DLC Weapons & Armors?

  1. I was just wondering, I've bought all DLC Items in the PS Store for Dead Space but haven't downloaded them yet! Now to get to the point, if I'm gonna download them all together i.e. Weapon Skins and Armor Suits will I be able to see each individual Skins & Armor at the Store and switch between all of them anytime I like (i.e. see Scorpion & Obsidian Armor Suits at the same time) or can I only see one Set for each type (i.e. if I've downloaded both the Scorpion & Obsidian Armor Suits but Installed the Scorpion Suit first and Installed right after the Obsidian Suit second will only the latest Install counts as my only DLC)?
    Hope this isn't like GENJI Days of the Blades where it only uses 1 of the many sets each time and I have to Re-download them again to use different skin types!

    Please give me a proper and aprooved answer because I'd like to have ALL Weapon Skins & Armor Suits anytime I like and switch between them anytime I like!

    Sorry for the long question, peace bros!!!

    User Info: GodOfLoveGR

    GodOfLoveGR - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No any and all downloaded content will all stack and be on the shop list, i currently have the obsidian suit with obsidion weapons content as well as the military heavy weapons set both on list at same time so u don't need to download the content sepratly to use it

    User Info: BLADE2DRAGON

    BLADE2DRAGON - 7 years ago 1 0

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