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    Weapon Guide by SkunkHunter

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 03/01/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    version 2.1 - March 1, 2010				by SkunkHunter
    SPOILER WARNING: Folks differ on what they consider a spoiler, so in an
    abundance of caution, I’m saying there may be spoilers. There are no plot 
    elements disclosed, but I do list every weapon you can get, including those 
    that are awards and those you can capture and I tell you where to get them. 
    So, if you don’t want to hear that, don’t read on.
    [CRV] - Credits and Version History
    [COM] - General Comments
    [INT] - Introduction
    [SCE] - Scouts and Engineers
    [SHT] - Shock Troopers
    [SNP] - Snipers
    [LNC] - Lancers
    [CLO] - Closing Remarks
    A huge thank you to Busard, for mastering the Expert Skirmishes (referred to
    pre-release as "Extra Hard" mode) and being generous enough to share the
    information relating to the weapons unlocked for each Skirmish and what
    their statistics are. Also for catching an error in version 2.0 on the clip
    size of the ZM MP X3(g).
    I also want to thank the folks on the Gamefaqs(R) Board who have kept the VC
    Board going with interesting challenges, debates, tips, and plenty of help for
    folks new to the game. You've all enhanced my enjoyment of this game and your
    efforts only help in making the game more popular. Thank you all very much.
    If you want to reach me about something in this Guide, my email is
    Version 1.0 - April 16, 2009 was the original FAQ
    Version 1.1 - April 20, 2009 I revised an error I made on Lancer reloading, 
    included the Aim column for the MGs that I mistakenly left out, and
    added the weapon information for the weapons available in two of the first
    set of DLC - Extra Hard Skirmishes and Behind Her Blue Flame.
    Version 2.0 - February 28, 2010 I added in the weapons available from the
    latest DLC - Challenges of the Edy Detachment, and cleaned things up a bit,
    trying to make it a bit easier to use. I also made edits based upon my 
    experience playing the game and in light of threads I've seen on the Board, 
    trying to make this Guide more useful to newer players in particular.
    Version 2.1 - March 1, 2010 I corrected the clip size for the ZM MP X3(g)
    after Busard pointed out that I had the clip size wrong in v2.0.
    [COM]			     COMMENTS
    I really enjoy this game, and I hope you will, too. I know of no source (other
    than playing through the game) that accurately compiles the data on various 
    weapons that the infantry units use in it, however. So, I made my own.
    I wanted to put everything into a single table for each weapon type, but I
    couldn’t make that fit. So, each weapon type is broken into two tables. The
    first table lists the weapons and pertinent statistics, and the second table 
    explains how you can get that weapon, when it becomes available, and what it 
    costs, in terms of DCT, to develop it (for those you can develop).
    Those of you who have a spreadsheet program or even word processing software 
    that handles tables should be able to copy and paste it into a single more 
    useful table that you can also sort any way you like. I sorted the tables by 
    time, in terms of when each weapon becomes available, which I found also to 
    be useful for comparing different upgrades that you can get.
    You’ll see lots of topics on GameFaqs(R) about what weapons are “best,” 
    including which development paths to pursue, etc. I've offered my opinions 
    on some of that below not to preach a particular philosophy or claim to 
    knowing the "best" way to play this game (there isn't one, in my view), but 
    more to hopefully help newer players understand what the trade-offs are and
    why at least one person thinks particular weapons and/or development paths
    are suited to a given play style.
    I hope you find this guide a useful tool to enhance your enjoyment of the game.
    I know I'm not alone in feeling that trying to get an A ranking (or S in Japan)
    on all missions on your first run-through isn't advisable for lots of reasons.
    Even if you are a completionist, please know that you will have to play the
    game through twice, and start a third game, to get all of the medals.
    When you start your second game, you will get a New Game+, which means you
    start with your troops trained at the level they finished at, with all of
    their equipment as well. And in your second and subsequent playthroughs, you
    can replay any Chapter you have reached as many times as you like. That makes
    getting A ranks on your second playthrough FAR easier. So, it is my perhaps
    vain hope that this Guide will also encourage you to consider playing through
    the first time without worrying unduly about getting A ranks. At least,
    you'll see how much better the equipment you'll have in your second
    playthrough will be.
    The information in the tables should be readily-understandable to folks playing
    the game. If you’re new or fairly new, the “Aim” statistic reflects how big the
    aiming circle is, which shows where your shot could potentially hit (if you 
    miss hitting right in the crosshairs). A is the best (smallest); E is the worst.
    For weapons that aren’t area of effect, aiming is a big deal. You want your 
    Scouts, Snipers, Engineers, and Shock Troopers to hit folks in the head most 
    times, and the more accurately you do that, the easier it is to kill enemies. 
    The Aim and Range statistics also dictate how far away from an enemy you can do
    that, which might spare you or at least reduce the amount of interception fire
    you’re subjected to.  Aiming and range are important for your Lancers as well.
    The further they can be from a tank or turret and still hit it, the better.
    Early on, accuracy can be frustrating. That's based on several factors. First,
    each character has a personal accuracy, which goes up as the class level.
