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    Achievement Guide by neeker

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 12/08/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.50
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                                      By: neeker
                               Gamertag: Optimus Neeker
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    1.  Contact Information
    2.  Introduction
    3.  Chapter One Achievements 
    4.  Chapter Two Achievements 
    5.  Chapter Three Achievements 
    6.  Chapter Four Achievements 
    7.  Chapter Five Achievements 
    8.  Chapters Six to Nine Achievements 
    9.  Chapter Ten Achievements 
    10. Chapter Eleven Achievements 
    11. Chapters Tweleve to Thirteen Achievements
    12. Chapter Fourteen Achievements
    13. Chapter Fifteen Achievements
    14. Cars Achievements
    15. Miscellaneous Achievements
    16. Jimmy's Vendetta (DLC)
    17. Joe's Adventures (DLC)
    Version history
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the username 
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong at yahoo 
    dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    Mafia II is a sandbox adventure game that doesn't really play like a "modern" 
    sandbox adventure. It doesn't have all the activities you could find in the 
    likes of GTA, Saints Row and what have you. Instead, it sucks you in with a 
    well-crafted story. The game is fairly long, and it'll take about 25 hours to 
    unlock all the achievements if you play on hard mode from the onset. This 
    guide will provide details on how to unlock the original 1000G for the game.
    I understand that a DLC is imminent for this game, and there are new achieve-
    ments involved. I'll add those in if I manage to unlock them.
    An unique feature in Mafia II is that there are many achievements that could 
    be missed even though they could be part of the story. Usually, there are no 
    penalties for not doing these, and many a times, whether you do them or not 
    does not alter the unfolding of the story. As such, to make it easier for you 
    to unlock these, I'll list the achievements in chapters specifically. 
    The rest of the achievements (collectibles, etc.), I'll list them under the 
    "mop-up" section. I hope this works for you. 
    Also, I'd suggest that you play the game on hard mode immediately to save some 
    time. It's not hard at all, save for some choke points that could be overcame 
    with practice. 
    This is an introductory chapter, which is pretty much a combat tutorial. As 
    mentioned, start the game on hard mode to quicken the process of getting all 
    the achievements. 
    Description: Complete Chapter 1.
    A rather straightforward tutorial leve. Vito is still in the army here, and 
    you basically fight through the waves of enemies until the end. You'll learn 
    the ropes of combat in this game, which is the usual LT to aim, RT to choose, 
    d-pad to select weapons, etc. 
    The "hidden" achievements begin in this chapter. 
    BIG BROTHER (10)
    Description: Protect Francesca.
    Leaving mum's place on the next morning, you'll bump into a bully harassing 
    Vito's sister, Francesa. This portion is unmissable because it's basically a 
    melee combat tutorial. Hold A to dodge, B for a quick punch and Y for a heavy 
    punch. Melee combat is ridiculously silly in this game, so do learn the moves 
    quickly. Defeat the thug to unlock this achievement.
    Description: Help the woman fix her car in Home Sweet Home.
    After leaving Francesca, you'll be on the way to Joe's house. It's pretty near 
    mum's, so just take a walk towards the objective marker. Walk across the 
    street and keep the right walls. Soon, you'll find an alley with a couple 
    arguing over a car that has an engine stall. Wait for the husband to leave, 
    and then offer to fix the engine by simply pressing X in front of the car. The 
    achievment will unlock upon you shaking that bum while fixing the engine.
    Description: Do your first job for Mike Bruski.
    Joe will bring you to Giuseppe to learn the lock-picking skill. He'd even buy 
    you a lock-pick. With this, you could do your first job for Mike Bruski, which 
    is basically to steal a car. Drive the car all the way to Bruski's junkyard to 
    unlock this achievement. 
    Description: Complete Chapter 2.
    Pretty forward so far, no? Back at Joe's palace (no, this is not a typo!), 
    sleep at the kitchen's couch (what kind of man would ask a friend to sleep in 
    the kitchen?) to end the chapter. 
    You begin your life as a criminal from Chapter 3. 
    Description: Improve the dockworkers' haircuts. 
    You go to your dad's previous employer, Derek, to find a job. All he could ask 
    you to, however, was to load some crates onto a truck for $10. Leave the docks 
    after you load a crate to trigger the next event. Derek requests that you 
    collect money for "the barber" from his workers. Walk down to the work area 
    and start talking to them (press X). Some will pay up, some will fight you. 
    Eventually, some oversized dude will challenge you to a melee battle. Defeat 
    him to unlock this achievement.
    Description: Obtain the ration stamps without raising the alarm.
    After dropping Maria at the hospital, head across the hospital for the price 
    administration office. The front is guarded, so take the alley to the right of 
    the building, and press LB to climb over the fence. The back door is locked, 
    but the window to its right is ajar. Climb through the window, and you'll find 
    yourself in the washroom.
    From here, stay crouched (press the L analog), and move towards the lobby. You 
    should find two guards at the counter. Wait a bit, and one of them will start 
    walking his rounds up the stairs to the left. When he's about halfway up the 
    stairs, sneak behind him and press B to kill him silently.
    Leave the guard at the counter for now, and go up the stairs. Turn left at the 
    top and go find the washroom on the 2nd floor. You should find another guard 
    "releasing" himself there. Sneak up and kill him (what a way to die).
    You should now return to the counter and sneak kill the last guard.
    If you go to the director's office for the safe now, you'd find that the safe 
    is blinking with a security light. Don't attempt to open it, as the alarm will 
    go off. Instead, find the basement. In one of the rooms there, you'd find the 
    device to turn off the alarm. Do so, return to the director's office, and 
    snatch the stamps from the safe. 
    Achievement unlocked!
    MAIL MAN (10)
    Description: Sell all the gas stamps before the time runs out.
    This one's pretty tough on hard difficulty, because the timer is extremely 
    unforgiving. You'd need to sell six gas stamps before time runs out. The gas 
    stations are all marked on your map in red. I'd suggest you take the following 
    - the station above your location;
    - the station just to the southwest of you;
    - the station at the southeastern part of the map;
    - the station in the middle of the map, south of you;
    - the station at the southwestern part of the map (go through tunnel);
    - the station north of the southwestern station (across bridge).
    The route is some sort of a weird "U" shape. I'm suggesting this because the 
    roads linking these stations are pretty straight, which reduce the chances 
    that you make a driving mistake. 
