How good is it compared to Infamous?

  1. I have already bought infamous and I would just like your opinion between the two games if you have played them because I really don't see the point in me buying prototype if infamous is better.

    User Info: kyle_aman

    kyle_aman - 8 years ago
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    Thanks to those who answered. I did decide to buy prototype and I have to say I do like inFamous better. To me the graphics, controls, fluidity and story are better. Prototype's action is a little better and more fun, but for me its about the whole package.

    User Info: kyle_aman

    kyle_aman - 8 years ago

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  1. The games might be both "Sandbox" style with super powers. But They are so different they shouldn't be compared. They just happen to be in the same genre, so they are just similar in writing.

    User Info: Jonkenden

    Jonkenden - 8 years ago 8 3


  1. IMO inFamous isn't as good as Prototype. I've played inFamous and beat it twice, once I did that, and got all the trophies, there's nothing to do. I traded it in a few days ago.

    If you have inFamous and like it, then you will LOVE Prototype. The game is far more fun. From the powers you posess, to the brutal gore and the insanely fun combat makes Prototype way better than inFamous IMO.

    This is just what I think. You asked for opinions, you got mine. Now go buy Prototype! :D

    User Info: Doolz2024

    Doolz2024 - 8 years ago 12 9
  2. I agree infamous i got boredd of this game just doesn't seem to get boring and there is a lot more to do.

    User Info: flamedevil8

    flamedevil8 - 8 years ago 7 5
  3. Ive beaten both games and inFamous gets VERY tedious and annoying. Enemies are gunning you from rooftops, and some arnt even on the map when they attack you. The game runs through smoothly and finished quickly. The graphics however are cartoony. Prototypes graphics have little to brag about but the gameplay is MUCH better than infamous, you have more choices on how to approach everything. inFamous: Run in and zap, charge zap. Prototype: stealth, brute force, tactics, etc. Prototype is VERY ambitious with its concept and fulfills it as being a first to offer this power and freedom, but thats taken out of its graphics. The storyline could have been extended as it took me 5-6 hours to finish. However alot is left to do and it does have alot of replay value. inFamous also has replay value as you can choose between good and evil. But Prototype i'd say is much better.

    User Info: Ksag13

    Ksag13 - 8 years ago 6 5
  4. Both stand at opposite ends of the spectrum while being technically in the same subgenre. Prototype tosses you loads of powers and asks you to go wild, and inFAMOUS tends to ask you to be more tactical about it, using your powers in combination and varying them subtly based on your karmic path. It really depends on your persuasion, but both have their own appeals. Having played both, I love them almost equally.

    I believe I prefer inFAMOUS' refinement and artistic cohesiveness in the end, but overall they're both great fun to play. It's just a matter of expecting the right things from each.

    User Info: unangbangkay

    unangbangkay - 8 years ago 8 4
  5. IMHO I beleive I like inFamous for it's storyline. It's better developed where as in PROTOTYPE every turn you can say, I totally saw that comming and I can't believe Alex didn't. That being said there is no comparison in gameplay. Prototype is more of a challange as well as more fun. Took me 6 hours to beat inFamous (story plot alone just to get my Good side trophies) where as PROTOTYPE I have been playing for almost 10 and still have along way to go (mind you I am on the last plot mission)

    User Info: fewmets

    fewmets - 8 years ago 4 3
  6. I love infamous but prototype appeals to me more. Infamous is about platforming and shooting whereas prototype has much more melee action (that isn't to say there aren't guns ... because there are LOTS of guns lol). You have a bit more freedom in prototype (it isn't the end of the world if you fall in a bit of water for example) and you can ride vehicles. There's also a more demanding upgrade system with things like running speed being upgraded.

    Prototype feels like a bigger game but because its bigger it doesn't look as pretty as infamous. I still prefer it though because the gameplay is amazing!!

