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    FAQ/Walkthrough by uberschveinen

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/26/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Uberschveinen
    Version 1.0
    Contact at uberschveinen@hotmail.com
    	Welcome to my guide to Prototype’s Hard Mode. This is, 
    obviously, a guide intended specifically for Hard Mode and the 
    inherently much greater difficulty there. The events in the game don’t 
    change, and it will work just fine for Normal or Easy, but these are 
    much more cautious strategies and are probably wasting your time.
    	Needless to ay if you’re playing on Hard you’ve already beaten 
    the game once, and should know the very basics of it, and have some 
    grasp of the effective strategies against the tougher opponents. Good, 
    because you’ll need that from the get-go. Basically, in Hard, every 
    enemy is bumped up one tier in threat. Civilian Infected go from 
    irrelevant to nuisance, Military and Evolved Infected go from nuisance 
    to minor consideration, Military with good weapons and APCs go from 
    minor consideration to slight threat, Hunters and Tanks go from slight 
    threat to moderate threat, and Leader Hunters and Helicopters go from 
    moderate threat to genuine danger. The bosses all become much harder to 
    	All in all, Hard is exactly that. It’s going to take a few more 
    deaths and a lot more strategizing to win, but it’s going to be worth 
    + INTRODUCTION–------(INT)
    + CONTENTS–----------(CON)
    + EVENT GUIDE–-------(EVE)
    + FAQ–---------------(FAQ)
    + CREDITS–-----------(CRE)
    + LEGAL--------------(LEG)
    	This is where things get serious. You’ve played through Normal. 
    Where Normal left off is about where Hard begins, and it only gets 
    harder. I hope you were paying attention in the tough battles.
    	This guide is going to address each individual mission in a row. 
    I won’t talk about events until the events section, but I can’t 
    recommend enough you do them the moment they become plausible, because 
    you really do need all the EP and upgrades you can afford to win. I’ll 
    mention when events and upgrades become available, and tell you which 
    upgrades are mandatory to success. I also recommend you go Landmark and 
    Hint hunting as soon as you have the powers to get them all, because 
    that’s basically free EP, but if you start grabbing orbs outside of a 
    single coordinated attempt you’ll make getting the Streetwise and 
    Polymath achievements a nightmare.
    + Tutorial mission--------------- (M00)
    + Escape the Gentek Facility----- (M01)
    + Look for Clues About Your Past- (MO2)
    + Behind the Glass--------------- (MO3)
    + Escape the Hunters------------- (MO3)
    + The Wheels of Chance----------- (MO4)
    + A New Order-------------------- (MO5)
    + Open Conspiracy---------------- (MO6)
    + In the Web--------------------- (MO7)
    + The Altered World-------------- (MO8)
    + Errand Boy--------------------- (MO9)
    + Confessions-------------------- (M10)
    + Under the Knife---------------- (M11)
    + The Stolen Body---------------- (M12)
    + Biological Imperative---------- (M13)
    + The Door in the Wall----------- (M14)
    + First and Last Things---------- (M15)
    + The First Monster-------------- (M16)
    + Making the Future-------------- (M17)
    + Defeat the Supreme Hunter------ (M18)
    + Men like Gods------------------ (M19)
    + A Dream of Armageddon---------- (M20)
    + The World Set Free------------- (M21)
    + Things to Come----------------- (M22)
    + Defeat Elizabeth Greene-------- (M23)
    + Shock and Awe------------------ (M24)
    + The Last Man------------------- (M25)
    + Two Tickets-------------------- (M26)
    + Defeat the Supreme Hunter------ (M27)
    Although not technically a mission, I’ve included this for the sake of 
    After your little cutscene, you show up in Times Square again, with 
    your full suite of powers, with a platoon or so of Blackwatch shooting 
    at you. But what’s this? They’re actually doing damage!
    You’ll soon find this is the story of Hard. Kill them quickly before 
    they hurt you too much, which shouldn’t pose a challenge. Then move 
    forward to the objective.
    Now there’s more to kill, but you’ve got your claws. Diveroll and 
    slash, just like you did all the way through Normal, and they’re done. 
    Move forward again, and trigger the Tank spawn.
    Now you’re up against about four tanks. Don’t stand still, because they 
    actually do fierce damage if they hit you with the 120mm cannon. Jump 
    above them, and charge up Y targeted on the tanks for a fully-charged 
    Hammerfist drop. You’ll notice that it does much less damage, and 
    that’s important. Jump, charge, drop, and repeat until they all go 
    down. As long as you keep moving you’ll be fine. If you got cut up, 
    consume some Infected Civilians for health, otherwise, move forward 
    Hunters. Surely not a threat against the blade? Unfortunately, no they 
    are. In fact, they will remain a threat throughout the game so long as 
    you try to take them head-on. So, don’t. Jump up, and use the Air 
    Slash; target a Hunter and hold Y. Fully charged, it won’t kill them, 
    just to give you an indication of how tough they are now. It’ll just do 
    a bit more than half damage, so keep jumping and slashing and you’ll be 
    fine. Then, move forward.
    Now, the Commander is in sight. Forget everything else, just sprint 
    forward, grab him, and consume. Try not to accidentally jump kick him; 
    that’s about the only way to fail unless you try and kill everything. 
    You kill everything anyway, and the scene ends. Enjoy your cutscene 
    even more in retrospect. Everything in the story fits much better when 
    you actually know the story.
    Mercer’s escape is done, and you gain control in a back alley. You’re 
    powerless now, and because this is Hard, extremely vulnerable. Don’t go 
    picking fights unless you can do so with utter surprise.
    Jump the fence, and see the helicopter. Throw crap at it, preferably 
    before everyone gets off, and notice how little damage it does. You’ll 
    need much more crap to throw, and that will probably mean the 
    Blackwatch. Make sure you charge your throws or you’ll have to go 
    looking for stuff.
    Now you’ve got to run up a building and get to another. Easy. Then 
    suddenly, Helicopters. Luckily these ones don’t seem to actually want 
    to shoot you, because if they did they’d take you apart. Grab the 
    aircon units, and fully charge throws at the Helicopters. If you do it 
    right you’ll kill them, if not, you’ll have to relocate, find more 
    stuff, and throw that. These first missions are pretty good at showing 
    you just how much harder everything is to kill.
    Now a cutscene, after which you can consume the officer. Do so, and 
    swap into that disguise. Run over to the objective, make sure you’re in 
    disguise, and head into the house for a cutscene.
    Now to look for clues. Head over to the objective and roll on in, only 
    to get blown up. Luckily, you take little damage from a massive 
    explosion and a fifteen-storey fall. Unluckily, you land in the middle 
    of a fight when the officer nearby calls in a strike team. Kill him and 
    run. You can evade the Strike Team or blow it up, either will do. One 
    way or another change into your military disguise, and go to the 
    objective. Walk straight through the cordon in disguise, radio the all-
    clear, and consume the guy when he walks out. You now have to escape or 
    kill the military. Killing them all might be some practise, but running 
    is safer and much faster. Run, hide, change, and the mission’s over.
    And finally, time for some well-deserved upgrades. Get as many of the 
    movement powers as you can afford, because once you’ve got all of them 
    you can access a whole mess of EP from events. Buy Diveroll. BUY 
    DIVEROLL. This is perhaps the single most important power for Hard mode 
    in the entire game, and it costs 100 EP. That’s basically for free. 
    Make sure you also buy the first Critical Mass power because that’s 
    going to be vital, and Adrenaline Surge, because the number of time it 
    will save you in Hard is ridiculous. Maybe shield, if you like that 
    sort of thing, but I never used it.
    You get your first event unlocks too, but you don’t have the speed for 
    the movement. Speaking of health, go get some. Make sure you’re full 
    before you start missions, because you may not always have the chance 
    once it starts. Once you’ve done what you want, go to the gold marker 
    and start the mission.
    Now cruise over to Gentek and find the soldier on the rooftop. Consume 
    him, evade the alert you’ve set off before the Helicopter smacks you 
    down, change disguise, and come back. Now make sure you watch those 
    viral detectors, because they work about twice as fast on Hard, but as 
    long as you wait for the base commander to leave their area of 
    detection you should be able to consume him fine. Enter the base, watch 
    the cutscene, and brace yourself for the sheer rage of fighting Hunters 
    of Hard.
    Run. Just run. Even if you could kill these Hunters you’d die long 
    before, since you have to real powers and hardly any health. In fact, 
    until you pick up the Hunter Dirtnap power and later the Blade, they 
    will be incredibly hard to kill. Get to the base where you can start to 
    fight them.
    Now this is where it gets tricky. You’re in an enclosed space and these 
    Hunters can kill you in a single barrage attack if you didn’t buy 
    Adrenaline Surge, so you need to be all movement, all the time. Consume 
    your way to health, since the military is smart enough to recognise the 
    Hunters as the real threat and go for them. There’s only one at first 
    and it’s easy to avoid if you keep jumping and airdashing, so try and 
    create a big enough gap that you can grab a Missile Launcher to take it 
    out. It’ll take at least two full loads of missiles to kill it, and 
    just as you do, more show up, two this time. Oh goody. But you have 
    claws now! A pity they’re useless against them  Do the same, but this 
    time keep moving faster and try to grab the Missile Launchers from the 
    military on the rooftops since you have a few seconds more to do it. 
    Focus fire on one to kill it and it’ll make it much easier to finish 
    the job.
    Now when you do, there’ll be EVEN MORE Hunters, fie this time. It’s 
    about now you’ll realise why the call it Hard mode, because if you stop 
    jumping and hiking across the room like a housefly on speed you’ll get 
    the crap beaten out of you. Eventually you’ll make enough space to grab 
    another Missile Launcher, and try to aim for the one the constantly-
    respawning military hurt the most. Kill one, and you’ll get prompted to 
    hit the Fuel Tanks, because EVEN MORE HUNTERS are running in. This is 
    insane. You won’t see this many Hunters in one place again until the 
    Bloodtox Pumper fight. Keep running, keep grabbing Missile Launchers 
    whenever you can, and hope there were plenty because the military stops 
    respawning. The tanks aren’t any harder to kill, as long as you only 
    fire in the air when you don’t anchor yourself, because with this many 
    hunters anchoring means death. Hopefully you won’t run out of missiles, 
    but if you do jump kick the tanks. Once they all explode the Hunters 
    die and you’re FINALLY done. That was a real challenge, took forever, 
    and it was one of the easiest set-piece battles you’ll fight in the 
    entire game. Like I said, when they called it Hard they weren’t 
    Stealth consume. Finally. This is not an optional power, literally, but 
    you’d take it if it wasn’t because more than a few times in the game 
    you will badly need health and not be able to survive an alert, plus 
    even when you normal consume Civilian Infected it sometimes sets off 
    alerts. Sprinting grab is similarly not optional because if you need 
    health in a fight you can’t afford to stop.
    Cruise over to Dana’s safehouse, start the mission, and head over to 
    Karen Parker’s place, with a scenic overlook of a Hive. Watch those 
    Hunters, they hurt as much outside the story as in. Once you’re done 
    you’ll be needing to consume a soldier, so move before the Hunters get 
    to him. Consume, preferably stealth, and head to the base it indicates. 
    You should know plenty about base infiltrations by now, but basically 
    sneak in, stealth consume commander, enter base, stealth consume 
    targets, and try not to do anything stupid like a Tendril Barrage 
    Devastator, because being trapped inside with a whole mess of military 
    is not conducive to your continued survival. Drive the APC through the 
    gate and over to the Hive, and watch in awe as you realise just how 
    idiotically tough the things are. Watch out for Hunters since they can 
    munch your armour, but there shouldn’t be more than one as it’s usually 
    occupied. Get on the marker to let Karen in and drive off, trying NOT 
    to hit the military, as they get alerted a whole lot faster on Hard, 
    and they have more than enough firepower to take you apart and cost you 
    the mission. Get there, and done. Too easy.
    A NEW ORDER-(M05)
    More upgrades. Sprint and Jump are not optional, since you need all the 
    speed you can possibly get for survival. You can now get all but two of 
    the Landmarks and all of the Hints, so go get all of them if you want 
    the achievement, or even if you don’t. The extra few million EP will be 
    necessary to buy the upgrades you’ll need. For reference, the Landmarks 
    you can’t get are the one under the Brooklyn Bridge, and the one in 
    Times Square on the tallest lightning rod. Do the events you care to 
    do, and start the mission.
    And Karen wants genetic material, which means we’re hunting the 
    hunters. Lovely. Go to the marker then towards the indicated tower, but 
    the giant flying circle of crows should make it pretty obvious anyway. 
    Engage these FROM A DISTANCE. For now, you almost don’t have the damage 
    to kill them up close before they hatch, so grab rooftop junk and hurl 
    it. If you’re lucky enough to find someone with a Missile Launcher 
    stealth consume him and borrow it. When it goes down run over and 
    collect the yellow orbs. Four towers later and you’re done.
    Now to get it from a hive. Unfortunately, for some reason it’s not good 
    enough to let it explode and collect the small shower of genetic 
    material that rains out, no. We have to protect the damned thing. It 
    isn’t tougher than on Normal, because its extra durability is negated 
    by the military’s extra damage. Hijack APCs (in disguise so you raise 
    no alert) and get out, because when they explode they respawn soon, and 
    focus on collecting the material that comes out. If you stay disguised 
    this is a cakewalk. If you lose it, it gets a whole lot harder, 
    especially if you didn’t eliminate the two APCs, who can smack you down 
    something fierce since on Hard they have no qualms whatsoever about 
    using their high-damage missiles. Helicopters are even more damaging 
    but they don’t use their rockets or missiles on the Hive, and have a 
    tendency to kill themselves, so they’re no concern until you are 
    detected, a which point they are a very considerable concern indeed. If 
    you’re caught run like hell and change before coming back. Eventually, 
    you’ll be done, and you can leave.
    Go do some events, get some EP, upgrade what you like. You’ll need it, 
    because you’re about to start seeing UAVs, so named for the 
    inarticulate sounds of rage you’ll make when they come from nowhere to 
    raise an alert while you’re in the midst of a horde in military and get 
    you killed.
