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    S-Rank Mission Guide by Kururu

    Version: 5.15 | Updated: 11/12/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Valkyria Chronicles (戦場のヴァルキュリア) 
    S-Rank/A-Rank (US ver.) Guide for Japanese/United States version.
    - FAQ version 5.15 (S-Ranking for the 3 main battles of the Selvaria
    campaign added on 10/30/2008. Major localization update added)
    - FAQ Version 4.15 (S-Ranking Hard-EX Mode Skirmishes Begins, added
    some pointers for beating Hard-EX)
    - FAQ version 4.00 (Begin DLC Content Updates in brand new version)
    - FAQ version 3.00 (added 3 Extra Missions, thus completed all
    mission on S-Rank; Future updates include new difficulty and
    scenarios introduced by DLC in August 2008; may add new information
    such as unit and weapon information)
    - FAQ version 2.40 (Added 2 Extra Missions)
    - FAQ version 2.00 (Completed all hard-rank skirmishes;
    minor spelling/grammar fix)
    - FAQ version 1.90 (added 3 more S-Rank strategy to hard mode skrimish;
    added permision for Neoseeker; fixed some small spelling/grammar
    issues; added more general strategies)
    - FAQ version 1.60 (Added 2 more S-Rank strategy to Hard mode skirmish)
    - FAQ version 1.30 (Added S-Rank guide to part of the Hard mode
    Skirmishes, as well fixed my contact info)
    - FAQ version 1.01 (minor grammar, spelling fix)
    - FAQ version 1.00 (completed story mission S-Rank portion)
    - FAQ version .40 (completed half of story mission portion)
    - Started on 5/23/2008
    errorrrr on gamefaqs.com
    Guide created by Paladin of [GG攻略组] Strategy group. Chinese
    http://www.goingamer.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=5620 (maps and ideas)
    GameFAQ forum individuals for help on guide localization in English-
    IMPORTANT: Please enable UTF-8 Unicode in encoding option of your 
    browser to view the Japanese.
    For use and distribution ONLY ON:
    *You may not alter this guide in PARTS or WHOLE.*
    Table of contents
    It contains many useful tips for general gameplay as well as
    S-Ranking the missions.
    Story Missions
    [010]Episode 1
    [020]Episode 2
    [030]Episode 3
    [040]Episode 4
    [050]Episode 5
    [060]Episode 6
    [070]Episode 7
    [080]Episode 8a
    [085]Episode 8b
    [090]Episode 9
    [100]Episode 10a
    [105]Episode 10b
    [110]Episode 11
    [120]Episode 12
    [130]Episode 13
    [140]Episode 14
    [150]Episode 15a
    [155]Episode 15b
    [160]Episode 16
    [170]Episode 17
    [180]Final Episode A-Side
    [185]Final Episode B-Side
    [ENR]Easy-Normal Mode
    [HRD]Hard Mode
    [H10]Bruhl Skirmish
    [H20]Vasel Street Skirmish
    [H30]Kloden Forest Skirmish
    [H40]Barius Desert Skirmish
    [H50]Fouzen Skirmish - Top Level
    [H60]Mulberry Skirmish
    [H70]Burhl Street Skirmish
    [H80]Naggiar Skirmish
    [H90]Vasel Bridge Skirmish
    [HDX]Hard-EX Mode
    [H1X]Bruhl Skirmish
    [H2X]Vasel Street Skirmish
    [H3X]Kloden Forest Skirmish
    [H4X]Barius Desert Skirmish
    [H5X]Fouzen Skirmish - Top Level
    [H6X]Mulberry Skirmish
    [H7X]Burhl Street Skirmish
    [H8X]Naggiar Skirmish
    [H9X]Vasel Bridge Skirmish
    *To Be Started*
    Extra Missions
    [LAP]Largo's Passion
    [SOA]Signs of Awakening
    [WLB]What Lies Beyond Hate
    [WWW]War Without Weapons
    [FOB]Flower of the Battle Field
    Downloadable Contents
    [ISO]Idy Squad Operation
    [BHF]Behind Her Blue Flames (~Fight on, Together with Selvaria~)
    Japanese Name: ~撃て、セルベリアと共に~
    - [GFC]Ghirlandajo Fort Control Operation 8CP 3Turn
    Japanese Name: ギルランダイオ要塞制圧戦
    - [AGB]Artilery Zone Battle 10CP 4 turn
    Japanese Name: 砲撃陣地殲滅戦
    - [GTR]Gallia Troop Remain Mop-Up Operation 12CP 3Turn
    Japanese Name: ガリア残存部隊掃討戦
    - [TAW]The Azure Witch
    Japanese Name: 蒼の魔女
    [FOR] Foreword
    Since the release of the US version, SEGA has abolished the S-Rank, and have
    made A-Rank the highest possible rank for any given mission. However, from
    Gamefaqs forum members, it is confirmed that A-Rank's reward and requirement
    are exactly the same as the Japanese version's S-Rank. Therefore, this guide
    will serve as a guide for A-Rank in the US version as well.
    For names since there are official translation for unit's names, types, 
    orders, and thus. This guide will follow the official translation as closely 
    as possible. However, I will keep the Japanese text since for those who
    has the Japanese and the DLC which aren't yet available in English yet, it'll
    be helpful.
    Since this guide has gone through a major formating overhaul because of the
    US Version, there may be some fomrating bugs and errors, please kindly E-mail
    me with the correction, and I'll change it and add you to the credit list.
    Most of my strategy are direct translation or modified upon the strategy at 
    the chinese website by a chinese strategy group. This applies only to story
    The original Chinese guide can be found here: 
    With that said, even if you don't understand chinese, the maps of the game can
    be very helpful to you. Please make use of it. I do not take any credits for 
    any of the strategy that are TRANSLATED here.
    Since this guide reveals enemy names and such, please be prepared for minor
    Also, this is written on the Japanese version, I have changed most of the
    common names into English to concide with the English version. However, the
    Japanese texts are still there for those who have Japanese version and doing
    the Japanese DLC atm.
    [OLD INFO: Also, Japanese can also help you recognize some of these name faster
    so you don't have to scroll back up trying to find where I put those names. And 
    searching in Japanese is easier in this guide. I'll put the Japanese once for  
    each names, then they'll all be mentioned in English.]
    A word of warning, this is specifically designed for S-Rank on the first
    play through. If you miss/fail some of the steps, you can't really modify 
    the steps to allow you to achieve A or B Rank. Even worst, most of these 
    steps if not followed closely will wipe your squad the next turn, or cause 
    permanent death for some of your members. 
    [GEN] General
    lations for the Japanese names. If I butcher any of them, feel free to correct
    me. Please enable Japanese viewing on your browser to see the Japanese names.
    2. ALWAYS use your badge characters and they are: アリシア (Alicia),
    ロージー (Rosie), and ラルゴ (Largo). If you are one of those 
    people that will ONLY use female characters, you can go without 
    Largo, but be WARNED, it'll be more difficult on you.
    3. Ranking in this game only matters in how quick you can complete
    the mission. Deaths, wounds, kills does not matter. That being said, don't feel
    bad if your soldiers are wounded, but if you follow this guide, you'll be able
    to avoid permanent death.
    - About wounds and death, when your HP drops to 0, you are considered wounded,
    and need to be rescued (touch them with your unit). The paramedic will come and
    rescue the wounded troop and send him/her back to base. If enemy touches your
    wounded soldier they are lost permanently IN THAT PLAYTHROUGH ONLY. 
    They'll appear again in the second playthrough in recruitable form.
    4. Following this guide, you'll get plenty of money and EXP without
    doing extensive skirmishes. I played all the skirmishes once for fun, on my
    first playthrough and I was able to continue story without doing any battle
    5. CP accumulates, if you don't use them all, they carry over to the
    next turn.
    6. The unit types you have in this game are: Scout (rifle), Shock Trooper (SMG,
    the guide will refer to ShockT for short. Lancer (Rocket Lances), Engineer 
    (Healer/repairer), and Snipers.
    [OLD INFO: The translation I gave to the units are: Scout (rifles), Assault
    (sub-machinegun), anti-tank (rocket lance), Support (rifles), and
    snipers (sniper rifles).]
    7. Make sure you read prior to performing your action, reading this
    while you are on the move will COST YOUR LIFE. This happens in real time the
    enemy won't stop for you. Hitting the pause won't help you, and will only help
    the enemy. I am not responsible for deaths if you die trying to read what to
    do next...
    8. Directions are given accordingly to the battle map positions.
    The relative directions are given in the most recognizable form in action.
    9. Tag enemey's dead body, since this give you extra EXP. However,
    dont' go out of your way to tag their body, but if it's on your path anyways
    just tag them for that extra EXP.
    10. Equipments and Levels - A even level is probably pretty good. Scout and 
    ShockT could get a little bit ahead, but an even leveling up is pretty good
    here. Equipments, try to have the best armor, and best weapons for your units.
    I generally go for the most accurate weapons. Tank parts upgrade DEF and HP.
    11. Aiming. Whenever possible aim for head shots. You need to dispose your
    enemy as quickly as possible. The top statstic bar is very useful. It will 
    tell you how many shots will take to kill a particular unit. The black number
    is the number of shots you will attempt, and the red number (once you have 
    your cross-hair on someone) is the number of shots for kill.
    12. Get use to the range limit of your units. Knowing the enemy range of fire
    and your own will greatly minimize the enemy's response fire. ShockT units
    have the shortest range. Scout, and Engineer (later Lancers when you get
    more accurate and longer range lance-rockets) are capable of head shotting
    enemy ShockT units without taking any damage. 
    13. Action are very limited in quantity if you follow a S-rank path on the 
    first try. Some of the mission are more forgiving if you miss an action or 
    two. Dont' fret if it takes you more than the specified CP to finish the task,
    unless it is otherwise written that you must have accumulated a certain 
    amount of CP.
    14. Save frequently, generally good idea to save every turn, every
    move/CP is not necessary.
    14. This is a S-Rank guide, if you are getting very frustrated it's ok to just
    do it slowly. The second play through will make S-Ranking easier. This is all
    up to you whether you want to S-rank the first time through or not. None the
    less, if you do not receive S-ranks in the majority of the missions, you may
    need to consider doing skirmishes to level up because the later battles are 
    much harder even if you play it slowly.
    Last of all, this is intended for S-Rank, not really "fun" per se, each of the
    mission you'll only be utilizing a couple troops, and can't really screw around.
    Now let's move on to the guide.
    ******************** Story Missions ********************
    ///////////////////////[000] Episode 0 - Prolouge
    S-Rank: 1 Turns
    Deployment: none
    Easy battle, just take アリシア (Alicia) or ウェルキン (Welkin),
    head shot the scouts on the way. Save between each action on the battle map, 
    save you some time if any accident occurs. Utilize your movement; meaning 
    moving as close as possible to the next target after each kill, this way you 
    won't have to worry about having not enough movement on your 3 turn 
    controlling the same character.Once the last guy is taken out, you are given 
    your first S-Rank.
    ///////////////////////[010] Episode 1 - Bruhl Defense
    S-Rank: 2 turns
    Deployment: none
    You'll need one turn to kill the captain, and one turn to make to the exit.
    First turn, control Alicia head north, ignoring the two scouts on the left, 
    move swiftly, so you don't get hurt too much. Once you hit the sand bags near
    the truck, take cover, and head shot the guy on the right. There'll be another
    guy behind the walls on the right, but ignore him. Next control Alicia again,
    and grenade the captain on the left, make sure you kill him in one hit, you'll
    have to toss the grenade behind him a little, not too far behind him though.
    This will end your first turn.
    Second turn, control Welkin, and dash toward the designated area. Take the path
    least under fire. I suggest walking behind the tank (north of the tank) he will
    not be able to shoot you, and dash south-easterly to the exit. This should do
    it.. Make sure you save before you make the great dash. 
    ///////////////////////[020] Episode 2 - Retreat from Bruhl
    S-Rank: 3 turns
    Deployment: none
    You can do anything for 2 turns, BUT make sure you get EIGHT, 8, CP for your
    third turn. On the third turn when you tank appears, you'll get + 5 CP on the
    3rd turn. I suggest using 1 CP to kill the enemy scout near the tank with
    Alicia and run back for cover.
    On the 3rd turn, when your tank comes, move as close as you can to the enemy
    tank, on your 3 move, hit the tank's radiator in the back (the shiny block).
    Next turn just do the same. Your tank's accuracy isn't the best, so might miss,
    I suggest saving before each move.
    ///////////////////////[030] Episode 3 - Vasel Street Warfare
    S-Rank: 1 Turn
    Deployment: 1 sniper, 1 ShockT, and 1 scout on the left base. Sniper should be
    on the furthest right, scout below him/her. Assautl on top left. The rest as
    you see fit.
    First, use your sniper move to the right east/right wall, snipe the ShockT
    in the north, and head north with whatever you have left from your movement.
    Next control sniper again, take out the scout just north of that ShockT, and 
    move north bit again. Next control again, and take out the enemy ShockT 
    captain (red one) near the flag pole. I suggest saving between each if you
    miss just reload. This'll use 3 CP.
    Now, move your assult on the left northward kill that scout, pick him up for
    some extra EXP if you want and keep going north, drawing fire from the scouts.
    Used 1 CP here.
    Next, move your scout on the right northward and dash diagnoally towards the
    flag pole. The enemy on the right shouldn't see you, and the tank in the mid
    section wont' either. The fire will come from the ShockT on the roof, one
    scout on the left, and the other ShockT guy at the flag pole. Kill the assult
    guy at the flag pole, take the base ane win. Grenade is useful at this place.
    ///////////////////////[040] Episode 4 - Operation Spring Storm
    S-Rank: 2 Turns
    Deployment: 2 Scout, and 1 ShockT on the top row. Rest as you see fit.
    First, use one of the scouts head north, and take out the ShockT guy behind
    the walls. Next move your scout where the ShockT guy was and toss the grenade
    on the north/left wall. Done correctly and this will break the wall.
    Next, use your ShockT head towards the broken wall and take out the Ragnadite
    crate NW on the map in the cluster of tank/ragandites. If done correctly it'll
    reveal an enemy unit behind it. Kill him and run toward where he was. If low on
    HP, use one of the movement after you kill him to heal. All this will cost 5-6
    CP and should have 2-3 left. End your turn.
    Enemy turn wont' pose a big threat, worst scenario your scout may die. If they
    die dont' worry, they are done with their jobs.
    Once your turn, control your ShockT make toward NW killing the scout behind 
    the sand bags, and get closer to the wall of the house in the NW near the flag
    pole. Make sure the enemy ShockT don't see you. Hug the wall, and toss a 
    grenade to kill/bring him out of the sand bag, and finish him off. Depending
    on how many movements you have left, if you have 1-2 CP left, your best choice
    is use one of the scouts, and make a mad dash towards the flag pole while 
    avoiding enemy fire, finish off the other guy stationed at the flag. If you
    think you'll make it to the flag with your ShockT, go ahead finish him off
    and take their base that way.
    ///////////////////////[050] Episode 5 - Battle of Kloden Forest
    S-Rank: 3 Turns
    Deployment: This is where you learn 連携, or combo, so if you 
    want, you can place an ShockT and scout with friendship/affinity 
    with each other. Deploy 1 ShockT, scout, and Engineer in the northern 
    portion. The rest as you see fit. For this mission I used 
    Rosie ロージー (Rosie) and チェリー (Cherry).
    Note: there are 3 mines on the northern path, which has mines. We'll be using
    First, move your scout as far as you can toward the base on top of the lake
    if you can shoot the turret, shoot it. Next bring your scout close to your
    assult take out the turret and the guy taking the base. Bring your Engineer to
    them if you are feeling uncomfortable sneaking with the 2. Try facing the
    path in the north as a soldier will come out.
    This should cost you 3-4 CP, End your turn.
    Not much will go on except a soldier will come out of the northern path, if
    your scout is there, should notice him and give him a couple shot.
    Once your turn, use your scout take out the ShockT with head shot, and 
    continue you'll see a mine, and just behind that blind spot there is another 
    ShockT guy, so stop in the blind spot. Now control your ShockT and take him 
    out. Also move as far as you can down the path. Next control your scout and 
    head toward the enemy top base, there is going to be another mine down the 
    path, behind the mine there is also another ShockT guy waiting. you should be 
    able to toss a grenade on him without him see you across the little hill. Do 
    it and stop close behind the fence. Now if you are hurt badly enough and wants 
    some healing catch up with your Engineer and heal. Now catch up with your 
    ShockT, don't move beyond the third time with ShockT since you can barely 
    move... Make sure you don't trigger the cutscenes yet. It triggers when you 
    enter the enemy base.
    Now, if you succefully lure the soldier behind the fence with your scout,
    he'll face you. Control your scout, enter the base slowly, and DO NOT let the
    enemy ShockT see you, or you will be dead. Once in grenade range, throw him a
    grenade and should kill him. If not, IMMEDIATELY END YOUR MOVE, or he'll kill
    you in blitz speed. 
    Now move your ShockT up to your scout, slowly, and use another grenade or
    combo attack to kill him. After you finish him, don't end yet, move up to the 
    barracks across on the other side, where you can see the crates on the floor,
    end here. Now if you used all the grenades on both, move your Engineer refill,
    and heal whichever is hurt most if you needed. Now, control your scout move 
    to the crates and blow it up with a grenadeand then go pass, behind the 
    braccks and head for the flag, make sure you don't expose your scout except
    the one at the flag. Stop there. The rest is easy, just finish off the 3
    troops in the flag area. you'll have an ample 10-12 CP to do this. Just make
    sure you can capture the base. This is where combo attack will be very useful.
    Dont' forget the bodies, and head shots will speed it up.
    ///////////////////////[060] Episode 6 - Encounter in the Desert
    S-Rank: 3 Turns
    Deployment: 2 ShockT and 1 Scout on the top (2 ShockT in the top, scout on
    the bottom). Others as you see fit, do not suggest putting anyone on the 
    other spot, since they are exposed. If you fail the first time, try putting a
    second scout for back up. Have the second scout mirror the first scout and do
    the same thing.
    First turn, control your ShockT dash north past the enemy ShockT, and
    Lancer, you'll see an enemy assult in the trench, finish him in 2-3 CP.
    Toss a grenade first, and if it doesn't kill him shoot him. Using your 2-3
    CP make it into the trench and to the right as far as you can and duck for
    Now, control your other ShockT, the same path, killing off the anti-
    tank enemy you pass by. Control the same ShockT make it for the trenches and
    using a combo attack or 2 finish off the Lancer in the trench as well. Do
    the same thing duck for cover.
    Next, move your scout along the same path, duck in the trench and move along
    it towards the right, if you are lucky try finish the sniper on the roof as 
    well. The remaining CP you can use to heal your scout. You want the scout to
    have as much life as possible. End your turn here.
    When the enemy moves, hope that your scout won't get taken out, if he/she dies
    you better reload. Scouts with evasion moves are pretty good. Alicia is a good
    choice here since she probably have the most life out of the scouts. If you
    have a second scout, then you probably dont' have to worry.
    Second turn starts, control any of the ShockT unit, head to the next trench
    where an ShockT unit is waiting, try to finish him in one turn. Grenade should
    do it. Duck in trench for cover.
    Pick up one of your scout, head for the same trench, and keep moving along it
    toward the right/east, at the end head out of the trench, there will be a 
    cut-scene with sand-storm. Keep moving north out of the LINE oF SIGHT of the 
    tanks. If you need to heal, you can heal. This should exhaust this CP. Pick
    up the same scout again, head north toward the "L" part of the map where you
    will see a named sniper similar to the ShockT guy in the last mission. Shoot
    him or grenade him to net the kill, take his spot, and end your turn.
    Doesn't matter which what the enemy does just make sure your scout in the north
    is alive.
    Now you can spend your CP enjoying doing whatever you want, get some extra 
    EXP by killing something. Just MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 2 CP left. Whenever you are
    ready, take your northern scout, go toward the enemy base. Go behind the
    tank and the ShockT guy at the base that's waiting. Take him out from behind.
    Take the flag and win.
    ///////////////////////[070] Episode 7 - Battle of Barious
    S-Rank: 9 Turns
    Note: This is one of the hardest battle you'll face so far. I advise level up
    your Lancers a level or two before this mission. Also, I advise having 2+ 
    Lancers as well to cut down on the resuplly. I also advice 2 Engineer units.
    Note2: There are also MANY MANY OTHER ways to do this battle since this has the
    longest turn limit. However, the following actions are critical:
    1. The left side gun turrets of the gabriel are destroyed will make this much
    2. Hurt all 3 radiators until they can be one shotted by an Lancers or your
    3. It takes 10 shots from your Lancers to destroy the Gabriel so plan 
    accordingly for your ninth turn. Following this guide you'll have 20 CP for you
    to spend. And that's way more than enough.