    User Info: DarkManipulate

    DarkManipulate - 8 years ago 5 2
  7. i love prototype more because the city is bigger and has a higher setting (meaning taller buildings to drop from) although i must agree. it was to short. i would have waited another 6 months had they put like 15-20 more missions in it. the upgrading system is sick. the powers and gore are crazy wild. the plot was off the wall. but relly i liked protorype more because it was more real.

    never the less. i still love infamous for the creativity and powers and will still play it and keep my copy for further enjoyment. infamous was fun to play for the story line. and ill be waiting for infamous 2 as anyone who has beaten it can obviously see there being a contninuation. but sooner rather than later.

    for those of us who blowing stuff up in an open ended free roam setting and also like burning things. we should all get ourselves a pre-order on just cause 2. comes out in december. looks awsome and the designers say that you could spend our just blowing stuff up prgressing through the game BEFORE you play any missions. supposedly twice to 4 times bigger than farcry 2. with like 625 miles of landscape and more than 400 oil sites needed demolition. dunno bout you guys but i already fully paid for my copy and think it might kick this game out of the water whne it hits shelves.

    enjoy and happy gaming.

    User Info: niksoh

    niksoh - 8 years ago 3 3
  8. I prefer inFamous at this point. I'm enjoying Prototype, but inFamous seems better held together to me.

    User Info: garnsr

    garnsr - 8 years ago 6 2
  9. INfamous is way better so far and has a way better story than prototype and no it will not take six hours to beat and to those of you that say you have beaten infamous in under eight hours, you guys need to get out more !!

    the game will blow you away and besides infamous has much better ratings than prototype!!

    User Info: shadowshrend4

    shadowshrend4 - 8 years ago 4 2
  10. I would say inFAMOUS is much better. prototype does bring a lot to the table that most people would consider better than inFAMOUS but i dont think thats the case. Most of the stuff within could probably have been left out. The platforming was sub-par compared to inFAMOUS, i found it hard to land on top a roof just to nap a quick landmark in a rush. though the combat is a little funner than inFAMOUS that should obvious as to why, any third person button mashing game is funner than a over the head shooter since theres no need for precision just mindless slashing. inFAMOUS deleverd where most people wanted it to, no gretuitious violence, ultra scary powers and out of hand F' bombs 24/7, thats not what Sucker Punch does... the presentation of prototype also was a little depressing, yes the landscape was much bigger in scale since most buildings reached heights that infamous didnt on occasion (Aldens tower) but i wouldnt say they could have sprused it up a little twords the end, footage from months back still looked the same as the final product. Story wise it was interesting and the ending was very good though i wont spoil anything. I didnt really feel the whole "Ultamate bad ass" that Alex was said to be, and i didnt get involved in much of the character development till the end a little. Thier were to many open ends in the story were as inFamous was great all the way through. all togeather it seems the most that came out of this was a sandbox of people adding in powers the thought were cool all into a roughly based over the top "infected" NYC.

    User Info: HatredEdge

    HatredEdge - 8 years ago 5 7
  11. Prototype has better gameplay and replay value which in the end matter the most.

    User Info: darkassasin_683

    darkassasin_683 - 8 years ago 3 5
  12. Infamous is ok game but prototype is much better. You can have many more diffrent powers instead of having to stick with electricity and the graphics are very cloose between the two but prototype would win if you compared them. I dont know if you like games with alot of blood and gore but if you do prototype has alot. The story line in prototype is better to me but i know some people who like the story line in infamous. If you like stories about cities going to hell get prototype

    User Info: prototypeking25

    prototypeking25 - 8 years ago 1 5
  13. Buy both. inFamous was better in my opinion for various reasons, mainly because it seemed a whole lot smoother than prototype. But, both games are well worth the money to buy.

    User Info: yru567

    yru567 - 8 years ago 3 3
  14. This game is Sci-fi action adventure and infamous is action with electricity powers. If u get the infamous demo frum psn store then that should be a good comparison. But prototype is still better than infamous, and fun as hell !!!!!!!!!!

    User Info: dirtbikekid12

    dirtbikekid12 - 8 years ago 2 2
  15. INFAMOUS is pretty good but Prototype is much much much much better than it

    User Info: PopGamingMaster

    PopGamingMaster - 8 years ago 2 0
  16. The both games aren't the same infamous is a different story and prototype is different, but the two games is very nice.

