Do u have to buy a konimi account to play online?

  1. I waited 3 hours to ge tonline to down load the game then it said u needed a konimi account do u havce to buy it or dose it have free acess to go online to play

    User Info: lildamo22

    lildamo22 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Metal Gear Online is free to play in it's basic form. You'll need three different IDs for playing the game though , which are somewhat tedious to make.

    You'll need a Playstation Network ID. You can create in from the PS3's XMB browser. Then you need to register two different Konami IDs: The Konami ID serves to access the Konami Digital Store and buy Expansion Packs and Character Slots while the Game ID serves to log into MGO... Both are needed to access MGO, even if you don't buy expansions for MGO.

    Once you have all three usernames, write them down with their respective passwords, since both the Konami ID and Game ID have different type of passwords (one is numbers and the other is letter-based) and if you forget one, you'll have trouble buying expansions eventually.

    You have only one free character slot per PS3. You are allowed to delete your character once per week, so choose your name/appearance/voice wisely or you'll wait till you can recreate. If you want more characters, you need to buy a spare character slot from the Konami Store.

    The free version of MGO gives you access to five maps and alot of content. Owning both expansions give you 6 new maps, 4 unique characters and access to Survival and Tournament mode.

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Other Answers

  1. to add to the last answer, the last expansion has added three new maps, a new game mode and two more characters. Raiden and Vamp.

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  2. No...

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  3. Ok first of all, to play any Konami online game you need to create or have a KONAMI ID (this is free) at the URL wich you MUST have. Then you need to create a MGO account (this is also free) to have a GAME ID to be able to access the game server. Now that you are registered, these two steps before done: you can now play MGO2 (MGO1 was for MGS3), enjoy the game !!!
    Now you have to pay to have additional contents like maps, unique characters, new skills, new character slot, new codec packs (wich you can purchase at the Metal Gear Online Shop or more recently at the Playstore).
    Enjoy the game :)

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  4. No, its free, make it at the konami site.

    User Info: Quickill_

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