    Level 1 characters have accuracy from 0 (no kidding) to about 16. That stat
    triples or quadruples as they level up. Busard posted a thread that gives
    damage calculations and the stats (at Level 20) for the characters:
    Second, the early weapons have poor range and low Aim, meaning the aiming
    circles are huge unless you're really close. Combined, that means your units
    are unlikely to make a shot hit in the crosshairs and the area a missed shot
    might hit is big, meaning a shot that misses the crosshairs will likely miss
    the head and quite possibly miss altogether. Don't get frustrated. Your units
    get much more accurate, and so do their weapons. And it's also why I recommend
    upgrading range and accuracy early on, where you can.
    “Shots” is how many rounds the unit will fire in a single action (1CP), until 
    and unless they get a potential for double actions or shots, etc.
    “Ammo” is how many times a unit can fire in a given phase, without somehow
    being reloaded (by an Engineer or Order). In that field, "Inf." means you have
    infinite ammunition.
    “Efct” is an aspect of certain weapons in the game that have a poison that will
    affect the unit hit with it. Later on, the Imperial troops will frequently be 
    using these weapons to shoot your folks, and they’re a real pain. Although you 
    can develop your own, as you’ll see, I think they’re pretty useless.
    "Def Dwn" for rifles decreases the effected unit's defense, but you should
    just eliminate the unit and/or destroy its cover. “Atk Dwn” for your MGs
    decreases the Attack power of the unit hit, but I recommend using the T-MAG
    and just killing them; that REALLY decreases their attack power. Similarly, you
    can develop “Aim Dwn” for your Sniper, but you should be using your Sniper to
    hit folks in the head for a OHKO, in which case how they would have aimed if
    they were still alive becomes moot. Finally, you can develop “HP Dwn” for the
    flamethrower, which would cause the unit hit to lose HP if and when it moved
    during its Phase. Although that’s very annoying when some enemy ShockT hits YOU
    with it, you should use your Flamethrower to burn folks up completely. The ones
    you can develop and/or capture do that in one burn usually, and sometimes two.
    “How” indicates how you get the weapon, which is one of three ways: 
    “R&D” means you have to develop it at the R&D Facility at Headquarters; 
    “Award” means that you can get it as an award from Princess Cordelia in the 
    Audience Hall (accessed through Headquarters); and
    “Ace” means that you get the weapon by killing the enemy Ace wielding it.
    You’ll see a lot of topics on Awards. Based upon my playthroughs, awards are
    pretty random. You get them for achieving a high rank on the relevant 
    Chapter(s). It seems that A rank gets you 3-4 types of weapons, B rank gets 
    2-3, and C rank 1-2, but even that seems a bit unpredictable to me. What 
    weapons you get is random. If you save after a battle and then go to
    the Audience Hall, you will be able to reload if you don’t like what the 
    Princess gives you; she’ll give you something different if you reload and 
    go back to her again. Finally, the number of each type of weapon she gives you 
    also varies a bit, in no way I’ve been able to predict. So, if somebody has 
    the Award thing figured out, please let me know.
    “Development” simply lists what the R&D development is that you need to pay 
    for to get the upgrade.  Some information on that: when you get an upgrade in 
    R&D, the relevant troops in your squad who are not equipped with a particular 
    Royal or Ace weapon will all automatically be equipped with whatever the 
    computer thinks is the latest and greatest version that you have. That’s fine
    for non-branching development paths, but it can create problems when you have
    a branching development tree (like for Rifles) and you simply buy all upgrades
    that are available. For example, you might buy upgrades for your Shock Troopers
    of Firepower Boost 5, Added Effect 5, and Clip Size Up 5. The computer will 
    equip your troops with Added Effect 5 guns (the MAJ-X M2), so you need to go 
    to the Squad Barracks and ensure your troops have the weapons you actually 
    want if you upgrade evenly.
    That brings up a question as to whether, if you do not buy an upgrade when it
    initially becomes available, does it delay development of the next upgrade 
    below it. For example, if you delay buying Firepower Boost 5 and Added 
    Effect 5 (perhaps in part because you don’t want your Shock Troopers somehow 
    getting equipped with Added Effects weapons when you want them equipped with
    Clip Size Up ones), does it delay the time you could develop Firepower Boost 6
    and Added Effect 6? The answer is NO, it does not. I’ve tested it. You can 
    always go back later and buy all the upgrades. So I recommend you upgrade the
    path you're interested in using, and save the others until you want to buy
    everything at the end to get the medal for that (Excellence in Armament).
    Probably enough introduction, so . . .
    Your Scouts and Engineers can use the same rifles (I’m not saying that they 
    should, but they can).
    Like the MGs and Sniper Rifles, the Rifles that you can capture have poor
    range and accuracy, but much higher damage. If you're using Scouts to get 
    head shots from beyond the range of enemy ShockT's, or even Scouts, the
    Royals and what you can develop are better, in my opinion. But if you're
    in confined quarters and/or using a Scout to defend a base or a tank with
    interception fire, the Imperial Rifles from the DLC are awesome.
    To make everything fit, I abbreviated “Gallian” as “Gal’n” in some cases.
    Rifles don’t have area effects, so I didn’t use a column for Area (as you’ll
    see in their stats if you look in the game). Here are the Rifle statistics:
    Rifles	          Aim	Range  vsPers vsArmor	Efct	Shots	Ammo
    Gallian-1	   C	350	17	40	-	5	Inf.