    Hit the marker, talk to Dana, leave, and go to the base. You’ll need to 
    sneak inside, so standard drill. In, stealth consume, out. You now need 
    to take down a whole mess of patrols, so do whatever you can to hijack 
    an APC. The missiles make it much easier, although you’ll still have to 
    change it frequently. Get behind them and blast away, so you get an 
    extra second of firing while they traverse turrets. Apparently if you 
    take too long a timer appears for losing, but I’ve never even seen it. 
    There’s really no reason this should take long, even on Hard. Finish 
    all the patrols and you’re done. Just don’t try to sneak up on the 
    patrols because those damned UAVs will ALWAYS spot you first. You can 
    kill them from a distance with thrown crap to make it easy to run and 
    change, if you really want to avoid confrontation. Interestingly, you 
    don’t actually have to kill the UAVs to defeat a patrol.
    IN THE WEB-(M07)
    Events and upgrades, as always. Buy nice things.
    Hit the mission marker, and try not to smirk at what Mercer thinks. He 
    hasn’t played this game before. You’ve got to smash a viral detector. 
    Hammerfist elbow drop followed up by some smashing works. You can kill 
    the Blackwatch guarding them, but you don’t have to, and usually you 
    won’t want to because you’ll be running before they call in a Strike 
    Go smash the next one they mark in the same way, and then smash all of 
    them. Unfortunately you don’t know how to sabotage them yet, so no 
    sneaky routes available. Once they all go down and you successfully 
    flee, cutscene.
    Once you’ve done what you need, start the mission. Run over to the 
    Hive, and consume the Commander, preferably by stealth. Now, go 
    sabotage the Detectors, something you know how to do by now. McMullen 
    shows just in time for the Hive to begin raining gribblies, and he 
    elects to run, but not before telling everyone who you are. Fight, or 
    run (PROTIP: RUN), to end the mission.
    ERRAND BOY-(M09)
    Buy the Whipfist and the Y attack. DO IT. Even if you need to do events 
    or get landmarks or even kills Hives for it. You NEED it. Also, 
    anything else you think can help you survive, because you’ll damned 
    well need them. Try to grab an Assault Rifle on the way
    Once that’s out of the way, roll over, and start the mission. Cruise 
    off to the Hive, and hit the marker to jump inside. You’ll spend a 
    minute or so gathering genetic material, in fact, exactly enough to get 
    you to full health, and not by coincidence, because Cross drops in for 
    a visit at that exact moment.
    This is where things get hard. Cross was irksome on Normal, on Hard, 
    he’s a beast. He takes very little damage from anything and his every 
    attack hurts something fierce. Instead of having his shockrod out some 
    of the time, he now has it out pretty much every single second he isn’t 
    actually shooting, and speaking of shooting, now does so with more 
    accuracy, more frequency, and a hell of a lot more damage. Getting hit 
    by even one grenade hurts pretty bad, and if you take the whole set 
    watch your health bar disappear.
    This is where the Hard boss strategy comes in. Run. Jump. Don’t stop 
    running and jumping until he starts shooting, and even then, only as 
    long as it takes to let off a Whipfist Y attack. If you see him start 
    the attack it’s okay to charge it, otherwise, don’t, because he has 
    that shockrod out pretty much the instant he stops shooting and if you 
    Whipfist him then you get zapped for a fat chunk of health. Take him 
    down slowly with the Whipfist, and at all costs don’t take damage, 
    because until you get him weakened, you have no way to regain health. 
    Above all never go next to him or he’ll have that shockrod out and 
    beating you down before you can even diveroll away, and it does massive 
    damage. Once you’ve got him down to 75% health he pulls out, just as a 
    wave of infected come in. If you were smart enough to pick up a Rifle 
    you can shoot him for a little damage even with the spark on him, but 
    one hit and you drop it. You can try throwing stuff at him, but there’s 
    not nearly enough to throw, and he actually diverolls away from it
    FINALLY. Consume to heal and as fast as you can, because he only waits 
    about ten-fifteen seconds before dropping back down. Then ignore them 
    because in the time it takes to consume one he’ll do the damage of 
    four. He’ll kill them in the crossfire and you can grab their health 
    for a little gain. Continue with the Whipfisting until he gets down to 
    about 25-30% health, at which point he calls in an entire Blackwatch 
    squad. You need to kill these guys FAST because if you don’t they will 
    eat away at your health unsustainably fast to the point you cannot 
    physically beat Cross before you die. If you were smart you saved 
    yourself enough health for a Devastator to take them all at once. If 
    not, Whipfist them while moving. TAKE THE MISSILE LAUNCHER BLACKWATCH 
    OUT FIRST. They can hit you while moving for big damage, and while you 
    recover, Cross will hit you with all three shots for a whole lot more. 
    When they’re all down, get back to hitting Cross. What I wouldn’t have 
    given for Aerial Critical Pain in this fight. Same strategy, run, jump, 
    and Whipfist as he shoots. Don’t bother picking up the Missile 
    Launchers off the ground, because it takes so long he’ll hit you, do a 
    heap of damage, and you’ll drop the damned thing. The exception is if 
    one ends up in that one corner out of his LoS. Eventually you’ll knock 
    him down to about 10% health and the fight’s FINALLY over. Watch the 
    cutscene, and prepare for the nightmare of Hard mode without powers.
    If you used this strategy the fight took an age but only took a reset 
    or two at most. If you tried to beat him by fighting him, you’ve 
    probably had a rage-induced aneurysm and are reading this in hospital.
    Now run. Don’t fight, you’ll get hammered. Get away, and you end the 
    An extremely easy mission to make up for the Cross fight. Show up at 
    Dana’s once you’ve bought what you want for a chat and for a mission 
    that literally completes itself. What a waste of a heading.
    It’s cancer. Or at least what cancer wants to be when it grows up. I’m 
    pretty sure a doctor would be somewhat concerned that your cancer was 
    glowing red and moving, but they’d probably be concerned about your 
    ability to punch a hole through a man’s chest and absorb his dying body 
    too. Time to go see the good doctor.
    After the cutscene go to the marker, hijack a tank IN DISGUISE. You 
    REALLY don’t want to set off unnecessary alerts here, because you have 
    no powers and those tanks are incredibly dangerous. They will also 
    shoot you off of other tanks you try to hijack. They’ll direct you to 
    Captain Lim’s command, where you’ll have a hell of a fight. It would be 
    damned hard had you not just come down from an even harder fight. 
    Hijack a tank in disguise, take out the Helicopter first since it only 
    takes one shot to kill, then go for the tanks. You’ll keep getting 
    blown out of tanks, so keep moving and hope to hell you hijack 
    successfully. You’d better be mashing Y like the index finger of the 
    North Star. Always keep driving in circles so the tanks can’t hit you, 
    and kill the Helicopters, which can. WATCH THOSE DAMNED HUNTERS. Not 
    only do they rip through your tank, but they knock it about so you 
    can’t get a fix on anything that isn’t directly above you. Eventually 
    you destroy so much heavy armour that Lim decides the only way to save 
    the day is in his tinpot APC, so jump out and hijack it to consume him 
    before the Hunters blow it up, and watch your cutscene.
    First, buy Hunter Dirtnap. It’s useful for the entire game, but 
    imperative now. Roll over to Ragland, who for some reason doesn’t want 
    to walk around outside with paranoid Marines, psychotic Blackwatch, and 
    murderous Infected everywhere. Baby. Get into a military disguise AFTER 
    you’re away from the military at the door, and grab a tank. Problem is, 
    every one of the stupid things has another tank nearby and a UAV on 
    overwatch, and you can’t get in the tank without setting off an alert. 
    Ignore the UAV, drop into the tank, take it over, and blow up the one 
    in front of you. Drive over to Ragland QUICKLY before the Strike Team 
    takes your tank out, because getting him in automatically evades the 
    Now trundle on over to the indicated base, smushing anything in your 
    way beneath your tracks. You may kill some civilians, but I think of it 
    this way. If it’s not smart enough to hear an eighty-tonne steel 
    behemoth charging down the road and decide HEY I’D BETTER GET OUT OF 
    THE WAY OF THE GRINDING DEATH MACHINE it’s Infected. Try not to hit 
    military or you’ll set off an alert. Get to the abandoned base and 
    Ragland gets out.
    Brace yourself for a pretty tricky time keeping the Infected away. 
    Before they come, grab two or three Missile Launchers and drop them in 
    front of the glass wall for easy access later. The guns, unupgraded as 
    they are, kill too slowly, so don’t bother. It turns out the fastest 
    way to kill the Infected is to consume them, as it’s a one-hit kill and 
    also sometimes and AoE knockdown. It also keeps your health nice. Soon 
    a hunter comes, so grad a Missile Launcher, and jump around while 
    firing. That keeps its attention, which is critical because they do 
    silly amounts of damage to the glass, and kills any Evolved Infected 
    near it. Ignore the Evolved Infected until the Hunter dies, then run 
    quickly over and resume consuming them before they do too much damage 
    to the wall. Then, two Hunters. Grab the other Missile Launcher you 
    stashed and fire away while jumping. Try to hit both on the first shot, 
    because that gets and holds both their attention, and if you let one 
    attack the wall while you kill the other it’ll usually break it. Take 
    out one, grab another Missile Launcher, and finish the other. When you 
    run out, go to the standby. Use Hunter Dirtnap, B to grab and B to 
    throw, hit it three times on the ground, then Diveroll away before it 
    hits you with the recovery attack. 
    When it dies you hopefully haven’t already lost, so finish consuming 
    the Evolved Infected and finish off the last handful that come out. You 
    only need to hold out for four minutes so you could technically not 
    have to kill the Hunters but it’s much safer to kill them as they don’t 
    actually respawn, just the Evolved Infected. You may have to hit the 
    checkpoint a few times on this one until you get decent at crowd 
    control. Pity you lost the Whipfist. When time’s up finish the 
    stragglers and leave.
    OH GOOD, Hydras. Wonderful. Drive past them without stopping or even 
    slowing. Their throw attack is slow, but up close they slam you damned 
    hard and usually one-shot your tank. Keep moving, ignore them, and get 
    Ragland back to the morgue.
    Do the events and grab some upgrades if you want, or just start the 
    mission right off.
    You’ve got to find a hunter and inject it with cancer, which is 
    obviously the best cure for cancer. This, naturally, requires a 
    helicopter. Get in your military disguise, and consume the nearby 
    pilot. Now you can pilot Helicopters, so you can get the last two 
    Landmarks, especially that stupid one under the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Go find a suitable Tower by flying in a straight line until you get the 
    peak response, then going left or right, whichever increases its 
    strength, and you’ll find it. Then target, scan, and blow the Hunter 
    away with the rockets when it comes out. Hop out and grab it to apply 
    the injector, then it runs. Follow it, and when you can kill it, use 
    the standard grapple throw, hit three times, diveroll, repeat strategy 
    to beat it then consume it.
    You somehow not just cure your glowing cancer but turn it into the 
    mediocre Armour and the godlike Blade. YES. The armour’s no use since 
    you can’t diveroll in it and it doesn’t prevent as much damage as being 
    fast, but the Blade is the best weapon you get.
    Buy the Longshot Grab this is singlehandedly the most utilitarian power 
    you have because it turns skyjacking Helicopters from nightmarish to 
    easy. Unfortunately Helicopters are now frail against military since 
    they die in one missile hit, but they’re still unstoppable killing 
    machines until they go down. Also, get Palm Slam so you can buy Air 
    Critical Pain, which is a brilliant move. Don’t buy ground Critical 
    Pain since Air is less than half the price and you use it against 
    bosses where you can only use it in the air anyway. Anything else is up 
    to you.
    Now cruise over to Dana’s place and start the mission.
    Chase the Leader Hunter down, but don’t bother attacking since it just 
    alerts the military and makes this harder. Eventually you catch up, but 
    it calls in five Hunter buddies. Here you can see that even in Hard 
    Blade still rocks the house. Dirtnap them, then hit them three times 
    with the Blade, and Airhike off to avoid the recovery attack.
    Now fight the Leader Hunter, but don’t go too hard. Soon you get hit 
    and it gets away. You get a cutscene, with what could well be the 
    creepiest smirk in gaming.
    Kill some chumps for catharsis, then go to the marker to talk to 
    Ragland. He sends you after another Leader Hunter, so follow the 
    marker. Easiest if you stay in military disguise and hijack a tank, but 
    NOT a Helicopter because that always triggers an alert and it’s easier 
    to beat the Leader Hunter if the military shoots him and not you. Pound 
    him in the tank while moving so it can’t kill your tank. Get him to 
    consumption point and do it, but fail, and get a damned creepy line. 
    This game just loves to remind you that Mercer is a psychotic 
    sociopathic monster every so often.
    You’ve got to chase the Leader Hunter, so try to do it in military 
    disguise. Catch up with him at the end, and he spawns a whole heap of 
    Hunters on you. Whip out the Blade or get in a tank and get to work. 
    When they’re done you’ve got to draw the Leader Hunter’s attention, 
    which is easiest in a tank. Drive at full speed towards the objective 
    and shoot it every so often to maintain its attention. If you don’t 
    have a tank do the same with the Whipfist Y shot or even an Assault 
    Rifle. Eventually you get to the right spot and go inside.
    Now that you’re in the base you finally get to beat the snot out of 
    this Leader Hunter. Proceed to do so, using liberal applications of 
    Critical Pain, which causes exactly what it says on the box, and is 
    just about the only attack in the game that does real damage to bosses. 
    Eventually you knock him around enough, he falls over, and you leave to 
    get Ragland.
    More events, and get some upgrades with them. Musclemass in particular 
    is handy soon. When you’re done, roll over to Ragland’s to start the 
    Luckily, you end up at the base right off the bat, so roll in, hit the 
    Leader Hunter who’s on nearly no health, consume, and watch a pretty 
    accurate simulation of watching a horror movie while on a bad LSD trip. 
