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    Team Sneak Guide by Dan_Hibiki

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/15/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			   MGO TSNK GUIDE
           		   - Stratagies and Advice for TSNK -
    Table of Contents:
    Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------ 101
    Skills ------------------------------------------------------------------ 102
    Skill Sets -------------------------------------------------------------- 103
    Tactics, Tricks, and Strategies ----------------------------------------- 104
    	Sneaking -------------------------------------------------------- 104A
    	Defending ------------------------------------------------------- 104B
    Individual Map Tips <Under Construction>--------------------------------- 105
    Auto Aiming ------------------------------------------------------------- 106
    Conclusion, Contact Me, and Copyright ----------------------------------- 107
    MGO is an extremely fun, but difficult game to learn and play. While I enjoy 
    most modes, my favorite mode by far is TSNK because it incorporates stealth, 
    detection, and evasion skills all into one wonderful game type. I have been 
    playing TSNK since its introduction into MGO. For a good while, (until I 
    stopped playing MGO to try out some newer games) I was ranked #2 in the US 
    leader boards. While I know there a many much better players than me, I’ve
    learned several invaluable techniques that I feel like sharing with players
    who would like to get better at TSNK. (Well, honestly, I’m sharing mostly
    because my DLP TV’s lamp just blew and I’m waiting on my replacement to
    arrive and can’t actually play TSNK at the moment …)
    Before you jump into a game of TSNK, you should think about what role you want
    to play in the game. You should select skills based on which side you need
    assistance on, your own personal strengths, or fill in a gap missing in a team.
    For example, if your enemy has been using Mags heavily, 6th sense can save you
    and your teammates a lot of grief (and a possible lose) while also revealing
    the approximant location of the enemy. Below I will analyze some of the skills
    below which I feel are top choices for TSNK and conclude by suggesting some
    skill combos which I have found effective.
    I will give a brief Pros and Cons assessment and then give a detailed
    description of the skill.
    Cost – 1-3)
    -Able to shoot much more quickly allowing for more opportunities for headshots
    -At lvl 2 or 3, the user has a very reliable Auto-Aim attack which when used
    properly can take down an unsuspecting opponent very quickly.
    -An excellent choice for a good Mk2 “sniper”.
    -By opting out with the quicker shooting speed, the user is forced to deny some
    very powerful tools such as CQC 3.
    The higher your pistol skill, the faster you can shoot with the Mk2. This is a
    very useful skill for people who are a good shot with the Mk2 as it allows for
    many more attempts at a headshot when a target comes into view. It also allows
    for a decent mid range auto-aim takedowns from with about a 15 ft range thanks
    to the laser built into the Mk2. (See Auto-Aim section for more details.) This
    also combos well with SOP Stealth allowing you to fire away safely at Narc 3
    users who will brazenly run into the streets to lure unsuspecting users into 
    aiming at them to reveal their locations.
    Cost – 1 – 3 
    - The best way to procure a weapon when sneaking. With practice, one can
    literally choke out the victim, equip the gun, and headshot said victim in
    less than 5 seconds.
    - Extremely quick choke out times with 1.20 update.
    - Very reasonable range with the invisible hit boxes.
    - The only way to access the Knife Slit and Scanner skills (Excluding the 3
    slot Scanner EX)
    - Completely useless when facing more than 1 enemy as the foe can and will
    headshot you.
    - Enemy can spam codec to let ally know they’ve been caught thus revealing your
    location and forcing you to relocate immediately.
    CQC 3 is one of the best skills for TSNK with the 1.20 update. In the past,
    CQC use to take a decent amount of time to choke out an opponent and also
    require an input to disarm the opponents gun, however, with the update CQC 3
    chokes out an enemy in around 3 seconds, and auto disarms the opponents weapon
    even from a crouching grab which used to be impossible to disarm from. Even if
    you choose not to use CQC 3, it is nearly impossible to escape a CQC 2 grab and
    even if grabbed and released, it is possible to either hold up the victim or
    immediately stun knife them without any possibility of escape! To top
    everything off, the grab range has been significantly increased adding
    the range to even further than the characters arm length making this skill
    incredibly useful. It is also the only way to use Scanner and the Knife Slit
    technique. The only flaw to this skill is that if the opponents are traveling
    in pairs, this skill becomes useless as and decent enemy can and will headshot
    you before you can choke out your victim.