    To save time, park beside the station counter and sell the stamps without 
    leaving your car. 
    Description: Complete Chapter 3.
    You'll get this after finishing all the events in Chapter 3.
    You decide to rob a mall in this one!
    NIGHT SHIFT (20)
    Description: Complete Chapter 4.
    Robbing the mall is pretty easy, but it ended up a botched job. Joe will lead 
    the escape, but from time to time, you'd need to cover him while he lock-picks 
    the doors for your getaway. The tough part of this chapter happens after Joe 
    takes the loot. You'll be left in a dark alley all on your own, and you've got 
    a four-star wanted rating on you. 
    Since you're on hard mode, and the police will shoot you on sight now, do grab 
    a car quickly and drive to your destination. There's no easy trick here, just 
    drive quickly and safely (could be tough) to end the thing. I did manage to 
    lure a police patrol into the alley, and took the car by killing the policeman
    driving it. You may want to try this method.
    You'll attempt an assasination on the "Fat Man" in this chapter. 
    Description: Show that you know how to treat a lady.
    Upon leaving Joe's place at the start of the chapter, his sexy friend will be 
    confronted by a thug after a minor traffic accident. Kill this guy in melee 
    combat to unlock this achievement.
    I don't know about you, but if I'm Vito, I'd gladly accept the friend's invit-
    ation to her place for some action. But that's just me.
    GOOD SPIRIT (20)
    Description: Complete Chapter 5.
    The chapter is all about killing the "Fat Man". You'll need to find the MG42 
    weapon, and then use it on the target and his goons. Strangely, the game 
    doesn't let you take the gun after the initial failed attempt. You'd now have 
    to chase after them, which eventually ends in a car chase. The car chase here 
    isn't as tough as those in GTA IV. Knock those cars a few times and hope for 
    the best.
    Since there aren't any "hidden" achievements in these few, I'll just run 
    through them briefly.
    Description: Complete Chapter 6.
    You're in jail after someone exposed you for selling those gas stamps. Damn 
    I hate this chapter because it moves so awfully slow. You'll have no guns, 
    and had to go through a fair amount of fistcuffs with your fellow in-mates. 
    Just fight through the whole lot to end the affair. Your new friend, Leo, will 
    secure your release eventually.
    Description: Complete Chapter 7.
    This is a really short level. Just help Eddie and Joe drop off the body, drive
    home, and you're done.
    THE WILD ONES (30)
    Description: Complete Chapter 8.
    You'll be helping Joe with his cigarettes business earlier in this chapter. As 
    expected, it goes haywire after the Greasers wanted a piece of the pie. 
    Eddie's truck is destroyed as a result, and you'd need to raise enough cash to 
    pay him back. Time to take on these bunch of idiots, the Greasers.
    Once you reach the base, just kill anything that moves. After you're done, 
    you'll find the Greasers' hotrod parked conveniently near the exit. Take it to 
    Derek and park it on top of the platform beside the ship. By doing so, you're 
    helping Derek's "export" business, which will raise the required cash to 
    finance Eddie's truck. Done!
    MAN OF HONOR (30)
    Description: Complete Chapter 9.
    Pretty tough chapter, but not to the point of frustrating. First you'd need to 
    find out who's the traitor, and he turns out to be Luca. Follow him to the 
    slaughterhouse, and then do the Metal Gear/ Splinter Cell stealth segment 
    until you reach your allies. From here on, it's a hectic shooting session. 
    Take cover (a lot) and take out anything that moves. They come in waves so 
    always stay alert even if you think you've killed everyone.
    The mob wars intensifies as you decide to kill Clemente.
    HEY JOE (10)
    Description: Clean up after Joe.
    After the events at Clemente's building, Joe would be so stricken that he 
    somehow decided to kill the bartender at where he's drinking. Drag the body to
    and hide it in the boot. You'd need to drive Joe back home before disposing 
    the body. 
    Once you get into the car, you'll hear the police sirens. You could try to 
    out-race them, but I find it easier to just bribe them off ($400-500 needed). 
    Pay them off so that you'll get an easier ride home. Drop Joe, and then head 
    to Bruski to destroy the car (and the body hidden in the boot). 
    Description: Complete Chapter 10.
    This is a really long chapter. Joe and you would disguise yourself as cleaners 
    with funny moustaches in an attempt to kill Clemente by bombing his office. 
    This led to Joe's friend, Marty, being killed in the process. Everyone dies 
    except Clemente after the bombing though, and you'll have to chase him down 
    (another car chase) to finish him off. Stricken by Marty's death, however, Joe 
    ended up killing someone, as mentioned in "Hey Joe". Clean up after him to 
    end the chapter.
    You don't know who's your friend anymore in this chapter.
    WAKE UP CALL (10)
    Description: Help Leo out of a tricky situation without getting caught.
    Falcone wants Leo dead, and he sends Henry to do the dirty job for him. Since 
    Leo helped you out of jail earlier, you've a moral obligation to save him. 
    Grab a car and drive to his house before the timer ends to trigger the next 
    Both Leo and you will begin on the 2nd floor. Now, if Henry finds you two, the 
    story would still progress, and Leo would live. However, you'll miss out on 
    this achievement. Therefore, it's important that you know the route to lead 
    Leo to out of the house without bumping into Henry.
    Start by going through the door on the top of the screen. Go straight, and 
    then right, then left, past the fireplace. You'll be in a room leading to the 
    balcony. Just before the balcony, check to your left for some sheets, Press X 
    to "use sheets", and you'll tie the sheets into a rope for both of you to 
    escape the house without Henry catching you. 
    The achievement unlocks when Leo and you jump down from the balcony.
    Description: Settle the score with the Irish once and for all.
    Towards the later part of the chapter, the Irish destroys your house. Joe and 
    you decide to get even by raiding their hideout. Kill the whole lot (grab the 
    shotgun from the bartender and the grease guns lying around to make things 
    easier). The Irish leader (forgot his name) will try to escape in a car. Now, 
    you could engage in a car chase to try to kill him, but it's really easier if 
    you use a grease gun and shoot the tires on his car. This stops him in his 
    tracks, making him an easy target. 
    Once you kill the leader, the achievement unlocks.
    Take note that if the leader drives away and you fail the car chase, the story 
    will still progress, but you'll miss this achievement.