    You’ve now got Infected Vision of a limited sort, so roll over to the 
    military base in a military disguise and stealth consume the glowy 
    ones. There are four outside so you only need one other, so no need to 
    break your disguise. Just don’t take too long or the counter goes back 
    Now you know where the Leader Hunter who so desperately deserves a 
    beating is hiding. “Too bad for him” indeed. Roll over there and beat 
    him like the other one but angrier, then consume the jerk. Let this be 
    a warning: screw with Mercer and he’ll beat the crap out of you then 
    eat you.
    Do what you need, then roll over to the ludicrously potent Thermobaric 
    tank is a military disguise, and take over one of the escort tanks. 
    Cruise in convoy with it. You’ll need to kill a heap of Hunters on the 
    way, so do so, but try not to hit it or you’ll damage it. Be slightly 
    in front of it and you can hit the Hunters to draw their attention, but 
    make sure you keep moving so they don’t blow up your tank. It’s 
    somewhat important you have one since it makes this much easier. You’ll 
    get to a Hive, they’ll want you to clear out the hostiles, and it’ll 
    fall to the tanks instead of the betreaded explosion factory. Stay 
    ahead a ways of the Thermobaric tank to keep the Hunters’ attention on 
    yourself, and keep moving to stay alive, but if the Thermobaric tank 
    gets attacked by a few Hunters what works is to drive in a tight circle 
    around it to ram them away so it stays safe and you can hit them. 
    Eventually it’s done, and you see the insane power of the thing.
    Checkpoint, and do whatever you can to be inside a tank when it comes. 
    This is because if you were in the one tank you’ll be on low health and 
    nearly out of ammo for the main gun, but if you restore the checkpoint 
    both are restored to full, which is very handy. It’s possible to win 
    without the main gun because I did that, but it was pretty stupid. 
    Also, DON’T KILL THE MILITARY. You do NOT want an alert on this stage. 
    You need all of them alive and shooting at the enemy instead of killing 
    your tank, because this is hard enough as it is.
    Escort the Thermobaric tank to the next target in the same way, busting 
    Hunters and saving it, and it blows that one up too when you’re clear. 
    One last Hive in the same way, remembering to be in a tank at the 
    checkpoint for reload and repair. If you got the hang of it it’s not 
    hard by now, but you shouldn’t be surprised to have to hit checkpoints 
    more than a few times on the way.  Once this Hive’s clear the 
    Thermobaric tank rolls up, and... gets taken out. Why didn’t that 
    happen earlier?
    Get in the Thermobaric tank, ignore that the name sounds like a medical 
    device, and enjoy your reward for a frustrating mission: godlike power 
    at your fingertips. The thing fires faster than the tank’s main gun and 
    kills EVERYTHING like it wasn’t even there. At this stage the only risk 
    is that you go utterly mad with power and run around outside yelling 
    BOOM at everything and wondering why an entire city block isn’t 
    instantly leveled. A good guideline for using the Thermobaric tank is 
    that if you can see through the smoke haze created by your apocalyptic 
    rampage it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Make your way to the main Hive, blowing 
    hell out of everything you see, and then shoot it, blowing it open in 
    one shot.
    Watch the cutscene, and realise that Ragland is not a very good doctor. 
    Normally when a doctor says something will cure a disease it does not 
    cause that disease to vomit out gigantic hulking killing machines. How 
    the hell Greene fitted that thing in her is beyond me. She’s got a 
    clown car stomach or something. Perhaps you should have questioned his 
    qualifications when he suggested you kill a virus with cancer.
    Brace yourself for a hard fight. Except you can’t brace yourself, 
    you’re right into it. Good thing you bought Critical Pain. Drop as much 
    of that as you have Critical Mass on him, stun him, jump on his back 
    with grapple, and give his head some friendly punching. It looks 
    particularly savage with the Blade on.
    He’ll throw you off and the real fight begins. Infected from 
    everywhere, including Hydras and Hunters. The only real way to fight 
    him on Hard Mode is to run all the time, as you’re used to, because his 
    attacks deal preposterously huge damage. Stay in the air as often as 
    possible because Airhike is the only way that seems to work to actually 
    evade his massive-damage thrown objects. You can use the Whipfist 
    method, which is ridiculously slow and dangerous given his damage 
    potential over time, Musclemass throws which is a little faster, or the 
    fastest method of Critical Pain spam, insofar as attacking once a 
    minute or so can be deemed attack spam.
    My method of Critical Pain spam is simple. Run around on the floor and 
    sprinting grab at anything you see, Infected or Blackwatch. Don’t worry 
    about alerts, the military realises killing the giant killing machine 
    is more important than the small killing machine. When you’ve got one, 
    jump right up into the wall until you land on some, because that’s the 
    best way to avoid the Supreme Hunter’s attacks while you consume them. 
    Once you’ve gotten Critical Mass, jump into the air and use Air 
    Critical Pain on the Supreme Hunter. It works.
    After you get it to about 66% health the military shows up with tanks 
    and Blackwatch. Be grateful to see them because they really do help 
    here, by doing a little damage and drawing a little attention, and you 
    want all the help you can possibly get. If you can get into a military 
    disguise without risking getting hit, which should be possible every so 
    often, get into a tank if one’s available, and drive in circles while 
    shooting the Supreme Hunter. It does a little damage and dies soon, but 
    it’s a little faster than Critical Pain spam. The tanks respawn every 
    so often, so don’t worry about them. You could pick up Missile 
    Launchers from the dead Blackwatch, but that’s usually not worth the 
    risk for how little damage it does.
    This fight is incredibly hard. It just takes so much to kill the guy, 
    and you have to be constantly on your toes to survive. It is, in fact, 
    the second hardest fight in the game. The harder fight is, of course, 
    this exact same fight with event less support and a stupid timer. 
    Eventually, likely after a reset or two even with this extremely safe 
    method, the Supreme Hunter will FINALLY DIE. TAKE THAT STUMPY NOHANDS. 
    You find Dana, who somehow managed to survive that insane fight without 
    even a scratch and is thus obviously even harder to kill than you, and 
    get her to Ragland, who despite his previous shenanigans, is the only 
    doctor you know who won’t turn her in. End mission.
    Buy it anyway, and all the other delicious upgrades you can that just 
    became available. Do some events for the EP. Make sure you get the Air 
    Slice power because it is critical to just about everything you do from 
    now on at some point. When you’re done roll over to the phone booth for 
    a call.
    So you’re infiltrating the Blackwatch. Easy. Get into a military 
    disguise, scale the building, eat someone, and GET TO DA CHOPPA. Take 
    off, and get ready for an interesting mission of helping the military 
    for once. Go blow up a hive, easy enough, then kill the targets, even 
    easier. Land the Blackhawk and drop off some Blackwatch, then cruise 
    over to the next objective and land before WOAH. Take off before the 
    Hydras one-shot you with their slam attack, and shoot them. They go 
    underground when you damage them enough to be a nuisance, but pose no 
    threat as long as you stay high blow up the things they throw at you. 
    Yes, you can, if you target them. When they’re all dead pick up the 
    Blackwatch unit and move out.
    You come to a new waypoint and blow up some more hydras before picking 
    up more Blackwatch. Grab them, get a special briefing request, and roll 
    on over to the waypoint to stop them sending angry messages at you. You 
    have to get in without compromising your disguise, which is pretty easy 
    given the only way to do that is ram a tank or something stupid like 
    that. Go inside, get poisoned, and get ready for a fight. Deploy your 
    Blade right off, jump, and fully charged Air Slice the Bloodtox sprayer 
    to kill it quick. Then, consume the Blackwatch to recover health, and 
    wait for a Supersoldier. These guys are very tough, fast, work like 
    UAVs, and do huge damage if you let them get close to you. They’re 
    basically Hunters but better.  Drop a Tendril Barrage Devastator first 
    off to clear out the horde of Blackwatch with powerful weapons, then 
    charged Air Slice the guy while staying out of his attack range and he 
    goes down easy. Don’t go toe-to-toe with them or you’ll get beaten 
    pretty fast. Nothing happens until you finish the Blackwatch regulars, 
    so consume them for health. More come in, four I think, so keep Air 
    Slicing and they all fall down. You appear outside, so run from the 
    several hundred military to end the mission. A nice easy one after the 
    hell of the last one.
    Grab upgrades and do missions, because soon you’ll have a very tricky 
    one. You will absolutely need Air Groundspike Graveyard for it. Once 
    you’re done, go to the Contact’s booth and pick up the phone.
    You’ll have to break a whole bunch of Bloodtox sprayers. You can do 
    that on the ground if you’re utterly mad. The possibility exists you’ll 
    survive the Bloodtox and the Supersoldiers long enough to live. If 
    you’re sane, the slow method is to use a Helicopter, since every time 
    you get one you’ll be blown out of the sky by Blackwatch with missile 
    Launchers. Faster is to use the Air Slice from a height, fully charged, 
    which oneshots the sprayers just fine, then run from the Blackwatch and 
    Supersoldiers. Repeat until they all go down. Too easy.
    Grab all the upgrades you can, since you’ll want them all. Talk to the 
    Contact, who sends you to the Bloodtox factory, where you have to 
    consume a commander. The easiest way is to get in a military disguise, 
    and avoid the countless Supersoldiers and Bloodtox sprayers on all the 
    walls by avoiding the walls altogether. Drop on the other side of the 
    pump from the commander, go around, and stealth consume him. Move to 
    the waypoint at get the show on the road. MAKE SURE YOU GET IN A TANK. 
    The Helicopter cannot physically protect the Bloodtox pump and poses 
    too much of a risk to its survival.
    Now enjoy the fun of escorting the Bloodtox pump to Times Square. It’s 
    usually easy since the Hydras that pop up while it moves can’t even hit 
    it. In Central Park the thing stops and gets attacked by Hydras, so 
    blow them up, and protect the pump by physically moving your tank 
    between them and it to take the cars. As long as your tank survives it 
    will be restored to full if you restart from a checkpoint, but the pump 
    will never regain more than half health. Once they die keep moving and 
    get ambushed just up ahead by four of them in clear sight. Again, block 
    the cars with your tank, and take out the Hydras fast as you can, 
    because the can throw some cars over your tank. Unless you did a bad 
    job earlier, it should have more than enough health to take the hits. 
    Then, it rolls into Times Square by itself, and you’re done, with the 
    briefest taste of what the next bit’s going to be like.
    Do all the events and get all the upgrades you can, ESPECIALLY armour 
    control. This next mission is very hard and the one just after is 
    When you’re ready, get in the marker and get the Bloodtox pump rolling. 
    IMMEDIATELY get into the nearby tank. That is the key to the effective 
    strategy. The tank has the firepower and ramming speed to win you this 
    with ease if you use it right. You’ve got like two minutes to get in it 
    and drive it back into the place which his more than necessary. Try not 
    to raise an alert yet or this mission will be nightmare mode.
    Okay, not dozens. About five at once, jumping the wall. Hit them as 
    they come over, and start driving away. You need to keep your tank 
    alive almost as much as the pump. Most will chase you, so drive 
    backwards in wide circles around the pump. Don’t get stuck on a wall or 
    the tank is lost and this gets a hell of a lot harder. Shoot any Hunter 
    that attacks the pump if you have a clear shot to get its attention, 
    but don’t be like the special people who try to shoot THROUGH the 
    Bloodtox pump and wonder WHY IS KEEP LUSING GAIS?
    They go down, five more come in. Still not hard if you’re a decent 
    driver. Keep shooting, keep moving. If there’s too many hitting them 
    pump physically ram them away, but be careful not to get stuck on them 
    or they’ll break you. Kill this lot for a checkpoint, and if you kept 
    the tank alive, you’re doing good. Hit the checkpoint to get full 
    health and ammo if you need to, but you probably shouldn’t. If you 
    aren’t handy with the tank you’ll be hitting the checkpoint just fine 
    by yourself.
    If you lost the tank, DON’T get in a Helicopter, since not only does 
    jacking it raise an auto alert, but a Helicopter doesn’t have the 
    attention-drawing ability of the tank and so might as well not be 
    there. If you go down, fully charged Air Slices and hope to hell you 
    don’t hit the pump accidentally. Needless to say you need to keep 
    moving or you get smacked down by so many Hunters. KEEP THE PUMPS’ 
    Now, more come. Four Hunters, easy to deal with in the same way, then 
    two Hunters and a Leader Hunter. FOCUS ON THE LEADER IT DOES MORE 
    DAMAGE THAN THE OTHER TWO COMBINED. Drive backwards in circles fast as 
    you can, and it won’t be able to hit you, you’ll hold its attention, 
    and be able to kill it pretty fast and keep the tank. Then, kill the 
    Hunters. Try to hit the normal Hunters so that you keep their 
    attention, and if they wail away at the pump you won’t lose, but it’s 
    not good. The next wave is another four Hunters, and then another 
    Leader Hunter with two Hunter buddies. Take them down the exact same 
    way. No checkpoint here. Jerks. If you’re any good with the tank you 
    kept it alive and on decent health until now. If not, well...
    Now, the hard bit. Two Leader Hunters, and two Hydras. Go for the 
    Leader Hunters, keep both their attention, as they do much more damage 
    to the pump than the Hydras. Let the Blackwatch distract the Hydras, 
    but don’t expect them to help much. The pump will get hit for at least 
    10-20% of its health if you’re good, so make sure you keep it at least 
    that healthy Do the same backdriving gunnery that killed the last 
    Leader Hunters again, and take them out. During this process the tank 
    will die. There is nothing you can do about it. Remember only that it 
    did its work with supreme valour and self-sacrifice, and bow your head 
    to honour your fallen brother-in-arms, before getting out the Blade and 
    laying down a horrible vengeance on the heads of those who claimed its 
    life. Air Slice, fully charged, shall serve as you tool of bloody 
    Now, go for the Hydras. If you have Critical Mass still (PROTIP: YOU 
    WON’T), use Critical Pain on the weakest and finish it off. Otherwise, 
    you can take the risky course of Air Slice and hope you can evade the 
    counter, or the safer but slower method of finding Missile Launchers 
    and hoping the one you aren’t killing doesn’t kill the pump before you 
    engage it. Once it falls, you’re done. FINALLY. If that only took you a 
    checkpoint or two you did good work. If you didn’t keep the tank alive 
    until the end it probably took five or six. Don’t relax, though. Things 
    just got worse.