    ZM Kar 1(g)	   E	180	36	46	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-2	   C	350	22	40	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-3	   C	360	23	45	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-4	   C	360	24	45	-	5	Inf.
    ZM Kar 2(g)	   D	180	39	51	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-S1	   C	380	25	50	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-X1	   D	350	20	48	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gallian-A1	   C	360	26	51	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-S2	   B	380	26	52	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-X2	   D	350	21	48	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gallian-A2	   C	360	28	53	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-S3	   B	380	27	52	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-X3	   D	350	22	48	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gallian-A3	   C	360	30	53	-	5	Inf.
    Gallian-1R	   B	350	32	60	-	5	Inf.
    ZM Kar 3(g)	   D	180	43	54	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-S10	   B	400	27	56	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-X10	   D	360	25	54	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-A10	   C	380	34	57	-	7	Inf.
    Gallian-3R	   B	350	35	62	-	5	Inf.
    ZM Kar 4(g)	   D	200	51	60	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-S11	   B	400	29	56	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-X11	   D	350	26	54	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-A11	   C	380	36	58	-	7	Inf.
    Gal'n-S12	   B	400	31	56	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-X12	   D	360	27	54	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-A12	   C	380	38	58	-	7	Inf.
    Gal'n-S1R	   B	350	37	64	-	5	Inf.
    ZM Kar 5(g)	   C	220	60	65	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-S10R	   A	350	40	67	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-S20	   A	420	40	57	-	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-X20	   D	380	35	55	DefDwn	5	Inf.
    Gal'n-A20	   C	400	42	60	-	7	Inf.
    Gal'n-S20R	   A	350	45	70	-	5	Inf.
    ZM Kar 6(g)	   D	220	72	70	-	7	Inf.
    ZM Kar 7(g)	   D	220	92	95	-	7	Inf.
    ZM Kar 8(g)        D    220    100      95      -       7       Inf.
    ZM Kar 9(g)        D    225    105     100      -       7       Inf.
    Here's how you acquire the Rifles available in VC (please note
    that "Ex. Sk." stands for Expert Skirmish, and "Edy Sk." stands for
    Edy Detachment Challenge Skirmish, both of which are available as
    downloadable content, or DLC):
    Rifles		How?	When	   Development		R&D cost
    Gallian-1	Auto	At start		
    ZM Kar 1(g)	Ace	Ch. 2		
    Gallian-2	R&D	Ch. 3	   Accuracy Boost 1	500
    Gallian-3	R&D	Ch. 4	   Accuracy Boost 2	2000
    Gallian-4	R&D	Ch. 6	   Accuracy Boost 3	4500
    ZM Kar 2(g)	Ace	Ch. 7		
    Gallian-S1	R&D	Ch. 8	   Accuracy Boost 4	8000
    Gallian-X1	R&D	Ch. 8	   Added Effect 4	8000
    Gallian-A1	R&D	Ch. 8	   Firepower Boost 4	8000
    Gallian-S2	R&D	Ch. 9	   Accuracy Boost 5	12500
    Gallian-X2	R&D	Ch. 9	   Added Effect 5	12500
    Gallian-A2	R&D	Ch. 9	   Firepower Boost 5	12500
    Gallian-S3	R&D	Ch. 10	   Accuracy Boost 6	18000
    Gallian-X3	R&D	Ch. 10	   Added Effect 6	18000
    Gallian-A3	R&D	Ch. 10	   Firepower Boost 6	18000
    Gallian-1R	Award	Ch.s 10-11		
    ZM Kar 3(g)	Ace	Ch. 10(a)		
    Gal'n-S10	R&D	Ch. 12	   Accuracy Boost 7	24500
    Gal'n-X10	R&D	Ch. 12	   Added Effect 7	24500
    Gal'n-A10	R&D	Ch. 12	   Firepower Boost 7	24500
    Gallian-3R	Award	Ch.s 12-14		
    ZM Kar 4(g)	Ace	Ch. 13		
    Gal'n-S11	R&D	Ch. 14	   Accuracy Boost 8	32000
    Gal'n-X11	R&D	Ch. 14	   Added Effect 8	32000
    Gal'n-A11	R&D	Ch. 14	   Firepower Boost 8	32000
    Gal'n-S12	R&D	Ch. 15	   Accuracy Boost 9	40500
    Gal'n-X12	R&D	Ch. 15	   Added Effect 9	40500
    Gal'n-A12	R&D	Ch. 15	   Firepower Boost 9	40500
    Gal'n-S1R	Award	Ch. 15		
    ZM Kar 5(g)	Ace	Ch. 15(a)		
    Gal'n-S10R	Award	Ch.s 16-17		
    Gal'n-S20	R&D	Ch. 17	   Accuracy Boost 10	50000
    Gal'n-X20	R&D	Ch. 17	   Added Effect 10	50000
    Gal'n-A20	R&D	Ch. 17	   Firepower Boost 10	50000
    Gal'n-S20R	Award	Ch. 18		
    ZM Kar 6(g)	Ace	Ex. Sk. 1&7		
    ZM Kar 7(g)	Ace	Ex. Sk. 5		
    ZM Kar 8(g)     Ace     Ed. Sk. 1
    ZM Kar 9(g)     Ace     Ed. Sk. 4
    Scouts and Engineers also use grenades, but a bit differently.  
