• Trophies

    A True LegendComplete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficultySilver
    AnthologyComplete all Legends of the WastelandBronze
    Arts and CraftsConstruct 10 Engineering ItemsBronze
    Bringin' Home the BaconEarn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in the CampaignBronze
    DebunkedComplete Shrouded Bunker in the CampaignBronze
    DecapathonGet 10 Headshot kills with the WingstickBronze
    DecryptedComplete Jackal Canyon in the CampaignBronze
    DeliveranceComplete the final round of StrumBronze
    Demolition ManDestroy 100 Enemy CarsBronze
    Dev GraffitiFind the secret Developer Graffiti RoomBronze
    Fresh MeatComplete a public Road RAGE matchBronze
    Ghost BusterComplete Ghost Hideout in the CampaignBronze
    GladiatorComplete Mutant Bash TV in the CampaignBronze
    Gotta Have 'Em AllCollect all Playing Cards on one play-throughBronze
    Hardest DeckBeat Teague's hardest DeckBronze
    Hat TrickKill at least 3 Enemies with a single Mind Controlled EnemyBronze
    Hey, not too roughFinish the Campaign on any difficultyGold
    Hurt me plentyFinish the Campaign on at least Normal difficultySilver
    It's Alive!Complete Dead City in the CampaignBronze
    It's Good!Score each of the 3 Field Goals from the ATVBronze
    JACKPOT!Roll 4 Targets in the first round of TombstonesBronze
    Jail BreakComplete Authority Prison in the CampaignBronze
    JetpackerKill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descentBronze
    JumperPerform all 18 Vehicle JumpsBronze
    Just a Flesh WoundComplete the final round of 5 Finger FiletBronze
    Keep 'Em ComingGet 5 kills with one deployed Sentry TurretSilver
    Lead FootWin a Race in the CampaignBronze
    Master ChefCollect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-throughBronze
    Master of the WastelandsEarn all 50 TrophiesPlatinum
    MechanocideKill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or RC Bomb CarsSilver
    MinigamerWin all MinigamesBronze
    Mr. OddjobComplete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-throughSilver
    Mutie BluesComplete Blue Line Station in the CampaignBronze
    MVPGet first place in a public Road RAGE matchBronze
    No Room for SidekicksComplete a Legend of the Wasteland without any player(s) becoming incapacitatedBronze
    Obsessive CompulsiveReach 100% Completion in the CampaignGold
    Open MindedGet 10 Headshot kills with the Sniper RifleBronze
    Passive AggressiveGet 3 kills with a single Sentry BotSilver
    Power StruggleComplete Power Plant in the CampaignBronze
    Rage CupWin all Races in the CampaignSilver
    RAGE NightmareFinish the Campaign on Nightmare difficultySilver
    RoadkillRun over 10 MutantsBronze
    Silent But DeadlyStealth kill 10 Enemies with the Striker CrossbowBronze
    The Legend Begins...Complete a Legend of the WastelandBronze
    Three Birds, One Bomb CarKill 3 Enemies with one RC Bomb CarSilver
    TinkererConstruct 50 Engineering ItemsBronze
    Ultra-violenceFinish the Campaign on at least Hard difficultySilver
    Vault AssaultComplete Gearhead Vault in the CampaignBronze
    Waste ManagementComplete Wasted Garage in the CampaignBronze
    Wellness PlanComplete The Well in the CampaignBronze
    ytiC daeDComplete Dead City Reverse in the CampaignBronze

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.

  • Trophies: The Scorchers DLC

    There are 9 Bronze Trophies, 1 Silver Trophy.

    Cavernous StumbleComplete Hagar Caves in The Scorchers job pathBronze
    Fired Up!Complete Scorcher Base in the The Scorchers job pathBronze
    FoursomeWin with a Four of a Kind in the Video Poker minigameBronze
    Lucky CharmsBet and win on Green in the Roly-Poly minigameBronze
    Night TerrorsFinish the Campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficultySilver
    Plans RefinedComplete Refinery in The Scorchers job pathBronze
    Rebar PiePin an enemy to a surface with a Rebar ammo shotBronze
    Rite of PassageComplete Wellspring Tunnels in The Scorchers job pathBronze
    Thrash CanyonComplete Bash Canyon in The Scorchers job pathBronze
    Wall HackKill 2 enemies with one Railgun Slug shot through a wallBronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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