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"Think Kill Bill or Grindhouse, but don't think too much..."

Graphics: I actually think this (along with the soundtrack which we'll get to later) is one of best parts of the game. The film filter affect on the game may be annoying to some but I actually thought it helped me get into the mind frame that I was immersed in a 70's b-flick. Rubi is designed very well and also moves well. The random thugs are pretty much that though, bland carbon copy fodder for you to kill. Then again give the inspiration for this game that may have been intended. There's plenty of blood spatter and gore for fans of that. The "red out" effect when Rubi gets blood splattered on her face looks especially cool.

Controls/Gameplay: I wish I could say the controls were better. There's times where Rubi will zig and you wanted her to zag which causes some needless deaths. There's some platforming elements that were tacked on but the controls aren't up to snuff of a platforming game (especially for someone like me that just finished playing through Prince of Persia a second time before getting this). A little more fluidity would've been nice. The bullet-time effect is nice but does tend to wear after a while. If you're a fan of bullet-time effects (which I am) it may not be that much of a deal to you but I could certainly see it wearing on some people. You start out with a few different moves for killing baddies and you really don't have to deviate from those few moves if you don't want to. The game seems to leave it up to the player to want to take advantage of the environment and string together better moves but there's not really the sense of reward in doing so like in Devil May Cry for instance. It certainly can be fun vaulting off a bad guy and shooting him in the face but that's where the lack of fluidity in controls come in. Many times when I'd try that particular move for instance I'd simply jump right past the guy. Doh!

Sound: Rubi's guns all sound really good and give you the feeling that you're really packing some heat. A previous reviewer mentioned the bad guy's guns all sound a little corny and I'd agree with him on that. A major strength in the sound department for me though is the soundtrack. All of the 70's inspired background music fits in with the environment and tone of the game. Unfortunately all of the songs are locked at the beginning of the game but become unlocked as you play through it.

Replayability: I tend to replay almost every game I own at least once and I'll probably do so with this game at some point but I doubt it'll be right after I finish it. There's music, art, and other things to unlock that may give incentive to completists out there to replay the game to get everything.

Overall: Given the material that inspired this and interviews from developers before it came out I expected a game that was high on style and low on substance and I wasn't disappointed. That being said after playing it a little more I wouldn't say its a bad game at all. It definitely has its fun moments when you're doing what you're meant to do, gun down people in a slow-mo bloodbath. If there were less platforming areas (the game's biggest weakness in my opinion) and more of that I think it would've worked out a little better. Still I'd recommend buying it if this type of game is your style or at the very least renting it to give it a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/09/09

Game Release: Wet (US, 09/15/09)

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