    Description: Complete Chapter 11.
    So many things happen in this one! First, the Leo sitation. Then, you decide 
    to teach your brother-in-law a lesson by punching him. Then, your house is 
    burnt down by the Irish, and you've to escape with no weapons and in your 
    underwear. Then, Joe and you decide to kill the Irish once and for all. And 
    all these for 20G? Damn!
    Anyway, nothing in this chapter is too tough, except maybe the part where you
    need to escape your burning house. You'll have no weapons, and the Irish are 
    surrounding the house. It's easy to die here if you get shot a few times (hard 
    mode, remember?). This was how I did it:
    - ignore the obvious window here
    - go into the bathroom
    - open the window and jump out
    - in the cut-scene, you'll find ambushing Irish
    - make a straight dash and take cover in the pool
    - heal inside the pool if necessary
    - dash out and head straight for any moving car; DO NOT attempt to lock-pick
    - you'd get shot a bit but if luck is on your side, you'll find yourself 
      driving now
    - Drive off quickly to Joe's place and ignore the Irish
    The key to surviving this is how quickly you can get yourself into a car.
    Quick summary again for these two chapters.
    Description: Complete Chapter 12.
    You're into drug-dealing now. Take a loan from Bruno the loanshark to buy your 
    goods, and then go to Mr. Wong to buy the drugs. When leaving, fake policemen 
    will attempt to hijack your goods. Kill them all, and leave ASAP. Henry is 
    injured in the process. Drive him to the El Greco, the mob doctor to end the 
    CHOP CHOP! (40)
    Description: Complete Chapter 13.
    Oh my God, Mr. Wong and company kill Henry! You bastards! You want vengeance! 
    Take car and tail Mr. Wong him to the Red Dragon Restaurant and kill everyone 
    inside. It's a pretty long sequence but there are plenty of cover, so just do 
    what you need to do and then leave the place. 
    Two easy chapters for a whopping 80G, cool.
    In my opinion, this is the toughest chapter in the entire game, and it's all 
    because of the part that is now simply known as "chapter 14, warehouse part" 
    on various forums.
    Description: Pay a visit to an old friend.
    First off, pay a visit to Angelo and kill him. Easy 10G. The cut-scenes here 
    are similar to the one where Angelo dies in the first game. Pretty cool homage. 
    Check youtube for comparisons. 
    Description: Learn what it means to be a Scaletta.
    Now, this is the "chapter 14, warehouse part". You learnt from the dockers 
    that Derek and Steve murdered your father, so you decide to take revenge. Some 
    dockers will help you, but they fall like flies, so don't rely on them. Kill 
    everyone at the docks using cover. There are about 20 of them if I didn't 
    remember wrongly. 
    The tough part begins after the docks. Once you enter the warehouse, Derek 
    starts throwing molotov cocktail at you. There isn't much cover, and enemies 
    will start rushing towards you and shooting you. If you get killed, you'll 
    begin at the docks and have to kill all those 20 odd enemies, again!
    After being killed countless times in the warehouse, I searched the almighty
    internet, and found a few ways to do this part. Here are two of them:
    - Car at the back method
      There'll always be a car infront of the warehouse. Drive the car right into 
      the back of the warehouse, and use it for cover. Derek's molotov cocktails 
      cannot hit you here. Kill the two enemies at the back and wait patiently for 
      all the enemies to come down from the stairs. Kill them off, and then go up  
      to kill Derek.
      This method DID NOT work for me, because the car that was spawned was a 
      convertible. I drove the car to the back, and got killed before I could even 
      get out - the car is "topless", you know, which makes me an easy target even 
      when I was in it. I wasn't about to replay the whole chapter just to hope 
      that they spawn a normal car for me, so I used the next method...
    - Car in the water method
      ... which is a glitch, but it doesn't affect your achievement. Drive the car 
      into the nearby water. You'll respawn at the docks, but you'll notice that 
      the door to the warehouse is miraculously locked now. Instead, you can take 
      the stairs next to it and open the door to the upper office! Get inside, and 
      you'll have all the cover you need to kill all the enemies outside. Make 
      sure you close the door, and kill everyone who runs towards your location, 
      using the window ledges as cover. Once you kill all of them, go towards 
      Derek and kill him. This is by far the easiest way in my opinion. 
      Take note that there may still be some goons down the stairs. Don't rush 
      out even if you think you've killed everyone.
    Once Derek is killed, you'll unlock this achievement. Do remember to take the 
    $25000 on his desk before you leave the warehouse. 
    MEN AT WORK (50)
    Description: Complete Chapter 14.
    After the events at the docks, you'll still need to take out Vinci. Go with 
    Joe and finish all the objectives (as in, kill them all). Drive Joe to El 
    Greco to heal to conclude the chapter.
    The last chapter, yeah!
    FINISH HIM (50)
    Description: Finish what you started.
    See "Tough Nut".
    MADE MEN (50)
    Description: Finish the story on Medium difficulty level or higher.
    See "Tough Nut".
    TOUGH NUT (100)
    Description: Finish the story on Hard difficulty level.
    The difficulty achievements are stackable. If you play the game on hard as I 
    suggested, you'll unlock both "Made Men" and "Tough Nut" during the end scene. 
    The tough part in this chapter begins at the observatory. Take your time and 
    don't rush it. Enemies here will kill you quickly if you stick your head out 
    too often. Grab the Thompsons that are dropped by dead enemies to smoothen the 
    After killing Falcone, Leo greets Joe and you outside. The cut-scenes kinda 
    suggest that Joe will die. Poor thing. I'm beginning to like him.
    And there, you've unlocked all the story-related achievements in Mafia II. 
    Let's move on to the mopping up.
    Since you solve most problems in this game by driving, it's small wonder that 
    it has tons of achievements involving cars. 
    Description: Sell 5 vehicles to Mike Bruski at the scrapyard.
    You can get this in Chapter 2, when you first visit Bruski. Just to the left 
    of his office is the "crusher", which looks like a container. Drive a car 
    inside, and run up the stairs next to it. Press X on top at the machine to 
    crush the car. This counts as selling one vehicle to Bruski. 
    There are usually two cars parked nearby. Steal both and sell them. Leave the 
    junkyard via the left route (where you'll find a "tunnel"). Go beyond the 
    tunnel thingy, and run back to the crusher. Two spanking new cars will re-
    spawn there for your lock-picking pleasure again. Rinse and repeat until you 
    sell five cars.