    4. When placing troops on the souther side of the trench PLEASE PLACE them
    on the upper levels so the Valkyrie don't kill them. She has super wide range.
    Deployment: Sniper, Engineer, Lancers on the top. For the L-Part, Rosie, and
    Lancer on the left; Largo, Engineer, Alicia in the bottom (Right to left). 
    This is one place where if you dislike either gender units you'll really have 
    difficult time winning this mission.
    When the mission starts, take control of your sniper get out of the trench,
    hug the northern wall, and head toward the front of ゲルビル (Gabriel), your
    destination is the right deck of the Gabriel. It'll take you two CP to get on
    the ladder. Please be close to the Gabriel so you won't die to its machine
    gun fire. Once you are on top of the ladder, your targets are the 4 soldier
    in on the west, and one sniper in the south. Start off with Scout who can
    shoot at you. YOU NEED TO ONE SHOT THEM. So save after each shot in case you
    miss. After the 3rd shot, you MUST GET DOWN the stair, and now switch over
    to your Engineer. Resuplly, and heal the sniper who is probably a little wounded
    from some scratch fire. Now control you sniper, and take out the remaining two
    other enemy. It's ok if you can't get down, you won't get hurt. Now end your
    The Gabriel will move forward giving some fire on each side, shouldn't be a big
    on the second turn, have Largo blow up the 2 machine guns on the left side. It
    will take 3 shots each gun turret if your Lancer troops aren't upgraded. So 
    I'll assume the worst. After you blow them up, take your other Lancer on the
    left side of the "L" and dash toward your southern base. Once you are out of
    the machine gun range in the front of the Gabriel drop the blue wall that's 
    north of your south base. Control the same Lancer and drop the wall that's 
    east of your east of your south base. You can leave her in the base or put
    her somewhere safe with the remaining movement. Next, also move Rosie into
    the trenches with Alicia. This should end your turn.
    On the third turn, run your south Lancer to the very south trench in front
    of your base.
    After this, the Gabriel will breech the first blue wall. 
    On the fourth turn, you should have 20 CP. Each of those Radiators will require
    4 shots from an Lancer. First use your Lancer in the north, and climb the
    right side of Gabriel and give the radiator 3 shots. Then climb back down.
    Now control Largo, climb up the left, and give it 3 shots, climb back down, and
    move toward the back. Now, grab your Engineer, resupply both Lancer with ammo
    then back to trench, or somewhere safe. Control Largo, climb the back give it 3
    shots, climb back down, and move to the side a little. Grab your other lancer
    climb up ladder, and give it a final blow. All this should cost 11 CP, 12
    at the maximum. Save and end.
    Gabriel will move forward and attack your tank, if it kills it please reload.
    On the fifth turn, we should have 19 CP. This should be your movements using
    1. run Largo to the left of the Gabriel stop.
    2. run the snipers to the trench in the north section.
    3. run the rest of your mid section trops toward south towards the southern
    trench. END YOUR TURN with 10 CP LEFT. 
    Gabriel will once fire at the blue walls, and break it, revealing the radiator.
    On the sixth turn, use another 3 CP putting the troops that didn't make it to
    the southern trench into the trench and settled them. This leaves you with 
    16 CP. Next grab your tank move toward the Gabriel, and hit the machine gun in
    the back. Take another turn and destroy it. Park at the left-back corners of
    the Gabriel and face our base' in the south. Do NOT move beyond your Sniper's 
    move range in 1 CP. The next 2 CP should be used to move the Engineer and
    sniper to the right back of the tank to get cover. Dont' forget to use a free
    repair for your tank. Get on the Gabriel and blow up the radiator on the right
    using Largo, and at this point the enemy reinforcement shows up. Climb back 
    down and get in cover of behind your tank and end our turn. 
    Gabriel will once again, fire at us... if it kills it please reload... 
    it does not happen often, but happen once in a while... Now the enemy will
    move their troops down the ramp. If they kill any of our troops, please reload.
    All goes to plan there should be no other damages other than your tank.
    Eighth turn starts. Should be full with CPs (19). Firstly, you probably want 
    to repair our tank. Then stay behind it. Next control our tank. You probably 
    guess it, use the grenade type bomb, and bomb the 3 troops standing right next 
    to the Gabriel; more than likely one survives, but it's ok. Now in reverse
    mode move your tank backwards parallel to the slope to the tanks' left side.
    Move your medic to your tank refilling it, and repair it at the same time.
    Control your tank once more, use the same thing aim for the middle one so it
    hits all 3 troops. Two of them are probably killed leaving one dude. Pick up
    your sniper and kill the Lancer troop on the hill. Stay back in the trench.
    Now use Largo, move towards your tank for cover, and take a shot at the remaing
    dude. Stay back behind the right side of your tank. All this should of took 
    7 CP. Use 2 more CP on your Engineer troop, sneak behind the valkyrie up the
    ramp, to collect the enemy bodies for some extra EXP. Should not be very
    difficult. If you can't make it, spend the extra CP. Also can control your tank
    again to pick up the corpse infront of it for extra EXP as well. Don't get
    below 5 CP though.
    Gabriel will move and the Valkyrie too. Depending on how much CP you
    got this turn, make the following movements. The critical ones are Largo and
    Tank costing 3 CP. Advance the tank first and stick it up the Valkyrie's face.
    Move Largo behind it and get behind your tank so Valkyrie can't get you. If
    you have anymore CP, just move your lone Engineer on the top of the hill to
    somewhere safe. I chose the South-side trench along with the rest of my troops.
    Ninth turn, if you followed the guide so far you'll have more than enough CP to
    finish off the Gabriel. First grab your tank it should be in perfect position
    to take out the remainig radiator on the left side. If for some reason you
    switch the position, grab Largo and head to the remaining radiator and blow it
    up. After your blow it up, you can damage the Gabriel.
    No matter which radiator is left, you can only use the tank once, so on your
    tank's turn move him between the valkyrie and the rest of your troops in the
    trench in the south blocking her view COMPLETELY. Destroying radiator and 
    moving tank should only use 3 CP. Don't forget to shoot the tank after you move
    your tank if you used Largo to destroy the last radiator. 
    The rest is self-explanatory, just pound on the helpless Gabriel with your 
    Lancer. Using all 3 Lancer troop will save you couple Engineer moves to
    refill. I suggest start pounding with Largo to just get it out of the way. Just
    make sure the Valkyrie has her back to you. Also, the Gabriel is so huge you 
    can't miss... if you miss... that's just really really bad luck. So you can
    shoot safely and refill safely from the trench.
    ///////////////////////[080]Episode 8a - Forest Encirclement (Escape)
    S-Rank: 4 Turns
    Deployment: None
    First turn, control Alicia first, and hug the right wall soon you'll get a
    cutscene discovering a animal path. Follow it. Using another CP move her onward
    and stop close to the shiny flower on the ground. Now control Welkin and head
    to the flower and hit confirm to get a cut scene. Continue with Welkin and you
    will encounter a scout, finish him off, if you can't, load, continue and
    wait on the bridge. There is a mine on the left of the bridge part so watch
    out. Stop Welkin on the bridge.
    2nd turn, control Alicia, accross the bridge, avoid the search light and take
    the left path until you see some grass on your right. There is an enemy behind
    it so ready your grenade blow him out, then take another turn kill him. Stop
    close to there avoiding the next search light.
    3rd turn, Alicia again, move her onward westward, and stop at the shiny flower
    once again. Control Welkin, catch up with Alicia and heal her, and then if you
    can still move, move slowly out of the corner, and stop when he gives the 
    signal that he sighted the enemy. Use the next CP, wait till the search light
    waves to the left, dash around the corner huggging the right wall ignoring all
    other fire, keep going north until you see an opening on the left, head shot 
    the scout and move north as far as you can. Watch out on the mines on the way
    on grassy path.
    4th turn, you can ignore all search light. Start with Alicia, slowly enter the
    grass and then croutch along the grass toward the north. You can stand up once
    you pass the search light. Stop near the shiny flower once again. Take control
    of Welkin, patch Alicia's feet up, then make a dash for the exit. Control 
    Alicia, then walk her to the finish as well. The upper/north path has mines, so
    I suggest taking the southern/bottom path.
    ///////////////////////[085]Episode 8b - Forest Encirclement (Battle)
    S-Rank - 3 Turns
    Deployment: I strongly suggest using all the badge character for extra CP as
    well. Lancer and ShockT on the right, bottom, top. Then a Sniper, Engineer,
    and another ShockT in the base. Doesn't matter where. 
    Note: if you have trouble with your Lancer surviving during second turn, you
    can make the tank movement first in the same way (do not expose your back). 
    Then give your Lancer trooper order: 全力防御 (Defense Boost). This will
    dramatically reduce the damage you take from machine gun fire.
    If the artilery strike going to be a really bad spot, just reload this battle.
    It's random each time. You should also save each turn in case the artilery 
    strike is at some anal place. 
    First turn, grab your Lancer, then go for the ducking ShockT unit infront
    of you, who is next to a tank to disable his ducking position. Then grab cover
    at the closest place. Next grab Welkin, head toward the enemy north base, and
    shoot the Sniper that's on the other side of the cliff, ignoring all fire,
    make around the camp down the ramp. Take another move on Welkin to move as far
    as you can down the valley and heal yourself using this chance.
    Now Grab your sniper, aim for the scout behind the first enemy tank. Then, move
    sniper to the right towards the southern hill so it reveals another ShockT
    unit close to their flag pole. Take another turn, and take him out, then move
    back to the center but still able to see another ShockT unit grouped with
    their Lancer. Take him out too, and then search for cover. This will be the 
    end of your first turn. 
    On the enemy turn, just hope your exposed ShockT unit didn't die... if he/she
    dies it's still ok if you deployed another one.
    Second turn, take your Lancer, dash behind the first enemy tank and shoot it at
    its radiator, then keep moving. Control Lancer again, moving toward 2nd enemy
    tank, and on the way disable the enemy sniper's ducking position as well. 
    Keep moving him so that you can aim for the tank's radiator, then take it out. 
    Don't block the enemy gate though. Now take Welkin to the base so that you get
    the tank back. Move the tank onward and kill one of the Lancer units, dont' use 
    grenade, but use regular tank shells. It should be able to take out one. Now go
    as far as you can toward the enemy gate but make sure you dont' expose your back
    to the enemy Lancers. I suggest parking with your radiator facing the southern 
    hill. This way your machine gun will also face the Lancer enemy and you might
    get lucky and take them out. Next take your Engineer, and dash for the enemy's
    flag pole in front of the gate. Toss a grenade at him if you missed your chance
    with your Lancer. It should kill him none the less. Take their post to stop re-
    inforcement. Duck behind some sand bags for cover and you can end your turn.
    You can use an extra CP to heal your tank if you think your tank won't be able
    to take next turn's pounding from the Lancer enemies.
    Enemy will most likely pound your tank, but your tank should be fine.
    Third turn is easy, drive your tank crash through the gate, and reveal the 
    enemy's last post. Dont' worry about the mines, just stop on top of the mines.
    Then just fire at the last enemy at the tank. Use your Engineer unit and make
    for their main base. Capture it and you win. This should only take no more than
    5 CP, the extra ones you can use as you see fit.
    ///////////////////////[090]Episode 9 - The July Incident
    S-Rank: 3 Turns
    Deployment: top 3 with ShockT. The other 2 Largo and Alicia (for CPs).
    Note: make sure your ShockT can combo with one another. DO NOT shoot the 
    enemy APC with any cannon shells or grenades. Also try equiping your 3 ShockT
    with highest anti-armor attack sub-machinegunes.
    First turn, take 2 CP for each ShockT and head for the intersection in the
    middle of the 4 buildings. (West of your tank's position) Wait behind those
    cargo boxes if you can close to each other. I had 1 ShockT on the east side, 
    and 2 other ShockT on the west side waiting for the APC. End your turn there. 
    Enemy will try to shoot you with an Lancer unit, just hope none of your
    ShockT dies. You can finish with 2 if you are strong enough.
    On your turn, get behind the back of the APC, and shoot it's radiator, MAKE
    SURE you can combo as soon as you can, better yet combo all 3 together. This
    will kill the APC in no time.
    ///////////////////////[100]Episode 10a - Liberation of Fouzen (Infiltration)
    S-Rank: 5 Turns
    Deployment: Engineer in the top left, Scout one below. Fill the rest as you see
    First turn, grab your scout, head for the little trolley switch, ride it and
    you'll be right behind a sniper. Take him out. Move along the top and you'll
    encounter 3 more snipers, take them out as well and wait at the furtherst 
    north you can go. Now take your tank move along the path, killing 2 soldiers
    along the way and move as far as you can. You should be somewhere near
    the bridge. Make sure your Engineer unit can catch up though. Catch up with
    your Engineer unit and you can end your turn. This takes 9 CP.
    Second turn, move your tank right along, you can ignore the lights really, but
    make sure you can move out of the artilery strike range with your tank. Kill
    the two enemy ShockT units on the way with your tank. If you don't kill them
    it's ok, since you'll spend another CP moving your Engineer to right behind
    your tank for Engineer. Next control your scout go down the ramp, and he/she
    will discover an ShockT captain unit facing south between the two houses.
    Take him out using a grenade or head shot. This in all should cost 4 CP. 
    Third turn, move your tank right infront of the enemy tank take as many turns
    you need to finish it off then on your last move, move as far you can with 
    the little amount of AP you have left. Once again you can ignore the search
    lights. Just make sure you out of range. Move your Engineer behind the tank
    and fix it. Control your scout, move accros the bridge, ahead of your tank
    in the grass patch there is someone crotching, so grenade him out of his 
    crotching. Take another CP to kill him. Should cost you like 8 CP with this
    Fourth turn, move your tank onward toward the end, you'll encounter another
    tank blocking you. Kill it as you get closer to it. Once he is out of the
    way you can move toward your goal and finish. Again, you can ignore the search
    light but make sure you can get out of its range. As for those two Lancers
    units. Take them out respectively with your scout and Engineer. Combo is useful
    here. It's best to move the two units close to tank to avoid being sniped, but
    if you can't, it's ok. Their job is done. You can also end your turn. 
    Enemy will try to catch you but to no avail. 
    Turn Five, move your tank to the goal and it's mission complete.
    ///////////////////////[105]Episode 10b - Liberation of Fouzen (Battle)
    S-Rank: 5 Turns
    Deployment: I STRONGLY recommend deploying Alicia as your scout, since she has
    the most life. Deploy a Sniper at the point closeset to the bridge.
    Also deploy Largo and Rosie. I dont' suggest deploying anyone else unless
    you want them just be sitting duck for the artilery.
    Note: the strategy is the general strategy used by JP and CHN players. 
    Make sure you have 全力防御 (Defense Boost) and
    全力回避 (Evasion Up). So far the other missions 
    required bit of luck to S-Rank, but this one require A LOT of luck. 
    On your first playthrough of this mission it's most likely your scout will 
    die really fast against machine gun fire. I hope you are prepared for a lot 
    of saving/loading. However you'll be able to complete this mission in 3
    First turn, control your tank, move onto the bridge, use a grenade bomb on the
    assautl unit bunkered up behind the sandbag. This will kill/bring him out of
    protection. You can just stay ontop of the mines, this way you wont' take any
    damage from them. Next bring your scout and dash across the bridge to take
    the trolley. Kill the enemy soldier on the way if he wasn't killed. This
    should cost 3 CP so far.
    Next, control your scout again, hit the switch as hinted in the cut-scene,
    then move north of the elevator so it reveals two enemy on the bottom. Get
    your grenade out, and bomb the one behind the sand bag out of protection.
    Control your sniper next, and spend two CP head shot those two enemy you
    just saw. SAVE before each shot... it's pretty far, and unless you have a 
    high powered sniper, it takes bit of try... After you take them out, you can
    end your first turn. All this should cost 6 CP leaving you with 4. 
    Enemy tanks will move and give your tank a couple shot. 
    Second turn, control your tank first, you should see a Lancer unit bunkered
    under the train tracks on the west side of the battle map. Bomb him out of the
    bunker. It takes some aiming behind since I dont' thin you can auto target
    him. Now give the order 全力防御 (Defense Boost) and 
    全力回避 (Evasion Up) to Alicia.
    These following actions will require quick maneuvering.
    Control Alicia with the buffs you've gave her. Take the elevator down,
    IMMEDIATELY HEAD NORTH hugging the left wall. The reason is that the machine
    guns are waiting for you. once the machine gun stop firing, get your grenade
    out, and bomb the little bridge. Then head back towards the tank, DO NOT BE
    SHOT, and end your first Alicia move.
    Control Alicia again, dash by the tank heading toward the Lancer unit you
    just bombed earlier, and give him some bullets to the head. Take no more than
    2 CP killing him. But 1 should do it. If you have any movements left, head
    for the bridge to the east of here where you see mines and blockades.
    Now use as much CP as you need to move toward the center of the bridge, do not
    be too close to the the center (about 2/5 way through) though I'll explain 
    why later. Also heal Alicia to full HP or close to full as you move. Don't 
    waste too much CP though. SAVE AND END YOUR TURN.
    I suggest using only 2 for order, 2 for bombing the Lancer unit, and 5
    Alicia movements for a total of 9 movements that round.
    Enemy tanks on the west side will try to shoot Alicia and will most likely
    miss lol... What you need to worry about is the tank in front of you. If you
    done what I said earlier, the tank on the east side will move RIGHT INFRONT
    of Alicia, and will do NOTHING. If you are too far out, he'll crush you and
    maybe shoot you with machine gun, and the Lancer unit will try to shoot you
    with a rocket. If you are not far enough, he'll give you a taste of his bomb.
    NO matter which outcome, (if you lost too much life on Alicia I suggest reload
    the last turn). Now firstly, give the same two order you have been giving to
    I suggest walk slowly around the front of the tank (if you followed my 
    direction), and stop 1/3 way which is the threshold of the tank's blind spot
    for machine gun.
    Control Alicia and make a mad dash to the elevator on the east side. It is 
    marked with an upward triangle on the battle map. DO NOT TRY TO MOVE ZIG-ZAG
    thinking you will avoid fire, this will make you move slower, and take more
    Take a deep breath and ready to press R at any time, DASH FOR THE ELEAVOTR,
    spamming your confirm button to take the elevator. If somehow on the way you
    are getting shot too much and think you wont' make it, hit R and if you do it
    fast enough the enemy will stop firing. Heal and be ready to dash again.
    Once on top of the elevator you are safe. BUT DO NOT MOVE ANY FURTHER.
    Use healing if you haven't, since you'll need it. DO NOT END YOUR TURN YET.
    If you walked any further straight after you are on top of the elevator you
    are most likely dead right now since there are two mines right infront of
    the exit. Anyways walk a bit furhter with the little amount of AP you have
    left. Now you can end her move, and save on the battle map, ON A DIFFERENT
    Next control Alicia again, walk straight to the front of the tank and
    walk slowly to the *RIGHT* side of the *TANK*. If you are facing the tank
    that means you should walk left. Slowly about 1/3 way to the tank you'll
    get noticed by the enemy scout, take out your grenade and toss at him, make
    sure you at least destroy the sand bags. If you can actually get him OUT of
    the sand bag position that's even better.
    Make a mad dash hugging the left wall. And hope your AP lasts till you are
    out of gun fire range.
    Take another round with Alicia, apply your Ragnadite, and hit the switch and
    ride the elevator to the top. Once you 've done that, you are home free.
    The rest of the CP should be spent running Alicia to the designated point, and
    attack the bomb to blow the bridge up. All this are done on turn 3. You don't
    actually have to make it to the point, you can just shoot from anywhere where
    you can aim for the bomb.
    ///////////////////////[110]Episode 11 - Invasion of Mulberry
    S-Rank: 8 turns (This method finishes in 3 Turns)
    Deployment: Alicia in the top spot on the left deployment area. Largo, and
    Rosie is a MUST if you want to do it this way. Alicia for the most HP.
    Note: Again, this method requires a lot of charging and dashing as well. Luck
    is important in this map.
    Turn 1, start with Welkin, use three CP and head toward the first enemy base
    closest to your start. Now take the left ramp up and go as far as you can with
    6 CPs. On your third move, use your smoke shell. It is appropriately named
    "ィサラSmokel" (Isara Smokel). Aim it northward and shoot it.