    Cost – 1 – 4 (Depending on how you intend to use knife.)
    - Best way to kill on Sneak Side without disarming an enemy and stealing their
    - With the higher knife skills, the speed of the 1 hit shank is incredibly
    fast and reliable allowing you to literally ambush the enemy and kill them
    before they know what’s hit them.
    - When the skill set Knife 3 and CQC 1 is equipped, the player gains access
    to the throat slit which allows the player to kill a grabbed opponent by
    pressing triangle. 
    - Very lethal when combined with auto aim.
    - Very limited range.
    - Throat slit animation takes a bit to recover from, however the enemy is
    instantly killed the second you press triangle. Even if you die before the
    animation is complete, the enemy still dies if you pressed triangle.
    - Throat Slit uses all 4 skill slots.
    The Knife is a wonderful weapon for both the Sneakers and the Defenders. For
    the sneakers,most kills will be made using the knife as it is the only lethal
    weapon that you start with. A popular technique, even with zero knife skill,
    is to CQC slam an enemy and then knife them before they can get back up. Most
    people use Auto-Aim, which can be avoided by playing dead and getting up after
    the attack has been used, but this avoid can be fixed by going into first
    person view and manually stabbing the enemy anywhere on the body. (This will
    take practice to use!)  Knife 3 is not to be underestimated as it can be lethal
    when used properly.
    Quick Recover 3
    Cost 3 – ( QR 1 and 2 are nowhere near as powerful as 3 is…)
    -The Ultimate support tool for defense! Allows you to fully awaken unconscious
    allies with just one pat!
    - When combined with a team that covers the medic, it is nearly impossible for
    the team to lose via all members eliminated on the defense team!
    - Each wake nets you 5 pts!
    -The medic only gets to equip 1 more skill which means it will be more
    difficult to play an offensive game for that person.
    One of the most underused skills in TSNK. If the defenders play as a team, then
    it is nearly impossible for the sneakers to take them out as it is somewhat
    difficult to land a headshot and this skill alone eliminates the area where
    most teams fall one by one, attempting to wake and ally. If covered properly,
    the player using this skill can recover the person shot who can then usually
    lead the team to the location of the player who shot them. TSNK would be much
    harder for sneakers if more medics existed...
    Cost – 1
    -When the enemy is hit, they glow as if located by a e-locator grenade
    -Thanks to the 1.20 update, the enemy location is also displayed on the map to
    pin-point their position.
    -If SOP linked, teammates will also be able to see enemy.
    -Only cost 1 skill slot!
    -This skill is not as useful on the Sneak side as SOP linking is not advised.
    Monomania is always be a great support skill. When attacking, the invisible
    enemy will be exposed for several seconds which completely destroys any chance
    to hide or escape during that time. It also flags the enemy the map which makes
    it easy for your teammates to locate and finish off the enemy if your unable to
    do so. Monomania is best reserved as a filler skill due to its amazing cost of
    1 skill slot and its useful effect. 
    Narc 3
    Cost – 3 ( Narc 1 and 2 are useless)
    -With Narc 3, if the enemy aims at you, they are highlighted in the same way as
    if they were E-Located and will glow and have a line showing where they are
    -With the 1.20 update, the enemies location is now shown on the map when they
    are located completely revealing their location!!
    -If your 99% sure that most of the enemy team is not using SOP Stealth, use
    this skill and feel like a god as you can magically pinpoint those that dare
    aim at you.
    -An awesome support skill.
    -The skill cost 3 slots rather than the 1 slot it used to cost.
    -SOP Stealth completely ruins this skill by reducing it to Narc 2, which only
    triggers if the enemy Auto-Aims you.
    How the mighty have fallen… This skill used to be game breaking before they
    fixed it and increased its cost to 3 skill slots from 1. However the skill
    was further destroyed with the introduction of SOP Stealth which reduces it
    from lvl 3 – 2 with only 1 skill slot thus making it possible for another play
    to counter this skill set by using only 1 skill slot. However, if the enemy
    chooses not to do this, let the good times role as you will be able to pin
    point the enemy if they dare aim at you. Ultimately it’s a risky choice to
    choose this skill as the payoff can be awesome, but it can be completely
    voided if the enemy uses SOP Stealth thus leaving you with only 1 useful
    skill slot.
