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Reviewed: 10/20/11

U mad bro?

RAGE... what is there to say about it. Its made by a legend in the industry the gentlemen responsible the doom and quake. The men who invented the first person shooter. However they were also responsible for the sequels of said games which were... not quite as good. That being said lets have a look at their brand new tech display.


Now im not a shooter junky. I never have been. And the few shooters I have liked been the phychotic ones of old before the likes of COD and Battlefield realled the grey and brown heads but I digress. The gameplay in RAGE really seemed to flow for me. The combat was fluid and satisying. The weapons and weapon system all worked flawlessly for me with every weapon having its own time and place. (although late game the exploding crossbow bolts seemed a little op) Blowing the heads of Bandits and mutants is both enjoyable and challenging as the enemies move to flank and rush you and are smart enough to know when to fall back for re enforcements. And then theres the driving section of the game which actually seemed to be just as good as any present day battle racer ive played out side of Mario Kart. And when driving through the world you dont get the sense of just wanting to get to your location. The world is large enough to require a car but not large enough to have it feel like a choir.

SOUND: 10/10

It doesnt get much better than this to be honest. The backing sound tracks for the wasteland and places like well spring add enough atmosphere and life to these locations with out becoming frustrating when they begin to loop. The dulcett tones that kick in when mutants are around create brilliant tension and the combat soundtracks creates a sense of urgency even when there is none. As for the voice acting... It may be the best ive ever heard in a video game. This may not seem like much of a claim and it isnt really but still I connected with the characters. They wernt the monotoned drones in fallout or the dumb hicks in borderlands. They were people. And of course all the weapons sound impecable. Shooting a mutie in the chest with the shotgun is exactly what it must sound like when God kills a kitten using a hammer.


Yeah Come on youve seen the trailer.

STORY: 5/10

And now this is where RAGE falls down and lies crying in the corner. It is never a good thing when you can pick the exact point in a game when the team ran out of time and money. I wont go into detail but after the game gives you the giant over compensating man cannon at the end of the game they sort of just run off and leave you wilting. And while the I dont mind the post apocolypse bit its bin done like 10 times in the last 3 years. Not in the same way of course (im counting Gears 3) but it remains post apocolyptia just the same, Theres no real suprises, loves interests on any thing. And for a semi open world theres a rather small ammount of stuff to do.

Overall: 8/10

So overall I liked rage. As a game its fun. There is no denying that. Considering that its a rather short burst of fun the ends on a cliffhanging that rivals the first assasins creed (which actually ends with the protagonist saying... BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN) I think rage deserves a solid 8. Its not game of the year but dammed if it didnt take a swing. Maybe the sewer missions will change my mind. IF I CAN FIND THE F***ING THINGS!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Rage (AU, 10/06/11)

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