    Aiming Tips: If you move far enough you should be able to see the flag of the
    second enemy base, aim to the left of the flag pole so that the smoke covers
    1. Part of the top of the L Shape trench.
    2. The enemy heavy tank. 
    3. Part of the hills north-east/top-right section. 
    You can see your smoke area in the Battle map.
    Next, apply the same two order from the previous mission to Alicia.
    Now you should have 4 more CPs left. Please read each of the steps entirely
    before you make your move.
    CP1: take Alicia to the first camp, hugging the left wall as you pass the
    first turrets. Only start hugging when you reach the "xx" barrier on the left
    side of the battle map close to your start. This way, you'll take minimum fire
    from the turrets as you go pass them. Once you reach the first base take out
    the scout in the north as soon as you can. Then head toward the dead scout
    while holding to your left, but don't get caught by the barriers on the left.
    The ShockT dude on the left will shoot you a couple times, but no big deal.
    Once you can't move anymore go back to battle map. If you exit to battle map
    fast enough, he wont' get to shoot.
    CP2: For your next move, take Alicia into the trench and move along quickly
    towards the north part of the trench hugging the left wall. You can use your
    Ragnadite healing now.
    CP2: Get ready for some dashing again. You should notice across from you, but
    you going to run towards it anyways. A perfect run would be to stop right at
    the start of the ramp. Healing is good here.
    CP4: use your last ditch of AP and head toward the back of the turret, if you
    are good on HP, you can choose to destroy it by shooting the Ragnadite crate
    in the back. If you low on HP, just heal, and make sure you face the ramp for
    maximum evasion.
    You can End your turn 1 now.
    The enemy's turn will be most likely consist of an enemy ShockT shooting
    Alicia 2-3 times. Just hope you don't die.
    Start of turn 2, control Welkin first, move his tank up some more, and select
    Isara Smokel again. This time the target is the open area between the two
    mountain turrets on the west side of the map. On the battle map aiming some
    where close to the lone "x" barrier mark in between the turrets on the battle 
    map is a good choice.
    Now, apply the same order once again.
    You should have 8 CPs left. Read each steps entirely before you proceed with 
    the step.
    CP1: You can heal or try to kill the ShockT guy in front of you, or if you 
    are good on HP, ignoring him is fine too. The only difference is that you'll
    spend an extra CP this turn, but it's not crucial for your S-Rank. If you
    ignore him, you can go to the next step. So let's just say you kill him. Then
    hug the south/right wall so the turret don't get you. Get close to the barrier
    but not too close since you going to throw a grenad there.
    CP2-3: After you kill the guy, throw the grenade to destroy the barrier, but
    dont' hurt your self. now dash SW and stop at the lone "x" barrier. Make sure
    you have your sense of direction in the smoke, your destination here is the
    NW wall of the SW building. This will take you about 1 CP. Spend the extra CP
    to get behind it some more, and probably a good idea to heal. WATCH OUT
    for the MINE in that little alley... it will most likely kill you. ALSO
    dont' go PAST THE wall.
    Now you are done with this turn as well. You probably have 5 CP left over.
    The enemies are going to hit your tank, and if the AI don't get any 
    funny ideas, they will show mercy on your tank. Save before you make your
    move on turn 3.
    Turn three, which is the easiest. Apply evasion and defense once again to 
    Alicia, and this time also order Alicia with 
    全力攻撃 (Attack Boost). This prep step will cost 3 CP total
    leaving you with 14 CPs. Slowly walk toward the edge of the wall, and peek
    out and see the enemy placements. I tried this method 4 times, and got two
    different placements. Anyways, using 14 CP you need to take out 2-3 enemies
    AT THE enemy base. DO NOT GO FOR THE NAMED soldier, he is very tough on your
    first play through. He is named "ナノーソコフ中衛". 
    Your defense and evasion should be high enough to not take too much damage 
    from him, but if you are low on HP, feel free to heal. Just make sure 
    you get to the enemy's flag so that you can take it once you defeat the
    base enemies. Also another note, is the tanks. Sometimes the tanks won't
    move out, so they might be close to the base. If that happens, make sure
    you move to the front of the red tank to avoid its machine gun fire. And
    take out the last soldier from the side of the tank and then heal a
    couple times to before you make your dash for the capture. If the enemy 
    are crotched behind sand bags, grenade first then shoot him, or else you'll
    waste too many turns and not be able to finish.
    Prepare for S-Rank and tear jerking plot twist ;_;~
    ///////////////////////[120]Episode 12 - Retaking Bruhl
    S-Rank: I don't know how many turn it is... but this mission is way too 
    easy... 1 turn and you are done.
    Deployment: A Scout, and a Sniper. You can use Largo, Alicia, and Rosie for
    extra CPs, which would help, if the enemy decides to dodge your bullets. They
    are not neccesary though. On the left side of your start. NOTE, if you got hit
    with the Attack down status from enemy fire, please apply Attack Boost order
    to your scout. Make sure you don't deploy the maximum number.
    Note: This strategy is the general strategy among JPN and CHN players.
    TUrn 1, move your sniper up to the next barrier up north so you get closer to
    the enemy without them shooting you for better aim advantage. Take 2 CP and
    kill the scout and ShockT enemy infront of you. They are both standing up 
    begging to be sniped...
    Apply Evasion and Defense boost order taking 2 more CPs. You can actually not
    need to apply any of this order, if you are ranked up at level 11 with your 
    Control you scout and do the following, please read each step again before
    dashing for your life.
    CP1: dash toward the first enemy tank and head to the right of the tank,
    which means you should run left/west, stop before you enter its machine gun
    fire that comes from it sback. You'll see a little truck up ahead which will
    convinently allow for cover, dash for it and end your first move here. Heal
    if you need it...
    CP2: looking at the battle map you'll probably notice there is a sniper, and
    a turret in front of you. Now if you go leaning west/left, the turret won't
    shoot you at all. Once you are some what behind that turret, head toward the
    flag. Now, toss a grenade between the turret and the sniper, hurting both, but
    the most important is to get the sniper out of the sand bag. He'll most likely
    dodge with his super high evasion. So make sure the sand bag is destroyed.
    The rest of the CP just destroy the turret, and take the flag. If you can't
    take the turret out in the remaining CP, just dont' apply the buff, it's not
    very important.
    You should be done in 10 Turns. If you can't, consider adding Largo and Rosie
    for extra turns. Use your strongest Rifle, accuracy doesn't really matter
    here since you are like shooting right next to the guy.
    ///////////////////////[130]Episode 13 - The Naggiar Campaign 1
    S-Rank: 5 turns, but done in 3.
    Deployment: 1 Scout, preferably Alicia for high HP at the top right. 
    Any scout would do though. Largo and Rosie highly recommended for extra CP. 
    If you followed this far, you should have your rank up already for scout 
    which is level 11. If you don'tvhave lvl 11 scout considering doing a 
    skirmish or two...
    Note: This is the standard strategy used among JPN and CHN players.
    Also the terrain is pretty bizzar here, so using the chinese with the map
    screenshot will help a lot. Also prepare for more thrilling dashing.
    Please read each step here before moving.
    CP1: Before you do anything study the map. You first turn is crucial here, so
    don't get lost out in the fields. The first destination is the "v" on the
    top left in the cross-out zone. Now that you remember it, look at where your
    designated scout is, you need to move north/up along the trench, get out of it
    and make a slight curve to the right/east around the "v" to the second "v."
    Now spend 1 CP doing that. Done correctly you'll run out of CP some where 
    at the top-left "v". You can heal here. Save.
    CP2: Now look at your map again, your next destination is the upside down "V"
    section next to the "IV" in a retangular box. As you approach the section,
    slow down your footsteps, and slowly move out of it and you'll notice an 
    enemy ShockT behind the box. Take AIM (if you are fast enough he won't shoot
    at all), and take him out in this single try. If not, load, and try again.
    Move toward his body, you can tag it for extra, and keep moving down that
    direction as far as you can.
    CP3-4: Study your map again, your next stop is the four way intersection just
    up ahead. This will reveal two ShockT troopers on the east and south path.
    They both won't be able to shoot you if you stand at the intersection. Take
    them out each using 1 CP. So you have to head shot. Now you can end your turn
    once you take them both out.
    Second turn, start by studying the map as well.
    CP1: looking at the map, you probably notice the "L" shaped 'x's just east of
    youwith a ladder symbol. Head towards it and get up the ladder and on the
    platform, you see a tower!! How convinient? :)~ Get up there, and pull out
    your grenade launcher, and aim in between the two ShockT units -- fire away.
    Your goal is to get them out of their defensive position. Now get down, and
    use the remaining CP to head toward the corner before you enter the base. 
    Stop there and avoid detection.
    CP2-5: take out the enemy and heal in between rounds if needed. They won't 
    shoot you once you go into aim mode, so take your time and aim for their head.
    CP6: In your newly captured base, call out an Lancer unit.
    You can end your second turn now, but save.
    Enemy turn, will be mostly spent attacking your tank. If for some reason
    you got hit in the rear and got game over, just reload.
    On your 3rd turn, move your scout to the northern enemy base, and take out
    the 3 units. Then bring your Lancer and shoot that big tank in the rear
    radiator. Take the base and the S-rank is yours. The tank's machine gun
    blind spot is in the front, you should get by it without much problem.
    If you having trouble not dying... (I don't know how...) apply some defensive
    orders. You should have 20 CPs for this round... so You can do whatever you
    want. Just make sure you have 1 left to take their flag with.
    ///////////////////////[140]Episode 14 - The Naggiar Campaign 2
    S-Rank: 3 turns
    Deployment: 1 Scout on the top row. Rosie and Largo are forced deployment.
    Prefer high HP scout, I used アイカ (Aika) from Skies of Arcadia lol.
    Note: Standard strategy among JPN and CHN players.
    Study this map too before you begin. Your first destination is the enemy 
    base. Using 2 CP move your scout into their base. You should lean east/right
    as you move across, use healing when needed. After taking the camp, please
    move into some cover; you can move your scout between the sand bags and the 
    tents for cover. If you can't face your scout against the cliff behind the 
    tent, you will be sniped during the enemy turn if you aren't in cover. After 
    you capture base, a cutscene will ensue. Please do not use an extra CP to 
    move the scout. If you can't make it to the cover in 2 CP, try again making
    lesser de-tour avoiding the fire. If you didn't get cover you can take a 
    chance, but I strongly recommend that you do.
    This will bring enemy reinforcement to the bottom right portion of the map. 
    Now once their reinforcement arives, drive your little tank
    "シャムロック号" (Shamrock) three times full speed 
    to the enemy's big tank labeld "B" on the map. Your goal is to shoot it 
    two times on your way, and one times in its back once you reach it. Make sure
    you hide your radiator from the enemy units by facing it against the wall.
    The next 2 CP should be spend hiding Rosie and Largo behind the 
    "エーデルウイス号"(Edelweiss). And last CP calling Lancer unit from
    your new base.
    The enemy will move their snipers around looking for chance to snipe. And
    attack you here and there. If you didn't get in cover, hope her evasion kicks
    in and duck the snipers from the top and not get head shotted... Also make
    sure the belt on your Shamrock aren't broken...
    Turn 2, move your shamrcok behind the "B" tank, and give it a final blow.
    Move your scout so you can go take out the enemy scout that has moved
    toward your camp, then move he/she back to the camp and hide bewteen the
    sandbags and camp out of the sight of the two snipers on the hill.
    But please avoid staying in the area where artilery strike is going to 
    happen though. If you need, take an extra to heal and get covered.
    Next use 3-4 CP and move your Lancer reinformcent toward the patch of 
    grass on the ramp (it is the thinner strip of grass between two patches of
    larger grass patches). When you reach there, crotch for protection. Now you
    can end your 2nd turn. Please save.
    On the enemy turn, they will mobilize their troops to head for your Edelweiss
    but if they dont' do anything funny, Rosie and Largo should still be safe.
    They will also move their troops in the north. But if you stay in the grass,
    they won't disturb you. The danger of this round is having your base captured.
    The enemy tank will also most likely fire at you, so prepare for some file
    loading if your base get captured.
    Turn 3, control your Lancer and make a dash for the back of the other "B"
    tank, and take it out for your S-Rank. You can ignore all enemy fire. The CP
    is more than enough for you to take out the tank. Don't forget to shoot it
    some while running towards it to make the job quicker. It takes 2 shots at
    the radiator to destroy it.
    ///////////////////////[150]Episode 15a - Seige of Ghirlandio (Siege)
    S-Rank: I believe it is 5 turns, but I did it in 3 turns.
    Deployment: 1 ShockT and 1 Engineer on the right with the ShockT closer to
    the enemy. 2 scout on the left side. 1 is going to be sent away, so becareful
    not to send Alicia away or you'll lose 1 CP per gain per turn. Please deploy
    Rosie, Largo, and Alicia to make this easier.
    First turn, start by sending your ShockT down the right path avoiding the 
    mines, and grenade the get guy behind the sand bag in one shot, and you should
    be closer to the back of a tank now. Take 2 more turns to take out the tank
    shooting its radiator. 
    Next, send your Engineer down the same path, heading toward the enemy's first
    base, and when you exhaust your AP, take some shots at the turret. Should be
    easy target. Take another move behind the Lancer enemy and destroy the 
    turret. If you can't destroy it should consider using a stronger rifle, or
    use a team combo attack fromo your ShockT unit who is close to it as well.
    Take another turn to grenade the enemy Lancer out of its sand-bag position.
    Next using two turns, move your "permanent" scout down the center path, and
    use grenade launcher behind the blind spot to get the ShockT unit out of its
    defensive position. Next, move, kill him and move in NE direction to the
    east of the flag, you can stop at the sand bags.
    Now, send your "non-Alicia" scout, down the same path, take out the Lancer
    from his rear, take the base, and retreat from battle.
    End your turn. Nothing dangerous should happen on the enemy's turn.
    Second turn, take your Engineer and walk slowly northward towards the mine 
    field, you can ignore the big ones, those are anti-tank mines. Upon closer
    examination you'll see the left track is mostly not mined. Except two mines
    that's in your way now slowly disarm the 2 mines, then quickly move along the
    track avoid the turret fire, and go around to the the 2nd switch. You'll see 
    an ShockT with his back facing the gate, take this turn, and shoot him to 
    in the head and stay. Now take your Lancer unit, using 2 CP go to the 
    switch take out turret, you can use combo fire here as well. Use your 
    Engineer, to take their base just south of the switch, move back to the switch,
    and duck in the northern sand bags.
    Examine the map, next move your other scout, up NE, and duck behind the sand 
    bag to the left most in the three sand bags displayed on the map. Face the
    grass patch. End your turn by calling 2 scouts from the base you just 
    captured this turn. Save.
    Enemy's turn, the grassy patch will reveal a named scout, I forgot the name...
    He'll shoot your scout, but if you are duck behind cover, should not kill you.
    The tank will also bomb you once, most of the time, it will not kill you.
    Third turn, if you have the order 
    一斉防御 (All Units Defense) and 一斉回避 
    (All Units Evade) go ahead and use them at start. Of the round, 
    this will cost 4 CP. If you dont' have these two orders, then just give 
    the single target version to one of the two scouts that just arrived 
    from the reinforcement call.
    First control your east scout, immediately take aim when you assume control
    use the grenade launcher aim for the enemy named scout's foot. This should
    finish him off. If not, take another CP to take him out. Now get out of your
    position, move toward him pick up his body, crotch in the patch of grass,
    crawling toward the ladder, get up the 2 ladder and move as far as you can.
    The enemy ShockT shouldn't notice you.
    Next, control your buffed scout, if you gave single target buffs, doesn't
    matter if you used the group order. jump in the left trench, walk slowly 
    along it, and you will discover an ShockT unit. He is pretty blind, so move
    into your grenade range and aim for his feet, and that should take him out. 
    If it did not take him out, dash past him and get out of the trench via
    north exit and dash toward the turret second from the left. The turret 
    shouldn't be able to see you as well. Just wait there. Now, move your other
    scout, and if you didn't take out the ShockT before, now it's time to just 
    shoot him to death, DO NOT USE grenade. tag him for little extra EXP, and move
    the same way as the previous scout. Take another CP move toward the big wall
    infront of the second turret slowly walk out of the corner, and aim your
    grenade launcher at the sole ShockT unit guarding the 3rd switch. Aim behind
    him so it'll take out the sand bags and him out of defensive position. Next
    bring your buffed scout to the scout who just shot the grenade, use a group
    combo to finish off the ShockT unit. Now dash for the switch and spam "x" 
    and hope you make it before the turret kills you. The tank's machine gun is
    on its back, so it won't shoot at you. Also, if this scout dies, and you have
    used the group orders, you can also make it to the turret using the other
    scout who was near the same place and try your luck as well. So you basically
    have two tries here. Good luck. Your CP should be more than enough, since 
    if you followed this guide, you'd have about 18-19 CP on your 3rd turn.
    ///////////////////////[155]Episode 15b - Seige of Ghirlandio (Boss)
    S-Rank: I don't know the S-rank threshold but I beat it in 3 turns and 
    recieved an S-Rank. Could be 4-5 turns.
    Deployment: On this map I strongly initially deploying all 3 badge characters
    and 1 Engineer unit. Any extra unit is really a baggage, since they'll just be
    target practice for the enemies. Deploy Rosie, Alicia, and Engineer on the left
    3 spots, Engineer preferable the second from left ont he top row. Largo on
    the upper-right spot.
    セルベリア (Selvaria). It hurts, but you should be ok... your 
    destination is behind the tank on the right side of the map. Now check your 
    map, there is a path between the two houses just above the right hand 
    corner of your base, dash through it, hug the right wall, at the end of 
    the wall, there is an opening between the crates and the house. Go through
    it and you'll be behind the tank. Shoot it one time right on the radiator
    and it'll be gone. Stay there, you'll be safe.
    Next, move your Edelweiss diagonally between your left sand bags and the 
    storage house. try to cover more of the sand bags. Use your regular tank 
    shells, take out the turrets on the left/west side. If you do the position
    correctly you'll be able to save your self from a lot of damage. 
    Next, move Alicia swiftly toward where the turret was, avoding Selberia's
    heavy fire. hug the left wall, up 3 flights of stair, and encounter an ShockT
    waiting for you. Head shot him, and take his spot, hide well in the corner.
    Now move your Engineer to where the turret was too, but don't stop there, stay
    at the corner of the sand bag wall that's closest to the house so no body can
    see you at all. You'll know when no one can see you when you don't see any
    yellow target lines. Target lines are toggled by start or select I believe.
    Next 2 CP, should be spent on Rosie, moving to the wall just one level below
    Alicia, and hide just like Alicia in the corner, so no one can see you. 
    Turn 1 should end with 5 CPs.
    Turn 2, first take control of your Edelweiss and then on the spot aim a 
    Isara Smokel on Alicia, which will create a smoke screen. 
    Next use 2 CP on Alicia to move her up the stair, then, down south along the
    wall which will reveal a sniper in the smoke, a Lancer, and an ShockT
    on the path. On your first CP, stop just out of range of the assult, and shoot
    a grenade-launch on him to get him out of defensive. Now the other CP is used
    to take him out with head shot, then touch the switch for the elevator, and
    lastly take the flag and keep going. Head up the ramp on the left, and another
    ramp arriving behind a box where the scout can't get you. You can use healing
    during each of these.Please have a general idea where the sniper is.
    Next 3 CP use on Rosie, move her up the stair as quickly as possible and
    toward the sniper as close as possible. Wait a little until his ghostly 
    image show up, Aim in that general direction and shoot. He should be dead in
    the 1 CP. 2nd and 3rd CP is to move Rosie toward the newly captured base, and
    on the way toss a grenade on the 2nd CP, and then shoot the Lancer dead on
    the 3rd CP. If you can't kill him on your 3rd CP, it's ok, head to flag. 
    Keep going until you are down to 8 CP. If you have more you can do some
    healing on Largo if he isn't full health yet.
    Next turn, the tank on the west side will move up but won't be able to hit
    you. And Selberia will do some scouting and find no one. No real danger.
    Now, you should have a lot of CP, probably 19-20. 
    First, use Rosie and dipose the tank as quickly as possible. Charge straight
    at it, you can also throw a grenade to destroy the wood in the path, since
    you won't make it in one go anyways. You might even kill the scout.
    Next set of movement, move Largo up 2 levels of stair, and you will be under
    fire by the ShockT guy there, try to take him out, if you can't, it's ok 
    as well. You can give it 2-3 tries at it. Once he is dead, take his spot.