    Cost – (1 – 3)
    -Increased movment speed is always a plus!
    -Can allow you to escape or peruse depending on the situation. 
    -Great for capturing the target!
    -None really. While I believe specialization creates better teams, if your
    going solo its hard to deny the extra mobility for retreating, flanking,
    getting into position, or anything that requires moving from point A to point
    Runner is always a good choice if you want to capture the target. Most
    defenders go on a crazed hunt for the sneakers in the beginning and this can
    allow you to run to their base extremely quick and capture the target. On some
    maps like blood bath, runner can win the match before it even begins if the
    defense goes on the offensive. Also, if you need a filler and don’t feel the
    need to use SOP Stealth or 6th Sense, Runner is always a good filler!
    Box Move
    Cost- 1-3 (If your going to use it, use 3. ^_^) 
    -A unique way to search for the enemy. (Lv3 Only)
    -Gives the movement of Runner 3 (w/o ability to shoot)
    -Its more difficult to shoot a running box than a running man.
    -Box Tackle war cry is funny! ^_^
    -Uses 3 skill slots.
    -Must be in box to get movement increase.
    Box 3 is a hilarious alternative to Runner 3 that could possibly be a better
    choice if you plan on exclusively running the target as you are more useful on
    defense. The reason you are more useful on defense is because you can box
    charge through shady places and around corners without fear of being held up,
    CQC grabbed, or magged with the added effect of knocking any invisible people
    you run into up in the air like a direct hit from a grenade (Does no damage or
    stun damage!) but exposes all the invisible people. It is also more challenging
    to hit a box doing 90 in the head rather than a running human. However the
    downfall is that you have to be in the box to gain the movement benefit which
    means that in order to make use of the speed you will have to run as a visible
    box. However this isn’t much of a problem when your running the target as it
    gives you away by hovering over your head.
    SOP Stealth
    Cost – 1 – 3 (1 Recommended)
    -Completely nullifies the threat of Narc 3 with 1 skill slot
    -If for some ungodly reason your team is scanned, you will be treated as if you
    have been scanned by Scanner 2 meaning it will wear off considerably faster.
    -If nobody on the enemy team is using Narc 3, this skill is pretty much useless
    Think of this skill as insurance. For 1 skill slot, you protect yourself from
    one of the nastiest skills in the game (for TSNK) and allows you to aim and
    shoot at anybody without fear of being detected by the godlike power that is
    Narc 3. Since I played when everybody used Narc 3, I tend to use this skill as
    it can be extremely difficult if your outnumbered to begin with, but its
    impossible to win if you can’t shoot at the enemy due to having your location
    instantly revealed.
    6th Sense
    Cost – 1
    -For one skill slot, you can all members lined to you can see all enemy mags
    within a ridiculous range!
    -Can help pinpoint enemy strongholds.
    -Can save the team a lot of grief by preventing a lot of allies from getting
    maged and possibly losing the round.
    - If the enemy doesn’t use mags, this skill is useless. 
    - The enemy will probably stop using mags when they realize that your using 6th
    sense, however this can be good as it sucks being caught in traps.
    A great skill for the 1 skill slot it cost! For only one skill slot you don’t
    ever have to worry about any traps the enemy may throw at you and as a bonus
    you might be able to determine the enemies location by analyzing the placement
    of the traps. As a bonus, any teammate which SOP links with you also can see
    traps which means that only one person on the entire team has to equip this
    skill for its benefit! Of course, it’s useless if they don’t use mags, but it’s
    a safe bet that this skill can save your bum from time to time.
    Cost – 1
    -Allows you to set mags much quicker than usual
    -Can be useful in quickly turning a fleeing situation into an offensive if you
    have a corner to work with.
    -Very circumstantial to receive the full benefit of the extra placement speed
    as people that use traps generally only use them to play defensively.