    Oh, GOODY. Ragland obviously got his qualifications from a novelty fun 
    shop, because not only did his cure make Greene throw up a massive 
    killing machine, it turned her into... something. A city-block-sized 
    something with an insane amount of health and ludicrously powerful 
    There are lots of ways to beat her on Normal. Most of these are too 
    dangerous to work on Hard. Tanks do not work, they die comically quick. 
    Helicopters do not work, they die even faster. I didn’t try artillery 
    strikes on Normal but they do no damage on Hard anyway. Direct attacks 
    work. They will also get you killed before you can do anything about 
    it. Greene is, quite simply, too dangerous to engage head-on. The rock 
    vomit attack will knock off half your health and interrupts every 
    attack you have, even Devastators. The green orbs interrupt you and do 
    a little damage, but hit you so many times in sequence you get hurt 
    something fierce. Finally, the big explosion so powerful it SLOWS TIME 
    AND TURNS THE WORLD MONOCHROME will knock you to Adrenaline Surge from 
    maximum possible health, and if you aren’t on Critical Mass, it kills 
    you outright. I call it the Red Rain of Pain for a reason. That is the 
    real reason you can’t fight her directly, because it is impossible to 
    maintain Critical Mass health and almost impossible to dodge that 
    thing, and even if you do the extended stun duration lasts long enough 
    for her to kill you with the followup. This is a serious boss fight.
    Leave the military alone. They help a whole lot by sending everything 
    they have at Greene, and they actually succeed in doing some damage to 
    her, although it costs them dozens of Helicopters and tanks
    The way I addressed this, and what seems to be the only way that works 
    with any reliability, is the Groundspike Graveyard. Dropped near her 
    base, it does a third of each red bar’s health. Now, you need to get 
    all those red bars, the neck, the tentacle, and the spine, to nothing 
    before you can actually hurt her. That’s why Groundspike Graveyard has 
    to be well-aimed, or it misses one of them.
    If you have Critical Mass, jump up, get above her, and use Air 
    Groundspike Graveyard. It will be interrupted more often than not, and 
    is in fact the only time in the game it can be interrupted. It’s still 
    necessary, since doing it on the ground is just too risky. Once you 
    drop it, you’ll be knocked below Critical, but if by some freakish 
    aberration you aren’t, run up a sign, backflip over her, and drop it 
    again for an immensely stylish hit.
    Whenever you don’t have Critical Mass, run to an alley beyond her LoS. 
    I used the one on the far side of he building with lots of signs. In 
    there, consume as many Civilian Infected as you can. If you get to 
    Critical Mass then, run up the building, Hike-glide over her, and drop 
    an Air Groundspike Graveyard again as before. If Hunters show before 
    you get that healthy don’t bother trying Civilian Infected or they hurt 
    you. Get them instead and Air Slice them into consumable territory. 
    Once done, go back for more. 
    You’ll usually be interrupted by Greene’s rock vomit. However, her Red 
    Rain of Pain hits anything that doesn’t have an entire building between 
    her and it. When you see a wave of energy rushing to her head, then a 
    roar, and then the monochrome timeslow, RUN. GET UP HIGH NOW. THERE IS 
    STORIES HIGH IN TWO SECONDS YOU WILL DIE. If you’re unlucky she’ll do 
    it once you’ve started an Air Groundspike Graveyard. If that happens 
    you’re dead, end of story. It happened to me twice. All you can do is 
    yell I REGRET NOTHING and leap into death leading with your fists.
    Eventually you’ll hit her enough for her to drop. Now is your time .Rip 
    out that Blade and mash away with X for huge damage. You can do a 
    quarter of her health if you’re fast. Ignore everything else except 
    hitting her, including the hunters hitting you.
    At 75%, 50% and 25% health she stops being vulnerable even if it’s only 
    a second into her vulnerable phase temporarily vanishes, which in 
    normal gives you time to find a vehicle, but here is a blatant trap. 
    Literally seconds later she appears, halfway into the Red Rain of Pain, 
    so RUN. Unlike in Normal, she will also stop being vulnerable at the 
    last little blip of health purely to annoy you. Dying here is tooth-
    snappingly annoying.
    Keep going, and after a couple of checkpoints if you’ve got good timing 
    and a hell of a lot if you’ve got bad timing, she FINALLY goes down. 
    Damn. You run up in a cutscene and finally consume her, after all that 
    work. About time too. Unfortunately for you the military makes the 
    logical decision that when gigantic exploding monsters appear in the 
    middle of busy streets that the city is beyond saving and elect to nuke 
    And just when you thought you deserved an easy one, you get a hard one 
    instead. This is not tough on Normal, but on Hard, it is very hard. Not 
    Greene hard or Bloodtox Pump hard, but hard nonetheless. As always, 
    ensure you’ve got your events done and upgrades bought. Make sure 
    you’ve got the fully-upgraded Helicopter for this, since you’ll need 
    Now, on Normal you could do this with tanks, or the Blade, or all sorts 
    of things, but on Hard, the only way to live is to use a Helicopter. 
    Anything else is just too risky. Go grab a Helicopter from the nearest 
    event, fly close enough to find a Filter, and fire your guided missiles 
    at it. Four get off before the first hits, so drop another four and 
    RUN. You’ll probably be shot down by a missile, or if not the Strike 
    Team in pursuit, but this way you fall outside the Bloodtox Factory and 
    actually can survive. Go get another Helicopter, lose the alert if it 
    got you one, and go again.
    This will take at least ten Helicopters and an agonisingly long time, 
    but is the only safe way. You could kill the last one on foot because 
    you don’t need to escape, but any others and there are so many 
    Blackwatch with Missile Launchers, gun turrets, Supersoldiers, tanks, 
    and Helicopters that it’s just too much.
    Get the last one for a cutscene, in which McMullen proves to be 
    singlehandedly more annoying than Hunters, Cross, Leader Hunters, 
    Supreme Hunters, Bloodtox pumps, and Greene combined. The man is the 
    greatest troll ever to live. Mission over, regardless.
    THE LAST MAN-(M25)
    Once you’ve done your events and upgrades you’re ready to go. Roll over 
    to the mission marker and begin.
    You’ve got to take down a few helicopters. You can do this the easy way 
    or the stupid way that makes you go on the forums and complain that the 
    mission’s too hard. I advocate the easy way. Get in your military 
    disguise and either get a Helicopter from an event or hijack one. Don’t 
    make it a terrible Blackhawk, you want an Apache. Twenty-two guided 
    missiles, twelve targets. The numbers are in your favour even if you 
    have to take down a heap of others attacking you when alerts are 
    triggered. Blow up the Blackhawks from near-range-limit and it doesn’t 
    even raise an alert. This mission’s a gimme.
    And now, for something a little harder. Once you’ve done every single 
    event you wanted to and gotten all the upgrades, because you won’t get 
    another chance, start the mission.
    First, blow up a base. Too easy, you’ve got Artillery Strikes and this 
    is the last mission you can use them in. Drop one of those, finish it 
    off with a Groundspike Graveyard.
    Taggart runs in a Thermobaric tank. Very fortunately, he only shoots 
    while stationary, and nowhere near as often as you do in one. Chase 
    him, and it might help to regain disguise. Realise, though, that the 
    moment you get close to Taggart’s tank you’re autodetected. 
    Hilariously, you can ride on top of his tank, but you’ll probably get 
    hit by missiles. Follow him from rooftops until he gets to a fortified 
    Use your second Artillery Strike to turn it into a smoking crater, and 
    finish off surviving tanks with the Blade and Air Slice. The Strike is 
    extremely useful here because the sheer amount of firepower on the 
    ground will nearly kill you every time you drop an Air Slice, so you 
    need to run and heal. To make this a real nuisance, every single block 
    on the entire map already has a group of military with Supersoldiers on 
    it. No stealth consumes possible here, so do it quick and hide again, 
    and hope you don’t lose more health than you gain in the process. Get 
    back on a rooftop and drop another Air Slice and repeat until all his 
    tanks go down, which triggers him running off again. Chase him some 
    more until he gets to another fortified position. Use the last 
    Artillery Strike since this is the last chance you’ll have to use it, 
    and finish the tanks off with whatever you’ve got. If you have any 
    choice, try to finish this with full health, because you WILL need it.
    Once he runs a last time to the Brooklyn Bridge, you can finally 
    consume him. Hijack tank, open sesame, mission won. Not too hard. Enjoy 
    it, because things are about to get Nightmare Mode on you, and you 
    don’t get a freeroam break.
    After your cutscenes, you get the fun of fighting him again, except now 
    he’s faster, tougher, stronger, and has the Tendril Barrage Devastator. 
    You are also on a small flight deck with nowhere to run or hide. Keep 
    moving constantly so he can’t hit you, because his attack do a minimum 
    of 1/3 your health. His visibly-telegraphed Tendril Barrage is the real 
    killer. Get hit outright and it will kill you, end of story. Walk into 
    it and you’ll be reduced to Adrenaline Surge and stunned for a few 
    seconds, and probably killed. Worst of the lot, if you die and hit the 
    checkpoint you are automatically on HALF HEALTH. That wasn’t a problem 
    before. It is a problem now.
    There are a few options for attack while you run like a maniac. One is 
    the classic Whipfister Y. Another is the Musclemass tosser. Throw 
    aircraft, helicopters, and the large missiles, because nothing else 
    does real damage. You can hijack Helicopters, although that’s insanely 
    risky because there are no less than twelve autoturrets on the Reagan 
    that only ever shoot at you in a Helicopter. If you can kill them all 
    first, feel free, but he’ll still shoot you down after a minute at 
    most. You can grab guns off the military, although they do even less 
    damage than Whipfisting. If he gets stunned, one of which his scripted 
    in, you can grab him and mash X for good damage, although it’s very 
    hard to stun him. He gets shot at by all the military on the ship, and 
    also gets hit by airstrikes every so often for decent damage. 
    However, that’s not the hard part.
    The hard part is when he gets to 30% health, things go horrifically 
    wrong. Every support there is disappears, the airstrikes and 
    Helicopters stop coming, the military evacuates, and you have a meager 
    3 minutes to finish the job.
    That is when it gets hard. You literally cannot Whipfist him to death 
    fast enough. If you are lucky there is enough of the good stuff left on 
    the flight deck to throw at him to get him to about 5% health if he 
    never blocks any of it with a minute left, at which point you’re in 
    trouble. You can’t hit him with Air Slice or any other charged attack 
    because he can block them with total success all the time. You are not 
    fast enough to counterattack him. There are not enough Missile Launcher 
    left on the deck ever to kill him.
    There is, in fact, one effective strategy. That is the classic Critical 
    Pain spam. Spend the entire first half of the fight running and 
    consuming. Once you grab someone jump, AIR HIKE TWICE, and consume when 
    you hit the ground. This gives you about 70:30 odds of consuming 
    without being hit for far more than you gained. On the ground the only 
    safe time is during Critical Pain. Hit him only when you are on third-
    stage Critical Mass. Nothing else matters. It doesn’t even matter if 
    you never hit him because until the 30% margin the military will 
    eventually wear him down.
    That is when it counts. Air Critical Pain until you are below Critical 
    Mass. Some soldiers will be left on board, depending on how many you 
    killed, between zero and five. Any group of five to eight vanishes. You 
    MUST grab and consume them to gain another Critical Pain. This will not 
    kill him. It will, however, reduce him to low enough health that you 
    can now actually kill him with the junk on the Flight Deck. Or, my 
    personal favourite, let him hit you into Adrenaline Surge, and use that 
    last Critical Mass it gives you to hit him with a lethal Critical Pain. 
    It’s idiotically risky, but no more so than this entire battle. I got 
    insanely lucky on my win and still had to hit the checkpoint twice 
    before that happened.
    Eventually, though it will. FINALLY. The guy is a real challenge, and a 
    genuinely deserving capstone to a genuinely difficult mode. Beating 
    Prototype on hard is, because of this guy, a genuine achievement. 
    Speaking of which...
    If you’ve opened this guide odds are you did it for achievements. 
    Technically this entire guide is an achievement guide, but calling it 
    that when forty pages are devoted to two of them and less than ten to 
    the rest isn’t really accurate. This is where all the others are 
    hiding, and most of them are actually pretty easy to get. For 
    convenience, I split them into Automatic, Playthrough, Task, and 
    Collection achievements. Automatic achievements are those you 
    automatically get through your first playthrough, those that you 
    literally cannot miss. Playthrough achievements are those that require 
    you to complete an entire playthrough of the game to get. Task 
    achievements are those that require you to complete a specific task. 
    Collection achievements are those that require you to collect certain 
    +  CROSSING THE T-----------(AA02)
    +  ERRAND BOY---------------(AA03)
    +  EVOLUTIONARY STEP--------(AA04)
    +  ON INSTINCT--------------(AA05)
    +  ONE THOUSAND SUNS--------(AA06)
    +  SME----------------------(AA07)
    +  THE FIRST THREAD---------(AA08)
    +  HARD TO KILL-------------(AP01)
    +  NICE GUY-----------------(AP02)
    +  REVENGE REVISITED--------(AP03)
    + TASK ACHIEVEMENTS--------(AT00)
    +  AU-----------------------(AT01)
    +  BRAIN TRUST--------------(AT02)
    +  CLEANUP------------------(AT03)
    +  ENDLESS HUNGER-----------(AT04)
    +  GUNNING------------------(AT05)
    +  HALF-TRUTHS--------------(AT06)
    +  IN PLAIN SIGHT-----------(AT07)
    +  INFILTRATOR--------------(AT08)
    +  IT’S HIM!----------------(AT09)
    +  MANKIND IS YOUR MASK-----(AT10)
    +  MISCONCEPTION------------(AT11)
    +  PT-----------------------(AT12)
    +  REPOSSESSION-------------(AT13)
    +  RETURN FIRE--------------(AT14)
    +  SPEED BUMPS--------------(AT15)
    +  SURFACE TO AIR-----------(AT16)
    +  THE BUTCHER--------------(AT17)
    +  THE CLEANER--------------(AT18)
    +  THREAT ELEVATED----------(AT19)
    +  TRAIL OF CORPSES---------(AT20)
    +  WRECKING YARD------------(AT21)
    +  HOPE---------------------(AC01) 
    +  IN THE WEB---------------(AC02)
    +  ORIGIN-------------------(AC03)
    +  POLYMATH-----------------(AC04)
    +  SELF-DECEPTION-----------(AC05)
    +  STREETWISE---------------(AC06)
    +  WEB OF KNOWLEDGE---------(AC08)
    You don’t need help with these, surely? Just finish the game. For 
    + CHILDREN OF BLACKLIGHT: Kill the Supreme Hunter
    + CROSSING THE T: Kill the first Hunters.