    EXPORTER (10)
    Description: Sell 5 vehicles to Derek at the dock.
    Derek only takes expensive cars. After you get Leo's Ascot Bailey in Chapter 
    11, drive it around the docks and its surrounding areas. Usually, a couple 
    will spawn. Lock-pick them and bring them to the platform beside the ship to 
    "export" them. 
    Do this a few tines and the achievement is yours - not forgetting, you've 
    already sold one in Chapter 8 (remember the hotrod?).
    TUNED RIDE (10)
    Description: Upgrade one of your cars one level.
    In Chapter 2, Joe will bring you to the bodyshop to change the plates on your 
    car to loosen its wanted level. Since Joe is paying, you might as well choose 
    to upgrade your car with a basic tuning. You'll get the achievement for free! 
    Description: Upgrade one of your cars to the maximum level.
    The second level tuning usually costs about $650-700. Once you've enough cash, 
    drive the car that was previously tuned to a bodyshop and upgrade it. Easy 
    Description: Get all wheels of your car into the air for at least 20 meters 
    and then touch the ground again.
    In Chapter 8, after you take the Greasers' hotrod, drive it to Derek. Step on 
    the gas while you follow the marker to the docks. Along the way, you should 
    reach a part of the road that slopes down. If you gather enough speed, your 
    car should "fly" down the slope for at least 20 meters, thus giving you this 
    achievement. The key to do this here basically speed.
    Description: Travel at 125 mph.
    Before you attempt this, check that the unit measurements in your game 
    statistics page are in miles. If not, change it by using options. 
    125 mph is no mean feat. You'll definitely need a fast car. The Ascot Bailey 
    that you get from Leo in Chapter 11 will come in handy. After dropping Leo 
    off, drive the car (I hope you didn't choose "the other car" in his garage) to 
    any bodyshop and upgrade it twice. Drive to the twin bridges (the two 
    horizontal yellow thing on the western-central part of the map), and step on 
    the gas. You should reach 125 mph with some luck. Use the horn (press X) to 
    move any vehicle blocking your path out of the way. 
    PETROL HEAD (30)
    Description: Drive at least 30 different vehicles.
    Refer to this for the cars:
    Once you enter a car, the game will treat it as you've "driven" it. Rob/steal 
    30 different ones to unlock this. The good thing is the game actually saves 
    this progress, so even if you die after driving a few new cars, your count 
    will remain. 
    Don't worry about going for this deliberately. By the end of the game, you 
    should have driven enough to the achievement. Not to mention during the story, 
    you'll get to drive various new cars as well.
    Description: Travel a total of 50 miles in one vehicle.
    This is cumulative throughout the game. Pick a vehicle you like and drive it 
    to missions when playing through the story. I've about 38 miles at end-game, 
    so I just drove the car around while enjoying the scenery for this one.
    Obviously, you'd need to save this car in your garage so that you can retrieve 
    it at any time. Don't worry if you've to leave it in the open as you do other 
    chores though. It'll return to your garage miraculously whenever you access 
    it. You can also check the distance you've clocked on the car through the 
    garage legend.
    From time to time, drive the car to a gas station and refuel it. If it runs 
    out of gas, you'll have to do the 50 miles from scratch. Also make sure that 
    the car is not destroyed in any manner. Repair it frequently, even when it's 
    with minor bumps.
    Description: Keep any vehicle at 30 mph or over for 5 or more minutes.
    This could be frustratng to do. I'd suggest using a slower car that doesn't 
    drift too much. I did it with the Sherbet 38. 
    A route that I used successfully:
    - northwestern part of the map, from the left, just before it curves up in a 
      "S" manner
    - straight east, until it curves into the tunnels
    - straight south until it curves westwards
    - straight west until it curves northwards
    First off, keep the speed limiter on, so that you don't drive too fast, which 
    could result in you running out of roads to do this. Note that the speed limit 
    on small roads is 40mph, and on highways, 60mph. Always keep a lookout on your 
    speed. I'd suggest keeping it at 40-50 mph even on the highways. 
    The curves are the tricky parts, but if you hold onto RT (accelerator) when 
    the road curves, the speed should remain. 
    I used my iPhone's timer to help for this one. Setting it to five minutes as 
    I took the route stated above. The achievement unlocked as I was moving 
    northwards in the final bound. 
    Just to be safe, do not press start or select as you drive. I got worried and 
    pressed select to check the roads, and the achievement didn't unlock even 
    though I was above 40 mph throughout, which led me to believe that you must 
    do this in one take.
    Side tip: you may want to use the car that you're using for "One Careful 
    Owner" to do this. Driving this route over and over again adds miles to your 
    car rather quickly. Just remember to refuel. 
    These are so random, I don't know where to place them.
    Description: Buy your first luxury suit.
    You'll unlock the shop called "Vongel's" in Chapter 8. At any time after that, 
    buy a tailored suit from them to trigger this.
    Description: Kill 50 enemies.
    This should come naturally as you play through the story. If you're eager to 
    get this early, keep retrying mission aftet you kill a bunch. They all add up. 
    Description: Kill a total of 30 enemies using melee attacks.
    Chapter 6 adds some to this total, but it's kinda hard to do this in the 
    streets without an eager policeman ruining your fun. To do this easily, drive 
    to the docks (Derek's location) and pick fights with the dockers there. Keep 
    killing them until the achievement unlocks. Even though you'll get a wanted 
    level on you with your serial killing, no policeman would come over to this 
    part of the world to trouble you.
    Description: Kill 5 enemies in rapid succession with a headshot.
    I find this the easiest to do in Chapter 5, when you need to kill the "Fat 
    Man" with the buzzsaw. When the shoot-out begins, you should notice two men 
    running into the door on the right. Headshot one of them to begin the rout. 
    This leaves four goons across the streets who basically stand there shooting 
    at you without much cover or running around. Pick them out with headshots one 
    by one, and this achievement is yours.
    I understand that a lot of people are saying do this in Chapter 1, but person-
    ally I've no success there because I'm a lousy shooter, and the enemies in 
    Chapter 1 moves around too much for me to aim. The plus points of using my 
    method are:
    - enemies don't take much cover, and they don't move around, making them easy 
    - the distance between you and the enemies are closer
    - there's only room for one at the window that you're shooting, so your AI 
      partner won't be able to steal your kills
    - if you fail with the headshots, simply retry mission, and you'll begin at 
      the window immediately to try again
    HARD TO KILL (10)
    Description: The police want you dead. Survive for 10 minutes!