    Ultimately, Trickster is up to you to deiced if you want to incorporate the
    quicker lay speed into your play style. It could possibly be used in
    conjunction with runner to place mags in unexpected places in the beginning of
    the match, but this would generally only work once and mags can be avoided with
    the box. 
    Cost – 1 (Technically at least 2 because you must equip CQC to equip this.)
    -If the Sneak team links, by capturing and scanning 1 member the entire team is
    revealed to all members whom you have SOP linked with!
    -Thanks to the 1.20 update, all enemies are now revealed on map allowing you to
    pin-point them.
    -If you already using CQC, this can allow you to be useful on both Sneak and
    Defense sides!
    - You can score lost of points as every kill gotten after you have scanned
    rewards you with assist points allowing you to quickly climb the score boards.
    - Cost a minimum of 2 slots to use.
    - Experienced TSNK players will not SOP link on Sneak side thus rendering the
    skill completely useless. 
    - At times, it can be difficult to grab an invisible person.
    At first glance, this looks like an amazing skill, and it would be if people
    were forced to link at the beginning of a match. However, sadly, this is not
    the case and seasoned TSNK players will not link because of how dangerous a
    scan can be. (If your team is scanned on Sneak side and your linked, you lose
    unless your in the upstairs of MM with lots of mags, a barrel, fortunate
    enough to avoid the barrage of grenades that will be sent your way…)
    Cost – 1
    -Possibly usefully for stopping sneakers (or defenders) from getting to common
    positions throwing grenades to cut them off.  ?
    - Unknown
    I have yet to test this, but if it works it could be very useful. Any input on
    this would be greatly appreciated!
    Skill Sets - 103
    Below are some of the skills sets I use on a frequent basis. I find them useful
    so hopefully you will too.
    Mk.2 Sniper
    Pistol 3
    SOP Stealth 1
    If you’re a good shot with the Mk.2 then this is the class for you. You can
    shoot incredibly fast at anybody without fear of being detected by Narc 3. I
    also use this for some Auto-Aiming mayhem as it drops them in about 3 – 5
    seconds. (Obviously, I don’t charge head 1st with Auto Aim, I let them pass me 
    1st so they can’t turn around! ^_^ ) I love getting to high places with this
    set up as I have no fear on challenging the M4 to a distance battle with the
    Mk.2 as I feel it is the better choice for distance or high places.
    Quick Recover 3
    6th Sense 3
    As the name implies, you’re the doc for the team and its your goal to wake up
    any player that gets put down. Make sure you let your teammates know your
    playing doc and find a way to tell them to cover you. (Its one of the codec
    commands so use that if you don’t have a keyboard or mic.) 6th will allow you
    to see if the body is a trap (planting a mag on body to hide mag) and will also
    help you pinpoint enemy locations to help you score some more points. Do your
    job well, and your team will love you as it will be nearly impossible to lose
    on Defense.
    CQC Master
    CQC 3
    ( Filler Skill )
    CQC3 is wonderful, but you can really add to it by using a good filler skill.
    Runner is great for closing distance, trickster 3 could help you score some
    easy extra kills with that shiny new gun you just got (plant mag inside of body
    to conceal mag and instantly trap anybody who walks over body.), or you could
    scan the enemy and locate the rest of his team. Just be aware that CQC is
    ultimately worthless when the enemy travels in a pack.
    			? Will Add More In Future Updates ?
    Tactics, Tricks, and Strategies - 104
    Now that you know what skills you want to use, I will teach you some tactics
    and give some general information for both the Sneaking and defensive teams.
    While some of this information is for beginners, some information may be useful
    to seasoned TSNK players.
    Sneaking – 104A
    General Tips
    - Stay in shadows because while your character may be invisible, you still cast
    a shadow. 
    - When moving about, equip the stun knife as the enemy can still see your
    weapons. The stun knife is the smallest option and is difficult to see in
    comparison to the other weapons. Your character always has the stun knife out
    even if you have nothing equipped!
    - To have a weapon active but not visible, play dead in a shadow. From this
    state you are completely invisible and undetectable. This is also the only
    method to hide your breath on cold stages such as G.G. or W.W. .