    Observe the battle map and see where Selberia is facing. She should be facing
    Largo's direction. Now bring your scout up north, if you didn't kill the
    scout on the way, disose of him first, he should be easy since he is facing
    Rosie. After killing him, in the same CP make it up north where you see the
    little square boxes on NWish on the map. You should exhuast your turn 1 AP 
    at pair of boxes in the middle. Now Order Alicia
    全力攻撃 (Attack Boost), and 無効化攻撃 (Neutralize). 
    If you don't have "No Counter"order, order 
    一斉回避 (All Units Evade). If you don't have
    that either... just order 全力回避 (Evade Boost).
    After you make the above prep, take Alicia nice and steady behind Selberia
    make sure you are not too close, or she will turn around. Also please
    avoid the fire from the tank on the very top level. If you do this nicely
    you should be able to make it to a nice spot behind Selberia. Now take aim
    on her head, and shoot. Depending on what order you gave Alicia, if you
    just have evasion, just hope you duck and evade her counter. If you order
    No Counter, then you'll be safe from counter attack. HOWEVER, WHICHEVER you
    did and if you are not DEAD after she counter/turn around, IMMEDIATELY GO 
    BACK to the battle map unless you want to be killed in the blink of an eye.
    Next control Largo, and AIM FOR SELVARIA, you don't have to hit her at all,
    just make sure you can auto target her. If you gave "No Counter" Largo is
    more than likely dead, but that's oK :)~ Now control Alicia again and
    finish her off and get your A. If you don't read the following paragraph.
    CP should not be a problem on the third round. Rosie taking 3-4 CP, 
    Largo taking 2-3 CP, 3 for orders. That's about 10 turns, which leaves you
    9-10 CP to spare. You might ask why? If it just happens that you can't take
    out Selberia in 2 CP. You should consider calling a number of "Largo"
    substitutes as decoy at the end of your second turn, so they arrive for the
    3rd turn. I suggest using scouts since they can head to where
    Largo is using 1 CP. 
    ///////////////////////[160]Episode 16 - Operation Maiden's Shield
    S-Rank: Make sure you don't blow up any uneccesary Ragnadites, then when the
    マーモット (Mammot) arrives at the designated point, 
    you'll receive an S-Rank.Deployment: Travel light, Alicia and a Engineer 
    will be fine. Other's just slows you down. I suggest a Engineer with 
    "Rapair Up" like ネーディレス (Nadine). 
    There isn't really directions to follow this mission is easy and self-
    explanatory. You need to blow up the Ragnadites at either side of the
    first cut off point (one at the side of the mountain, one at the split.
    The other place to blow up is at bottom right and SE part of the map.
    The criss-cross section is a mine field, mostly anti-unit mines. Occasionally
    tank mines. When crossing that section you can have your Engineer lead the 
    way and dismantle as she walks a long. Disarming mine isn't cost any "real
    action" so you can basically disarm as you walk along.
    Break the barriers with any kind of explosive entering/exiting the mine field,
    save you about 4 CP moving two tanks around them. There are some enemies on
    this map. They are really easy for your level. Take them out accordingly.
    The first split may have little time to pick up their body, but at the second
    split you have a lot of time. Just watch out for snipers, because a head
    shot means you are dead... After you are done playing with the enemy units
    just wait at the SE end, up against the zone limit. 
    You should have no problem with this if you S-ranked the previous missions.
    ///////////////////////[170]Episode 17 - ShockT on Vasel Bridge
    S-Rank: 5 Turns, done in 3 Turns. \Alternative - 2 turns/
    Deployment: Left - Strong ShockT, on the left spot.
    Top: A strong Lancer on top, strong ShockT.
    Bottom: Aliscia and Largo close to the flag.
    - Recommend Lancer with good tank-killing potentials like
    エリシス (Elysse) or Largo.
    - Recommend Engineer unit with good defense potential such as
    ネーディレス (Nadine) who has Super Defense, a level above 
    Defense Boost, the potential is named "防御力大アップ" as 
    opposed to "防御力アップ."
    Note: This battle is done very systematically. If you miss a step you will 
    not be able to continue since you'll most likely wipe. So each of these steps
    have no rooms for error.
    Aiming Tips: 
    For Flamethrowers, try aiming somewhere between the front and back unit, and
    you should take out both without any problem.
    For Grenade, make sure your Grenade drops ON/REALLY CLOSE behind the enemy.
    If not done correctly they will have like 30-50 HP left. When you are ON the
    enemy your target line will become orangish.
    Turn 1, control you left ShockT unithead straight west and go north at the
    interesection up to the first enemy base. All 3 units in that base have their
    backs to you, but as quickly as possible, line up the scout in the sand bag
    and the black ShockT behind him with a flamethrower, and take both out in
    one go. Don't stop yet, but go into the base as far as you can. Control this
    ShockT unit again, destroy the turret take their base, then retreat to the
    little alley way between the tent and the southern wall facing westward.
    This set of action should cost only 3CP.
    Next, control you tank and in the shortest possible route, move diagonally
    toward the enemy tank located north. Your goal is to use 1 shot of your 
    grenade bomb and kill the ShockT unit in the sand bag behind the tank. Please
    make sure you kill him in one go as well. This cost 2 CP.
    Next 2 CP is used on your Lancer unit on the top-right. Move quickly and
    destroy the enemy's tank in the north by hitting it in the rear radiator. Then
    move as west as you could. Do not climb up the stair. 
    Next 3 CP is spend on your ShockT on the right. Quickly go to the enemy's 
    northern base, take two flamethrower shots to kill the enemy in the sand
    bag. Take the base, up the stair, then wait on top facing the sniper.
    This should exhaust your CP in the first round.
    The enemy will most likely shoot your tank once but not enough to kill it.
    There shouldn't be any dagnerous things that could happen.
    Turn 2, first, call a Engineer unit from your northern base that you captured.
    Southern base could work too, but if the stationed ShockT there is not 
    strong enough you will run in the chance of being retaken.
    Next, move your tank as far west as you can toward the enemy's base to the
    west. Use your Grenade Bomb, and killed the ShockT unit that's stationed in
    the sand bag. Make sure you kill him. Stop there, and try not to expose your
    back, since there is an Lancer on top of the house. If you are close to the
    house he won't be able to get you from the rear.
    Enemy's turn, they will probably make an attack on your west base to try to
    recapture it. Your ShockT unit there should be able to last long enough under
    the enemy's fire to not let them take it. The enemy's sniper will also go for
    your ShockT on the roof, but if you face the sniper, then you will have a
    good chance killing him before he attacks through defensive fire. The enemy's
    tank will also move bacckward and give another shot to your tank. Shouldn't be
    a problem.
    Turn 3, this will test your quickness, and wits... I'll explain it how you get
    the most out of your CPs. Attacking, moving, resupplying in the least 
    dangerous way.
    First 3 CP is easy - take your Lancer move west, give the boss tank, marked
    "B" on your battle map 3 shots on the way. Its name is the 
    "ゲーニヒヴォルフ" (Genihwolf?). DO NOT GO PAST THE 
    RUBBLES on your right/north, or your Engineer won't be able to run there. At
    this range, the boss shouldn't be able to use his machine gun just yet.
    Next CP, bring your Engineer behind the Lancer, and heal if need it, which
    I don't think you should have taken any damage so far.
    How to move your Lancer:
    Now, next CP, move a little, the enemy tank should have a reaction now,
    IMMEDIATELY take aim, this will either 1. reduce their firing time, or 2. not
    allow them to shoot. This is part of the game/system design. As an SLG, there
    are some 'wait/turn' elements. So now shoot the tank. Immediately back out
    to the battle map.
    Next 2 CP should be spent on the same unit in the same fashion, move a little,
    take aim to stop its fire, shoot, back to battle map. The gaps in between his
    turret spinning around should minimize the damage you take.
    your Lancer and shooting I suggest only move about a 2-3 sec of dashing
    distance from your Engineer. Your Engineer will only last about 2-3 seconds
    under the tank's machine gun.
    Your movement should inch you toward the back of the Genihwolf where you can
    shoot its radiator once its armor is broken.
    Next is on how to move your Engineer unit:
    Moving Engineer unit takes a bit of luck and even harder than your Lancer
    since your Engineer will be dead in a blink of an eye under Genihwolf's 
    First, you need to move in range of the Genihwolf and supply for the second
    time. If you hear the turret moving on the Genihwolf and you have not yet
    made it to your Lancer, immediately take aim. This should cause the
    Genihwolf to lose AIM, or shoot you a round or two and return to its
    normal position. If it decides to shoot you, switch to your Ragnadite healing
    While, healing orient your camera so you know exactly the shortest way to
    your Lancer. When your healing animation is done, the Genihwolf will take
    aim again firing at you. So when healing animation is done, dash to your
    Lancer, resuplly, and immediately go back out to the battle map.
    This is the basic method of avoiding Genihwolf's machinegun fire while doing
    damage/resupplying. It gets easier as furhter back you move, since it takes
    the Genihwolf longer to take AIM, the beginning half is the hardest and that's
    when you should save often.
    *****END SECTION*****
    Once it's armor is broken, move to the back of the Genihwolf and shoot at its
    radiator. It takes 2 shots to destroy the Genihwolf.
    You MUST FINISH the Genihwolf in this round. On my first playthrough, it took
    me 4 Resupply, 11 Shots to break armor, and 2 Shots at the radiator to
    destroy the Genihwolf. The 17 CP you have in the 3rd Turn should be enough for
    you to break the Genihwolf if you are about Lv 14-15, with the latest Lance
    Rocket from R&D.
    \Alternative 2 turn win/ - As explained in the Chinese Guide with slight
    I suggest NOT DOING THIS unless your Lancer is LV 16+ and have a Lance
    Rocket with Attack about 1400+. Also recommending having a Engineer unit in
    the LV 16 range. 
    Deployment: Largo, Alicia, Rosie, at the main base for safety reason. ShockT
    placed on the west deployment point in the left most spot.
    The first part is the same as the 3 turn strategy. Take the enemy's west base
    using an ShockT unit in 3CP. Hide behind the tent and the southern wall. 
    Then in the new base call an Lancer, and a Engineer from your reserve.
    End turn 1. 
    The enemy's turn won't be much difference, and should not pose a threat to 
    the captured base. 
    Turn 2, start by using your Lancer, and using the same strategy, move, aim,
    shoot, back out to battle map. Destroy the Genihwolf in turn 2 using 15CP.
    The biggest problem is resupplying with your Engineer. Please save before
    resupplying the first time, since your Engineer appears litteraly ready to be
    shot to death. The problem is the sandbags in your way. Going above them takes
    time and you are vulnerable to shots. You need to move your Lancer about
    half way through Genihwolf's length to avoid being blasted which I'll explain
    There is no problem getting your Lancer into a comfortable position to 
    employ the move, aim, shoot, back out strategy. The problem arises trying to
    get the Engineer through the sandbag and not die. The way to remedy this, is to
    spam "R" on your controller to take AIM as soon as you select your Engineer.
    If done well, the Genihwolf won't shoot at you. If he didn't, switch to 
    grenade, throw it in a way that won't hurt your Lancer, and enough to
    break the sandbags between the Engineer and Lancer. Then once it's gone
    dash to your Lancer, hear the resupply sound cue, immediately back
    out to battle map.
    If you got shot before you are able to destroy the sand bags, you are most
    likely not going to make it to resupply. The second time with your Engineer 
    unit should also spam "R," but this time, to heal yourself. With full health
    you should be fine for the rest of the way.
    With the above recommended stats, you should have no problem
    destroying the Genihwofl this turn.
    ///////////////////////[180]Final Episode A-side - Showdown at Randgriz
    S-Rank: 4 turns
    Deployment: Left wing- Sniper(bottom), Alicia(TOP), Engineer, Mid-section -
    Lancer (top), ShockT (middle), Rosie, Right wing - Largo (top). This
    should put your troops behind sand bags, except your sniper.
    Tips: having the GSR-30R will make the sniping extremely easy.
    オードリィ (Audrey) is a very good choice as the main 
    Lancer here since she has the potential to refill 3 shots as oppose 
    to エリス (Elysse)'s potential to refill 1 shot. The potential is called
    "調達上手" (Mooch)
    Note: This is the standard strategy among Chinese and Japanese players.
    These last two mission are a lot easier than the couple mission before this...
    So just take it easy~ However, note that all your units are under vulcan
    fire in their default position, but it shouldn't be too big of a problem.
    Turn 1, Control your sniper, immediately run left behind the broken tank for
    cover. In that position, snipe the enemy Sniper, and Lancer on the left
    side (SW direction on battle map), and then to the NE on the battle map there
    is a Lancer as well. Take him out. Please make sure you kill them.
    Save before each shot is helpful. GSR-30 Sniper Rifle makes this a breeze. 
    After you took those 3 out, you can either retreat, or just continually hide
    behind the broken tank. But take note that he/she will most likely get wounded
    but won't die permanently. To reach our flag, you have to move towards it
    at the end of the second shot, and take the 3rd shot under vulcan fire. But
    you should make it if you are quick at ducking by the sandbags. These actions
    cost 3 CP.
    Next, control your tank, and aim for the the left cannon on the Mamott. It is
    not a vulcan. It's the first of the 5 among the 5 turret marks on the left 
    side of the Mamott. After you shoot it once with your regular tank shells,
    park your tank on the "x" barriers that's vertically placed north-south. 
    Face your tank, northward so when the enemy ShockT tries to cross you can
    shoot at them and even take them out. 
    Good time to save before doing the next series of action. Now, control your
    Lancer run towards the second cannon and stay under it. From there you
    should see a broken area of the Mamott which was circled during the briefing.
    If you can't see it, move around until you find it. There also
    should be a little ramp on the left if you are facing the Mamott, and the
    broken area is just above it. Now shoot it, and it'll create a ramp in which
    you can invade the Mamott with. Up the ramp, and around the corner, there is
    an ShockT waiting for you. Head shot him with your rocket lance. Take 1 more
    CP, walk towards the ladder but don't go up, from there shoot the cannon that
    was damage by your tank already. Now you should be out of ammo.
    This costs 3CP.
    Next, control your Engineer unit, head toward your Lancer, refill him/her
    and then up the 2 sets of ladder, and wait on the deck. DO NOT GO AROUND the
    corner. With the last 2 remaining CP, control your Lancer and give the
    cannon that's infront of you one final blow, now up the 2 ladder and wait
    near your Engineer unit. You should be out of CP now, so end your turn. 
    Enemy turn won't have any big threat. If any of your badge characters die, you
    can try reload, but they should all be fine. Note that there is an Lancer
    guy coming out of the front of the Mamott.
    Turn 2, Control you Lancer, walk around that corner of the deck, you'll be
    greeted with an ShockT. Keep running till you are facing him directly, take
    aim for his head, and head shot him. If you try shooting him diagonally it's
    very hard and a lot of times get caught on the fence. You should save before
    you do this. After you take him out, walk towards the middle of the little
    bridge, and you can end this move. Take the next CP, shoot the radiator on
    top of the dead ShockT. After you take it out, grab the ShockT's body for
    extra EXP, run back toward where you shot the ShockT, but make sure you
    have a clear view of the radiator on top because the next CP will be spent
    taking it out. So use another CP take out the 2nd radiator, and this will
    bring down the shield on the Valkyria Lance. Don't stay there though, try to
    make it back around the corner, but if you can't that's ok. All of this
    costs 3 CP.
    Next control your Engineer unit, resupply your Lancer, and move next to
    the fence so you can see the Lancer guy that just came out of the Mamott
    during the enemy's turn. Head shot him so he won't be able to attack you next
    turn. Go back to where you were at last round. You can end her move.
    You have couple choices here: you can begin shooting the Valkyria Lance, and
    move your Lancer back to the other spot so the lance won't be able to hit
    you with static. Or if you already made it back safely, you can choose to
    end your turn.
    The rest of the battle just focus on destroying the lance. It'll take you 3-4
    turns of shooting/resupplying to destroy the lance. My first playthrough took
    me 21 shots. The enemy should not be able to pose a threat to you so just
    ignore any enemy movement. There is a slight chance of being head shotted by
    the enemy sniper reinforcement if you are too far out on the deck.
    On the beginning of the 3rd turn, the Queen will heal all your troops to 
    full health so you don't really have to worry about healing very much. The 
    rest of the units are deployed for distraction and CP purposes. With Audrey's 
    Procument Supply kicking in 3-4 times, you can most likely end on turn 3, if
    not, just continue pounding it for another turn.
    ///////////////////////[185]Final Episode B-Side - Showdown at Randgriz
    S-Rank: 3 turns (Finish in 1...)
    Deployment: 3 ShockT taking the top 3 slots, and fill another with a scout.
    Make sure your ShockT aren't lone wolf :(~ Largo behind a tank. Sniper and
    Scout on the bottom 2 spots. Last one whatever you feel like. I prefer another
    Note: There are many ways to do this battle, but the one given in the chinese
    guide is the most effective ways I've tried. This battle is pretty easy for
    a final boss fight of a SLG. By now all your units are probably Lv 16 or 
    higher, and should have learned 一斉攻撃 
    (All Units Attack) which give attack up to all your units. If you don't, 
    consider leveling up your assualt. GSR-30R will make this easier on you too. 
    Also, try using the B-rank accuracy Rocket-Lances since C-rank accuracy can 
    miss the switch a lot...
    Boss note: Each turn, 3 switch of different combination will appear, 
    and you have to take them out before you can hurt
    マクシミリアン (Maximillian). He will also heal, so you 
    should finish him as quickly as possible.
    The main strategy here is to use combo attacks with your ShockT units to
    bring a big chunk of the Boss' HP down in one go.
    Turn 1, use your sniper, and sniped the switch way up far north. Get in cover.
    Then take out the other two switch with Largo, or any Lancer you
    deployed. These will cost 3 CP. It's a good idea to save after this because
    miss a shot on one of these switch happens quiet often.
    Next, take one of your ShockT unit, run infront of Maximillian (PLEASE TRY
    avoiding being shot too much, even though you won't die, it could mean death
    when he counter attacks), and shoot him. He'll counter but shouldn't kill you.
    He is way weak compare to Selberia. If you having trouble with your initial
    ShockT unit, you don't really have to get close to him for head shot. He
    doesn't have any head shot weakness, so just stop half way and shoot in a 
    comfortable position on his torso. I also suggest using Rosie as your first
    ShockT unit since she has the potential to reduce damage.
    Depending on how much damage you do, it will affect the following order of
    actions. The reason is that Maximillian will jump away to far north, if he
    drops to 60% health. Now then, it usually takes 1 Solo, and 1 Duo of ShockT
    attacks to bring Maximillian to about 65-70% health. If you are doing too much
    damage, consider not shooting with your first ShockT unit.
    Now that Maximillian is just bit above his threadhold, give the order (Attack
    Together), bring your 3rd ShockT, and do a trio-combo. It should take a huge
    chunk of HP out of him. Now he is going to jump away.
    Also, if you use ShockT units like ジェーン (Jane)
    and イーディ (Edy) some of their attack up potentials
    against units might activate... in that case you should reconsider if you
    want to attack. If both of their traits activate, go ahead and shoot
    and they will do a lot of damage to the boss even without buff.
    30% or less health is the best when he jumps. If he is 30% ish just bring 
    your scouts to him and give him 3 grenade shots. when running toward him,
    run straight toward him, since he is on the upper level, the deck will
    block his shots fairly quickly once you are in his range. The gun turrets
    aren't too strong, but dont' get caught in between.
    You can also snipe him from your base if you have the GSR-30R Sniper.
    The rest is up to you. You can move a scout up to use grenade launcher, snipe
    him or whatever. The S-rank is yours, and enjoy a touching ending.
    Congratulations, you just S-Rank every single story mission! Thank you for 
    reading, thanks to Paladin, the author of the Chinese guide, thanks to
    gamefaqs for posting, and thanks to Sega for making this one of the BEST SLG
    I've ever played.
    ******************** Skirmishes ********************
    [ENR]Easy-Normal Skirmishes
    Easy-Normal are very easy if you have completed the story version of the 
    battle. The same strategy will work well in the easy-normal version of
    the skirmishes since the layout are the same except some of the semi-
    bosses are replaced by normal enemies, which makes the battle easier.
    If you have followed this GUIDE chronologically your troops are probably
    already Lv16-18, and the Easy-Normal skirmishes are a joke. The enemy 
    doesn't even scratch you.
    [HRD]Hard Mode Skirmishes
    Hard mode skirmishes requires a different strategy and approach because
    1. the enemies are a lot stronger; 2. the layout has completely changed.
    I'll detail the method of obtaining S-Rank on the Hard mode skirmishes
    in the following section.