    User Info: PROTOTYPE411

    PROTOTYPE411 - 8 years ago 1 0
  17. I like the story of infamous even though i totally saw the ending coming and i liked the gameplay.. that being said i love the choas of prototype but didnt feel driven to finish the story like infamous. they are indeed two different games with two different feels and i like them both for various reasons so imo they are equally good and defiantly worth checking out. (i like the side missions better on infamous too)

    User Info: greyfoxx69

    greyfoxx69 - 8 years ago 1 0
  18. I felt that inFamous was a not-so-great sandbox game, but a fantastic story-driven game given the karma moments and all. There just wasn't much to do after finding all the blast shards and capping all territories. Cole was kind of a one-trick pony, with the only replayability factors being "good" and "bad". The developers decision to not put in a new game+ was, in my opinion, a terrible one. So I capped all territories, have max everything (abilities and battery cores from the blast shards), so what do I do with them then? Enemies are few and far between, thanks to my doing of the side missions. Nothing is left to collect. I beat story mode twice, one of those times on the hard difficulty. I just feel there is no reason for me to take out LittleBigPlanet and put inFamous back in anytime in the near future. Zapping pedestrians with a narrow array of abilities just doesn't entice me. The game was well worth it's price, however, considering it gave me just shot of 3 weeks of entertainment before picking up Prototype.

    I own Prototype on the 360. I wish now that I had gotten it for the PS3, but am satisfied none-the-less. I have just beaten the story part of Prototype on normal, have gotten gold on all events save about 3 (some are REALLY difficult), and have started on a new game+ on easy mode. Of my 25 or more hours playing, I would say at least 8 were just me goofing off in a helicopter, or causing huge alerts just to frame some poor schmuck. After first completion of the story mode, I really thought that Prototype was lacking in the story department, but in replayability... well, let me just say I am hooked. As an achievement hunter, I will not be putting down this title anytime soon. My original concept of Prototype having a poor story was quickly squelched when I started filling the Web of intrigue. The plot gets deeper, answering so many questions, yet somehow asking so many more. So that is what happened to Karen? We still don't know about Ragland, or Dana though. And Pariah, is he just a memory? Is he in Manhattan, or somewhere outside of New York, maybe Hope, Idaho?

    I haven't completely filled my Web yet, but I am working on it. I just get too sidetracked by playing with my food (gotta love the patsy move). I hope that my questions are answered after full completion. If not, then I will be eager for some DLC, or even a sequel.

    As for presentation, the inFamous' Imperial City is much more detailed than Prototype's New York. I honestly don't care, it doesn't bother me. I never play a game thinking about how ugly it is. The only times I truly pay attention to graphics are when they impair gameplay, or are awe-inspiring (the first time I played Super Mario 64, or LoZ: OoT for instance). The latest Prince of Persia title was the last game to "wow" me with visuals. As far as character animations... Cole runs kinda funny, and throws shock grenades like an electrically suer-powered girl, but otherwise looks fantastic. Explosions look awesome, watching bodies float through the air and come crashing to earth was a lot of fun, the enemies in the different district were unique...

    Prototype is much, MUCH gorier. My roommate came home the other day and asked me if I was playing a paint simulator (fully upgraded muscle mass + innocent civilians faces + a wall = good time. It is algebra, look it up.), literally putting a new meaning to "paint the town red". inFamous much less so, having saw no blood whatsoever. Not that that makes too much of a difference, but there is a reason that Mortal Kombat has a cult following.

    tl;dr - The similarity between inFamous and [Prototype] are that they are sandbox games with upgradable powers, taking place in a large city setting surrounded by water. They end there. For a game with a purpose, driven by story: you'll find that in inFamous. For mayhem, destruction and the feeling of a god: [Prototype] is your best bet. If you can afford it, I suggest you purchase both.

    User Info: Pemosan

    Pemosan - 8 years ago 3 0

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