    - From the playing dead state, you can tilt the left analog stick very slightly
    to initiate the “hump” crawl. When crawling like this, it is impossible to
    detect the player visually; however a very soft crawling sound can be heard
    if you listen very carefully. This sound is so difficult to hear it might as
    well not exist and gives Sneakers a way to move completely undectable, but
    painfully slow. It can take up to 2 minutes to crawl the hallway in MM to the
    target, however the surprise on the enemy is priceless when you hold them up
    or shank them out of nowhere. ^_^
    - Choose your support device wisely. 
    - Smoke grenades can be extremely useful in picking off people running around
    attempting to determine your location. They cause the enemy to halt in their
    tracks and cough for a long period of time. During this time, they are an easy
    headshot. (Might take some practice to shoot the enemy thru the smoke. This is
    easier if name tags are turned on.) With practice, smoke grenades can become a
    rooftop Mk.2 sniper’s best friend as they can lead the enemy and get easy
    headshots. They’re also perfect for when a swarm of enemies attempt to wake
    a fallen comrade.  To make the deal even sweeter, you get 3 of these!
    - Flash grenades can be effective if used properly. If the flash grenade is a
    direct hit, the grenade will take out up to 90% of the enemies stamina bar!
    However, is extremely difficult to make the grenade land in the sweet spot and
    the grenade can be avoided completely by ducking into a box. (Sometimes the
    enemy will still be blinded, however they will retain all of their stamina.)
    These grenades work awesome with Auto-Aim as you can blind them, (dodge with
    your box) and pick them off as they are running in a circle trying to dodge 
    bullets which will never miss. Be warned, if the enemy is not blinded for
    whatever reason, you will most likely die for your antics. I usually do not
    use these as they are somewhat unreliable (Sometimes they blind, other times
    they don’t…) however, they are awesome for scoring the target if all the
    enemies have rushed to the score zone and are running around madly. Combine
    this with box 3 for some easy scores! You also get 3 of these.
    - Chaff grenades are unique as they jam both your and the enemies ability to
    communicate, see things on the map, and create a “snowstorm” of paper while 
    also making the screen darker and more difficult to see. (It becomes almost 
    impossible to see on maps like Ambush Ally as it becomes incredibly dark!) The
    effects of a chaff last for about 20 seconds and can allow you to get into
    position (thanks to the low visibility), trick enemies into returning to the
    targets, (for possible relief, easy targets, ect…) snag a target which will
    be hid from the enemy until the chaff wears off, or to simply play mind
    games with the enemy. While not the most directly useful grenade, they put
    pressure on the opponent which is always useful. You only receive 2 of these.
    - Magazines, which I refer to as Mags are porno mags which cause both male and
    female characters to halt in their tracks and observer the pretty pictures.
    ^_^ They are a useful trap and are best placed around corners or places where
    the enemy is funneled into a location. These can be avoided by walking over
    them in the box, however this problem can easily be solved by simply bumping
    into their box and forcing them to look at the mags. Their trigger radius is
    not insanely large and is observable via the blue circle surrounding the mag.
    Unfortunately your own allies can get trapped in the mags which not only uses
    them (unless you knock them out of it.) but also makes a lot of noise and can
    often get them killed if enemies are in pursuit. Do your best to warn your
    allies about your mags but do not SOP link to show them where they are. The
    threat of being scanned is much worse than losing 1 ally because they were
    not observant enough to avoid your mags. Mags can also be planted on top of
    an enemy which will still trigger if the enemy walks over to attempt to wake
    their buddy or simply try and lure Mk.2 shots to determine their location. 
    This is difficult to set up, but it pays off big if it works. However, it is
    important to pay attention to your mags and attempt to determine if an enemy
    is using 6th sense. You will be able to tell if they shoot mags which are
    concealed in bushes or something and will know that you need to pick a
    different support item if they take them out.
    - Try and get multiple stuns off of a single stun. If you wait a bit,
    somebody will usually attempt to wake up an ally via the crouch pressing
    and holding triangle method. These are extremely easy stuns as the enemy
    cannot move for several seconds when in this animation making them a
    literal sitting duck. 
    - If you happen to stun your enemy in the shadows, try laying down ontop of
    their body and playing dead. Wait until one (or if your lucky, more) people
    attempt to wake thier fallen comrade. Then use the 1 hit kill shank for 
    multiple kills. (And a good laugh ^_^!)