    Scouts only have 1 grenade per Phase that they can use.
    Engineers have 3 grenades that they can use. Hence, in the table the
    indication “S1 / E3,” showing that difference.
    Note that, similar to Lancers as explained below, Engineers start
    with 3 grenades but absent being reloaded, they only regain 1
    grenade per phase, unless they're in a friendly base (in which
    case they are fully reloaded). Hence, if you use all three of your
    Engineer's grenades in one Phase, it will begin the next Phase with
    only one (unless somehow reloaded).  Unlike some of the Lancers, no
    Engineer has a Potential that can give it an extra round, so 
    reloading must be done by the Resupply order or another Engineer.
    Another difference between the way Scouts use grenades and the way
    that Engineers use them is that when your Scouts reach Elite status,
    they can fire a rifle grenade (Engineers can’t). Rifle grenades
    just have greater range than normal grenades, as you can see.
    The stats are:
    Grenade                Aim	Range  vsPers  vsArmor	Ammo
    B-Type Grenade M1	C	90	250	300	S1 / E3
    B-Type Grenade M2	C	90	275	325	S1 / E3
    B-Type Grenade M3	C	90	300	350	S1 / E3
    B-Type Grenade M4	C	90	350	375	S1 / E3
    B-Type Grenade M5	C	90	400	400	S1 / E3
    Randgrizer M1		D	250	250	300	1
    Randgrizer M2		D	250	275	325	1
    Randgrizer M3		D	250	300	350	1
    Randgrizer M4		D	250	350	375	1
    Randgrizer M5		D	250	400	400	1
    As mentioned, only Elite Scouts will have rifle grenades, so that is
    reflected in the table below.  Also, once your Scouts have that
    ability, they will simply equip the best grenade you’ve developed
    as their rifle grenade. There is no separate development or cost. 
    Here’s how you obtain the grenades:
    Grenade            How?  When?             Development	    R&D cost
    B-Type Grenade M1  Auto  At start		
    B-Type Grenade M2  R&D   Ch. 5             Grenade Upgrade 1  300*
    B-Type Grenade M3  R&D   Ch. 9             Grenade Upgrade 2  1900*
    B-Type Grenade M4  R&D   Ch. 13            Grenade Upgrade 3  5300*
    B-Type Grenade M5  R&D   Ch. 19            Grenade Upgrade 4  11100*
    Randgrizer M1	   Auto  Elite Scouts		
    Randgrizer M2	   R&D   Ch. 5 (if Elite)  *comes w/ GU2	M2
    Randgrizer M3	   R&D   Ch. 9 (if Elite)  *comes w/ GU3	M3
    Randgrizer M4	   R&D   Ch. 13 (if Elite) *comes w/ GU4	M4
    Randgrizer M5	   R&D   Ch. 19 (if Elite) *comes w/ GU5	M5
    Shock Troopers use Machine Guns. None of their guns have area effects, so I
    didn’t use a column for Area.
    Depending upon how you use your ShockTs, I think this is an area where you can,
    if you have to, skimp on DCT. The enemy Ace MGs are good for close work, and
    the Royals are decent, too (in fact, the Mags M30R is my favorite, aside from 
    DLC weapons). If and when you upgrade, I like Ammo Clip Up. Having extra shots
    is nice for single kills, and very useful when you line up a few enemies.
    Here are the Machine Gun statistics:
    MG	   Aim	Range vs Pers vs Armor	Efct	Shots	Ammo
    Mags M1	    D	200	20	40	-	20	Inf.
    Mags M2	    D	200	21	40	-	20	Inf.
    ZM MP 1(g)  E	80	31	55	-	20	Inf.
    Mags M3	    D	200	22	45	-	20	Inf.
    ZM MP 2(g)  E	80	33	57	-	20	Inf.
    Mags M4	    D	200	23	45	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M1    D	180	20	47	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    Mags M10    D	200	25	50	-	20	Inf.
    ZM MP 3(g)  D	120	35	58	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M2    D	180	21	48	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    T-MAG 1	    D	200	21	49	-	25	Inf.
    Mags M11    D	200	26	51	-	20	Inf.
    Mags M1R    D	200	28	58	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M3    D	180	22	49	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    T-MAG 2	    D	200	22	50	-	25	Inf.
    Mags M12    D	200	27	52	-	20	Inf.
    Mags M3R    D	200	31	59	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M10   D	180	25	51	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    T-MAG 10    D	200	22	52	-	30	Inf.
    Mags M20    D	200	30	54	-	20	Inf.
    ZM MP 4(g)  D	120	40	59	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M11   D	180	26	52	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    T-MAG 11    D	200	23	53	-	30	Inf.
    Mags M21    D	200	32	55	-	20	Inf.
    MagsM10R    D	200	33	60	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M12   D	180	27	52	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    T-MAG 12    D	200	25	54	-	30	Inf.
    Mags M22    D	200	34	56	-	20	Inf.
    MagsM20R    C	220	36	61	-	20	Inf.
    ZM MP 5(g)  D	150	45	60	-	20	Inf.
    MAJ-X M20   D	180	30	54	AtkDwn	15	Inf.
    T-MAG 20    D	200	25	56	-	35	Inf.
    Mags M30    D	200	37	58	-	20	Inf.