    + ERRAND BOY: Beat Cross.
    + EVOLUTIONARY STEP: Buy an upgrade.
    + ON INSTINCT: Kill Greene.
    + ONE THOUSAND SUNS: Kill the Supreme Hunter Hybrid.
    + SME: Fly a Helicopter for the first time.
    + THE FIRST THREAD: Consume your first WoI target.
    These are hard, mostly purely because of the effort involved in them. 
    You have to play at least one extra playthrough for these, and probably 
    more, unless you can actually finish Hard without dying consuming under 
    ten civilians. That’s how I intend to play my last playthrough of this 
    game, but I’m not mad enough to try and do that first-up.
    Just don’t die. Sounds easy. Isn’t easy. When you die, the game 
    automatically records that, and you’ve just failed. The only way to 
    avoid this is to leapfrog saves, that is, have two saves, hardsave on 
    one slot before you start a mission and then on the other slot after, 
    so you always have one save in which you haven’t died to go back to 
    when you lose. Because of this, Hard to Kill effectively means playing 
    the game with hardsaves only. That also means when you die you have to 
    start the mission from the prior freeroam. That’s as hard as the 
    mission was, meaning that the more likely you are to restart the more 
    painful it is to.
    This one is as hard as you make it. Play on Easy Plus and it’s a gimme. 
    Play on a fresh Hard save and welcome to hell. Mostly because the 
    Greene and Supreme Hunter Hybrid bosses have no hardsave point between 
    them, meaning you have to go from the mission before. That’s not so bad 
    with the Hybrid if you didn’t have to do it so damned often, but with 
    Greene you’re back to the Bloodtox pump protection bit. Naturally, this 
    fully justifies the full-on “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” response.
    Just start a New Game Plus and play, leapfrogging saves, or even 
    tiering saves, and going back as necessary. Use the statistics tab to 
    keep an eye on your deaths. If that number is nonzero go back a save 
    until it is zero.
    NICE GUY-(AP02)
    Ahh, Prototype. In any other game, killing nine innocent people by 
    beating them to death with superpowers then absorbing their memories to 
    empower yourself would likely be the most evil of the possible 
    decisions at the last decision point. Here, it’s considered so selfless 
    it deserves an achievement.
    This is easy to get. Just don’t consume heedlessly. Be careful with 
    your stealth consumes so you don’t miss and eat by accident, even 
    though that rarely happens. The trick is with the other consumes. The 
    plan is to look at the guy you grabbed. If he’s military, you’re set. 
    If he’s scarred and scabrous, you’re set. If he’s part of a Consume 
    Event or the WoI, you’re set. Otherwise, throw them away. Killing them 
    by throwing them into a Helicopter and blowing that up too doesn’t cost 
    you the achievement. You can even get this on hard, because in any boss 
    fight without a safe place there are no regular civilians wandering 
    Beat the game on Hard. There’s twenty-something pages up there on just 
    how to do that, in case you missed them. Go read those.
    Basically, do something, or a few of something. Varies in difficulty 
    from something you can only just not get in the game, to Pt-level 
    Get Gold on all achievements? That’s less than Platinum, and there’s an 
    entire guide on how to get Platinum just down there. Go do that.
    Complete all consume events. This is just a matter of waiting for one 
    to pop up, doing it, and then doing a story mission until another 
    appears. For the consume events themselves there’s a guide just below 
    the Pt guide.
    Kill fifteen people in one shot with the Whipfist. Use the Street 
    Sweeper, X -> B, in a large crowd of anything, really. The opportunity 
    will constantly present itself, or you can go find it. If you want it 
    now, walk down an alley near a Hive and soon much more than fifteen 
    Civilian Infected will be after you, so do it and get it.
    Consume 200 people. No problem. You should get this during any Normal 
    playthrough. If you didn’t, just walk around stealth consuming 
    civilians until you get it.
    Kill twenty Helicopters in a single flight. Good thing there’s an event 
    that asks you to do pretty much exactly that, so go play Death From 
    Above. If you don’t get it in that, fly around, blow up Helicopters 
    with the guided missiles at a distance, and trigger an alert to get 
    more. Eventually it will show up, as long as you don’t get out or bail 
    out. Full upgrades helps for more missiles. You lose if you die, but 
    unless you’re trying to engage seven or eight at once or are playing on 
    hard the only way to lose is to get out or try and block the incoming 
    shots with your rotor assembly.
    Finish a mission undetected. You should get this through normal play. 
    If you didn’t, see the guide for Mankind is Your Mask for more details.
    Evade 10 Strike Teams. The game teaches you how to evade Strike Teams, 
    and you’ll face a hell of a lot more than ten in the game, so just run 
    instead of blowing them up and you’ll get it.
    Infiltrate ten military bases. No problem. You get taught how in the 
    game, and you’ll do at least this many to get the consumption-earned 
    upgrades and consume events. If you want to force it, it’s easiest to 
    do it early game, before they get Viral Detectors. If it’s late-game, 
    sabotage the Detectors before you move in. Once the UAVs show up the 
    best way is to ignore the alert, leap in, grab and consume the 
    Commander IMMEDIATELY before he gets teamgibbed, run away and lose the 
    alert, then come back in his disguise. About five minutes after you 
    leave an infiltrated base, the Base Commander respawns.
    IT’S HIM!-(AT09)
    Patsy five military personnel. Get Patsy, and use it five times by 
    approaching someone in a valid military disguise, holding RB, and 
    pressing X while targeting them. They get shot. Then, wait until it 
    recharges, and repeat until you get the achievement.
    Trickier than Half-truths, because you have to actually try to get 
    three of them. Basically, on a mission, never have powers out, use 
    powers, go near a UAV or a Viral Detector, consume, or attack or run 
    over military personnel near other military personnel for the entire 
    mission, and you’ll not raise an alert.  Some missions, though, have 
    alerts hard-coded into them. The following is a list that I totally 
    didn’t copypaste from the top of the guide of what missions can 
    possibly be done undetected and how hard that is.
    + Tutorial mission--------------- No
    + Escape the Gentek Facility----- No
    + Look for Clues About Your Past- No
    + Behind the Glass--------------- No
    + Escape the Hunters------------- No
    + The Wheels of Chance----------- Yes, easy
    + A New Order-------------------- No
    + Open Conspiracy---------------- No
    + In the Web--------------------- No
    + The Altered World-------------- No
    + Errand Boy--------------------- No
    + Confessions-------------------- Yes, practically automatic
    + Under the Knife---------------- No
    + The Stolen Body---------------- Yes, easy
    + Biological Imperative---------- Yes, practically automatic
    + The Door in the Wall----------- No
    + First and Last Things---------- Yes, moderate
    + The First Monster-------------- Yes, hard
    + Making the Future-------------- No
    + Defeat the Supreme Hunter------ No
    + Men like Gods------------------ No
    + A Dream of Armageddon---------- No
    + The World Set Free------------- Yes, moderate
    + Things to Come----------------- Yes, moderate
    + Defeat Elizabeth Greene-------- Yes, only notionally possible
    + Shock and Awe------------------ No
    + The Last Man------------------- No
    + Two Tickets-------------------- No
    + Defeat the Supreme Hunter------ Yes, only notionally possible
    Blow up ten Infected Water Towers. Get in a Helicopter, the safest way 
    being to use on from an event, activate Infected Vision or just look 
    for the circling crows, and blow up the targets. Easy.
    I didn’t write seven thousand five hundred words on this for nothing. 
    Scroll down to the events section for the real guide.
    You’ll likely get this in the course of the game. To force it, get in a 
    military disguise, find a vehicle wandering about, get in, then get out 
    and look for another. Don’t go for Helicopter since you can never get 
    in one without setting off an alert.
    Catch something a Hydra throws and toss it back. Wait until a part of 
    the story with Hydras since they don’t appear in freeroam, and press B 
    to grab when they throw things. If you time it right you grab what they 
    throw, and you’re set to throw it back. Easy.
    Run over 500 people in one tank. Violent, and easy. Get in a military 
    disguise, get in a tank, and start driving down the sidewalks. Ten or 
    twenty minutes later it’ll pop up. The only risk here is that you run 
    over enough military to set off an alert which will get your tank 
    killed, so don’t.
    Kill 50 helicopters from a tank. Go to a Hive, where there will be a 
    tank and a Helicopter. Get in military disguise, get in the tank, and 
    shoot down the Helicopter. Someone will helpfully call in a Strike Team 
    with more Helicopters to blow up. Those are easiest to shoot while 
    driving so they can’t just hover above your firing angle. When your 
    tank dies go to another Hive and start again. Eventually you’ll get 
    Kill fifty characters in five seconds. Odds are you’ll get this doing 
    Speed Bumps, but if you don’t, go to the most crowded area of civilians 
    you can find and use Tendril Barrage for easy points.
    You get this on the way as you do Infected and military consume events, 
    but to force it get in a helicopter, go find Hives, blow them up with 
    rockets, wait for them to respawn, blow them up, and do that until it 
    You may get this as part of the first playthrough, but if you don’t 
    just set off an alert, wait for a Strike Team to be called in, then 
    kill it however you please. Simple but potentially time-consuming.
    Kill 53956 Infected. Damnit. This takes a dedicated effort, but the 
    fastest way to do it is Rolling Thunder, the Thermobaric tank event, in 
    which you can usually rack up about a thousand such kills every two 
    minutes. It’ll only take you two hours with a break.
    Destroy 2000 vehicles. Luckily, cars count, even if you only touch them 
    with a tank. So, get in a tank, and keep driving along the streets 
    until you get this achievement. You’ll probably get it midway through 
    Speed Bumps.
    Urgh. These are together as bad as Pt. Still, to the almost fetishistic 
    completionist like myself, they are not optional.
    Get all the Web of Intrigue entries on Hope, Idaho. Unfortunately, I 
    have no idea who is necessary, so for now you might as well just get 
    Web of Knowledge and get this automatically on the way.
    IN THE WEB-(AC02)
    Consume 50 WoI targets. You should get this during the game, but if 
    not, just run around and find some to consume. No specific effort 
    required here.
    Get all 50 Hint orbs. If I ever feel like making this guide even more 
    ridiculously long I’ll add a guide for this. For now, the best possible 
    guide is at http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Prototype/index.php, 
    so go there. The best help I can give is do this on a new file because 
    finding one that is there is a hell of a lot easier than confirming you 
    already got one, and wait until you have Jump Boost 2 so you can get 
    them all, otherwise you’ll forget.
    Consume everyone who knows about your past. I don’t know who they are, 
    so just get all of the buggers and get this on the way.
    Get all 200 Landmark orbs. It’s the same as Polymath but harder. Again, 
    start a new file, and get them in one fell swoop when you get Jump 
    Boost 2. There are exactly two you can’t get at that stage, being the 
    one on the lightning rod of the tallest building in Times Square, and 
    the one under the Brooklyn Bridge. Both can be gotten by Helicopter, 
    the former can be gotten with Jump Boost Max, and the latter can 
    notionally be gotten by airdashing somehow. Also, don’t use the above 
    map since it’s missing one and many dots are misleadingly placed. 
    Instead, http://au.greenpixels.com/games/guides/985551/PC/Prototype/p57 
    has some decent ones, albeit very awkwardly arranged. There were better 
    maps, but they got dehosted for some reason. Again, if I ever get 
    trapped in a room for a day with Microsoft Word and a copy of Prototype 
    I’ll write up a real guide for these.
    Get all the upgrades. If you get any three of Pt, Streetwise, Polymath, 
    and Web of Knowledge, you’ll get more than enough to do this. 
    Consume all the WoI targets. There are 131 in total. Again, I’ve yet to 
    write a decent guide for them because it wouldn’t be much good in a 
    text format. Instead, get pretty pictures at the now-familiar 
    http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Prototype/index.php. I used one 
    that’s now no longer uploaded so I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but it 
    was okay for the others. Just remember that the WoI targets with plot-
    based info will NOT spawn before a certain time, that they will spawn 
    within the zone and not one specific place, that they will move once 
    they spawn, and that they can and will be killed before you can get to 
    them, forcing you to wait until they respawn.
    If you’re reading this, you already know what events are and exactly 
    what kind of psychotic nightmare getting the Platinum events can be. It 
    was for me, anyway. I got it, though, even though I’m not really any 
    good at the game, which means that so can you. I wrote this because 
    nobody else had, not because I’m any good at the game. In fact, at 
    first I assumed that even Au would be beyond me, until I actually 
    tried. By all means, if your strategy works better, use it. Better than 
    that, tell me so I can include it too.