    - If you take down two or more victims in a nice pile, you should consider
    claiming your kills before they awaken. While this is very circumstantial
    and will require a judgment call. (I.E. if you know somebody is closely
    monitoring the bodies, it wouldn’t be wise to waltz down the road and
    knife them.) However lets say you get to kill them and then get killed
    immediately afterwards. You have taken down two enemies which will not
    rise again and have pushed the odds in your teams favor. (And scored 10
    pts in the process. 8 net if you count the death…) It is best to wait until
    somebody grabs the target and the enemy is scrambling to stop them and thus
    abandons the fallen as the enemy is usually more focused on preventing a
    score and loss for the round.
    - If you see or hear and enemy approaching and have nowhere to hide, salute
    in a shadow to quickly conceal your weapon. I believe it is still possible
    to discover you in this state if the enemy aims directly at you (assuming
    display name tags is enabled) , however, it is unlikely that the enemy will
    randomly run his aimer across an unoccupied open place. It is also
    important to note that you can grab or punch to quickly cancel the salute!
    Using this knowledge, you can turn a defensive situation into an offensive
    manuever quickly if the enemy passes close. (Either CQC grab or hold up!)
    - If the enemy is rolling at you in a Drum Can, aim at the rolling can to
    put it into a hold up state!
    - If your team is consistently getting caught immediately, you can choose
    to wait and start up to 30 seconds into the match. While you are waiting,
    you can press select to hide the weapon selection screen to observe your
    spawn area. When your ready to spawn, you are completely invincible for
    a few seconds or until you aim. You can use this time to easily run up and
    grab a surprised enemy. (Serves em right for being in your spawn!)
    - Try not to shoot at an enemy looking directly at you. The Mk.2 creates a
    small white cloud when fired which can give away your position.
    - The bullets on the Mk.2 travel slightly slower than normal bullets which
    means you must lead your enemy slightly when going for long distant shots.
    This can be tricky to learn at first, but with a little practice you’ll get
    it down. 
    - Beware of Narc 3! If you see somebody traveling intentionally in the
    middle of the streets without a fear in the world, odds are that they
    are packing Narc 3 and are attempting to lure you into aiming at them
    to reveal your position.
    - If you see somebody running in a box coming very close to you, equip the
    stun knife and bump into them. Immediately after bumping into them use the
    stun (L1 + R2) to stun them. If you are too slow with this the enemy can
    escape and will likely shoot you. However if done properly you will stun
    the enemy without a chance for them to escape. It may also be able to use
    the 1 Hit Kill shank with proper timing. (Needs Testing)
    - If you grab somebody in CQC and see and enemy approaching, you can
    release him and then Stun Knife him immediately to get the stun, and stil
    give yourself an opportunity to escape. Releasing the enemy will make him
    stand up in front of you blocking his shots and triggering and SOP lock.
    Alternatively, you can hold him up instead and use him as a human shield.
    This could be effective, but only against a single opponent. (Also, the
    enemy usually rolls before the hold up triggers due to lag or what have
    Hold Up Tactics
    Hold ups are unique to the Sneak side and this is the only mode where your
    character is able to hold up opponents on the enemy team. The only other
    mode in which a player can hold up an enemy is Sneak when playing as Snake.
    Hold ups are one of the safest and most reliable way to take out enemies
    and because of their unique nature I believe they deserve their own section. 
    - To hold up an enemy, you must manually aim any gun near the head of the
    enemy within a certain distance (I will test and discover the exact
    distance soon…) and this will trigger you character to scream a unique
    dialog at the enemy. The enemy will halt and raise their hands into the air
     without alerting any other enemies. (The held up player cannot communicate
     in any form or fashion via keyboard, mic, or pre-set codec messages.) The
    enemy is also displayed in normal status on the map which does not attract
    any unnecessary attention. From here you can do anything to the enemy
    without fear of retaliation. The enemy can be knocked out of hold up status
     via a roll or any maneuver which would cause the enemy to flinch. 