    MagsM30R    C	240	40	63	-	20	Inf.
    ZM MP 6(g)  D	150	47	60	-	25	Inf.
    Ruhm        A   540     35      75      -       20      Inf.
    ZM MPX3(g)  E   150     75      60      -       25      Inf.
    Here’s how you get the Machine Guns (please note that "Ex. Sk." stands for
    Expert Skirmish, and "Edy Sk." stands for Edy Challenge Skirmish, both of
    which are available as DLC; separately available as DLC are the 
    "Behind Her Blue Flame" missions, which if you A-rank will unlock the
    amazing Ruhm, as indicated):
    MG	   How?	   When?	        Development	        R&D cost
    Mags M1	   Auto	   At Start		
    Mags M2	   R&D	   Chapter 2       	Firepower Boost 1	500
    ZM MP 1(g) Ace	   Chapter 3		
    Mags M3	   R&D	   Chapter 5       	Firepower Boost 2	2000
    ZM MP 2(g) Ace	   Chapter 5		
    Mags M4	   R&D	   Chapter 7       	Firepower Boost 3	4500
    MAJ-X M1   R&D	   Chapter 8       	Added Effect 4		8000
    Mags M10   R&D	   Chapter 8       	Firepower Boost 4	8000
    ZM MP 3(g) Ace	   Chapter 8(a)		
    MAJ-X M2   R&D	   Chapter 10       	Added Effect 5		12500
    T-MAG 1	   R&D	   Ch. 10 (if Elite)	Clip Size Up 5		12500
    Mags M11   R&D	   Chapter 10       	Firepower Boost 5	12500
    Mags M1R   Award   Chapters 10-11		
    MAJ-X M3   R&D	   Chapter 11       	Added Effect 6		18000
    T-MAG 2	   R&D	   Ch. 11 (if Elite)	Clip Size Up 6		18000
    Mags M1R   R&D	   Chapter 11       	Firepower Boost 6	18000
    Mags M3R   Award   Chapters 12-14		
    MAJ-X M10  R&D	   Chapter 13       	Added Effect 7		24500
    T-MAG 10   R&D	   Ch. 13 (if Elite)	Clip Size Up 7		24500
    Mags M20   R&D	   Chapter 13       	Firepower Boost 7	24500
    ZM MP 4(g) Ace	   Chapter 14		
    MAJ-X M11  R&D	   Chapter 15       	Added Effect 8		32000
    T-MAG 11   R&D	   Ch. 15 (if Elite)	Clip Size Up 8		32000
    Mags M21   R&D	   Chapter 15       	Firepower Boost 8	32000
    MagsM10R   Award   Chapter 15		
    MAJ-X M12  R&D	   Chapter 16       	Added Effect 9		40500
    T-MAG 12   R&D	   Ch. 16 (if Elite)	Clip Size Up 9		40500
    Mags M22   R&D	   Chapter 16       	Firepower Boost 9	40500
    MagsM20R   Award   Chapters 16-17		
    ZM MP 5(g) Ace	   Chapter 17		
    MAJ-X M20  R&D	   Chapter 18       	Added Effect 10		50000
    T-MAG 20   R&D	   Ch. 18 (if Elite)	Clip Size Up 10		50000
    Mags M30   R&D	   Chapter 18       	Firepower Boost 10	50000
    MagsM30R   Award   Chapter 18		
    ZM MP 6(g) Ace	   Ex. Sk. 3
    Ruhm       A-rank  Behind Her Blue Flame DLC		
    ZM MPX3(g) Ace     Edy Sk. 5
    Once your Shock Troopers reach Elite status, they can equip a flamethrowing 
    attachment on their machine guns.  Although it has a short range, it burns 
    everything in an arc when you fire it, and is unaffected by whether an enemy 
    is crouching behind sandbags, hiding in the grass or in other cover.  They are 
    therefore great at burning folks out of cover.  Aimed relatively low, they will 
    also damage units who duck and evade. Ouch.
    All Flamethrowers are area of effect weapons, so I left out the “Area” column
    from the table. Their stats:
    Flamer	   Aim	Range  vsPers vsArmor	Efct	Shots	Ammo
    FF-I	   B	90	130	44	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 01	   B	90	130	46	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-2	   B	90	150	50	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 02	   B	90	157	46	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-3	   B	90	200	52	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 03	   B	90	185	47	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-4	   B	90	250	52	-	1	Inf.
    VB FW 1(g) B	90	380	60	-	1	Inf.
    VB FW 2(g) B	90	500	70	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 04	   B	90	212	47	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-5	   B	90	300	52	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 05	   B	90	240	49	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-6	   B	90	350	52	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 06	   B	90	267	49	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-7	   B	90	400	52	-	1	Inf.
    FoG 07	   B	90	350	54	HP Dwn	1	Inf.
    FF-8	   B	90	450	57	-	1	Inf.
    VB FW XX   B	90	380    1000	-	1	Inf.
    Your Shock Troopers automatically equip the first flamethrower, the FF-1, once
    they reach Elite status. for free. Others you have to develop or capture.  
    One thing I don’t know is whether you could equip the flamethrowers you 
    capture by killing the enemy Aces if you WEREN’T Elite status. It wouldn’t be 
    easy, at least for the VB FW 2(g) that my pal Fujmolt the Edge wields in 
    Rosie’s Report, but I would think you could. If anybody knows for sure, 
    please let me know. 