    This is easiest done on Chapter 4, after the failed robbery attempt at the 
    mall. Joe would've left with the loot, leaving you alone in an alley. There 
    are three easy ways to do this:
    - the armor truck method
      Since you're on four stars, the police would've introduce the armor truck 
      (some white van thing). Get into one and drive around, never leaving the 
      police out of sight. You'll never die.
    - the alley method
      This was how I did it. I lured a police car into the alley, and use the lone 
      crate at the dead end as cover. The car stopped right infront of me, and the 
      policeman stepped out of the car to try to kill me. However, since the alley 
      is too narrow, he couldn't get to me at all, being blocked by (take this) his 
      car door! He simply stood there the whole time looking at me, while I went 
      out of the room grabbing a sandwich and juice. 
    - the gas station method
      Grab a car and drive to a gas station. Run in, close the door, and take 
      cover behind the counter. If done right, the policemen should all stand out-
      side the station. Take a pot shot at them periodically to keep your wanted 
      level at four stars. 
    STUCK UP (10)
    Description: Rob 5 stores in under 5 minutes.
    To rob a store, run up to the cashier and press B to push him/her. Then go to 
    the cash register and press X to rob the money. You can use a gun, but I'd 
    suggest against it since using it would raise your wanted level faster. 
    Robbing five in five may sound tedious, but it's actually quite easy. An easy 
    - clothing store just south of the twin bridges
    - gas station south of the above clothing store
    - clothing store east of the above gas station
    - gas station to the northeast of the above clothing store
    - clothing store just to the northwest of the above gas station
    This route is basically a u-shape on the map, which makes it easy to drive 
    since the roads are relatively straight,
    Description: Find at least one collectible in the game.
    There are two types of collectibles in this game: Playboy Magazines (50) and 
    Wanted Poster (159). Find either one of these to unlock the achievement.
    Refer to "Ladies' Man" and "Card Sharp" for more details.
    LADIES' MAN (40)
    Description: Find all of the Playboy magazines.
    The weird thing with these is that they're all chapters-specific. If you miss 
    one within a chapter, you'll have to replay the whole chapter to find it. 
    Use the videos from achievementhunter.com to find all 50 of them:
    My personal favorites are 28, 36, 40 and 42, just for the record.
    CARD SHARP (40)
    Description: Find all of the Wanted posters.
    There are 159 wanted posters in this game. I went through the whole game with-
    out finding a single one, which actually helps the mopping up.
    Use youtube for these (recommended to start with zero posters found):
    Thanks to K2IProductions with the vids.
    The hardest to get poster must be the one on the rooftop near Joe's house. The 
    guys at achievementhunter.com has a video:
    Even so, it took me about two hours and countless retries to finally hit the 
    sweet spot. 
    The rest of the posters are easy as long as you follow the videos.
    The Jimmy's Vendetta DLC for Mafia II was released on 7th September, 2010. It
    costs 800 microsoft points. Unlike the main story, this DLC has more free-roam 
    but next to zero story. You can choose which missions to do at your own time, 
    and you finally get to save your progress in safehouses. It also has a unique 
    scoring system, which award you points for actions you do. For example, speed-
    ing, drifting, killing someone, blowing up cars, etc. You also get multipliers 
    for doing these things in succession. Yes, Jimmy's Vendetta is an arcade 
    The achievements in this DLC is a major grind-fest. Note that playing on hard 
    mode will give you a neat +100% bonus, so I'd suggest doing so as there's an 
    achievement related to scoring a million points in the game (crap!). Nothing 
    beats driving 1,000 miles though. That one requires sheer determination and 
    some level of stupidity. 
    FIRST STEP (10)
    Description: Complete your first mission in "Jimmy's Vendetta".
    Jail-break mission that reminded me of Saints Row 2. Just punch anyone in your 
    way, run to the marker and you're good to go. Try to get a high score by keep-
    ing your multiplers. 
    Description: Achieve a 10x point multiplier in "Jimmy's Vendetta".
    You get multipliers for kills, headshots, blowing up cars, etc. I got this in 
    the second mission of the DLC, which requires you to drive to the docks and 
    destroy four cars. There are about six enemies there, which pretty much adds 
    up. To make things easier, play on easy on a separate save slot.
    Drive to the location to find the first two cars and one enemy. Shoot the gas 
    tank (on the back of the car) on the nearest car to blow it up. This should 
    take out the enemy as well. Blow up the next car, and then run to the next 
    two (check map for location). Blow them up with your multiplier still up. Upon 
    destroying these two cars, you should have a x6 multiplier. 
    Now, run forward to take on the enemies head on. Sweep the floor with your 
    shotgun (one of your two default weapons) quickly, and you'd get a x10 multi-
    plier in no time.
    Or, you could just start any mission and run around blowing up 10 cars in 
    quick succession for it. 
    FIREBUG (10)
    Description: Destroy 100 vehicles in "Jimmy’s Vendetta."
    Destroy cars by shooting their gas tanks or throwing a grenade at them. This 
    is cumulative. You could destroy a few, get killed by policemen, and the 
    progress would be saved.
    You'd probably get this over the course of the game, since you'd need to 
    destroy a fair bit of cars to keep your multiplier up. Or you could just grind 
    it through by shooting every car in sight. 
    Description: Kill 100 enemies by headshots in "Jimmy's Vendetta."
    Pretty straightforward. Shooting enemies and cops both count towards this 
    achievement. I find it easy to get headshots with the machine guns, but 
    that's just me. 
    You could also go to the docks and shoot the ever respawning dockers in the 
    head for this. 
    MASSCARE (20)
    Description: Kill 1,000 enemies "Jimmy's Vendetta."
    Strangely, only enemies that give you points when killed count towards this 
    achievement. Cops could be shooting you when you're messing things up, but 
    killing them wouldn't add to the count. 
    I don't think you could hit 1,000 enemies within the mission structure. You 
    could replay missions to farm this. Just kill the enemies, and reload last 
    checkpoint to retry and until you get. "The Don" is a good mission towards 
    the end to farm kills. 
