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Reviewed: 10/11/10

Valkyria Chronicles shines during a time which Srpg's are lacking.

This review was submitted in October 8th, 2010


Valkyria Chronicles is a current generation SRPG on the PS3. The story takes place during a World War II era and uses traditional themes such as tanks, flamethrowers, rockets, snipers and etc. The game is just like any other SRPG, where you have HP and battles are based on Damage/Defense/ and the weapon you have equipped.

Game play 9/10

Game play is where Valkryia Chronicles really shines, but I feel this is inflated due to the lack of current generation SRPG's. There is no way of telling how VC would do compared to other potential SRPGs because there just isn't any available besides a select few. But even after the fact VC does well in implementing the SRPG genre into a current generation system such as the PS3.

The biggest flaw this game has is the class level system. There is no single character progression, so in essence you don't really feel attached to the many characters available. I wish there would of been single character progression and a traditional experience system after a kill. The only thing that differs between each character within the same class is a few Hit Points and Potentials. Potentials are special abilities that are somewhat unique to each character, and this is the only deciding factor on who to choose for your battle. The game has over 20+ characters to choose from, and within the same class there all the same level. After a battle you get experience based on your performance and you can put your experience toward a whole class.

The classes are Scout, Shock trooper, Lancer, Engineer, and Sniper. You do have the option to grind in this game and level up your select classes, leveling up a class does increase the classes HP and unlocks new potentials for a weapon or a new "order" to use in battle. Orders are special abilities that your commander can use to increase a certain characters attack/defense etc. for a round.

Story 7/10

I will not get too much into the story because that is part of the reason to play the game. What I will say is the game takes a little bit to get started, and the climax ends quickly as well, in my opinion they dropped the ball on the climax and could of changed a few things around to really make a nice second half of the game.

Graphics and Music 10/10

The graphics in this game is perfect for its genre and scenario. The music fits the game good as well. I am not saying this game has the best graphics this generation, I am just stating that for what the game was suppose to do, it did it perfectly. The change of art style was a fresher as well.

Replayability 8/10

The game has new game plus, which is always a good thing in RPGs. This game does lack trophies which would bring some people back for more to unlock everything. The game allows you to max your levels and get all A ranks in the battle on the new game plus so the replayability is higher then your average RPG.

Final Recommendation

I would only recommend this game to a true RPG or SRPG fan and even then I would be a little weary and cautious on who I recommend this game too. The game has such a acquired taste that many people would probably not like this game who doesn't enjoy the RPG elements it provides. Overall I would say if your a SRPG fan it is a must buy and for the price it is now, it is worth every penny!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Valkyria Chronicles (US, 11/04/08)

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