    Anyway, here’s how you get them  (please note that "Ex. Sk." stands for 
    Expert Skirmish, which is available as downloadable content, or DLC):
    Flamer	   How?	When?          		Development		R&D cost
    FF-I	   Auto	Elite Status		
    FoG 01	   R&D	Ch. 8 (if Elite)	Added Effect 1		10500
    FF-2	   R&D	Ch. 8 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 1	10500
    FoG 02	   R&D	Ch. 10 (if Elite)	Added Effect 2		15400
    FF-3	   R&D	Ch. 10 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 2	15400
    FoG 03	   R&D	Ch. 11 (if Elite)	Added Effect 3		21000
    FF-4	   R&D	Ch. 11 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 3	21000
    VB FW 1(g) Ace	Chapter 11		
    VB FW 2(g) Ace	Rosie's Rpt.		
    FoG 04	   R&D	Ch. 14 (if Elite)	Added Effect 4		27300
    FF-5	   R&D	Ch. 14 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 4	27300
    FoG 05	   R&D	Ch. 15 (if Elite)	Added Effect S		34300
    FF-6	   R&D	Ch. 15 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 5	34300
    FoG 06	   R&D	Ch. 16 (if Elite)	Added Effect 6		41900
    FF-7	   R&D	Ch. 16 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 6	41900
    FoG 07	   R&D	Ch. 18 (if Elite)	Added Effect 7		50100
    FF-8	   R&D	Ch. 18 (if Elite)	Firepower Boost 7	50100
    VB FW XX   Ace  Ex. Sk. 9
    [SNP]			     SNIPERS
    Your Snipers use Sniper Rifles. Throughout the game, a hit to the head of 
    any infantry unit not in cover is nearly always a one-hit kill. Accordingly,
    Accuracy (Aim) and Range are the key statistics, in my opinion. If you look 
    at the tables, you'll notice that you're going to go a long time before you 
    can get a better Sniper Rifle, either from an enemy Ace or the Princess, than 
    you can develop on your own.
    Early on, as mentioned above, your snipers have poor personal accuracy stats.
    That, combined with the poor Aim and Range stats of the early Sniper rifles,
    lead many folks to abandon snipers early on as useless, or save and reload 
    the game repeatedly to try to make a shot. Don't do either. Spend early DCT on
    improving the range and accuracy of your sniper rifles, and your snipers will
    fairly quickly begin to shine.
    To make everything fit, I abbreviated “Brondel” as “Br’l” in some cases. Sniper 
    Rifles really don’t have area effects, so I didn’t use a column for Area.
    Here are the Sniper Rifle statistics:
    Sniper R  Aim	Range  vsPers vsArmor	Efct	Shots	Ammo
    GSR-1	   C	1000	70	50	-	1	3
    GSR-2	   C	1000	75	55	-	1	3
    GSR-3	   C	1100	80	65	-	1	3
    GSR-4	   C	1100	85	65	-	1	3
    ZM SG 1(g) D	450	152	55	-	1	3
    GSR-10	   B	1200	90	70	-	1	3
    Br'l M101X C	700	80	60	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Brondel M1 C	1000	100	72	-	1	3
    ZM SG 2(g) D	500	155	70	-	1	3
    GSR-11	   B	1200	95	72	-	1	3
    Br'l M102X C	700	82	62	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Brondel M2 C	1000	105	75	-	1	3
    GSR-1R	   C	1250	135	92	-	1	3
    ZM SG 3(g) D	500	158	75	-	1	3
    GSR-12	   B	1200	100	74	-	1	3
    Br'l M103X C	700	85	64	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Brondel M3 C	1000	110	78	-	1	3
    GSR-3R	   B	1500	140	94	-	1	3
    ZM SG 4(g) D	700	161	86	-	1	3
    GSR-20	   A	1500	110	79	-	1	3
    Br'l M110X C	1000	95	69	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Br'l M10   C	1200	130	85	-	1	3
    GSR-21	   A	1500	115	81	-	1	3
    Br'l M111X C	1000	99	71	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Br'l M11   C	1200	135	88	-	1	3
    GSR-10R	   B	1500	145	96	-	1	3
    GSR-22	   A	1500	120	83	-	1	3
    Br'l M112X C	1000	102	73	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Br'l M12   C	1200	140	91	-	1	3
    GSR-20R	   A	1800	150	98	-	1	3
    ZM SG 5(g) D	780	183	91	-	1	3
    GSR-30	   A	1800	130	86	-	1	3
    Br'l M120X C	1200	115	76	Aim Dwn	1	3
    Br'l M20   B	1500	160	95	-	1	3
    GSR-30R	   A	1800	170	100	-	1	3
    ZM SG 6(g) D	780	190	91	-	1	3
    ATR-X1     E	780	70	800	-	1	3
    ZM SG 7(g) D    780     215     95      -       1       3
    ATR-X3     D    900     65      1000    -       1       3
    As mentioned above, because you're going to be using your snipers to get
    one-hit headshot kills most of the time, Aim and Range are the big 
    statistics - damage doesn't really matter all that much. Notice, then, that
    by investing in Accuracy, you can get the GSR-10 at Chapter 8. It has B Aim 
    and 1200 Range. That's better Aim and essentially the same range as the first
    Sniper Rifle the Princess gives you (the GSR-1R, with C Aim and 1250 Range),
    and nearly as good as the second one (the GSR-2R, with B Aim and 1500 Range).