    EXPLORER (10)
    Description: Drive a total of 1,000 miles in vehicles in "Jimmy's Vendetta."
    1,000 miles is a hell lot of miles to drive. You'd probably end up driving 
    aimlessly for hours just to clock the mileage. Use the bridges and the route 
    mentioned in "Cruise Control" to speed things up a bit.
    You don't need to do this in one vehicle. 
    Unfortunately, the game will begin to freeze for some (if not most) players 
    after about 600-700 miles. Personally, I experienced freezes when I attempted 
    to drive to the safehouse to save my miles, at the bodyshop area near Joe's 
    Apartment, on certain parts of the highway, on the stretch of road outside 
    the judge's house, etc. Nowhere seems to be safe. I lost 100+ miles because of 
    the freezes and I was seriously wondering whether I could get this to pop.
    Thankfully, there's a way to save your miles without heading to the safehouse. 
    To do so, pause the game and go to the option menu. Toggle the subtitles on-
    off and exit. This initiates a forced save, which save your miles. Be prepared 
    to do so every few miles, just in case.
    Do remember to make a forced save at about 998+ miles. Sometimes, the achieve-
    ment doesn't pop even when you go beyond 1,000. It happened to me as well. 
    Luckily for me, I had a save at 998+ miles. I reloaded, drove a bit and it 
    finally unlocked.
    I threw the game into the bin right after. 
    Because of all the problems encountered above, this wins the vote as the 
    stupidest. achievement. ever. 
    Description: Finish all Car Dealer missions in "Jimmy's Vendetta."
    Car dealer missions are depicted by a green icon with a car logo inside it. 
    They're pretty straightforward - go to a location, steal a required car, and 
    drive it to the stated location. 
    There are 12 of these missions:
    --- Shubert pickup
    --- Smith Coupe
    --- Gas truck
    --- Shubert Beverly
    --- Shubert hearse
    --- Military truck GAI 353
    --- Berlkey Kingfisher
    --- Jefferson Provincial
    --- Potomac Indian
    --- Walker Rocket
    --- Police bus
    --- Ascot Bailey
    Some of them are tricky because:
    - enemies may guard them, so you'd need to kill the enemies first before 
      taking the car
    - enemies may drive them, and they'll shoot you when you pull them out of the 
    - the car's handling is sensitive and drifts alot, making it hard for you to 
      control them
    - the car is slow, making it tough to reach the location on time
    Still, they're generally not hard. Just make sure you complete all these 
    missions to get the achievement. See "Millionaire" for more details on how to 
    score more points in them. 
    REVENGED (100)
    Description: Finish "Jimmy's Vendetta" on any difficulty level.
    There are about 30 story missions in the DLC. Complete them all for a hefty 
    100G. You could dumb it down by playing on easy, but you probably wouldn't get 
    the "Millionaire" achievement this way. 
    Description: Earn 1,000,000 points in "Jimmy's Vendetta."
    Possibly the hardest achievement in this game. Note that playing on medium 
    gives you a +50% bonus of your total score, while playing on hard, +100%. The 
    +100% on hard is extremely tempting, so I'd suggest doing thiss on hard. The 
    downside is, you die much faster when shot at.
    As mentioned, all the missions in Jimmy's Vendetta is time-based. However, 
    it's nice to note that most of the missions are very generous with the timer, 
    especially the later ones that require you to kill a large amount of enemies 
    to get by. The key to getting more points in missions, however, does not lie 
    in killing enemies. Blowing up cars, instead, is the way to go.
    What you need to do in a mission, therefore, is to do the bare minimum for 
    the mission objectives. For example, in one of the later missions called "The 
    Don", you'd be asked to go to the docks to kill Big Sal. The place is infested 
    with tons of goons that keep popping out from nowhere. To score points in this 
    mission, just kill the few guarding the door, and then drive a car right to 
    the lighthouse at the docks. Sure, some enemies will shoot at you and try to 
    chase, but they can't catch up with you. Shoot the few guards at the light-
    house, kill the boss, and drive all the way back to the safe zone. If done 
    correctly, you should complete this in about five minutes, real time. There 
    should be a large amount of time left on your timer, so make use of this time 
    to go around the city blowing up cars. Try as much as possible to chain at 
    least a 15-20x multiplier. As long as you don't shoot directly at a civilian 
    or a cop, your wanted rating would stay at two stars. If you get caught by the 
    cops, just bribe them off and continue shooting at cars again.
    Do so until the timer is about to end, then make a dash to the safe zone to 
    end the mission. You'll find that the multipliers you earn from blowing up 
    cars would net you a tidier profit than trying to take on 50 enemies at the 
    docks. For example, earning 50,000 points by blowing up cars on hard would 
    net you 100,000 points plus other bonuses, edging you closer to the million. 
    NOTE: To blow up a car, shoot its gas tank. The gas tank of a normal car is 
    found at the rear left area of it. For trucks, it's that shiny thing in the 
    middle portion of its left. 
    NOTE: To kill cops who're messing you up, lure them to a car, and then blow 
    up the car. The ricochet will kill them, but this will not increase your 
    wanted level! 
    NOTE: If a police car comes by, shoot its gas tank quickly to add one more 
    multipler, kill the cops inside, and remove that disturbing siren, all without 
    increasing your wanted level! 
    You can use the above method for ANY MISSION, even with carnapper missions. 
    For carnapping ones, drive the car to the safe zone, and then start blowing 
    up other cars to rack up the multipliers before finally parking the required 
    car in the end. For one of the car missions, I was actually 2nd place in the 
    Leaderboards, it's almost a joke. 
    NOTE: You earn points when not in mission as well, and they're added to your 
    "City score". This DOES NOT count for the achievement. 
    Description: Kill your enemies in "Jimmy's Vendetta" with every weapon 
                 available in the game.
    You buy weapons from three types of shops:
    - normal gunshops (gun icon on map)
    - Harry (top left corner of map)
    - Giuseppe (middle of map, where you learnt lock-picking with Joe as Vito)
    Simply buy everything from them, including thrown weapons. One of the weapons 
    cannot be purchased (see below).