    Hard mode skirmishes are unlocked during the second play-through; thus 
    I strongly suggest that you are level 20 for all your classes, or very
    close to level 20; in addition, try to get some of the high level "R"
    type weapons from the queen. Accuracy over power will still work in
    this. With that being said, I suggest attempting these toward the end
    of your second play-through where you will gain enough experience and
    funds to upgrade your units.
    Isara Smokel: please practice shooting the Smokel blindly as this is the
    most efficient way to sneak past enemy lines while minimizing damage. This
    is perhaps one of the best weapon in your arsenal for achieving S-Rank.
    Please also learn as many order as you can because you never know when
    they come in handy.
    ///////////////////////[H10]Bruhl Outskirt Skirmish
    S-Rank: No idea of the threshold, but I beat it in 1 turn.
    Deployment: Lancer, Engineer at the most bottom deployment point.
    At first, this battle may seem overwhelming, but when you look closely,
    the objective is ridiculously close. The key in this battle is the 
    placement of your Isara Smokel, so we'll start with that.
    Turn 1, take the Edelweiss and aim your Isara Smokel toward the east/right;
    your objective is to cover the enemies in the east with smoke so that you
    will not be harmed on your way to the enemies' base. Your smokel should cover
    the 2 ShockTs, the 2 turrets, and parts of the 2 tanks. Aim Tip: somewhere
    between the ShockT that are digged in the sandbag; save before you shoot.
    Next, take your Engineer, WALK SLOWLY straight toward the enemy flag, PLEASE 
    pay attention to the mines, if you hear a "Click" immediately stop, and 
    disarm the mine. Once you can see the flag, you'll also see an enemy ShockT 
    next to the flag pole. Get your rifle and headshot the ShockT unit, then 
    just standby.
    Next, control your Lancer, walk in the same path that your Engineer has
    walked to ensure you dont' get suprised by mines, however make sure you have
    enough movements to make it behind one of the tanks. Once you arrive, just
    shoot the two tanks in the back; one shot each should do. If not, have your
    Engineer resupply and keep at it. You should have enough CP to take out the
    two tanks and take the base for your S-Rank.
    If you place the Smokel correctly, there should be no enemy fires at all.
    However, do make sure, you don't walk out the smoke with your Engineer when
    you are trying to head shot the enemy ShockT at the flag pole. You should
    be able to make out his head while you are in the smoke. I suggest equiping
    a strong/accurate rilfe such as the S-20 to ensure the kill.
    ///////////////////////[H20]Vasel Street Skirmish
    S-Rank: No idea, probably 4 or 5. This strategy takes 4 turns.
    Deployment: Engineer, Alicia, and ShockT on top row. Sniper, Largo and 
    Rosie (for CPs) toward bottom. Another back up scout somewhere in the
    Reccomendation: ネーディレス (Nadine) for Engineer. 
    レミィ (Remona) for the other scout. Nadine has 
    連続行動 (Double Action), and Remona has the 
    ability to reduce oncoming fire. (If you are level 20 with them, and has 
    use them a bit).
    The key to winning this battle is to stop reinforcement as you push toward
    enemy base.
    First turn, take control of your Edelweiss, drive it up the slope while
    running over the two enemy ShockT out of the sandbag. Try to minimize your
    maneuvering to save your AP. Once you can't go any further on the slope 
    switch to Isara Smokel, and shoot it up the slope; the reason for this is
    that there is an ShockT and sniper on the right side of the top of the
    slope. You need to block the enemies' vision when you advance toward the
    alley way in the left. Once you've placed your smokel, standby. It's ok
    to run over those mines, but MAKE SURE your legs dont' get destroyed.
    The path I took only got hit once by the mines.
    Next, take your Sniper, and sniped the two ShockT units you just ran over,
    then bail out at your base flag. Then take your Engineer, make your way towards
    the tank, watch out for an anti-personnel mine that's placed in the little
    green patch in the middle of the slope. Should disarm it since it's on the
    way; lean left toward the slope, and slowly walk up until it reveals an
    enemy ShockT. Switch out the grenade, and MAKE SURE you kill him. Drop the
    grenade right at his feet, and it should kill him. Also he shouldn't be
    able to see you if you done this correctly. Walk back towards your tank if
    you can, and standby near your tank.
    Next, take a scout, run up the same path, this time, going into the alley-way
    on the left; MAKE SURE YOU AVOID THE MINE IN IT! Walk slowly hugging the 
    southern/left wall, until it reveals an enemy ShockT, blow him out of 
    defensive mode with a grenade -- he will fire and will hurt you pretty bad
    but try your best to minimize damage using the method introduced in the
    main walk-through section. After he is out of defend mode, get back in the
    alley way to avoid enemy fire. Next take your ShockT, and using 2 CP
    kill the enemy ShockT that you just blown out, and get back in the cover
    of the alley way.
    You can decide to save your last CP, or bring another scout into the alley-
    way if you feel uncomfortable with just one scout for the rest of the mission.
    When enemy turn starts, they will definitely call reinforcement from their
    first base. Then they'll shuffle their units around, and the one posing the
    most threat is the sniper that's on top of the ramp. Just hope your units
    don't get blasted in the head, so that no wound occurs. 
    When the second turn starts, take control of the Edelweiss and ram into the
    enemy's base while running over two Lancers out of defensive position. 
    Make sure you use your regular tank shell and kill the "captain" Lancer
    with your Edelweiss. Control, the Edelweiss again, and move toward the
    first cannon turret (the one behind the machinegun turret near the flag
    pole). Use your tank-shell and blow it to pieces, then park your Edelweiss
    diaganolly with your front half protecting the units in the alley way, and
    the back half protecting the units at the flag pole.
    Next, take your Engineer unit, using 2 CP, take out the enemey Lancer,
    sniper, as well as capturing the first base to stop reinforcement. If you
    used Nadine, and her 'Double Action" potential kick in, you can use it to
    repair your Edelweiss. Standby close to the Edelweiss.
    Next control one of your scout, and climb up the ladder, to get a better 
    view of the whole central square to make your stratigic decisions easier. 
    Before wasting a movement, use your Grenade-Launcher, and disable the enemy's
    ShockT units defensive position who is near the second enemy flag pole. After
    you've done that, standby near the chiminey and cover yourself properly so that
    you don't get sniped.
    You can now end your second turn.
    On the enemie's turn, they will have an ShockT unit runnig toward the alley-
    way but your Edelweiss's response fire should take him out, if not your should
    still be ok. Next, they will call reinforcement in their next base at the Vasel
    City Hall. They will also shoot the Edelweiss with their Lancer 3 times. So
    make sure your Edelweiss dont' die.
    On the 3rd turn, control your Engineer first, and repair your Edelweiss once,
    and advance toward the central area, hugging the house on the left. You should
    be facing the enemy machine gun turret at the city-hall flag pole. DO NOT go
    in its firing range, and just standby right outside of its firing range.
    Control your Edelweiss next, and driver toward the center of the central area,
    and on your way, destroy the enemy's machine gun-turret at the enemy's city-hall
    base. Park with your back facing north. Next, control your Engineer on the top
    of the ladder, and head shot the enemy assualt at the city-hall flag pole; then
    climb down, and capture the city-hall base. Make sure you avoide the machine
    gun turret's line of sight that we have ignored thus far. Also you probably
    notice two ShockT unit are stationed on the east side of the laddered building,
    so avoid their line of sight as well. Once you capture the city hall base, 
    get in defensive position in the southern sand-bag where the machine-gun turret
    once were, and try to attract the attention of the two ShockT units. If you
    can't, it's ok, but the next maneuvering may be a little dangerous.
    Use your other scout, and walk to where your Engineer is, and then use
    grenade launcher to hit both of the ShockT unit that's stationed together
    next to your tank to disable one of them out of defensive, and to hurt the 
    others. Alternatively, if you didn't bring another scout, use the one 
    stationed at the flag pole, to do the same from the flag pole. Another way is
    that if you have caught the two ShockT's attention from the flag pole, you
    can use your Engineer to throw a grenade to achieve the same affect. Whatever
    you do, try to get in cover asap after you've done the maneuvering.
    Next, use your ShockT to take out the 2 ShockT enemy, or use another grenade
    from your Engineer to kill both if they are close enough. Once the 2 ShockT
    units are killed, the rest of the mission is easy.
    On the 4th turn, use your tank and ram through the wall behind the enemy sniper,
    and use 6 CP to take out the 3 turrets. Use the remaining CP to do whatever
    you like. A scout from the city-hall flag pole should have enough AP to run
    to the last base using only 1-2 CP.
    Caution toward the end: watch out for your tank's leg damage, make sure you
    properly repair it with your Engineer unit. If you were able to follow this
    guide this far, you should have no problem finishing the rest of the mission.
    ///////////////////////[H30]Kloden Forest Skirmish
    S-Rank: No idea, probably 2 or 3 turns. Done in 2 here.
    Deployment: 1 Scout, and the 3CP characters. (Can be done with just +2CP)
    This skirmish is ridiculously easy... First turn, use 6 CP, kill all 3
    cannon turrets at the top of the hill where the enemy main base is.
    Make sure you turn your tank around, and have your back toward the east.
    Next, use 2CP, move your scout to Edelweiss, and standby between the two
    lower barracks that's close to the hill. Tip: there is an opening
    toward the alley created between the barracks next to where the Edelweiss
    started. Just stand by there. There will be also a Ragnadite crate right
    at the opening toward the 'back' of the barracks. If you go out to the
    opening, there will be an ShockT and an Lancer. Don't expose yourself,
    and just end your turn there.
    The enemy will move their battalion located at your starting point during
    your story mission here. They'll most likely try to shoot you from the
    other side with their tank. Nothing dangerous will occur to your vital
    On the third turn, use your Edelweiss and shoot an Isara Smokel behind
    the barracks where the Lancer and ShockT is. Next control your ShockT
    unit, and run past those two enemy unit, and you will be at the area where
    the enemy base once was during the story mission. Your path will be blocked
    by some logs, so take out your grenade and destroy the one on the right/west.
    Make a U-turn at the base, to go up the slope to where the enemey flag is, 
    watch out for the mine behind the sandbag that's in your way. Just walk 
    around the sand bag, and if no accident happens, you'll be able to capture
    the enemy's flag without them putting up a fight at all.
    ///////////////////////[H40]Barious Skirmish
    S-Rank: 3-4 Turns? This strategy takes 3 turns.
    Deployment: Elysse (strongly recommended for your main Lancer), Scout,
    Engineer. Place your scout on the top triangle, with 2 ShockT units of
    your choice. Engineer and Elysse in the middle. Sniper on the hill to the
    right. Any CP characters you haven't used yet.
    Recommended weaponry: M-20R Rockets, received as a gift from the queen.
    Equip the rockets on Elysse.
    Like the first Bruhl skirmish, you are under fire right away, and the
    battle seems overwhelming to finish in 3 turns. The key to this battle is
    a strong Lancer unit. Preferably, Lv 20 with all potentials, and M-20R
    lance-rocket. I chose Elysse because she has 3 different type of
    Lancer attack up potentials, and she sounds so lay back XD~ On with the
    strategy. In this strategy I'll refer to the main Lancer unit as Elysse
    since that's who I think is the best for this mission.
    First, take 3 CP with your sniper, your targets are, the scout that's
    closest to your base, the sniper on the roof at the enemy base (mid-base),
    and the Lancer toward the back of the 3 tanks that's facing your base
    (he is a captain-ranked Lancer). You should have no problem sniping
    Next, it's time for Elysse to shine. If ANY OF Elysse's attack up potential
    activates, it's most likely that she can one shot any of those tanks even
    without shooting them in the radiator... If that's the case, charge
    straight up for the ditch (where you can duck in defensive position, they
    are marked on the overall map). On your way destroy the 3 tanks. If no
    potential acitvated, DO NOT SHOOT the first tank, but keep going toward 
    the back of the second tank where then you can see the back of the first
    tank. This should take no more than 4 CPs. MAKE SURE you do not step in
    the ShockT unit's field of vision because his attacks will give you
    attack down status. Once you finish off the 3 tanks, try to duck in the
    ditch, if you can't, face the enemy tank to the east to minimize harm.
    Next, take your Engineer unit, head toward Elysse, also avoid the field
    of vision of the ShockT unit. On your way to Elysse, head shot the
    ShockT unit. Your Engineer unit won't be able to reach Elysse, so hide 
    behind a wall on the left side because the enemy tank will come for you
    during the enemy turn.
    This should be the end of your first turn.
    On enemy's turn, the enemy is most likely going to attack Elysse, and
    because Elysse has awesome defense, she won't die. The enemy will also
    call reinforcement.
    On the second turn, control Elysse, and destroy the enemy tank who's back
    is now facing you. After destroy the tank, make for the next ditch north
    and settle in for now. Control your scout, kill the scout that's facing
    north, and head for where Elysse is and settle in close to Elysse. Next,
    take your Engineer, and resupply Elysse, and heal her.
    Grab control of Elysse again, and destroy the tank closest to you, again,
    if Elysse activates any of her potential it'll destroy it without a second
    shot. Once that's done duck in the ditch. Next, take your scout, and move
    her along the ditch toward the East, and should almost exhaust her AP, so
    seattle there. DO NOT GET OUT OF the ditch.
    The placement of Elysse, scout, and Engineer is up to you where you think
    they will survive the second enemy turn. As for the last turn, your
    objective is to move your scout straight north, avoiding tanks, and then
    straight west, and kill the sole ShockT unit in the base. While Elysse
    will make a straight run toward the base, destroying the sole tank in
    the enemy's base (behind the ShockT, I suggest the M-20R also because of
    its B-Rank accuracy). Once the ShockT and tank is taken out, you will be
    able to capture the base with your scout.
    During the enemy's turn, the Engineer will most likely to die, but should
    not suffer permanent death. The most dangerous is probably your scout, so
    pick a durable scout. If your Engineer dies during the enemy's turn, you
    will not be able to resupply Elysse, so take that into consideration.
    ///////////////////////[H50]Fouzen Skirmish - Top Level
    S-Rank: No idea about the limit... but it's a 1 turn deal.
    Deployment: A scout on the most bottom left deployment point. And 3CP
    This is RIDICULOUSLY easy.
    First, study the map carefully, and visualize where the tank and
    machine gun turrets on the southern/bottom part of the enemy flag is
    in actual combat. The reason for this is that you NEED to use Isara 
    Smokel to block their vision, and it's most likely you are blocked by 
    a hill/rock.
    After you are ready, take control of the Edelweiss, use 4 CP to position
    your self so that your Smokel is sure to block the tank and turrets'
    vision. Don't worry that the enemy is under some wooden structure, the
    smoke from the Smokel is actually a 360 degree sphererical cloud. Don't
    forget to ram the Lancer and ShockT out of their sand bags.
    Next, take your scout, and run toward the enemy flag, and there will be
    only one enemy scout guarding there. MAKE SURE YOU GO PAST THE machine
    gun turret becuase you are going to use a grenade to blow the enemy scout
    out of defensive position. This will probably cause the smoke to disappear.
    After the enemy scout is out of defensive, just kill him and take the flag
    and another S-Rank.
    ///////////////////////[H60]Mulberry Skirmish
    S-Rank: Probably 5 turns, this is completed in 4 turns.
    Deployment: Scout near the Shamrock.
    This battle's key is also placement of the Isara Smokel. Your 3 key CP
    characters are pre-deployed and are place in very bad places.
    First turn, control the Edelweiss, use 2CP to move toward the tower, and
    use grenade to kill the scout stationed near the wooden tower
    next to the enemy's first base. Use the next CP to ram an ShockT unit
    in defense out of the sand bag, place an Isara Smokel over Alicia so that
    she will not be killed trying to move by the ShockT, and machine-gun
    turrets next to her, finally move up the left slope as far as you can.
    Next, control the scout, head toward the first enemy base, kill the enemy
    ShockT and take control of the first base. To minimize fire from the 
    mounted pill-boxes, hug the left wall. Use another CP to move up the slope
    and use the grenade launcher to get the enemy ShockT out of the sand bag
    position. Then stand by the Edelweiss.
    Now control Alicia, carefully navigate her toward the southern part of the
    ditch. You'll have to go over the sandbag where the enemy ShockT is; watch
    out for the anti-unit mines. Once in the ditch, aim for the Sniper on top of
    the wooden tower, and head shot him; this may take a couple try since he may
    be immersed in smoke and hard to make out. After you take him out, move
    slowly along the ditch, and stop behind a wooden crate where you will find
    another enemy ShockT behind a wooden crate in the north/right direction.
    Stop at a place where he will not be able to shoot you from behind the wood
    box. Also face the enemy ShockT who is stationed in front of Largo and Rosie.
    You can end your first turn now.
    On the enemy's turn, he'll most likely try to shoot Largo. If he decides to
    shoot Rosie, or Alicia, consdier a reload. Also, if you didn't take
    the first enemy base they'll call reinforcement from that base.
    On the second turn, your main objective is to kill the ShockT unit stationed
    at the enemy base on the bottom of the hill (the enemy base right before you
    enter the second set of mounted pill-boxes below where you can over look with
    your tank from the top). So in order to do so in the least dangerous manner
    take control of your Edelweiss first. Drive the Edelweiss up the slope, and
    you'll notice TONS of anti-unit mine. Here is one of the tricky part, the
    anti-unit mines will be activated if a tank step on them, but will not hurt
    them; in addition, the mines will ALSO hurt the enemy if they are on it. With
    that in mine, maneuver your Edelweiss to detonate the mine while using the
    mines' blast to kill the enemy ShockT unit. The other purpose of this is so
    that you can walk safely toward the trench with Rosie. If you are having
    trouble, then just ram him out of the way/block him so that your units are
    safe on the right side of your Edelweiss. After you've done whichever you
    decided, shoot a Smokel northward, behind the rock/hill so it covers the 
    very northern tip of the trench; covering a little bit of the east pill-
    box's line of sight toward the trench; as well as the line of sight right
    infront of an light armored tank that you will encounter as you make your
    U-Turn around the rock/hill. Standby afterwards.
    Take Rosie, stand up, and take out the ShockT who is behind the wood box,
    head for the trench, move northward, into the smoke and make a U-turn. You
    won't be able to reach your destination in one round, so just standby as far
    as you can in the smoke. Next, take Alicia, move into the smoke as well, then
    move to the left (that's Alicia's right) of the light-armored tank (you should
    be hugging the right wall, the wall connected to the pill-box), so you can
    have a view of the enemy ShockT at the enemy's base. Take him out, but
    if you didn't kill him in this CP, take another CP to kill him, but don't use
    anymore CP; after you take him out, hug the wall and the pill box to get
    behind it. Next, move to the same spot with Rosie, and shoot the Ragnadite
    crate behind the pill-box to destroy it. You can end your turn now. Alicia
    should only use 2CP, and Rosie no more than 3CP. For a total of 7 CP expense
    on turn 2 saving 1-2 CP.
    On this turn, your Edelweiss will be shot by enemy tank, but should not be
    enough to destroy it, so nothing to worry about. Enemy shouldn't have
    anymore dangerous movements.
    On turn 3, control Edelweiss again and shoot an Isara Smokel to cover up the
    area between the two mounted pill-boxes, as well as covering the enemy tank
    that's stationed there. The Smoke could lean a little toward the east pill-box,
    since that's the path you'll be taking.
    Control Alicia, once your Smokel has been placed, move through the smoke toward
    the back-alley of the building like you did during the mission, but watch out
    for 3 mines STRAIGHT in a row when you are in the smoke (they are placed toward
    the east pill-box, so move toward the center a little before you dash out of the
    smoke.), there are also 2 MINES placed in your path in the back-alley. Using
    only 1CP, take Alicia into the back alley; to enter the blocked out alley, take
    out a grenade and blow up the fences. The mine in the back-alley are VERY
    sensitive, it's almost impossible to walk through them by going between the two
    mines; the best way to avoid them is hug the left wall (the building's wall,
    and the bundle of wood), as you move slowly pass them. Stand by the corner
    opening where you can just barely see the enemy ShockT, and enemy tank at the
    last enemy base.
    Next, use 3 CP to move up Rosie to about where Alicia is in the same manner.
    Heal on the way if you deem neccessary. End the turn.
    On enemy's turn, the enemy will do some movement that will make them vulnerable.
    The enemy tank and ShockT at the enemy's last base will turn their back against
    Alicia and Rosie which will create a good chance for you to take them out.
    On the 4th turn, first use Alicia to take out the Enemy ShockT by head shot,
    then move to the back of the enemy's tank while keep in the range of Rosie. Then
    move Rosie up and fire at the tank's radiator with a combo together with Alicia.