    + MOVEMENT------------------------------------(EM00)
    +  HIGH FLYING---------------------------------(EM01)
    +  EAVES-JUMPING-------------------------------(EM02)
    +  POINT TO POINT------------------------------(EM03)
    +  TOWER OF BABEL------------------------------(EM04)
    +  SKYSCRAPING---------------------------------(EM05)
    +  AMONG THE CLOUDS----------------------------(EM06)
    +  ROOFTOP RUNNER------------------------------(EM07)
    +  CORNERS-------------------------------------(EM08)
    +  FREE RUNNING--------------------------------(EM09)
    +  CENTER OF POWER-----------------------------(EM10)
    + GLIDE---------------------------------------(EG00)
    +  FROM ON HIGH--------------------------------(EG01)
    +  OVER-ARCHING TRIUMPH------------------------(EG02)
    +  FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH---------------------------(EG03)
    +  ON A PEDESTAL-------------------------------(EG04)
    +  BULLSEYE------------------------------------(EG05)
    +  STONE SKIPPING------------------------------(EG06)
    +  GO WEST-------------------------------------(EG07)
    +  CURVACEOUS----------------------------------(EG08)
    +  CLOVERLEAF----------------------------------(EG09)
    +  WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS--------------------(EG10)
    + KILL----------------------------------------(EK00)
    +  DISEMBOWELMENT------------------------------(EK01)
    +  DISMEMBERMENT-------------------------------(EK02)
    +  INFECTED PATROL-----------------------------(EK03)
    +  GRIND THE BONES-----------------------------(EK04)
    +  STREET SWEEPER------------------------------(EK04)
    +  RAINING FIRE--------------------------------(EK06)
    +  FRIENDLY FIRE-------------------------------(EK07)
    +  IRONY---------------------------------------(EK08)
    +  EXPLOSIVE-----------------------------------(EK09)
    +  ARMOR---------------------------------------(EK10)
    +  CATCH---------------------------------------(EK11)
    +  PROJECTILES---------------------------------(EK12)
    +  ORDINANCE-----------------------------------(EK13)
    +  NOTHING LEFT ALIVE--------------------------(EK14)
    +  AERIAL ASSAULT------------------------------(EK15)
    +  KNUCKLE-DRAGGER-----------------------------(EK16)
    +  ROLLING THUNDER-----------------------------(EK17)
    +  CLEAR-CUTTING-------------------------------(EK18)
    +  FIRE IN THE SKY-----------------------------(EK19)
    +  YOU CALLED THE THUNDER...-------------------(EK20)
    +  ...NOW REAP THE WHIRLWIND-------------------(EK21)
    +  DEATH FROM ABOVE----------------------------(EK22)
    +  OVERKILL------------------------------------(EK23)
    +  DEMOLITION----------------------------------(EK24)
    + WAR-----------------------------------------(EW00)
    +  ENEMY OF MY ENEMY---------------------------(EW01)
    +  STRANGE BEDFELLOWS--------------------------(EW02)
    +  BATTLE FIELD--------------------------------(EW03)
    +  RAID----------------------------------------(EW04)
    +  FINAL COMBAT--------------------------------(EW05)
    +  STAIRWAY------------------------------------(EW06)
    +  POWER TO THE PEOPLE-------------------------(EW07)
    +  A WALK IN THE PARK--------------------------(EW08)
    +  CLOSE CONTACT-------------------------------(EW09)
    + CONSUME-------------------------------------(EC00)
    One, RESTART. Platinum events are difficult because they don’t leave 
    you very much room for error. Once you’ve made a few attempts, it will 
    start to be obvious when you can’t actually win. At this point you need 
    to restart. It will save you aggravation and time, especially on the 
    move events, where any mistake will end you.
    Two, PATIENCE. Platinum events involve trial and error. And error. And 
    error and error and error. There are some events that took me upwards 
    of fifty attempts to beat. Do not expect to beat the event when you 
    head into it. Don’t even expect to beat your best time or score or 
    distance. If you get angry, you will go from losing to losing worse, 
    and get angrier. Just leave and come back. The events aren’t going 
    Oh, dear. Movement. I left all of these for last when I went for Au and 
    Pt, because they are mercilessly hard. In every other event you can 
    recover from a mistake, but not here, especially in such nuisance 
    events as Rooftop Runner.
    Prereqs: Unlike the other events, I recommend waiting until you’ve 
    maxed your movement powers for this. It may be physically possible to 
    win without them, but I don’t care to try. If you do not have air hike 
    2, air hike boost, sprint speed max, and jump max, get them. If you 
    can’t, leave Platinum alone for now.
    General: AIR HIKE, all the time. It is faster than your other moves, 
    which it exchanges for having little specific control other than vague 
    directions. It lets you glide again. Most importantly, if you air hike 
    just before you hit the ground, you start running and maximum speed 
    right off the bat, which is actually less useful than it sounds. You 
    will be very, very good at air hiking by the time you see that little 
    Pt message on the bottom of your television.
    Don’t glide where air hiking or sprinting will suffice. It is much 
    slower. It does have two advantages, and that is that it is necessary 
    to cover long distances, and that if you are gliding you will not 
    crater the ground on impact. That is crucial, since if you crater, you 
    spend three seconds immobile as a very dramatic and very annoying 
    animation plays.
    Finally, Youtube. A verbal description is what some people like, but 
    some need the visuals. I don’t have the tech to upload my own, but 
    fortunately, some do, and of those, a handful are good enough to do it. 
    The videos you are looking for belong to two gentlemen called EmZeroX 
    and cricket3. The former has the complete collection in Platinum and 
    has the better times, but cricket3 actually explains what he’s doing. 
    Both of them have routes that may vary from my own, but since we all 
    got platinum, any alternative is fine.
    High Flying: PLATINUM TIME 23.0-(EM01)
    Tricky, but far from impossible. The key is good hiking and timely 
    First, jump right over the first marker. It will get collected anyway 
    and save you some time. From there, hike over the next, jump up, hike 
    over, and repeat. Pretty much, every time you hit a ledge hike over it 
    and collect the orb in the process, and charge you jump to get you up 
    the building. Don’t jump close to the top, it’s too easy to screw it 
    up. When you hit the top hike carefully to avoid unwanted altitude, get 
    the last orb, then hike away and drop. If you got the orb at 20-20.5, 
    you’re good. Otherwise, reset. You’ll fall naturally, and let it 
    happen. Using a move slows you down, because that added speed is less 
    than time lost charging. You fall, and if you’re lucky, land on the 
    final marker. If you didn’t, instantly hike towards it and you can 
    still win. I missed and still got platinum. 
    This one will take some replaying to get the ledge airhiking exactly 
    Eaves-jumping: PLATINUM TIME 38.0-(EM02)
    This one is unpleasant. Most of it is relatively easy, but the two 
    times you have to go around a corner it is very easy to miss, and you 
    will never recover. This one will train your airhike accuracy, which 
    you will need later on.
    First, charge from go and running jump to the waypoint with a double 
    airhike. You need a little height or you end up under the ledge, which 
    is the end of the line. Hit that waypoint, hike to the next so you 
    sprint at max speed. Pretty much, every time you’re on the straight, 
    sprint on roofs, hike over gaps. If you miss the mark but stay above 
    the rooftop you can hike back on, but you can only make one such 
    mistake and maybe even then you’ll still lose. If you go past the edge 
    of a rooftop just restart. Here’s the first corner, which is tricky. 
    Airhike VERY CAREFULLY so you hit the ground near the marker, then 
    IMMEDIATELY airhike towards the wall to your left. Too slow by a split 
    second and you go sailing past it and you’ve lost. Hit the wall, run 
    over it, hike to the orb, run to the next, and get ready for the trick 
    at the next corner. Here, hike  slightly late so you hit the side of 
    the roof facing you. You’ll still get the orb. If you overshoot, 
    restart, you’re done. When you hit the roof airhike straight away to 
    correct your direction. From there, sprint flats airhike gaps past the 
    last few waypoints. The finish is set. Jump a little, airhike, GLIDE so 
    you can fix your, and when you’re within airhike range, airhike, and 
    you’re done. Try and aim for the dome, NOT the marker, as hitting the 
    dome face is good enough and avoids the risk of missing altogether.
    If you have ever wondered what sort of strange noises of inarticulate 
    rage can come out of your clenched jaw, just airhike and sail clear 
    past the final marker with a good two seconds left, then miss the 
    recovery airhike, then airhike and finally get it for a score of 38.2. 
    Needless to say I may have broken my “don’t get angry” advice that 
    Point to Point: PLATINUM 18.0-(EM03)
    Ah, point to point. It shouldn’t be that hard, because it’s a simple 
    run, but it is. This is because it’s on a ludicrously short time limit. 
    There is EXACTLY enough time for a perfect run with one minor mistake. 
    A minor mistake is, for reference, not going on exactly the right angle 
    You need every instance of speed you can get. Run, jump, airhike to the 
    marker. DO NOT AIRHIKE EARLY YOU WILL MISS AND FAIL. This is likely 
    where you will learn that when you airhike you also have the save 
    vertical momentum as was in your jump. Hit the marker, jump, hike into 
    the building face. Jump, NOT TOO HARD, and double airhike through the 
    marker and into the wall. It’s easy to miss the marker if your 
    alignment was off. If you did, restart. Jump, airhike, onto the next 
    wall, then jump, airhike through the marker on the top of the building, 
    then aim and airhike to the next marker. Here, jump, but DO NOT AIRHIKE 
    UNTIL YOU CAN SEE THE NEXT MARKER. It is very easy to miss here and 
    impossible to recover so reset if you do. Don’t airhike at all if you 
    can’t be sure you’ll do it right. Jump and airhike twice through the 
    next marker, jump off the high wall and airhike onto the next, run 
    while charging jump, jump at the end of the roof, and airhike onto the 
    building while charging jump, jump straight up and airhike. You have to 
    airhike blind here. If your alignment was perfect you will hit, but if 
    you jump slightly too high or airhike funny you will miss and go 
    sailing off into Central Park. Don’t get angry the first time it 
    happens, since it’ll probably happen ten or more times.
    This is a real patience-tester. There is just no room for error. Expect 
    a good ten or twenty attempts.
    Tower of Babel: PLATINUM 25:0-(EM04)
    Tricky, but easier than most. The trouble is the two times you can 
    easily screw up.
    First, run charging jump and jump onto the building. From there, jump 
    and hike and jump and hike until you make it to the top. Hike into the 
    marker and try to hit the wall so you can jump over. DO NOT GLIDE OR 
    USE A MOVE. Falling naturally onto this orb is fastest and has the 
    least chance of drastic failure, so only hike if you need to to hit it. 
    Jump and hike towards the building, and get on the roof. Here is where 
    you will fail the most. Run over the small ledge slightly to the RIGHT 
    of the marker so you can airhike through it is what worked for me, then 
    jump and hike up onto the roof of the next building. Once there 
    depending on your altitude run across the roof, or hike if you’re high 
    up. Don’t try anything fancy, it’s deceptively easy to miss.
    This one’s a breeze. A little margin of error, and only one easy fail? 
    Skyscraping: PLATINUM 35:0-(EM05)
    Not too hard. The trick is that what looks like the trick, slightly 
    deviating from your course to hit buildings so you can hike again, is 
    the key to failure. Maintain a steady course, and time your glides and 
    hikes for maximum distance and altitude maintenance.
    Run while charging jump, jump, hike, and glide. Hike again to hit the 
    building but do not glide again. Charge jump up to the roof, not too 
    hard, and hike into the marker where convenient aircon will stop you 
    missing. Jump and hike and glide away. Here’s the trick. The two 
    buildings seem like the smart plays, but they aren’t. You can still win 
    that way, but it’s slightly slower. Head for the central building, land 
    on the walls, and if you’re high enough jump onto the roof or otherwise 
    go around. Jump hike glide and such to the next marker. Immediately 
    hike away, trying not to go off the ledge, and jump hike to the final 
    building. Do your charge jumps upwards, and by this time you should be 
    good at them. Hit the roof, and hike twice to the marker. Don’t miss. 
    It will make you very sad.
    Not too tricky. Just watch the final hike.
    Among the Clouds: PLATINUM 58:0-(EM06)
    A longer one, now, and hard. This one is even moreso a trick than the 
    last. Don’t do what seems to be the smart thing and diverge for the 
    buildings to refill hikes.
    Run along, jump and double hike into the wall below the collectible. If 
    you go over, restart. Jump and hike and glide and all those for 
    distance and you’ll land just on the roof a little away from the 
    second. Jump and hike through it but try to hit the roof to jump again. 
    AVOID the trap building to the right, go straight for the right corner 
    of the target. Charge before you land and jump straight up, you may 
    have to repeat depending on how far you got. Hike into the marker, and 
    jump away and go for the next building. Aim for that little platform, 
    but if you land below you can still win. Jump to the top, but be 
    careful of jumping once on the pyramid. Go to the next building, but be 
    aware you won’t make it. Try and land on the wall of the one just 
    before it, but you can win if you don’t. The trick is to hit the ground 
    gliding or else you crater hard and waste so much time you lose. Jump 
    and hike fast to the wall of the last building, and get on top then 
    hike to the marker.
    The path here isn’t tricky, it’s just getting it just right.
    Rooftop Runner: PLATINUM 36:0-(EM07)
    A real jerk. Not fun by any measure. You have to hike exactly right 
    here, and there are something like twelve chances for automatic 
    failure. If you miss a landing, just restart, you can’t catch up.
    Jump, airhike twice, aim for the wall below to hit the marker. Jump up 
    it, airhike twice to the next, hit the wall. Jump and airhike twice 
    again, ready to move when you hit it. When you hit the ground on the 
    marker airhike in the direction you need to go IMMEDIATELY or you will 
    overshoot and lose. Jump, double airhike, marker, jump, double airhike, 
    marker, and immediately airhike in the right direction. This is the 
    hard one, because you’ve got to jump, airhike down into the orb, and 
    then immediately change direction. You will fail this direction change 
    more than any other, especially since it’s also the tightest turn. 
    Jump, airhike, turn, jump, airhike, and go between the wall and the 
    watertank because going over slow you too much. Finally, jump, air hike 
    twice and glide, since it’s too far to just hike, and glide straight 
    through the orb.
    The route here is easy. The challenge is keeping to it. This is an 
    utterly merciless event, with more chances to fail automatically than 
    most of the rest of Movement combined. This event is excellent training 
    for Hard Mode, where you need to be incredibly fast to hope to survive.