    (Grenade, rolling into, CQC slam, ect…) 
    - It is possible to hold up the enemy from lying down in a completely 
    invisible state! To do this, wait until the enemy walks over you and then 
    aim directly up at their head. If done fast enough the enemy will be held 
    up from apparently out of nowhere! This is one of the safest ways to 
    eliminate an enemy as it is impossible to detect an invisible player faking
    dead in the middle of a shadowy road. It is also important to note that if
    you see the enemy approaching towards you, all you have to do is rotate 
    the camera and aim as they pass over you. Your character will instantly 
    turn around and the enemy will still be held up. 
    - If in a standing grab, you can release the victim and immediately aim to
    put the enemy into hold up position. This can be useful if you are only
    using CQC 1 or if you see another enemy approaching. Using this tactic 
    you can make a makeshift shield which will trigger a SOP lock if the 
    enemy shoots. (Be warned, they can shoot their ally in the head and knock
    him out of hold up status!)
    - If the enemy turns their back at any time during a gun fight even, if you
    are visible, (retreating to reload, escaping a CQC grab, ect.) if you aim
    at their head, they will instantly be held up. (You only have to wave the
    cursor over their head, not line up a perfect head shot.)
    - You CANNOT hold up a person walking around in a box. I have complained
    multiple times to Konami about this retarded oversight, but for whatever
    reason, you cannot hold up a man walking in a box. (You should complain
    too as this is just supid.) If you see a box walk over you, do not aim at
    it as they will not be held up. For whatever reason, you can hold up a
    barrel rolling at you, but not a box walking over you… Go figure. But
    rather than complain, it is always possible to jump up and bump into
    them (Works best if you see them approaching you!) and shank them for
    running around in a box. While not the best solution, if your fast
    enough you should catch them off guard. It may take a bit to learn
    the timing, but it is effective if done properly.
    Defending – 104B
    While defending requires much less tricks than the Sneaking team, it can
    still be an intense experience knowing that your enemies are invisible and
    can be extremely difficult to detect. (If not impossible!) Against
    inexperienced players, defending is extremely easy, however it becomes
    increasingly difficult against experienced players who are excellent shots
    with the Mk.2 use a variety of methods to pick off targets defenders.
    - Look for shadows, weapons, dust, or any visual clue that could possibly
    help reveal enemy sneakers. Occasionally, you will find a sneaker just
    running thru open daylight, but most of the time sneakers will stick to
    shadows or locations where they are completely invisible. 
    - On cold levels, the enemy breaths which gives away their positon. The
    only way for them to conceal this breath is to play dead.
    - If you see a teamate uncouncious in the middle of the road, DO NOT TRY
    AND WAKE HIM!!! I have seen person after person fall attempting to wake a
    person without clearing the area. If you have Quick Recover 3, you might
    get away with this, but it is still best to wait for backup and then clear
    the area 1st!
    - If in doubt, fire a couple of random shots. (Preferably with the pistol) in
    a shadowy area where you believe an invisible person to be. Worst case
    scenario, you use a few bullets with the pay off revealing the enemy.
    - You only get three grenades, use them wisely! Since Konami removed the
    ability to restock your ammo in TSNK, you cannot spam grenades. Feel free
    to use one in the beginning to try and stop the rushers, but it is recommended
    that you save at least one to flush out enemies in hard to reach or risky
    - When in alert phase, search for the enemy! However, keep in mind that it only
    last three seconds so try not to rush too far into the enemy lair otherwise you
    may find yourself in a dark ally surrounded by invisible people ready to grab
    or shoot you.
    - DEFEND! If you see every member on your team rush, you should consider
    picking a decent hiding place near the target and guarding. While you may
    miss out on the initial hunt, you may score much more by picking off people
    who are sneaking to seal the target. Also, don’t feel limited to guarding
    just the target, if you know a commonly used passage to get to the target,
    you may benefit more by guarding that instead. The hardest teams to win
    against in TSNK when sneaking are teams that play defensively.