    Take as much CP as you need to finish it off so that you can take their flag and
    get your S-Rank. You can also apply the order that increases anti-armor damage.
    ///////////////////////[H70]Bruhl Street Skirmish
    S-Rank: 3 Turns? This takes 2 turns.
    Deployment: Sniper with high-end rifle, a scout with high armor damage rifle,
    and the usual CP Characters. It's a good idea to place the CP characters toward
    the back if you are not using them; also it is good idea to place "distraction"
    units for the enemy sniper so the enemy fire will be spread out. I also
    recommend scout units with the potential '迎撃耐性,' 
    (Resist Crossfire).
    Tips: In this skirmish, it is highly probable that 1-2 of your units will be
    wounded, but will not die. Thus, it is actually a good idea to use this stage to
    force some of your units wounded while farming for XP and Money. If I remember
    correctly, some of the potentials are unlocked by being wounded and rescued.
    Once again, the Isara Smokel will play a critical role in this mission again.
    First, control the Sniper, and snipe the enemy sniper alllll the way in the back
    where the enemy base flag is. He should be a red one, standing up. One shot to
    the head will do the job.
    Next, control the Edelweiss and drive south-eastward. Your target smoke screen
    area is the area to the west of the enemy's base that's located in the east.
    The area of smoke should be between the long row of "xxxxxxxxxxxx" and the
    enemy base. The reason for this is that there are two ShockT that will be
    able to shoot you while you are trying to navigate through that area. One to
    the North as you first walk towards there, and one in the south as you walk
    out of that area.
    Next control your scout, and run south-eastward as well. While navigating, try
    to hug the walls of the buildings, your first CP should take you to about
    where the "xxxxxxxxxx" fences are -- just out of the smoke. You'll also
    notice couple mines on the floor. Next, notice the grass patch that's down
    south, next to the little sloped hill. The grass patch is between the
    hill and a house. After you know where it is, move into the grass patch, and
    crouch. Keep moving southward until you see two machine-gun turrets on the
    left, and enemy tank, Lancer, sniper on the right. Movinng toward the
    southern tip of the grass will reveal a Raganadite crate. Aim for the crate
    and shoot it. This will disable the enemy tank's belt. End you turn while
    crouched in the grass.
    On the enemy's turn, your units at the base will be sniped mercilessly, but
    none of them should be captured. Your most important unit is the scout that's
    hidden in the grass patch. Also, try not to use any of your CP units.
    On the second turn, you should apply order 全力損傷 
    (Damage Boost), and 警戒進軍 (Caution)
    or 全力回避 (Evade Boost) and 全力防御 (Defense Boost)
    to your scout. Any order to reduce oncoming fire damage is ok. However,
    you should reserve 4CP for action. Once you apply your order of choice, 
    control your scout, and take out the first machine gun turret, then run to
    the "L" grove part made by the houses, so that the tank and turret will not
    be able to shoot at you. Once you get hold of the situation, hug the wall,
    and move SWIFTLY past the turret (the turret should only have a VERY limited 
    firing frame if you do this correctly) on his right (that's your left).
    Once you are safely past the turret, you should have enough CP to move to
    the enemy flag. With the remaining CP, you can rescue your wounded soldiers
    which you will most likely have. Then you can also destroy the enemy tank
    with your powered-up scout for some extra XP. Once you are done, take the
    enemy flag and your S-Rank.
    ///////////////////////[H80]Naggiar Skirmish
    S-Rank: probably 5 turns, this strategy requires 4 turns.
    Deployment: Top 3 spot, Scout, Lancer, and Engineer. Alicia, Largo, and
    Rosie for CP +. Without the extra CP boost, this mission can be very
    Note: This mission requires a bit of macroing, so get ready. This should be
    done without me repeating every step along the way: take advantage of your
    unit's range, and know the enemy's field of vision. Please save often as
    well for this mission.
    First control your Lancer, and head north. Destroy the machine gun
    turret that you encounter; please try to minimze the enmey's response fire
    in all the following actions. After you destroy the turret, keep moving north
    until you can't move anymore. You should be close to your Shamrock. Next,
    control your Lancer again, from that spot, you should be able to shoot the
    enemy's heavy tank in the radiator (the heavy tank is to the East side of
    the battle field unaccesable by your tanks); this will most likely requires
    a few reload since it is at the limit of the Lancer's range. After the tank
    is destroyed, keep heading north until you can't move anymore, then stand by.
    Next, control your scout, move northward as you did with your Lancer, and
    when you reach the trenches, move north-westward so you have a clear view of
    the enemy ShockT unit that's guarding a flag. When you are in a comfortable
    range for head shot, dispose the enemy's ShockT unit. Stand-by in the trench.
    If you did not completely kill the ShockT unit, you'll get another chance.
    Next control your Engineer, move northward as well, on way, resupply your anti-
    tank. You should be out of AP now, so take ANOTHER CP. with this CP, you can 
    move closer to the enemy ShockT that you fail to kill earlier, and try to
    kill him now, or heal your Lancer if he/she is hurt. HOWEVER, DO NOT
    move north-westward as you did with the scout, instead move north-eastward but
    do not move too far since there is a machine-gun turret waiting in the NE
    With your last CP, control you Lancer, and kill the machine-gun turret in
    the west/left then hop in the trench. If you are out of movement, just try to
    get as close as possible towards the trench. You can end your first turn now.
    If you dispose of the enemy described in the first turn, the enemy will make
    no movements except calling reinforcements.
    Second turn, first control your Lancer and head down the NE path, which you
    will encounter a machine-gun turret. Destroy the turret as fast as possible,
    and head down the path. You'll encounter a scout in the east path once you
    reach a split in the path. Now, take your Engineer unit, move down the same NE
    path, and kill the scout that's ini the east path; then continue down the
    east path, BUT DO NOT go all the way out to the enemy's center base. There is
    a scout, and machine-gun turret waiting. You can walk slowly toward the corner
    to reveal their placement which will help you later on in this turn. After you
    leave your Engineer at the corner, control you Lancer again, and head down
    the east path. Destroy the enemy machine-gun turret and stand-by near your
    Engineer. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT BLOCK THE PATH because you'll have to squeeze
    your scout in that corner as well. 
    Now, control your scout, follow the same path as your previous units. When you
    reach the corner, carefully use your grenade launcher to get the enemy scout
    out of defensive position. Once he is out of his defensive position, reveal
    yourself and take him out in a quick manner. Catpure the enemy flag, then
    just stand-by at the eastern trench-wall of that base. You can end your turn
    here now.
    During the enemy turn, the enemy will not do much once again, except calling
    a few reinforcement.
    On the third turn, control your Lancer unit first once again. Head down
    the west path hugging the south/right wall. When you almost arrive at the
    east-south split that's east of the base that you just captured, quickly
    maneuver around the box that's blocking you and take out the machine-gun
    turret that's hidden in the south path. The reason to maneuver quickly around
    the box is because an enemy scout is stationed further down east that is
    capable of doing responsive fire if you are not hugging the south/right wall.
    Once you destroy the turret, keep heading south, and toward the next enemy
    base along the way (the base has only 1 machine-gun turret on the battle map).
    Use another CP to climb up a level just enough to aim for the turret, then
    destroy it. After the turret is destroy, come down the step, and continue 
    south. You'll be greeted with response fire from an enemy scout in the path,
    but we'll just ignore him and keep running south as much as we can.
    Next, take your Engineer, head to the base where the turret was just destroyed,
    before you head for the flag, stay to the western ledge of the elevated area
    so you can throw a grenade from the elevated area toward the enemy scout we
    just previously ignored. The grenade should kill him. Now you can capture
    the flag. Use another CP, to come back down from the elevated area, heal and
    resupply your Lancer and keep heading south. And stand-by as far south as
    you can. Next take your Lancer, move south as well, and destroy the
    machine gun turret that's in your plain view. You can just stand-by there
    without any need for cover.
    Study the battle map a little. Scroll to the enemy's stronghold base at
    the SE corner of the battle map. You'll notice there are 3 trench pathes to
    the strong hold. The path we'll be using is the middle path.
    Lastly, take your scout, and move in the same path that your previous units
    has treaked. Avoid the enemy scout to the east as usual. Your destination
    is the middle trench path that leads to the enemy strong hold, so just run
    towards there, and stand-by INSIDE the path, or as close as possible INSIDE
    the path. You can end your turn now.
    On the enemy's turn, one of the enemy reinforcement will arrive at the SE
    base. It is an ShockT unit, and the enemy will move that ShockT unit down
    the left/west path. Thus you can see the reason why I picked the middle path.
    On the 4th turn, first control you Engineer unit, and head toward your scout.
    Please avoid being fire at by the enemy ShockT in the west path. Keep going
    down the middle path until you see an enemy scout. Take out your Engineer's
    grenade, and kill the scout. Make sure you kill it. Next, control you 
    Lancer, using 2 CP, move down the middle path as well; keep moving your
    Lancer until you reach to the spot where the enemy scout you just killed
    once was. This will reveal the another machine-gun turret. Destroy the turret
    and you can stand by there. Watch out for the enemy ShockT becuase when the
    ShockT + the turret fire at your Lancer the chance of him/her dying is
    very high. The ShockT is dugged in behind the sandbag facing north in the
    stronghold's north-east/top right corner.
    Once the turret is destroyed, control your scout and move southward toward
    the base. Hug the east/left wall so the enemy ShockT do not see you, once
    you have a clear idea where he is, place your self in a position where you
    can shoot your grenade launcher and bomb the ShockT unit out of defensive
    position. Once hs is out of the defensive position, you can dispose him
    as you see fit. CAUTION HOWEVER, he is NO PUSH OVER; the safest way I found
    was to just spend an extra XP to resupply my scout with another grenade,
    and use grenade-launcher again for the kill. Once the ShockT unit dies,
    pick up his body and raise the blue flag for the S-Rank!
    ///////////////////////[H90]Vasel Bridge Skirmish
    S-Rank: probably 3 turns, this strategy requires 2 turns.
    Deployment: +3 CP characters, sniper in the back, and scout on the top
    deployment point in the westward spot.
    Note: this mission becomes VERY EASY, if you have the order:
    '支援榴弾要請' (Mortar Support). This order
    requires 3CP, and will have an area of affect explosion on your target
    that's perfect for this mission. I'll give both strategy. The order
    is learned on chapter 12 when you visit the graveyard, and cost only
    10,000 EXP.
    Strategy 1 using '支援榴弾要請' (Mortar Support);
    scroll down to strategy 2 if you dont' have this order.
    First turn, control your sniper, and just take out the enemy sniper using
    3CPs. Next, use the order '支援榴弾要請' (mortar 
    support)and target "top" scout at the enemy's base. This will hurt the 2
    scout, and the upper left ShockT. End your first turn.
    On enemy's turn, the enemy tank will shoot at your Edelweiss but should not
    kill you. Another enemy Lancer will also appear.
    Second turn, start with the order '支援榴弾要請' (mortar
    support) again, this time the 2 scout should be dead, and the upper-left 
    ShockT should be severly wounded. Next, control your Edelweiss, drive it
    east between the two strips of anti-tank mines; drive as far east as you
    can (best to stop bewteen the north/left mine strip and the pair of enemy
    ShockT that's infront of the enemy tank). You should be able to use your 
    tank's regular tank-shell and head shot the enemy ShockT that's just 
    north/to-the-right-back of the enemy's tank. The ShockT is behind the 
    enemy's Lancer that's stationed next to the enemy tank. Once you kill 
    that enemy ShockT unit, control your scout. 
    The scout should hug the north/left structures on top/north of the top
    strip of anti-tank mines. This way, the enemy scout to the south will not
    be able to shoot you much. Also, since you tank is stationed between the
    mines and the pair of enemy ShockT, you will have cover when you go past
    them. The only thing you need to watch out is the enemy's tank. But if you
    stay north/left enough, he'll only be able to shoot you once or twice.
    Once you are at a safe range to shoot the enemy ShockT that's stationed at
    the top-left corner of the enemy flag, shoot him with your rifle, or
    take another CP to move closer to use grenade launcher to finish him off.
    That ShockT should be weak enough for you to use your rifle/grenade to
    take out even without him being out of the defensive position. Finally,
    move into the enemy's base, WITHOUT being noticed by the two ShockT rifle
    that's facing west, and north. Their field of vision are pretty narrow, so
    if you move toward the northern enemy ShockT at a 90 degrees angle, both
    will not be able to see you. Once you are inside the base kill the enemy 
    Lancer if he is in your way for capture, or just capture the flag for
    the win if he is out of the way. Congratulations! Now you have completed
    all hard-mode skirmishes with S-Rank!
    Strategy 2 without '支援榴弾要請'
    (Motar support):
    First turn is pretty much the same thing. Deployment should be the same
    as well. Use 3 CP to take out the 3 snipers with your own sniper, then
    end your turn.
    Enemy's turn won't change either.
    Second turn is where it'll be a bit more difficult. First, control
    your Edelweiss, drive east in the same manner, and kill the same enemy
    ShockT (The ShockT that's to the right-back of the enemy tank). Once
    he is dead, control Edelweiss again, and keep on moving eastward until
    you are in range to fire a grenade on the enemy top enemy scout
    (the one stationed north in a pair of scout that's stationed in the
    enemy base). Do not target him, instead, target an area that's between
    the scout, and the ShockT that's little ahead of the scout. The blase
    needs to blow the scout out of the sandbag, and at the same time kill
    the ShockT or at LEAST severely damage him. Once you are done, stand
    by right where you are or position your self as a barrier for you scout
    that will be passing through here.
    Next, take your Shamrock, move in the same manner as the Edelweiss, BUT 
    along the BOTTOM/RIGHT strip of mine. On your way, you'll probably see a
    scout to the south. You can kill him with a tank shell, but if you miss
    it's no big deal. After you are in range where Shamrock's Grenade can
    reach the enemy scout that's still in defensive position, stop there and
    take aim. Your target is the same as the Edelweiss: the area between the
    scout and the ShockT that's just stationed a little ahead of it. This 
    blase will most likely not kill the ShockT, but you need to blow him out
    of defensive, and the scout out of defensive as well. The ideal direction
    is that the enemy ShockT blown towards the south and facing south.
    Next, you'll have 7 CP left. You can use about 1-2 CP to buff up your
    scout. I used Attack Boost and Defense Boost.
    '全力防御' and '全力攻撃' if you forgot
    what their kanji looks like. After you apply your desired order on your
    scout, take your scout East, while hugging the northern structures along
    the way. This way, the two ShockT, and the tank will only be able to
    scratch you a little. Try YOUR BEST TO AVOID BEING SHOT BY SHOCKT. If
    you did not apply Attack Up, you will have VERY VERY difficult and
    probably very unlikely to finish the skirmish in this turn. The ShockT
    uses special sub-machine gun that gives attack-down status. Once
    you are safely out of the 2 ShockT and Tank's firing range, start picking
    off the enemy that's still in the enemy's base. PLEASE SAVE YOUR GRENADE
    for the Lancer unit that's still in the defensive. This very CP should
    be used to take out one scout. 
    with the remaining 4 CP you need to use:
    1. To take out the other scout first.
    2. Use a grenade to get the Lancer out of defensive.
    3-4. Kill the Lancer using head shot. You'll need two CP to take out
    the Lancer if you got hit by an ShockT unit with attack-down status.
    Caution: Make sure you have enough movement to move to the enemy's flag
    for the final capture. I suggest moving toward the flag each time after
    you kill the second scout. Congratulations! Now you have completed
    all hard-mode skirmishes with S-Rank!
    [HDX]Hard-EX Mode Skirmishes
    Hard-EX mode skirmishes are available for download from the Playstation
    Network store in the Japan Region. Although it is possible to obtain
    this mode using a U.S. Region PS3, I'll not explain the 'hows' in this
    guide since that is beyond the scope of this guide.
    Be prepared for some brutal battles in Hard-EX mode; enemies are very
    strong, much stronger than whatever you have encountered so far. Scout's
    fire no longer feels like stings on a ShockT or Lancer.
    I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU HAVE TOP EQUIPMENTS for at least 3 units for each
    of the class.
    Hard-EX: As these mission become more difficult, and the battlefield
    become more complex, it's very difficult for readers to follow 
    instructions step by step, therefore, in this section I'll also outline
    the main objective each turn if you don't feel like reading each battle
    step by step; or if you don't like to be restricted on how you play the
    game yet want some pointers.
    ///////////////////////[H1X]Bruhl Skirmish Hard-EX
    ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT: M-20R Rocket Lance, GSR-30R Rifle, & M30R Machinegun
    (S/A Rank Chapter 18).
    S-Rank: 5 Turns. Could possibly be done in 4 Turns.
    Deployment: Welkin in Scout form (Defult); Rosie Next to Welkin to the
    left; Alicia right most top row; Largo right most bottom row; Sniper,
    left most bottom row.
    Turn 1 - Eliminate Initial Threat, Call in 2 M-20R Lancers.
    Turn 2 - Take control of enemy base on the other side of fence.
    Turn 3 - Take control of enemy base on the other side of the wooden
    Turn 4 - Take control of enemy's last base as well as killing the
    remaining named enemy mid-boss hiding behind the windmill.
    Turn 5 - Kill the named enemy mid-boss that appear in Turn 4 if he is
    not already dead.
    Obtaining the M-20R Rocket Lance is very critical to S-Ranking this
    mission, I suggest having 2 Lancer units possessing the M-20R Rocket
    Lance. Units other than Largo should be equiped with M-20R. Largo can
    be equipped with whatever other lance you seem fit. I also strongly 
    recommend that Elysse be one of your Lancer because EVERY single one
    of her potential is a killer. Audrey is also a good choice, but make
    sure they have some decent Tank-hate potentials.
    When you first look at this map, you are probably thinking that this
    mission is nigh-impossible to beat let alone S-Ranking. If you move
    unprepared, your units will drop like flies. You are flanked on every
    possible side, and even your main base is under remote artilery fire.
    So how do we go about S-Ranking?
    First thing to know is that the artilery strike happens throughout the
    whole mission, and it has a fix pattern. The strike will appear centered
    around your initial base on ODD numbered turns, and will spread to 2
    area to the north/east of your base (the open area), and 1 area that's
    a bit south of the enemy's base across the wooden bridge. Using this
    to your advantage you should do pretty well.
    First move is to use Largo, using 2 CP destroys the 2 Gun-turrets that's
    located right infront of Largo on the wooden bridge. Then under scout
    fire, move out to the open area out of the artilery strike range and
    duck at the sand bags. He is going to be used as the bait for enemy
    target on their turn.
    Next, control your sniper, using 2 CP snipe the enemey ShockT right
    next to your base behind the wooden fences, and then snipe the RED
    enemy sniper that's located IN enemy's base ACROSS the wooden bridge.
    The Red enemy sniper is a badged enemy and it's essential for limiting
    enemy's movement on their turn. After you take those 2 enemy out, you
    can retreat from the battlefield using withdraw command when you touch
    your flag pole.
    So far you've spend 4 CP and should be left with 5 CP. Next, use Rosie,
    charge up to the enemy scout that's on top of the hill across the fence
    who has been shooting you, and take him out as quickly as possible, then
    retreat Rosie to under the tree next tot he fences close to the enemy
    base where an ShockT use to be. Make sure you are out of the artilery
    Next, use Alicia and use her grenade launcher to kill/damage the enemy
    scout that's been shooting you from across the wooden bridge for a
    while. After you finish Alicia's task, put her next to Rosie. Then use
    Welkin and take out the enemy scout that's been hurt by Alicia if he
    isn't dead. If he is, pick another target that you can kill in the
    enemy's base across the creek (the sniper is a good choice). Then
    put her where Rosie is as well.
    With the remaining 2 CP, call 2xM-20R Lancers from your main base and
    end your turn.
    Enemy's turn will consist of using 3 CP calling reinforcement, revealing
    3 tanks on the other side of the fence, and most likely killing Largo
    in the process.
    At the start of turn 2, the artilery area will change so make sure you
    note that. First, take control of one of your Lancer, if it's Elysse
    one of her potential should activate, if not don't fret. If it activated
    move toward the heavy-class enemy tank (The red-ish ones) on the other
    side of the fence, and with M-20R Rocket Lance you should be able to
    take it out in one hit aiming at the right part of the tank. If she did
    not activate potential just take out the light-class enemy tank (green)
    on the other side of the fence. Should be able to take it out in one
    hit regardless. This so far should only cost 2 CP, after you take out
    2 tanks, move back toward your base out of the artilery blast range. 
    Next it's your other Lancer's turn, make sure one of his/her potential
    activate so that he/she can take out the last remaining tank in one hit.