    Corners: PLATINUM 1:45:0-(EM08)
    A long one! It should be easy, right? NO. Absolutely not. Unlike the 
    others, where they were so short you didn’t have the time for small 
    errors, here they can easily build up into failure. This has an easy 
    route, but you will need to repeat it almost as many times as Rooftop 
    Runner before you grind the time down to a Platinum score.
    Run and jump off the edge, and aim for the two tall buildings to the 
    left. Land on whichever, then jump hike glide to the marker. You’ll 
    have to drop a little to hit it, and aim for the wall just in front. 
    Jump up, hike, glide, and again aim for two buildings to the left. Do 
    the same again, keeping to the left to maintain height. Now go for the 
    building in front, and skate a little across the side. Don’t go on top 
    of it, that’s bad. Fall to the marker, hiking as necessary, the 
    immediately hike to change directions. From here jump and hike over 
    gaps and sprint over flats past all the buildings, remembering to hike 
    before landing for the best sprint speed. You have to glide once over 
    the gap in the middle. Hit the marker at last, then hike immediately to 
    change direction. Skip the base, go straight for the building behind 
    it, land on the wall and jump-hike on top. Aim for the two water tank 
    building, run across the top, then jump and hike and glide for the next 
    roof. Do it again, bypassing the small building for the tall one, and 
    again, skipping the ‘c’ building for the plus-sign ones you’ve already 
    seen before. Here the route splits. You can maintain altitude by 
    hitting the funny glass building and jumping off it, or you can go the 
    straight route, and then try and jump up very fast. It depends on 
    whether you’re better at jumping or gliding as to which is the best. 
    Then jump hike to the marker, and probably yell because you went over 
    This one will take an age to get right. The route is easy as anything, 
    but the thing is so long that your little errors really do build up. 
    You will have to grind your time here until you hit Platinum.
    Free running: PLATINUM 1:12:0-(EM09)
    Long again, but not nearly so hard. In fact, this is one of the 
    easiest, and you frankly deserve an easy one after doing the two 
    hardest of the lot in a row.
    Run jump straight up the building, and jump hike to the top. Charge 
    your jump just before the top, and when you get just below jump, hike, 
    and glide and aim for the wall of the white building just to the right 
    while charging jump. Jump up it, ignore the building to the left, but 
    go straight for the marker building. Jump up the wall, but don’t hike 
    on top, or you’ll over shoot. Jump, hike, glide to the next building, 
    but make sure you lose some altitude or you’ll overshoot and screw it 
    up. Aim for the glassy building when you jump off, jump onto the SIDE 
    of the big building, then jump off and keep moving. For the next while 
    it doesn’t matter what you do, just jump and hike all the time and 
    glide when you absolutely need to. Land on the flat low building while 
    charging jump, jump to the target building, and jump onto the top but 
    do NOT hike or you will miss it.
    This one’s comparatively very easy, so enjoy. It only took me two 
    Center of Power: PLATINUM 1:10-(EM10)
    Long some more, but a harder one this time. Lots of everything, as fits 
    the last movement event. The funny thing is because it balances small 
    error versus critical errors it actually ends up not too tricky.
    First, charge jump and airhike onto the nearest building ,and run while 
    charging jump and jump as soon as it’s full. Land on the larger 
    building, and use the jump-hike ledge strategy from waaaay back in High 
    Flying to get to the top fast. Don’t hike into the marker or you’ll 
    overshoot. Now, jump hike glide onto the red building. From here, do 
    the same onto the building with the sign. I like to aim for the top of 
    the sign for no reason but don’t since it benefits you nothing. Now, 
    cruise over to the base and charged jump right to the top of the 
    factory for the next marker. Now go for the stepped white building, but 
    don’t climb it, just charged jumphike along. Go past and over the base, 
    charged jump and hike again, go for the right roof along your path, and 
    jump for the glassy building. Run along the ledge a little while you 
    charge, then jump and hike onto the final building. Now’s the hard 
    part; gaining the altitude in the very little time you’ve got left. 
    Charged jumps and airhikes to the top, and because there’s not enough 
    time to run airhike into the orb.
    The challenge here is, again, time. Little mistakes add up. 
    Fortunately, once you’ve got your route planned, it’s easier to just 
    grind the time than Corners was.
    Glide is, for the most part, smalltime. The hardest of the glide events 
    is about as easy as the easier of the movement events. Only a few even 
    require a strategy of any sort.
    Prereqs: Glide, for one. Make sure you have both airhikes and the 
    boost. Jump height boosts are not necessary but really helpful.
    General: Nothing, really. Remember your glide follows a curving path so 
    adjust your aim correspondingly, Going for gold you can save a hike for 
    the last-second adjustment, but in the hardest platinum events it does 
    little to help given how comically small the target is.
    Just be patient. Some are absurdly small targets. For some reason it 
    took me forty five goes to get Stone Skipping, and I got 0.52 not once 
    but SEVEN TIMES.
    From on High: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG01)
    EASY. If you can’t get this without help then you will not complete the 
    others, it’s as simple as that. For the sake of completionism, Jump, 
    glide, drop. Save an airhike for last-second adjustment. This is the 
    easiest event ever to exist.
    Over-arching Triumph: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG02)
    Easy, again. Running jump and glide and hike and glide and save a hike. 
    Aim for the center dot, and hike to adjust if you need to.
    Fountain of Youth: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG03)
    Finally, a little tricky. This one’s tricky because the central point 
    is, deceptively, the top of the fountain. This means no matter how 
    close you are on the ground it’s no good, you have to land on top to 
    win. This means hiking will fail you. Just glide onto it. Expect a few 
    goes to get it right.
    On a Pedestal: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG04)
    A little trickier, since the pedestal you need to land on is a little 
    smaller. Same strategy applies, don’t bother hiking.
    Bullseye: PLATINUM 1.00-(EG05)
    Harder with a smaller target, easier because it just sits there and you 
    can airhike. Jump, glide, hike, glide, save a hike.
    Stone Skipping PLATINUM 0.50-(EG06)
    I loathe this one. For no reason whatsoever it took me nearly fifty 
    attempts to complete. More irritatingly, after enraging me to near-
    smashing point I walked away, came back, and then got it in one, again 
    for no reason whatsoever. The trick is the location. The circle is on 
    the tip of a slight hill, making landing on it extremely deceptive as 
    most hikes will over- or undershoot.
    There are two strategies to this. The first involves a fully-charge 
    jump, then glide, then hike and glide twice, to reach the target right 
    off the bat. This is more skill-based, but the problem is you have to 
    make the important decisions, namely, when to hike and when to glide, 
    so early that you can’t have accurately judged the distance yet. This 
    makes it hard, and it’s not helped by the comically small target. 
    Otherwise, you can jump hike glide hike glide, land in the water (which 
    doesn’t count as ground), and use that jump for an extra hike. The 
    problem is it’s impossible to see the target at that time, so it’s 
    guesswork. It’s easier luck, but utterly luck based. This one is purely 
    about repetition, and lots of it. Enjoy.
    Go West: PLATINUM 0.50-(EG06)
    This one is a jerk because you have to save one hike to hike backwards 
    into the target, or otherwise, be damned good at stopping the glide 
    just on time. A piece of advice, first go in and SMASH THE STAIRWAYS. 
    These things failed me twice because if you touch one that counts as a 
    landing. Just repeat until your hike happens to be perfect.
    Curvaceous: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG07)
    Apparently people had trouble with this. I don’t know why. You just 
    need to Jump fully charged, glide, hike at the very end of the glide, 
    glide at the very end of the hike, and glide hike again. Go through the 
    MIDDLE of the buildings and DO NOT touch them or you lose and get a 
    distance of like 307.9 or something. Easy, because by the time you see 
    the target you’ll be so close to the ground you can actually aim the 
    glide drop pretty well.
    Cloverleaf: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG08)
    A trickier one, but not too hard. The trick is don’t try to be smart 
    and go under, it’ll make you lose. Instead jump glide hike glide, and 
    save a hike. Once you glide over the road and go past the target, drop, 
    and hike into the middle. It’ll take a few shots to get it right, but 
    as long as you go over and drop, it’s easier than Stone Skipping or 
    even Go West.
    Wrong Side of the Tracks: PLATINUM 2.00-(EG09)
    A legitimately hard one, but I found it easier than Stone Skipping. The 
    trick is WHEN you glide. Basically, jump, and don’t glide. Wait, and 
    wait, and wait, until you’re absolutely convinced you will hit the roof 
    if you don’t, then glide. Get as close to the bridge as you can but 
    DON’T TOUCH IT. You’ll need to hike at least once to get enough 
    distance to land in the spot, but it’s not that hard once you know what 
    to do.
    Kills are usually easy. Usually. If you find them hard, it’s very 
    likely because you’re not using smart strategy. There are a handful of 
    exceptions that are genuinely difficult, but most of the events people 
    complain about they only fail because they don’t think.
    Prereqs: The powers in question. It usually helps to have them 
    upgraded, but apart from some key moves, often not necessary. Sometimes 
    it helps to have extra health.
    General: Aim for large groups. That should be self-explanatory, but 
    some people don’t, slash away in little circles at one guy, and wonder 
    why they have a bad score.
    AGAINST MILITARY: In any event where you have the firepower to kill 
    tanks (i.e. nearly every one), you can get massive points for nearly 
    free by hijacking tanks, driving them to the event, and parking them 
    there. It’s a little time-consuming, but much faster than constant 
    retries. Ten points a tank and free kills means if you fall short of 
    kills for Platinum against military on these events you’re doing 
    something strange.
    AGAINST INFECTED: You see the Infected wandering around? They’re 
    points. One each. Same as Evolved Infected but weaker, slower, and 
    ridiculously numerous. You can’t aim at them as easy, but you don’t 
    need to. Kill them and Platinum will be easy, with few exceptions.
    Disembowelment: PLATINUM 32-(EK01)
    This one is not hard, except the very first time you get it when 
    soldiers actually pose a threat. Just diveroll from soldier to soldier 
    and slash away. Don’t sprint or you kick them. You can groundspike 
    large groups if you’ve got to power at a decent level. Make sure you 
    aim for larger groups of military.
    Dismemberment: PLATINUM 95-(EK02)
    This is one of the trickier Infected kill events. However, aim for the 
    Civilian Infected and it’s not too challenging. Make sure you diveroll 
    at the largest groups, and ignore the Hunter. It’ll take three or four 
    tries tops if you’ve gotten used to the claws by now, and if there’s a 
    Hive nearby, one.
    Infected Patrol: PLATINUM 300-(EK03)
    This is hard if you’re aiming, easy if you aren’t. Just cruise backward 
    spamming missiles and cannon until it overheats, clearing the streets 
    of the Civilian Infected. The only way to fail is if you manage to 
    immobilize your APC at an angle you can’t shoot from or if you blew up 
    a nearby Hive before you started.
    Grind the Bones: PLATINUM 140-(EK04)
    A hard Infected kill event, because there’s a Hunter chasing you and 
    you’ve got the Hammerfists out. Just diveroll to the largest groups of 
    civilian Infected, and use the X – Y combo, since it’s fast. Move from 
    group to group, diveroll out of the way of the Hunter, and you’ll get 
    it eventually. This one’s pretty spawn-reliant, so expect seven or 
    eight attempts to get it done.
    Street Sweeper: PLATINUM 250-(EK05)
    The hardest of all the kills, because you have to get the spawns just 
    right and manage them well. As always, move into the largest group of 
    Civilian Infected, and use the X – Y sweep attack, NOT the X - X – Y 
    slower Sweep, and keep moving. The intersection is the best place to 
    head to pull this off. It’s the most spawn-reliant one of all and you 
    can’t make many mistakes, so expect about fifteen replays to get it 
    Raining Fire: PLATINUM 75-(EK06)
    Get the Helicopter upgrades for slower-heating gun. Tricky if you try 
    to be smart, so don’t. Just use the gun on the UAVs. They go down easy. 
    When the gun overheats let go of the trigger and wait for it to cool 
    fully then get going. Track well and don’t get killed by the pathetic 
    things. If you can’t get this first few goes you’re likely chronically 
    terrible at aiming, so go practise that.
    Friendly Fire: PLATINUM 180-(EK07)
    For this one you probably need your Helicopter skills fully upgraded, 
    though it’s not critical. The trick is to keep circling and you’ll 
    never get hit, and spam homing missiles like they were free, because 
    they are. Target, fire, target, fire, target, fire, all the while you 
    circle. Do this and Platinum is easy, because each Helicopter counts 
    for 5.
    Irony: PLATINUM 105-(EK08)
    Apparently, some people have trouble surviving this one. I’m not sure 
    why. First, park a bunch of tanks all around you in a circle, as many 
    as you can be bothered to up to ten. Then, blow them up with unaimed 
    missiles. By the time they go down the APCs show up. Kill them with 
    missiles, ignore everything else, and drive along the road at all times 
    so you get more points from flattened infantry. You should get the 
    points well ahead of schedule so then just drive the back streets and 
    kill the APCs chasing you. This should be a gimme.
    Explosive: PLATINUM 125-(EK09)
    Easy. Max upgrades is nice, but not necessary. Just run around in 
    circles, shooting at the ground WITHOUT aiming. Your targets are the 
    Civilian Infected, not the evolved type, so aim for the largest groups 
    of those you can see. Shouldn’t have a problem. Remember to keep moving 
    so the evolved Infected don’t get in your face so you knock yourself 
    Armor: PLATINUM 175-(EK10)
    You’re in a tank, so tank upgrades help, but aren’t required. Aim at 
    the tanks, and kill them, while driving around to squash the infantry. 
    Park a few empty tanks nearby beforehand to get some points before the 
    real ones arrive, but you shouldn’t even need to.
    Catch: PLATINUM 60-(EK11)
    Grenade Launcher again, and this time upgrades are somewhat important. 
    This one isn’t hard if you aim at the APCs and spam at everything else 
    until they appear, but if you have trouble, do the old Tankparker and 
    blow them up instead.
    Projectiles: PLATINUM 220-(EK12)
    You are in a Helicopter. The Infected are not. Swap to rockets, and 
    cruise around spamming rockets like you’re being paid to all over the 
    streets without aiming. Don’t go too fast or too slow. It won’t be hard 
    unless you not thirty seconds ago blew up a hive in the area.