    The weapons you need:
    Machine Guns
    - Thompson 1928 (Harry)                         [  ]
    - MP40 (Harry)                                  [  ]
    - .38 SMG (Harry)                               [  ]
    - Grease Gun (Harry)                            [  ]
    - Thompson M1A1 (pick up from dead enemies)     [  ]
    - Magnum (all)                                  [  ]
    - 1911 Special (Giuseppe)                       [  ]
    - 1911 Semi (default)                           [  ]
    - C96 Pistol (Harry)                            [  ]
    - .38 Revolver (gunshops)                       [  ]
    - Shotgun (default)                             [  ]
    - M1 Garand (gunshops)                          [  ]
    - Kar98 Rifle (Harry)                           [  ]
    Thrown Weapons
    - Grenade (Harry)                               [  ]
    - Molotov Cocktail (Giuseppe)                   [  ]
    An easy way to do this is to replay the mission "Taking the Mick" after you  
    bought all the guns (except the M1A1). Run into the alley and fist one of the 
    guys to death. Then, take out the rest of the enemies one by one with a 
    different gun each time. Make sure you use the checklist above to check out 
    the weapon you've used. If you run out of enemies, retry mission. Don't worry 
    about the progress - it'll count even if you die or retry. 
    Once the above is done, either wait until later in the game when enemies with 
    the M1A1 spawn, or hit a four-star wanted rating and kill a cop with it. 
    And with this, Jimmy's Vendetta is completed.
    I mentioned that I threw the game into the bin after driving 1,000 miles. 
    Obviously that's not true. I actually gave it to a female gamer friend of mine 
    who happens to be hot, so, yeah.
    And then, Joe's Adventures got released on 23rd November, 2010! It costs 800 
    MSP, and is fashioned mostly after Jimmy's Vendetta. Thankfully, the grinding 
    achievements are a lot of lesser this time round. The majority of the points 
    are unlocked by completing story chapters, which is a relief. However, there 
    are still some pretty annoying ones in the list. Read on for more.
    PS: Since there are no difficulty requirements, do the entire story on "Easy" 
    to make things easier. The enemy AI seems to be much beefier than before. 
    Description: Finish the Witness level in "Joe's Adventures"
    "Witness" is the prologue mission in the game. The story happens on the day 
    when Vito was arrested. Joe, in a bid to rescue his buddy, went on a mission 
    to silence the chief witness. Just drive from point to point until you get to 
    the winter resort. This is where the chapter gets slightly interesting.
    Once you begin in the resort, sneak ahead to silent kill the two guards (LT 
    to crouch, approach and press B from behind the enemy). Move towards the red 
    dot on the map, and make sure to stealth kill the guard near the water. Enter 
    the boathouse after that.
    Go right and climb the crates near the floodlight while avoiding the enemies. 
    While on top, use the boards to walk across to the end, and jump down using 
    the crates there. Take the left path and sneak outside, and stealth kill any-
    one in your way.
    You'll now see a hut on the right. Sneak past, turn right, and wait for a 
    guard to walk out. Stealth kill him. Now, go to the last room on the right and 
    pick the lock.
    You'll now hit a checkpoint. Car chase time! Catch up with the chief witness 
    and kill him. Once done, drive back to the red dot to end the mission for 
    the achievement.
    NOTE: You'd need to fulfil a special condition to kill the chief witness if 
    you want a missable achievement. Read the next section.
    Description: Push the chief witness into the ice lake in "Joe's Adventures."
    This achievement is missable. If you don't get it in the "Witness" level, 
    you'd need to restart the game from scratch because this mission cannot be 
    replayed once it's over.
    It's an annoying achievement because catching up with the chief witness is 
    easier said than done. He drives like a maniac, but is strangely effective in 
    moving on icy grounds and avoiding the ice lakes. One popular way of getting 
    this, as mentioned in the forums, is to drive infront of him, and stop his 
    car using your bumper. This stops him from driving, and you can reverse your 
    car and push him into a lake.
    I've had no luck with this approach though. Positioning your bumper right 
    infront of him requires too much precision. After trying 20+ times, I finally 
    got it by stopping his car with my side doors, and pulling him out of the 
    Once he's out, he'll start running. It's tempting to run up and push him into 
    a lake, but when I tried it, I ended up stealth-killing him from behind. 
    Instead, just run closely behind him and try to bump into him a few times. 
    Towards the end of the lake, he'll initiate a fistcuff with you. Hold A now to 
    get into dodge, and tilt your camera angle and LS to adjust your standing 
    position until he has his back facing close to a lake. From here, land a few 
    punches on him, and he should fall into the lake for the achievement.
    Make sure you don't kill him in any other way, because killing him initiates 
    a checkpoint, and you'll not be able to redo the section unless you restart 
    from scratch.
    Description: Reach 10 different score actions in one mission in "Joe's 
    Your first mission after "Witness" should help towards getting this cheevo. 
    It's found at Joe's Apartment, just infront of the garage, and it's called 
    "Going Out of Business".
    The 10 different actions required:
    - Drift
    - Velocity
    - Jump
    - Kill
    - Headshot
    - Vehicular Kill
    - Explosive Kill
    - Burning Kill
    - Melee Kill
    - Demolition
    There are other actions you could do, like "Silent Kill", but you only need to 
    do the above 10 in one mission to unlock this.
    Before you begin, drive to Harry's and Giuseppe's to buy the MK-II Grenades 
    and the Molotovs. You'd need them to get the explosive and burning kills. For 
    good measure, buy a Thompson from Harry's as well to make things easier. 
    Once done, begin "Going Out of Business". Grab a car from the garage, and 
    when following the GPS to turn right, press B when gaining speed to do:
    - Drift            [   ]
    Now, follow the GPS and hit the gas as much as possible. You should eventually
    gather enough speed to get:
    - Velocity         [   ]
    Still following the GPS, you'll soon reach a ramp. Drive up and you'll get:
    - Jump             [   ]
    Once you reach the garage, there will be three enemies there. Shoot one in the 
    head for:
    - Headshot         [   ]
    Kill the other one (careful not to hit his head) for:
    - Kill             [   ]
    Now run up to the third guy and melee him to death for:
    - Melee Kill       [   ]
    Go into the garage now and shoot the gas tank of the rightmost car (till it 
    explodes) for: 
    - Demolition       [   ]
    Wait a bit and the chain of explosion will destroy all four cars. Now get out 
    and three or four more enemies will greet you. 