    Saving before is a good idea. After his/her ability activated, move
    striaght out of the blast zone to the last remaining tank and blow it up.
    You can leave him/her there facing the enemy base on the bottom of the
    Next, use Alicia, carefully navigate her along the fence, AVOIDInG the
    mines, and finally around to the other side of the fence. On your way
    make sure you take out the enemy sniper on the TOP of the windmill. You
    should exhaust her entire AP bar on her 1st CP. Using another CP move
    to the enemy base, and take over it. Station her facing the enemy base
    at the bottom of the hill so you can track the enemy's movement if they
    move their units.
    With the remaining 4 CP, you should consider spending them on retrieving
    the wounded Largo, and using Rosie and Welkin take out the ShockT unit
    stationed on the wooden bridge. First you should use welkin to knock
    that ShockT unit out of the sand bag. You should take this chance to
    eliminate the enemy sniper that's across the creek. End your turn when
    you take out the enemy ShockT and sniper and placed Welkin and Rosie
    out of blast range.
    Enemy turn will consist of limited movement mainly from the enemy base
    on the bottom of the hill. The base across the bridge will have little
    movement with only 1 reinforcement call.
    At the start of the 3rd turn, use Elysse, and take out enemy tank in 1
    shot that's across the creek. Then move along the fence to where
    Audrey is.
    Next, use Rosie to kill one of the enemy ShockT across the creek. Rosie
    should not have to cross the creek to take out one of the enemy ShockTs
    from across the creek. After you take one of them out, you can inch
    toward the enemy base on the bottom of the hill, but make sure you stay
    out of the gun turret range.
    With 1 enemy ShockT left in the base across the creek, you can just use
    Welkin to take him out first and capture the base. Take caution of the
    mines that are laid around and ON the wooden bridge. You can move Welkin
    back toward your main base but stay outside of the blast range if you
    wish to do so.
    Next, use Alicia and move along the fence and take out the enemy scout
    that has moved from the enemy's base. Don't stay too close to the last
    remaining enemy base. Then just place her facing that base ending her
    movement. Using 2 more CP you should call Largo, and a Sniper from either
    your main base or the base across the fence. You should end this turn
    with some extra CP that'll carry over.
    Enemy will have some more scout moving from their bottom base and 
    probably kill one of your Lancer, but dont' fret, they won't be
    captured permanently.
    On the 4th turn, you should first start with using Rosie to take out the
    enemy's 2 scout in 1 CP. Either use flamethrower or use Grenade.
    Then, use one of your remaining Lancer and take out the left enemy
    gun-turrets from the side (the turret closer to the fence).
    You should try to go around the gun-turret to avoid response fire from
    them. After you take out the gun-turret, use Welkin to launch a grenade
    to get the two enemy ShockTs OUT of the sand bags. Then you can snipe
    them with your Sniper. Afterwards, use Rosie, and enter the enemy base
    from the side take out the last gun turret and capture the base with
    Wait, how come you haven't won yet? That's because there is ONE more
    enemy hiding behind the windmill. He is a mid-boss (named), and have
    extremely high frontal evasion.
    If you called Largo last turn, you should have a total of 12 CP at least
    on the 4th turn. After the above actions, you should be left with 4-5
    CPs. You have the choice to just end your turn, or you can try to
    take out the enemy mid boss who is hiding behind the windmill with
    Alicia. Just note that he has EXTREMELY high frontal evasion and is
    nigh-impossible to shoot him from the front. If you do not kill him on
    the 4th turn, he'll try to recapture the base on the bottom of the hill,
    and that's where Rosie comes into play. She also have high frontal
    evasion, and the enemy will be unable to kill Rosie nor capture the base.
    After you take out this last enemy on turn 4 or 5, you'll receive your
    S-Rank for this mission.
    ******************** Extra Missions *****************
    Extra Missions are unlocked by talking to the Journalist in Radgriz.
    You'll have to pay a small fee to unlock these special chapters. Also,
    story character's last potential are unlocked here. I believe you just
    have to finish the battle mission with Rank B or ablove.
    I finished the battles chronologically following this guide so by the
    time I went and did my Extra Battles, my characters are all high in level,
    with many different orders at my disposal. Thus, take the following
    strategy with a grain of salt if you are not about level 11 or higher with
    your units. (Level 11 is when you rank up for your next available class).
    If you want however, Level 11 for scout is the most important upgrade,
    since grenade launcher makes a dramatic difference in your efficiency.
    Secondly, Level 11 for ShockT will also allow you to use flamethrower
    which is very good as well.
    However, the below can still be used as refrence to a general idea what the
    battle is.
    ///////////////////////[LAP]Largo's Passion
    S-Rank: 3 Turns.
    Deployment: 1 CP+ Characters.
    In this mission, you'll only need to use Largo. On your first turn, your
    destination is the area North-East of the double-ladder iconed building
    shown on the battle map. You should use the ascend and descend the ladder
    to avoid the ShockT unit that's hidden around the building. You should
    save 1 CP, and move as far east as you can after descending the ladder.
    Take each CP to heal if you are hurt. Try to finish each round with full
    During the enemy turn, the enemy will most likely move into gun-range
    around Largo, but for some odd reason during my playthrough, they did
    not open fire at all. 
    On your second turn, your destination is the other ladder symbol on the
    battle map. So head east a little, and then head north/left around the
    corner to encounter a machine gun turret; destroy the turret in one shot
    and keep heading down the path. You'll soon see an enemy Lancer unit.
    Take the unit out in 1 shot, and continue to move as far as you can with
    your CP, and healing in between if neccessary. At the end of your second
    turn, lay down in the grass patch just above the ladder.
    The enemy will make some movement but will not hit Largo since he is
    hidding in the grass patch.
    Once turn 3 starts, just head to the eastern edge of the grass patch and
    you'll see 2 enemy tanks. Give them each 1 shot in the radiator and you'll
    receieve your S-Rank.
    ///////////////////////[SOA]Signs of Awakening
    S-Rank: Probably 3 turns, this strategy takes 2.
    Deployment: Largo, Rosie, a scout, another 2 ShockT and Lancer.
    You can just deploy 1 additional ShockT if you use Rosie as an
    ShockT unit.
    Recommendation: Level 11 for Scout will make this battle very easier, if
    you don't, this strategy will still work but will be a little dangerous.
    First turn, control your scout at the bottom, and hug the wall, up the
    ladder, and kill enemy scout. Next, destroy the barrier that's just right
    on top of the ladder to open the path to the next ladder. However, do
    not head up unless you want to get your scout killed, instead, stand-by
    toward the east up the slope where you will be able to reveal couple
    enemy positions.
    Next, grab an ShockT go up the first ladder, and kill the enemy Engineer.
    Then, up the ladder one more time, and use a grenade to get the 3 enemy
    inside the sandbag all out of defensive. If you are unable to get them
    all out of the sandbag, grab your other ShockT and try to use only 1 CP
    make it up the 2 set of ladder and get the remaining enemy out of the 
    defensive. Also, dispose the 3 enemy that's still alive after your
    grenades. Try to stand-by at the eastern end of that area since next
    that's where you will be storming the enemy base on the next turn.
    During the enemy turn, the enemy will move a tank towards your bottom
    base, but if you have Largo and another Lancer stationed there, you
    should be ok since the Tank's grenade do minimal damage to Lancer
    Turn 2, you should have about 10-12 CP. Apply defensive orders to one
    of your ShockT units, or use the group defensive orders. Most likely
    at this point of the game, you won't have the group orders, so apply
    the single target orders to your strongest ShockT unit.
    Single Target ones are: 
    全力防御 and 全力回避
    Group Orders are:
    一斉防御 and 一斉回避
    During this turn, your movement route should be entering from the
    eastern end of the enemy base entrance, around the tent to the right/
    north to avoid enemy tank fire.
    During your movement, you should try to dispose the enemy units around
    the flag pole, especially the red one that's stationed right next
    to the flag pole. You only need to kill the ones right next to the flag
    pole to capture the base.
    If you have difficulty surviving, you can kill as many as you can with
    your first ShockT, then with 1 CP, dash straight towards the flag
    ignoring the tank fire to capture the enemy base.
    ///////////////////////[WLB]What Lies Beyond Hate
    S-Rank: 2 Turns? This takes only 1 turn.
    Deployment: Rosie, Alicia, Largo for CP, and another Scout. Place Alicia
    and the other scout on the top.
    This mission is extremely easy.
    First, control Alicia and head toward north-east and when you approach
    the back of 'House 2' on the battle map (the eastern house), you'll see
    an enemy scout. Kill him asap so that he will not be able to respond.
    You can also use a grenade or use grenade launcher to launch in his
    general direction to kill him off in one hit. Once he is dead, continue
    to the back of the 2 houses, and you'll find another scout with his back
    facing east; which means he won't be able to see you. Kill him and
    Take your other scout, work you way towards North-West and you'll soon
    discover an enemy scout on top of "House 1." You may need to stand-up
    to see the discovery line. Head shot him from the west-hill and you'll
    take home another S-Rank.
    ///////////////////////[WWW]War Without Weapons
    S-Rank: 4 Turns, this takes 3 turns.
    Deployment: The Usual Badge Characters. Sniper on the left most spot,
    accompanied by a Engineer. 2 additional Scout. 1 Additional ShockT.
    ShockT should be on the left side of deployment while the scouts should
    face the eastern hill along with Largo.
    This mission is probably the only one where the mission objective is to
    kill all enemies. At first glance there aren't many enemies, but a lot of
    them are hidden under bushes. It is worthwhile to save before you first
    move and do an enemy scan with an order to get some idea where they are,
    and then make your move.
    The first obvious move is to use your sniper and take out the 2 visible
    enemies while creeping up the western hill. Don't go too far up the west
    side though.
    Next, use one of your ShockT walk north toward the first grass patch
    near the base, and you'll soon discover a hidden sniper. Use flamethrower
    to take him out in one shot, and keep creeping through the grass patch
    northward to discover an enemy ShockT just south of you. Standby behind
    him crouching in the grass.
    Next, use Largo, take 2 turns to run up the eastern hill -- make sure you
    crouch in the grass when you get to the grass -- around the tree and take
    out the enemy tank in one shot with a hit to its radiator. If you don't
    like the response fire from the ShockT, you can go toward left of the
    tree and directly to the back of the tank.
    The last 4 movements should be used to take out the rest of the enemy on
    the eastern hill. Using 2 movements, move two scouts up the eastern hill.
    -- becareful about the response fire from the enemy ShockT that's
    stationed next to your ShockT -- Each using a grenade, bomb the two
    ShockT that's crouched in the grass patch north of the big tree. You
    shouldn't take much damage if you are familiar with the game already. I
    recommend taking the route to the east of the big tree because you can
    get access to the grass patch much easier. Next two move, take your 3rd
    scout up eastern hill, and going left of the tree avoiding those enemy
    ShockT detection, take out both of the ShockT unit with head shot, and
    crouch stand-by. This ends your turn 1 movements.
    Enemy tank will most likely take a shot at Largo, or your Sniper, please
    make sure your sniper doesn't die. Most likely the tank will miss as the
    distance is pretty far. Your ShockT unit will also most likely be
    attacked but shouldn't sustain too much damage.
    Second turn, first thing to do is use Largo and take out the enemy tank
    in the middle of the road.
    Next thing to do is to take one of your scout move northward and you'll
    soon discover a named soldier in the grass patch. Use grenade launcer
    and get him out of crouch position. Afterwards, move across the north-
    border and crouch in the NW grass patch where you will discover an enemy
    Lancer. Next, take another scout, and move into a position where you
    are directly in the back of the named enemy soldier. The named soldier 
    has very high frontal evasion and the only way to avoid his evasion is 
    to shoot him in the back. After you take him out, move into where the
    named soldier was station and crouch stand-by there.
    Next, take your other ShockT, and kill the enemy ShockT who is right
    next to your other ShockT unit. Flamethrower is a good weapon, but
    watch out for friendly fire. Afterwards, move through the maze, and
    walk toward the grass patch to the west. (Do not go north, but go west
    of the enemy ShockT you just killed) Do not go too far or you'll
    trigger another enemy ShockT hiding in that grass patch.
    Next, take your last scout unit that is still near the big tree, walk
    south a little, and you'll discover an enemy ShockT in the grass patch
    just beneath the eastern hill. Use a grenade and take him out of
    cover position. Make sure you stand-by facing west as doing so will be
    beneficial for your defensive strategy on enemy's turn.
    Now, take your first ShockT unit, move north, and take
    the newly revealed enemy ShockT out. At this point, an event trigger
    should happen. After this event trigger, enemy units will start 
    retreating, which means they'll disengage their crouching on their
    next turn.
    Next up, take your main tank, and move along the road, and when you
    reach the grass patch, move towards it, and it'll discover and disable
    an enemy ShockT unit's crouch status. Move your bank a little back,
    switch to your Tank's Grenade grenade, and aim toward the grass patch.
    Your aiming goal is to aim for the other side of the grass patch that's
    divided by the rock formation. In other words, the grass patch that's
    infront of your second ShockT unit. If done correctly it'll kill the
    enemy ShockT in one hit. After you killed that enemy ShockT unit,
    take your second ShockT and finish off the assualt unit revealed by
    your tank. Crouch-standby and end your turn.
    On enemy's turn, they'll disengage their crouching and make some
    offensive moves. But if you placed your scout as mentioned, they'll
    most likely stop soon after your scout engage them.
    This turn is very easy... You can kill all the enemy however you want.
    You can snipe them with your well-placed sniper, backed up by your
    Engineer. Or you can use your tank. I recommend saving 1-2 movement for
    your scout to take out the northern Lancer, and pick up all the
    bodies for extra EXP/Money if you still need them.
    ///////////////////////[FOB]Flower of the Battlefield
    S-Rank: 6 Turns? This takes 4 turns.
    Deployment: Sniper on the right, Engineer on the left. Make sure you
    get as much HP and Armor as possible for your tank.
    This is by far the hardest of the extra battles you've had so far; at
    first the number of enemy units might overwhelm you, not to mention
    the fact that you may not call reinforcement either. It may take
    a couple try to get some aiming down to achieve fast victory. Save
    often as well during the first 2 turns since movements are very
    very limited, and there are no rooms for mistakes.
    The first 2 turns are the most crucial turns that will determine
    wheter you can finish this early or later.
    First turn, take your tank to the top of the hill with 2 trees.
    Break the tree that's obstructing your view to the group of 4
    enemy soldiers NE. Auto aim your grenade toward the captain of
    the group (the red one) and move your aim a bit infront of the
    enemy captain. This way, your grenade will one shot all 4 enemy units.
    This might take several tries to get it down. This is probably one
    of the harderst maneuver in this battle. With the remaining
    AP on the Tank, try to get behind the rock that's just next to you to
    reduce enemy fire on enemy turn.
    Next, look at the map, there are 5 grass patch to the right of your
    starting location. I'll give direction base on a clock, so the
    grass patch of the tank would be the 11o'clock grass patch. Now, once
    you understand what I am talking about, move Rosie toward the
    2 o'clock grass patch (NE) one. There will be a rock there as well as
    an hidden enemy Lancer behind it. Get out your flamethrower and
    kill the Lancer in one shot. Crouch and stand-by.
    Next, take your sniper, and snipe the enemy captain and one other
    ShockT units out of the group of 3 units stationed toward the
    eastern edge of the map. Crouch and stand-by by your tank.
    Using the last movement, move your Engineer toward your tank, and
    head shot one of the 2 ShockT units stationed near the center
    of the map. Crouch and stand-by. This'll end your turn.
    Enemys turn will consist of several round of rocket fire toward your
    tank. With decent armor and HP, your tank should be ok without any
    surprises. Make sure they dont' destroy your belt. Largo will also
    make great sniper bait, wasting enemy movements.
    Turn 2 starts,
    control your Engineer unit and give your tank 1 CP worth of fixing,
    then, move to the bottom of the western grass patch, facing north
    as if you are expecting the scout from the northern grass patch
    is going to come down. Make sure you pay attention to Engineers'
    view range as Engineer's response range is much narrower than
    a scout's.
    Next, take a look at your map first. The huge grass patch on
    the other side of the dirt road consists of 1 scout in the middle
    section, and a sniper and Lancer near the end of it. If you are
    uncomfortable you can save, and use the order:
    敵勢情報収集要請 (Reacon Request)
    then reload the game. After you are comfortable with where the
    enemies' are, control your tank, and shoot a grenade bomb toward
    their direction, killing the enemy sniper, and get the Lancer
    out of the grass patch. After killing the 2 enemy, drive your
    tank all the way infront of Rosie, blocking the enemy's tank's
    firing capability toward Rosie. This efficiently makes a nice
    barrier for Rosie's next movement.
    Now, control Rosie, and your destination is the back of the little
    grass-patch, just infront of the lone enemy ShockT unit. You need
    to get into a position where your flamethrower is able to kill all
    3 units in the grass-patch in one go. The enemy is in a nice 
    trianble formation with one of the angles pointing NEward making
    it a nice mark as to where Rosie should stand. It might take
    couple tries if you aren't familiar with the Flamethrower usage,
    but make sure you get all 3 in one CP. Afterwards, just crouch
    next to the tank facing the loan enemy ShockT. If you are having
    trouble getting the one on the right, you can have your tank
    push him a little in the previous step.
    Next, control your tank again, moving in reverse a little, take
    aim at the enemy tank who is on the dirt road. One shot the tank
    and move into a safe position nearby such as next to the rock
    where Rosie was previously. This will end your turn.
    This is the most crucial turn for enemy movements. It is most
    likely the scout that was still hidden in the western grass-
    patch will make his move. If you placed your Engineer in a
    defensive position, he/she will most likely make response fire
    stopping the scout in his track. Your response fire to the
    scout may kill him which is a plus, but it's not important
    that you can kill him now or during your upcoming turn.
    On turn 3, you probably will regain control and tempo of this
    battle. It is your turn to be on the hunt.
    First 4 CP, should be spent on your tank, killing the remaing
    two tanks by shooting them in their rear radiator. Make sure
    you make your rear radiator inaccessable to the enemy Lancer.
    With the remaining 2 CP, kill the scout if your response fire
    during the enemy turn hasn't kill him already or if that enemy
    scout is already defeated, use your sniper to kill the last
    enemy Lancer to the north. The other is a must step, which is
    to use Rosie, to take out the enemy ShockT that was making a
    dash toward your refugee camp. 
    Just survive this turn, and the next turn is easy sasiling.
    The enemy won't make too much threat at all during their turn.
    The only thing to worry about is the enemy Lancer.
    On turn 4, just use your sniper, and snipe the remaining enemy
    troops and take home the final S-Rank the game has to offer
    so far. Congratulations.
    Look forward to future updates for the Aug, 2008 DLC update
    for this game featuring new battles, and difficulty level.
    ******************** Downloadable Contents *****************
    This section contains the extra episodes that are obtain from the
    Playstation Network store in the Japanese region.
    After download and installation, these extra episodes are
    accesible from the Extra menu in the game title menu. Note, that
    Edy episode requires version 1.1 of the game, and that Selvaria
    episode requires verson 1.2 of the game. You will be prompted about
    the game version upgrade upon starting up the game when connected
    to the internet.
    A note about saving. These episodes are accessed from outside of
    the main "Story Book" thus their save files are not a replacement
    of the main game save files. PLEASE SAVE THEM IN A DIFFERENT SLOT
    than your main game story files.
    ///////////////////////[ISO] Edy Squad Operation
    S-Rank: Probably 5 turns. This takes 4 turns*
    Deployment: Automatic (2 ShockTs, 1 Lancer/Engineer/Scout/
    *S-Rank requires fore knowledge of this battle, and therefore
    WILL spoil the plot a little.
    The most difficult part of this mission is the fact that you are
    pre-equiped and pre-deployed with certain characters that you
    may never used before. What this means is that you probably
    don't have the best equipment in the game, and the enemies aren't
    push-overs either. However, once you see a pattern in the enemy's
    movement, this battle will become a breeze.
    Your first part of this mission is to survive for 3 turns, and in
    order to do so, you'll need to take up a defensive position. The
    biggest threat to your defensive capability are the two tanks that
    are N and S of your stronghold. The most immediate threat is the
    tank in the N since it is in the range to use Grenade bombs.
    Coupled with the fact that you do not have any medics, and can not
    redeploy, once a unit drops to 0 HP, they will retreat from the
    battlefield and you will not be able to call in any reinforcement.
    The second hard part of this mission is the fact that since you
    do not have your main character, you will not be able to give ANY
    orders... so you won't be able to recieve power ups...
