of three). Slowly lure them
      onto a street then destroy a nearby car. If the explosion doesn't kill them,
      use more cars until it works. You can also use white barrels found
      throughout the city, but they are scarce.
    4)Flying Melee --- 10xp --- Medium
      Take down an airborne enemy with a melee attack.
     -This stunt is hard unless you buy the first upgrade for melee damage. *Make
      sure you don't try this stunt before you have the Melee Finisher stunt
      completed or you will do too much damage!* After buying the upgrade, find
      an enemy on a roof and hit him once with a melee attack. Force him towards
      the edge of the roof, then hit him again, forcing him off the roof. Quickly
      hit him for the third time while he is falling to get the stunt.
    5)Blast and Bolt --- 10xp --- Easy
      Use Shockwave to blast an enemy into the air, then take him down with a Bolt.
     -Buy the first upgrade for Shockwave (if you need more xp, take down a few
      enemies with some of the previous stunts to get some). This will give it the
      "Reverse Polarity" addition. After that, do exactly what the description
      says. This will work on any enemy.
    6)Air Strike --- 5xp --- Easy
      While you're in the air, take down an enemy with your Bolt.
     -Find an enemy beside a tall object, even a building will do. Jump down
      towards the enemy, spamming Lightning Bolt in the enemy's general direction.
      Keep repeating till you get it, it shouldn't take too long.
    7)Splash and Crash --- 20xp --- Easy
      While in the air, shoot an enemy with Lightning Bolt and then hit the same
      enemy with Thunder Drop.
     -This stunt relates to Air Strike, although you don't have to take down the
      enemy for this one to work. Complete it like you would complete Air Strike,
      spamming Lightning Bolt, but before you land, use Thunder Drop to hit the
      enemy. It might take a while, so patience is required.
    8)Have a Nice Fall --- 20xp --- Medium
      Simultaneously take down 3 enemies by blasting them off a roof with Shockwave.
     -This stunt would be hard if you had evil karma. This stunt is hard due to
      the fact that you have to find 3 enemies close together, and on the same
      roof. Fortunately, there is an easy, and guaranteed, way to get this one. It
      is time to advance to the next mission, mission 3. Do what they tell you
      till you get the option to do bad or good. Take the good route, and all of
      the enemies will crowd towards you. Move close to the edge, then run to the
      other side of them. Use Shockwave through the most concentrated area of the
      group and watch as they all float away, and over the edge. Sorry for the
      lack of specifics, I didn't want to spoil the story line for you. It should
      be pretty straight forward. If you're evil, wait till mission 13. You'll
      know when you get there!
    9)Crush --- 20xp --- Medium
      Take down an enemy by crushing him with an object.
     -This is probably the most frustrating stunt to achieve. any object will do,
      the bigger the better. Use Shockwave to throw it at the enemy. Simple right?
      Not really. Even on easy, simply hitting the enemy with the object wont be
      enough to take him down. The trick is to find an enemy in one of those giant
      areas in the alleys. There should be some parked cars in the area. Trick an
      enemy into running between two of the cars, and then push one of the cars
      towards the second one, creating a sandwich, consisting of two slices of car,
      and a little bit of enemy. Don't get too close to the car, however, or you
      will destroy it, causing an explosion. Put some distance between you and the
      car, and just nuzzle it into the enemy. Then get a little closer for more
      power. If you are lucky, you might get this stunt by accident during a
    10)Right Back At Ya --- 20xp --- Hard
       Take down an enemy by blasting his grenade back at him.
     -Another frustrating stunt. This is more than likely the single most
      difficult stunt to achieve. First, find an enemy on a roof with out
      much on it. Take down all other enemies within firing range. Then, turn to
      face your foe. Make friends with him, shake hands, you'll know each other for
      a while. If there is a billboard somewhere on the roof, trick him into
      standing in front of it. Hit him with Lightning Bolt once, then run back and
      foreth evading his shots until you see him reach for a grenade. Aim down at
      the ground and use Shockwave. This should lob the grenade back at the enemy.
      If you over shoot, the billboard will keep it on the roof. Repeat this until
      the enemy gets taken down by the grenade. Good luck.
    11)Flying Head Shock --- 20xp --- Medium
       Use Shockwave to blast the enemy into the air, then finish him off with a
       headshot while he's still airborne.
     -This one is as straight forward as they get. The only problem is with
      accuracy. A good strategy is to blast the enemy into an object. This will
      steady the enemy, giving you a better shot. Don't fear missing, you could
      always try again.
    12)Up Close and Personal --- 50xp --- Easy
       Take down 5 enemies within 30 seconds using only melee combat.
     -At first, this stunt may seem hard. It isn't. Just find an area with a bunch
      of enemies, and start punching. To increase your speed, dodge roll towards
      the enemies to close distance. Even if you don't think you'll make it, keep
      going, because the clock doesn't reset. Maybe you wouldn't get the first
      five enemies, but maybe you'll get it for the second to sixth enemies. I
      never failed an attempt to get this one, even on hard. Buy some upgrades if
      you need more power to speed things along.
