Can someone explain how the elemental damage on guns works ?

  1. If a repeater pistol has a damage of 9 and then X3 elemental damage whats the total damage ?

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    So the element does not do additional damage ?

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  1. The x3 is how effective that elements ability is. There are 4 main elements

    Incendiary - highly effective (more damaging) against flesh enemies, those without shield. Burn effects also cause damage over time.

    Corrosive - effective against armored enemies (skags, spider ants, etc.) Corrosive damage also does damage over time (less than burn) but also affects other enemies around as well as leaves them more susceptible to damage from all weapons used against them while the effect is in place)

    Electric - effective against shield. Depletes shields at a much more rapid rate.

    Blast - effective against weak enemies for instant kills. When fighting enemies that are more minor as a threat (lower level) there is a higher chance for instant kills against them in an explosive form. Also enemies near an enemy that explodes are also damaged.

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  1. What's the element? That just means the amount of damage caused by the elemental ability is x3 than normal.

    So if there's a repeater pistol with 9 damage and an incendiary effect x3, that means you hit once with the bullet and the effect hits x3 as much as one with x1 elemental effect.

    There are several types of elemental effects, it all depends. They all have different abilities that you can use.

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  2. from what i can tell each element has a special use. I have a sniper rifle that has X4 and it dose the same damage each time but it almost always gets the elemental bonus. I'm not sure but i think the X# means how much it happens. i always see "high chance for elemental effect" with X3 and X4 but never on X1 or 2. the elemental damage it directly tied to how much damage you did. i always do more elemental damage with critical hits. here are a breakdown of elements and how they are useful.

    fire: exposed enemies take the most damage from this. it doesn't really help against shields unless the gun is powerful. you can often do much damage to raiders and the like with fire weapons.

    corrosive: this works good against enemies with armor. I personally most use it against lance units. it dose good damage against enemies with high defense. It also dose moderate damage against non-shielded enemies.

    shock: This can be a life saver in a few cases. case one is enemies with power shields. Shock will just eat those up so you don't have waste ammo. don't underestimate how powerful this is. I have a week electric attack but it deactivates power shields very fast. case two is machines. mostly just cars and the like but it can do a bit of damage against turrets. I haven't really had a chance to test it against turrets close range but cars health counts as shield so energy works well.

    explosive: this means you may get a rocket in bullet form! it doesn't have a natural enemy so feel free to use that weapon against anything without worry about resistance. these weapons are generally more powerful when they explode than other weapons.

    a note: certain weapons have special effects that are not tied to elements. two examples. the first was a shot gun that shot a single missile. second is a scoped magnum that shoots 7 bullets for 76 damage each. these weapons can be useful for conserving ammo for other weapons.

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  3. i think you mean the damage of the gun goes between the number and x3 right? its not elemental damage its just a damage multiplier. different 'companies' in the game make the guns differently, so a specific type of revolver has base stats and each different company does different things to its base stats. Im willing to bet the gun your talking about is a Jakobs gun since they like to slap damage multiplies onto their guns, Either way the elements are on the far side of the weapons info 'card' below the ammo per clip and the name of the company that made it with a number between 1 and 4, based on the strength and the likely hood of it dealing the bonus damage.

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  4. Alright. Here is the description on elemental weapons. (Source: Wikia)

    The elemental effects include fire, electrical, explosive, and corrosive. The damage of the elemental effect is a multiplier indicated by the elemental plaque and a "xN" in the weapon description, where N is a number from 1 to 4. The chance an elemental affect will occur depends on the difference between the level of the player and the level of the enemy. Occasionally a weapon description will include text reading "high elemental effect chance" or "very high elemental effect chance", which implies that the gun has a greater then normal chance of causing its elemental effect. Elemental attacks are added to the base damage of the weapon used and can have secondary benefits.

    Each element has a specific benefit to use against differing enemies:
    Fire has a benefit against fleshy enemies and causes the enemy to burn for a length of time.

    Shock has a benefit against shields. It depletes them more readily but is less effective against flesh and armor than a normal weapon of the same type.

    Explosive weapons have a chance for the round to explode in enemies, dealing much more damage and leading to an incredibly messy death on a critical hit.

    Corrosive has a benefit against armored enemies, slowly draining health and making them weaker to other attacks as the ongoing damage progresses.

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  5. in short the xN where N is the number just represents the power of the element being applied
    a sniper with x1 flame does fire damage and nothing else
    a sniper with x3 flame however does more fire damage and splashes outward from the impact points so you may still hit your enemy even if you miss

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