    Eventually, as with other weapons, the final Royal Sniper rifle is the best
    available, other than DLC weapons (and as a pure sniper rifle, better than
    those, too, in my opinion).
    Enemy Ace Sniper Rifles have massive damage, but horrible Aim, so what you
    develop is always better, in my opinion. There are also two Snipers you can 
    capture in the DLC that are anti-armor; great for taking out turrets or tanks 
    you have a shot at the radiator of; they're fun, so try them out. Here’s how 
    you get the Sniper Rifles ("Ex. Sk." stands for Expert Skirmish, and "Edy Sk." 
    stands for EdycDetachment Skirmish, both of which are available as DLC):
    Sniper R   How?	  When?		Development		R&D cost
    GSR-1	   Auto	  At Start		
    GSR-2	   R&D	  Ch. 3		Accuracy Boost 1	500
    GSR-3	   R&D	  Ch. 4		Accuracy Boost 2	2000
    GSR-4	   R&D	  Ch. 6		Accuracy Boost 3	4500
    ZM SG 1(g) Ace	  Ch. 6		
    GSR-10	   R&D	  Ch. 8		Accuracy Boost 4	8000
    Br'l M101X R&D	  Ch. 8		Added Effect 4		8000
    Brondel M1 R&D	  Ch. 8		Firepower Boost 4	8000
    ZM SG 2(g) Ace	  Ch. 8(b)		
    GSR-11	   R&D	  Ch. 10	Accuracy Boost 5	12500
    Br'l M102X R&D	  Ch. 10	Added Effect 5		12500
    Brondel M2 R&D	  Ch. 10	Firepower Boost 5	12500
    GSR-1R	   Award  Ch.s 10-11		
    ZM SG 3(g) Ace	  Ch. 10(b)		
    GSR-12	   R&D	  Ch. 11	Accuracy Boost 6	18000
    Br'l M103X R&D	  Ch. 11	Added Effect 6		18000
    Brondel M3 R&D	  Ch. 11	Firepower Boost 6	18000
    GSR-3R	   Award  Ch.s 12-14		
    ZM SG 4(g) Ace	  Ch. 12		
    GSR-20	   R&D	  Ch. 13	Accuracy Boost 7	24500
    Br'l M110X R&D	  Ch. 13	Added Effect 7		24500
    Br'l M10   R&D	  Ch. 13	Firepower Boost 7	24500
    GSR-21	   R&D	  Ch. 15	Accuracy Boost 8	32000
    Br'l M111X R&D	  Ch. 15	Added Effect 8		32000
    Br'l M11   R&D	  Ch. 15	Firepower Boost 8	32000
    GSR-10R	   Award  Ch. 15		
    GSR-22	   R&D	  Ch. 16	Accuracy Boost 9	40500
    Br'l M112X R&D	  Ch. 16	Added Effect 9		40500
    Br'l M12   R&D	  Ch. 16	Firepower Boost 9	40500
    GSR-20R	   Award  Ch.s 16-17		
    ZM SG 5(g) Ace	  Ch. 16		
    GSR-30	   R&D	  Ch. 18	Accuracy Boost 10	50000
    Br'l M120X R&D	  Ch. 18	Added Effect 10		50000
    Br'l M20   R&D	  Ch. 18	Firepower Boost 10	50000
    GSR-30R	   Award  Ch. 18		
    ZM SG 6(g) Ace	  Ex. Sk. 2&4
    ATR-X1     Ace    Ex. Sk. 6		
    ZM SG 7(g) Ace    Edy Sk. 3
    ATR-X3     Ace    Edy Sk. 6
    [LNC]			     LANCERS
    Your Lancers use, you guessed it, Lances. 
    Once your Lancers get to Elite status, you can research and develop “Mortar”
    type lances. As you can see from the table below, the Mortar-type lances 
    (the Lancaar-SH series) do much less damage against armor than the anti-armor,
    but they do a lot more damage against infantry targets and they have an 
    explosive area effect.
    You’ll notice that the mortars have a much greater range than a thrown grenade
    (200 vs. 90), but not quite as much as a rifle grenade (200 vs. 250). However,
    the Mortar lances do a lot more damage. You’ll find in many cases as the game
    progresses that whereas a grenade will not kill most enemies in one hit (enemy
    ShockT’s and Scouts have just a few too many HP), a Mortar usually will kill 
    them. Because Lancer armor has Anti-blast properties, grenades and mortars 
    aren’t a good choice to go after them with at any point.
    Mortars are very useful because they damage troops crouching behind sandbags
    and also can blow up the sandbags (or other barriers). They're great for 
    attacking grouped ShockTs behind sandbags. Also, although they’re
    much worse against armor head on, a mortar hit to the radiator is still a
    one-hit kill on any tank. If you’re going to try that, you have to be a ways
    away, so that you can get the aiming arc to hit the radiator.
    In any event, the “Area” field here indicates that the mortar lances have an
    area effect, whereas the strictly anti-armor ones don’t. Consider having at
    least one of your available Lancers equipped with the mortar type; they can
    come in handy. 