    Ordinance: PLATINUM 250-(EK13)
    You’ve got a tank against Infected. Drive around backwards, spam the 
    main gun. You’ll get it right off the bat unless you do strange things 
    like target enemies.
    Nothing Left Alive: PLATINUM 100-(EK14)
    You have the Blade. If you have the blade but do not have the Aerial 
    Slash then you are a terrible person. It kills tanks in one uncharged 
    slice. There are lots and lots of tanks. You don’t even need to use the 
    Tankparker method here.
    Aerial Assault: PLATINUM 310-(EK15)
    There are a crapton of Helicopters and you have the missile launcher. 
    Lock target, fire, swap target, fire, swap target, fire, etcetera. 
    There are so many of them the only way to fail this is if you 
    habitually fire before you’ve got it locked, or if you haven’t upgraded 
    for a better RoF. Easy event.
    Knuckle-dragger: PLATINUM 55-(EK16)
    One of the harder events, even with the Tankparker method, because you 
    can’t actually aim the Elbow Drop at the parked tanks. Just park a 
    couple, drop in the middle of them, knock the crap out of them until 
    they explode, and then go after the live tanks that showed up by now 
    with elbow drops and you’ve got the points. Needless to say you need 
    the Elbow Drop ability for this event.
    Rolling Thunder: PLATINUM 750-(EK17)
    The hardest part about this event is not laughing like a psychopathic 
    megalomaniac while you obliterate EVERYTHING. You will literally have 
    Civilian Infected bodies raining on your Thermobaric Tank. Just don’t 
    aim, keep driving, and shoot all the time. It doesn’t matter what you 
    shoot at, if you can actually see what you’re shooting at through the 
    smoke everywhere from your psychotic rampage you are doing something 
    badly wrong. People habitually get over a thousand on this event, and 
    unless you do stupid things like aim you will too.
    Clear-cutting: PLATINUM 125-(EK18)
    Don’t aim, go for the Civilian Infected, and use the Y move to move 
    between clusters of Civilian Infected and X when you’re in them. Move 
    straight for the water walkway, since the walkway along there has 
    insane numbers of densely-packed Infected, and is an easy win. Try it 
    in the streets and it’s a bit harder.
    Fire in the Sky: PLATINUM 400-(EK19)
    It’s exactly the same Projectiles. Upgrade for higher RoF, use rockets 
    without aiming, and sweep up and down along the coastal curving walkway 
    just to your west. Easy win.
    You Called the Thunder...: PLATINUM 95-(EK20)
    Missile Launcher against Infected, and you’d better be upgraded. For 
    once, targeting Civilian Infected isn’t the best course of action. Go 
    for the Hunters, since it only takes two shots to kill one and that 
    kills anything nearby too. When there are no Hunters aim for the 
    Evolved Infected. This isn’t too hard unless you get a bad spawn.
    ...now Reap the Whirlwind: PLATINUM 100-(EK21)
    Exactly the same as above, in a different spot. Aim for Hunters, go for 
    others in a break. Easy.
    Death From Above: PLATINUM 180-(EK22)
    Helicopter against Helicopter, so be fully upgraded. Keep moving so the 
    homing missiles miss, and lock target, fire, swap target, fire, swap 
    target, fire, etcetera. The points are no problem. Survival problems 
    are remedied by not letting them get close enough to use the gun and by 
    moving all the time to avoid missiles.
    Overkill: PLATINUM 40-(EK23)
    Overkill is another one where being smart will fail you. You need the 
    Whipfist with the Y shot and the sweep. If you see a large group of 
    infantry in one place by all means Sweep them, but they are very spread 
    out here. Just use the Y shot against them one by one, and that should 
    be enough, as long as you’re smart enough to aim for the closest ones 
    Demolition: PLATINUM 200-(EK24)
    This is another Thermobaric Tank event, but now a harder one. First, 
    park ten tanks right in front of the event, and blow them away for half 
    your points in one or two shots. Then, drive towards the nearby 
    military base while spamming the main gun, and blow it up and 
    everything in it. With the time left, aim for tanks. Unless you get 
    unlucky spawns it’s not hard with this strategy. Try anything else and 
    you probably won’t make it.
    Most wars, fortunately, are easy. Some are hard, though nowhere near as 
    hard as some Movement events. If it takes more than five or six goes to 
    get Platinum then it’s unusual.
    Prereqs: Health helps, since you can actually take quite some damage in 
    them. You want to have Blade strong for the few times it’s necessary, 
    but more importantly, have all the upgrades in the various weapons for 
    when you fight as military.
    General: Watch the minimap to learn where the spawns appear and what 
    triggers them. When killing, go for threats first and only take out 
    Infected or infantry when there are no good targets, since your 
    temporary buddies can do that pretty well. There are only a handful of 
    War events you won’t beat before you figure the spawn pattern but it 
    helps for the rare hard ones. Also, don’t use Devastators. They kill a 
    heap of your allies and do little good.
    Enemy of my Enemy: PLATINUM 2:10.00-(EW01)
    You’re an Infected ally against the military, so whip out the Blade for 
    tankbusting and ensure you have Air Slice. First, take out the guys 
    with missiles by running along the rooftops around the construction 
    site and kicking them while sprinting. Ignore the rest of the infantry, 
    since the Hunters can deal with them. By now the tanks have spawned, so 
    go deal with them with Air Slices. Once they’re busted and you’ve done 
    some ground cleanup the missile guys have respawned and so have the 
    APCs so go deal with them, and go back to the ground floor for cleanup. 
    This one is easy once you have the Air Slice, because you don’t even 
    need to charge it to kill an APC in one shot.
    Strange Bedfellows: PLATINUM 1:30.00-(EW02)
    Undisguised fighting Infected. Get the Blade with Air Slice, and use 
    that to kill the Hunters. If at all possible try and protect the APCs 
    for more firepower, but if you can’t, don’t worry. When the Hunters go 
    down mop up starting on the rooftops where some Infected hide to be 
    jerks, and get the next wave, then clean up. If you protected the APCs 
    it’s easy. If you didn’t, but did a decent job killing the Hunters, you 
    still get Platinum. It’s not a tricky one.
    Battle Field: PLATINUM 1:05.00-(EW03)
    This is a tough one. You will need the third upgrade to your Grenade 
    Launcher. Aim only at the Hunters until they are all dead to spare the 
    military so they can kill the Evolved Infected, and once that’s done 
    clean up the Evolved Infected. That triggers new Hunters, which you 
    then kill. You have to kill these Hunters fast because one last Hunter 
    spawns later a long way away and if you don’t spawn him before 1:00.00 
    you will probably lose. The trick here is to keep the Hunters’ 
    attention so they don’t run outside the park. If an Evolved Infected 
    runs outside the park and isn’t killed by the military then you need to 
    kill it damned fast. This is a challenging War event, but if you have 
    decent targeting skills you just need not to get unlucky with an 
    Evolved Infected running away.
    Raid: PLATINUM 1:25.00-(EW04)
    Probably the hardest since it’s very spawn-based. You’re military with 
    a Grenade Launcher which MUST BE AT MAXIMUM. Aim for the Hunters first 
    and foremost, and see if you can’t do splash damage to all of them. 
    When they die, clean up the Evolved Infected to spawn more Hunters 
    which you need to aim at immediately to exploit splash damage. Clean up 
    the rest, then the last lot spawn, so get splash damage, and prioritise 
    your target to the Hunter closest to the tank assisting you, since its 
    firepower speeds things up greatly. Don’t go out of your way to save 
    it, though. This one you’ll need to grind a bit, about twelve replays 
    should get you there depending on how your spawns go. Remember to 
    strafe at all times so you don’t knock yourself back by hitting 
    Infected in front of you and waste time that way.
    Final Combat: PLATINUM 2:30.00-(EW05)
    Undisguised military against Infected. This one’s quite hard, but only 
    because the military gets overrun very easily. Draw the Hunters away 
    from them so the military survives, and they can also help with killing 
    the Evolved Infected. Use Air Slice as always, but for the first time, 
    use the Tendril Barrage Devastator twice, each time the mass of 
    Infected respawns, right in the middle of them as they rush past. You 
    won’t kill the military, and you’ll clear them out pretty well as well 
    as drawing attention away. If you execute this on both respawns you’ll 
    get a ridiculous time. I only did it once, missed anyway, and still 
    beat the Platinum time by 45 seconds. There’s a reason I say the War 
    events are easy.
    Stairway: PLATINUM 2:10.00-(EW06)
    Ugh. Hard one. You need the Blade and the Air Slice. Start with it out, 
    use the Y slash charged to the minimum for a one-shot kill against all 
    the Hunters. When they go down clean up until more come, and do so 
    again. The challenge is the Leader Hunters, who are damned dangerous. 
    It takes three fully-charged vertical Y slashes to kill one, but if 
    you’re lucky the tanks will make that two. They spawn one by one, so 
    take them out fast. Killing them quickly is the determinant of whether 
    you will win or fail (usually fail) this event. Expect a half-dozen 
    Power to the People: PLATINUM 2:30.00-(EW07)
    Infected against military. Have Blade with vertical Y slash, and an 
    upgraded Machine Gun. Before the tanks spawn occupy yourself killing 
    infantry, and ensure you pick up a Machine Gun. Then, uncharged Air 
    Slice the tanks until they’re dead, ignoring the infantry. Finally, 
    drop to the ground and mop up the infantry with the insane 
    effectiveness of the Machine Gun. Hold down fire and it will kill them 
    as fast as you can spin in circles. You don’t even have to aim. If you 
    do both of these this is amazingly easy. Hell, doing this I got 1:57.4 
    on my first attempt even though I kept missing the tanks.
    A Walk in the Park: PLATINUM 2:30.00-(EW09)
    Military disguise with Grenade Launcher against Infected, and you’ve 
    got Supersoldiers backing you up. Don’t worry about detection, it never 
    happened to me. Go for the Hunters, and hit others when you’ve got the 
    time. The Supersoldiers clear out the Evolved Infected pretty well. I 
    got Platinum on the first go with thirty seconds to spare, so it’s 
    pretty easy.
    Close Contact: PLATINUM 3:15.00-(EW10)
    There is a reason you’ve got that much time available. This one is 
    tricky, because you’ve got to kill multiple waves of Supersoldiers. 
    Hunters help, but not much. I use the vertical Y slash of the blade, 
    charged up it one-shots them from full health. Apparently some people 
    have trouble with this, but I got it pretty easily so I can’t be of 
    much more help.
    I don’t thing there needs to be a consume guide because none of them 
    are actually challenging. Still, some people have trouble, so what the 
    Prereqs: Stealth consume helps, as does the highest level of Critical 
    Mass available, and the Groundspike Graveyard Devastator, preferably 
    Aerial. You want fully upgraded movement abilities too for travel. 
    Before you start ANY consume event ensure you have full health. You 
    won’t always need it but when you do you do.
    Military Consume Event: WOI Targets-(C01)
    Easy. Run as fast as you can towards the target on your HUD, stealth 
    consume them if possible or just grab consume, watch the video if you 
    got it since the clock stops for that, and move to the next. They are 
    only challenging if you get an unlucky spawn, and even then that only 
    poses a challenge on the Hard level of Consume Events.
    Military Consume Event: Base Infiltration-(C02)
    Even easier. Run in, grab the Base Commander, consume, flee, transform 
    and wait until you can change back, then go inside. Even if the base is 
    halfway across the map, you’ll have the time to do this and get inside. 
    Once inside it’s a matter of waiting until the target goes somewhere 
    quiet, or if you’re impatient, stealth consuming anyone watching him.
    Military Consume Event: Consume scientists-(C03)
    Easiest of all. You have to move to where the scientists are, but they 
    give you enough time to literally move the entire way across the map. 
    Once in position the timer vanishes, so stealth consume the guards, 
    then the scientists, in whatever order is most convenient for you. This 
    one is basically free EP.
    Military Consume Event: Destroy Base-(C04)
    Not too hard. Go to the base marked, and blow it up, using Artillery 
    Strikes and the Groundspike Graveyard, and consuming as necessary to 
    regain Critical Mass
    Infected Consume Event: Destroy Hive-(C05)
    A little tricky if you’ve got a long way to go, but generally, it will 
    trigger on the closest Hive. Run over to it, then jump on top, and use 
    the Groundspike Graveyard Devastator. It does preposterous damage to 
    bases, to the point that unless you missed somehow they die in 2-3 
    Graveyards. If you had full health, you can do them all without 
    stopping and kill the Hive before the Hunters even climb on top. If you 
    didn’t, run down, consume someone, and run back up top. If you don’t 
    have Groundspike Graveyard because the most ridiculously visually 
    spectacular and actually useful Devastator in the game isn’t good 
    enough for you, then hijack the Helicopter that always spawns attacking 
    the Hive and spam rockets to kill it quick smart. If you can’t hijack 
    the Helicopter, then use the tank and keep moving so the Hunters don’t 
    kill you. Or, if you have a decent level of Artillery Strike, use one 
    of those for a whole heap of damage. In any scenario this won’t be a 
    hard kill.
    None yet. When I get asked questions I’ll start filling this up.
    + EmZeroX and cricket3 of Youtube for some very helpful Movement event 
    guides, and helping me get my own Pt achievement in the first place.
    + Whoever it is that made the map at http://www.msxbox-
    world.com/features/Prototype/index.php because that thing is 
    ridiculously helpful.
    + Similarly, whoever made 
    http://au.greenpixels.com/games/guides/985551/PC/Prototype/p57 because 
    that’s also helpful
    + Radical for making the game in the first place.
    + The few dozen people who insisted I turn my collection of event hints 
    into a guide and are responsible for all of this
    Give me something useful for the guide and you get your name in here.
    This document copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
    This document has been made for free and open use. It may be hosted on 
    any website, archive, or document hosting service that allows free and 
    unrestricted access to this document on the basis that it is not 
    altered in any way and nobody else claims credit for any of the 
    contents of this article except where I have already done so.

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