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"The Epicness of Disgaea 3 Can Destroy Worlds!"

Nippon Ichi Software, or "NIS" for short, is known for their fantastic 2D sprite SRPG games, and Disgaea 3 is no exception. Disgaea 3 is the type of game almost all SRPG gamers or even some anime fans would love. The game is great for fans of the series, people who love SRPG's, or for people who want to try something new. Now that Disgaea 3 has finally been graced the Playstation 3, it is a game that people will play non-stop for hours.

Story - (9/10)

A great story that has a lot of humor, and by "a lot", I mean, "a lot." Like the fans of the series already know, the story will be about the main character going to beat up the Overlord, but some drama is added which works itself well into the main story. Overall, Disgaea fans will love the story, and newcomers may enjoy the pure humor of Disgaea 3.

Characters - (10/10)

The pure ridiculousness of the characters is amazing because it fits so well into the story. The different types of characters are Mao, the Honor Student of Maritsu Evil Academy and the main character in Disgaea 3, Raspberyl, a delinquent and childhood friend of Mao, Almaz, the "Hero", and etc. because honestly, their are a lot of likable and memorable characters.

Graphics - (8/10)

I will admit, the graphics aren't great as most games this gen, but they're still lovable 2D sprites. The style of Disgaea has always been 2D sprites, so changing it would be blasphemy against the series (Plus, they're really cute. Watching Raspberyl do her snooty walk is always a good time). Other than the sprites though, the background and scenes look very pleasing to the eye.

Sound - (9/10)

Like what you'd expect from a Disgaea game, it has an amazing crazy soundtrack. The soundtrack fits perfectly for the game because it sounds as crazy as the rest of the game. The songs are so memorable that you'd want to put it on your iPod and run around outside while listening to it.

Replayability - (10/10)

If you have ever played a Disgaea game before, you know it's possible to put over a couple hundred hours into Disgaea games. With stuff like the Item World, creating characters, and max leveling your characters to 9999, there's almost no end to this game.

Overall - (9/10)

Disgaea 3 is not perfect, but it is a very long, humorous, and enjoyable game. Disgaea 3 is the type of SRPG that stands almost at the top of the genre. With it's epic story and characters, crazy music, and just the ridiculous amount of replayability, NIS has definitely created another epic game, and I can only hope that Disgaea 4 comes out soon.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/12/08

Game Release: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (US, 08/26/08)

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