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    Claptrap Location Guide by Omega_Darkness

    Updated: 11/11/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Borderlands PS3, XB360, PC
    -- By reading this guide, the author is assuming that you know how to set up 
    --the waypoints in the game, and can understand the directions of the compass 
    -- North, South, East and West
    Each claptrap will give you a "storage SKU", which gives you 3 storage space 
    slots each.
    It does not happan as soon as you get it, you have to go into your inventory, 
    and you will see the item under the section "upgrades". 
    Select and use the item to increase your inventory.
    I have found 10 claptraps, so with each giving 3 slots, you get a max of 30 
    extra slots. Plus that to your starting 12 and you get 42, and once you get 
    the last claptrap fixed you will get the "Fully Loaded" Trophy/Acheievemnt.
    | Section Run Down |
    | AREA |   - The name of the map the claptrap is located in. Dont know the 
    \------/     name? Open your map and it is displayed in the top right hand 
                 corner of the screen.
    Location   - Directions to the Claptrap
    Repair kit - Directions where to look, or how to get to the repair kit, once 
                 you are at the waypoint
    Reward?    - Some claptraps, after getting fixed, will lead you to a door 
                 which they open. Inside the door will be a weapons crate, so 
                 dont run off or you might miss some "phat loot"
    | Clatrap Locations |
    These are in the order that I came to find them. It is in a good order, if 
    you are starting at lvl 1, for the difficulty of each area.
    The claptraps arent exactly "hidden" but can be overlooked, so use this guide 
    if you have missed them.
    | Lost Mines | 
    Location   - Easily found in the middle of a path as you proceed thro the mine
    Repair kit - Is at the waypoint, sitting in a pipe (easy to find)
    Reward?    - nope
    | Sledge's Safehouse |
    Location   - At some point near the begining of the area, you go up a ramp. 
                 After you come down from upstairs, you will come to a hallway 
                 turn right and down the hallway is the claptrap
    Repair Kit - Go back upstairs to the way point, the repair kit is hidden above 
                 your head, look up to get it
    Reward?    - Shows you to a weapons locker
    | Newhaven |
    Location   - Next to the bounty board
    Repair Kit - Go to the waypoint, the repair kit is above you on a balcony, you 
                 will have to jump and then press your loot button in mid jump.
    Reward?    - Shows you to a weapons locker
    | Tetanus warren |
    Location   - When you come to your first fork in the tunnels, he is by the  
                 south eastern end wall, next to a couple of big boxes.
    Repair Kit - From the claptrap take the left tunnel (north west tunnel) when  
                 you get to around where the repair kit is. You should be facing
                 east(ish) you will see a BBQ'd skag on a spit. 
                 Go up the walkway to your left, turn right when you get to the 
                 you will need to jump from that shelter to the next, I suggest a 
                 running jump.
                 From this shelter turn right again, and jump to the next platform  
                 You should be able the see the Kit from there.
    Reward?    - No, just wanders about
    | Earl's Scrapyard |
    Location   - If you look on the map, there are 2 sections to this area, the  
                 claptrap is in the northern section, against a north eastern wall. 
                 He is in a bandit encampment.
    Repair Kit - Is out in the open, and is easily seen. 
                 However from the claptrap, you can either take a long way around   
                 to get to it or the quick way requires some jumping. 
                 From the claptrap head south, then turn right, you should see on  
                 your compass if your looking the right way, there should be an  
                 item cabnet in front of you. Jump ontop of that.
                 Then look left, and jump on to the piece of scrap metal, turn  
                 right and from there you should be able to jump to the platform
                 where the repair kit is.
    Reward?    - No, just wanders about
    | Krom's Canyon |
    Location   - There is a fork in the canyon, take the right path.
                 If you are looking at map, on the right path, the claptrap is all  
                 the way north, and then on the western side. 
                 You need to go up a ramp, then accross a bridge to get to him. 
                 Just a warning, it is again in a bandit encampment.
    Repair kit - This one is hid a little fiendishly, as its suspended in the air 
                 by a rope. 
                 From the claptrap turn east, and then across the bridge, now once  
                 accross the bridge, turn to look in the direction of the waypoint
                 you should be able to see it from a ledge, now to get to it, all  
                 you need to do is to jump from roof top to roof top. 
                 Shoot any barrels in your way before jumping accross.
    Reward?    - Shows you to a weapons locker
    | Trash Coast |
    Location    - As soon as you pass the vending machines, turn south, and then  
                  just head straight. Again this claptrap is in a bandit 
    Repaiar kit - This one is hiding ontop of a pipe thats quite high up. So what 
                  you need to do is:
                  Follow the pipe to the first trash pile that you come to.
                  Its also the first bend in the pipe. 
                  Just after the bend in the pipe, you will see the pipe support 
                  thats next to a rock. 
                  You need to climb up the trash pile then jump onto the rock, 
                  theres a little ledge that you can stand on.
                  From the ledge walk forward a little and turn right.
                  Jump again and now your ontop of that rock. 
                  From here jump onto the pipe, walk to the end, and pick up the 
    Reward?     - No, just wanders about.
    | Old Haven |
    Location   - Before you can get this claptrap, you need to rescue another 
                 before hand, for the mission "Not without my claptrap".
                 Ok when you you enter Old haven open your map, you should see a 
                 $ symbol at the south western side of the map. 
                 The clatrap is in that big greyed out building.
                 Hes in a room on the south part of the building, and the door is 
                 on the western side of the building.
    Repair kit - Ok go to the waypoint. 
                 Get to the south side of the building, that the waypoint is 
                 pointing to. 
                 There are some stairs on the next building south of the waypoint.
                 Once you get to the top, turn around so you are facing north.
                 You should notice an opening to your left, you need to do a 
                 running jump to make it accross. 
                 Once accross, the kit is through the door on your right, I also 
                 found a weapons crate up there too which is a nice bonus.
    Reward?    - No, just shuts down and quivers :p
    | Salt Flats |
    Location   - Hes in Flynt's encampment at the digging machine, not on the 
                 machine itself but in the walled off area. In the area he is at 
                 the north eastern point between a couple of cylinder containers.
    Repair kit - At the waypoint, not hidden.
    Reward?    - Yes, shows you to a weapons crate.
    | Crimson Fastness |
    Location   - In the room after the New-U and vending machines, south end of 
                 the room.
    Repair kit - Is at the waypoint, out in the open.
    Reward?    - Shows you to a room with 2 weapons crates, also is a shortcut 
                 for the mission "Get Some Answers"
    As the author I give permission to anyone to copy this guide and use it 
    however you want.

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