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"Valkryia Chronicles, a Chronicle indeed."

Time for me to put my second review of all times. Valkyria Chronicles, at first I wasnt even sure if I actually wanted to get the game, however, the Shop keeper offered me this, and I took interest since I was that bored back then and planning to buy a few PS3 games, in the end, God luckily I did GET the game. Valkyria Chronicles is a Strategy real time turn based, based on World War II, in Europa ( same as Europe )

Storyline: 10/10

The story of this game is really really good, it'll make you cry (at some point, although different people might not be bothered) it's touching, but the thing is, its too short ( for me that is ) I wish they could make a different Storyline after you finished the game once, which will give you a chance to get a different ending, but nonetheless, its flawless. I wont say much here because I dont wanna spoil the game, obviously.

Gameplay: 10/10

Ah, a unique gameplay system that I've played so far, the layout is mostly like a normal strategy game, you put your soldiers in a map, seperated at times, or one full army in one spot. When the game started, you pick a soldier that you put down on the map, and you'll see him/her in a real time view, looking at the character, and walk/run around the map, get a good position, and SHOOT down the enemy *shoot shoot shoot*. The gameplay is a real life based, meaning, aiming for the head is deadly, most of the time its one head shot = dead. Also, you can not KILL an enemy with headshot if they are crouching, crawling, and so on, probably behind the bunkers or grasses. Since in real life wise, a soldier behind a bunker means they're on an absolute defense, the game resembles that.
Your Army consist on 5 different classes

Scout : like its name, they scout, they have the most walking range, meaning they can walk further away other than the rest, they can see the enemies hiding quite fast, and they're equipped with Rifle or Rifle Grenade when the Scout reaches Elite (level 11)

Shocktrooper: The attacker , the beast, whatever you want to call it, they have a rather short walking range, however they're good at killing, equipped with Machine Guns or Flamethrower (level 11, Elite) They're almost invincible at taking damages against other enemies.

Lancer: The Anti-Tank class, it kills tank, obviously. Mostly can kill Tanks in a few hits, or 1 hit KO if hit on the Tanks weak spot. Absorbs damage from blasts (like Tank shots, Mortar, Dynamites) Meaning they will take minor damage from it.

Engineer: Like scouts, they have a rather far walking range, equipped with a rifle, and 3 Grenades, while the other only have 1 ( Scout, Shocktrooper ) and Engineer can disarm a dynamites, and repair tanks and last refill ammo of their partners (snipers, lancers, tanks)

Sniper: The head-shot master, sniping from a distance, hiding, hard to detect, always shooting at a blind range. They're truly a beast, however, they have a rather short walking distance. Meaning they cant run to places faster than all other classes. They have the least HP (Hit Point), and a rather weak defense.

The bad of all classes: Scout is 50-50, they're not that weak, not that strong, can take several bullets from the enemy, but watch out from Shocktroopers.
Shocktroopers range isnt that great, have the same walking distance as Lancer (about the same, more or less). Lancers aim are really bad, if not close enough, they will most likely miss the target (unless you're at a high level, with a decent weapon) and they're only good at tanks. Snipers have a rather short walk distance stated above, weak defense, the aim itself isn't that good when you just started. Engineers is about the same as scout, except lower HP, lower AP, and slightly weaker on attacking. Its only good thing is repairing tanks.

All classes will become Elite when they reach level 11, while the Maximum level is 20. Getting to 11 isn't as easy as it seems. Its rather hard actually, of course by trying to get everyone to the same level. Also, levels are gained not from each person, but from each classes. Meaning, even if you suddenly want to use a character you never used before, he/she will be the same level as the rest of your class.

Sound: 10/10

Ah, the beauty of musics, Valkryia Chronicles consist of a lot different musics, which you can listen to them all once you beat the game once, it is truly epic, fits the situation in most scenes, some are saddening, some are filling of energy. There's a lot of different tunes you actually might want to listen again and again.

While the in-game sound itself is really good, the shooting sound, the sound when people run/walk/ got hit. Flawless, perfectly timed.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphic is rather unique, its like a colored drawing on a canvas. However that doesnt change the fact that its truly masterpiece, the character is Anime based, so sometimes you might feel like you're watching an anime, except that you might need to press buttons to keep on watching.

Misc: 9.5/10

Overall its a great great game, but it lacks a bit of something. Before that, what this game provides is a lot of story, which most games lack, in each chapter, you will probably see 5 to 8 cut scenes, with 1 battle which you play. Sometimes it might consist of 2 battle each chapter, not more. Which is a good thing, you can have a break while still enjoying the game, by watching the scenes after the battle.

The missing stuff, is that, it lacks those scenes for the ending, and no alternative ending, which makes the result of most player getting bored after finishing the game once. Maybe its personal, but I wish that they would put a lot more for the ending, or maybe for the players to be able to pick a song they would like to be played on a battle.

But then, like I've stated, this doesnt change that the game is perfect. A game that you will enjoy playing after hundreds of hours perhaps? A true epic SRPG, with an epic story.
Overall:10/10 ( rounding up, yes.. its still 10)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/09

Game Release: Valkyria Chronicles (US, 11/04/08)

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