    - When in doubt, use the box! The box is an extremely useful tool for many
    reasons: 1) It is more difficult to headshot a box than a person standing up,
    2) Box blocks both stun and magazines, 3) you travel faster inside the box
    when equipped with your primary weapon, 4) you cannot be held up in a box,
    5) you cannot be CQC grabbed when inside the box, and finally, 6) if you
    stand completely still in a box, Auto-Aimed shots will never hit you, and 7)
    it is an excellent dodge if you hear shots around you as you quickly go from
    standing upright into a box allowing you to escape to cover quickly and
    - Another benefit of the box is its ability to recover stamina if you are not
    moving. This is incredibly useful in longer matches as you can defend a
    location and recover any stamina damage taken in an earlier confrontation
    - Do not play with music. If you listen carefully and pay attention to the
    radar, you will be able to hear your enemies approaching.
    - Travel in a pack! If you travel in a group of two or more, then it will be
    much more difficult for you to be taken down. It also will prevent you from
    being CQC grabbed and many other tactics which only work against a lone
    - Be patient. Unless the host wants everybody leaving, rounds usualy won't be
    longer than 8 minutes and if the enemy has not scored the target or stunned
    your entire team, then the defending team wins. Do not rush into death traps
    like the house in M.M. as it is suicide. Let the enemy come to you and the
    target and you will secure many more wins. 
    Individual Map Strategies - 105
    In this section, I will explain some of the best spots in TSNK maps for both
    defenders and sneakers. As new maps are released, I will update the guide.
    ? Coming Soon ?
    Auto Aiming - 106
    -Excellent for perusing fleeing and evading opponents when using the pistol.
    -Can stun or kill and enemy in 5 shots depending on your pistol. These 5 shots
    come much faster with higher pistol skill. (The Mk.2 can take down an enemy in
    3-5 seconds with handgun 3 from a respectable range.)
    -Works extremely well with the knife.
    -Is great for chipping away an enemy’s stamina bar by jumping out of cover
    and shooting them once or twice.
    -Takes some practice to understand how Auto Aim works.
    -Pathetic range with assault rifles.
    -If your capable of getting the headshot, the headshot is more efficient.
    Why bother placing this in my guide? Because Auto Aim is bashed and smashed
    by so many people that call it noobish who do not realize the potential in
    this incredibly useful tool. While it would be not be advisable to exclusively
    use Auto Aim as headshots are quicker and more efficient, Auto Aim is superior
    in close combat as it automatically tracks enemies. It is also superior when
    chasing down fleeing enemies who are maneuvering like crazy. If you see an
    enemy like this, switch to the pistol and press square and your shots will
    NEVER miss despite their best attempts to roll, crawl, cut corners, or whatever.
    It is also incredibly useful for checking a room extremely quickly when the
    enemy is in alert phase by walking into a room and turning with Auto Aim and
    the aim button held down, even if an enemy is blended in extremely well, so
    long as they are not playing dead, auto aim will instantly reveal their
    location. I’m not trying to argue the case that Auto Aim is good for all
    situations, however it is a useful tool that can help any player in certain
    situations. And before you waste your time emailing me that only low level
    noobs use Auto Aim, I know plenty of high lvl players (excluding myself who
    hovers around the 11 – 13 range) who also use Auto Aim in certain situations.
    If you find it useful, then feel free to do so, but don’t ignore it because
    some idiots are calling people noobs for using an incredibly useful tool. 
    Conclusion - 107
    This concludes my guide on TSNK. I hope that you found the information helpful
    and hope to see you on the battlefield. My MGO character is J-Man and I am
    easily identifiable by the Crocodile hat and green ghillie suit. 
    Contact Me:
    If you feel the urge to contact me to suggest the addition of content or what
    have you please send your email to jfjalltheway@yahoo.com . I will do my best
    to respond as quickly as possible and will also give credit if your info is
    placed in the guide.
    My PSN:        J-Man_MKII
    MGO character: J-Man
    Email:         jfjalltheway@yahoo.com
    God - For Life, and pretty much everythying
    My old friends from RB$ - We had some great times! ^_^
    Special thanks goes to t(o.o)t and Derek the Red. These guys always had
    great suggestions (Derek showed me the power of Quick Recover 3) and 
    toot's always willing to help me test somthing if I need to.
    The usual folks I play TSNK with! You guys know who you are!
    The Duck... ALL HAIL THE DUCK!
    Feel free to copy, print, or post any info I have placed in this guide but
    please give credit when you do so.

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