    13)Whack-A-Mole --- 20xp --- Easy
       Deliver a Thunder Drop take down to a conduit.
     -Find a conduit. Preferably either the Reaper conduit or the Trashbagger 
      conduit that spawns those junk monsters. Climb the side of a nearby building,
      but not onto the roof, otherwise the Reaper will teleport to you. Wait till
      he gets close, then use Thunder Drop to knock him down. Once down, run up to
      him and use Thunder Drop from ground level repeatedly till you take him down.
      If you're having trouble, wait till the Historic District. The conduits there
      are a one-hit take down once you disable their giant selves.
           [d15] Day 15 (14-16)
    14)Premature Detonation --- 25xp --- Easy
       Blow up a mad bomber to take down a nearby enemy.
     -It might take a while to find the right conditions, unless you know where to
      look. During mission 12, the train mission, you will have to recharge a
      bunch of boxes found underneath the tracks. Count the boxes you charge. Once
      you reach the fourth box, don't jump off the train, but look to your right.
      There should be an alley with two Reapers at the end. Jump down and aim. You
      will then here the screams of two mad bombers coming down that alley. If
      you time it right, you can shoot one of them down and take out one or both
      of the Reapers on patrol. Also, during mission 15 when you go into the sewers
      once again, soon after Zeke is done talking to you, you will encounter two
      mad bombers right close to each other on a grated platform. No timing
    15)Sticky Bomb --- 15xp --- Easy
       Take down an enemy by sticking a grenade to him.
     -The first stunt that actually requires you to wait. You need the Shock
      Grenade power to complete this stunt. Find and enemy and spam grenades until
      one hits him. That's all there is to it.
    16)Insult to Injury --- 25xp --- Medium
       Stick an enemy with a grenade, and before it explodes, take him down with
       Shockwave or Precision.
     -Find an enemy, and shoot him once with Lightning Bolt. Then, stick him with
      a grenade. As quickly as you can, hit him with a Shockwave. If it doesn't
      work because your Shockwave was too weak, hit him twice with Lightning Bolt,
      or buy the next upgrade for Shockwave.
           [d16] Day 16 (17-20)
    17)Crowd Control --- 50xp --- Hard
       Take down 5 enemies with one Shock Grenade.
     -Warning! Mass amounts of patience is required! Run into a blackout area,
      passing several groups of enemies on the way. If you're on a roof, shoot at
      them to gain their attention. Once you have around 15 enemies on your trail,
      jump to/up to a building without a protruding edge at the top. Walk over to
      a corner and back up. Look at you GPS and wait for the enemies to gather in
      one small area. Aim near the edge of the roof, but not directly at it. Throw
      a Shock Grenade and it will bounce off the roof and into the crowd. It
      should work, but if not, wait till the mission called "Zeke's Request" in
      the Warren. In that mission you will encounter six of those trash monsters
      at the same time. Stick one and they all go down. This stunt doesn't want to
      work, sometimes.
    18)Air Sticky Bomb --- 30xp --- Medium
       Stick a grenade on an enemy while he's in the air to take him down.
     -Like the other stunts involving the Shock Grenade power, this requires
      accuracy. Shockwave an enemy into the air and spam Shock Grenades until you
      hit him. Repeat this till completed.
    19)Unquenchable Thirst --- 10xp --- Easy
       Grind on four wires in a row without stopping.
     -This stunt's description can be misleading. When they say wires, they mean
      anything you can grind on. That's both wires and rails. once you get your
      Induction Grind ability, hop onto the outer train track on either side. Do
      not start going full speed right way, as soon as you start grinding, jump
      and force yourself onto the rail beside you. Repeat this until you
      successfully skip between each rail without touching the ground. This works
      best with the Static Thruster ability.
    20)Ride the Lightning --- 5xp --- Easy
       Take down an enemy with Precision while grinding a power line.
     -Hop onto the tracks and start grinding along. Once you find an enemy, score
      a headshot using Precision. It's that easy.
    [hd2] Historic District (3rd island)
             [d20] Day 20 (21)
    21)Suspended Sentance --- 30xp --- Easy
       Fry an airborne enemy with a Lightning Storm.
     -Once your done with all of the other stunts, cruise through the Warren and
      start the first mission of the Historic District. You will gain the Thunder
      Storm ability, allowing you to finish this stunt. Use Shockwave on an enemy
      to knock him up into the air, then, while he's floating around, hit him with
      a Lightning Storm.
             [con] Conclusion
           [ems] End Message
    Well, there you have it. A complete list of all 21 stunts. Once again I hope
    you found some use for it. Thanks to all that read through the whole thing, it
    must have taken a while. If you know something that I don't that could improve
    the guide, let me know via e-mail. I'll consider putting it up.
              [cop] Copyright
    Copyright 2010 Bryce Preteau
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
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