    To make everything fit, I abbreviated “Lancaar” as “Ln’r” and “Theimer” as 
    “Th’r.” You’ll also notice that I put an asterisk by the Ammo. Lancers start 
    with 3 Lances. Absent a Potential (like Mooch or Extra Shot, which give them 
    one additional round the Phase it activates), Order (Resupply, which gives 
    them 3 again), or being reloaded by an Engineer (which also reloads three 
    rounds), Lancers will get one more round to fire the next Phase. Unless 
    they're in a friendly base, in which case they'll have 3 again.
    Okay, enough of the pitch, here are the stats:
    Lance	   Aim	Range  vsPers vsArmor	Area	Shots	Ammo
    Ln'r M1	   D	600	120	850	X	1	3*	
    Ln'r M2	   D	600	125	900	X	1	3*	  
    Ln'r M3	   D	600	130	950	X	1	3*	  
    Ln'r M4	   D	600	150	1000	X	1	3*	   
    Th'r M01   D	600	150	1100	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'rSHM1   C	200	320	300	O	1	3*	   
    Th'r M02   D	600	155	1150	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'r M1R   D	620	150	1000	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'rSHM2   C	200	340	325	O	1	3*	   
    Th'r M03   D	600	160	1200	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'r M3R   C	620	200	1150	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'rSHM10  C	200	375	350	O	1	3*	   
    Th'r M10   D	600	190	1300	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'rSHM11  C	200	410	375	O	1	3*	   
    Th'r M11   D	600	195	1350	X	1	3*	   
    Th'r M01R  C	620	225	1300	X	1	3*	   
    Th'r M10R  C	620	250	1450	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'rSHM12  C	200	450	400	O	1	3*	   
    Th'r M12   D	600	195	1400	X	1	3*	   
    Ln'rSHM20  C	200	500	450	O	1	3*	   
    Th'r M20   D	600	225	1500	X	1	3*	   
    Th'r M20R  C	650	300	1600	X	1	3*	   
    VB PL XX   B	500	120	850	X	1	3*
    vB PL X3   B    700     120     1000    X       1       3*	   
    Lances are another weapon where the stuff you develop is generally equal to or
    better than what the Princess gives you early on. The only enemy Ace Lances are
    in the DLC, and the Princess doesn't give you any Mortar-type lances. 
    So, you're going to want to invest in R&D for your Lances, particularly early.
    The final few anti-tank Lances that the Princess gives you are much better 
    than what you can develop: Royal Lances are the only anti-tank Lances in the 
    game with C Aim, which is much better than D, and they also deal more damage 
    than the ones you can develop.
    The enemy Ace Lances, the VB PL XX and X3, available through the DLC, are the
    only Lances with B Aim, but note that you sacrifice a lot of damage. They're
    great for taking out turrets and tanks you can get behind.
    Here’s how you get the Lances (please note that "Ex. Sk." stands for Expert
    Skirmish, and "Edy Sk." stands for Edy Detachment Skirmish, both of which
    are available as downloadable content, or DLC):
    Lance	   How?	   When?          	Development		R&D cost
    Ln'r M1	   Auto	   At Start		
    Ln'r M2	   R&D	   Ch. 3         	Firepower Boost 1	700
    Ln'r M3	   R&D	   Ch. 5         	Firepower Boost 2	2450
    Ln'r M4	   R&D	   Ch. 7         	Firepower Boost 3	5110
    Th'r M01   R&D	   Ch. 8         	Firepower Boost 4	8600
    Ln'rSHM1   R&D	   Ch. 10 (if Elite)	Enhanced Mortar 5	12900
    Th'r M02   R&D	   Ch. 10       	Firepower Boost 5	12900
    Ln'r M1R   Award   Ch.s 10-11		
    Ln'rSHM2   R&D	   Ch. 12 (if Elite)	Enhanced Mortar 6	17900
    Th'r M03   R&D	   Ch. 12       	Firepower Boost 6	17900
    Ln'r M3R   Award   Ch.s 12-14		
    Ln'rSHM10  R&D	   Ch. 14 (if Elite)	Enhanced Mortar 7	23700
    Th'r M10   R&D	   Ch. 14       	Firepower Boost 7	23700
    Ln'rSHM11  R&D	   Ch. 15 (if Elite)	Enhanced Mortar 8	30200
    Th'r M11   R&D	   Ch. 15       	Firepower Boost 8	30200
    Th'r M01R  Award   Ch. 15		
    Th'r M10R  Award   Ch.s 16-17		
    Ln'rSHM12  R&D	   Ch. 17 (if Elite)	Enhanced Mortar 9	37300
    Th'r M12   R&D	   Ch. 17       	Firepower Boost 9	37300
    Ln'rSHM20  R&D	   Ch. 18 (if Elite)	Enhanced Mortar 10	45200
    Th'r M20   R&D	   Ch. 18       	Firepower Boost 10	45200
    Th'r M20R  Award   Ch. 18		
    VB PL XX   Ace     Ex. Sk. 8		
    VB PLX3(g) Ace     Edy Sk. 2
    That's it for now. I hope you found this guide useful. Thanks again to Busard
    for the information on the DLC weapons and correction, and to the folks on the
    Board who keep it going (y'all know who you are).

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