    Wait until one is standing still, and then toss a grenade at him for:
    - Explosive Kill   [   ]
    Find another still enemy and toss a molotov at him for:
    - Burning Kill     [   ]
    Now get back into your car and drive it into one more enemy for:
    - Vehicular Kill   [   ]
    And there you go, 10 score actions in one mission!
    Description: Finish the Connection level in "Joe's Adventures"
    There are five main missions in "Joe's Adventures", and each of them gives an 
    achievement. In between these missions, there are various odd jobs you'd need 
    to do for the usual suspects, (Giuseppe, Bruski, etc.). Keep doing the odd job 
    missions until the story mission "Connection" appears at the docks.
    It's a pretty straightforward mission. Your partner may suggest the stealthy 
    approach, but seeing that the game makes it impossible to sneak past the 
    smooching couple at the start of the mission, you might as well stock up on 
    your ammos and take on the enemies head-on.
    Simply gun through the entire level and end the chapter for the achievement to 
    Description: Finish the Supermarket level in "Joe's Adventures"
    Continue doing odd jobs, and the "Supermarket" mission will appear on the map. 
    You try to rob a supermarker in this level. Just shoot through the security 
    and go up to the office to rob the safe. You'll need to survive a wave of cops 
    upon doing so. Even though it seems like you're adaquately covered, try not to 
    pop your head too much. The enemy AI has extremely good aim. Use grenades to 
    clear camping enemies. Once you clear a wave, you'd be asked to go down.
    Continue killing cops until you get an opening to the parked car in the mart. 
    Make a dash for it and drive to safety.
    Description: Finish the Cathouse level in "Joe's Adventures"
    This is the second last chapter of the DLC. Before engaging, stock up on your 
    ammos, because after the level is completed, you'd go straight into another 
    gunfight chapter with no break in between. 
    You're ambushed by Rocco and his gang in the Cathouse. Escape to safety with 
    your partner. As usual, take cover, and don't rush. Make use of the mini-map 
    to check on the general locations or enemies, and always approach any corner 
    or bend with caution. 
    Shoot your way through until you leave the Cathouse to complete the level.
    Description: Finish "Joe's Adventures" on any difficulty
    Your partner leaves you to fight alone, because he wants to "watch your back". 
    Yeah, right. You'd need to fight through the construction site, all the way to 
    the roof, alone. Be extremely careful here. There are armored enemies that 
    takes more bullets to kill (try headshots if you're good at it). They also 
    use floodlights to blind your vision. Always shoot at the lights to turn them 
    off before attacking. 
    The path up to the roof is linear, so just clear the site, floor by floor, 
    until you get to Rocco. 
    Watch the ending and have a good laugh.
    Achievement unlocked, and game (finally) complete.
    But wait, there are still a few more random achievements to do...
    Description: Reach 2000 points for one velocity run in "Joe's Adventures"
    It sounds like a tough achievement when I first saw it. My best in both Vito's 
    and Jimmy's stories were about 500+. Thankfully, they introduced a car that 
    makes this a piece of cake. 
    Upon completing the "Supermarket" mission, you'd unlock Rocco's odd jobs. His 
    first job is titled "Bet on That", in which you take on a host of bookies. 
    Upon killing them all, take the car (Delizia Grandeamerica) that the first 
    bookie was driving and head for the safe zone to end the level. Drive this car 
    to the nearest workshop and tune it up to Level 3. Add it to your garage if 
    you want, just in case. 
    Now, replay any odd job mission. I'd suggest "Wheels of Evidence" at the top-
    left of the map, since it's the near the highway that you'd be doing this 
    achievement. Once you activate the mission, drive to the area on the map that 
    is just above the highway leading down to the docks, near the Grand Upper 
    With a Level 3 tuning, you'd hit Velocity within a few seconds of accelerating. 
    Just gun it down the middle of the road, and horn every car out of their way. 
    As long as you don't hit any cars, you'd be hitting over 2,000 velocity points 
    in less than a minute. Make sure you accelerate all the way to make the points 
    go up faster. 
    It may take a few attempts, but with some practice and luck, it actually is a 
    rather easy achievement to unlock.
    Description: Reach 200 points for one jump in "Joe's Adventures"
    Remember the ramp in the first odd job mission? One of the easiest way of 
    getting this is to replay that mission when you've unlocked a fast car, like 
    the Delizia Grandeamerica or the Ascot Bailey. Gather speed and make a run for 
    the ramp. You should get the 200 points pretty easily.
    Or, you could hit the spot in this video:
    in any mission and make a go for it.
    As for me, I got it rather luckily. I was attempting a vehicular kill, missed 
    my target completely, and hit a pile of crates. My car overturned and I was 
    given over 200 points for "jump", which is rather amusing.
    In any case, this is another annoying achievement that requires multiple 
    attempts to get it right.
    Description: Reach 200 points for one drift in "Joe's Adventures"
    The most annoying random achievement in Joe's!
    I did this using the Delizia Grandeamerica that I used for Hypersonic. Start 
    any mission and drive to the stretch of road just to the bottom left of 
    Bruski's. It's a fairly straight and wide stretch of road that allows more 
    room for drifting without hitting anything. 
    Gather speed (20-30mph should be sufficient). and start the drift by tilting 
    your LS left to right. As you move left, accelerate a little, and tilt right, 
    accelerate a little, and turn left. Keep doing so to keep the drift up until 
    you hit 200 points. It takes some getting used to, and you may still hit some-
    thing. I was on a police chase when I finally got it (knocked a car when 
    trying for the umpteenth time), but I managed about 220 before I slowed down.
    Note that you musn't hit anything, or the drift won't count. Don't try to be 
    a hero and do more than what's required. Once you hit 200, slow down with your 
    handbrake immediately. The achievement will unlock only when you slow down.
    And that's it. You've completed Joe's Adventures!
    I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a good help 
    for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just wanted to read 
    something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are welcomed at the usual 
    email address. 
    Version 1.00: Guide completed (9/6).
    Version 1.25: Jimmy's Vendetta DLC added (9/9).
    Version 1.30: Additional tips for Jimmy's Vendetta DLC added (9/14).
    Version 1.50: Joe's Adventures DLC added (12/8). 
    2K Czech
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
    I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone else that
    publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can never look as 
    appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Nevertheless, if you like this 
    guide, and would like to contribute to my continued existence in this world, 
    you may send Paypal to the following email:
    lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2010-2011.

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