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  1. Can anyone send a detailed list explaining what every Item Resident does? My biggest concern is the rare green ones you only seem to get through specific items.The green risidents I have so far are: Sun Bather, inside the item 'Sun Flower'. Medium Rare, inside the item 'Primal Meat'. Mana Robber, inside the item 'Putty Stick'. Secret Training, inside the item 'Dumbbell'. Lastly is Cat Burglar, inside the item 'Puppy Paw Stick' ( I think this one has something to do with stealing items?). If anyone knows what they all do, please let me know, and the info for all other residents too if possible, thanks.

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    Ok, thanks for the heads up.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Please check the sticky in the forum or Aerius' walkthrough for a complete list

    I'll only copy the green innocents list here AKA fun/special innocents
    these provide unique buffs, they cannot however be subdued/moved/increase in level

    Kinder Gardener- Decrease damage by 50% (Flower Circle)
    Berry Picker- 100% team attack chance. (Tambourine)
    Secret Trainer- Stat growth increases 10% at level up. (Dumbell)
    Hop Step Cheer- x1.8 hit rate for attacks. (Baton)
    High Spiriter- Normal attack may cure an ailment. (Vajra)
    Glutton- Normal attack heals. (Baked Potato)
    Punisher- Normal attack from behind reduces HP to 1/2. (Toy Hammer)
    Sweet Tempter- Recover 50% HP at end of turn. (Lollipop Candy)
    Mana Robber- Steal 10% of targets mana on a normal attack. (Patty Stick).
    Cat Burglar- Randomly get defeated enemy's equipment. (Puppy Paw Stick)
    All Digger- Normal attack form behind causes Paralysis. (Shovel).
    Trash Talker- Normal attack from behind causes Poison. (Toilet Plunger)
    Rubber- Normal attacks twice in a row. (Deck Brush)
    Sensationalist- Normal attack from behind causes Deprave. (Magic Hand)
    Wuss- Physical attack damage reduced 80%. (Sign)
    Town Crier- Counter Attacks +5. (Tennis Racket).
    Sun Bather- Normal attack form behind causes sleep. (Sunflower)
    Joke Slapper- Normal attack from behind causes forget. (Paper Fan)
    Motivator- Magic attack damage reduced 80%. (Umbrella)
    Medium Rare- Ally monster's attack boosted by 20%. (Primal Meat)
    Heat Seeker- Attacks never miss. (Naive Glasses)
    Smeller- Enemy stats reduced by 20% when attacked. (Used Rag)
    Fluffifier- Restores damage from Geo Chain. (Stolen Shorts)
    Mode Changer- Null physical attacks on odd turns, magic on even. (Chicken Hat)
    Reaper- 20% chance of Deathblow if target's HP is under 25%. (Dark History)

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