    To start this battle strong, first take 3 turns, to take out the
    tank in the north using your Lancer. Then station your Lancer
    outside of the enemy artillery strike radius. Make sure that you use
    your barriers for extra coverage. For the first 3 turns of
    the mission, the enemy will have an artillery strike every turn, and
    the location of the strike is either N half or the S half of your
    strong-hold depending on where you have most of your troops gathered.
    Next, save before you do anything, then take control of
    スージー your only scout in this battle, 
    switch to grenade launcher; target the grass patch on the top of
    the hill that's NW of your stronghold. Your goal is to damage the
    enemy sniper that's hiding there. You do not have to kill him in one
    hit. The place you have to aim is right about the middle of the
    grass patch. The reason to save before takin Susie's turn is that
    she is such a pacifist that she will sometimes refuse to shoot, and
    the ability triggers about 1/3 of the time... so yea. After you are
    done with Susie, place her behind some sand bags outside of the 
    blast radius and facing North.
    Next, move Edy and Lynn, your two ShockT units into the mid-section
    of your stronghold facing South. The reason is that you need them to 
    make response fire as the enemy charge for your stronghold. Make sure
    that they are at least at the very edge of the blast radius and not
    inside of it... even if they get blasted they will take minimal damage
    if they are on the edge. You can also try taking out couple enemies
    while moving. You don't have to kill any one with your ShockT units.
    One more movement should be made to Marina, your Sniper. Use her to
    take out an enemy of your choice that's south of your stronghold, then
    move her towards southern part of your stronghold, and put her
    in the alley between the building and the wall where she will be 
    completely safe from all enemies. 
    So basically the first turn you will have something like this
    Scout - s
    Engineer - u
    Lancer - t
    ShockT - a
    Sniper - n
    Barrier - -
    ^ direction they are facting
     - ^
    -^ s
     u    ---- <-- usually the blast edge if the strike is toward the north    
       a a  t      part.
       v v
       ----  <-- usually the blast edge if the strike is toward the south
    n should be further inside the alley between the building.
    On enemies turn, they will most like have couple soldier movements. The
    most dangerous maneuver is the tank toward the south part of the strong
    hold and the two snipers, one N on the hill, and one S next to the tank.
    With your troops placed something similar to the pictures above, it's
    most likely that your Lancer will be the target, and will be the
    safest acting as a tank.
    Second turn, start with your Engineer unit, refill your Lancer, and
    repair all the barriers. The action of your choice could be used to heal
    someone or take someone out. It's up to you. Depending on the enemy
    strike area, you'd want to place your Engineer outside of the blast range
    facing N since there will be enemy reinforcements.
    Next, use 3 turns to take out the tank in the south using your Lancer,
    and place him (yes, it's a guy... he is just gay :x) somewhere safe
    outside of the blast range.
    Next use Susie, and take out the sniper on the top of the hill, make sure
    you save before you act. And place her safely outside of blast range
    facing north.
    Up next is the placement of your ShockT units. For 
    リィン(Lynn), place her outside of blast range, and
    facing south to stop the enemy from rushing into your stronghold. For
    Edy, you should run her south-west of your base up against the wall
    facing east. Edy should be next to a stack of sandbags with a 
    heavy-tank behind the sandbags. On the skirmish map, this is the middle
    part of the map, west-south-west, or 8 o'clock from your stronghold. You
    can either take out some enemy on the way, or use the action to cure
    Edy to full health.
    The placement for this turn if the blast is going to be on the northern
    part of your stronghold:
    Sniper is going to be in the same alley part. Make sure your Engineer
    can see the north enemy enemy.
       ^ ---- <-- usually the blast edge if the strike is toward the north    
       s a  t      part.
    ^  ----  <-- usually the blast edge if the strike is toward the south
    u              part.
    Enemy's turn will involve enemy foot-soldier movement toward your camp.
    With well-placed units, you will be able to stop them in their track
    once you engage them, and may even take out an enemy or two.
    When the third turn starts, start with repairing the sandbags and heal
    up or take out an enemy with headshot using your Engineer.
    Next, using 3 CPs move your units into defensive positions outside of
    blast range facing the same directions they have been facing. You can
    spend their action on healing or taking out enemies. It's up to you.
    I've illustrated the two formations in the previous two turns, so just
    depending on where the blast is, use either of the illustration as an
    example as to where you should place your units.
    With the remaining for 4 CP, it'll be Edy solo sneak and dash mission.
    you should save in between each.
    First, have your heal pack ready in hand, and make an diagonal dash
    SW accross the enemy heavy-tank to the back of the house. MAKE SURE
    YOU DO NOT STEP ON ANY MINES. There will be another enemey soldier
    waiting behind the enemy tank, ignore him. Heal up, and end this CP.
    Next, take up Edy again, keep moving west, up the ladder to the top
    of the building and you'll notice an enemy soldier on top. Ignore him,
    and go to the other side of the building and climb down the ladder and
    move as far as you can toward the red enemy scout (The badged one).
    End this CP with healing as well. Try to keep your health up.
    Next, take Edy again, and move next to the red enemy scout, and use
    your flamethrower, to get ALL THREE of the enemy there: 2 ShockT, and
    1 Scout. You will probably not be able to kill them in 1 shot, so use
    another turn to take all 3 out. You should aim your flamethrower
    in between the scout and the 2 ShockT. The enemy ShockT will most
    lilkely responde fire once, and could hurt you quite a bit, but if you
    aren't too unlucky (getting all HSed), Edy should live. After you
    take them out, move to where the enemy ShockT is and stand-by. You
    probably have very little health left. End your turn.
    On enemy's turn, the enemy will continue to try to take over you
    stronghold, but if you pushed off wave 1 and 2, you shouldn't have a
    problem here. Edy will be safe since they enemy there will not
    make any movements around Edy.
    On turn 4, your objective changes because *** (Spoiler warning). Your
    new goal appears at the very south part of the map. You just have to
    run Edy to that goal and the mission will be considered complete. So
    take control of Edy, CAREFULLY walk AROUND the mine, hug the left wall
    to avoid the first 2 mine, and walk between the mines carefully to avoid
    the second mine. Once you've avoided the mine, it's just a matter of
    dashing Edy to the goal to complete the mission and earn your S-Rank.
    That's it for your first S-Rank in the new extra downloadable chapter in
    Valkyria Chronicles. 
    ***Apparently Rosie is wounded, and that Edy's squad is close to her,
    so Edy is going to fight her way out of the enemy to go rescue
    Rosie. The story is rather cute as Edy has the "Hate Rosie" trait.
    Typical Tsundere :)~
    ///////////////////////[BHF]Behind Her Blue Flames 
                       ~Fight on, Together with Selvaria~ 
    This is the downloadable extra episode in the Japanese Playstation Network
    store. The date of the release was 10/30/2008. The entire pack consists
    of four battles, and 2 paths.
    The pathing of the episode comes from the first mission and it's impossible
    to achieve S-rank for all the missions in one go, and to be able to branch
    to the second path, you won't be able to achieve S-Rank of the first mission.
    Thus I strongly suggest following the "Defult" path the first time and then
    replay it to receive the S-Rank in the branching mission.
    Note about your units. In this episode you will play as the faceless
    imperiall soldiers. A "Special" Engineer, and Selvaria herself. Your regular
    troops including your Engineer's combat capability will make babies cry.
    They have horrible aim. Prepare for A LOT of loading. Your CP+ characters
    are the all too familiar "Red" color schemed soldier that you've encountered
    many times in the main story line.
    The reward for S-Ranking all the 3 "main" battles of this DLC pack will
    reward you with the use of Selvaria's Ruhm Machine Gun for your ShockTs in
    the main story line. As well as unlocking the fourth battle in which you will
    be FINALLY able to play as Valkyria.
    Selvaria is an utterly broken character. She is a one person army. In her
    human form, she has 618+, with the movement of scout, carrying the Ruhm
    which has incredibly accuracy and fire power. Not to mention she has defense
    of a ShockT while has the movement rate and stamina of Scout. You may also
    remember Selvaria's insane evasion rate during your fight against her in
    her human form that covers almost 340 degree around her except the very 
    narrow strip of her back view. This is also available in her playable form.
    In her valkyria form, she has 1500 HP, insane amount of defense, at the same 
    time the same scout movement rate and stamina. Her weapon change to the 
    Valkyria weapon which comes in two flavors. The multi-hit burst laser, and the 
    charge laser. The former acts as a rifle, and the latter acts as a Lance. They 
    both have insane accuracy and fire power. The former will kill any units in 
    one attack, and the latter will destroy any tanks in one burst.
    ///////////////////////[GFC]Ghirlandajo Fort Control Operation
    S-Rank: 3 Turns / Branching path: A/B-Rank - 5-7 Turns
    Deployment: 3 ShockTs, 1 Scout (Red), 1 Lancer (Red), 1 Sniper. Place
    The 2 ShockTs on the left, and 1 Sniper on the Left. Deployment is the same
    for both Paths.
    The action of this battle will determine which of the battle you enter next,
    I strongly suggest going for S-Rank for the first time to save yoursellf 
    some time. S-Rank is a lot easier as well.
    S-Rank Path will lead to [GTR]Gallia Troop Remain Mop-Up Operation. While
    the B-Rank path will lead to [AGB]Artilery Zone Battle. If you are planning
    to play the alternative mission, please try to conserve your CP on your turn
    when you have free CPs to spend.
    The battlefield is probably familiar to those who has finish the main story 
    line. However, there are few slight adjustments. The left and the right side 
    are sealed of to each other, and that the elevators do not work. Your goal 
    is to occupy the bottom main base of the Gallia army.
    Please save before you make any action because your units accuracy is just
    horrible. All right, with that as the last reminder for the rest of these 4
    battles, let's get started.
    First of all, take your sniper, and take out the sniper on top of the round
    structure on the bottom left of the tactical map. Try not to get shot by the
    scout that's to the right of your base. Next, take out the scout to the right
    of your base. That will expend 2 of your 8 CP for the turn. Next move Selvaria
    and make your way toward the bottom right of the map, leave the lancer and 
    sniper alone with selvaria, and take out the shockT on the enemy's side. 
    Take advantage of your insane range and accuracy. You should be able to take
    out all the ShockT with ease. Stop after you take out the enemy's 2nd ShockT
    on your way to the bototm right. This will expend 2 more CP.
    Next, take your engineer (named Carl from now on), and catch up with Selvaria
    because you'll need Carl to get rid of barricades for Selvaria. Although 
    Selvaria as insane combat capabilities, she does not carry any grenade or 
    raganite healing packs because of reasons mentioned in the story. (I won't 
    spoil anything). On your way, take out the Lancer with point blank head shot,
    and take out the sniper with one good toss of grenade. Should cost you 2 CP to 
    catch up to Selvaria, and you can do whatever you like with the rest of your CP.
    I suggest putting your other assault on the left side of your base because
    that's where enemies will come attacking. Having three assault facing that side
    should leave you with no problem defending your base.
    Enemy's turn will consist of calling reinforcement and attack on your base.
    Your assault should ward them off without any problem. 
    Next turn, move Selvaria through those barriers on the bottom right and you 
    should see a tank. Ignore the tank and move to the right around the corner
    you'll probably notice a scout already. Kill him. Now, take Selvaria up again
    and move her up the ramp next to where the elevator is, and there is an enemy
    ShockT, kill him as well and standby.
    Next, take Carl down the same path and leave him standby where the enemy scout
    was. Afterwards, take your Lancer and move him all the way to the right where
    you can see the barricades on the right, there are two layers of them. One
    that's closer to the lance, and another by the elevators on the right side.
    Destroy them. Afterwards do whatever you like with the rest of your CP. You
    should save before taking shot because your Lancer's accuracy is horribly bad...
    Enemy turn will be the same, and would also most likely include the enemy tank
    shooting your tank once. Make sure your tank doesn't die.
    On the third turn, first thing, save and tuck this away in a safe place. This is
    where the branching path comes in.
    Now, take Carl up to where Selvaria is by the elevator and you should see
    that there is another barricade on the bottom of the fort wall where there is 
    an enemy ShockT. Use a grenade and break that barricade; you should have no
    trouble with range. You can take a couple try but make sure you destroy it. Now
    take Selvaria down the Fort using the stair, and kill the enemy ShockT if you
    like, but you won't get any EXP. If you want, give Selvaria a Defense boost
    order (the 1st order on the list). Run toward the bottom base, and kill the 
    tank by aiming at its radiator in the back. Even without defense boost order, 
    Selvaria has enough life and defense to withstand the Tank AND enemy ShockT. 
    Once the tank falls, take the base and get your S-Rank.
    Now that you've obtained the S-Rank for ths mission please proceed to:
    [GTR]Gallia Troop Remain Mop-Up Operation and skip the next section/
    mission for now.
    Branching Mission B-Rank 6 Turns (maybe can do it faster if you want to risk).
    Let me just say this first, I find no possiblle way to achieve this branching
    path in three turn and receive S-Rank. If you found a way to complete this
    branching path while obtaining S-Rank please do let me know via E-Mail and I'll
    add it to the guide and your credit for this section.
    First, load up your save at the start of the third turn. Your goal is to
    Destroy the enemy's Ace Tank marked with a "B" on the tactical map at the
    bottom left of the tactical map. You won't be able to see it for now, but you
    will once you get close to their. Since this is B-Rank, I'll not go into
    detail how to beat it, but I'll provide an outline in what you should do
    and tips.
    Turn 3, move your tank twice along the top, and dispose some enemy's soldier
    in the north.
    Turn 4, take over the top two bases to stop reinforcement. Bring one of your
    ShockTs to the second enemy's base to stop enemy from recapture. Top base
    can be reached by your scout in 2 turns. Tank should now be by the left most
    ramp on the northern wall of the fort.
    Turn 5, Move your tank ONCE to the enemy's 3rd base from the top and stop.
    Get into targeting mode and make sure you are in range of fire. The required
    amount of shot will come up as "??" but ignore it. Save the rest of the CP.
    Turn 6, with 16 CP, use your tank and shoot Damon's Tank 8 times and kill
    it. Each time you make a shot, save, because your tank's accuracy sucks. 
    Also move a little forward each time as you shoot to make your next shot a
    bit easier. Your belt is probably destroyed so you can only move a little
    at a time. This will trigger a scene. As long as your base doesn't captured 
    on enemy's turn you'll be ok.
    Turn 7, finish the stage with the previous strategy moving Selvaria to the
    bottom capturing the enemy's base.
    If you are brave enough, just kill off enemy's tank, and move your tank
    and don't do any of the capturing. By turn 5, you should have 16 CP to kill
    the enemy's tank if your tank's belt doesn't get destroyed.
    This strategy revovles using your tank which does very crappy damage to destroy
    the enemy's tank in 1 turn using SIXTEEN CPs. I find this is the safest and
    quickest way instead of trying to get your Lancer to the bottom left shooting
    the boss at its radiator. Since the following strategy will vary a lot
    depending on how much CP you've accumulated in the previous 2 turns. So I
    will only go over the general strategy. If you S-ranked the first time, whatever
    rank you receive this time doesn't matter because it will not overwrite your
    S-Rank, so you can take this slowly. Also, since this is a S-Rank guide, if
    you've S-Rankd all the missions so far, doing the rest shouldn't be tough 
    at all.
    So since you need your tank, your first priority would be to destroy enemys'
    tank that's right at the top who shot your tank on their turn. To do so,
    take control of your Lancer, who has EXACTLY two shots that will exactly be
    the required amount. Again, with your lancer's horrible accuracy, please
    save between each successful shot.
    Next you should take over the two bases on the top left because there is a
    danger they'll disable your tank's belt while you try to get your Tank in
    position to take out the Enemy's boss tank (ダモン戦車).
    Let me just warn you that the lower of the 2 top enemy bases is in the range
    of enemy's vulcan fire, so make sure you don't enter that base from the
    south. Enter it via North.
    Your tank's route should be all the way to the top left right above the ramp,
    then down the ramp right at the sandbags to the 3rd enemy base from the top.
    At that range, you'll be in range with your tank cannon while outside of the
    enemy's activation range.
    ///////////////////////[AGB]Artilery Zone Battle
    S-Rank: 4 Turns (Done in 2)
    Deployment: All the red troops and the rest anything you like.
    This battle takes place outside the fort, and is the same map as the next
    battle in chronologically on the list in the Extras menu. However, this battle
    does not chronolically preceed the next the battle, it's an alternative battle
    to the next one on the list. To get in this battle you'll have to destroy
    enemy's boss tank at the very lower left of the tactical map in the previous
    battle. The strategy is covered in the second half of the previous section.
    By deploying all the red troops you'll have 10 CPs. First, you'll notice
    that you won't be able to control Selvaria because she is paralyzed by the
    poison gas (damn Damon, what a #$*&). You'll have to get close to her using
    Carl. Now look at the tactical map, the logical choice is to just sneak
    Carl from the left on the tactical map. However, you'll notice that there are
    2 baricades as well as an enemy ShockT waiting there. So first you want to
    get that ShockT out of your way. Move your tank forward, switch to grenade,
    and in the direction of that ShockT. This will most likely bomb him out of 
    that position on to the top of the trench. With him out of your way it's just
    a matter of moving Carl to Selvaria. Make sure you don't get gunned down by
    enemy's assault that's guarding in that area, some will suprise you.
    Once you've made it to Selvaria's side a scene will trigger, and Selvaria will
    be usable again along with your ability to make orders. When you reach
    Selvaria make sure that Carl is facing away from Selvaria's position and
    because Carl will get sniped, and you want him to duck if possible.
    Once Selvaria is healthy again, control her, and move her south-west
    diriection around the walls because the middle path out of the artilery zone
    is blocked. You want to take the detour and move her around. You should 
    reserve 2 CP for Selvaria to move twice toward the southern goal. Dont' worry
    about Selvaria's safety because she'll most likely dodge ANYTHING the enemy 
    coulld possibly do. Selvaria shold stop
    The most dangerous maneuver on the enemy's turn is Carl's saftey from the
    sniper, and the capture of your base infront of the fort gate. If you survive
    the enemy's turn it'll be very easy.
    On the next turn, give Selvaria Defense Boostorder (First in the order 
    menu), and just dash her to the goal to get your S-rank.
    ///////////////////////[GTR]Gallia Troop Remain Mop-Up Operation
    S-Rank: 3 Turns (done in 2)
    Deployment: Lancer on the most right (Red one), and the rest deploy ALL your
    red troops for extra CP.
    This mission is on the same map as the alternative branch mission in the
    preivous section. However, the layout has changed considerably, and do
    require a few changes on your early turns. If you received an S-Rank in the
    first mission, you should have enough red troops to  give you a total of
    12 CP on turn 1.
    First, you would notice that there is only one enemy tank on the right path
    of the trench, which should hint you that path would probably be a better
    path for our speed purpose. So, first, take your lancer, and get as close
    as you can to the tank, and take out that tank in 2 CP. Please use only
    2 CP, because CP is very tight for the first turn.
    Now, please take note of the position of the right trench path's shape, and
    the two barricades that's mapped on your tactical map. Between the two
    barricades on the tactical map, there is a named enemy scout hiding in the
    bottom of "V" section of the trench. He has high evasion so what you need to
    do is to save your game, and then take your tank, switch to grenade, and aim
    in his direction, and bomb him out of his defensive position to the top of
    the trench. This will take a you few tries unless you are lucky or you have
    become very skilled in aiming air shots through the course of this guide.
    Once he is out of the way, it's time to move Carl.
    Control, Carl, and use 7CP to get to Selvaria to trigger a scene, and crouch
    near the sandbag for defensive position. If you can face south away from
    your starting point because there is most likely enemy fires coming that way.
    MOve along the trench and destroy the barricades as you see fit, and heal
    when you don't have anything else to do because you want as much as HP as you
    can get at the end of your 7CP maneuver.
    For the last CP, take up Selvaria, and move toward the center of the map to
    attract enemy attention especially that named scout. You need to draw fire
    away from Carl, and Selvaria's evasion will make her immune to almost every
    form of possible attack. Try to take out the scout if you can, but his high
    evasion is annoying you then just forget it.
    On enemy's turn, as long as Carl doesn't die, you are good.
    Next turn, give Selvaria Defense Boost order and run to the south of the map
    to achieve your goal. You just have to run to that place, you dont' have to
    kill anything. With Defense Boost order, the machine guns should do only like
    1 damage to you. Congratulations on your S-Rank, the unlocking of the "secret"
    4th mission, and 1x Ruhm for use on your ShockT in the main story parts which
    includes Skirmish and Story mode.
    ///////////////////////[TAW]The Azure Witch
    To Be Continued...

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